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People that have a million alarms set.

  • Published on Aug 27, 2019 veröffentlicht
  • People set a million alarms and ignore every single one of them.
    Oddwin - 19
  • ComedyComedy

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  • A J
    A J 3 years ago +25315

    *You don’t understand how much that alarm noise traumatizes me.*

    • mariosucks101
      mariosucks101 20 days ago

      Bruuuh same. Ptsd

    • Darrin IDontCare
      Darrin IDontCare Year ago

      That’s why you gotta change your alarm

    • Chaperone
      Chaperone Year ago +1

      @TH3FU113ZT i see what you did there..

    • Blazer
      Blazer Year ago

      I use slow rise :D.

    • VulLord666
      VulLord666 Year ago

      Why I give every alarm a different sound/song

  • A Person
    A Person 2 years ago +11741

    I like how he sleeps so soundly to his friend’s suffering

  • Squishy
    Squishy 10 months ago +1357

    In all honesty, as someone who struggles to wake up (hence setting a million alarms) having someone kick me if I dont instantly wake up would be very helpful. We all need this guy in our life

    • P44N4N
      P44N4N 4 days ago

      @Squishy Sorry to read that.
      I used to have a heavy dose of insomnia, so I unfortunately know what you’re going through. Mine was trauma related. Once I came to terms with my experience, my sleep improved.
      Have you taken steps to figure out the root cause yet?

    • Squishy
      Squishy 4 days ago

      @P44N4N I wish that's how it worked, I've got insomnia. When I do wake up naturally normally takes me like an hour to wake up and takes me forever to get to sleep. It's not about how much sleep I get, I'm screwed either way

    • P44N4N
      P44N4N 5 days ago

      Or just go to bed at a time that allows you at least 7 hours.

    • Sean Madson
      Sean Madson 25 days ago +1

      The solution I discovered was an insanely loud alarm clock that I hung from the wall opposite my bed. I had to get up, navigate to the other side of my bedroom, get the clock off the wall, and flick the switch on the back to turn it off.
      By the time I accomplished this, I had to wake up fully to stop the alarm, so I wasn't just slapping the snooze button and rolling over.
      The key is forcing your mind to function. That's what getting kicked or doused does, just in a ruder fashion

    • S c
      S c 2 months ago +1

      Lol. I am a very light sleeper, if there's even a pin drop , or even a small light on (like the tiny red light on a TV or computer or modem) I cannot sleep.
      Meanwhile my brother is the dude in this vid. He sets a million alarms, and won't wake up even if a bomb goes off.

  • ExactlySandwich
    ExactlySandwich 6 months ago +324

    3:40 - 3:48
    He really did give him 8 seconds to turn off his alarm. The attention to detail is insane.

    • Daniel Cho
      Daniel Cho 6 days ago +1

      Dang how you even catch that lol

    • GrandMasterCow
      GrandMasterCow Month ago +23

      @Misconceptions nope, he gave him 8 seconds, and showed up in the 9th second of it ringing

    • Misconceptions
      Misconceptions 3 months ago +1

      He gave him more than that

  • Eien Ryūchō
    Eien Ryūchō 2 years ago +12453

    “They don't wake you up, why make more?"
    It's called Hope

    • David Dow
      David Dow Month ago

      I read this right as he said it

    • Bashful Wolfo
      Bashful Wolfo Month ago

      I just don’t set any alarms because I wake up out of anxiety throughout the night. No sleep = no problem

    • Repent and believe in Jesus Christ
      Repent and believe in Jesus Christ 4 months ago

      Repent to Jesus Christ “Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.”
      ‭‭Colossians‬ ‭3‬:‭2‬ ‭NIV‬‬

    • Tuesday's Art
      Tuesday's Art 4 months ago

      Sometimes I wake up well before my alarm, sometimes the alarm wakes me up, sometimes I sleep until 2 PM.

