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Being a MOM is The HARDEST Job on The Planet - Bill Burr

  • Published on Jan 24, 2023 veröffentlicht
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  • William Bowden
    William Bowden Month ago +18767

    Here's to the men that go through the shit and come out clean on the other side.

    • Shadowkind Dewar
      Shadowkind Dewar 19 days ago

      "...I did roofing in July, as a REDHEAD! I almost died!"

    • My Best Life For The Rest Of My Life
      My Best Life For The Rest Of My Life 19 days ago

      ​@Wischmopps agreed. Being a mother is tough as F.
      I have three children 6, 4 , 2. They fight all day, poop all day, eat all day, want to play all day. This is all day long. I have to find outtings for us.
      This is a mad house some days.

    • My Best Life For The Rest Of My Life
      My Best Life For The Rest Of My Life 19 days ago

      Yup and who at home raising your children while you did all this.

    • Joseph
      Joseph 21 day ago

      ​@JM91 you know it really happened

    • Jacob Wilkinson
      Jacob Wilkinson 26 days ago


  • Schticky
    Schticky Month ago +970

    Bill burr is the personification of “Well shit when you say it like that”

  • Ryan Locke
    Ryan Locke Month ago +1156

    This is useful as a father, just reminding us that toddlers really ain’t that bad. In the end, they still love you and your face is not on fire

    • angel bangtan
      angel bangtan 24 days ago +1

      @Ty Guy we need to be gratful that we are healthy and that we don't have to risk our lives to actually live or provide for our families. makes my struggles shrink in comparison.

    • StopMotion Eclipse
      StopMotion Eclipse 28 days ago

      Not with all of them, there are some psychopaths out there

    • Jacob Hilton
      Jacob Hilton 28 days ago +1

      Not yet at least hahahaha

    • William Salgado
      William Salgado 29 days ago


    • Ty Guy
      Ty Guy Month ago +46

      sometimes we all need to just take a step back for a moment and appreciate the fact that we are not currently on fire.
      really puts it all in perspective.

  • MrSidney9
    MrSidney9 Month ago +5421

    The most powerful bit: “as annoying a kid is, once they smile at you it’s all over”

    • Ryan Ward
      Ryan Ward 23 days ago

      Well when the oil rig worker sees the numbers on his paycheck it definitely makes it all seem worth it

    • Dr Jonesey
      Dr Jonesey Month ago

      ​@Kevin Fabian🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • ThelastOg
      ThelastOg Month ago +1

      Yes sir, I never liked kids until I had my daughter. June 1st she will be 2. Them babies are blessings 🙌

    • LeeFromAsia
      LeeFromAsia Month ago +1

      Yup, as annoying as my two daughters get just their smiles can melt my heart

  • Martin Ramos
    Martin Ramos Month ago +518

    “When the shark smiles at you it’s over”
    -Sun Tzu

  • Princess Leai
    Princess Leai Month ago +57

    Being a mom is not a job. It’s a duty and a privilege

  • Jay Duquelman
    Jay Duquelman Month ago +6831

    You don't get that when your buddy's greasy face lights up 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Newb Destroyer
      Newb Destroyer 27 days ago

      @Timer lol i know but it's a double too bro bro

    • Timer
      Timer 27 days ago

      ​@Jeong Hwan Kim not what he meant by lights up

    • Timer
      Timer 27 days ago +1

      ​@Newb Destroyer lights up means smile... duh

    • S c
      S c Month ago

      I mean. You do get a kick of dopamine.
      But not nearly as meaningful if you're baby smiles at you

    • Creased Horizon
      Creased Horizon Month ago

      @Nicki Lindason Løvstad Hell no hard pass

  • Tim Silveira
    Tim Silveira 26 days ago +10

    "When your buddy's greasy face lights up."
    I don't know if he intended that dual meaning, but it's brilliant!

  • Owlsayswhoo
    Owlsayswhoo Month ago +878

    As a stay at home mother I agree with this. I used to work before my husband and I decided to have our first and being home with our daughter is not in any way shape or form anywhere near as exhausting physically, mentally, or emotionally as it was to be in the workforce. And I am so grateful to my husband for how hard he works so I can stay home with her! Thank you guys for how hard you work. It's upsetting that so few women appreciate you.

    • Pragmatist
      Pragmatist 13 hours ago

      I agree. I only had the first two years at home. Easiest thing I’ve ever done and so fun. Happiest time of my life.
      I think people who think it’s a hard job are the ones who work outside the home, then it really is hard job because you are trying to accomplish all of your parenting and household crammed in to only a couple of hours a day.

    • lydia pinnell
      lydia pinnell 22 days ago

      How can a married woman still give off pick me vibes 💀

    • Josh Schulz
      Josh Schulz 23 days ago

      Aw this is very kind.

    • K4R3N
      K4R3N 23 days ago +1

      @angel bangtan yes, everyone has a different situation. I am in USA and I earn enough now to support a wife and my kids. My future wife, if she is not spending on needless things, then she would not need to work. It is sad the rich consume so much and rest of us are just labor for them. Men, women even children in some countries. All the family should be working according to the ruling class.

