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Why Is This Tik Tok Creator So Controversial

  • Published on Mar 28, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • This is the greatest tik tok drama of All Time
    Original video • How OnlyJayus Bec...
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  • JK
    JK Year ago +17757

    Charlie doesn't realize that she actually started that trend with service dogs. A bunch of service dogs saw her video and they started knocking their owners out and running up to people to give them the wallet.

    • Exit light enter night
      Exit light enter night 4 days ago

      This is true it happened in Walmart yesterday and I have a new walley

    • Chicken Nugget
      Chicken Nugget 5 days ago

      @DEV™️ more like Thailand moment

    • justagamerboy4
      justagamerboy4 18 days ago

      Can confirm was the money in the wallet

    • Otter Munchy
      Otter Munchy 20 days ago

      @MythicalBellyRubber nice redirect! When the air in the lungs of the flea on the hair on the dog gave confirmation, I thought the chain found its final link…then along came a dark stranger with magical belly-skritching skills, and a slightly bent crowbar…

    • Otter Munchy
      Otter Munchy 20 days ago

      @Kitten I’ve gotten periodic updates on this comment thread over the last few months…each time I have fun re-reading the thread…sometimes scrolling frantically to find the source of a comment-response, only to realize that the responder has changed their profile name, then rescrolling for a bit before giving up and making a cute Puppy Short…speaking of which…

    SIZEMORE 3 months ago +1201

    I love that Charlie doesn’t believe that people believe in astrology, that’s amazing.

    • DaniBoi
      DaniBoi 8 days ago

      ​@Court L "oops I ran over that child. Silly me I'm such an aspsaritigus or whatever the hell it is"

    • Happie
      Happie 15 days ago

      @Court L keep dreaming buddy.

    • Skechi J
      Skechi J 23 days ago

      I’ve always wondered, wouldn’t it make more sense for the month of your conception to have some supernatural effect rather than your borth month? Is birth month just a euphemistic analog of conception month?

    • Jacob Allen
      Jacob Allen 27 days ago

      ​​@starlit420 no there is not stop it 😂😂

  • Ethan Beebe
    Ethan Beebe 9 months ago +913

    I'd like to point out how people are so quick to cancel people and judge them but also try to petition to get murderers out of jail simply because they're "cool" or "too cute to be in jail". Or, a woman SAYING RACIAL SLURS WITH PROOF and then them gaining four million followers for a scripted apology video. The only ones who have their heads screwed in right are the like minded sane people who don't let social media run their lives.

    • Šima
      Šima 29 days ago +1

      @God of Math also, do you not find it contradictory to tell one ethnic group they're not allowed to use a word because it's racist, while another gets to use it freely with, on and for everyone else? I do.

    • Šima
      Šima 29 days ago +1

      @God of Math except it's just a word, and exactly because it's a word everyone is entitled to use it. Whining about it and crying isn't gonna help anyone or anything.

    • Šima
      Šima 29 days ago +1

      @Lewtable all that stands, but it's still just a word, if a stranger calls you a nigga in an unfriendly tone of voice then yeah, be offended all you like, but that's exactly what he wanted. You could also ignore someone else's stupidity, I bet they'll get a slap of unpleasantness when you don't react the way they wanted you to.
      There's people that get offended or hurt when they hear it in a joke, which is ridiculous.
      If you think it's meant as an insult or do dehumanize you purely because of your ethnicity, ignore it.
      If you think it's meant as a joke, laugh at it.
      What you shouldn't do is get mad and then cry about it

    • God of Math
      God of Math 29 days ago

      @Šima Well, it very clearly means something to tens of millions of people. And because it's "just a word," why must people who aren't Black say it? Nobody's forcing them to. In fact, everyone tells them _not_ to say it. It makes no sense for anyone who isn't Black to use it in any context.

  • I am a child of God
    I am a child of God 3 months ago +384

    She literally destroyed herself by being dramatic, people know shes not a harm to anyone, they just go after her to trigger her.

    • Carl the longshoreman
      Carl the longshoreman 2 days ago

      @Fizz_Zeloit Rocket it is a little funny

    • Fizz_Zeloit Rocket
      Fizz_Zeloit Rocket 2 days ago

      @Carl the longshoreman that's funny

    • slither ken
      slither ken 18 days ago

      "it's fucking funny *Kyle*, its called having a sense of humor and laughing, you should fucking try it once in a while"

    • Lemonier Froggie
      Lemonier Froggie Month ago +3

      @Carl the longshoreman like Charlie said no one is ever going to take what she said seriously, even if they happen to get themselves in a scenario like she described

    • Carl the longshoreman
      Carl the longshoreman Month ago +2

      you mean like purposely spreading fake info? that can harm people?

  • SE Rampartz
    SE Rampartz 7 months ago +615

    There was a guy I knew in high school who would argue that, morality aside, there's nothing wrong with murder.
    He would pester people for any reason against murder beyond the reasoning that it's not right.
    Actual psychopath man.

    • Daren Miller
      Daren Miller 20 days ago

      Idk I tend to agree with him.

    • Brenna
      Brenna 25 days ago

      @Generic Scout Interesting take; but I think you're confusing empathy with emotional stability.

    • Generic Scout
      Generic Scout 26 days ago

      @Brenna Empathy might actually cause more murders. Like killing a bully to make society run more smoothly. most terrorists do terrorism for reasons similiar to that.

    • Shael Vettori
      Shael Vettori 29 days ago +2

      He was trying to be edgy and "unique" in high-school. I mean its high school.

    • Astraes L
      Astraes L Month ago

      @I don’t know what to call this
      "If we forget about our sense of right, nothing is wrong"

  • 456puff
    456puff 6 months ago +156

    I have ADHD and struggle with remembering to message/text people back. Then I wait too long and feel too bad to get back to them and get super anxious and then I put it off/forget for even longer and it gets harder to message back...but I never blame the other person for it. It's my fault and I say that.

    • Emmsies
      Emmsies 17 hours ago

      I relate to this too much

    • diego
      diego Month ago +7

      yeah that’s what she did. she apologized for simply forgetting about this creator (i think they were just mad and wanted attention for being forgotten) i agree tho that she could’ve worded all her apologies better

  • Mt. Core
    Mt. Core Year ago +20208

    First rule of being a creator online:
    don't feed the trolls.
    She failed.

    • Borat Sagdiyev
      Borat Sagdiyev 2 months ago

      Says a guy with 0 videos.

    • Anton Radke
      Anton Radke 2 months ago

      My guy nah the rules of the internet clearly state that rule #1 is that you will not talk about /b
      “Do not feed the trolls” is a paraphrase of rule #14.

