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  • Published on Aug 15, 2011 veröffentlicht
  • Favorite Joey Moments
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  • Carlos Andres Lincango

    “I’m sorry”

  • osama mohamed
    osama mohamed 2 days ago

  • Abhinandan Rout
    Abhinandan Rout 4 days ago

    Gunther's laugh

  • UniSwitch
    UniSwitch 5 days ago

    Joey is going to get isekeid

  • Aravindh Sathiyamoorthy

    0:43 It's always the small dogs that are always yipping and aggressive. Fucking rats!

  • ɢᴀᴄʜᴀ ʜᴏʟʟʏ

    Joey and Ross are defo my fave characters all through the 10 seasons 😀

  • Anh Khoa
    Anh Khoa 10 days ago

    In 2:20 Joey did share food =]]

  • The Lone Wanderer
    The Lone Wanderer 10 days ago

    Joey Tribbiani... what a lovable (and sometimes relatable) dumbass.

  • senn maru
    senn maru 12 days ago

    Thay "oops" was a cherry on the cake.

  • Ro Ro
    Ro Ro 12 days ago +1

    Heads, I win. Tails, you lose.
    Ah, TAILS... Oh dammit

  • Hannah Godden
    Hannah Godden 16 days ago +1

    Is it only me that think it sound like Chandler is saying “You okay there, Matt??” 2:31

  • Aaliyah Charlesworth
    Aaliyah Charlesworth 18 days ago

    Monica:why don’t u put it in the lost and found
    Joey: there’s a lost and found
    Gunther: brings the lost and found back
    Joey: my shoe
    This cracks me up he is hilarious

  • Cosplayer Skye
    Cosplayer Skye 18 days ago

    0:25 get a bone.. do you have a bone?

  • Aayan Jain
    Aayan Jain 19 days ago


  • Zarra Saphire
    Zarra Saphire 20 days ago

    I missed that episode when Pheabe try to find her father Frank Buffay and poor Joey 's sandwich got thrown out

  • _jeff _
    _jeff _ 23 days ago

    joey was hot in season 1 low key no homo

  • Darya A
    Darya A 28 days ago

    I am dying so hard.... this show never gets old😂😂😂😂😂😂♥♥♥

  • zenoisapen
    zenoisapen Month ago

    "I'm sorry?"

  • Lifeify
    Lifeify Month ago

    6:13 I don't think that's Emma

  • Tris Turner
    Tris Turner Month ago

    I can’t be the only one that can’t remember some parts of this in the actual show, it’s this like extended cuts or something

  • Owa Owa
    Owa Owa Month ago

    so this is an annual thing? 😂

  • md mohsin
    md mohsin Month ago

    He's just a little dog

  • Borey Tauch
    Borey Tauch Month ago +6

    Joe early seasons 😱😱😱 omg didn’t even realised how much he’s changed lol

  • feras yazji
    feras yazji Month ago

    every tine I laughed like my first time

  • Rumbidzai Chapata
    Rumbidzai Chapata Month ago

    4:41 😂😂😂

  • Johnny Canuck
    Johnny Canuck Month ago


  • Uzzie's world
    Uzzie's world Month ago +2

    Joey is the heart of friends

  • Supergirl 67
    Supergirl 67 Month ago +3

    7:19 best one!

  • SquadLunch Vlogs
    SquadLunch Vlogs Month ago +2

    It’s so sad seeing these so much now😭

  • Gregory's Goals
    Gregory's Goals Month ago

    He was the least interesting character of the bunch, although Monica and Phoebe got boring by the end.

  • Saranya Sarma
    Saranya Sarma Month ago

    Heads I win tails you loose😂😂

  • Sonia Henry
    Sonia Henry Month ago +14

    " Sorry "
    "Sorry" (in whispered voice).

  • lazare janiashvili
    lazare janiashvili Month ago

    4:10 what episode?

  • Aditya Argekar
    Aditya Argekar Month ago

    4:20 😂🔥

  • Ritch Villa
    Ritch Villa Month ago

    I like JOEY

  • yomaris reyes
    yomaris reyes Month ago +6

    Joey is so endearing and genuine. Not to mention his sexy charm

  • Becca 8528
    Becca 8528 Month ago

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  • Junaise Rahiman
    Junaise Rahiman Month ago

    2:54 MY SHOE!!!
    Classic joey

  • Uma Ravuri
    Uma Ravuri Month ago

    5:30 die laughing...

  • TheCrises
    TheCrises Month ago

    Who eats a sandwich in the shower lmfaoooo

  • Pelpington
    Pelpington Month ago

    I love at 3:00 in the middle of Joey explaining, chandler just does that sarcastic kinda nod hahaha

  • Unknown sis
    Unknown sis Month ago

    chandler’s reaction to joey tho HAHAHAHHA

  • Isaac Rogers
    Isaac Rogers Month ago +4

    At 2:31 Chandler calls Joey Matt instead of joey🤣

  • Isabella Bonjour
    Isabella Bonjour 2 months ago

    Joey is a great friend, loyal and honest, warm, gentle and funny

  • Clay Castleberry
    Clay Castleberry 2 months ago +14

    “Well I’ll be” as he reads the condoms😂😂

  • Clay Castleberry
    Clay Castleberry 2 months ago

    When Joey ran into the door, I think it was Matt P who was trying not to laugh😂😂

    CHICKEN NUGGET ADDICT 2 months ago +1


  • John Boyle
    John Boyle 2 months ago

    Z xi

  • kamya krishna
    kamya krishna 2 months ago

    joey is so funny

  • Mark Thompson
    Mark Thompson 2 months ago

    Nauseated, NOT NAUSIOUS!

  • Bethany Smith
    Bethany Smith 2 months ago

    No “Joey doesn’t share food!” ?

  • Ajay Dhot
    Ajay Dhot 2 months ago

    What is the meaning of that symbol at 4:42. Plz explain

    • Ajay Dhot
      Ajay Dhot 2 months ago

      @Isabella Bonjour Thanks, buddy.

    • Isabella Bonjour
      Isabella Bonjour 2 months ago

      Ajay Dhot Air quotes, also called finger quotes, are virtual quotation marks formed in the air with one's fingers when speaking. Air quotes are often used to express satire, sarcasm, irony or euphemism, among others. But Joey doesn't know how to use it properly... 😂😂

  • HandeToon
    HandeToon 2 months ago

    3:45 I love this moment.

  • Everleigh Jade
    Everleigh Jade 2 months ago +1

    1:32 phoebe sounds like a baby😂

  • Everleigh Jade
    Everleigh Jade 2 months ago +2

    1:15 my fave🤣🤣🤣

  • Barry Blyn
    Barry Blyn 2 months ago +2

    If Matt lablac died his hair right now to brown he would look the same

  • amna
    amna 2 months ago +1

    4:00 i can watch this scene thousand times

  • Parker Quinn
    Parker Quinn 2 months ago

    I hate Gunthers stupid smug smile xD

  • Beachtapestry
    Beachtapestry 2 months ago

    I wasnt a big fan how in later seasons like seasons 6-10 they made joey really stupid😂

  • Urs Truly TARUN
    Urs Truly TARUN 2 months ago +3

    *_The Way He Said "My Shoe" 😂_*
    *_Joey Is a Legend ♥️_*