    • angel bangtan
      angel bangtan 23 days ago +1

      @K4R3N true. if anyone was presented with the opportunity to not work and live life, people wouldn't say no and if they want to work it would be on their own terms without pressure or hard sacrifices. but in a relatively poor country like mine and with the field I am pursuing, it would be a complete waste of my life if I don't work in the future. I want kids and I want to take care of my future husband and children, but we literally can't live on one person's salary. I can manage it though, every woman here does. it's tiring but worth it.

  • John Smith
    John Smith Month ago +2578

    I'm a cop and a father. There's not a single 'bad day' with my son that I wouldn't INSTANTLY chose over a 'bad day' at work.

    • Dave
      Dave 17 days ago

      @Kenneth BowenYou can’t turn someone in before they do something. It wouldn’t hold up in court.

    • Dave
      Dave 17 days ago

      @Parker GarciaWe did that for thousands of years and it didn’t work as well as cops.

    • Avarice21
      Avarice21 29 days ago

      I'm sorry, hopefully you can find a better job.

    • Kenneth Bowen
      Kenneth Bowen Month ago

      @Evangelionl0vr If there is a small percentage of bad cops and the majority of good cops never once says anything against what they do, never once finds a way to turn them in before they do something, just lets these killings by cop continue... then they are bad cops too. Even you said in most police forces there are a number of bad cops. And you said it like it was acceptable, which is horrifying. What is the source for your claim that it comes down to poor training due to lack of resources?

  • Super Bananas
    Super Bananas 25 days ago +6

    My mum was a Senior State Registered Nurse working nights, one night she had to deal with 3 cardiac arrests in CCU and a blue light transfer (Can't remember if she was also in charge of CCU and the 24 bed cardiac ward this night), then she had handover and at the end of it all had to get us three up ready for school since my dad had gone to work for the day.
    Now that is the definition of a super mum not literally just doing the most bare minimum as a parent.
    I'm now myself following in her footsteps fyi, HCA at the moment but aiming to get my full RGN......going for ITU but I do have a genuine interest in Cardiology.

  • Jason Jewell
    Jason Jewell Month ago +14

    Bill Burr and Dave Chappelle are 2 guys that can have me in tears just from their observations. "You don't get that when your buddy's face is on fire" 😂

  • Mike Keltner
    Mike Keltner Month ago +2343

    It’s so difficult that almost every woman can do it

    • Avarice21
      Avarice21 22 days ago

      @lydia pinnell my moms a woman

    • Real memory
      Real memory 22 days ago

      And they still fuck up without a man’s guidance, statistically

    • angel bangtan
      angel bangtan 24 days ago

      honestly I would say it's difficult to raise a good child. not as in unachievable but more like not everyone knows the right way to do it. a lot of people have children and can raise them but HOW they raise them is the difference.

    • Avarice21
      Avarice21 25 days ago

      @Christina Wager eh not really, a lot of women thankfully don't want children.

  • D C
    D C Month ago +129

    Shout out to all the men who go to work, bust their ass and never complain.

    • Kicking Horse
      Kicking Horse 28 days ago

      . . . wherever they may be.

    • kiyoraka
      kiyoraka 29 days ago +4

      oh they complain a bunch, they just dont stop doing it. theres a difference between not complaining, which would mean you dont know that youre being overworked and extremely underpaid, and complaining but still doing the job, which means youre strong enough to keep doing it but you still strive for a better situation

    • Renegade 413
      Renegade 413 29 days ago +3

      Lol I'd bet my paycheck you get over worked and under payed.

  • Simon Hailom
    Simon Hailom Month ago +14

    Bill Burr is a national treasure

  • G-Man
    G-Man Month ago +3709

    Bills delivery is on point, this dude is a comedy genius..

    • Citizen of Niggadom
      Citizen of Niggadom Month ago

      Compliments of Patrice lol.

    • DreamScape
      DreamScape Month ago +1

      @Michael Greene lol true true 😂

    • DreamScape
      DreamScape Month ago

      ​@Michael Greene i agree.
      that's why he is funny. as you said it's how he is actually dead serious about what he says, except he delivers it in a way where people laugh which is a wild gift he has. cause if any of us were to try and make those statements we would be hated lol

    • BlackStone Productions
      BlackStone Productions Month ago

      I wouldn’t say comedy genius

  • kjs8719
    kjs8719 Month ago +5

    I've been a stay at home dad. It was the easiest job I've had 🤣

  • David Barnes
    David Barnes Month ago +30

    I appreciate this man more and more each day. Respect sir.

  • James T
    James T Month ago +2157

    “He was so fussy today” 😂😂😂

    • Jorge Mendoza
      Jorge Mendoza Month ago

      @F no yeah that's the best thing for you to do, get your inner peace and self happiness first before anything else. Then you can find your other part of happiness once you're ready, until then work on yourself for when the time comes.

    • F
      F Month ago

      @Jorge Mendoza I'm going through it now, but unfortunately I care about my mental health more then the average person if if she doesn't get the concept of what a relationship truly is and not just "your my bf when ever I feel like it". I put up with a few girls and I tell them that I'm not fucking magneto or the guy that can read peoples thoughts nor am I a nice guy, because I'm honest and I'm not nice at all, I'll be kind in the given moment but that's as far as I let it go. I don't have a problem with women at all, it's just the experiences I've had.