    • Susrage Jr
      Susrage Jr 2 months ago

      feed the feed that doesn't feed

    • Hindenpeter
      Hindenpeter 2 months ago

      Now I wanna draw something like one of those political comics but instead one that's a zoo exhibit saying "please do not feed the trolls" just for the fun of it

    • Trent West
      Trent West 2 months ago

      Except she exploded in fame for it so actually do feed the trolls, but OVERfeed them

  • jamlat
    jamlat 11 months ago +500

    I remember calling her out when she was smaller on Clip-Share for copying off of reddit threads the blew up and her response was just so childish that I decided not to even argue

    • BEEGboi
      BEEGboi Month ago +1

      @Rantdom damn. That shit worked bro. Thank you the rizzard.

    • Kekyoin the Shitposting Fool
      Kekyoin the Shitposting Fool 2 months ago +1

      @Rantdom I'm gonna use this now 😂

    • You
      You 3 months ago +20

      @Rantdom Bro what??? 😂

    • Rantdom
      Rantdom 3 months ago +7

      @Kspice9000 baby r u a home theatre? Cuz gurlll you projecting harddd

  • Jack Ryan
    Jack Ryan 3 months ago +132

    I've watched every sunny video to date, including today's upload. He's so fucking good. We, his subscribers, collectively agree that if he ever falls off, he owes us a "rise and fall" video on himself

    • Dinand De Jong
      Dinand De Jong Hour ago


    • HohenHokt
      HohenHokt 7 days ago


    • JoJoVersus
      JoJoVersus 2 months ago +2

      I still love his videos, but he embellished his speech SO much now. Like, I know he has an Aussie accent, but he'll say something like "This is a video about a TikTok creatAHHHHHHHHH". Seriously. Go listen & compare it to the narration on the OnlyJayus video.

  • C'pensur Kolea [kOH-lee]
    C'pensur Kolea [kOH-lee] 3 months ago +506

    Using the n-word as a slur these days is so telling because of the sheer amount of people who use it as a sub for "man" or "dude" or "guy" (unisex term to refer to your friends). So anypne who says like "f you n-word" are so much more apparent because they clearly only mean the old slur. These mo way to spin that usage into anything else. She literally said "n-word loving" which is a disGUSTING usage of the term clearly alluding to the person being insulted loving black people which shouldn be an insult but clearly OnlyJayus sees it as one. This is why even though I could say it, being brown skinned myself, id rather just use man or guy or dude.

    • Sammy Jones
      Sammy Jones 16 days ago

      @Goldy Twatus oh that’s yo best fran lol? My bad.

    • Goldy Twatus
      Goldy Twatus 16 days ago

      @Sammy Jones No NOOOOO!!!! Sammy Jones thinks someone is corny lol, how are they going to live their life now!!?!??!

    • C'pensur Kolea [kOH-lee]
      C'pensur Kolea [kOH-lee] 26 days ago

      @God of Math i just explained that.

    • potato pie
      potato pie 29 days ago

      @spiderman3fan You’re probably not black if you don’t understand the pain that it carries

  • ordinarypotao
    ordinarypotao 8 months ago +133

    just like how Boze is the only one I can watch to pay attention during true crime, you're the only one I can watch to pay attention to drama. Keep up the good work king.

  • Iluvpie6
    Iluvpie6 3 months ago +127

    I sort of feel bad for really stupid people who get so confused and distressed when they just don’t have the self awareness to wrap their heads around how their behavior put them in their situation. It’s wildly pathetic, and they genuinely need help from someone with a saintly amount of patience.

  • sc6ut
    sc6ut Year ago +7822

    great examples of how not to apologize

    • *Nah they usually tell me I look like Shalissa*
      *Nah they usually tell me I look like Shalissa* 11 months ago

      Damn didn’t expect you here

    • sc6ut
      sc6ut 11 months ago

      @Kate Apple ms. apple what are you on about

    • SkadaaSkadeen
      SkadaaSkadeen 11 months ago

      @Paul Warner shit mb bro. I though you spoke german.

    • Kate Apple
      Kate Apple 11 months ago

      Wait so this creator is just responding to a video that someone else made trying to get likes off of his likes? What the fuck

    • Paul Warner
      Paul Warner 11 months ago

      @SkadaaSkadeen I don't know Fremch

  • god
    god 11 months ago +167

    Honestly i found a lot of her videos light hearted. I think anyone with an ounce of intelligence could tell that all the shit she spouted was all bs. I dont think her actions and how she handled things were right but a lot of the hate was just a bunch of people wanting to be pissed.

    • erica bluth
      erica bluth Month ago +2

      for real. who cares about some dm message from her personal life. everyone says things they don’t mean, wtf does it have to do with her tik toks about psychology and life hacks 😂 like i really don’t care who she is as a person, i like her life hacks

    • ne하
      ne하 Month ago +6

      yeah agree she should be held accountable for the things she did but she’s also allowed to be angry at the stupid hate she got. maybe not scream at the camera but man she probably did not see that coming when she was posting those light hearted weird-kinda-stupid tiktoks

    • JoJoVersus
      JoJoVersus 2 months ago +7

      A lot of people that put her down were genuinely jealous that she's a beautiful young rich white girl. Facts is facts.

    • Egg
      Egg 3 months ago +22

      Yeah but this is the same platform that convinced multiple people to eat detergent pods. Successfully. On 2 separate occasions.

  • MrMurder
    MrMurder 5 months ago +38

    If making a joke about stealing a dying person’s wallet starts a trend, we were already doomed

    • MrMurder
      MrMurder 4 months ago

      @Mr Oni I know, I’m just saying that it would specifically doom us if people think it is a good idea to steal a dying person’s wallet because of a joke

  • Voids
    Voids 3 months ago +70

    The Lil Xan Hot Cheetos story is very funny. He didn’t “almost overdose” on hot Cheetos. He got way too high and ate a lot of hot Cheetos and panicked, thinking that his throat was closing. They called 911 and requested an ambulance. He was also mildly roasted by the EMT’s

    • Yuka
      Yuka 16 days ago +2

      It was stomach cramps from opiate withdrawal more than likely or paws

  • TwistingBadger
    TwistingBadger 9 months ago +3177

    As someone who has adhd, I am OFFENDED that OnlyJayus was trying to blame it* on ADHD.
    Just because you have it doesn't mean you get to be a degenerate.
    Edit: Hot dog, did this spark a war.
    Alright. I'll admit, I didn't watch the full video when I made this comment, however, *the part where she was blaming her adhd on something, was the email part. She said "hit me up again" which was the exact thing the other person did. And then got mad when it came out that the other did infact do that.

    • Slight Rymes
      Slight Rymes 28 days ago

      Just wanna say friend... I have always had SEVERE ADHD and am not often forgetful. You can train against it.

    • Xavier Sanchez
      Xavier Sanchez Month ago

      I have it too and it really blows me away because of that and how people want to have it as if it’s a gift, it’s not, it’s not fun to have at all it’s terrible and I can’t even focus for a minute at most, and it effects my grades because of my employability grading, and I struggle to pass in school, I’m honestly so disapointed in people it’s crazy, people need to stop pretending that they have adhd it mind boggles me.

    • Apples
      Apples Month ago

      @Cannon you can forget even if you care 💀
      Adhd is weird like that.

