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Pete Davidson On Ariana Grande

  • Published on Nov 23, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • ComedyComedy

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  • John Pappa
    John Pappa 2 months ago +152415

    He went straight for the neck with that spray paint joke lmao

    • edward Ajilore
      edward Ajilore 5 days ago

      @DietRatchet yh your definitely a 304 and the other 470 idiots who liked this dumb comment

    • Lionsgala tell me more news nft official profile
      Lionsgala tell me more news nft official profile 5 days ago

      Italian descent she is definitely White what is Ariana society has decided to give her a pass

    • Lionsgala tell me more news nft official profile
      Lionsgala tell me more news nft official profile 5 days ago

      ​@atlantasean Italian descent

    • Lionsgala tell me more news nft official profile
      Lionsgala tell me more news nft official profile 6 days ago

      Yeah but it's also widely known that she the girl is White but wants to be a person of color obviously I love her and would totally die for just give me the but I can't deny it's u definitely darken your skin and made this conscious decision early on to cater to the masses of people who are not White. I'm speaking from the perspective of being a black. Not to mention I followed her career so yes I've watched her backstories and everything and that was always the one thing that stuck out to me most. Anybody else tried that s*** it would be a cultural appropriation black face and they would be gone. But it's Ariana grande we are talkin about

    • Nicolette Hassell
      Nicolette Hassell 9 days ago

      Like omgggg 😂😂😂😂

  • Sean Mesken
    Sean Mesken Month ago +13273

    Bro killed her in 90 seconds and proved he can be funny without talking about his dad.
    Legit respect.

    • ice hunter494yt
      ice hunter494yt 8 hours ago

      @Dav bros legit a 9yr old girl with a ponytail

    • Brian Anderson
      Brian Anderson 8 days ago

      @Dav Just think , you could sell your soul to satan for fame just like that God forsaking empty shell

    • zaniah sims
      zaniah sims 11 days ago

      he didn’t kill her ☠️

    • Sean Mesken
      Sean Mesken 13 days ago

      @Luis Castellon That's alright big fella, you'll get there. 💪

    • Sean Mesken
      Sean Mesken 13 days ago

      @Gatti_almost_arturo Idk if it's actually 90 seconds man but it's obviously not 10.

  • Cookie Candy
    Cookie Candy Month ago +5998

    This is literally the first time I've ever seen any of his comedy and it's actually hilarious

  • KWYogi1219
    KWYogi1219 Month ago +3109

    “Don’t clap. I like the giggles” 😂 this clip made me love him even more

    • Drip Kidd
      Drip Kidd 29 days ago +1

      Pete the menace caught another one

    • Warking14
      Warking14 Month ago +9

      @Christopher W Yeah, don't trust subtitles my guy

    • Yamnoodleyt
      Yamnoodleyt Month ago

      @cool guy yes… he did. Watch it again, idiot.

    • cool guy
      cool guy Month ago +8

      @Christopher W no.. he didn’t…

    • andrew falcon
      andrew falcon Month ago

      ​@Christopher Ware you deaf?

  • Dan G
    Dan G Month ago +2

    I’ll give him that one, that was quite funny

  • Brandon Gatti
    Brandon Gatti 2 months ago +2068

    Pete is the perfect mixture of depressed, facetious, and clinically insane.

    • Brandon Gatti
      Brandon Gatti Month ago +2

      @SRay77 He's funny. He's not the greatest, but he's funny. He's great on roasts.

    • Brandon Gatti
      Brandon Gatti Month ago +5

      @kiki246810 I know and he embodies it perfectly.

    • CMac710
      CMac710 Month ago +3

      He just like me fr

    • kiki246810
      kiki246810 Month ago +16

      That's literally how comedy is created. You think people who are truly happy created humor?

    • B_rookie86
      B_rookie86 Month ago +7

      @John Kult are you fr beefing w me cause i think a person is funny? jesus go outside

  • B
    B Month ago +1551

    I can't wait for the Kim.K jokes next year 😂😂😭

    • Microwave
      Microwave 6 hours ago

      @Peace of Mind
      Is that a fucking joke ?
      She tried her hardest to destroy kanyes life

    • Jonathan Perea
      Jonathan Perea 3 days ago

      Lmao if depression permits

    • Peace of Mind
      Peace of Mind 3 days ago

      It won’t happen, Kim doesn’t go around badmouthing her exes

    • Damonte Daquane
      Damonte Daquane 7 days ago +1

      And that’s a lawsuit waiting to happen

    • aiisa
      aiisa 9 days ago

      kim looks happy with him tho, we dont know

  • elle.
    elle. Month ago +11486

    LMFAOOOO ariana is done brownfishing tho. Shes moving on to pretending shes asian

