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Five Fastest Knives of All Time - KnifeCenter

  • Published on Sep 13, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Presenting: the five fastest knives of all time. What’s the fastest knife in your collection? Is there anything faster than a fixed blade?
    1. Kinematic (CRKT Provoke)
    2. Automatics (Pro-Tech Godson and Microtech Ultratech)
    3. Crossbar (Benchmade Griptilian)
    4. Emerson Wave (LionSteel L.E.One)
    5. Fixed Blade (Spyderco Fish Hunter)
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  • Chris Blair

    Id have to put fixed blades at the top for speed, if it's out it is ready lol

  • Shockwafe564

    Me laying on the ground of London bleeding while the criminal explains their knifes :

  • Pizza requiem

    Thank you, i just got back my DNA test and found out i'm 7.3% british, so i really needed this

    CHARL1E  +1

    Everybody gangsta until you forget which side the switch blade comes out from

  • Lucas Void
    Lucas Void 21 day ago +41

    "and now, the last one, a glock-"

  • Deviant
    Deviant  +69

    When you try to ask for the time in London:


    Thank you this will be useful for my vacation in London

  • ChEng Ergo

    Ballisongs: "Whatever, I look better than all of you"

  • backrooms
    backrooms  +126

    When you checked the bag of quiet kid :

  • NotCalBlox

    18 year old highschoolers: Ah, exactly what I need.

  • Kr0m1ty
    Kr0m1ty  +15

    "But you don't know how to fight" 💀

  • _animegirl_official_
    _animegirl_official_ 2 hours ago +2

    Where I'm from, you would've gone to jail if someone sees you with one of those (even if you don't use them or people think that you're about to use them)😂

  • Txxex
    Txxex  +6

    Fixed blade: look what they need to mimic a fraction of our power

  • Kaiyo / 海洋

    That one quiet kid at the back :

  • Angelic Demon

    These london jokes getting outa hand 💀

  • Beban XD

    Nice just in time for my trip to london

  • Jimothy Whimothy

    London moment 💀💀💀

  • Centurion21st Gaming

    “Back out da ting brooo” 💀

  • Arsenije Andric

    bro's from London 💀

    P4PERB4CK 2 hours ago

    Exactly what I needed for my London trip.