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House of the Dragon... Why It's Great!

  • Published on Mar 21, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • House of the Dragon is the newest series set in the Game of Thrones Universe. After the ending of Game of Thrones, many were no longer excited to enter the world of Westeros. However, House of the Dragon Season 1 is fantastic. This prequel in almost every way deserves to be a part of the Game of Thrones universe. And today we review it. In this video essay, I discuss House of the Dragon Season 1 and Why It's Great!
    0:00 - House of the Dragon... Why It's Great!
    0:59 - What Makes The Game of Thrones Universe So Compelling?
    8:16 - Rhaenyra Targaryen
    17:23 - Alicent Hightower
    23:46 - Viserys Targaryen
    28:19 - Daemon Targaryen
    30:43 - Otto Hightower
    34:15 - Other Characters
    37:31- The Immaculate Pacing
    40:25 - Accidents Happen Not Everyday
    42:35 - Redemption for Westeros?
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    House of the Dragon Season 1 is borderline a masterpiece. Never in a million years did I think that the first season of house of the dragon could rival the first season of game of thrones? Regardless of whether or not you liked this first season or whether or not you think it’s as good as game of thrones, House of the Dragon put the game of thrones franchise back on the map. How did this happen? How did a franchise that seemed dead for 3 years make such an explosive return. How did House of the Dragon capture the magic of what made the early seasons of game of thrones so great? Hello everybody and welcome to another video, my name is the gold man and today we’re talking about House of the Dragon season 1 and why it’s great.
    What makes the game of thrones universe work so well? Why did people fall in love with the early seasons of Game of Thrones and now the first season of Game of Thrones? Well there are two reasons, one is the way the world of westeros is designed, and the other is Martin’s rules of writing. What makes the world of Westeros so compelling from a narrative perspective? Well, Feudalism makes for fantastic storytelling. The core of any great drama is the relationships between the characters. It doesn’t matter how great the visuals look or how dense the battles are, if the characters aren’t three dimensional and if the character relationships aren’t well established, then your story has failed as a drama. In a feudalistic world such as westeros, the intimate relationships between a small group of people have immense consequences. In the modern western world, if I were to go to someone and murder them, then their family and close friends will be extremely pissed sure, but they don’t have the ability to draw an army to their side, and niether do I. In dramas that take place in modern earth the consequences of character relationships are usually smaller in scale. In a feudalistic world like Westeros, if someone from House A kills someone from House B, then depending on how important those houses are thousands of people can be drawn to war. In the original Game of Thrones, when Joffrey orders the execution of Ned Stark, the entire North marches to war. In the first episode of House of the Dragon, when we see Viserys’ heir and wife die, the consequences of said deaths can affect the stability of the entire realm. Viewers are often drawn to stakes.
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Comments • 818

  • adamwarlock
    adamwarlock 4 months ago +627

    Pretty sure the reason Rhaenyra became so deeply resentful towards Alicent is not just the marriage itself but because she realized Alicent had been cozying up to Viserys for a long time entirely behind her back and felt deeply betrayed by it. Of course Alicent actually lacks agency over her situation and I think Rhaenyra does recognize that to an extent but Rhaenyra has never been afraid to stand up to her own father, unlike Alicent who is very obedient, so the fact that Alicent would "choose" Otto's scheme over her best friend cut deep.

    • bendogge
      bendogge 19 days ago


    • hoosieraussis1
      hoosieraussis1 19 days ago

      All of this. Alicent definitely lacked agency. Where she really did Rhaenyra dirty was not at least giving her friend a heads up about what she was being made to do instead of blindsiding her.

    • karen hall
      karen hall Month ago

      To be fair, Rheanyra didn't know that Alicent's father had forced her to comfort the king or that the meetings were even taking place. It makes sense that she might feel betrayed.
      Several times though it did seem like they were trying to repair their friendship but something always happened to ruin it.

    • FirCorred
      FirCorred 2 months ago +2

      @adamwarlock - oh hells, you're right! I forgot that Viserys at one point asked Alicent: "you don't tell Rhaenyra bout our...talks? I'm not sure she would understand." That was clearly a command to keep quiet. In her place, Rhaenyra would have told her friend anyway, but Alicent always was the more obedient, less adventurous of the two, unfortunately. Rhaenyra wanted to take Alicent with her when flying Syrax, ie, and Alicent refused explicitly, no maybe about it.
      Alicent - I believe - was aware that Otto pimped her out to the king from day one. The way Otto told her to wear one of her mother's dresses (made sure the king saw a grown woman, not his daughter's playmate) left no doubt about that and she obeyed, the Lady Alicent, in a court gown, with her hair done and expensive jewels who visited the king that night certainly didn't look like the girl who had run through the Red Keep at Rhaenyra's side... Alicent wasn't happy about it, but as you say, obedient to a fault. Just not truly loyal or trustworthy, scared or not. I guess I saw so much unhappiness and disgust in Alicent during S1 that I couldn't understand why she didn't seek the crown princess's protection.

    • S Bam
      S Bam 2 months ago +3

      @Yusuf Raage You missed the point. The point is that he ignores a lot of his prerogatives, not that he doesn't have them. A lot of people just dump on Alicent and gives the King a free pass because "he is a nice guy" but the whole mess from start to end is more HIS fault than anyone. e.g. Why is Crispen Cole still at court? It was his prerogative to fire his ass for killing Ser Leanor's "advisor." Viserys apparently did nothing. It was his prerogative to educate and nature his own sons Aegon and Aemond to be good princes. Visery's doesn't talk to his own sons once! If they grow up bitter, unloved and morally void, that's on him as in medieval culture it is the dad's job specifically (e.g. GOT Season 1, Ned continually educates Robb, John, Bran on duty, responsibility, honor whilst Caitlyn and the Meastor takes on general education).
      Viserys' constant shirking of his duties and willfully turning a blind eye on uncomfortable truths is what causes the war.

  • Alexander Angelus
    Alexander Angelus 4 months ago +449

    I actually liked the smaller scope far more. It was easier to realize who is who, and the dynamics. I was far more invested on whether Viserys and Rhaenyra would see eye to eye, whether Otto would be figured out or not, whether Alicent would become friends with Rhaenyra again or whether Viserys and Daemon would finally be there for each other once more, than anything in GoT. Those intimate relationships inform the grander political ones and make them more impactful.
    Example, Daemon storming the crab pirates alone, bad ass as that scene might be, it’s made even more awesome by the context that he’s once again about to be seen as lesser because his brother sent a huge force to help him win, and he would rather do something that insane and probably die, rather than letting that happen. That’s amazing.

    • Psijic Assassin
      Psijic Assassin 5 days ago

      The scope of HoD is more unrealistic than GoT since with a lot of dragons at their disposal, both sides might as well head towards a quick and total mutual annhilation by season 2 rather than prettify and thicken a plot that basically concerns itself with nothing more than power grabbing.
      Dragons are nukes in this fantasy world. A single one can wipe out a whole town in an episode, which means by season three the whole war should be done and dusted. If the scriptwriting is in any way intelligent, don't see this franchise lasting more episodes than there are cities on the HoD map,
      And how do you make all those dragons disappear once all those towns are obliterated? You think dragons will allow their riders to just eliminate their own kind? Or just fly off into the distance like in GoT? I sensing HoD will have the silliest reasons for explaining how the race of dragons have all but died off by Daenyrys's time.

    • Alexander Angelus
      Alexander Angelus 27 days ago +1

      @Mya. More Well, we definitely could’ve gotten a whole season of young Rhaenyra, but I think, since its basically a prologue to the war that’s supposed to happen, I get why it had to be a season.

    • Mya. More
      Mya. More 27 days ago

      I like the smaller scope just because it is comparable with s7 and down hill,i mean season8. Less characters, less ppl to remember. BUT, comparable as "omfg SEE HOW ITS NOT DIFFICULT" to the Dave and Dave over there.
      But i did enjoy not seeing a charcter for almost an entire season and be like "yo wtf happened to u little one" cuz they got in big trouble or something. + Helps killing ppl that dont count for us, but count to some character that would start scheming.
      Still felt like not enough. I wanted to stay with those characters more (pre war) and learn more about the world building at that time.
      They'll get money and i don't think they'll pull the "we kinda forgorrrrr" twice.. right?!

    • Sam F.S.
      Sam F.S. 4 months ago +8

      It's smarter to start small and gradually go bigger. Makes it easier to follow. Also, sets up the main players REALLY WELL.

    • kdusel1991
      kdusel1991 4 months ago +5

      @The Gold Man I agree. It was less confusing than the original show, which I still feel was good up till season 5.