    • TKZ
      TKZ 18 days ago

      you're dummy ass racist motherfucker still thinks Asian people are a worker
      but if you go back to the past
      Are you gonna know your first dad is a big dick Asian fuck your mom

    • Patrick Thompson
      Patrick Thompson 18 days ago

      @Rivkah I don’t know Ariana personally and never will fortunately, yet even I can see that she’s a toxic person lol

    • Hairline Lawyer
      Hairline Lawyer 20 days ago

      @Rivkahvictoria justice and her exposed eachother for being the same bitch😂

    • Amber Jeffries
      Amber Jeffries 21 day ago


    • KS White
      KS White 22 days ago

      Still brown fishing…. Or would it be yellow fishing?

  • Russell Stevens
    Russell Stevens Month ago +8

    "If I spray painted myself brown"
    Very underrated piece of the joke.

  • Nat💕
    Nat💕 Month ago +345

    The “nine year old with a ponytail” got me so laughing so hard I almost peed my pants! LOL

  • Jesús M. Gutiérrez
    Jesús M. Gutiérrez 2 months ago +11082

    That tanning joke just made me respect him just a little bit more lol

    • zaniah sims
      zaniah sims 11 days ago

      why? he hates black women

    • AD
      AD 21 day ago +1

      ​@Arianatorforlife2014 yep. Italians can be black also, like Mario Baloteli. But that's not the point, the point is Ariana is Italian like Andrea Pirlo is - which is white European.

    • Not an Alpha Legionary
      Not an Alpha Legionary 26 days ago +2

      @Arianatorforlife2014 I challenge you to watch her earlier work and say she is a "dark skinned Italian". Girl was all but Casper.

    • Not an Alpha Legionary
      Not an Alpha Legionary 26 days ago +1

      @Arianatorforlife2014 olive skin isn't a tan. Is a default darker complexion than most European whites. Can olive skinned peeps tan darker than rego whites? No. It's just a different shade of the same "tan". And of course she isn't gonna say "I'm Hispanic now!" Just like she doesn't say, "I'm black now!" Cause that would destroy her career. However, people like you have made it infinitely easier for white bread women to cosplay as different races and cultures with basically no backlash because, when her skin is spray tanned a dark she could never achieve without SERIOUS skin issues and probable skin cancer, with the styles, accents and language she adopts, makes it really seem like she might be black or Hispanic. But than you see her without a super dark SPRAY tan, without any minority cultural appropriation, and she looks like a attractive but really obviously white girl.
      Like, foreal, it doesn't take very long to look up skin tone shades, cultural appropriation and why white bread ass celebrities adopt Hispanic and African American makeup, clothing and talking styles, and of course SPRAY (not NATURAL) TAN to a darkness unseen in the most olive skinned of white peeps to try to spicen up their, again, plain ass wonder bread image.

    • Arianatorforlife2014
      Arianatorforlife2014 Month ago

      Omg who ever said she was pretending to be “Hispanic” she tanned for the photo shoot or whatever she never once said “oh I’m gonna be Hispanic now” because of a skin color, many people can be Italian and have darker skin literally noeone is the same and if you dident know she once tweeted years ago that she found out she also has Sicilian and abruzzese roots, idc what y’all say, just haters and btw why y’all be worrying so much about her race or skin color it’s literally none of your business, if you don’t like what you see don’t waste time hating on her just do something better damm
      Also to whoever said that they are Italian and most of them are either pale or olive but if there from the southern they are more tanned, there is not only one type of Italian, some are mixed, and not fully Italian so some could be different colors and still have Italian blood

  • CuteUnicorn
    CuteUnicorn Month ago +2

    The roast omg 😱 he burned her 😂😂😂 nine year old with ponytail, spray painted brown 😆

  • Foxi Moxi
    Foxi Moxi Month ago +349

    That’s crazy. I heard her on an interview saying she fell head over heels in love with Pete when she watched SNL. She switched up quick 😂

    • zaniah sims
      zaniah sims 11 days ago

      and she did?

