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Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan Season 1 - Official Trailer | Prime Video

  • Published on Jun 10, 2018 veröffentlicht
  • Jack Ryan, an up-and-coming CIA analyst, is thrust into a dangerous field assignment for the first time. He soon uncovers a pattern in terrorist communication that launches him into the center of a dangerous gambit with a new breed of terrorism that threatens destruction on a global scale.
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    Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan Season 1 - Official Trailer | Prime Video
    Prime Video
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Comments • 2 345

  • Sub Hub
    Sub Hub 3 years ago +5879

    Identify theft is no joke Jim, millions of family’s suffer

  • ElementalMaker
    ElementalMaker 3 years ago +3306

    Dwight Schrute must be so jealous that Jim is now the most dangerous kind of bear.

    • 192 227 Saketh Alva
      192 227 Saketh Alva 11 months ago

      That's debatable

    • moeshickenyay
      moeshickenyay 2 years ago +5

      I don’t interrogate people I sell paper. Really hard for me to not see Jim when I watch this show, A Quite place, no problem and a great movie to boot, but this Action adventure spy thriller crap is as ridiculous as The Office, but not funny.

    • Master Lion
      Master Lion 2 years ago +19

      If they made Dwight the villain it would be amazing

    • Marc-Antoine Ravé
      Marc-Antoine Ravé 3 years ago +42

      Bear, Beets, Battlestar Galactica

  • Dennis
    Dennis 2 years ago +2298

    So this is Jim's version of Michael Scarn.

  • Ryan
    Ryan 2 years ago +232

    I loved it. Huge fan of The Office so i had mixed feelings but John is perfect for this part. Fast paced action series with 8 episodes. Can¨t wait for the second season.

    • Jacob Anderson
      Jacob Anderson 13 days ago

      @mirlach.productions and one day you will understand degrading sarcasm

    • mirlach.productions
      mirlach.productions 17 days ago

      @Jacob Anderson you are so smart, Sherlock, that one day you might even understand a joke ;)

    • Jacob Anderson
      Jacob Anderson Month ago

      @wesley you know his name isn’t jim halpert in real life? when an actor is in a production they typically use fake names that are tied to what they are filming. just so you know. like the actor who plays iron man, his name isn’t tony stark irl it’s robert downey jr

    • Harikrishnan G P
      Harikrishnan G P Month ago

      @wesley John Krasinski

    • Smudgers -
      Smudgers - 3 months ago

      @wesley Jim? You mean tuna?

  • Braden Vester
    Braden Vester 2 years ago +2653

    Everyone saying this guy is Jim.
    Fools. Jim is Asian.

  • Smokey
    Smokey 2 years ago +1010

    This new office season looks wild

    • Ti0Luch0
      Ti0Luch0 Year ago +20

      wild indeed. Where is Creed though?!

  • Dwight k. schrute
    Dwight k. schrute 2 years ago +1361

    Does Michael know about your second job???? I am gonna tell him...

    • Baby Bart
      Baby Bart Month ago +1

      False 😏

    • Tatya Vinchu
      Tatya Vinchu 2 months ago


    • Gary
      Gary 4 months ago +1

      @Dwight k. schrute Prove it what bear is best?

    • Ken
      Ken Year ago +2


    • Suhas Banik
      Suhas Banik Year ago +2

      Cmon dwight!

  • Bargerland
    Bargerland 3 years ago +1984

    All I wanted was free shipping... I got so much more.

  • Ramtin Hosseini
    Ramtin Hosseini 3 years ago +25

    hey I just wanted to say that I've watched the whole series and its amazing. everything is well done and the actings and the story are beautiful I personally advice you guys to watch it

    • lavere
      lavere 15 days ago

      Just watched the 1st episode tonight and I'm hooked!

    • Elliot Perkins
      Elliot Perkins 2 years ago +3

      Thank you

  • tcphll
    tcphll 3 years ago +15

    This was a fantastic show. I can't wait for season 2.

  • Ethan Crumrine
    Ethan Crumrine 3 years ago +98

    Just finished season 1 and I can not wait for season 2, just an amazing show.