  • T
    T 4 months ago +788

    I think that Viserys is a big part of the reason why this family feud happened, he neglected Aegon, Aemond, and Heleana his whole life, if he had shown equal love to all his children, this wouldn't have happened

    • Jay pears
      Jay pears Day ago

      ​@Kasandra Morgan the king chose who he wanted to succeed him he had that right

    • Psijic Assassin
      Psijic Assassin 5 days ago

      Your guess is as equally wrong even if he showed his whole family equal love. There will still be civil war since Aemond will want to grab the crown from Aegon who he feels is unworthy of it. Regardless whether Rheanrys is the legitimiate heir to the throne or not.
      The story's war comes not from clashing sides of a family feud but from personal lust and greed. Family relationships are just collateral damage.

    • Superkoopatrooper
      Superkoopatrooper Month ago

      If any of the main characters put in any effort to bond with any of the others, this wouldnt of happened. There is no one particular person at fault. All of them are not perfect or even good people. Even Viserys is a bad person. He took his wifes choice away and brutally cut her open just for a son. He didnt even tell her. Sure he loved his daughter but that doesnt make up for all the bad. He knew what hightower was doing, using his daughter as a pawn for power. He called him out on it and fired him before HE BROUGHT HIM BACK. He put his daughters life in danger and did bare minimum to protect her. I mean, he literally married his daughter off to a gay man. Just so people can turn around and resent her for being a human being and looking for love. I guess that's what makes this show soooo good.

    • some guy on the internet
      some guy on the internet Month ago +1

      @Shannon D Jaehaerys wouldn't even allow this to happen.

    • Shannon D
      Shannon D Month ago

      @The Gold ManSorry but the second half of the Rhaenyra section, particularly how she had the power to change the system is lols & the opposite.

  • devorahacts
    devorahacts 4 months ago +166

    The problem with Cersei's kids is they're not related to the sovereign, but in Rhaenyra's case they are and her consort is shooting blanks. It is indeed different.

    • Alex Elkhoury
      Alex Elkhoury Month ago

      @Gig you can adopt in the medieval era. Who the fuck is gonna tell the king "No, that's not your son?" They'll wait for him to die before trying to do something to the adopted heir, a la waiting for Viserys to die before installing Aegon, a more widely seen as "legitimate" claimant.

    • Shannon D
      Shannon D Month ago +1

      @Anaïs orlys Velaryon begs to differ & reminds us history remembers names. These kids are Targaryens, but spoiler we are wasting time on this topic regardless There is a reason Cersei had Robert’s bastards murdered, even the baby girl.

    • Shannon D
      Shannon D Month ago +3

      And she was expected to provide an heir. It is 100% different, I hate this comparison

    • Mali Cia
      Mali Cia 2 months ago +1

      If the Westeros society were more like Dorne, her first kids would just be openly Blackfires while they would simply pressure her into finally have a legitimate kid.

    • Sotir
      Sotir 2 months ago +3

      That's probably not the driving thing behind the feud. The new queen has male children, and her friend who is declared an heir is a female, who is immoral. Not only does she not see her as worthy of being a sovereign, the very existance of her (male) children is a threat to Rhaenyra and her offspring. And you do everything to protect your children.

  • darthcarrots
    darthcarrots 4 months ago +162

    Rhea was FORCED to push for her second born son to be the heir of Driftmark because if she were to support Laena’s daughters she would be openly admitting that her sons are bastards, which would absolutely threaten both her place as Viserys’ heir and the lives of her children.

    • Psijic Assassin
      Psijic Assassin 5 days ago

      @Alicia Garcia But she's female. She should just give way to a male heir, as is the custom of their kingdom. She was only meant to be a temporary filler in the absence of a direct male heir.
      The whole show (and the many deaths it will cause) revolves around senseless stubbornness, vengeance and silly feminist hunger for power.
      Basically, a story run by animalistic urges.

    • darthcarrots
      darthcarrots 2 months ago +1

      @L S I totally agree! I was speaking primarily about the scene where Corlys’s brother was positioning the crown. If Corlys chose to name Laena’s daughter as his heir it would likely raise eyebrows about Laenor and his children, BUT it would t be controversial. It’s his call, but in his absence Rhaenyra’s hands are tied and she’s really forced to continue to push for Lucerys.

    • L S
      L S 2 months ago +3

      @some guy on the internet It was Corlys’s decision, bastard or not.

    • L S
      L S 2 months ago +11

      This is all correct, BUT this is Corlys' decision. NOT Rhanaeyra's. You get Rhaenys asking Corlys to name Leana's oldest daughter instead of Lucerys because they are trueborn children. But grandpa loves Lucerys, and he delivers the epic line about how history remembers names, not blood. In the Game of thrones series also, it's the house leader that decides the heirs, like Tywin wanting to name Jaime heir instead of Tyrion, despite being in the KIngsgaurd. The Iron Islands elects their own and such.

  • Joseph Wantock
    Joseph Wantock 4 months ago +239

    After the last couple seasons of GOT left such a bad taste in my mouth, I seriously questioned whether or not I even wanted to return to the world of Westeros, which is surprising considering just how invested I was in the first 6 seasons. Thankfully the first season of HOD really reignited my faith in this franchise and what it can deliver.

    • Psijic Assassin
      Psijic Assassin 5 days ago

      Don't get invested dude. The scope of HoD is more unrealistic than GoT since with a lot of dragons at their disposal, both sides might as well head towards a quick and total mutual annhilation by season 2 rather than prettify and thicken a plot that basically concerns itself with nothing more than power grabbing.
      Dragons are nukes in this fantasy world. A single one can wipe out a whole town in an episode, which means by season three the whole war should be done and dusted. If the scriptwriting is in any way intelligent, don't see this franchise lasting more episodes than there are cities on the HoD map,
      And how do you make all those dragons disappear once all those towns are obliterated? You think dragons will allow their riders to just eliminate their own kind via Pokemon faceoffs? Or just fly off into the sunset like in GoT? I am sensing HoD will have the silliest reasons for explaining how the race of dragons will have all but died off by Daenyrys's time.

    • Mya. More
      Mya. More 27 days ago +1

      The first few scenes i was smiling my ass off like "omg they're back baby" x') I can't get enough of this world and its characters i don't think :D

    • kdusel1991
      kdusel1991 3 months ago

      @Sam Burns I agree. I just hated the last episodes of GOT. They completely destroyed it.

    • Sam Burns
      Sam Burns 3 months ago +2

      You're most definitely not alone.
      I cannot stress how in-love I was with Game of Thrones. The first 6 seasons were, to me, phenomenal television. Season 7 had some moments that I loved, and some moments that I didn't love, but didn't hate. But that changed with Season 8. The last 3 episodes of the final season, I hated. And I was left with a hole in my heart. I was bitter and wanted to forget about Westeros, Essos, and such. To this day, I haven't had the desire to watch GoT Season 8 a second time.
      Anyway, fast forward a couple of years, and I watched the HotD trailer, and although it looked potentially good to me, the memories of GoT S8 came rushing back, and it made me cringe, and I was left bitter once more. That being said, when HotD Episode 1 eventually was about to air for the first time, I decided that I was going to give it a chance. And, after I watched the first season in its entirety, I fully admit that I have fallen in love with a show that I honestly wanted to hate at first.
      "Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in." -- Michael Corleone (The Godfather Trilogy)
      Now, I find myself eagerly awaiting HotD Season 2, and I gladly pre-ordered HotD Season 1 on 4K UHD Blu-ray (available December 22, 2022, at least in North America -- not sure about elsewhere).
      I do feel the need to add this final thought: I seriously pray that HotD doesn't end up like GoT did. And I'm so worried about this that I am even researching who wrote Season 1 - Episodes 1 to 10. And there is one writer among them that concerns me: Sara Hess. She has publicly stated that she hates Daemon Targaryen, and has also made it known that she's a very passionate feminist who hates anything-Patriarchy. And I worry that, if her contributions are improperly overlooked, that she'll introduce significant changes that, worst case scenario, could ruin the show. And I know that none of us want another ruined ASOIAF-based tv show. Make of that what you will.
      Cheers =)

    • kdusel1991
      kdusel1991 4 months ago +2

      @The Gold Man totally agree!!

  • Gami Cross
    Gami Cross 4 months ago +195

    Daemon is just as unpredictable as a dragon... a wild beast that wants to be free but everyone thinks they understand and can control.
    Then act shocked when he's pushed into survival mode or defends his family.

    • Gaby Green
      Gaby Green 2 months ago

      Spot on!

    • HotDlover
      HotDlover 3 months ago +2

      @scambammer medival dudes killed their rivals all the time, that's the point lmao. And he didn't do anything to his first wife until she fell off the horse and started to run her mouth

    • waas_pm
      waas_pm 4 months ago +8

      @scambammer yea daemond and aemond don't hide their intentions we all know both character are bad people. That's what I like about them two

    • scambammer
      scambammer 4 months ago +16

      he flat out murdered his wife and his rival. that doesn't make him a bad character, but it makes him a bad person.