    • Allyson Styles
      Allyson Styles 17 days ago

      ​@ILikeCHEEZ9 complimebting someone is equal to simping for you? dump little boy 🤦🏻‍♀️

    • Bre Mue
      Bre Mue 26 days ago +2

      Fr like I thought he was making it up but yikeeessss

    • Tony Acosta
      Tony Acosta Month ago +2

      @Chill my man thanks

    • Chill my man
      Chill my man Month ago +5

      @Tony Acosta damn tony got no chill respect I guess my man

  • Ryan Hart
    Ryan Hart 12 days ago +55

    I don't know how he did it but he somehow said all that without sounding truly upset or angry, which was crucial for the jokes to be funny.

  • Barbie’s stepsister
    Barbie’s stepsister Month ago +271

    Todays lesson: Never openly disrespect a comedian ✌🏾😂

  • Trevin Gaffney
    Trevin Gaffney Month ago +20635

    "Don't clap. I like the giggles." Love ya Pete.

    • Hengore
      Hengore Month ago +2

      @G4BRIEL2 says the person complaining about quotes 🙄

    • Hay_Aye_Ron
      Hay_Aye_Ron Month ago

      You and at least 12k other people have zero taste. Dudes an absolute hack comedian. He is only famous for his dad died in 9/11 jokes. We get it you're fucked up Pete, you're not the only one with trauma. You just monetized your trauma instead of dealing with it.

    • Abdirisak Awes
      Abdirisak Awes Month ago +1


    • G4BRIEL2
      G4BRIEL2 Month ago

      @King Teddie 11k likes, time to shut up and delete my comment hehehe

    • King Teddie
      King Teddie Month ago +5

      @G4BRIEL2 and they wanted to point out their favorite part. Shut up.

  • I love that for you
    I love that for you Month ago +94

    You can hear the exact moment when the audience collectively realized where he was going with that “brown spray paint line”. 😂😂😂

    • meg tee
      meg tee 4 days ago

      I didn’t get it though can someone pls explain

  • Samantha Kelly Walker

    He's right though.

  • Sephiroth-1
    Sephiroth-1 Month ago

    Savage 💀

  • Jaycob DelaCruz
    Jaycob DelaCruz Month ago

    What Ariana did to him was brutal

  • josie
    josie Month ago +8549

    I have never appreciated him more than I did the moment he started coming at her for the spray paint 🤣☠️

    • Afham Saleem
      Afham Saleem Month ago

      ​@N BucwaShe talked shit on him on vogue are you fucking dumb

    • Uncommonasf
      Uncommonasf Month ago +1

      Black women forgettin he said he don't date them cuz they loud

    • princess manson
      princess manson Month ago +2

      @zoe you’re the foul one throwing false accusations

    • hyvnjih
      hyvnjih Month ago +1

      @Armed Hobo she's darker than my mom 🤨

    • Adeline Forbes
      Adeline Forbes Month ago +7

      @zoe Emily Ratajkowski is in her 30s? She's older than he is lol

  • CHEYENNEisDIEIN420 Parker

    I love Pete he is amazing and a pure soul ❤️ people know he's awesome and pretend cuz he's a goofy guy you can date him for a joke just sad... Protect him at all costs

  • L B
    L B Month ago

    Spray painted brown!!! I'm dying!!!

  • Xavier T.
    Xavier T. Month ago

    This is the first time I've audibly laughed at a stand up comedian. I'm impressed LMAO

  • Shon
    Shon  Month ago +16

    Good job Pete.❤ People can’t be mean just because they have more money or influence… Mean is the new poor!

  • Shaderunner
    Shaderunner Month ago +19138

    "If I spray painted myself brown-"
    Fucking annihilated.

    • zaniah sims
      zaniah sims 11 days ago

      she doesn’t even look brown he was just mad

    • Para-Motard
      Para-Motard 21 day ago

      ​@Hooded-Vigilante you mean like the one they burned Joan of Arc for? Look that one up, try leviticus for extra emotional damage, hope you're not wearing a cotton-polyester blend Bible thumper

    • Alyssa W.
      Alyssa W. Month ago


    • Kuriaru
      Kuriaru Month ago

      @Hooded-Vigilante god probably hates you

    • optiTHOMAS
      optiTHOMAS Month ago

      ​@Chill my manHoly hell. I did too! Wow. 😆😅

  • Melli Mel
    Melli Mel Month ago

    Thanks for this video, Allen. This helped me understand my spouse (child of divorce) better. Even after many years of marriage there are still things to learn. Thanks for giving a Godly perspective.