    • NoriMori
      NoriMori 6 months ago

      Because setting less of them is _guaranteed_ not to wake me up 😂 At least with more I have a chance!

  • tacit.
    tacit. Year ago +591

    "Yes. I suppose I did."

    • MenacingPotato
      MenacingPotato 17 days ago

      @Craig Yeah *cue outro music*

    • Craig Yeah
      Craig Yeah 3 months ago +2

      @227someguy "What? Oh my- Oh wow! Ooh ow! Oh no. How?! Oh my gosh, no. Nooo. Wow! Oowawa. Man. Maaan. NO! NO! NOOO! NO!"

    • 227someguy
      227someguy 5 months ago +16

      The world hates people who let alarms go on and on all day without any regard for anyone else. That's what I'm here for, for people just like you. So, from here on out, if an alarm doesn't wake you up within the first 8 seconds of it ringing, I'm going to kick you. If an alarm does wake you up in the first 8 seconds and you turn it off so that you can wake up to a different alarm, I'm going to kick you. If you have more than 2 alarms that work for the exact same purpose, I'm going to kick you. And if you dare ever hit snooze on an alarm, I'm not going to kick you. I'll do far, far worse than kick you. I'll be on my way now, but know this: I can be anywhere at anytime. I can always see you, but you can't always see me. Like now, I wasn't even here one second ago, yet here I am. I'm always watching you.

    • Juan David
      Juan David 7 months ago +13

      Now that I have your attention, I want you to listen

    • KingofAllSaiyan 👑
      KingofAllSaiyan 👑 10 months ago +17

      You were going to back to sleep without turning off your alarms weren't you

  • heiseiren
    heiseiren 3 years ago +20417

    His skits are like Regular Show episodes, dude. They start off so ordinary, but progress into the supernatural or abnormal incredibly quickly as the plot progresses.

  • Buttered Timbers
    Buttered Timbers 2 years ago +3490

    Its honestly impressive how he can make the camera movements so natural while having to hold it himself. Caleb has so much talent for coming up with solutions to his one person film crew problems.

    • northamerica
      northamerica 7 months ago

      He probably has bought a tripod by that point. Solves alot of issues honestly

      RADÖRNIC 8 months ago +8

      @Informer Use dash again instead of a period and I'm going to kick you

    • Mr. Hummus
      Mr. Hummus 10 months ago +6

      @Informer that's the joke bro

    • Informer
      Informer 11 months ago +1

      @Murillo Bonson it’s the same person in different outfits-

  • Russian Bot
    Russian Bot 2 years ago +6039

    Never use a song you like as an alarm. It becomes the theme of your pain.

    • Joey Johnsonson
      Joey Johnsonson 3 months ago

      i have several songs i like as my many alarms, the key is to swap them like every two weeks or so

    • Jackthat1
      Jackthat1 3 months ago

      Nope. I use Awaken by Dethklok as an alarm and I still listen to the song often.

    • Chris
      Chris 4 months ago +1

      I've been waking up at 0600 to September by earth wind fire for more than 6 months and i still like the song. When now i still dance to it sometimes.

    • RainbowOcean
      RainbowOcean 5 months ago

      I use megalovania cause that scares me awake mostly had used it for four years now

    • Just Some Guy With A Mug
      Just Some Guy With A Mug 6 months ago

      Or it makes you dance while waking up, you don't want to really turn it off so you can wake up and if it's your favorite you won't ever dislike it, if you start disliking it then it wasn't that good, and you wake up singing or with a smile because it's a good song

  • Metazoxan Dexall
    Metazoxan Dexall 9 months ago +104

    I love the idea this guy has both teleportation and some sort of observation ability ... and instead of fighting global threats or something. He devotes his life to specifically punishing people who let alarms ring.

    • Wretched Egg
      Wretched Egg 3 months ago +2

      Dudes with multiple alarms are the source of all crime, so yes this was the responsible choice.