  • James Garretson
    James Garretson 4 months ago +316

    I disagree about Rhaenyra suffering more consequences over Laenor's death. By that point in time, all Corlys and Rhaenys have left are their grandchildren, three of which are Rhaenyra's sons (despite not actually being their grandchildren by blood, it is heavily hinted that they love them like grandchildren anyway,) the other two are Daemon's daughters, all of whom support Rhaenyra, if they wanted to help protect their grandchildren, they would've had no choice but to support Rhaenyra as well.
    It doesn't mean they and Nyra are all cool, just that they have similar goals in mind.

    • Seif ElBagoury
      Seif ElBagoury 2 months ago

      @Mai Tran u underestimate the influence of corlys he basically lifted his house from the mud i wouldnt be surprised if he is seen as a walking god to his houses’ bannermen

    • some guy on the internet
      some guy on the internet 2 months ago

      Rhaenys gave the 3 strong boys the cold shoulder and even wanted them disinherited. Not to mention she allied with Rhaenyra only when Viserys came. She was ready to cast them down the moment it benefitted her and/or her Granddaughters.
      Corlys only tolerates them.

    • Mendie L
      Mendie L 4 months ago +7

      Also, everything Corlys wanted was to put his blood/name on the Iron Throne, and Rhaenarya is his best chance to do so. And Rhaenis is the one person that would never be on the green side because she was the one woman that lost the Iron Throne because of the feudal system. And seeing Aegon crowned king against Rhaenarya, when everyone called her "the queen who never was" (or something like that), made her feel empathetic to Rhaenarya and take her side.

    • Mai Tran
      Mai Tran 4 months ago

      nah, corlys and rhaenys getting away with supporting rhaenyera is a little bs. you can't tell me the rest of their house and bannermen are all cool with rhaenyera having a hand in killing their future lord just because corlys and rhaenys are cool with rhaenyera. again, feudal society, the consequences are not limited to just one family. it's a whole region, a whole country.

  • Aramai Jonassi ll
    Aramai Jonassi ll 2 months ago +29

    36:21 I totally agree with you about Aemond killing Luceres. The only accident in killing him was that his dragon ate Luke. He was literally trying to knock him off his dragon and stab his eye out minutes before. He was fully aware how dangerous it was and didn’t care. If this happened IRL, he’d go to prison. It’s insane that people are playing down what he did as a little oopsie and excusing him. He was an adult bullying a child.

  • Keyser94
    Keyser94 4 months ago +89

    Viserys Targaryen is not the Ned Stark of this universe, one key difference is that Ned Stark never doubt to go war if he feels that the realm or his house feel threaten, Viserys always try to appease things, making the conflict under his nose worse, Ned in other hand, his only flaw was to think that everyone else had the same sense of honour that he have.

    • Mya. More
      Mya. More 27 days ago

      @Mr Weird Guy Oh wow, i love that one. I should start reading those damn books

    • Mr Weird Guy
      Mr Weird Guy 2 months ago +3

      True, but a slight nickpick. Ned does not expect everyone to have the same sense of honor. That's a misconception. In the Books it is quite clear. Ned has PTSD about dead children and he was getting desperate and was unable to think straight as result in his final days.

    • Slayerr
      Slayerr 2 months ago +3

      @MsDaydream3r he only spoiled one of his children while ignoring the others, helping the resentment grow between the two sides. The green kids didn’t like or respect him, ofc they won’t care about the blacks or his wishes regarding them.

    • MsDaydream3r
      MsDaydream3r 2 months ago

      Viserys wants to hold the realm together by pleasing everyone, but that's *exactly* what tears it apart. As king, he's father to the realm, but a father doesn't keep his children in line by giving them whatever they want, he needs to put his foot down. But Viserys spoils his family and Westeros until people like Otto get greedy and want more than they should.

    • Keyser94
      Keyser94 2 months ago

      @Slayerr I wouldn't put bastard in quotes, more when now at days, most of the Fandom not give a shit about the R+L=J Fan Theory, Jon Snow live and die like his father Ned Stark, thinking that everyone else have the same sense of honour than him.

  • Me
    Me 4 months ago +94

    Paddy deserves an Award for his extraordinary and exceptional performance when he dragged himself to the throne while dying

  • Etienne Marquis
    Etienne Marquis 2 months ago +8

    I woudnt say that Rhaenyra's marriage to Lanor was to 'sleep around' it was to pursue happiness whilst upholding thier duties. Its very different. And she was justified in her anger toward Alicent as from her perspective she was using her as a tool to get close to her father behind her back.

    • K.W. 8
      K.W. 8 2 months ago +1

      Are you saying that Rhaenyra thought that Alicent was friends with Rhae just to get close to Viserys? That's why she is mad at Alicent or part of the reason why?

  • Tobrina jolly
    Tobrina jolly 4 months ago +84

    Rhaenyra’s answer to Alicent in episode 4 was more rules lawyer than lying. When Alicent asked Rhaenyra if she had been with Daemon, The answer was no, because Daemon stopped things before they went that far. Alicent never asked just about sex. So I think Rhaenyra gave a politicians answer, and the exact answer to the worded question, not to the spirit of the conversation.

    • Etienne Marquis
      Etienne Marquis 2 months ago +3

      @Enjolras It's part of Alicent's character is to take what peole say to her and twist it to fit her narrative. She asks Rhaenyra if she slept with damon and when she says no Alicent takes that to mean that she slept with nobody and is angry when she find out otherwise. Also when Viserys dies he talks about the prince that was promised (thinking he was talking to Rhaenyra) and Alicent interprets that as him wanting Agon to be king even tho logically that makes no sense.

    • Ser Jack Burgundy a Knight of the Patriarchy
      Ser Jack Burgundy a Knight of the Patriarchy 2 months ago +2

      Team black apologists doing backflips as usual lol

    • Gaby Green
      Gaby Green 2 months ago +4

      Now let me tell you abt Daemon being a lawyer himself. When Viserys kicked him, he said "I need to understand the charge before I attempt to discredit it" and "if you're accusing me for some depravity, you need to be more specific" is definitely giving law student vibes. Also on EP5 he denied the accusations from Ser Royce by saying "are you admitting something?" is definitely giving politician vibes bcs dude twisted the facts. I assure you, the dude is a law school student. And then there's Criston.....

    • BambiLena666
      BambiLena666 2 months ago +11

      @Amber Young To be fair Alicent never even asked if she was still "a maiden", she only asks about Daemon. To which Rhaenyra doesnt lie. Daemon and her didnt have sex. Now, given their relationship and Alicent and Otto working behind Rhaenyras back, Rhaenyra has no reason to confine to Alicent about her other activities and life other than what is being asked. Why should she? Alicent interprets her words and then gets mad.

  • Stygai Is My Summer Home
    Stygai Is My Summer Home 4 months ago +81

    I think you make valid points, though, I think you might have missed some nuance in the scene between Laenor and Rhaenyra as just that they didn't try enough. I think Laenor may be sterile. My gripe with Rhaenyra is that she didn't find a Laenor look-alike. With regards to the relationship breakdown between Alicent and Rhaenyra, I imagine that Rhaenyra shut Alicent out and thought she must have wanted to marry Viserys. If we're going by how Rhaenyra acts, she might've thought that if Alicent wasn't glad to marry her dad, she would've done something about it. That's what Rhaenyra would've done. Flown off on Syrax and told the old man to get bent. Otto is manipulative, and he's thinking of himself, not Alicent. Hightower as a house, not people. He wanted to put the Hightowers on the throne. I didn't think of overcompensation being Aemond and Vhagar but now that you said it, Vhagar as a jacked up truck and Aemond in sleeveless plaid and a trucker's hat is what I see. Great video, even if I don't wholeheartedly agree with all your points.

    • Kasandra Morgan
      Kasandra Morgan 2 months ago +1

      @Yusuf Raage Because at this point in time, they had their own Targaryens, the greens, and would be ready and eager to put Targaryens loyal to them on the throne. To claim birthing visible bastards caused her no problems would be to ignore pretty much everything that happened. The city riots were started by someone called The Shepard preaching every day about how evil and wicked she was. Clearly the faith played a major part in her downfall.

    • Yusuf Raage
      Yusuf Raage 2 months ago

      Why would she find someone like ser Leanor she is a Targaryen and they are above the laws of the faith of the seven. The faith doesnt agree with anything that the Targaryens do but they dont have a say about the Targaryen because they have dragons and Meagor burned them to submission.

    • BambiLena666
      BambiLena666 2 months ago +2

      @Kasandra Morgan I mean, Rhaenyra explicitly says, multiple times, that she doesnt want to burn the kingdom, which is why shes measuring her steps carefully. We havent seen much of anything of adult Rhaenyra that would indicate she would be a bad ruler in anyway. Aegon however, we have.
      On top of that Aemond is the one that starts the war by murdering Jace, not Rhaenyra or Daemon. Which all started because Otto just couldnt help himself but stage a coup to get his grandson on the throne over Rhaenyra.