  • meixyri.
    meixyri. Month ago +598

    “spray painted myself brown”
    over right there.

  • mel mel⛓🧿
    mel mel⛓🧿 29 days ago +1

    I literally love Pete he is just hilarious and I’m glad he exists

  • Alexa Janell
    Alexa Janell 10 days ago

    I've never heard any of this man's work before! I have to say that he's pretty funny

  • brrclappa
    brrclappa 2 months ago +2217

    the fact that it’s actually his ex and we can relate to roasting the fuck out of our exs, is absolutely great

    • ItsA Eye
      ItsA Eye 2 months ago

      How has no one responded yet

  • Keith Barrett
    Keith Barrett 19 days ago

    That was hilarious 😂 She DESERVED all the smoke 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • NVR Vegan
    NVR Vegan 17 days ago

    Finally the jokes we want from him 😂

  • Michael TB
    Michael TB 25 days ago +17

    I love how he always kind of makes himself look like he's vulnerable, and that even a 9 year old would destroy him.
    You literally can't hate the man.
    He already sounds to have less confidence in himself than others ever would.
    And it's priceless.

  • samosa King
    samosa King Month ago

    Jokes longer than ur relationships skete! 🤦‍♀️ swipe up ⬆️

  • Mercedies Dawn
    Mercedies Dawn 2 months ago +13553

    "Shot in the back of the head by a 9 year old with a pony tail" had me dead lmao 🤣

    • GreenBeanTM
      GreenBeanTM Month ago

      @Nathan Mayeur no he was talking about her toxic as hell fans

    • Richie Deans
      Richie Deans Month ago

      @Ork That and the fact that these young girls literally idolize her, so they’d probably have her signature ponytail hair style.

    • AmusingPods
      AmusingPods Month ago

      @Slay_K47 think I know what you are thinking. On the same page as you

    • Wyatt Stinchield
      Wyatt Stinchield 2 months ago

      @John Iceland that’s one of the less intelligent comments I’ve seen in the internet.

    • colourful souls
      colourful souls 2 months ago

      @The Chosen One it was for sure about both her fans being young and her being short/small

  • JJJ Love
    JJJ Love Month ago +21

    That 9- year old joke at the end made me choke. 😂
    I remember the first time I saw this, I thought he was joking about what she said, but then I read the article... Oof 👀

  • Priya Chowdary
    Priya Chowdary 22 days ago +31

    "spraypainted myself brown" had me💀

  • Moon Cat Animations

    idc what anyone says this is hilarious 😂😂😂

  • keirsten cox
    keirsten cox 17 days ago

    😂😂😂😭 this shouldn’t be that funny but that last part had me DYINGGGGG😂😂😭

  • Talking Geek Weekly
    Talking Geek Weekly 2 months ago +4043

    Pete’s entire comedic style is being like your super cool stoner friend who has cosmically comedic luck…& he comes back & nonchalantly explains his awesome day as only a funny stoner can.

    • Ouching Tiger Limping Dragon
      Ouching Tiger Limping Dragon 2 months ago

      Haha I think you totally nailed the vibe of Pete's humor. I *have* a friend like that, except his luck is TERRIBLE! But when he tells the story, you'll end up doubled over laughing anyway.

    • Not an Alpha Legionary
      Not an Alpha Legionary 2 months ago

      @angela have you taken your chill pill yet? Or you still trippin on people for having opinions bout others opinions?

    • Eric H
      Eric H 2 months ago

      @psychodahlia_ Jesus saves!

    • psychodahlia_
      psychodahlia_ 2 months ago +3

      @Eric H it is and definitely what I needed to hear at that moment. It also doesn't help he has long, curly hair, and has a beard and moustache. My homie looks like jesus lol

    • psychodahlia_
      psychodahlia_ 2 months ago

      @Jonas welp that's hard, i only do this if i feel safe around a friend. The friend I remembered was one of them, but the one I was with...was something else. During our trip together, it felt like I absorbed all her bad vibes. I can actually feel it lol that's why on the later part of the trip it became really bad. It's like i was just having a heart attack for the next 12 hours.

  • Aaniyah Ike
    Aaniyah Ike Month ago +2

    Ok i usually don't find Pete funny but this. This was accurate

  • Gem Park
    Gem Park Month ago

    I honestly think its brave and mostly a good thing you guys share stuff. She may just mean she doesn't feel like she knows you but your relationship helped her move forward from some really terrible things and feeling.
    And we're all HUE-man. We all contain this rainbow.. sorry I'm so cheesy...