    • Ngugi Rebiro
      Ngugi Rebiro 2 years ago +1

      It's out

    • Elliot Perkins
      Elliot Perkins 2 years ago +1

      @H0RCRUX yes sir. That's what john krasinski wanted. Look it up

    • H0RCRUX
      H0RCRUX 2 years ago +1

      @Elliot Perkins 6?? AWESOME

    • Elliot Perkins
      Elliot Perkins 2 years ago +1

      @H0RCRUX Amazon tank Lee wants to do 6 so if all goes well it should be six seasons

    • H0RCRUX
      H0RCRUX 2 years ago +1

      There's going to be a season two?? HYPPPEEEEEE

  • Spoon M
    Spoon M 2 years ago +23

    one of the best tv shows to come out in a while, better be 9 seasons left :)

    • Marta Kavaliauskaitė
      Marta Kavaliauskaitė Month ago

      @Elliot Perkins exactly this show is amazing and tom clancy books are great this actor captures nature of jack rayan from the books i hope there menny seasons of this great show

    • Elliot Perkins
      Elliot Perkins 2 years ago +4

      Amen. It needs to be a long running show. Like walking dead

  • Påñtšü Mäśtęr
    Påñtšü Mäśtęr Year ago +121

    It’s kind of sad how so many is talking about The Office on this trailer, not to mention that this series is absolutely amazing.

    • Mr Crosshaven
      Mr Crosshaven Year ago +8

      It's kind of sad feeling like that. It's people coming together for harmless joking around.

  • Adamantiis
    Adamantiis 3 years ago +15

    My family and I totally loved this show. I've never been captivated by a series as much since Game of Thrones. Way to go Amazon!

  • Daniel Sykes
    Daniel Sykes 3 years ago +873

    The Adventures of Jimmy Halpert (Pams Comic she gave to Jim for christmas) finally got made into a TV show!

    • Hello There
      Hello There 11 months ago +2

      It's Jimothy I think

    • Lala
      Lala 2 years ago +2

      Jack Ryan = Bear Man

    • April
      April 2 years ago +3


  • David Khrystenko
    David Khrystenko 3 years ago +4350

    "I can't go to Yemen! I'm a salesman, I don't interrogate people, I sell paper!"

    • Rumi Gilani
      Rumi Gilani 2 years ago +4

      Maybe he can meet Chandler

    • Marmik Saini
      Marmik Saini 2 years ago +2

      @Wishvesh Chaturvedi But He's not very good at giving advice....

    • Julien Ibra SONGNE
      Julien Ibra SONGNE 2 years ago +1


    • Wishvesh Chaturvedi
      Wishvesh Chaturvedi 2 years ago +7

      Just go to 15 Yemen Road, Yemen. You will find the greatest help you can get.

    • Gavin L.
      Gavin L. 2 years ago +1

      1kth like

  • Matheus Abraão
    Matheus Abraão Month ago +10

    "I can't go to Yemen, I'm an analyst!" "Get on the plane." 🎶🎵I'm only human🎵🎶

    • Deadpoppin
      Deadpoppin Month ago +5


  • Billy
    Billy 3 years ago +23

    Never seen the office. Watched this series, loved it. It’s really outstanding, and I can’t recommend it any more. The story is relevant, the acting is great, and the visuals awesome, and the plot brilliant (although there could have been a better ending ;P)
    So glad season 2 is already confirmed.

  • why why
    why why Year ago +10

    All jokes aside, this show is so good. Really exceeded the expectation.

  • Manoj Arse
    Manoj Arse Year ago +4

    Fantastic series worth watching I loved Season 1 and Season 2❤️

  • D Crow
    D Crow 2 years ago +2

    I love this series! Can't wait for series 3.

  • Nemanja Djuric
    Nemanja Djuric 3 months ago +1

    John Krasinski is phenomenal as per usual but the depth to this cast is top tier. The quality of acting from the minor roles to the major ones is what makes me love this show so much. Ive been hooked since episode one and I havent binged any show quite like I have this one. 10/10 for me honestly I love it

  • E L
    E L 3 years ago +3

    This is actually a really good show. It caught my attention, and for someone who normally isn’t into shooting shows (shows you how naive I am to it) this caught every bit of my attention. It good!

    • Elliot Perkins
      Elliot Perkins 2 years ago

      Yesss sir. I'm happy u didnt cacth it because of the office guy

  • benee56
    benee56 3 years ago +19

    This show is great!! Finished it in one sitting!!!!! Hurry up with season 2 & 3 please!!!!!!