    • Jorge Mendoza
      Jorge Mendoza Month ago

      @F I'm sorry to hear that I hope your situation has gotten better, but yeah I see where you're coming from with these younger women. But if it comes to the time where you really feel like she's the one, you're going to understand how much and what you would do for them.

    • Jorge Mendoza
      Jorge Mendoza Month ago

      @F if that's the limit for you than I'm sorry for your partner or whatever because that's some little petty stuff to ends things off at🤷‍♂️

  • /V\0D3 0
    /V\0D3 0 Month ago +3

    The hard part of the parent job is that you have no breaks.

  • SeraphimDragon
    SeraphimDragon 29 days ago +3

    That closing comment on a child's smile is on point. You just don't feel the same about anything else because there is nothing in this world that can drive you absolutely crazy and then make you forget all the crazy with just a smile or laugh the next second.

  • No Name
    No Name Month ago +999

    Men say this so women feel validated for doing a piss easy job , I took a 6 month break from work to renovate a house , my wife worked 9 -5 , I took the kids to school , cleaned , cooked picked them up , did everything and it was still the easiest 6 months I’ve had since I started working in 1987.

    • My Man
      My Man 27 days ago

      @RumYum When I was 7 I was running around town Working to help my parents pay bills..
      I don't know who raised you for you to think 7 year olds needing constant adult supervision is normal..

    • RumYum
      RumYum 27 days ago

      ​@Terminal Weeb but that's you. I've heard about men who couldn't even last a day. It depends on the person.

    • RumYum
      RumYum 27 days ago

      ​@My Man no. That's normal. Unless you're constantly putting them in front of a tablet or a tv

    • RumYum
      RumYum 27 days ago

      But, like every job, it's easier to some and harder to others. It depends on the person. You can't fit a square in a circle and expect it to be happt

    • Ironically Iconic
      Ironically Iconic Month ago +2

      @Thomas Cariolathank you for being one of the few sane people in the comments, being a parent isn’t the hardest not the easiest, and it also depends on MANY other factors.

  • TheAverageChelios
    TheAverageChelios Month ago +4

    He has a heart amd is getting us to remember that the sacrifice is worth the experience.

  • Shaneca René
    Shaneca René Month ago +10

    I'm a mom of 2 and this was hilarious 😂 the tread water had me dying 😆💀

  • Iron Limbs
    Iron Limbs Month ago +921

    I work in a mine. I'd been the happiest man alive if I could stay home raising little ones and didn't have to worry about eviction and an empty fridge or hot water turned off or electricity or internet turned off.

    • bookuroo overwatch
      bookuroo overwatch Month ago +1

      @AyeRaxX710 ayo, get off your mimum wage pedestal and read the room. I'm an engineer who builds shit for these mines/oil rigs/etc. We are all well aware that there are humans doing physical work in these places. My response was a tongue in cheek comment. Be mad at everything, I'm sure you'll go far.

    • Scott Dorfler
      Scott Dorfler Month ago +2

      I paved interstates, state highways, and airports for 16 years. Spending 8 to 14 hours walking on 300° asphalt with no shade is rough in August. The worst part was my X complaining about my long work days. That made a shotgun slug look appetizing.

    • Iron Limbs
      Iron Limbs Month ago +1

      @Ready321 watch the video before trying to come across smart in the comments.

    • Ready321
      Ready321 Month ago

      @ironlimbs5785 You literally just said "don't have to worry about eviction". That tells me you barely make enough to afford rent

  • Spaz
    Spaz 19 days ago +1

    Having kids is the most significant thing most people will accomplish, you need to raise good kids for humanity and because it’s nature. Don’t fight it or fuck it up, stability is extremely important for development

  • JenErik🤘
    JenErik🤘 Month ago +341

    That roofing comment though - he ain't joking. It's so much hotter when it's the height of summer and you're up on a roof covered in black soot, 20 feet above ground.

    • JenErik🤘
      JenErik🤘 Month ago

      @Genghis Khan Wei I know that feeling! The worst was standing in raw sewage in the winter, and demoing the old wiring that was so caked in roach shit that you couldn't even see the coating on the wires!

    • Genghis Khan Wei
      Genghis Khan Wei Month ago

      Shiiiiit try running cable in a new building that hasn't had the A/C built yet when it's 110 outside = 120 inside.

    • JenErik🤘
      JenErik🤘 Month ago

      @Bigburger Yeah and the thing with roofing, aside from the dangers of it, is that it usually doesn't pay well. Electric, I've done that a bit. Test everything twice! I've had a tester fail to pick up a reading and blew a tool or two apart.

    • Bigburger
      Bigburger Month ago

      I’m a part time roofer training to become an electrician and I’ve had heat stroke and nearly died from roofing in the summer and had frostbite from roofing in the winter 😂

  • DR
    DR Month ago +1

    When you are on an oil rig that toddlers smile is the pay check.

  • Mr. Choplanskie grows
    Mr. Choplanskie grows Month ago +128

    As a men who's been taking care of his kids and works 12 hours shifts on the weekend.I can say, physically being a housewife/man ain't hard. But living day in day out with to small kids (1-3) will break you down mentally. If you haven't done it. You'll never know how 2 small kids can get you to breaking point. No joke.