    • spiderdude2099
      spiderdude2099 3 months ago +3

      It’s a much more noble cause

    • I LiKe PiGeoNs
      I LiKe PiGeoNs 3 months ago +9

      So he is indeed fighting global threats then

    • rashid
      rashid 4 months ago +8

      superpower well used

  • Sergeant MacNuggets
    Sergeant MacNuggets 2 years ago +2085

    The fact that he's more comfortable sleeping while his friend literally screaming for his life but not when an alarm is off.

    • Dmitriy Golovko
      Dmitriy Golovko Month ago

      Kind of reminds me of when I was in bootcamp, and the DIs would be screaming at fire watch while you went to sleep. That shit was white noise to us 😂

    • Joseph Palmquist
      Joseph Palmquist 3 months ago

      Rafael Martinez you are right that I'm ruining the fun by explaining why it's a dumb joke. Truth is most jokes can be disected to where they are not funny anymore quite logically but it doesn't mean that is what should be done. If something makes you laugh just laugh and don't think about why. I think that's the moral of the story.
      The more you know 🌈

    • Rafael Martinez
      Rafael Martinez 3 months ago

      @Joseph Palmquist says the child not letting anybody alone be for simply liking a comment

  • popfizz55
    popfizz55 Year ago +286

    2:15 if you go frame by frame, you can see that the first motion he does is dab. This is the true key in unlocking anime powers.

    • Beyondo
      Beyondo Month ago

      @Breazy I'm never letting that stupid sink inside ever again dude.

    • hype
      hype 3 months ago +1

      @Sahra Farah come on give sink another chance

    • Anonymous777
      Anonymous777 4 months ago +1

      Dab REVERSE DAB *kick*

    • Sahra Farah
      Sahra Farah 4 months ago +2


    • SP4Y_P0PP3R
      SP4Y_P0PP3R 5 months ago

      @Breazy mk

  • Sharee Baker
    Sharee Baker 3 years ago +23526

    Caleb’s edits are so clean, I forget he’s ONE person

  • Hm
    Hm Year ago +1908

    The fact that the dude with tons of alarms doesn’t turn them off himself and continues to sleep is so relatable and legit

    • Ollybolly1337 k
      Ollybolly1337 k 11 months ago +3

      @Vaz I just make it blast the radio station.
      But somehow. Even though it’s loud af. It still takes ten minutes to wake me up sometimes.

    • Randos Welcome Podcast Channel
      Randos Welcome Podcast Channel 11 months ago +7

      The snooze looks a lot like the cancel button. Lol.

    • Vaz
      Vaz 11 months ago +8

      I fixed my sleeping-through-alarms problem by setting an annoying music alarm that does not end until I prove I'm up.

    • SuNGviN
      SuNGviN Year ago +5

      @James J ah maaan, I can't hate you anymore

    • James J
      James J Year ago +9

      @SuNGviN Don't worry, now you can hate me for being retired instead, and having no alarms at all for the rest of my life.

  • Jupiter Claw
    Jupiter Claw 2 years ago +4048

    Caleb: So what's your super power?
    Guy: I can summon a being who can teleport and be invisible.
    Caleb: wow really?
    Guy: But he only appears when I set more than 2 alar..

    • Jampolo
      Jampolo 7 months ago

      _alarm starts ringing before he leaves_
      "...Oh no"
      _scrambles to turn it off_
      _Kicker appears_
      "Wait, who-"
      "No, no, NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!"