    • Kasandra Morgan
      Kasandra Morgan 4 months ago +4

      @Stygai Is My Summer Home If you use the fact that giving birth can kill you to argue that he wasn't looking out for her best interest, then sending her to be a Septa would be in her best interest. Um...okay. Though I think most women would rather be a queen than a nun.
      Everything you said about Otto could be read that way as long as you ignore the greater context of him being 100% right. Rhaenyra and Daemon would make terrible rulers and bring everything to ruin. They would also execute him and his family. So whether he wanted power or not, he'd be a moron to just stand there and let them take the throne. They however have no reason to want it. No interest in ruling, no talent for it, no great plans. They are willing to burn the kingdom to the ground for a nice-to-have which shows how dangerous and selfish they are.
      You're right. We won't agree on this.

    • Stygai Is My Summer Home
      Stygai Is My Summer Home 4 months ago +5

      Ah yes, retirement in Westeros. Aemma Arryn is sipping mai-tais in Dorne, living off the interest of mothering one princess. Marriage is a political pact in the Seven Kingdoms, and typically arranged by men, not the women involved. I would argue that since women don't have overt power in Westeros, even having an advantageous marriage such as Alicent's is just Otto's way of getting his hooks deeper into his position as the Hand. Aegon II was not Viserys' desired or declared heir, so Otto had to orchestrate a coup to crown him. Otto can rule through a puppet king. All of this is perception of motivation, but I will argue that Otto is a master manipulator with second-son syndrome who wants to see his family become most powerful and be remembered as the man who made it thusly. We're not going to agree, but that's what I think and what was supported in the show to my eyes.

  • Andreas Ditlevsen
    Andreas Ditlevsen 4 months ago +36

    I think that Alicent does believe Viserys' "change of heart" to be true. Based on the scene in the episode where they go on the royal hunt in honor of Aegon's nameday, Viserys openly questions his choice to make Rhaenyra heir to the throne and talks about the Targaryan "Dreamers". Ironically, Alicent at the time reaffirms Viserys' choice and talks him out of his doubt. But then hearing Viserys mumble out something with a dream and hearing the name Aegon it is not that far of a leap that she would make the connection that she did and that she would believe it - after all Viserys had his doubts once - why not again?
    But it obviously doesn't help her case that she acts with jealosy and recentfullness most of the grown life after that.

    • natz barney
      natz barney 3 months ago

      @K.W. 8 She wants to protect her children. This is her central goal. For years she believed that Rhaenyra was the main threat to them. But in the end, she understands that the main threat is the civil war. It is for this reason that she distances herself from her father's politics in episode 8 and actively fights to save the peace in episode 9.
      She also wants to do what she believes is right, including to honor her late husband's will. This means protecting Rhaenyra from her father's murderous plans. And also, to crown Aegon with the Conqueror's crown, in accordance with the prophetic dream Viserys told her about ("a male babe, born to me, wearing the Conqueror's crown") and which she believes he gave her the mission to fulfill ("You must do this", twice, before dying).
      There's a powerful narrative parallel between Rhaenyra and Alicent for that matter who are both trying to save the peace in the final two episodes and who both want to fulfill a prophetic dream.

    • Andreas Ditlevsen
      Andreas Ditlevsen 3 months ago +2

      ​@K.W. 8 I think you are spot on in the analysis that throughout the season Alicent is much more of a passive character. But that is also recognised within the show in the conversation between Rhaenys and Alicent. "You just want to carve out a window in your prison".
      After that conversation is exactly when Alicent starts becoming a more active character. The whole point of her getting to Aegon first is so that she can set terms to her father and prevent him from killing Rhaenyra and her children and instead brings her relatively good terms for peace. That is pretty impactful in my opinion- given the alternative. So it is not that she is playing the game to get Aegon on the throne - that was decided by her misinterpretation of Viserys' last words- but rather she is playing the game to stop her father from spilling blood after the coronation of Aegon.
      She doesn't act surprised that the council wants to kill Rhaenyra, she is surprised that the council has been plotting the succession of Aegon all along- in spite of the information she just gave them. She also is not the one who is plotting; as you say she is mostly passive up until this point. The plotting is done by everyone around her- Otto, the entire small council, Larys etc. she only becomes an active player after the conversation with Rhaenys.
      Hopefully we will see a much more active character in Alicent next season. I'm guessing once the blood starts spilling she will start getting some motivation going :b

    • K.W. 8
      K.W. 8 3 months ago

      @Andreas Ditlevsen
      The only thing I wish to highlight is that Alicent doesn't really have any real goals that are of here own make. Most of what she wants to do or is shown doing "onscreen" are things that other characters wish to achieve and use her as a means to achieve it. So it's not really deep and impactful character moments when she does things imo.
      Otto and Alicent have a scene in ep.9 where she supposed to be calling Otto out for manipulating her into doing things she doesn't want, so that the audience thinks she knows or starts to understand the game. Except, in ep.5, when Otto is about to leave she already told him that he's the one that wants Aegon on the throne and that he shouldn't have been too hasty when going about it. So she already knows that the succession is his idea. And it's something she really doesn't care about.
      She just has this radical flip after Larys tells her what he told her in ep.5 then starts plotting and scheming. That's when she puts her children's lives in danger. It's even makes her look worse when in ep.9 when Otto says that Rhae and her children need to be killed to ensure Aegon ascends, Alicent acts all surprised. Like this is the same woman whom your father said would kill your children. So now when you successfully disinherit her, your father wants to eliminate her, all of a sudden you grow a moral backbone.
      The writers don't know how they want Adult Alicent to appear. Because she's doing this eyes-wide-shut stuff all the time in the later half of the season.

    • Andreas Ditlevsen
      Andreas Ditlevsen 3 months ago +1

      ​@K.W. 8 They were back on neutral terms yes- until she learns that Rhaenyra was lying to her in episode 5. So if Rhaenyra is willing to lie in order to get her father fired as hand - why wouldn't she suspect more malicious actions? That is the whole point of her wearing the green dress. And I didn't mean he constantly told her, I meant that this kind of information is something that sticks in your head. The succession is what comes up all the time - so of course it is also a subject that hangs over the entire show.
      Of course they want to make it seem like this. That doesn't mean that is her only motivation though as you say. The characters are grey. I'm only saying that I do believe that she would think so- given everything I have already said.
      Yes, Rhaenyras kid is also names Aegon, but he is not in the line of succession after Viserys' death. The dispute is between Viserys' kids- not Rhaenyra's. And because of Westerosi laws and customs Aegon is in fact the most "legitimate" heir in the eyes of the people as seen in the coronation scene. Alicent would most likely have interpreted the "last wish" as a way to make peace in the realm. It is not only about whether or not she believes Rhaenyra to "kill her children" it is whether or not the realm will support it or not. Clearly the big houses are divided on the matter. And clearly there is precedent and tradition for the male heir to be selected. And if Rhaenyra had accepted the terms she was send there would have been peace- so I don't see how it put Aegon in any more danger than if Rhaenyra would have inherited as planned. What if the other houses rose out to support Aegon none the less? We know that most of the people on the small council had plotted the coronation of Aegon anyway in fact.

    • K.W. 8
      K.W. 8 3 months ago +1

      @Andreas Ditlevsen Otto only told Alicent one time that Alicent's children could die by Rhaenyra's hand. And that was in episode 5 when Otto had to leave the Red Keep. This is one episode after ep.4 where Rhaenyra and Alicent are back on neutral terms. So she really shouldn't just full- steam believe Otto. And Otto appears back onscreen in ep. 7(he's not present in ep.6) during Laena's funeral, and never tells Alicent her children's lives are in danger ever again, so he didn't constantly tell her that.
      The writers want to make it seem like Alicent actually believes that to be the case so that she is justified in disinheriting Rhaenyra, cause she"fears" for her children's life. But disinheriting the lawful only puts Alicent's children in more danger. So it's counterproductive and her belief stands on a weak foundation. The writer don't really give Alicent that much depth.
      Plus Rhaenyra's son with Daemon is named Aegon. So there's two Aegon currently. And again she should know how the King gets when he is medicated. He's saying things in that moment and having a convo that he has never had with Alicent. And she knows that. So in ep. 9 when she tells the small council that Viserys wanted Aegon on the throne I wouldn't have believed her either.

  • MrNasty20
    MrNasty20 4 months ago +24

    I feel like the part when Daemon laugh during his 2nd wife funeral is because Vaemond decided to take this time of mourning to keep throwing shades at Rhaenyra. Nothing to do if he's evil or not. That's how I interpreted.

    • BambiLena666
      BambiLena666 2 months ago +8

      If anything on topic of his character Ive seen this as him not minding to be viewed as "the bad guy" to divert attention off Rhaenyra and give a clear sign to how ridiculous Vaemond is being on the funeral of his wife taking this as the opportunity to shade Rhaenyra instead of respect for Leana. Even though I think Daemon is an ahole in general, he has his trully brilliant moments.

