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Using 1 Item to Completely Break This Entire Game - Sunkenland

  • Published on Sep 23, 2023 veröffentlicht
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    Using 1 Item to Completely Break This Entire Game - Sunkenland - Let's Game It Out
    #LetsGameItOut #Simulation
    Check it out on Steam ► store.steampowered.com/app/20...
    More about Sunkenland (from Steam):
    Sunkenland is an exciting post-apocalyptic survival and exploration game set in the near future when water covered most of the Earth. Explore sunken cities, scavenge resources and valuable technologies, build your base, trade, fight and survive.
    Explore the sunken skyscrapers, nuclear powerplants and subway tunnel. Gather resources, seek out lost technologies, and collect rare pre-apocalypse items. Build diving devices to assist your underwater journey. And be wary of the unknown danger awaiting you in the depths of this planet.
    Base Building
    Build your base anywhere you want. Will it be a water stronghold, an abandoned ship base or an island penthouse? You need it to keep yourself refreshed, craft items, farm, store items, and stay protected. With the modular building system, you can create your ideal enclave and stylize it with decorations found throughout your journey.
    Base Defense
    Defend your base against clans of pirates and mutants. Build high walls, barbed wire, traps, surveillance system, and artillery to keep the enemies out of your territory!
    Build everything you need, tools, weapons, a jetski, and even a helicopter. You will need different workstations and blueprints in order to craft complex items.
    Gather food, hunt sharks, grow plants, and manage supplies. Make your base sustainable as resources are scarce in Sunkenland.
    Build and upgrade many types of vehicles including sailboat, jetski and gyrocopters. They will make your exploration much more convenient.
    Fight mutants and pirates. Raid enemy atolls and steal their resources. Use melee weapons, firearms and explosives. Fight on ocean and land. Operate mounted heavy weapons to destroy enemy boats.
    Trade with friendly atolls for supplies, weapons, armor and rare items. There is no universal currency, only item for item.
    Cooperate with friends and survive this oceanic apocalypse as a group. Build bases, dive, explore and fight pirates together!
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  • Let's Game It Out
    Let's Game It Out  12 hours ago +156

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  • spacemilky🧋
    spacemilky🧋 12 hours ago +505

    You know it’s gonna be good when Josh is allowed to customize his avatar

    • Emilano Gallardo
      Emilano Gallardo 12 hours ago +2

      you are very right, josh is doing the game very wrong lol

    • JustRed
      JustRed 12 hours ago


    • Batuhan
      Batuhan 12 hours ago


    • Banana Man
      Banana Man 12 hours ago


    • E
      E 12 hours ago


  • c i t r u s
    c i t r u s 12 hours ago +135

    i always love to see the chaos josh brings to every game he plays

    • E
      E 12 hours ago


    • JustRed
      JustRed 12 hours ago


  • 𝚠𝚎𝚒𝚛𝚍𝚘
    𝚠𝚎𝚒𝚛𝚍𝚘 12 hours ago +155

    I love how calmly chaotic josh is 😀

  • dave
    dave 12 hours ago +39

    Well I know what I'll be doing for half an hour... And that is Josh crating chaos and abuses the game's physics

    • E
      E 11 hours ago


  • Klip
    Klip 12 hours ago +57

    The fact that this man uploads so much when his videos probably take countless hours to make is so impressive. Keep up the good work!

    • E
      E 11 hours ago


  • pixel_mode 2000
    pixel_mode 2000 12 hours ago +405

    When Josh upload, it's always a good day

  • JOSHthecuber
    JOSHthecuber 12 hours ago +14

    I like how josh makes the sponsorships short and simple!

  • Boskly
    Boskly 12 hours ago +9

    Josh never disappoints

  • Waffle
    Waffle 12 hours ago +11

    I already know if it’s an game with a ocean josh gonna make the place a nightmare

  • Charlie’s gaming Place
    Charlie’s gaming Place 12 hours ago +9

    Josh is the true representation of chaotic neutral and chaotic evil at the same time.

    • Cheese Maniac
      Cheese Maniac 11 hours ago

      Do you remember Anthony?