    • Gator-Milk 🐊🥛
      Gator-Milk 🐊🥛 Month ago +2

      Imagine being offended

    • Harambes Left Nut
      Harambes Left Nut Month ago

      Lol, I have adhd too

  • SimplyCheryl
    SimplyCheryl 3 months ago +210

    Why are tik tokkers automatically deemed role models" 90% of them are just children 🤣🤣

    • Blisterdude123
      Blisterdude123 2 months ago

      People on TikTok are a masterclass in 'How Not To Human'

    • Steven
      Steven 2 months ago +4

      @kactus they are children. they dont need the responisbility of being a role model lol

    • kactus
      kactus 2 months ago +2

      They're the ones other children are watching for like 14 hours a day. Peers can be leaders and role models too.

    • RazzleDazzle
      RazzleDazzle 3 months ago +3


  • Mikamin
    Mikamin Year ago +24079

    Charlie describing Jayus' dms as a "heated gamer moment" is truly amazing.
    I know he said "message" not "moment", but close enough I guess.

    • Ejected
      Ejected 3 months ago

      The one way is the tried way where is the wand of the seven games that are not the same five jokes as you can make it a good idea

    • joe
      joe 5 months ago

      @Son Goku im black and you literally dont speak for all black people tf?

    • Erika Kirkland-Pizzo
      Erika Kirkland-Pizzo 7 months ago

      Don't read profile photo okay

    • UndefinedError
      UndefinedError 7 months ago

      @Mikamin respect and based

  • Sir. Rattus rattus
    Sir. Rattus rattus 9 months ago +33

    Honestly if she just ignored the trolls this could have been thrown to the wind fairly easily

  • Thewiimaster
    Thewiimaster Month ago +9

    She didn’t make any bad content in terms of controversy. It saturates when she complained about the trolls who then made it their mission to get a rise out of her. Safe to say they succeeded

  • Toaster Cannon
    Toaster Cannon 7 months ago +136

    Considering a guy on TikTok killed someone for clout, she’s nowhere near the worst

    • -Random-
      -Random- Month ago

      what's the name of that person that killed for clout?

    • 123 Peachy Screams
      123 Peachy Screams 3 months ago

      @Shredded cheese63 what? The point of that was to not compare a creator to another. How did you get that?

    • Šima
      Šima 4 months ago

      @Alfred Hitchcook inflation?

    • Alfred Hitchcook
      Alfred Hitchcook 4 months ago

      @Šima lmfao cry about real problems.

    • Alfred Hitchcook
      Alfred Hitchcook 4 months ago +1

      @Shredded cheese63 Wow, I’m literally so glad that you literally made this comment. It literally added so much to the conversation.

  • Anna Yandow
    Anna Yandow 9 months ago +181

    I think it’s funny, she used to follow me on TikTok because during a livestream I knew what her online name meant. I liked watching her videos and she had a fun personality. Unfortunately “fame” can be hard for a lot of people and with TikTok anyone could be “famous”. I remember when she got fired from Best Buy for creating videos there. A few years ago she was renting a room because she was kicked out of her childhood home for being gay. She was not born rich and had to work for what she had. She actually made a video of how she copied the rolls Royce star ceiling that you can watch on her TikTok. A lot of people make mistakes that they can’t take back and Isabella was no exception. I personally stopped watching TikTok entirely but she was one of the good ones when I was watching TikTok a few years ago.

      SIZEMORE 3 months ago +1

      @Maddie B.(x) Doubt

    • really can't think of a username right now sorry
      really can't think of a username right now sorry 3 months ago +8

      @BigDerick50 "I know she said dumb stuff when she was an actual literal teenager, but that makes her a very bad person"

    • ᴛᴏᴋᴏ ғᴜᴋᴀᴡᴀ
      ᴛᴏᴋᴏ ғᴜᴋᴀᴡᴀ 4 months ago +8

      @Maddie B. I know this was 3 months ago but people change. U need to forgive and forget. U can't just hate someone for life bc they've done smth messed up, I understand making them face consequences and making them apologize but u have to stop at a certain point.

  • pykapuka
    pykapuka 7 months ago +82

    The birth month thing is not about astology, it is about the weather in you early developmen stages. I think its beneficial to experience warm and dry climate inside and cold and moist climate outside in your early development. Also getting sick as a baby can be beneficial and stuff like that. So it should be actually about the season you are born in and not the exact month and it should be opposite on the southern hemisphere.

    • Dawn
      Dawn Month ago

      @Blake there is some truth to it though. Except it's less your birth month that matters and rather the season you were born in. There's science behind it if you'd like to look into it.

    • KnightKnightEX
      KnightKnightEX 2 months ago

      @Paprika idk bro, but I hope you have a plentiful harvest this year and remain fertile for the remainder of your days

    • Paprika
      Paprika 2 months ago

      YeH that whole astrology-month-bit is pretty bogus. I stand on the lines of "It matters where your mother carried you for the 9 months" and there are always pros and cons to this *no matter what.*
      I was carried in Florida and experienced heavy ranfall, tropical storms, and high temperatures so my pros are in dealing with hot/muggy days on end, easy (two nostril) breathing, and accustomed to wet/moist climates.
      I now live in the midwest. So my cons are with allergies due to dusty environments like farmers harvest, coldness because winter exists here, and dryness due to less storms _which i love soooo much_ . I'm not suited for this area because of the where I was carried, born, and experienced in until the age of 6.
      Now, I get to to enjoy dry weather nose bleeds and alergy meds because it's literal flatlands out here.

    • KnightKnightEX
      KnightKnightEX 2 months ago

      @123 Peachy Screams Literally they were explaining their opinion on weather conditions and such being a more primary cause for how people turn out, which is their way of explaining that the Astrology stuff is probably a large misconception about how seasonal weather and locations in your developmental years is probably the real deciding factor. - so basically yeah, this just in, basic environmental factors effect your development. Get a comprehension check nerd

  • Dex Starr
    Dex Starr Year ago +11178

    Charlie realizing just how chronically online the TikTok comment section can be is so hilarious. It’s refreshing to see someone outside the echo chamber be just as baffled as I was when I realized just how disconnected from reality TikTok commenters can be.

    • DeoxyCodone
      DeoxyCodone 4 months ago

      @AVI I’m not 45 years old, I grew up to the same shit. None of that is an excuse for thinking the internet is stressful, but I get where you’re coming from

    • AVI
      AVI 4 months ago

      @DeoxyCodone when kids are becoming more and more separated day by day, living in the middle of nowhere with uptight helicopter parents and their only escape is the internet, it's only natural that the internet would bring about stress and anxiety to them. not just bikes made a great video about urban development being one of many factors separating western kids from the world, case in point being these replies.