  • Bichi Allen
    Bichi Allen 4 months ago +16

    Something I would like to point out, Alicent's kids were just a little troubled before Otto arrived back in court. After he did, their biggest flaws got super propelled into criminal degrees

    • Miche Clarke
      Miche Clarke 2 months ago +12

      I would also give some of the credit to cristin coles influence, and how his tutelage shaped the princes and the rift between them.

  • Made-line 🎭
    Made-line 🎭 4 months ago +74

    It was so nuts to me that Viserys was so downtrodden at that point in time that he couldn't insist, upon his right of kingship, to marry his daughter to his grandson (eww, but it is what it is). It's not as though Rhaenyra and her immediate family hadn't been in KL for six years at that point, and he wasn't so incapacitated that he was indefinitely bedridden. He could have put his foot down but instead, he just ostensibly
    shook his head and went "Well, can't argue with that 🤷🏼".

    • BambiLena666
      BambiLena666 2 months ago +3

      Im trying to figure out who you mean and its messing up my brain, you mean Helaena to Lucerys? What would that achieve? The people whos right to the throne is over dispute are Rhaenyra and Aegon. If Otto means to ascend Aegon, then his children would inherit the throne and Lucerys has no rights to anything. It doesnt solve anything.
      The best thing Viserys couldve done would be to marry his daughter to his brother and not get remarried himself at all. Let Rhaenyra and Daemon make more royal babies, marry the two people with the right to the throne and step away, but he was too distrustful and resentful of Daemon to do that.

    • Kattatatatat
      Kattatatatat 3 months ago +1

      @Made-line 🎭 I think he underestimated his family and his counsel's ambitions which was foolish considering he never did so with Daemon

    • Made-line 🎭
      Made-line 🎭 4 months ago +2

      @James Grieves Mmm, I suppose. It was just bizarre because, non-confrontational or not, he is the king, and he were still ruling at that stage. Even though I want to say "he could have prevented a lot of violence by agreeing to the marriage", it would be redundant, as we could say that about most of his decisions haha. Fair point.

    • James Grieves
      James Grieves 4 months ago +16

      @Made-line 🎭 It made sense from a character perspective, in that Viserys absolutely hates conflict and just wants to pretend the problems in his family don't exist.

    • Made-line 🎭
      Made-line 🎭 4 months ago +3

      @The Gold Man It was one of the most frustrating parts of the season for me haha. Just made no sense

  • Enzo Rocha
    Enzo Rocha 4 months ago +13

    It's conjecture to say that if Rhaenyra was a kinder sister to her half-brothers, they wouldn't be so intensely at odds with each other and have strained relationships with her sons. Remember the bullying that Aemond suffered for not having a dragon (the pig dragon prank in particular)? That led to him desirous of having one, if only to prove himself as deserving of his lineage. That, in turn, led to a chain of events ending with him losing one eye and cementing a long-standing hatred in his heart. Rhaenyra didn't have anything to do with that (well, arguably).
    In short, kind sister =/= better (half) brother relationships and so on down the line.
    But yes, they're all flawed top to bottom, and their flaws have dire consequences. In the real world, it would be highly improbable because of how modern society is set up, and that is what makes the show so compelling too, imho.

  • Summarizer Rain
    Summarizer Rain 4 months ago +212

    13:39 “I’m sure Rhaneyra could’ve had a kid if she really tried and not slept around” the show literally explains thru Lainor that they did try and he was infertile and also Rhaneyra only slept with him and Harwin and that time so its not like she was sleeping around with everyone, and at least none of them were her brother either lol

    • BambiLena666
      BambiLena666 2 months ago +2

      @Татьяна Вельденмир Eh Im not sure it matters much overall, except for watchers and maybe in the world Rhaenyra is the first to be questioned because of it?
      At the end of the day Rhaenys's mother was a Baratheon (with a targaryen mother) with Baratheon features, and Aemma was an Arryn. Point being both of them are decently mixed with the local population for it to not be that strange genetically that they would produce light skinned children.
      Its too early in the show, but we know later on that even Mariah Martell who was very dark skinned with black hair and eyes only had one child out of 4 that didnt have her husbands Daerons classic fair skin,hair, eyes Targaryan features. Same can be mentioned for Rohanne of Tyrosh and Daemon Blackfyre that had 6 kids all with Targ features regardless of Rohannes dark features.
      Rhaenyra having all 3 boys looking so much like Strong and none with Targ look, even though hes features are fairly light is really a bizarre genetic fluke the gods decided to play a little prank based on what we can see on Targ genetics lmao

    • Татьяна Вельденмир
      Татьяна Вельденмир 2 months ago

      @BambiLena666 And the series add some additional twist to this bastards' topic - some, khm, skin color question. Laenor already has "semidark" skin, but nevertheless, it should have been visible on his heirs. Just an interesting addition.

  • WebX
    WebX 4 months ago +18

    One thing to note is that in the fuedal world, being more critical of women sleeping around isn't just some arbitrary decision. It has to do with paternity certainty. Maternity is always certain, but paternity is not. The only say to ensure it is for the woman to only be with one man. The more important paternity is, the more the magnifying class is focused on the woman's sexuality.
    This was a MAJOR staple in gender relations for millennia after "modern" civilizations started springing up, and one of the foundational principles for a lot of the sexism that sticks around. That and women being baby-makers and men expected to die in combat.

    • Dawert26
      Dawert26 Month ago +1

      This is totally true, and one of history’s great ironies; the fact that women were for millennia subjugated as being nearly on the level of livestock and yet alone held the inscrutable role of dictating the true property of men, and in themselves were the only ones capable of passing down the all-important family name. Craaasazy

    • The Gold Man
      The Gold Man  4 months ago +2

      great points!

  • Saber Serpent's Sword Reviews & Hakka Kung Fu

    Alicent's comment during her rant about "your pretty little foot", is hilariously ironic, considering what she's getting up to with her own royal feet.

    • RecoveringIntrovert
      RecoveringIntrovert 4 months ago +8

      I find it sad she's been sexually coerced into things so much to uphold the kingdom and gain power for men

  • sebadrum16
    sebadrum16 4 months ago +49

    Great video, and props for using each character’s theme when discussing them!

    • The Gold Man
      The Gold Man  4 months ago +8

      I'm so glad someone noticed that, thank you for making my effort feel warranted!

  • Mr Frog
    Mr Frog 4 months ago +66

    Such an underrated Clip-Sharer. Such great pacing script and how he delivers.

    • The Gold Man
      The Gold Man  4 months ago +2

      Wow, thank you! I really appreciate it!

  • Tide shoreside
    Tide shoreside 4 months ago +9

    Exactly, people sees Otto and Alicent as a Villains, while in fact they are doing what they are supposed to do. An outstanding video 🔥🔥

  • Latisha Buckner
    Latisha Buckner 4 months ago +8

    Much as I love Danaerys I'm glad HOTD shows the faults in Rhaenyra and doesn't display her as the realms delight, loved by all. It's easy to see her doing horrible things out of grief and anger vs Dany doing a 180.

    • Psijic Assassin
      Psijic Assassin 5 days ago

      After three seasons, you will see 180 begin showing up. Even brain-dead audiences lost their lunch when Jon Snow got resurrected.
      When the producers realized that fans gobbled this nonsense, they didn't hesitate to pull the trigger with Dany in the end.

  • Amber Rudolph
    Amber Rudolph 4 months ago +15

    This was a really great breakdown, I liked the rubber band analogy of how the season really built tension. I've seen so many people say HOTD is too slow and they constantly compare it to GOT but Character building, setting up scenes and conflict is just as important as the big battles and shocking moments and to me this first season was meant to build the back story before leaning in to the drama that we like in GOT.

    • The Gold Man
      The Gold Man  4 months ago

      I'm glad you enjoyed it, thanks for watching!

  • Youtube Emperor of Mankind

    All of the bad and evil Allison shows is caused by the poison her father brought to all of them.
    He traumatized her and made her fear... Fear is a great motivator and he put a lot of that into her.. even before the show started.. it even goes down into the body language of the actors portraying that so very well with the nails (biting nails is a sign of inner conflict and possible trauma. Yes it can also be just bad hygiene padagogy but in itself thats a trauma too..)
    Allison is as much a victim to the whole situation as her and Rhaenyras kids.
    Otto is the worst.. Rhaenyras unrestrained actions (justified or not) make her the second worst cause of suffering.
    If Rhaenyra had her s**** together and embraced Allie and helped her out of fear and faith they might've become the greatest friends who hold the Kingdrom together... but because of Ottos poison and Rhaenyras recklessness... the Kingdom will literally burn..

  • Alex
    Alex 2 months ago +3

    I'm over the narrative that Rhaenyra shunned Alicent out for no reason. Alicent was groomed by her father sure, but she could have told Rhaenyra what was going on rather than have her be blindsided.

  • Brownie Bear
    Brownie Bear 2 months ago +9

    13:20 It's implied that Laenor was sterile since Rhaenyra did say that they 'performed their duty' which would explain that no matter what, they could not have heirs

  • Ramin Y'Bhatti
    Ramin Y'Bhatti 4 months ago +12

    I was going to give the show a miss, but it's awesome. The first episode drew me in. Paddy Considine is hypnotic. Milly Alcock is brilliant. I love how it's very character based and intimate.