  • dvl
    dvl Month ago +59

    finally someone famous calls her out for it

  • Jesse943
    Jesse943 Month ago +161

    Bars "Those are Drake versus Lil Wayne claps I don't like that"- Pete Davidson 2022

    • Preem P
      Preem P Month ago +4

      This the most underrated comment here

  • Asce Blayze
    Asce Blayze 2 months ago +11943

    “spray paint myself brown” LMAO

    • Asce Blayze
      Asce Blayze 2 months ago

      @Xeno ♪ people like you are going to heaven ;)

    • Asce Blayze
      Asce Blayze 2 months ago

      11k likes and all i did was quote the video haha

    • ilovezaynandpaynoandHazzaandtommoandnialler xb
      ilovezaynandpaynoandHazzaandtommoandnialler xb 2 months ago +1


    • Samantha R T
      Samantha R T 2 months ago +1

      @Ludovico Carli yeah, supposedly when white women use self-tanner, it’s because they want to be black women.

    • trisha minne
      trisha minne 2 months ago +6

      @Ludovico Carlishe notoriously spray tans herself brown

  • j g
    j g Month ago +23

    I dont really care for either of them but this got me, the jokes are so spot on.
    Also don't most people not know who their exes are till they meet and date them? Unless you're like old friends or soemthing idk

    • j g
      j g Month ago

      @Night Godd yeah. I didn't word it well but I meant like they're strangers till you e hung out some or gone on a few dates

    • Night Godd
      Night Godd Month ago

      Not really, I dont think so. Dating a stranger isnt something that's done nore than dating someone you know (at least know OF)

  • James Price
    James Price Month ago +1

    Fuckin love Pete I don't give a shit what people say he'll always be one of my favorite comedians

  • F19
    F19 Month ago

    Pete just gained many points in humble respect. 🤣

  • Booben Tobi
    Booben Tobi 19 days ago

    Damn, has he always been this hilarious?

  • MiNeS
    MiNeS 2 months ago +6128

    Underrated because of his dating background. I about died when he said “sprayed painted myself brown”

    • res
      res 2 months ago

      @gavin riven she is ghastly now, she has no color to her and looks like she is severely underweight. Her fake tan/blaccent era is long over.

    • Emmiekins Dazzles
      Emmiekins Dazzles 2 months ago +1

      @MiNeS aye aye 😂

    • MiNeS
      MiNeS 2 months ago +1

      @Emmiekins Dazzles I couldn’t have said it better myself👏🏽😂🤣

    • Emmiekins Dazzles
      Emmiekins Dazzles 2 months ago +1

      @Jahod Hill basically people have said Ariana has been blackfishing like a catfish but with tan instead and getting offended bc there easily offended 😂

    • Tortoisesfordays
      Tortoisesfordays 2 months ago +1

      ​@PuffMaster420his current girl certainly does

  • lillie
    lillie Month ago +73

    Even crazier, she said she saw him YEARS ago & said she was gonna marry him.

    • MJ
      MJ 21 day ago +1

      @kerusiki and that's a good thing?

    • Niri Boy
      Niri Boy 25 days ago

      That’s what all these hoes tell simps….

    • Link Knight
      Link Knight 27 days ago

      They were engaged

    • kerusiki
      kerusiki Month ago +1

      Just because someone says they love you they might not mean it

    • Voxtur
      Voxtur Month ago +2

      ​@Mae Zeroher Zach Sang interview in 2018.

  • John Stevens
    John Stevens Month ago


  • Nandan Jena
    Nandan Jena Month ago

    Man i envy this man's confidence 😂No wonder he gets all of the best ones

  • K B
    K B Month ago

    🤣🤣🤣 I love Pete Davidson ♥️

  • Majestic Hero
    Majestic Hero 2 months ago +6044

    He got me when he said all of Ariana's fans are 9 years old 🤣🤣

    • sunflowerdogs
      sunflowerdogs 2 months ago

      @MAAR Destroyer being short is not a "hardcore burn", most women are very short you dingus....he was talking about her fans. why would he call her a 9 year old? that would literally mean hes attracted to 9 year olds. yall are brain dead lol

    • Pendhd
      Pendhd 2 months ago

      @Toniann Pitters He purposely left it open to interpretation. You’re not right, you’re just ignorant and the fact that your interpretation isn’t always the correct one, and that sometimes there is no correct one. You think you’re always right, which in turn makes you often wrong.