    • Bunny Bunny
      Bunny Bunny 4 months ago

      @DeoxyCodoneyeah thanks im glad ur amused

    • DeoxyCodone
      DeoxyCodone 4 months ago

      @Bunny Bunny stressful? You kids are funny nowadays

    • Fabio Rutichelli
      Fabio Rutichelli 4 months ago

      @R S genuinely, its hard to listen to anything on the app when it seems like everyone on there is gaslighting you with shit opinions

  • Uffle Nuffle
    Uffle Nuffle 11 months ago +39

    This is why I love moist. He is always shouting out the good creators no matter how small and is brave enough to call out the bad creators no matter how big they are.

    • Rain
      Rain 2 months ago +1

      it's not something that takes bravery lol

  • Mani Tuikolovatu
    Mani Tuikolovatu 3 months ago +228

    Ask her to give us a summary of the book 💀

  • Lenny
    Lenny 3 months ago +27

    9:30 the one time she at least tries to make a joke and she still gets shit. no wonder why she alternates between performative wokeness and manic rant apology videos

  • Rory O'Sullivan
    Rory O'Sullivan 11 months ago +43

    I love how Charlie gets paid for being the most logical person on the internet.
    Like Just Be a normal and logical person and be successful. Moral: don't be stupid. Especially on the internet.

  • MF_Cheb
    MF_Cheb 15 days ago +1

    I feel bad for her, there’s a big difference in someone after 4 years, so I feel like going after her for it 4 years later was kinda dumb and/or pointless. I just hope the best for her because I know how relentless people can be on the internet especially for something like this, so hope she’s alright.

  • Robert Azinovic
    Robert Azinovic Year ago +7769

    She showed the internet she cares about their opinions and thats why they knew they can easily rile her up and cancel her, you just gotta ignore them

    • ne하
      ne하 Month ago

      i like how you guys said what she could’ve done better.. like how can she just ignore it?? when there are millions up her throat, she’s gonna be upset. you think your comment is harmless and funny but it can really harm others who don’t have snake mindset as you

    • Dawn
      Dawn Month ago

      @Assassin Killua it's less milking and more she can't control her emotions.

    • EdenIsOk
      EdenIsOk Month ago

      Her content isn’t that bad tbh compared to other tiktokers and people are just getting offended for no reason. But the way she responds is not great and kinda adds fuel to the fire

    • Clobs
      Clobs 2 months ago +1

      My sibling in Christ she said SLURS 💀

  • EmpDisaster
    EmpDisaster 3 months ago +43

    With the email thing. Like, you could easily have solved the problem by just going to her directly and going "Hey! Sorry i didnt reply. I honestly didnt see your emails and kept putting off checking my emails because of ADHD. Ill try better in the future to do so but if i dont keep that in mind!" And then boom problem solved, creator with the problem likely would have either taken down the original videos, or just made a new one explaining that it was all a misunderstanding and boom. But no she had to make it a big deal and blow up about it

    • 123 Peachy Screams
      123 Peachy Screams 3 months ago

      @idk omg of course

    • idk omg
      idk omg 3 months ago +1

      @123 Peachy Screams ohhh i didnt get that part, thank you :D

    • 123 Peachy Screams
      123 Peachy Screams 3 months ago +2

      @idk omg no, she blamed the other creator in the voice message for not sending her another email

    • idk omg
      idk omg 3 months ago +1

      But she did it, i think they show a video of the voice message, idk i think, rewatch that part bc i cant tell you fr if she did

  • Tom K
    Tom K 7 months ago +57

    If she does really have ADHD, I can relate to the email checking, I’ve lost jobs and opportunities as well as piss off most my family because of how much I check my emails

    • Grillo Sama
      Grillo Sama 4 months ago +2

      I dont have ADHD and i have trouble keeping up with my emails so i can only imagine how hard it is to manage for someone who does have it

    • Stupid Mango
      Stupid Mango 4 months ago +1

      Well yes but she blames others as if they should have known or they should have spammed her as if they could see that she read it or not, so I'm pretty sure you don't relate to making it other people's issue to do it for you, like she does

    • Nani
      Nani 5 months ago +8

      my ADHD kicks my ass when it comes to being forgetful. I lost a whole bowl of cereal TWICE bc i have a bad habit of picking things up and putting it down without realizing ive ever had the object to begin with

    • Quinn Daddy
      Quinn Daddy 5 months ago +3

      My inbox has 5k emails in it, I'm scared to know what opportunities I've missed because of this 😓

  • StreetSweater
    StreetSweater 8 months ago +15

    Im glad that Sunny’s getting some recognition, he’s one of my fav Clip-Sharers and it’s great that he’s got some sunlight lately

  • Ina
    Ina 9 months ago +33

    I like how because SHE didn’t read the email she got mad that they didn’t email her again…which they literally did 💀

    • Stupid Mango
      Stupid Mango 4 months ago +2

      "Hey, email me and spam me so I can get mad at you when there isn't a read symbol for emails like a messenging app, you're supposed to know if I read it, stupid" really how her brain worked there lol

  • Cooking In Silence
    Cooking In Silence 5 months ago +15

    Something that people fail to realize is that there is an unofficial genre of people who just watch influencers who exclusively melt down. Doesn't matter why, doesn't matter wear, they are seeking out people who are dysfunctional like them, or as they secretly wish to be.

    • Raven
      Raven 2 days ago

      @mccullsn i’m not the one that misread my comment ?

    • mccullsn
      mccullsn 2 days ago

      @Raven good luck in life man

    • Raven
      Raven 2 days ago

      @mccullsn op said “doesn’t matter wear” so i said “where ? do you mean ?”

    • mccullsn
      mccullsn 2 days ago

      @Raven wing of redemption is just one example look up what kiwi farms and lolcow is and you’ll probably have a better understanding of what op is referring too

    • Raven
      Raven Month ago

      where ? do you mean ?

  • Ange
    Ange Year ago +6206

    I'm just saying: If she didn't try so hard to prove she wasn't racist then she probably wouldn't have had to deal with half the shit she did. A quick "Hey this was a few years ago and I've changed since then, however I'm sorry for how I acted when this happened" would've been fine. Explaining beforehand that you have ADHD and might not respond for a while to the creator you're supposed to be collaborating with would've been fine. Instead this whole thing looked so theatrical and dramatic that people took that as a sign to push for more and she's suffering from it
    Also the How To Not Be Racist book fucking FLOORED me how do you decide to get that unironically????

    • ne하
      ne하 Month ago +1

      LMAOO y’all still would’ve said she wasn’t genuine with her apology or didn’t apologise properly 💀😭

    • Alen Mack
      Alen Mack 3 months ago +1

      You don’t seem to understand that people (mostly white) won’t accept apologies.

    • Ange
      Ange 4 months ago

      Harshita Raut yes, because she was addressing it recently

    • His Ace in the Hole
      His Ace in the Hole 5 months ago

      Can you refresh my memory. It's been months since last posting on here.

    • John Doe
      John Doe 5 months ago

      @His Ace in the Hole who is? his comment got deleted

  • Courtney Myers-Pampeno
    Courtney Myers-Pampeno 10 months ago +6

    I remember hearing about the first story and trying to stay updated on it. I don't recall everything about Sam Pepper but I started watching Sam and Colby a few months back and couldn't figure out where I recognized them from. I think I read a little about the outrage of the "kidnapping" and "murder" but I mostly recognize them from vine.