    • DVG
      DVG 11 hours ago

      who tf is anthony@Cheese Maniac

  • Jagernotty
    Jagernotty 12 hours ago +3

    That transition when you moved the chests from the traders post to your base was smooth as hell.

  • Amosan
    Amosan 12 hours ago +7

    When Josh uploads, the gaming world turns…

  • BozoRecordings
    BozoRecordings 12 hours ago +55

    I love the part where Let's Game It Out said "It's time to Game It Out" and started gaming it out all over the place.

  • James Puffer
    James Puffer 11 hours ago +4

    On that spectrum graph of “chaotic good” to “chaotic evil”, Josh is simply “chaotic chaos”

  • Hemang
    Hemang 12 hours ago +3

    Josh breaking games is my favourite part of the month

  • Heisenberg
    Heisenberg 12 hours ago +123

    Watching Josh is like being a part of cult where we gather around to witness his charisma

    • Acer_Aspire5
      Acer_Aspire5 12 hours ago +2

      Bro just uploaded Waltuh 💀

    • MEY.Tom Hero
      MEY.Tom Hero 12 hours ago

      Glad to see the Great HeisenbergFam is an avid, first 3 minutes of posting, Watcher of LetsGameitOut

    • Endercap
      Endercap 12 hours ago

      i meant heisenbergfam...

    • Romanian guy
      Romanian guy 12 hours ago

      You wassup I'm here early.

  • Flaax2k13
    Flaax2k13 12 hours ago +2

    I feel like there is no game that this man is not able to break 😂

  • nbigni
    nbigni 12 hours ago +9

    you know it is a good day when Josh uploads

  • Impulse bricks
    Impulse bricks 12 hours ago +7

    It’s a good day when he posts another one

  • Pawprint1
    Pawprint1 12 hours ago +2

    I love how Josh just casually broke the laws of pyschics with a giant stairwell.

  • bob mig
    bob mig 12 hours ago +1

    Man, josh just makes the craziest things, and it makes me happy!

  • Gamer153
    Gamer153 12 hours ago +2

    Was just rewatching old videos, and then Josh uploaded a new one - as he'd say, this is a gift that keeps on giving!

  • YouTube enthusiast
    YouTube enthusiast 11 hours ago

    The amount of calm chaos that josh creates is so entertaining

  • Winky Face
    Winky Face 11 hours ago

    Josh turns my perfecctionist sense into a nightmerous experience, i love it.

  • Riley VroomVroom
    Riley VroomVroom 12 hours ago +5

    "Hey there it's Josh, welcome back to Lets Game It Out" now my day is great and im happy

    • E
      E 12 hours ago +1


    • Riley VroomVroom
      Riley VroomVroom 12 hours ago

      @E E

  • angela harris
    angela harris 11 hours ago

    Josh never ever disappoint us

  • Poorly Edited Airpods
    Poorly Edited Airpods 12 hours ago +1

    There is definitely a trend where seafaring games do not end up nicely in josh's hand

  • Froog
    Froog 12 hours ago +6

    Josh never fails to make me smile!

  • Shadow Eater469
    Shadow Eater469 12 hours ago +1

    Dude I swear, whenever Josh uploads, it makes my day way better ❤

  • Littleboy
    Littleboy 12 hours ago

    When Josh cooks up a new video my sanity instantly goes up

  • Jez's content for random stuff

    All the chaos he causes in games is 100% unique.

  • J A
    J A 12 hours ago

    You know the world has given you a break when you hear "Hey there it's Josh, welcome to Let's Game It Out"

  • Kyle Hefner
    Kyle Hefner 12 hours ago

    You know it's a good video when Josh is having a existential dilemma over skirts

  • Dylan MacPherson
    Dylan MacPherson 12 hours ago +4


  • Madi Suzy
    Madi Suzy 11 hours ago

    Your dedication to chaos always brightens my day.

  • manhar rawat
    manhar rawat 12 hours ago

    You know it's a great day when Josh uploads

  • 0_rewta
    0_rewta 12 hours ago

    You know its a good day when Josh uploads.

