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Emotional Damage: Asian Parent Punishments 3

  • Published on Sep 19, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Welcome to my therapy session. Made this for homework.
    Emotional damage is about to sell out! Best of Luck!
    Limited Edition EMOTIONAL DAMAGE:
    Second Channel:
    clip-share.net/channel/UCuDz.. .

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  • Sceats Sketches

    Big congratulations to Steven's dad for being promoted from professional Asian Dad... to Professional Asian.

  • ragluvsmusic

    😂 I loved when the Father walks in and says: “smells like minimum wage”😂

  • TimeBucks

    Steven He never fails to show his humor to us

  • G6Force
    G6Force  +422

    You know I just barely tried the examples thing on my 8 year old brother. 100% worked, the expressions he gave were priceless😂. Sometimes he asked for proof so I would just look up pictures of random people who fit a general description of people in the example. Works like a charm.

  • Tee Noush
    Tee Noush  +674

    We, Failures, are immensely grateful for being validated through your videos 🙇🏻‍♀️ Let's keep this culture alive for the generations to come!

  • Mitsuhide Biore

    I love how this is getting to the point where its hard to tell if the father is an actual guy or just him

  • SpaceMonkeyBoi

    As a man that doesn't have Asian parents, I can confirm that this is real.

  • Luna Gaming

    "Smells like minimum wage" I laughed so hard 🤣🤣🤣 its 10pm and everyone's asleep other then me watching Stevens videos I feel like I'm waking the whole street up 🤣🤣

  • Cynacist
    Cynacist  +80

    One time my cousins and I used ALL the detergent by mistake. Our grandma locked us out of the house and said she'd called the chief crocodile and the crocodiles were on their way to eat us. I was three.

    AZRAF&TAF 21 day ago +33

    As a person who has a Asian parents, I can confirm this is 100% percent real.

  • peebterrr
    peebterrr  +152

    As an Indian, this is too relatable to be true 😂😂😂

  • coffee
    coffee  +60

    I feel like Steven would be the type of parent to tell their kid to pause the game.

  • BattlestarClashes

    I was about to eat some food but then my parents told me they knew a kid who ate food who got attacked by a cat and now lives with a family of geese. Thanks, Steven.

  • SS
    SS 21 day ago +18

    I still remember the call from my dad as soon as I walked in from school like he knew exactly when we walked in the house. Would pick up the phone and get "the house better ve clean and laundry better be done by time I'm home" he didn't have to threaten anything because you knew if it wasn't done there would be hell to pay. Shit even my friends were scared of my dad , guy can look at you and send chills down your spine. He's softer now but it took over 30 years to break him even a little.

  • AnnoyedAmerican

    How he does laundry is how I do laundry as a mom of two kiddos. I almost spit my coffee out laughing especially when he placed the entire Tide in the washer!

  • ThatRandomAnimator

    I love how steven's dad just calls steven "your failure"

  • カイダa

    I am so happy to see how your channel has grown as well as production quality. Seeing you collab with others, hang out with friends, having fun- I am really happy for your continuous success!

  • DocahBear
    DocahBear  +16

    Absolutely hysterical. Also reevaluating my entire life now knowing that my dad did some of this stuff to me growing up.

  • The Big Happy.

    This is what they need to teach us in school.

  • New Donk Time’s

    “Smells like minimum wage.” Man I just about died from that.