    • Lawry Mathias
      Lawry Mathias 2 months ago

      @S. S.because she’s short and petite

    • Toniann Pitters
      Toniann Pitters 2 months ago

      @GrangerGaming no it doesn't count. The reason it doesn't count is because most People be on here listening skill is every low as well as reasoning. The guy is literally talking about Ariana and then said he was going to stop talking about her because he fear he will be shot in the head by a nine year old who wears a pony tail? What does that tell you?

    • GrangerGaming
      GrangerGaming 2 months ago

      Most of them act 9 if that counts

  • They Call Me HeartFace.

    Comedy really helped him in so many ways, didn't know Comedy actually teach to erase a person.

  • Lindy Lou
    Lindy Lou Month ago

    Just love this dude 🤣❤️🤣

  • Amber Parker
    Amber Parker 12 days ago

    That is definitely Petes Lane, stand-up, he definitely needs to do more

  • Jüłįé Høłÿôåk

    Comedy goals💯yet it’s at Pete’s expense 🥹

  • Thebabyrico
    Thebabyrico 2 months ago +7072

    Jaw dropped once he said “spray painted myself brown” lol I am BAFFLED

    • Avalon
      Avalon Month ago

      @Brandon Cooper I didn’t say they were a race?

    • Briton
      Briton Month ago

      @Ultimate Dude and is pretty pathetic in general, just americans clawing for any ounce of culture they can find.

    • Briton
      Briton Month ago

      @Ultimate Dude cos its comes from the US, shouldnt even be considered a dialect

    • Ultimate Dude
      Ultimate Dude Month ago

      "it’s a lot less valid than 90% of English dialects"
      Why do you think that though?

    • ziggy
      ziggy Month ago +1

      ​@Smarty LTC i fr thought she was black for like YEARS back in the day when her tan was even heavier than it is now esp with the fake ass accent she put on too but her fans are sooo defensive abt it

  • Thato Nkgau
    Thato Nkgau Month ago +14

    His Adam Sandler impression is spot on

  • stolasluvsu
    stolasluvsu Month ago

    I LOVE HIM 😂😂

  • Lily Kerman
    Lily Kerman Month ago

    Wow, i never knew Ari cheated on him till now. My respect for her has went from a 100/100 to a 49/100

  • Allison Martinez
    Allison Martinez Month ago +54

    LOL!!!!!!! “If I sprayed painted myself brown and hoped on the cover of Vogue Magazine & just started to shit on my ex” 😂😂😂😂

    • Richard Cranium
      Richard Cranium Month ago +1

      as opposed to converting to Judaism *JUST* to troll your current thing's ex? had it been any other situation, that would be seen as antisemitic for a comedian to make a joke out of an entire religion.... but it's overshadowed by Kanye saying stuff like "Hitler was great"
      Pete Davidson is currently untouchable because he's Kanye's kryptonite... I do find all of it to be funnier than his comedy on Comedy Central or SNL though... real life is always stranger and funnier than fiction

  • John McCann
    John McCann 2 months ago +2501

    That spray paint joke was a kill shot, and my mans still has a Career. 👏 I’ll never stop clapping 👏

    • ClausDaBoss
      ClausDaBoss Month ago +5

      Bro please, for your health, stop clapping man. It's already been 5 days, you got me nervous

    • Tanysha Giddins
      Tanysha Giddins Month ago +5

      He is only speaking facts so they won't cancel him for that - he was the only one who said it

    • Tino From Simpson
      Tino From Simpson Month ago

      @Mamawsratishairy 40 sure and big capo

    • Mamawsratishairy
      Mamawsratishairy Month ago +7

      @Tino From Simpson you’re 40 pal, stop saying cap.

    • Tino From Simpson
      Tino From Simpson Month ago +4

      ​@Raun Chi cap

  • 1407jarhead
    1407jarhead Month ago +1

    Oh wow that was actually pretty good, never seen his stand up before

  • Ridaly Reyes
    Ridaly Reyes 19 days ago

    He is funny 😅 I didn’t have much faith on you, but it turns out you are a decent comedian 😂😂

  • Exvinity
    Exvinity Month ago

    I used to not particularly like him but wow Pete has my respect

  • Rowdy Rae
    Rowdy Rae 24 days ago

    This was actually funny! Good job dude!