    • CCKILLER 00
      CCKILLER 00 Year ago

      hEEEEy, I’m here for the interview-

    • Something is rising And its not the shield hero
      Something is rising And its not the shield hero 2 years ago +1

      1 minutes have passed
      2 minutes have passed
      3 minutes have passed
      4 minutes have passed
      5 minutes have passed
      6 minutes have passed
      7 minutes have passed

    • David K
      David K 2 years ago


    • Nickolas Diamond
      Nickolas Diamond 2 years ago +3

      But that's actually good power

  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader 3 months ago +87

    3:03 "And if you dare ever hit snooze on an alarm, I'm not going to kick you... I'll do far far worse than kick you." 🤣

    • Darth Vader
      Darth Vader Month ago +1

      Wow! Was not expecting this comment to be this popular! Thanks for the likes, guys! 😁

  • Awesomeman
    Awesomeman 2 years ago +1624

    "I am going to kick you" is the best line ever

  • Dakota Peralta
    Dakota Peralta 8 months ago +10

    He's a video editor, the actor, and the writer among many other more minor things. Tbh he does deserve his subscribers I've been watching Caleb for years and keep coming back to his videos. Super impressive he would simply limit his potential pursuing a professional career in acting. What he does is special and unique and should be developed over a "professional" career.

  • Weekender Gamer
    Weekender Gamer 3 years ago +8456

    "It's Saturday!"
    I remember when that used to mean something.

    • Sergio Pirela
      Sergio Pirela 5 months ago

      Saturday is the only day some people can run errands and get stuff done.

    • Nathan Stafford
      Nathan Stafford 6 months ago

      Every other Saturday is a full work day for me

    • Destiny_Flower424
      Destiny_Flower424 6 months ago

      Your username says it

    • Alex Zee
      Alex Zee 9 months ago

      @Link is frightened i know it’s been 2 years but uh
      Aged like.. Charcoal? Idk what ages terribly

    • Omesa
      Omesa 9 months ago


  • Douglas Rauber
    Douglas Rauber 2 years ago +1372

    The reason we need so many alarms is a crippling lack of will to live

    • Gator159
      Gator159 2 months ago

      Having someone hired to kick me in the face if I leave an alarm for over 10 seconds would convince me to end it all.
      I don't know about you guys lol

    • EnderDragonCrafter
      EnderDragonCrafter 7 months ago

      @Dixie Nourmous it's the same thing, a crippling lack of sleep is caused by the lack of will to live, this is because that at night there's no reason to be sad, and we've got our entertainment to make us feel feel something that isn't depressing.

    • Douglas Rauber
      Douglas Rauber 11 months ago +1

      Also guys, quit arguing about nonsense. Go outside, get some vitamin D, say your loved ones they matter before it's too late

    • Douglas Rauber
      Douglas Rauber 11 months ago +2

      @Marieke F. It was kind of a cry-for-help kind of joke. Life has been better these last months, but I still struggle. We all struggle in a level or another, that's the way life goes, but we don't need to struggle alone. If you must, go after some help, it's no shame. And try to be kind to yourself, that's the greatest challenge. Party on, dude!

    • Marieke F.
      Marieke F. 11 months ago +2

      I know this comment was probably a joke but it actually made me realize why I struggle so much to wake up every day. I mean I was aware before of course that I have no will to live but I didn't think it was *actually* the reason why I sleep over like 10 alarms. But yeah, I think it kinda is the reason why..

  • Tiffany Munro
    Tiffany Munro 2 years ago +911

    My tale: my neighbors went on vacation. They must have had their alarm clock set to just go off every day at the same time, and forgotten about it. It never stopped after the first day. It beeped continuously for a week. I could hear it on the edge of my hearing constantly. It drove me mad. This was probably when I first began playing noise, like white noise, while sleeping... it was the only thing I could do about the alarm clock that never ever ever stopped. Hell.

    • people dont get notified if their name isnt blue
      people dont get notified if their name isnt blue Year ago

      Oh, trust me, they didnt forgot. Some people just want others to suffer for no reason at all

    • a random supra
      a random supra Year ago +2

      This sounds like a serial killer origin story

    • I'm probably your boss
      I'm probably your boss 2 years ago +1

      Ayee FOR REAL. I had this happened to me as well, only difference is my neighbour uses a traditional alarm clock. And it's WAY WAY louder than phone alarm clock. It successfully made me go outside during weekend.