  • Fabianne Deacon
    Fabianne Deacon 4 months ago +13

    I loved this video essay, it's very even-handed and balanced. I have my biases, of course, but it's great hearing this story from all sides.

  • itay kliger
    itay kliger 4 months ago +22

    ita crazy how underrated this channel is. every vid is so proffesionaly made and so good! keep up the good work

  • kdusel1991
    kdusel1991 4 months ago +14

    I liked how it was more condensed storyline wise. And having already read the fire and blood book makes me even more excited for season 2! Paddy Considine as Viserys was so good! I also really liked the two young actresses that played young alicent and rhaenyra. Olivia Cooke, Matt Smith as Daemon and the actress who plays the older Rhaenyra is also fantastic.

  • Joline Fields
    Joline Fields Month ago +1

    Enjoyed your very well spoken character briefs, understanding of the world , and pacing and tone of your delivery and agree with your appreciation of the miraculous accomplishments this show achieved in a post GOT universe! Allowing differing perspectives characters continue to develop and evolve as results of their circumstances keeps them from stagnating and the viewer immersed themselves as you say it shows both short and long term consequences of actions and motivations. Aemond is by far my favorite character (even tho I can admit to the excitement of the fatal attraction towards Daemon and young Rhaenyra😊)
    Aemond (season one at least, no didn’t read the books) is the epitome of loyalty intelligence perseverance desire discipline and fully embodies that power of drawing strength from within using his adversities as motivation to sharpen up not seek outside distractions.

  • VanessaLore
    VanessaLore 4 months ago +8

    I know everyone is raving about Paddy and I agree he’s a great actor and Matt’s scene with him were my fav. But Matt Smith draws my eyes to him in every scene he’s in. He’s always going to be no 1 for me because I’ve been following him since Doctor Who. I just want him to get the respect he deserves. He is a phenomenal actor, and he embodies Daemon. As for the character I want him next season to make people afraid the min he walks in the room

    • Rahmat Manurung
      Rahmat Manurung 4 months ago

      Many gave good review about Matt's acting too.

  • Alias
    Alias 2 months ago +1

    In the beginning, Alicent is mad that Rheanyra is not worried about her position. Alicent, then to Rheanyras, full knowledge just undercuts her position and marries her father. Now I know Alicent has anxiety as noted by her picking her fingers, but if she has said anything to Rheanyra and got ahead of it, I doubt it would have gotten as bad as it has. Viserys is not doing anything to her if she tells Rheanyra, and Alicent knows this, she talkes to Viserys for a while and could have told Rheanyra during any point

  • Kasandra Morgan
    Kasandra Morgan 4 months ago +64

    Alicent misunderstanding Viserys didn't lead to the war. When she told the council, they didn't even seem to believe her and had been planning the coup for YEARS behind her back. The ONLY thing that scene changes is Alicent's feelings towards Viserys. She feels like in his last moments he did right by her children. Because don't mistake it, keeping Rhaenyra as heir was a betrayal. It was the theft of her son's birthright. So all it really changed was allowing her to mourn him, because if someone betrayed my sons the way Viserys did I'd spit on their corpse and leave them to rot. Alicent has gone above and beyond performing every wifely duty to the best of her ability with a smile on her face when inside she wanted to cry and there were certain things she was due for that service.
    People read Alicent going after Rhaenyra with a knife as proof she's crazy and bitter, but really it shows how unjust her situation is. An eye for an eye is their definition of justice. They cut off body parts left and right in their culture. From Alicent's perspective, four children accosted her child with weapons and cut out his eye and for that they SUFFERED NO CONSEQUENCES. And her children aren't just any children. THE KING'S SON was maimed!!! What's the point of marrying the king if it offers NO protection for your children? Viserys was more interested in who called Rhaenyra's bastard kids bastards than his son's missing eye. That tells those boys they don't matter at all. They are below even bastards, the lowest of the low in importance to their father.
    Compare what Viserys did (literally nothing) to a similar scene with Robert as king. When Joffrey says he's been attacked, Robert "makes it right" by ordering Lady killed, even though she had nothing to do with it. Basically the Lannisters suffered, so he makes the Starks suffer. He balances the scales. Everyone is miserable and justice is done.
    Viserys doesn't balance the scales, he takes nothing from the blacks to make them suffer as the greens suffer. That's why Alicent is demanding eyes and going after people with a knife. She wants justice but will get none because Rhaenyra may do as she pleases as may her bastards and will never suffer consequences for her actions.
    In other words, every bit of this is Viserys' fault.

    • Wiki
      Wiki 2 months ago +2

      The situation is far more nuanced than you give it credit to. Viserys never betrayed Alicent, especially if he never named Aegon (though that was her misunderstanding). Alicent, upon entering the marriage had no direct claim nor promise from Viserys that their children would inherit the throne as Rhaenyra was named before the two were married or had children.

    • Shady Sorkin
      Shady Sorkin 2 months ago

      @Stormbringer Risky for sure but if he was intending to keep Rhaenyra his heir like he decided to, it was necessary. Yeah true I think Laenor was more the desired choice if they went with Rhaenys but he didn't have the Targaryen name.

    • Stormbringer
      Stormbringer 2 months ago

      @Shady Sorkin I am not imposing anything, I am merely observing.
      The thing is Viserys having more children is realistically the best move . Rhaenyra being his only heir besides Daemon ( who nobody want on the throne ) is a very risky situation in particular when she can easily die in childbirth .
      Edit : honestly it is baffling that the Targaryen house was reduced to only these three and Rhaenys whose children are velaryon.

    • Shady Sorkin
      Shady Sorkin 2 months ago

      @Stormbringer Your imposing your own opinion into the story. Yes changing his heir would have been the correct move. The problem was having male children to begin with. It's a chain result of his decisions.

    • Stormbringer
      Stormbringer 2 months ago

      @Shady Sorkin First I was hoping that the story would be your teacher .
      Second : yes and no . The Targaryen fell because viserys couldn’t bring himself to do what needed to be done with Rhaenyra.
      I agree with his decision to keep her as heir at the time ( because Daemon should not be king in any circumstances) but he should’ve changed heir as soon as she started passing bastards as rightful heir . He knew it would be a serious problem that would break the family .
      Because that is it : the whole order of Westeros is based on the lawfulness of heir . He already did a big exception by passing over his son in favor of his daughter . But putting illegitimate bastards on the throne ?
      There would’ve been a war regardless of the circumstances. This is not only a lawful but a religious matter here .

  • Atari
    Atari 4 months ago +10

    22:10 If Aemond consoles Lucerys then he admits that Harwin Strong is Luce's father and that Luce and his brothers are bastards. I think that's one of the reasons Aemond chose not to do that.

  • James Grieves
    James Grieves 4 months ago +5

    I actually on reflection like the Allicent prophecy scene. It lets her hear what she wants to hear, but also she knows Viserys had a dream of Aegon wearing the conqueror's crown and got the whole speech from Viserys about the power of prophecy being in Targaryen blood. One she likely heard a lot over the course of her marriage to him, especially with how Aemma's death consumed Viserys and made him hyperfixate on the circumstances surrounding it - questioning his abilities as a dreamer and focusing on Rhaenyra, who resembles Aemma. Ironically of course Viserys' dream did in fact come true. People say Allicent was stupid to believe it, but she's religious at a time where Targaryen Exceptionalism is accepted Faith doctrine and her husband kept harping on about how he would give birth to an Aegon who wears the crown of the conqueror, and then Viserys says on his deathbed that "Aegon's dream is true". The only dream Allicent knows of to believe is this one.

  • J Vill
    J Vill 4 months ago +11

    What makes Otto the most Machiavellian is that he hides his ambition behind "justifications", all of which you listed. He may not be obviously/overtly evil, but for that you can't paint him as "a guy just doing his job." He used his position to advance his family, not for "the good of the realm". As a second son himself, he knows he has no claim to lordly titles, so he has to attach to power to get power of his own--becoming Hand of the King, so he knows he has to bolster the King and protect him to retain any semblance of power. He knows Viserys named Rhaenyra heir, and Viserys never once retracted or wavered on this, but spent years/decades planning to usurp her--"hiding" behind the whole "men first" line of inheritance, but really to bolster his own blood. His brilliance is that he built his vanity and ambition behind a facade of "duty", so everything that he does appears to be "justified". HE GOT YOU

  • Corey Loucks
    Corey Loucks 4 months ago +2

    I totally agree with Aemond. I loved the idea that these powerful dragons aren't so easily controlled and have wills of their own and I also love the idea that there really isn't a good and evil. (Aside from the undead/Euron Greyjoy/And others), but I love the idea that you do have characters like Aemond and Daemon who are just people who do good things for wrong reasons and bad things for good reasons. Or let their emotions get the best of them. It's super human and easy to understand.