  • MrC
    MrC 12 hours ago +1

    Josh is the only person which can say "20 hours later" and we will believe it

  • Mason Dunn
    Mason Dunn 12 hours ago +3

    You don’t fail to surprise me and make me happy on weekend

  • Noah’s Gaming or outside world

    Everytime I hear “hey there it’s josh let’s game it out” I expect the most chaos

  • Deppey
    Deppey 12 hours ago

    everytime lets game it out uploads i genuinely get a adrenaline spike

  • OnionTablet
    OnionTablet 12 hours ago

    It's always a happy day when Josh uploads.

  • jeb_codm
    jeb_codm 12 hours ago

    Josh is the type of guy that will find a way to make gaming more fun and chaotic

  • some guy who wasted time
    some guy who wasted time 12 hours ago +3

    I feel that many game creators is going to fear the name Josh from now on.

  • TheCoolerWaffles
    TheCoolerWaffles 12 hours ago +1

    My day always gets better when Josh uploads

  • Gretchen Ryder
    Gretchen Ryder 12 hours ago +1

    We did not deserve Josh, yet we have him and we love him. 🙏

  • BearFnex
    BearFnex 12 hours ago +1

    You know its gong to be a good video when opera gx is the sponsor, josh can customize his character and the video is longer than 20 minutes

  • Singularity 7
    Singularity 7 12 hours ago

    You just KNOW its gonna be a good day when Josh uploads a 2nd video from the last one without a 1 month gap.

  • 🔞Pro hero Midnight
    🔞Pro hero Midnight 12 hours ago

    Nothing makes my day the same way Josh does when he post a video

  • Xion Vebb
    Xion Vebb 12 hours ago

    Josh is the one person that can make monday a good day.

  • melaniemartinez
    melaniemartinez 11 hours ago

    you know its gonna be a good rest of the day when lets game it out posts

  • GalladeStud
    GalladeStud 12 hours ago

    I love how Josh breaks every game he plays.

  • Lords of Rand-dumb
    Lords of Rand-dumb 12 hours ago

    It's a good month when Josh uploads twice.

  • Lolomaster47
    Lolomaster47 11 hours ago

    I laughed alot when josh said "hold please" and the days went from 20 to 74

  • mahmga1
    mahmga1 11 hours ago

    Josh..Giving "death spiral" a whole new meaning

  • DONK
    DONK 12 hours ago

    Only Josh would play an ocean game entirely in the sky

  • David Brinkman
    David Brinkman 11 hours ago

    you know it gonna be a good video when josh spends a year making a video and then 12 seconds later he releases another

  • Asher Animates
    Asher Animates 12 hours ago

    The best part about Josh in terms of these games with absolute freedom is that he has much more creativity than I ever could. A giant staircase that extends all the way to the heavens like that one scene in Mario and Luigi is something I’d never think about doing. And I love it.

  • Av Sr
    Av Sr 12 hours ago

    we know its a good day when josh uploads

  • MiraCatDraws
    MiraCatDraws 12 hours ago +1

    These videos are just so funny and chaotic. Ive shown them to a bunch of my friends and they loved them!!!!!!!💜

  • Wasopero
    Wasopero 12 hours ago +1

    Is good to have the GXcorner because then i can play like a totally normal person after seeing all the “secret” content of a game thanks to Josh.

  • Archwee
    Archwee 12 hours ago

    I love how the quality of Josh's videos is always phenomenal while the content is literally just him going on a rampage and demolishing games to lengths nobody knew were possible

  • Suvan G
    Suvan G 12 hours ago +1

    7:43 *It was as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror, and then became silent once again*

  • Cameron Whitt
    Cameron Whitt 12 hours ago

    Anytime Josh customizes his avatar its going to be a good video!

  • HandlesHaon
    HandlesHaon 11 hours ago +1

    Josh just had to cause havoc in Waterworld: The Game

  • Nikey_Boy
    Nikey_Boy 12 hours ago +1

    Is there a limit to how much Josh can break the game? No, no there isn’t.