  • Yves
    Yves 3 years ago +5

    Just so you know, this show is actually really good. Its worth watching

  • LSOrange
    LSOrange Year ago +4

    This was one of the best action series I have seen. It was also very interesting seeing John, who I had known for so long as the calm and pranky Jim, holding a grenade and saying he was gonna kill everyone in the room.

  • LuKasAV6
    LuKasAV6 3 years ago +12

    I'm hooked! The writers have done an outstanding job developing ALL the characters!

  • Karthik Venkata
    Karthik Venkata 6 days ago

    I love the fact that this series is so realistic

  • Isaac Trinh
    Isaac Trinh 4 years ago +205

    Man I love how Krasinski fits into this role but I hate how people don't let him live down a role from the office

    • DJ Punyer
      DJ Punyer 2 months ago

      As a British person, I've had enough of this more than you have. The US Office is a great laugh and one of the only american comedies I've seen that's actually hilarious and not just mildly funny/unfunny. But the UK one will always be superior and if you guys haven't seen that one, you're missing out. So I find it annoying that the US one ran on for much longer and therefore is talked about a lot more.

    • gladJonas
      gladJonas 3 years ago +1

      looks like hes super miscast from the trailer to me... but i will watch the show and see

    • Johnny Stripes
      Johnny Stripes 3 years ago +2

      Jim is so naturally relaxed though. Almost like a sarcastic relaxed. It's hard to not think of him working at the office if he's still acting like classic tuna

    • Nathan Hatfield
      Nathan Hatfield 3 years ago +6

      And yet you mentioned it.

    • Cnred
      Cnred 3 years ago +17

      Isaac Trinh why should he live it down he was great as Jim and he’ll always be remembered by it

  • RP 00
    RP 00 Year ago +1

    What a great series , gripped from the first episode and binged watch all 2 seasons in 1 day

  • Vagrant Ender
    Vagrant Ender Year ago +7

    No joke though, this show was incredible. A great watch.

  • stephen spier
    stephen spier 3 years ago +1

    Just binge watched the entire 1st series, was awesome.... great action and story! 10 out of 10!

  • Adam Wang
    Adam Wang 3 years ago +1975

    0:20 of course Jim look into the camera

    MRIDUL KHURANA 3 years ago +3

    Just watched it ! Absolutely loved the series

  • R. Kyle
    R. Kyle 3 years ago +9

    Krasinski was AWESOME in this! Overall a really well-done series; the antagonist was both believably bad while being very relatable at the same time (if not relatable, then at least we understood his “why”). Krasinski was both really badass and adorkable (somehow).
    A few unesscesqary boob scenes that were (literally) in your face, and more guts than I was expecting, but overall; very good.

  • Justin Davis
    Justin Davis Year ago +177

    The worst part about being in the CIA was... the Dementors.

    • LauTa
      LauTa Year ago +1

      lost in translation goat

  • Jacob Peterson
    Jacob Peterson 3 years ago +362

    This is what Jim was doing during "jury duty"

    • Aryan Jain
      Aryan Jain Year ago


      ADDONRACER 2 years ago

      Lmao saw this episode last time and seeing your comment now..

  • Uiriamu Busujima
    Uiriamu Busujima 3 years ago +596

    When I watch this, I'm going to disconnect John Krasinski from The Office because he deserves that justice.
    Great actor who shouldn't be tied down from a single role.

    • Loudandclear
      Loudandclear 2 years ago

      Never disconnect Jim from John

    • nogoodwolf
      nogoodwolf 3 years ago +4

      John Tanner I watched the office and I don't have any problems watching him elsewhere. He's a great actor!

    • 2LT Sheridan
      2LT Sheridan 3 years ago


    • Johnathon Scott
      Johnathon Scott 3 years ago

      @2LT Sheridan

    • 2LT Sheridan
      2LT Sheridan 3 years ago +1

      it's a shame he's tied down to a single role, but he's ultimately totally responsible for that.

  • Joey Naused
    Joey Naused 3 years ago +1

    I love this. I think it is amazing. However, it is impossible to take John seriously when he is in The Office as Jim Halpert as a lazy prankster working as a paper salesman and then some badass agent in this.