      DEAL MAKER DREAM TAKER 2 years ago

      What's funny is the comment under this has a reply saying they leave their alarms on during vacation and it pisses off the neighbors

    • dajam9035
      dajam9035 2 years ago

      Lol I would have broken into that house to stop that noise!

  • Dominic Roberto
    Dominic Roberto Year ago +4

    Caleb's skits make me wanna go to sleep. Not because they're bad, cause they're fking hilarious, but because he always looks so peaceful when he's fake sleeping

  • Funk_Monkey1980
    Funk_Monkey1980 2 years ago +247

    Caleb has more acting (AND editing) skills than 50% of Hollywood

  • Ace crogan
    Ace crogan Year ago +4

    Caleb is the only person who sleeps while smiling with the lights on.

  • Kadimius
    Kadimius 3 years ago +12457

    It’s crazy how he managed to get so many people in his skits

    • james hannold
      james hannold 6 months ago

      Even crazier is they all look similar somehow.

    • BREEZE
      BREEZE 6 months ago


    • reply if you’re fuming and crying at my comment
      reply if you’re fuming and crying at my comment 6 months ago

      It’s all him sorry to break it to you. Also the tooth fairy isn’t real I know all the kids talk about it at school but it isn’t real little Timmy

    • 80s monke archive
      80s monke archive 7 months ago

      This is a joke?So it isn't crazy that he made it seem like it's three ppl?

    • growlie77
      growlie77 9 months ago

      its still crazy how they all look the same.

  • Quinn Miller
    Quinn Miller 2 years ago +598

    My brother never wakes up to his alarms but they "help him wake up eventually" and when I get up to tell him to turn it off he just goes "yeah yeah I know" and goes back to sleep

    • swordsmancs
      swordsmancs 4 months ago

      Just pull a “prank ‘em John!” when he lets his alarm ring lmao

    • Alzhan Void Sansado
      Alzhan Void Sansado 5 months ago

      Beatings help.

    • LowGPU
      LowGPU Year ago +1

      @Lemony Water Have you heard of being realistic?

    • Lemony Water
      Lemony Water Year ago

      @LowGPU have u heard of a joke?

  • MyNameHere
    MyNameHere 2 years ago +428

    My mom sets like a billion alarms a day, and I physically flinch whenever I hear that sound.

    • Jie Li
      Jie Li Year ago +9

      The ptsd.......

    • Vengeful Polititron
      Vengeful Polititron Year ago +12

      same! its called a "to do list"
      she never does it at the time it rings anyways.
      well, I guess I don't either. but I have like 2 things to do.

  • Seun Owolabi
    Seun Owolabi Year ago +20

    We need more people like the guy in black

  • Crou The Blackwing
    Crou The Blackwing 2 years ago +269

    Lowkey, that's a pretty boss villain introduction

    • Not Roboteva
      Not Roboteva 6 months ago +1

      Someone, someone! Get the guy who summons spider, The guy who summons centipedes, the guy that controls light waves, and the guy who can make cats fight, cause we need to fight him.

    • Crou The Blackwing
      Crou The Blackwing 2 years ago +4

      @DoomSlayer batman does have power though, its called wealth

    • DoomSlayer
      DoomSlayer 2 years ago +5

      The Deathless he’s like a Batman with powers

  • Onychoprion27
    Onychoprion27 10 months ago +3

    I love that Caleb straight up hired an anime boss.

  • Earth Is A Donut
    Earth Is A Donut 3 years ago +9448

    So Caleb can't sleep because of alarms but he can sleep with a smile on his face when someone is screaming in agony

  • the last templar
    the last templar 2 years ago +811

    Caleb: *breaks the fourth wall to kick himself*

  • Fine Money
    Fine Money 2 years ago +498

    CalebCity: Hires himself to whoop himself for setting to many damn alarms

  • Yay
    Yay 4 months ago

    As someone who has alarms for each 15 min, I can relate, that's how people feel about me

  • Max Loh
    Max Loh 2 years ago +46

    This is the best alarm sound to use for this video. It's extremely common and definitely the most annoying one. Even when it's quiet, it's like a hammer bouncing on your brain.