  • Shannon D
    Shannon D Month ago

    Crazy how Otto created realm destructing war worthy drama where there was none just like Littlefinger!

  • Sa x
    Sa x 4 months ago +2

    I absolutely love how you used the characters themes in the background of each of the characters’s chapters. I love this detail

  • Raven Scherazade
    Raven Scherazade Month ago

    I watched House of Dragon twice... first time I was focused on Rhaenyra and Daemon(lol I couldn't help it, Matt Smith's performance was amazing) and the second time watching it I was focused on Alicent. I really saw a difference from the first and second viewing of the show. You kinda feel for Alicent but damn there was just so much going on. I can't wait for season 2, I hope it lives up to season 1 but we all know sometimes shows will fall OR rise from the first season. Lol

  • Isabell
    Isabell 2 months ago

    What a great video - I WHOLEHEARTEDLY AGREE with everything you pointed out. This season was a masterpiece and I am so happy we get to watch this show :)

  • Arne Timmer
    Arne Timmer 2 months ago

    Can you do a video on who caused the Dance of Dragons, all the way from the beginning? Personally, I think Otto has a big hand in this. He suggests that the king has an heir, Rhaenyra. He puts her up as an option, while also saying the king should remarry after the death of Aemma.

    • The Gold Man
      The Gold Man  2 months ago

      you can't blame a single person. So many people are to blame. But imo either Otto or Viserys deserve the most blame. Otto for being a scumbag and viserys for being a pushover

  • Anushka Tiwari
    Anushka Tiwari 2 months ago +1

    Just because Viserys sleeps with Alicent doesn't mean that Rhaenyra has to look at their children as siblings. They are her half siblings and most importantly she's able to see very clearly that the Hightowers are trying to usurp her. This Aegon has replaced her own brother who died within a day, Alicent is now the queen, Aemma was a queen. I don't blame Rhaenyra for how she reacted, I'm only shocked that she wasn't disgusted with Viserys, didn't ask how Aemma died, initially she was angry at him but oh God, Viserys was pathetic. Daemon didn't try to save his child, he let his wife decide what she wants to do and she burned with her child. Viserys could at the very least talk to Aemma, it would have taken 2 minutes, they cut her stomach open ffs. And comparing Viserys to Ned Stark has got to be the biggest joke of all time, Ned would never endanger his wife's life to produce male heirs and he would not remarry imo. Viserys was king yet he acted like he has to marry because he has no choice. Rhaenyra didn't wrong the Velaryons, she didn't let anyone challenge Luke's claim because that would challenge her oldest son's claim too, she betrothed both her oldest sons to laena's daughters so that the Velaryons get what they deserve, a queen and a lady of the driftmark. Alicent Hightower isn't some Saint that Rhaenyra should worship, she came in her home, took her mother's place and acted like this is all okay. She was forced, yes, it's not like she could just tell Otto no or that she's trying but it's not working. Rhaenyra was right to hate her. And Rhaenyra wasn't sleeping around, it was just one man whom she loved as well. Alicent wasn't sleeping around, she was only letting a foot fetishist do the deed right next to her as she looked away. Just because two people aren't sleeping together or having babies together doesn't mean that that's not cheating or disgusting. Alicent Hightower and Otto Hightower were pathetic and it shows in her children, except Halaena perhaps.

  • Tric Joseph
    Tric Joseph 4 months ago +15

    All of this just proves how bad/toxic of a mindset a person can have when they're forced to grow up too soon, and when kids get too much power while stuck in their childish mindsets.

  • karen hall
    karen hall 27 days ago

    I can't help but think that Christian Cole forgets that Rheanyra is the reason he's in the King's Guard to begin with. And he can be mad at her but don't take it out on her children.
    And I can believe that Aemond killed Lucerys by accident, but it wouldn't have happened if he hadn't gone chasing after him to begin with. His desire for revenge reminds me of Christian Cole, his anger towards Rheanyra turning into hatred.

  • Bethose
    Bethose 4 months ago +12

    Excellent video - best I have seen outlining why the show a massive success.

  • Mar C
    Mar C 2 months ago

    GOT is brilliant! I'm thankful to at least have that after the Witcher Netflix fail. GOT knew how to make worlds and people believable and relatable. It was and still is phenomenal!

  • MsDaydream3r
    MsDaydream3r 2 months ago

    I would argue that Alicent is more like Ned in *one* way: she's by-the-book even when she knows it's a bad book. Both she and Ned follow the rules knowing it will just make everything worse.

  • B GT
    B GT 2 months ago

    I agree, I will always love game of thrones no matter the ending for what it showed we can do TV. But this has rejuvenated my interest going to Westress. Thanks to this show we can have other points in history brought to the screen properly

  • Алексей Коротков

    Aemond is actually a lot like Daemon, I think they will grow some sort of respect for each other later

  • Flying Val
    Flying Val 4 months ago

    I believe that both GoT and HotD have cast talented and capable actors, which, along with the characters themselves being well written, made both series great. A good example is Joffrey Baratheon. Everyone hated him with a passion. I believe that Jack Gleeson's top notch performance was a huge part of creating that. Same goes for King Viserys. You can't help but feel bad for him in the end, as he really tried to please everyone, even in his final days, and Paddy Considine really gets that through.
    I would also like to say how I find hilarious the facts that Daemon is a walking, talking legion of red flags, yet every woman around him is like "impregnate me" and the reality check punching Aemond in the face when Vhagar kills his nephew. His face had literally the phrase "oh f**k" written all over it. 😂

  • Kate
    Kate 4 months ago +1

    There are many people to blame for what happens and I think that's what makes the show so interesting.
    Viserys for all the obvious reasons, Otto too, but one of the biggest misfires is that Lyonel Strong had the chance to suggest Harwin to wed Rhaenyra! That would have prevented everything that follows. What seemed like a lovely selfless idea he had at the time, was actually a massively terrible idea.
    I genuinely can't stop thinking about that and I think Viserys would have at least considered it and talked to Rhaenyra about it. Because at least Harwin was not a baby! Still one of my favorite scenes to this day. Paddy mostly gets praise for episode 8, but that man had some of the best comedic moments too. His facial expressions were on point.

  • mpalfadel2008
    mpalfadel2008 4 months ago +5

    Does anyone know what the repercussions of Rhaenyras children being recognized as bastards? Why she fought so hard to make sure her son inherited Driftmark?
    The answer is pretty obvious…

  • tails
    tails 4 months ago +4

    one thing that makes GoT and HotD great too is the music. ramin djawadi is a master at what he does. he is equally as important to the writers, producers, directors and actors/actresses.

  • E J
    E J 4 months ago +2

    So after house of dragon, I decided to rewatch GOT (something I've never thought I'd do) and I personally enjoyed season 1 of HotD more than GOT. I personally like the small scope and find the characters and dynamics more interesting so far.

  • Dalor Asinum
    Dalor Asinum 4 months ago +42

    The fact that I personally see Alicient as in the right instead of Rheyneara just shows how 3D all the characters are and how fleshed out the world is.

    • Torashī
      Torashī 2 months ago

      @Coyote Bongwater it doesn't tho. Aegon too have bastards if you don't remember and there's a clear difference in circumstances between the two. One had no choice the other was careless.
      And even then the one becoming the ruler is Rhea not her children and she now have a new husband ( Daemon), having bastards never was a way to lose your claim in westeros. Also, in GOT Stannis wasn't Dany or her brother were the rightful king/queen according to your logic too. ( maybe Jon too, I don't remember if his parents were married or not)

    • Ser Jack Burgundy a Knight of the Patriarchy
      Ser Jack Burgundy a Knight of the Patriarchy 2 months ago +1

      @Divine Michael what don't you understand about that world?? Stannis was the rightful king because bastards can't inherit. Periodt.

    • Divine Michael
      Divine Michael 2 months ago

      @Ser Jack Burgundy a Knight of the Patriarchy what do you mean... Her bastards are still related to her and she's the sovereign so what's your point

    • Ser Jack Burgundy a Knight of the Patriarchy
      Ser Jack Burgundy a Knight of the Patriarchy 2 months ago

      @Kate her bastard kids is what ruins her claim. And yes the king decreed this and that, but basically they are calling a no confidence in the king, which tbh is consistent with the logic of that world

    • Ser Jack Burgundy a Knight of the Patriarchy
      Ser Jack Burgundy a Knight of the Patriarchy 2 months ago

      @Kasandra Morgan well said. I'm a very logic based person and none of my friends understand why I'm team Green

  • Joel Brown
    Joel Brown 3 months ago +1

    8:00 in and I'm assured the pathway of a successful story has been planned for the viewed (I've watched hundreds of hours of Clip-Share synopses of these programs and yours is EXCEPTIONAL).
    Bronx Love brother 😎

  • Prince Stormstrider
    Prince Stormstrider 4 months ago +1

    I just finished season 1, and I loved it! This video gave a lot of perspective. I can hardly wait for season 2.