  • Aha Really
    Aha Really 3 years ago

    Entertaining & thrilling (despite some parts of the script being - let's say "questionable at best"). Acting is great too imo. If you don't think too much about certain aspects of the story, surely fun to watch :)

  • nagireddy guntaka
    nagireddy guntaka 3 years ago +95

    All those years perfecting the pranks on Dwight made him the warrior he is today

  • Saksham Mankotia
    Saksham Mankotia 3 years ago +3

    I have already watched the first episode. It's looking interesting so far. Can't wait to watch the whole series

    • Wax Doe
      Wax Doe 3 years ago

      Ok make sure after like episode 3 or 4 you come back to me and tell me if it picks up ok?

  • Scott Highmoor
    Scott Highmoor 3 years ago +1

    Just finished this like literally 5 minutes ago... wasnt expecting it to be nearly as good as it was

  • Ramza
    Ramza 3 years ago +1

    I'm really impressed at how good this show is

  • Ms Queenlyminded
    Ms Queenlyminded Year ago +2

    Jim became Dwight's dream.....AND I LOVE IT

  • mfazlemuniem
    mfazlemuniem 2 years ago +3

    Both seasons are so much better than the trailers suggest.

  • LawofCinema
    LawofCinema 3 years ago +3836

    It must be annoying to John Krasinski that he can't play a single role without everyone making The Office references and calling him Jim.

    • ajb635
      ajb635 3 months ago +1

      @Viscious I mean he said he was just a cia analyst with a desk job so…

    • Anmol Shoral
      Anmol Shoral 5 months ago

      or it must be so hard for him to not look into the Camera

    • Thomas voete
      Thomas voete 5 months ago

      He did that himselve by getting that role. You think ashton kutcher is seen as anything else then the character he plaued in thats 70´s show´

      DOKKA SRIRAM MALHAAR 7 months ago

      @n1ko You are definitely right

    • Ben Bollman
      Ben Bollman 8 months ago

      Doubt he's annoyed by the checks he's cashing

  • Your True Queen
    Your True Queen 3 years ago +2

    Omg. I just binged watch the whole season! It's so good! And he's a great actor! I'm glad he's stretching his acting muscles because he's really good.

  • Jonathan Mee
    Jonathan Mee 3 years ago

    Loved this
    Looking forward to the second series

  • Anil Divakaran
    Anil Divakaran 3 years ago +13

    The BEST series I have seen in a long time.

  • kishan singh
    kishan singh 3 years ago +6

    a really good tv series. totally worth of time go for it

  • Cheeky Puzzle
    Cheeky Puzzle 3 years ago +543

    What if Jim turns out to be the bad guy and turns out to be golden face

  • R S
    R S 2 years ago +5

    The trailer combined with the most perfect soundtrack is goosebump material. ❤️ Binge-watched the series when it came out, gonna repeat before Season 2. Thank you for this Amazon. 🤘🏻
    P. S. Guys! These Office jokes are getting old now and it isn't getting rebooted so. 🤦🏻‍♂️

    • Elliot Perkins
      Elliot Perkins 2 years ago +1

      Thank you all these office jokes are pissing me off and bothering the crap out of me thank you for being a real water and not than office man who just said all these jokes

  • Nandee Nandee
    Nandee Nandee 3 years ago +1

    I finished all the episodes in two days. What a great series! Ali Suliman was my favorite actor.

  • Daniel Santos
    Daniel Santos 3 years ago

    Great show, it was an excellent, because it didn't had none of that cliches that I hate and you seen in every show, like the usual "inside moll" cliche, the usual "loved one gets kidnapped cliche", or even the "protagonist gets framed at some point cliche". It was a very nice thrilling and consistent experience from start to finish and the pacing was excellent in part due to the lack of those cliches.

  • clash man
    clash man 2 years ago +3

    Can't wait for Season 2! Truly awesome job all around to everyone! Wish hollyweird would take a page from this, & learn how to write scripts again. Amazing Job!

  • Emily
    Emily 2 years ago +380

    I’m sorry......who is this Jack Ryan, and why does he look so much like me?

    • Khvostov 7G-02
      Khvostov 7G-02 Year ago

      @kuppakassi 😂😂😂

    • Potato SIR MEOW
      Potato SIR MEOW Year ago +2

      Oh it’s just his wife Emily Blunt’s account don’t worry

    • Isaac Patente
      Isaac Patente Year ago +3

      *millions of families suffer every year*

    • Lundertaker
      Lundertaker Year ago +3

      Identity theft is not a joke Emily

    • Mr Crosshaven
      Mr Crosshaven Year ago +3

      Your profile picture make me laugh out loud

  • lavere
    lavere 15 days ago +1

    I'm late to the party, but just watched the 1st episode and I'm hooked!