  • Tweekitus
    Tweekitus 7 months ago +1

    This hits too close to home, because I used to have a roommate with that same exact alarm who would do the same exact thing. He'd just sleep through every single one of them and it drove me fucking crazy.

  • Jalyn Parrish
    Jalyn Parrish 3 years ago +4511

    This dude turned into an anime super villain because of his alarms😂

  • JawKnee86
    JawKnee86 Year ago +37

    As a person with with six alarms set to wake me up in the morning I felt personally attacked when I clicked on this and saw that you had an entire four minutes and two seconds worth of disdain for my culture.

  • Grammarly
    Grammarly 2 years ago +346

    Caleb: **Puts hand on head where person kicked**
    Also Caleb: **Continues to bleed ftom the lip**

    • Grammarly
      Grammarly Year ago +1

      @Becky Bickersteth but ig i typed it wrong

    • Grammarly
      Grammarly Year ago

      @Becky Bickersteth i meant nose lol

    • Becky Bickersteth
      Becky Bickersteth Year ago +2

      Quite sure it was from the nose. (Not sure whether you're joking or not)

    • Grammarly
      Grammarly Year ago +2

      @Itchy You are genius

    • Itchy
      Itchy Year ago +19

      Actually his vital organs got hit, it only seemed as tho he got hit in the head to an untrained eye

  • Eric C
    Eric C 3 months ago +7

    This used to be me till my girlfriend lost her fucking mind from all my alarms (quite reasonable) and threw a cup of water in my face cause I slept through 15 alarms
    Yes we’re still together and I only have to use one now 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Kunal Bhardwaj
    Kunal Bhardwaj 2 years ago +5

    I love how Caleb's videos just start from normal and slowly descend to insanity

  • Malevolent
    Malevolent 10 months ago +1

    LMAO, it actually took him over 8 seconds to turn off the final alarm btw
    This is why I love this lmao

  • Symora
    Symora 3 years ago +1859

    Caleb's anime villain voice deserves all the Oscars. Madhouse, Bones... get on that

    • Kelvin Mann
      Kelvin Mann 3 years ago

      It's spelled Hero*. He's a hero

    • Africa
      Africa 3 years ago

      Thousandth like

    • TTP Clan
      TTP Clan 3 years ago +1

      The funny thing is my name is both Oscar and Caleb lol

    • NY - Buddy
      NY - Buddy 3 years ago +4

      The keys.... Or DESTRUCTION!!

    • er562
      er562 3 years ago +3

      For real

  • Aayush Khatri
    Aayush Khatri 2 years ago +36

    I love how convincingly he can play different characters and we don't realizel that it's the same person.

  • Abu Saeed
    Abu Saeed 2 years ago +59

    I like how scared and amazed he is at the same time seeing him teleport from one place to another.
    "Wow, wow, no no, wow, no"

  • Alijah Boards
    Alijah Boards Year ago

    Caleb's videos are literally timeless.

  • NotJeff
    NotJeff 2 years ago +43

    I like how this man has mastered the art of anime camera angles.

  • Wretched Egg
    Wretched Egg 3 months ago +18

    Sending this video to someone real quick. I've heard all of his alarms with their different songs and tones literally hundreds of times more than he ever has.

  • IonicSplash365
    IonicSplash365 3 years ago +2778

    The little 'dun' sound effect that plays for dramatic effect in his videos gets me every time

    • kapitan19969838
      kapitan19969838 Year ago


    • Jo_nM
      Jo_nM 3 years ago

      The beef 808

    • kasagure
      kasagure 3 years ago +3

      getting me some vine flashbacks

    • Damian
      Damian 3 years ago

      Time stamp?

    • Ventrishero
      Ventrishero 3 years ago +7

      Anyone know what it’s called?