    • RumYum
      RumYum 27 days ago +1

      ​@Sir Diddle McPooter III you can love them but they can still break you. It isn't about being weak minded. People can tolerate different things.

    • JROCThaGreat
      JROCThaGreat Month ago

      It's the 12hr shifts doing that to you lol I have raised mine myself and it's only hard at times cause I wish work. They aren't the hard part at all.

    • Prototype3710
      Prototype3710 Month ago +1

      ​@Sir Diddle McPooter IIIhard agree

  • Christopher Duncan
    Christopher Duncan Month ago +260

    "being a mom is the hardest job" and "women don't need men" are two things that should just never be said. It shows supreme ignorance and privilege.

    • NoodleNick
      NoodleNick 27 days ago

      @Ken Oath thanks for the clarification.
      There are definitely some women out there that overestimate their men in a fight 🤣.
      And yes, there are fixes to these problems. Self defense, a gun, pepper spray, etc.
      Most women that run, that I know, carry a pepper spray with them when they go jogging/running in the early morning. Its a fix, but you can only go so far with it. Self defense is just one of those things that requires a large amount of dedication to make it truly effective.
      And again, the fact a woman should have to consider carrying a self defense mechanism, or learning kung fu or some shit, is pretty shitty.
      There are also things like the entire beauty industry manipulating women, and young girls, and sometimes making shit harder for women.
      Then again, you could say the same thing about video games or sports, which target a male audience as well.

    • Ken Oath
      Ken Oath 27 days ago

      @NoodleNick Men are more likely to get into a violent altercation because a woman expects her man or even male friend to step in and defend her. I personally have had a male friend hospitalised for a fight his girlfriend picked with a dude. It’s expected the man protects.
      I agree women face these sexually related problems more often then men but there’s fixes. Buy a gun, learn self defence, don’t give the benefit of the doubt, make sure someone knows where you are. I’m not blaming but there’s stuff that can be done, clearly the changes you want to see happening aren’t being implemented quick enough. So women need to take it into their own hands as much as they can.

    • Sweet T
      Sweet T 29 days ago

      ​@Milede Roofing is dangerous and gets men killed. The most kids do is stress you out some days...

  • Ben Wise
    Ben Wise Month ago +5

    As someone who worked offshore, the sharks are always out there… They circle the platform.

    • Ben Wise
      Ben Wise 24 days ago

      @Anthony Brice real shit bro. You see a lot of stuff out there. When I was in offshore in Cali, there were great whites out there. The Gulf sharks are smaller, but you see more. Probably between 5-7 feet long. But Cali had whales and sea lions that could kill you too. The sea lions would hop up on the bottom of the platform. If you went downstairs you could see them and hear them barking.

    • Anthony Brice
      Anthony Brice 25 days ago

      Real talk?

  • Nixxi Knoxx
    Nixxi Knoxx Month ago +310

    I'm a single stay at home mom & I'm not going to sit around and say that my job is the most difficult job on the planet because it's not. It's difficult to some degree & it's physically and mentally draining at times but I'd rather work from home and be with my kid then work roofing or any other 9-5 job. I know that there's a privilege to what I have & I'm not gonna pretend like it's the hardest thing anyone has to do. Just sit down & be humble, that's all it takes. Also, respect what you and others have to do to put food on the table.

    • CrimsonEnigma
      CrimsonEnigma 20 days ago +1

      @Justin Carter ayoo...c'mon man no one's worthless...it's just one of the stupid things people say to others to feel special...keep going man and i hope you find good friends and have a good life👍🏼

    • Fitz Hugh
      Fitz Hugh 26 days ago

      @Dre it can be, just not as much as other jobs.

    • Manga Realm
      Manga Realm 27 days ago

      @Dre eh it is.

    • Dre
      Dre 28 days ago +1

      Definitely not physically draining lol

    • matt supachat
      matt supachat 29 days ago


  • Thomas Christopher White

    My dad worked at a ship building firm welding container ships together. Pretty sure my mom (if she stuck around) would've been complaining how hard it was raising me alone.

  • Christian Rios
    Christian Rios Month ago +1

    I’ve always wanted to tell a kid something like this.

  • Patrick
    Patrick Month ago +5

    Now multiply it for the rest of your life trying to protect them from the mess of life and try not to mess up ……..it’s a hard job dude 😂😂

  • Poetic Justice
    Poetic Justice Month ago +1

    As a first time dad of a 7 month old, this actually makes me feel a little better. As hard as it can get sometimes, at least I'm not on fire! Lmfaooo

  • Big Dog88
    Big Dog88 24 days ago +1

    Hell boys, there are days with my kids that make working on an oil rig a friggin cake walk! Those little monsters can push your stress level to an area you never thought possible

  • Jimmy TraptnaDream
    Jimmy TraptnaDream Month ago +1112

    Bill burr for president

    • Shykorus Totora
      Shykorus Totora Month ago

      @Martin Juul Andersen This guys knows

    • vegasTJG
      vegasTJG Month ago +1

      @Thomas Coyne Why couldn't you repubs get the CHIPS Act passed or the build back better plan or the PACT act passed seeing how all those programs will help US citizens?

