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Protecting the WORST Youtuber from ASSASSINS in Minecraft

  • Published on Nov 11, 2022 veröffentlicht

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  • WelcominTV

    Make sure to go an DOWNLOAD MONSTER LEGENDS!

  • Forge Labs

    Very nice my man, we truly did it

  • Legundo
    Legundo  +1

    Bodyguard bros!!! We did it, we kept Sean alive!!

  • Bumbleberry Shortcake

    In Sneeve's defense, running away from his bodyguard is perfectly in character for Sean. And I think towards the start he almost did.

  • IceCraft
    IceCraft  +335

    ForgeLabs isn't the worst. I love the content he puts out

  • Natasha
    Natasha  +737

    Finished watching forgelabs, went straight here after, I’m straight up gonna watch everyone’s videos, this is such a good concept to play, I honestly hope this becomes a series 😂

  • Nitrogen
    Nitrogen  +55

    His knowledge of speedrunning is gathering wood and making tools that's impressive

  • It_Ryan
    It_Ryan  +718

    It was good fun playing with you once again!

  • ARandombeanboyo

    This has to be one of the most entertaining vids yet. Love to see more with you and Kipley, that was hilarious

  • Andrew Diaz


  • AmethystNight

    Wathced this three times already, it was so good. The team up at the end is amazing! It gets better every watch! This is some great content, would love to see more like it!

  • Andrew Diaz

    This contest was the first time I've heard of you, and I watched Forge Labs and Legundo first, but man you were a clutch player and I hope you all do more together because I want to see more!

  • Muhair Edits

    You should make more vids with Kiply it’s fun seeing you to work together and I think U2 would get along pretty well

  • Harubi
    Harubi 28 days ago +7

    Was literally watching Welcomin, Legundo, IT Ryans POV side by side at the same exact time of the events. Funny how Welcomin was literally looking back and forth towards Sean while digging, meanwhile Ryan and Legundo were having a TALK SHOWDOWN of who's who LOL, best moments of minecraft

  • Koczias Aniko

    I love how Welcomins voice is slightly deeper than when he does the VoiceOver😄 love your content man!

  • Queen Akaila's Texting Stories

    Let's absolutely talk about how while you did kill them, they still thought they were up there. If they didn't they wouldn't of kept going.

  • MineCraftingMom

    I love that Kiply got a bunch of dogs to stay safer while she waited

  • Night Studios

    I know Sneve was trying to kill you but that, "I have a stick Begone!" About killed me at the end.

  • Terry☁️🌿
    Terry☁️🌿 21 day ago +2

    It's weird to me seeing Kiply not being trolled by Doni lol

  • Katnip
    Katnip  +33

    This was way more entertaining than i thought it would be😭