  • AWildHumanoid
    AWildHumanoid 2 months ago +15839

    “Can you imagine if I spray painted myself brown…” 😂😂😂

    • Avilio Amici
      Avilio Amici 2 months ago

      @m eIgnore all these comments, you slay

    • silvastian
      silvastian 2 months ago

      @m eu look good with them tiddies out and thats it lol

    • Riri Fenty
      Riri Fenty 2 months ago

      @Water Guy another slow individual trying to worm their way into a settled reply thread

    • Water Guy
      Water Guy 2 months ago +2

      ​@Riri Fenty"no ones reading all that" Its legit only 10 words in a sentence... What is wrong with you

    • Riri Fenty
      Riri Fenty 2 months ago +1

      @Sylis tell me you’re popping a nerve trying to squeeze yourself into a youtube reply thread. she typed up a paragraph which for some reason isn’t visible anymore, catch up you’re slow.

  • Marie Robert
    Marie Robert Month ago

    Dude!!!!!!!!! I think you just became my new hero! 😂😂😂

  • Maria T Santos
    Maria T Santos 29 days ago

    I never really liked Pete but this comedy for sure 😂

  • Len
    Len Month ago +1

    I don’t know him but this was freaking hilarious LOL

  • Profootball player
    Profootball player Month ago

    Dude I feel Pete’s pain

  • Katy
    Katy 2 months ago +5917

    Bro just ripped her into pieces in one line.

    • Violet Fegan
      Violet Fegan Month ago

      @Nijul Hefner - Pete has rep for having a big appendage. Maybe those women wanted to find out for themselves. It's been known to happen.

    • Twinkle Blast
      Twinkle Blast Month ago

      ​@Nijul Hefner Are you forgetting the part where Ariana git blamed for Mac's overdose death bcus she broke up with him, made a song for him. And also when Kim and Kanye broke up and no one mentioned Pete intervening. Pete was only mentioned when they STARTED dating, which was AFTER the girls broke up and were left single.

    • Ace
      Ace Month ago +1

      @karma78 Yea? Whyre you tryna act like there's a double standard when there isnt 😂 I certainly wouldnt blame the woman that the man rebounded with for why his ex was depressed, sulcidal etc. Like I said I don't even care about her rebounding because thats not the reason he passed away and rebounding itself isnt wrong. I was telling the previous commenter that if they were to blame anyone for his supposed depression it would be ariana not pete

    • karma78
      karma78 Month ago

      ​@Ace wow literally millions of men around the world rebound or worse cheat every day. If all their partners / exs went crazy / suicidal would you be as quick to blame the men for rebounding?

    • Nijul Hefner
      Nijul Hefner 2 months ago

      @bnicholson7002 I went to rehab for 3 months for the same thing mac od'd on because I was taking it for years, don't tell me what I know about substance abuse. I worked in a pharmacy for 7 years after going to school for it. What's disappointing is you being so sure of yourself about my life in which you know nothing about 😂

  • Laurie Clemens
    Laurie Clemens 4 days ago

    😂😂. You have to admit he’s funny!!

  • Anne O
    Anne O Month ago

    I was sooo rapt that he said no to the clapping 👍👍👍
    I hate the time waster clapping and whooping of audiences! It’s so immature and boring. The rest of us are like, “Shut up and let him/her continue their show!!!”

  • Rosie Stevens
    Rosie Stevens 4 days ago

    He’s so real for this 😂

  • M Robots
    M Robots Month ago

    The funny bit was when he said he had a career. 10/10 would laugh again

  • Denroy Lawrence
    Denroy Lawrence 2 months ago +7462

    “My biggest fear is getting shot in the back of the head by a nine year old with a ponytail.” LMAO that’s one of mines too. These kids doing play!

    • Danni B
      Danni B 2 months ago

      ​@nineteen96totally unrelated. He was taking the piss out of Arianna. Reaching so much! Like me saying my 46yo mum punched me and I saw in the news that a 47yo mum punched her kid in the face. Grow up silly sausage🥴

    • Yousonofadingus
      Yousonofadingus 2 months ago

      @dankman bro rez kids be TWEAKING sometimes istg 💀💀

    • Luke John
      Luke John 2 months ago +2

      @Lucy Stewart pretty sure he means one of her fans getting mad at him and doing it since they are all little girls

    • 4X
      4X 2 months ago

      Omar on the wire

    • Lovely Rich
      Lovely Rich 2 months ago

      Lol he was throwing jabs at Ari, referring to the fact she looks like a kid.🤦🤣😂🤣😂

  • Nick
    Nick 11 days ago

    She started it. Pete just did what he do best. 🤣

  • SJ
    SJ Month ago +1

    good one. It goes both ways sometimes. love the spray painting comment. lol

  • Rolo0o
    Rolo0o Month ago

    Dude this is funny bc I was just watching his Netflix special last night and told my friend about how out of pocket this was 😭

  • Narcizze
    Narcizze Month ago

    This dude is funny, never heard of him before. Gonna be looking for him.