  • Sizwesamagambushe Chonco

    He needs to host SNL again, loved how nervous they were during his monologue

  • Corey Guy Holmes
    Corey Guy Holmes Month ago +1

    Those dudes don’t get to have dangerous jobs without a mother or parent to raise them up and provide for them as children

  • Jjf
    Jjf Month ago +61

    That ending was genius... About his buddies face lighting up.. It really is all worth it lmao

  • idk
    idk Month ago +6

    Bill burr is every divorced dad's idol

    • v Trexler
      v Trexler Month ago

      Him and al bundy deliver🤣

  • Antone Morris
    Antone Morris Month ago +2

    I spent 3 months at home. Moving from small town to the city. Best 3 months of my life waking up with the kids.

  • Hutch 3rd
    Hutch 3rd Month ago +155

    Im a roofer& father& roofing made my spine broken/now disabled,being a father…no injuries15 years in lol

    • noice baller
      noice baller Month ago

      Commerical or industrial? I do coatings in CA if you got any leads we can work out commission for you😎

    • 3KnucklesWideVideos
      3KnucklesWideVideos Month ago

      @Christopher Coward I think you misunderstood him.

    • BrassBashers
      BrassBashers Month ago +1

      I had to do some roofing at my pest (animal) control job and thought it better to get into another line of work. I knew I could only haul around 40 foot ladders and bundles of shingles up a roof virtually by myself for so long before it completely fucked my body up. My knee was already messed up from kneeling on a roof rafter for 2 hours in someone's garage attic vacuuming out bat shit, it took years to feel better and will never be 100% again.

    • TheThinking1
      TheThinking1 Month ago

      Q? How much did you ever use shale/shale/ natural style tiles?.... I'm assuming you're in the U.S.?

  • cessactdm
    cessactdm Month ago +1

    there's something beautiful for him, as a dad, to say "they (your kids) smile at you and it's over" meaning that whatever they were doing that was annoying you just gets immediately forgotten when they give you the most pure and real smile any other human can't recreate. shit like that is what makes me want to find the right girl one day and have kids

  • Oliver French
    Oliver French Month ago +1

    the problem is that motherhood is not considered a full time job and if often overlooked and just “expected”

  • Gabriel Ortega
    Gabriel Ortega Month ago +3

    Bruh. I work on an off shore rig 96 hours a week. Two weeks on one week off. While my wife keeps the entire home running and helping raise new born twins, a ten month old and a six year old. Her job is just hard. She has her own sharks.

  • john oneill
    john oneill Month ago

    I love how descriptive he is. HELL, HE DESTROYED PHILADELPHIA IN 15 MIN.

  • John Wesley
    John Wesley Month ago +3

    Birthing a child is definitely difficult. I’ll even agree that the first few years of a child’s life they’re difficult to care for. But, once your little one can take directions, and even start helping out, you’re chilling. I’d trade places with you at that point.

    • John Wesley
      John Wesley 25 days ago

      @Rachel Lytle yes.

    • Rachel Lytle
      Rachel Lytle 25 days ago

      Sir, do you have children of your own that you have raised?

  • Badoocee
    Badoocee Month ago +752

    Funny because it is true.

    • K
      K Month ago +1

      Michelle R but. an they die… no? ok then

    • A Duck
      A Duck Month ago +2

      Michelle R it objectively is true.

    • Badoocee
      Badoocee Month ago

      Michelle R Not for all, but for some yes.

    • bruce preston
      bruce preston Month ago

      The best kind of funny! lol

  • Munky Schu
    Munky Schu Month ago

    You always hear about a mother’s love But you never hear about a father’s sacrifice!!

  • Aayasha Siddqui
    Aayasha Siddqui Month ago +219

    I think women take it in a wrong way. Bringing up a child is not difficult because of the work. There is definitely harder and riskeir work around. Parenting is a difficult job because you are literally bringing up the next generation and if you mess up you have messed up a real person and sometimes beyond repair. I think that challenge makes it difficult and hats off to moms and dads who do it right.

    • Miki Tesfaye
      Miki Tesfaye Month ago

      @Lindsey Young there was no irony. Unless you care to explain what you viewed as ironic. Genuinely curious

    • Lindsey Young
      Lindsey Young Month ago

      @Miki Tesfaye Why acknowledge the slow people who can't see the irony in the original comment? That's silly. Good day to you.

    • Miki Tesfaye
      Miki Tesfaye Month ago

      @Lindsey Young lol i kikw that you double down instead of acknowledging qhat qas said by others. Gave a good day

    • Lindsey Young
      Lindsey Young Month ago

      @Miki Tesfaye That's fine cuz I wasn't trying to make a point to you. So, there's that.

    • Miki Tesfaye
      Miki Tesfaye Month ago

      ​@Lindsey Youngyou really had no point.

  • River
    River Month ago

    I think the hardest thing that comes with motherhood (speaking as someone who refuses to have kids) is the end goal of trying to raise a person and hoping that you can help them turn out right as a person, while knowing that even if you do everything right and they don’t turn out as a piece of shit they might be brutally destroyed by this fucked up world that puts them in an oil rig where they could have their face melted off because of a stray spark or because someone really couldn’t wait for that cigarette.