  • Tihona Butler
    Tihona Butler 2 years ago +16

    I’m loving all of these The Office jokes 🥺It’s like a bunch of people who get me lol

  • Anshul Hardikar
    Anshul Hardikar 4 years ago +281

    John Krasinski: no longer just Jim from The Office, glad he is getting all these amazing roles ☺️

    • Christian Paystrup
      Christian Paystrup 3 years ago

      HerrBratwurst I hope so too.

    • China Man
      China Man 3 years ago

      @Christian Paystrup then let's just hope they can balance the story with the action sequence... I don't wanna watch another Benghazi movie.

    • Christian Paystrup
      Christian Paystrup 3 years ago

      HerrBratwurst I think it will have a lot of action for sure, but I think they’ll still emphasize on story more.

    • China Man
      China Man 3 years ago +3

      Let's just hope the movie doesn't become another full on action movie... Like what they did with shadow recruit. It's OK to have some action like red October, just not one with explosions and shooting everywhere. Because I have to admit it gives off a bit of that Benghazi movie vibe.

    • Anshul Hardikar
      Anshul Hardikar 4 years ago +3

      yeah but he has other good roles too! :P

  • Success Point
    Success Point 3 years ago +2

    It's just amazing and great script and story and it will keep you till the end...

  • Jason Bourne
    Jason Bourne 3 years ago +1

    one of the best series I´ve ever seen

  • MrEpic MadMan1
    MrEpic MadMan1 2 years ago +2

    This is actually a really good show

  • Bhavin Prajapati
    Bhavin Prajapati 2 years ago +2

    Amazing series ❤

  • Maniaxxx
    Maniaxxx 3 years ago +4

    OMG ! This show is sooooo good !!! Currently watching it !!!!

  • Cameron
    Cameron 3 years ago +1

    I joined Prime just to watch this and it has exceeded my expectations. I haven't even finished it yet and I am hoping they make another one! I'll only watch it if Krasinski is in it though.

  • crazy horse29
    crazy horse29 10 days ago +1

    " get on th fuckin plane!" That got me into it.🤟

  • A.A Ekundayo
    A.A Ekundayo 3 years ago +102

    Ali Suliman who played the villain was by far the best actor...I really enjoyed the show, everyone did well! thumbs up!
    Wish IMDB comment section was still up to write praises for Ali Suliman, he had so much screen presence.

  • Gadi Susheel Sundar
    Gadi Susheel Sundar 2 years ago

    truly intriguing and captivating, will there be more of these?

  • The Wandering Writer
    The Wandering Writer 3 years ago +3

    Dang. From a guy working a desk job at a paper company to surviving from monsters, working for the government, hunting down terrorists. He's going to have a sick resume.

  • Destro64#
    Destro64# 3 years ago +1

    i have to say this was the best show i have watched in a long time

  • Kevin
    Kevin 2 months ago

    I watched this series before office. Gotta say he will always be Jim first in our hearts.

  • Finley Lindsey
    Finley Lindsey 3 years ago +3

    I love John Krasinski can play any role and any genre. Drama, comedy, horror, etc. It's great dude

  • Froodie Tooth
    Froodie Tooth 2 years ago +4

    The Office's jokes aside, this show is actually really good

    • Izak
      Izak 2 years ago

      @Elliot Perkins that's what she said

    • Elliot Perkins
      Elliot Perkins 2 years ago

      Yes sir. I wrote a comment just like this

  • mystic_turtle
    mystic_turtle 3 years ago +3

    Just watched the first episode of this and I have to say it was Amazing John Krasinski did it well and wow I can't wait for more :))))

  • Hamony
    Hamony 2 years ago +2

    Excellent tv show. Went full weekend marathon when season1 came out

  • Sam
    Sam 9 months ago +1

    It's hard to take this seriously when I've been so accustomed to seeing John Krasinski (Jim) on The Office so much.

  • Lord Darkrai
    Lord Darkrai 11 months ago

    If one day he announces an assistant of his is coming to help him we'll immediately know what that means

  • Ethan Magdaleno
    Ethan Magdaleno 3 years ago

    This show only had a couple of bit gunfights but all of them were done really well, especially the one in the French apartment.