  • theKRAKEN
    theKRAKEN 4 months ago +3

    I can't believe I'm still watching your videos. It's great that you're still doing your thing. I remember watching your QWOP video back in high school and that shit was hilarious. Never change.

  • Kipter 1999
    Kipter 1999 3 months ago +143

    There must be a maximum iq requirement of 70 to make a tiktok account.

    • drygimangdrminjak
      drygimangdrminjak Month ago +1

      @mad dog not really, even the latest results show average of around 100, maybe its lower now, in europe in west it went from around 99 to 96

    • EdenIsOk
      EdenIsOk Month ago

      I swear TikTok will single-handedly lower the iq of anyone left on there to use it. Also i don’t want them TikTokers invading our site

    • drygimangdrminjak
      drygimangdrminjak Month ago

      @mad dog 100 is average

  • Jake Wardo
    Jake Wardo 11 months ago +12

    One of my favorite things about Charlie is how he makes the best jokes even when he talks full serious mode

  • Ghost Sauce
    Ghost Sauce 6 months ago +13

    The “why aren’t you crying, and where is your dog?” Is incredibly under appreciated

  • Uncreative Name
    Uncreative Name Year ago +11890

    "She was born rich that's nuts" yes that's actually a huge thing i've noticed is that most people on tiktok who are really famous are already rich, people who make tiktoks showing off their mansions and wealth and insane clothes and expensive makeup and food, that pretty much sums up 90% of popular creators...

    • Bruh
      Bruh 8 months ago

      @LJK401 oh

    • LJK401
      LJK401 8 months ago

      @CallForGrandpappy Exactly

    • CallForGrandpappy
      CallForGrandpappy 8 months ago

      If you made that money yourself you’re not gonna be making stupid videos all day running around having fun, people thought Dan Bilzerian or whatever tf that clowns name is was legit.
      Look how that turned out

    • LJK401
      LJK401 8 months ago

      @Bruh No that's the solution

  • TheLonelyBucket bucky roblox games n more

    I always love it when people shit on tiktok. Feels so good to watch stuff like this. Great video, charlie. Keep shitting on these idiotic tiktok kids!
    **hits the mickey mouse clubhouse dance**

  • Frost Bite
    Frost Bite 11 months ago +10

    The problem with the service dog thing was less the comment and more the reaction afterwards. Like when people with service dogs got upset and made tiktoks she didn't apologise or even just shut up and let it blow over, she kept making some really inflammatory comments under their videos and getting in arguments with disabled creators.
    and idk i feel like cos her format is randomly giving facts or lifehacks to make jokes about an emergency situation can be a bit reckless especially when clearly not many people know about service animals seeking strangers help.

  • SummeryKnight74
    SummeryKnight74 7 months ago +4

    Watching a guy criticise certain things that deserve to be brought to attention is so entertaining

  • Corey Thompson
    Corey Thompson 11 months ago +6

    I love moist critical facial expression just drop when he saw only jayus snap, when she said people were mad at her for "not checking her email in a timely fashion" his expression was solemn, and u could see just a tiny bit of sadness but I also saw understanding because we are all guilty of not checking our email in a timely fashion. He felt sorrow for her pain. Charles, you are a good man, hopefully you stay a good man🙏

  • PandaOG04
    PandaOG04 Month ago +1

    She is the embodiment of if its on the internet its true

  • zen93
    zen93 Year ago +5202

    its fun to see charlie think logically when other people cant.

    • Amogus
      Amogus 7 months ago

      liouy cnny I’m an alien and I disagree

    • OK OK, WOO
      OK OK, WOO 10 months ago

      @zen93 no problem

    • No adv
      No adv 11 months ago

      @zen93 I actually think he had some bad takes here, mainly because he was just skimming through the video with actually watching it. And the book she had wasn't how not to be racist it was how to be anti racist. Very different thing and pretty cool she used her platform to promote it and other stuff.

    • zen93
      zen93 11 months ago +1

      UggoDoesStuff true, I decided yesterday I wasn't gonna reply anymore to start any arguments because that would make the notifications pop up more, or just say anything in general because this is the internet and I realize that outcome is inevitable, thank you all and have a good day

    • Anthony Shioli
      Anthony Shioli 11 months ago

      UggoDoesStuff I don't enjoy jack shit, don't put your thoughts into my mouth

  • Ash Underdash
    Ash Underdash 11 months ago +6

    As much as I love Charlie and I agree with most of what he's saying, that's the point of a service dog ykyk, to find people when the owner can't. Seizures, fainting, heart attacks, broken bones, being trapped, etc etc. Service dogs are used for lots of different groups for lots of different people but not a lot is known about them so it's important that we keep what information we know about them true. Especially on a kid's app

  • The Red Tower
    The Red Tower 11 months ago +13

    9:11 Love how she's teaching people to be shitty inarticulate writers.

  • DoNotFearTheReapa
    DoNotFearTheReapa 7 months ago +3

    This girl is exactly like my sister. Everything that goes wrong is a world ending event that stems from people not understanding her well enough and the fact that she is not the main character of the entire Earth seems to allude her.

    • Spacebook
      Spacebook Month ago

      @Amogus what the hell are you even saying

    • 123 Peachy Screams
      123 Peachy Screams 3 months ago +2

      @Amogus what? Believing you’re the main character and you can do no wrong is not a ‘personality’ it’s narcissism.

    • DoNotFearTheReapa
      DoNotFearTheReapa 7 months ago +1

      @Amogus Huh? I said she is like my sister, how is that hating on her? I didn't say anything negative about the traits I was talking about, simply that they exist.
      Also that makes no sense. If somebody is insulting you, or bullying you, or stealing from you, would you say "that's just their personality, hating on them for it just shows yours"? No. You would say "they bullied me, they stole from me." because that's the truth.
      Seems like you have some truths about yourself that you like to count as "that's just me", but, do you know how people grow, my friend? They choose to. You can change what you do and how you think. You become the person you truly want to be slowly if you just use some self-reflection and restraint.
      Nobody is born perfect, but that doesn't mean you can be a baby forever.

    • Amogus
      Amogus 7 months ago +1

      Some people just have a different personality and so hating on someone for that just shows your personality

  • ralek
    ralek 11 months ago +18

    Love you Charlie but you're dead wrong on how "not being racist is easy" Sure it is, it is as easy as doing absolutely nothing or saying nothing. But beyond that? For foreigners who have grown with stereotypes, and only around people of their own nationality, getting out of it is insanely difficult. I still shut my self off sometimes because I think something that I think is funny or appropriate but I imagine actually saying it, and feeling like absolute shit. Of course I could just shut my self up but that would also be racist, so I'm still confused.