  • Good Ol’ Sale
    Good Ol’ Sale 12 hours ago

    Watching Josh is like a reward

  • Appeazed
    Appeazed 12 hours ago

    You now its fun when josh manages to break them game with a single item yet again

  • Sideswipe Monke
    Sideswipe Monke 11 hours ago

    You know it’s a good day when josh posts

  • Noodles
    Noodles 12 hours ago

    It’s a great day when Josh uploads

  • Juju Bear
    Juju Bear 11 hours ago

    I love his Opera GX sponsorship bits lmao.
    No lie, it's because of Josh that I'm using the browser to this day.

  • nastywhitecat
    nastywhitecat 12 hours ago

    I love to watch josh, whenever a video comes out it always makes my day!

  • Justin Perrine
    Justin Perrine 12 hours ago

    Im addicted tojosh and his let's game It out video's. I wish he had the ability to put video's 9uy every day.

  • Reycied
    Reycied 11 hours ago

    Nice to see Josh giving the mutants the good ol' Stamford Bridge.

  • WTMobileGuy
    WTMobileGuy 12 hours ago +1

    Im pretty sure someone already said this, but if i ever built a game, I'll send it to josh and he'll find all the bugs there are 😂

  • emmam0442
    emmam0442 12 hours ago

    It iis just crazy how much time josh puts into these games

  • Desh
    Desh 12 hours ago +1

    He never fails to make me lagh😂😂

  • N1TR0
    N1TR0 12 hours ago

    Love how funny Josh is xD

  • ItsPhillip
    ItsPhillip 12 hours ago +1

    I do love me a josh upload, chaos as usual!

  • Deppey
    Deppey 12 hours ago

    josh is the only person to make sponsors actually good

  • Thomas LeBlanc
    Thomas LeBlanc 11 hours ago

    I swear no one on this earth makes product plugs like josh… I’ve never loved ads so much, always excited to see what it’s gonna be this time🤣

  • wasmartian
    wasmartian 12 hours ago

    when josh uploads you know he's spent 60,000 hours trying to break a game

  • Jeck Dineros
    Jeck Dineros 12 hours ago

    I was just browsing through your channel then I got a notification of a new video. I never comment on any videos but I have been watching your videos for a long time (repeating videos multiple times as well). We always appreciate you making us laugh. Stay awesome Josh!

  • Skleedle Plotchnu
    Skleedle Plotchnu 11 hours ago

    always better than a walkthrough

  • ToonyTom21
    ToonyTom21 12 hours ago

    Josh thank you for making these videos. (Most of) my family loves your content and it gives us something to watch together:)

  • VinTher Verse
    VinTher Verse 11 hours ago +1

    *Me thinking that Josh left us for weeks sometime ago*
    What Josh actually was doing:

  • Roblox Signer
    Roblox Signer 12 hours ago

    It’s a good day when Josh uploads

  • Anime&gameLover
    Anime&gameLover 12 hours ago

    Oh boy there will always be chaos whenever josh updates.

  • Lil-Pony
    Lil-Pony 12 hours ago

    The joy I have when I saw this in my notifications was so much. He is great

  • Khosegier
    Khosegier 11 hours ago

    My initial reaction: Oh no, Josh is loose in a new survival game... I wonder how he's going to give the devs heart attacks?

  • Jay Vander
    Jay Vander 12 hours ago

    Josh your content is amazing, I always look forward to your next video.

  • The Great Mook Mook
    The Great Mook Mook 11 hours ago

    Sometimes, I worry for Josh's sanity. But then I remember that I don't really care because it's funny.

  • Deluxe Edition
    Deluxe Edition 11 hours ago +1

    god I love josh uploading longer videos

  • captain gamebreaker
    captain gamebreaker 12 hours ago +1

    For some unknown reason I always laugh just at the intro

  • ya boi
    ya boi 12 hours ago

    Can't believe i get to witness Josh destroy a game developers hopes and dreams

  • Mr. Green
    Mr. Green 12 hours ago

    This is the game I was waiting for Josh to break 😎 🍿

  • Mystic
    Mystic 12 hours ago

    It's a good day when josh uploads

  • progamer2006
    progamer2006 12 hours ago

    This man never gets old 😅

  • bork bread
    bork bread 12 hours ago +1

    He leaves a trail of chaos everywhere he goes