  • AcesPrune
    AcesPrune Year ago +10

    Watching through all the videos on Caleb's channel puts me in a turmoil of realisation that my entire being is an amalgamation of cliches xD

  • Jay1AndOnly
    Jay1AndOnly 2 years ago +21

    No one has mentioned that at the end he shows up EXACTLY 8 seconds after the alarm goes off. The attention to detail.

  • pile o' weirdness
    pile o' weirdness 8 months ago

    as a person who has to make alarms that remind to take a shower, the guy with the alarms is way too relatable

  • Bacon Chan
    Bacon Chan 2 years ago +58

    No one:
    Caleb: "Oh my gosh! No! Wow!"
    I think he felt every feeling in that moment

    • • Bean •
      • Bean • 2 years ago +2

      Talentless Bacon 😂😂 I was waiting for a comment like this..

  • ymucki
    ymucki 10 months ago

    This is what happened recently with me and my mom with my alarms lol, this is so relatable

  • Bibbidi
    Bibbidi 3 years ago +843

    This dude was definitely under estimated at the superhero try outs.

    • Qent
      Qent 3 years ago

      I don't know what hell you people live in, but i'm not constantly hearing alarm clocks wherever i go.

    • ZXp3ct3R
      ZXp3ct3R 3 years ago

      @Qent pretty useful if u ask me

    • Qent
      Qent 3 years ago +13

      He can only teleport when he hears an alarm clock go off

  • Erogenesis Art
    Erogenesis Art 2 years ago +3

    I lol'ed so hard at this skit! My girlfriend (love her to pieces) legit has upwards of five-hundred and seventy two TRILLION alarms throughout the day and she rarely if ever hears them herself. LOL!

  • Carlton Bucknor
    Carlton Bucknor 2 years ago

    The world needs more heroes like him

  • random channel
    random channel Year ago +1

    Am I the only one who stay one hour snoozing the alarm every morning?

  • Menacing Hollow
    Menacing Hollow 2 years ago

    I love this guy's content. it never fails to make me laugh

  • CodeViper
    CodeViper Year ago +1

    This was me until my parents decided it was no longer my responsibility to get myself up in the morning

  • ParadoxLaw
    ParadoxLaw 2 years ago +8603

    I'm a light-heavy sleeper I've slept through construction outside my window and at the same time woke up when the floor creaks at night.

    • Black Akita
      Black Akita 8 months ago

      😂😂😂 Im like this too. My nephew use to think I was trolling him. I remember once he said he tripped over everything in my room trying to quietly leave the room after finishing up with my PS4 and I heard none of the "midnight explosions" as he called them but when the door whispered the tiniest creak I woke up immediately asking him if was still playing GTA or whatever he was that he was doing

    • Charles Desmonda
      Charles Desmonda 9 months ago

      I think it might be because the brain is more sensitive to sudden unexpected noises than a constant stream of noise like a construction site. I've fallen asleep to a loud TV playing all night but have woken up to the sound of something dropping on the ground when I was asleep in complete silence.

    • Red Eks
      Red Eks 11 months ago

      I've slept through tornados and woken up at the sound of a mouse farting. It's wild.

    • The Hero of Magicical
      The Hero of Magicical 11 months ago


    • Joe
      Joe 11 months ago

      @OneWhoCollects that’s called trauma

  • Jahfari Coumarbatch
    Jahfari Coumarbatch 2 years ago +15

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  • Legendary Dark Knight Sparda

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  • zinc2zinc2
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    Honestly Caleb kicking me would help me wake up actually.

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      Toast n Butter876 3 years ago

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      Checker Talha 3 years ago

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    • Toast n Butter876
      Toast n Butter876 3 years ago

      Checker Talha
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    • Toast n Butter876
      Toast n Butter876 3 years ago

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    • Akram Safirul
      Akram Safirul 2 years ago

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      Choose wisely.

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    • SniperUsopp
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