  • Lotus Flower
    Lotus Flower  Month ago

    I needed this dude

  • Steph L.
    Steph L. Month ago +52

    He's right! I'm a stay at home mom. The hours suck, there's not sick or vacation time but the love my babies give me is better then any paycheck I ever had!

    • Tiffany Nonella
      Tiffany Nonella Month ago

      🤣🤣🤣 clown

    • Steph L.
      Steph L. Month ago +3

      @Slappy my most sincere apology for using the wrong spelling for a word when spoken sounds exactly the same. I hope you weren't too upset reading my mistake. Good thing you're here to spellcheck Clip-Share👍🏻

    • Slappy
      Slappy Month ago

      Then and than are different words with different meanings.

  • Cameron Little
    Cameron Little Month ago

    Those were my oil field brothers. I spent years deep water slugging through the same shit. Pay respect!

  • Jacob Burns
    Jacob Burns Month ago

    He’s honestly more funny in these interviews than in his specials 😂 pure gold

  • Cory Rider
    Cory Rider Month ago +16

    The truth is though. As a concrete contractor who works in July on east coast ( humid) I can honestly say nothing has frustrated me more than my two toddlers.

    • HBJShowslopper
      HBJShowslopper Month ago +1

      No kidding, you can walk away and get another job, kids, not so much (although many do)

  • Allen Bogart
    Allen Bogart Month ago

    I saw Bill last summer and he was amazing

  • Toshaheri Talvinen
    Toshaheri Talvinen Month ago

    I'm an iron worker. Cooking, cleaning and taking care of kids would be a godsend

  • jrea424
    jrea424 Month ago +9

    When the kid smiles its all over.. never a truer sentence said 🤣 my 8 month old twins smile at me and it doesn't matter that they screamed for an hour straight because they don't want to nap

  • Ash
    Ash 12 days ago

    Upper middle class moms have it easy but working class moms have it really hard. To make the class distinction is important

  • Jacquelin Elizabeth
    Jacquelin Elizabeth 27 days ago

    I think the distinct difference is when you have had a rough day roofing a house it doesn't come home with you climb into your bed, projectile vomit and shit EVERYWHERE and expect you to love it for the rest of your life.

  • Sarah Hackbarth
    Sarah Hackbarth Month ago +12

    He gets it.

  • Wiseacres
    Wiseacres 26 days ago

    He's right about the; "once they smile at you," bit.
    I don't have kids but with my nephews and nieces, when I see them happy, it makes me happy. Yes they can be annoying but that simply comes with the package. Watching them learn and play makes my heart explode.
    Bills right, it's not a difficult job at all, it's all happiness and good times with a some annoyancs here and there. Definitely thousands of harder jobs to do 😂💀

  • Conner Broeker
    Conner Broeker Month ago

    Parenting isn't the hardest job but it is the most important

  • halas
    halas Month ago +20

    I roughnecked for over 20 years. I saw a guy catch himself on fire. I laughed as hard as I am right now.

    • halas
      halas Month ago +2

      @thfpt Oh, it was...the best form of karma ever.

    • thfpt
      thfpt Month ago +3

      Stop setting people on fire.
      Unless it's going to be hilarious.

    • marT Tram
      marT Tram Month ago +2

      You're rich, I know that at least

    • Daryl in Göteborg
      Daryl in Göteborg Month ago +4

      Saw a dudes beard go up in flames trying to light a joint years ago and felt guilty for how hilarious face fires are.
      Slapstick is primal humour regardless of ethical considerations.
      (Edit: I just farted.)

  • S5TA
    S5TA Month ago

    That lady WAS NOT feeling that😂

  • Junkworks1
    Junkworks1 Month ago +1

    "You can just make them go to bed on some trumped up charges
    So you can watch the price is right" lol
    That's the best part🤣

  • Eve
    Eve Month ago +10

    I remember when that oilrig disaster (Piper alpha) happened and my dad was off shore in the North Sea somewhere and sometimes he got called other places, I was so worried that I think I called his company when I heard to see where my Dad was stationed trying to find out if anyone in my Dad's company was on that rig. Luckily my Dad wasn't. My heart goes out to all the people that was in that accident. 🙏♥️🌹

    • Christian White
      Christian White Month ago

      That changed the oilfield to this day,for the good.

  • Block Chain
    Block Chain Month ago

    it was a long day at the concrete plant, but then Bill's face just light up

  • Red Tankgirl
    Red Tankgirl Month ago

    It’s true, every dammed word he uttered. I worked as a boilermaker welder and being in a boiler between 2 hot running boilers is brutal and climbing just to get to your work numerous times a day was gruelling but I did it and at times I even liked it somehow in a sick way lol. But when I was home I found taking care of the home and the family was a cake walk and a holiday. I loved that kind of work on my time off. It was easy time and the hardest part was listening to my girlfriends bitch and moan about how it was the hardest job around and how easy their husbands had it. I would just look at them with my mouth wide open in amazement. I can’t tell you how heated the conversations would get when they would ask my opinions on the subject hahaha.

  • Tom Carey
    Tom Carey Month ago +5

    It may not be the most difficult, but it is without question the most important job in our society. To compare it to anything else is stupidity. We need to wake up and realize this quickly before we totally undermined family the importance of its value to our American fabric.