  • K Dawg
    K Dawg 2 months ago +5563

    The way she stopped spray painting herself brown after this special 😂
    I love Arigato Grande

    • Aleky_ Sundae
      Aleky_ Sundae 2 months ago +2

      it's funny that some people were saying she was blackfishing and her actual skin color is pale, then she stopped with the tan and now y'all saying she is asianfishing lol

    • lesssstuuurr
      lesssstuuurr 2 months ago +1

      Now she really wants to be a Kpop girly.

    • Domi Duch
      Domi Duch 2 months ago +1

      @Cole McGill oh Cole come on. Stop acting as if she’s your bitch. We aren’t all blind but she stopped spraying that much

    • Hansika Rautela
      Hansika Rautela 2 months ago

      This is the funniest thing I've read in a while.

    • Ori
      Ori 2 months ago +2

      That's sounds like the name for a cat pokemon

  • Rae Torres
    Rae Torres Month ago +1

    I fkn love Pete! 🤣

  • Edward Quaye
    Edward Quaye 29 days ago +14

    “A nine year old with a ponytail” 😂😂😂

  • Lamb 1984
    Lamb 1984 Month ago

    He’s so right it’s Hilarious

  • Mr. X
    Mr. X Month ago

    Lmfao, nice reference to Ariana's rendition of an apple left in the sun for too long

  • danpakoman
    danpakoman 2 months ago +12996

    “If I spray painted myself brown and hopped on the cover of Vogue magazine and just started $hitting on my ex.” 💀

    • Thomas Grabowski
      Thomas Grabowski Month ago

      @Squamalia 🌅 I think cuse it's relatable lol.

    • danpakoman
      danpakoman 2 months ago

      Thank you for all the likes! ❤️

    • FNBerg744
      FNBerg744 2 months ago

      ​@Praise the lord pig aren't we?!! I mean what the fuck. I got sympathy for the situation but why in hell am I this far down in the comments on some BULL shit

    • Brianna R
      Brianna R 2 months ago

      @desirae jones yep basically. 😌

    • Brianna R
      Brianna R 2 months ago

      @Praise the lord pig thank you.. thank you

  • James Clark
    James Clark Month ago

    This man is one of the best

  • Deena Seenarine
    Deena Seenarine Month ago

    As a fan of Ariana grande that was pretty funny🤣

  • LcSavage 17
    LcSavage 17 Month ago

    He really funny 😂😂😂😂

  • Jean Vail
    Jean Vail Month ago +3

    So she wrote a song about him being her, “soulmate,” for kicks? lol right

  • Yasmin Gonzalez
    Yasmin Gonzalez Month ago +6683

    How she fr gonna say she dated him as a distraction when she had already been planning their wedding

    • AD
      AD 21 day ago

      ​@Wo Jak your mom did this to your dad and abandoned you?

    • Sahil P
      Sahil P Month ago

      ​@Bianca Elizabeth Smith a lot of pain and trauma when you have dollars coming out of the faucet in your bath tub yeah sure whatever she says lol

    • Sakura Falls
      Sakura Falls Month ago

      @Wo Jak "Women." How about people in general? If you're telling me you've never heard a dude say this, you're lying to yourselfm

      “THE LIFE OF KENZYYYYY” Month ago

      Bc she problematic prob

    • MeliodasRimaruFreeman
      MeliodasRimaruFreeman Month ago

      ​@Bella Bell 💀💀💀

  • * Waterlec
    * Waterlec Month ago

    I'm so glad Pete has surpassed his old insistence of the Ellen DeGeneres look.

  • Mike Dalton
    Mike Dalton 29 days ago +11

    “Get a shot in the back of the head by a nine year old with a pony tail” ROFL

  • Robert Jimenez
    Robert Jimenez Month ago

    Funniest thing I’ve ever seen this guy do is break character during a skit.

  • b s
    b s Month ago +3

    now I just want to see him do a skit where he's spray painted brown, with a ponytail and doing a photoshoot/interview for vogue magazine...,🤣