    • Moonshine Audios
      Moonshine Audios 7 months ago +3

      @ralek it really is but you know what? I wish us both happy lives and the best results man, we’re doing our best even though no one else may know about it and I recognise that and commend that 💖

    • ralek
      ralek 7 months ago +4

      @Moonshine Audios Damn mang I relate so much. Change is hard but the best rewards come after. It feels alienating in the moment but you can turn it around in the end.

    • Moonshine Audios
      Moonshine Audios 7 months ago +11

      Me too I agree with this. I’m Nigerian and ngl we have a lot of internalised racism, sexism, misogyny, and very harsh cruel humor and victim blaming, and I’ve halted myself from doing anything or speak on anything because that has been woven into my humor personality, my society growing up my family and so on and there isn’t really a manual on undoing these gross behaviours and thought patterns. I’ve tried to simply stop speaking since every time I made a joke or thought, I hear it out loud and realise how cruel and insensitive it is or even worse, I’ve had some people look at me horrified and hurt at something I thought was a funny everyday little jab. I feel really bad so I work on it in private while avoiding public settings for that reason.

  • W Spann
    W Spann 8 months ago +1

    The birth month thing is mostly true simply because age differences, even down to small margins, affect what opportunities different people are offered in their early life. Probably the most famous example is the correlation between success in pro hockey and having an early birth month, known for being discussed in Outliers

  • YaBoiTS
    YaBoiTS Year ago +8683

    “Why aren’t you crying? Where’s your dog?” If Charlie ever needs to do an apology video he already knows what criteria to hit :)

    • birdbrainedclown
      birdbrainedclown 3 months ago

      @Beanie trying to make the most amount of tears possible and failing miserably

    • Beanie
      Beanie 5 months ago +1

      dog, get ripped, fade from black into the person sitting down and sighing, saying "i didn't want to make this video...", title the video "im sorry..."
      did i miss anything?

    • SirCookie Knight
      SirCookie Knight 6 months ago


    • L. Buds
      L. Buds 6 months ago +2

      Now he has a kitty to use! 👍🏻

    • WA
      WA 7 months ago +2

      Expect no less from the person who made a tier list of Clip-Share apologies

  • You cant handle my name!
    You cant handle my name! 9 months ago +9

    so i could see how being born in different months could have some small effect on you. for example the weather, the food people eat, and the stress the mother goes through can greatly vary between months especially due to holidays and i would not be suprised if all those things could have an effect on a child in the womb or in its early developmental stages after being born.

  • It’s.that.one.person?
    It’s.that.one.person? 9 months ago +3

    I’ve learned that if Charlie makes a video on you, it’s either the best thing or worst thing to ever happen to you lol

  • Lúthien 💫
    Lúthien 💫 11 months ago +10

    That kill your best friend prank wasn’t even a prank. After it got so much heat, Sam pepper made the blond guy say it was fake to try and make it seem not so bad. After he eventually screwed him over down the road, the blonde came forward and said that it was real. He was actually traumatized and he regretted saying it was a prank because it made him look stupid. When in all actuality it actually really fucked him up.

  • You have been spotted…
    You have been spotted… 2 months ago +1

    7:14 I was just thinking that too!! The fact that she really bought a book on how to give genuine respect to people like me is crazy.

  • Michelle L
    Michelle L Year ago +4550

    "Why do people just wanna disregard basic reasoning?" Charlie learns how the internet works.

  • Daniel Velkov
    Daniel Velkov 11 months ago +30

    Her reading the "how to be antiracist" is like Stan from south park reading Tolkien's books

  • John
    John  11 months ago +14

    Used to hate t-pain not enjoying his music, but in the recent years i've seen him as a person with him livestreaming and stuff. Happy to be wrong, the guy is just a good guy

  • Trevor N
    Trevor N 7 months ago +2

    The stars in the headliner of vehicles are big deals and I understand what youre saying having worked on vehicles for a few years now. Most companies have ruined that niche design of a starlight headliner due to aftermarket kits being available or hot glue, Billy Bob and fiber optic cables.

  • hailcappin
    hailcappin 7 months ago +1

    The way she screamed about the videos made was pure gold 🤣😭🙏

  • MouseOats
    MouseOats 8 months ago +4

    it honestly makes me really mad that she says she has a disorder that makes her forget things even though a lot of her tiktoks are her saying random facts (last time i checked)

  • Emily B
    Emily B Year ago +8436

    From what I remember, part of why Jayus was/is so disliked was that in response to her first scandal, she promised to collaborate with more poc creators to bring light to current issues/ use her platform for to spread awareness and then proceeded to never do that

      THAT JUICY BOI 4 months ago

      Bro i thought she was actually cool, answered her yt polls and shit. How far people can fall

    • Goth Girl Olivia 💜⚡
      Goth Girl Olivia 💜⚡ 5 months ago +1

      She did. She worked with many PoC creators. The karen woman was going to far with it 😂😂

    • Will Crew
      Will Crew 5 months ago +1

      If you haven't, watch her most recent video covering this, she explains everything

    • Caitlyn Castille
      Caitlyn Castille 5 months ago

      @Esmeralda TGG its also not a good idea to say someone is ghosting u tbh. i have so many unread messages from countless friends and it usually takes me a month or 2 to reply due to just forgetting or not knowing what to say. its quite common in the world honestly. making it a public issue is kind of like saying u cant handle not being a first priority, and in this case it not only made someone seem biased against a race but also got someone bullied into saying they would do something even tho it involved other ppl that they haven’t interacted with before which is something u cant truly promise.

    • Powderpuffel
      Powderpuffel 6 months ago +2

      As a black person with adhd and autism if someone made a video telling everyone I was a terrible person for not responding to a text in the first day I got it I’d probably have a meltdown to

  • Howard Eeznuts
    Howard Eeznuts 11 months ago +3

    i love the way the camera zooms in on her face and shakes as she screams louder lol

  • Angie Thompson
    Angie Thompson 7 months ago

    I was on TikTok for such a short time a while back I followed Jayus for a minute until I did not like what I started seeing from her then it started.. I saw everything go down and it reminded me exactly why I refused to used TikTok in the first place. This girl messed up, fell in a hole then just kept digging. No one was letting her walk away. I am too damn old for TikTok anyway. this drama was never ending and she just made it worse. I did not like watching it, it was sad.