  • Joseph Grant
    Joseph Grant Month ago

    I would mortgage my house to see him and Dave Chappelle on stage.

  • Who's yo Daddy?
    Who's yo Daddy? Month ago +1

    Another thing is that once you run and jump in the water your ordeal is not over yet. You still gotta hold your breath under the water or you'll drown and everybody knows that after running the first thing u wanna do is breathe

  • Nick Barnes
    Nick Barnes Month ago +22

    In other words, motherhood, or parenthood in general, is a beautiful thing that we should stop trying to demonize.

  • Joe King
    Joe King Month ago +1

    "When ur buddy's greasy face lights up" omg he is a MASTER of double headers

  • ya yup
    ya yup Month ago

    God damn. My friend showed me billy back in like 2009 and I swear to god. I was like "this guy is gonna be huge" hes defs top 5 comedians alive right now.

  • Moh Moony
    Moh Moony Month ago +48

    God bless moms, us 4 kids put ours thru hell some days. But ya, Bill definitely has a way of "injecting" reality into one's perspective.

    • Shykorus Totora
      Shykorus Totora Month ago

      @Kylie Ungewitter Heh... Women... ☕

    • Yaoi
      Yaoi Month ago +2

      @The Holy Dark Pope I always hear this stat like it’s a gotcha stat for single mothers like no fucking shit There’s more single mother than there are single father so no shit you’re gonna see more bad stuff coming from the moms side

    • Daryl in Göteborg
      Daryl in Göteborg Month ago

      @HITCHraising kids is hard.
      Manual labour is harder.
      Surviving poverty is harder, etc.
      Little in life is actually easy, and even that is the calm before a storm.

    • The Holy Dark Pope
      The Holy Dark Pope Month ago +10

      ​@Kylie Ungewitter statistical fact, single mother homes vs single father homes, the child or children do better with the father, as good as a coupled homes, this is fact.
      I wouldn't get offended on the internet.
      It never gets better for you here, raising kids is not hard, you make it hard.
      Your shoulders are not that heavy... dont pretend

    • Kylie Ungewitter
      Kylie Ungewitter Month ago +9

      @HITCH Perhaps the reason you've never "had issues" raising children is because their mother shoulders most of the heavy burden that ALL kids come with. My husband didn't do even half of what I do and we both work full time jobs. Might want to step back for a second and observe the things that Mom does that you never even think need doing. It's never a bad idea to try to gain perspective. He gained a little and started taking on some of the weight and it's been a LOT better for the family as a whole.

  • Sheogorath
    Sheogorath 26 days ago

    Love the parents that look at they’re children like chores and don’t actually give a fuck about anything other than partying and going out drinking at gay clubs till 2am

  • Brenda
    Brenda Month ago +1

    A mom is there to make sure that kid doesn't reenact the oil rig scene

  • TheOnlyOne
    TheOnlyOne Month ago +20

    Bill Burr is common sense encarned.

  • Rasheed Amir
    Rasheed Amir Month ago

    I understand being a parent isn't "easy" per se. I've taken my nephew for a weekend and have been driven crazy by his boundless energy, but I love spending time with him. Being a mom can be hard, but it is nowhere near the hardest job on the planet. Most of the time we spend with children they are adorable and lovable. Its only a small percentage of time that they drive us nuts. Kids are great!

  • RawShawnRhodez
    RawShawnRhodez Month ago

    This man is always on point when someone gets him going!!

  • Cynthia Cantrell
    Cynthia Cantrell Month ago +69

    To be fair, when a shark smiles at you, it's over too.
    Baby shark do do do do, baby baby shark. 🎶🎵

  • Jack Mormont
    Jack Mormont 28 days ago

    As a stay at home dad, who once worked cleaning oil waste pits, he's right 🤣.

  • the marine fan and lover of all things aquatic

    If you start to see being a family for a child as a job, then you need to revaluate what your doing.

  • Dave Johnson
    Dave Johnson Month ago +61

    I was layed off for 3 months when my children were 2 ,3 and 8 yrs old all I ever heard was how hard a stay at home mom worked ,my wife took a temporary job while I was at home, my mother had been in a wreck and I took her to work and picked her up and did all her errands while car was being repaired and waiting on insurance settlement. I got children up at same time every day, every one took their baths the Night before : made their breakfast and lunch and made dinner for everyone in the evening, got them dressed ,got my oldest off to school , cleaned up kitchen and did dishes , closed off rest of the house and kept 2 youngest in front room with only their favorite toys and put on disney vhs movies, if nice out we went out side ,during these months I kept laundry done house cleaned moped dusted went to grocery store payed bills I did every thing and one evening my mother and wife ask me how I liked doing the hardest job in the world. I said well between the naps with the kids not being rushed or yelled at , no commute watching cartoons all day and catching up on my reading setting out side in the sun playing with the kids and laughing all day everyday and I still have hours of free time I think it the easiest job mentally and physically that I have ever had and probably will ever have its awesome and will quit my job and stay home permanently and raise them and you won't have to give me money for myself all the time or have to take me out every weekend because I'm stressed out we'll save money and you can get away from this horrible backbreaking under appreciated job 40 or more hrs a week deal? ..deal ? Needless to say there was no deal and I was a smart ass and not right in the head but from that day forward I will not agree with any woman or man that raising your children and doing house work is the hardest job in the world. I pissed a lot of women off over the years and some suck ass men but I did it alot more than just those 3 months I was off work thru the years and the older they got the easier it got so nope I know better and if it's that bad you are doing something horribly wrong your system is flawed ,if you are healthy and mentally competent it is the best job in the world and you can't change my mind because if it was that bad that means you resented doing it because you've never really worked hard at any job like men are expected to do their whole lives.