  • arbh
    arbh Year ago +9

    Just binge watched every episode of the office in last month....can't see him as anyone else except jim halpert 😆

  • Paul
    Paul 3 years ago

    Sheer quality solid storyline and seen every episode in my honest opinion John krasinski played this role perfectly if you've not seen him in 13 hours secret soldiers of benghazi I recommend it. He plays that to perfection too.

  • gansosmansos
    gansosmansos 3 years ago +1

    Binged Season 1. Can't wait for Season 2.

  • Sincerely_Cloudy
    Sincerely_Cloudy 2 years ago +32

    "Everything I have I owe to this job…this stupid, wonderful, boring, amazing job." - Jim Halpert

  • Sea Panther
    Sea Panther 3 years ago +2

    At the end of episode 1 it made so sense why they didn't go after the villain. We had armored vehicles with heavy weaponry, they had little pickup trucks!!

  • jason chillman
    jason chillman 3 years ago

    this is the best show by fare on tv right now cant wait for the next season 2

  • T D
    T D 3 years ago

    These Prime Videos are very well done. Far better than Hollywood remakes with zero creativity. Great to see they go to in-country sets. Cinematography excellent as is the casting. These episodic formats allow a scene to breathe and time to develop characters in broader time spans. Welcome to the future.

  • Elisangela Luisa
    Elisangela Luisa 2 years ago

    Amooooo d++++

  • McMavTV
    McMavTV 3 years ago +429

    "Paris was only the begnning."
    Jim: "That's what she said."

    • ZayK0o0
      ZayK0o0 2 years ago +2


    • Elliot Perkins
      Elliot Perkins 2 years ago +1

      That actually makes sense since Paris a love city

    • Prod. Hxrford
      Prod. Hxrford 3 years ago +2


  • tjcgrid 🅥
    tjcgrid 🅥 Year ago +1

    Tom Clancy is amazing honestly

  • Nitesh Pawale
    Nitesh Pawale Year ago

    The best webseries I have ever watched❤️

  • Kaleb Martinez
    Kaleb Martinez 3 years ago

    Been waiting for this. Im so excited!!

  • FroggyTheNinja
    FroggyTheNinja 3 years ago

    Jim has come far, from doing paper, to being the most dangerous man on earth.

  • Raiden
    Raiden 2 years ago

    He went from an office movie to a amazing horror movie.

  • Spicetruck (Nari)
    Spicetruck (Nari) 3 years ago

    I have never seen 'The office' - so this guy is perfectly fine with me in this role. I did have a slight problem with Jeremy Renner in one of the Bourne movies though, but it was fine by the time the movie was over!

  • E L
    E L 3 years ago

    The kids are TERRIFIC actors- they got me totally pulled in and emotional. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Alan de Assis
    Alan de Assis 3 years ago

    Melhora série de 2018.

  • jay michelle
    jay michelle 4 years ago +397

    Huge fan of Tom Clancy, I’ve been waiting for this for so long and can’t wait!!!

    • Marta Kavaliauskaitė
      Marta Kavaliauskaitė Month ago

      Fan of tom clancy books this character of jack rayan captures his nature from books i hope there would bee many seasons

    • PogChamp
      PogChamp 3 years ago

      He makes some really good games

    • pavelow36
      pavelow36 3 years ago +1

      me too. since the 90s way back in Red Storm Rising. I fully understand that the timeline in the books have changed to make it work for this generation. hopefully Ding and Clark would be there too.

    • R C
      R C 3 years ago +1

      j michelle legit the first comment that didn’t have a reference to the office lol

    • Rooples
      Rooples 3 years ago +2

      The only reason this got favorited by prime is because it’s not about the big Tuna

  • Lucas Féres
    Lucas Féres 3 years ago

    I think i'm lucky for not knowing him from The Office before watching this show, lol. Just finished it and loved it. Kinda reminds me of Homeland, and this is a good thing.

  • R
    R 3 years ago +6

    I just finished watching the whole show in a day
    How's that for a win
    Great show 👏 With great action, Adrenaline Rush n tension build
    N did i mention this 6'feet Tall handsome dude 😍

  • Nuna Yo Bizniz
    Nuna Yo Bizniz 3 years ago +3

    Such a good show!