  • Cyan Jackson
    Cyan Jackson 8 months ago

    I will say the video failed to mention one of her first worst tiktoks i guess it didn't get as much controversy but she mentioned "controversial hacks" or something and she said if people keep asking you if you're having a baby tell them you had an abortion and they'll stop asking... i dont think i need to explain how bad that is just OOF and hella hurtful note to numerous people

  • MysLooni
    MysLooni 11 months ago +3

    To people mad at her that she didn't check her email: I have ADHD, and I check my email so little and forget stuff so frequently that I'm surprised I can function as a human adult. Like I missed an important school email *3 times,* mostly because my email is so disorganized. And when I got covid I completely forgot to call my boss to say I wasn't coming in. And when you have ADHD, sometimes when something is stressful your brain just. Turns it off you for you. Like if something is stressful to me sometimes I just won't remember it because my brain decides "No

    • MysLooni
      MysLooni 3 months ago +1

      @123 Peachy Screams Yeah, and I agree! ^^

    • 123 Peachy Screams
      123 Peachy Screams 3 months ago +1

      @MysLooni yeah, I have adhd and I have trouble checking my email but she went about it completely wrong, that’s what I’m saying

    • MysLooni
      MysLooni 3 months ago

      @123 Peachy Screams No yeah she shouldn't move blame, I'm just saying that she might not be lying about why she didn't answer, or might be having a knee-jerk reaction that I feel I might have if I suddenly had a lot of attention (still doesn't mean it's good, I'm just saying I'm empathize)

    • 123 Peachy Screams
      123 Peachy Screams 3 months ago +1

      Doesn’t give her an excuse to blame it on the other creator lol

    • Zoo H
      Zoo H 11 months ago +3

      I don’t think anyone is mad she didn’t check her email, they’re mad that she basically publicly said “I would’ve collaborated with you but I forgot about it so you should’ve emailed me to remind me” but the creator had emailed her multiple times and she hadn’t checked

  • 𝘗𝘪𝘯𝘬 𝘈𝘦𝘴𝘵𝘩𝘦𝘵𝘪𝘤

    Okay but how is Charlie so cute when he smiles

  • Patterrz
    Patterrz Year ago +14985

    It's crazy to me that Sam Pepper has anyone at all interested in what he has to say after faking pretty much everything he's ever done

    • cringecande_
      cringecande_ 8 months ago


    • 2ndSoupWorshipper
      2ndSoupWorshipper 9 months ago

      his real name probably isn't even Sam Pepper

    • Ambit Bandit
      Ambit Bandit 11 months ago

      I only remember seeing you because someone commented about a panda attacking you

    • Joseph Sykes
      Joseph Sykes 11 months ago

      Hes blowing up on tiktok 😂😂😂

    • Strawberrypocky911
      Strawberrypocky911 11 months ago

      Just mostly little kids that don't know any better yet that are watching his content.

  • Fearful Fables and Fairytales

    I think the birth month affecting your health is more realistic than the zodiac stuff.
    The reason for this is because certain illnesses are more prevalent at certain times of year/season and therefore the mother could get sick when pregnant and this in turn could affect the baby's development.
    Like not a whole lot and in most cases not at all but it's not an unreasonable factor to take into account. I'm an April baby and my mother got double pneumonia over the winter before I was born. This meant I was slightly starved of oxygen (as she was as well!) At that particular stage for my development and I have some health issues from it. Like not major ones, my immune system isn't the greatest and I pick up a lot of colds and flus very easily. Still it's there.
    Having said that double pneumonia is a pretty heavy illness and I'm only minorly affected from it...but the point still stands that it makes a little more sense than the position of stars or w/e.

  • Andy Preece
    Andy Preece 10 months ago

    Just discovered this channel and your rant game is truly exceptional.

  • Maki-_Sushiwithwasabi
    Maki-_Sushiwithwasabi 8 months ago

    I personally like her content, lmao and atleast she actually said sorry and not"I apologize" but I was pissed at her for awhile, like how do you justify saying that😭

  • AllHaven Games
    AllHaven Games 11 months ago +1

    i dont think i have ever watched one of your videos and not laughed, i love you man you make my day better

  • Wrenching With Crowbar
    Wrenching With Crowbar 2 months ago

    I would love to hear this man talk about automobiles. I can tell that he isn’t too mechanically inclined, at least from an automotive perspective, but I still feel it’d be a fun experience.

  • Ayden Burris
    Ayden Burris Year ago +4028

    She seems like one of those people who thinks they know how to be cool and socialize well yet at the same time not be able to sustain any healthy friendships for more than a few months. We all know someone like that.

    • 123 Peachy Screams
      123 Peachy Screams 3 months ago

      @Kipper985 I believe they said they were good with all pronouns lol

    • Guess
      Guess 4 months ago

      She has a partner so idk. I think they've been together for like a year

    • Alex
      Alex 4 months ago

      @Book Butterfly it's a diuretic, so it makes sense that it would make you pee more lol. No but fr ADHD meds are a gamechanger, I started Concerta this year and it's like "what do you mean it was EASY for people to think and change tasks and remember things all this time??? I thought everyone was struggling like me but I was just being lazy" and my dr keeps increasing my dose bc there's still room for improvement and man I must make so little dopamine 💀 I'm on the second largest dose now and still get zero side effects and can still drink green tea without feeling more energetic 😅 when I first realized I had ADHD I thought it must be mild but NOPE

    • Book Butterfly
      Book Butterfly 4 months ago +1

      On another note that thing with caffeine is weird bc I’ve tried downing bottles of it in desperation when trying to pull all nighters but found it only helped me pee more

    • Alex
      Alex 4 months ago

      @Maverick Pope with ADHD and autism, many of us still consider our relationships to be the same as when we last saw a person even when a lot of time passes because of out of sight out of mind. So for two people who are autistic/ADHD we may not talk for a few years but when we do we can talk as if we saw them the week before. But other people feel more distant and neglected as time goes on, especially if the other person doesn't contact them first (which can be hard with ADHD to remember that we are supposed to)
      I know you were joking, but I wanted to explain why there's that disconnect between some people and relationships fall through because one person doesn't realize that the other expects frequent interactions and that person feels neglected and stops contacting them first because they think they don't care if they don't message first sometimes.

  • Chip Cook
    Chip Cook 11 months ago +1

    You and she both have very, very nice hair. It makes people want to copulate with you. You know I'm right. OnlyJayus would confirm it if she could be here with us all today.

  • Mrrmango
    Mrrmango 11 months ago +43

    onlyjayus: ruins her "career"
    charlie: that was some epic xbox rage

  • Georgia Page
    Georgia Page 11 days ago

    Only Jayus does not seem like she’s worked on that anger problem .. 😂

  • Chris Perry
    Chris Perry 9 months ago

    She personally installed the lights and has multiple videos explaining the process of how to do it in your own car.

  • omgwatthehell
    omgwatthehell Month ago +1

    I don't know about astrology being harmless; I worked a job for 2 years, constantly had the promotion carrot dangled in front of me but nothing ever came of it. Years later I was out having drinks with ex-colleagues who revealed I was never promoted because I was a Gemini, and my boss didn't want Geminis in management because we're all apparently duplicitous. A part of me wonders if she ever saw the irony in her behaviour.

  • unenthused seal
    unenthused seal Year ago +2808

    its so funny her whole brand is being super smart and knowing all these facts and she STILL used the wrong your in her dm

    • TheRealWaffles
      TheRealWaffles 8 months ago

      @Kyle Cornett Semen

    • Joey Gonzales
      Joey Gonzales 10 months ago

      Getting involved in internet drama qualifies all involved parties for the Special Olympics

    • Kim Seung-ri
      Kim Seung-ri 11 months ago +1

      Umm ??? No its not, i think she does it in a comedic way. Like those "facts" are not to be taken seriously. Some of them are so dumb that the only option is for it to be a joke.
      However, i see so many comments saying she spreads misinformation which... ??💀are people so brainless that if a joke isn't followed by a laugh track they just wouldn't be able to figure it's a joke?