    • Rebecca Chard
      Rebecca Chard Month ago +1

      True , if you are mentally and physically well, it’s not that difficult, just sometimes a bit boring and not fulfilling , no social life . But it’s gets better when they are older ❤❤❤

    • Five0three
      Five0three Month ago


    • Hannah Caesius
      Hannah Caesius Month ago +5

      ​@Muhammed Raza I'm a female electrician currently home with my 1 year old while I'm pregnant with our second. I would rather be working.
      I worked through my first pregnancy and kept getting layoffs at 6 months pregnant because the guys wouldn't let me lift anything or get on ladders because they are very nice gentlemen
      So we stacked the kids back to back (work dried up by the time I wanted to go back to work and we couldn't find child care that didn't have a deposit and a guaranteed start date)
      I miss working. Toddlers are so exhausting and it's so much easier when you have older children to help entertain them
      I'm also working 20 hours a week online and handling most of the housework

    • Muhammed Raza
      Muhammed Raza Month ago +8

      @Milede but u would be a minority. Even if u leave out the part where u get to spend more time with ur kids.The sheer benefit out weighs anthing else. There is no punch cards,no need to kiss ass of ur boss,somebody else worries about ur and the kids's food doesnt matter if there is a god damn recession and also the free time u have between the chores.
      Nobody can convince me that there is even an iota of hard work in this job. I would kill to get an opportunity of being a stay at home dad
      U did say that you would prefer a job than this and i get u.Im just saying not many would choose ur option.totally respect ur choice.

    • Milede
      Milede Month ago +1

      ​@KING77 SOLOMON you raise them while she can work. Sounds like you don't want to "suffer" either.

  • IamThat Iam
    IamThat Iam Month ago

    I was a cell tech technician and i had an argument with a friend that said being a stay at home mother was harder. I showed them pictures hanging from the top, on a 20 hour day building a naked tower with platforms for other techs to walk on later....this was a normal tuesday and they still said it doesn't compare to raising children at home...smh

  • Danny Acevedo
    Danny Acevedo Month ago

    I've been a stay at home dad twice in my life and it was the easiest job I've ever had.

  • Matthew Porras
    Matthew Porras Month ago +4

    “Every joke has a sprinkle of truth to it”

  • Jason Towne
    Jason Towne Month ago

    When my 1st ex wife and I argued about how i worked outside of the home, and she being a full-time homemaker, she would always tell me how EASY it was for me. I told her ONE TIME that I would be more than happy to switch roles with her and I stay home to take care of our 2 toddler boys BUT with the stipulation that she would have to make as much as I did with working 1 or 2 jobs just to make ends meet. Needless to say that was the one AND ONLY time she ever brought that up.

  • BrassBashers
    BrassBashers Month ago

    I've lost many female friends I grew up around for social media posts about housewives and single moms. Nobody have a civil conversation anymore when you trigger their inner psycho. I made a couple of posts but one in particular was "If your ex is still involved physically or financially with your child, you are not a 'single mom'." Ooooooo BOY did that one rustle some feathers! It's not my fault half the girls I grew up with got pregnant right out of high school with their deadbeat boyfriends and then are surprised later when he turns out to be a shitty partner and dad.

  • John James
    John James Month ago +29

    It's not the most difficult it's just never ending... You don't get off at 5pm. You can't even hide in the bathroom... They'll follow you... It can make you crazy...

    • Amaan A
      Amaan A Month ago +1

      It does end. If your child is still following you and has 0 independence at 5 years old then there's an issue.

    • Brother in CHRIST
      Brother in CHRIST Month ago

      @A-A-ron Davis hahahaha actually I stole that from George Lopez' standup classic "Why you crying?" He talks about it in his a funny bit.

    • Curtis Hammer
      Curtis Hammer Month ago +3

      Anyone remember the days of "Be home by dinner time"

    • Brian Martinez
      Brian Martinez Month ago +3

      You literally can tell your kid to go to sleep or go to their room 😂 not to mention when they go to school half the day 🤣

  • Towlie
    Towlie Month ago

    Your kid ultimately smiling is what solidified his point

  • Doktari
    Doktari Month ago +1

    I like how it ended being heartwarming

  • John Scilleto
    John Scilleto Month ago +8

    Protect Bill Burr at all cost

  • Paul Rogers
    Paul Rogers 29 days ago

    The fact this needs to be explained. Narcissism is out of control these days

  • Kara
    Kara Month ago

    I’m a homeschooler mom of 5 and I’m pretty spoiled by a hubby with a good salary. It’s a very tough job but not the hardest by any stretch. I agree with him. Thank God for the men doing the really crappy tough jobs making my life possible!!

  • LeoVids
    LeoVids Month ago +16

    He even roasted that awful chair he sat on. Nobody’s safe from Bill Burr.