    • Akuma's Storytime
      Akuma's Storytime 11 months ago

      She did that twice.

    • Kyle Cornett
      Kyle Cornett 11 months ago +1

      @NevadaJuice People will absolutely use people using the wrong your in typing to say they're stupid. That said I don't know how many people think the OP is serious. I've just seen it in arguments other times where people are serious

  • Matt immobilizer
    Matt immobilizer 9 months ago +2

    I haven't finished the video yet but recently I saw one of her shorts where she talks about getting hit by some stranger and that she took a photo of him and basically asked her community to doxx this guy, find where he lives, his social, his name and give it to her. that is such an irresponsible thing to make your followers do because as seen before, there's no telling what these die hard fans would do for their favorite content creators without them even asking. There is an update video where she also states that she basically got what she wanted but its very unethical and shoulda asked the police for help instead

    • epik roblox
      epik roblox 9 months ago

      She said she asked the police and they couldnt do anything and she didn't want people to doxx him she wanted people to find him so he could be put in jail or fined or something

  • violetwtf
    violetwtf 11 months ago +26

    love the video but i do want to mention that something i've learned from a lot of professional diversity work is that there's a difference between not being racist and anti-racist. not being racist is more standing idly by and just... not being a piece of shit. whereas anti-racist is ways to reverse racism that society was built on as a collective. as fucked up and unforgivable as some of what she did was, highlighting the anti-racism movement is not a bad nor dumb thing

  • SoberGamer
    SoberGamer 8 months ago

    I found you by being a subscriber to SunnyV2, nice to see you have good things to say about him.

  • Bonnie Bonald Bonathan
    Bonnie Bonald Bonathan 11 months ago +15

    The fact that Sunny's banner says "are you stalking me without being subscribed again!?" and Charlie isn't subscribed. 11:00

  • spookyp
    spookyp 8 months ago +1

    I love how you cut out all the parts of Sunny trying to defend her

  • Etaoin Shrdlu
    Etaoin Shrdlu Year ago +1867

    "You might just suck, and you're going to have to accept that."
    Good advice, from a place of compassion.

    • Mukta
      Mukta 4 months ago

      Me at how I feel about my appraisal and competence at workplace

    • klpaah
      klpaah 7 months ago

      @dazz What I’m about to say is nothing more or less than what I wished someone had told me back when I was in high school:
      Kindness and empathy are learned skills. The two things you have to practice are trying to understand where people are coming from, try to put yourself in their shoes, and don’t just assume that the first thing that comes to your mind is the right assumption.
      To be specific, kindness is being able to do something nice for someone without any expectation of anything back, aside from just the good feeling of knowing that you did a good thing. You can’t go into it with the sense that it’s a one to one transaction. That said, if you find that you are being kind, and people are not being kind to you back, then you are perfectly within your rights to go find other people to be your friends. It might take you several tries to find the right fit, and even if you do find people who fit, you may eventually grow apart. Don’t give up, and keep on looking for people who are willing to meet you where you’re at, and who are worthy of your kindness.
      With empathy, you are letting someone know that, at least a little, you understand where they’re coming from. Now, this means that if you’ve never experienced some desperately traumatic thing, don’t make the mistake that I did of trying to empathize with their pain when I had never really experienced it.
      Instead, say something like “I can’t even imagine what you’re going through, just know that I’m here for you if there’s anything you need. “If you say that, mean it. If you say you’re gonna be there for someone, you better commit yourself to being there. It might mean that you get hurt if again you put effort in someone and they don’t respond the way you want them to, however, it’s still great practice for when you have people in your life who are worthy of your time and effort.
      This is really long, sorry about that, and I really hope it didn’t come across as too preachy.
      The last thing I wish someone had told me: if you truly desire to get to a place where you are a kind and empathic person, and you’re willing to analyze yourself, and change when necessary, you WILL get there.
      You will get there. Like learning anything difficult: how to play an instrument, how to play chess, how to drive a stick shift, it’s a grind to learn these things. But you can and you will, and you will enjoy a much better life for the effort.
      Good luck, I truly hope this helps you or someone else. ❤️

    • bloody.frog.kingdom
      bloody.frog.kingdom 11 months ago

      @K Maybe read Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl, see that does anything for you. Did something for me.

    • Shoot Bull
      Shoot Bull Year ago

      @K once you realize that you suck,you can start to not suck.

    • My recent is better than you
      My recent is better than you Year ago

      Penguinz is irrelevant
      My recent video is way better

  • sasuke3388
    sasuke3388 11 months ago +13

    She seems like some chick that took a psychology class in college, most of her videos I've seen show up in my shorts feed would be her telling people how to manipulate

  • TJ Behrens
    TJ Behrens 11 months ago +1

    i always love seeing these videos with charlie's input

  • Joshua Moore
    Joshua Moore Month ago

    1:05 I love how he just blurts out the facts 🤣

  • Straightener
    Straightener 11 months ago +1

    Glad sunny is getting recognition 🙌

  • wicket_E_wareck
    wicket_E_wareck 8 months ago

    She gives trolls anything they want lmao

  • Kerlark Dgrayman
    Kerlark Dgrayman Year ago +3269

    She's great at spreading false information. Me and my mom actually laugh at her "advices"

    • 123 Peachy Screams
      123 Peachy Screams 3 months ago

      @Kipper985 once again I have to say that they said any pronouns worked lol- this doesn’t add anything to the discussion

    • Imacarguy
      Imacarguy 8 months ago +2

      @James Reeves Newspapers dish put false info all the time. In fact, that's where Jayus gets a lot of that content. I mean, the first entities that should be held accountable are people who were supposed to have journalistic standards attached to them.

    • Cipher Paul
      Cipher Paul 8 months ago

      Yeah, so true but all those "social stuff" channels are like that to be honest 😂

    • Eowwwwatermelon
      Eowwwwatermelon 10 months ago +1

      @Kipper985 she has said she uses she/her pronouns

  • Green Goblin Boy
    Green Goblin Boy 11 months ago

    Being born during a cold or flu season does actually leave you susceptible to illness as an infant and can stunt you somehow. The best thing to do to avoid that as a parent is make sure to keep away from sick people before you're due lol

  • Kai Christensen
    Kai Christensen 11 months ago +5

    i really love that charlie has been so consistently using insaneo style as a real phrase

  • gibby
    gibby 8 months ago +4

    lmao can we talk about how charlie does the juciest massive burp at 9:35

  • TheRealZazaExpert
    TheRealZazaExpert 10 months ago +11

    Holy shit I haven't heard the name Sam Pepper since 2014. A shiver went down my spine remembering that name.