  • Blackbeard TX
    Blackbeard TX 4 months ago +5

    Great video, liked your takes on each character, and the editing was on point!

  • coconutcore
    coconutcore 3 months ago +2

    People think it’s too slow? You know…I’m not even surprised. A video of longer than 1 minute is too slow these days.
    To be honest, it’s refreshing to see something take its time to allow you to fall into the world with the story.

    • El
      El 2 months ago

      Thought most of the complaints were about how it was too rushed in advancing their ages and to short to developed their character and story line. One episode = 8-10 years esp. with the children of Alicent and Rhaenerya

  • IanC
    IanC 4 months ago +3

    Rhaenyra is a woman who is just trying to live her best life ... and when she realised at the wedding just how severe the consequences of her actions are. She did her best to do what was required of her.
    She had to bear chiuldren and her husband was infertile, what did you expect? In those days, it would have lost her throne completely.
    I believe that she stayed in King's Landing to bond with her siblings and her children bond with them also. But that weas impossible because the Greens and that jealous guard were all actively and grotesquely ensuring that they create a divide amongst them.
    Alicent was so obsessed with her that she doesn't even raise her children, which is why they turn out to being like that. Many children are raised by single parents but don't turn out like hers even in HoD and GoT. Stop excusing her blatant hatred, it's unwarranted, sure she lied when shge was a teenager, what teenager has never lied before? Do not.
    Yes her father could have intervened but it would never have helped long-term, it could have prevented what happened. It all boils down to the Hightowers and their decisions. Every bad thing hereon out is their faults and theirs alone.

    • IanC
      IanC 2 months ago +1

      @Tawana Evangeline exactly. It’s so funny how people always choose to have selective amnesia

    • Tawana Evangeline
      Tawana Evangeline 2 months ago +2

      Exactly! Even him blaming Rhaenyra for not “bonding” with her half siblings as if we didn’t see where Aegon had no real interest in the throne til Alicent manipulated and forced him into hating his sister to claim it lol

  • TheZestyPirate
    TheZestyPirate 2 months ago

    Not making a decision, is a BIIIIGG decision. -Negan.
    Love that “a great man once said” 26:15

  • Jeanie Rude Savage
    Jeanie Rude Savage Month ago

    Rhyneara didn't lie to Alicent. She asked if she had sex with Daemon. Besides Alicent withheld the fact she was spending so much time with her father. She could have told Rhyneara that her father was pushing her to spend time with her father. I know Vicerys asked Alicent not to say anything, but if they were close friends she wouldn't have withheld that information from her. I see the initial problems with their relationship coming from Alicent more so than Rhyneara. Besides what happened with Rhyneara and Daemon or Criston was none of Alicent's business. That should have stayed between Rhyneara and Vicerys. Plus Alicent knows full well Vicerys would never want Aegon to rule the realm. He is a sick rapist. I think it says a lot about how Alicent raised her kids by how perverted, insane, and bloodthirsty her children are. Rhyneara has very kind, loving children.

  • Ironteeth
    Ironteeth 4 months ago +3

    people having a problem with rhaenyra sleeping around (if you consider 3/4 men in total of 30 years sleeping around lmao) is so wild to me. she tried multiple times to have children with leanor and it was all for nothing. plus bastards or no they would still usurp her

    • Ironteeth
      Ironteeth 3 months ago +2

      @K.W. 8 the show is set in the dark ages but the viewers are not yet they judge her for it and call her names. that's what I'm talking about idgaf about some old dudes in the show. you may consider her decisions not very tactical but she was literally in a lose-lose situation- leanor was infertile and if she chose to not have children with any other she wouldn't have an heir and then people would call her useless and not capable of doing her duties.
      ig this could've been avoided if viserys crowned her while still living or if he married rhaenyra to deamon from the beginning or aegon in the future

  • Sasha Bazine
    Sasha Bazine 4 months ago +2

    you put so much work in what you say with your mouth AND what you say silently with your clever editing and all this work went NOTICED. I'm just mad I gave lazy creators my views for so long before finding your channel. Very clever, very respectful of your audience, subscribed immediately.

  • Tracy Frederick
    Tracy Frederick 3 months ago +1

    Rhaenyra acted like a teenager.
    I love the way Martin plays with shades of gray.

  • D H
    D H 4 months ago +1

    Rhaenyra told Daemon that she and Laenor had had sex several times (but that "there was no joy in it"), and later, when Rhaenyra is talking to Laenor, she talks about the times they had sex.
    It's quite possible Laenor was sterile. And Laenor was OBVIOUSLY *quite well aware* those children were not his and didn't seem to care at all...he loved the kids.

    DUMMIE 3 months ago

    Every characters are interesting and if you watched the show with open mind and never taking side, I would say you will enjoy the story more and more.
    You'll eventually caught on with why characters do what they have done.
    ps. about Aemond's finale change, I concur that any who disagreed or dislike that might enjoy simple characterization, but what make these shows great is that the charactrers feel like humans, as they all make mistakes and have unresolve negatives in them, just like the rest of us do.

  • Mathias Kolding
    Mathias Kolding 4 months ago +4

    Excellent video! Your takes are always so thorough and worth hearing!

  • Fresh Wess Films
    Fresh Wess Films 3 months ago

    Just imagine if daemond was king of the seven kingdoms. He’d be up there with aegon the conqueror

  • samyty
    samyty 4 months ago +11

    Wow this is the first I’ve seen someone comparing Otto’s actions to Ned Stark’s and 100% agree. It really is all about perspective. My first impression of his character had more in common with Ned Stark than with Littlefinger or Tywin as well

    • Shady Sorkin
      Shady Sorkin 4 months ago +2

      I have to disagree. Ned stark was far more warranted in his actions. Cersei's children were not in the line of succession to inherit the throne, being bastards by her brother who was a Lannister. Rhaenyra was the heir to the throne, and only after Otto himself pressured Viserys to name her because he wanted to eject Daemon. Rhaenyra has her father's blood, has male heirs in her children, and is beloved by the people. Otto's actions were entirely power driven, and it really is not as morally grey as people are pretending it is. Some point to male primogeniture, in a house that has dragons. The lords have no choice but agree to Rhaenyra's rule when there's dragons, so this argument is kind of dumb.

    • Argos2297
      Argos2297 4 months ago +2

      @Heather Aldazabal I agree. You would never hear Ned planning to kill off Robert's children that's not the type of man Ned Stark is. And true Otto did push Alicent not only to endear herself to Viserys but also to build animosity between her and Rhaenyra telling her that violence was inevitable. Then even more so that her children will always be endangered and seen as a looming threat. My issue with Otto as conniving as he is was he and his faction never groomed Aegon to be a king just a faceless pawn they can use to push their own ambition which was foolish for people to have spent nearly twenty years for a coup to not have their main piece actively molded by them is a shame.

    • Heather Aldazabal
      Heather Aldazabal 4 months ago +3

      And i think it is obvious that Ned wouldnt do something remotely like that.

    • Heather Aldazabal
      Heather Aldazabal 4 months ago +1

      Everyone seems to forget that is was Otto who persuaded Viserys to name Rhaeryra his heir. That makes everything he does way worse. Some lords swore to Rhaenyra because he convinced Viserys to name her heir, and then he had them executed for keeping the oath that they made because of him.

    • Argos2297
      Argos2297 4 months ago +7

      It was totally different thought. Cersei's children had no royal blood whatsoever they were complete Lannister Bastards fathered by a man of The Kingsguard no less the man that killed the last king with his own hands. Rhaemyras children come from her she birthed all three of her sons at worst they still have the Targaryen Blood in them also don't have any of her children harassing people and cutting open cats and whatnot. It's very telling in both the book and show that for all the Slander of Rhaenyra's children made nobody can say anything diminishing their moral character. And that's what makes their story so tragic Rhaenyra's children especially Jacerys take their royal standing and responsibility seriously and compared to their Uncles and Aunt show much more composure in their roles but because of their questionable look are somehow less legitimate than the sons and daughter of Alicent who seem to lack the capacity or temperament to rule.

  • BlazeNarutoShippuden
    BlazeNarutoShippuden 4 months ago +2

    I'm 22 mins into this and I know this will hit 10 million views in the next 3 years. Great video. Keep up the good work for the next seasons.

  • Magus King
    Magus King 2 months ago

    "Daemon doesn't want to rule - he just wants the attention and love of his brother" I think we didn't watch the same show then.
    Daemon's main motives are : the Supremacy of House Targaryen, and making a name for himself in History.
    Sure he may not even have actively coveted the throne, other than as a means to an end ( making a name for himself ) - that's why we see him laugh when he spies on the small council in Episode 2 and Viserys says he doesn't have ambition for the throne. We, the audience can never fully rule out that he may have coveted the throne at one point. Don't forget that before Rhaenyra was named heir, Daemon was next in line waiting for his turn to sit on the throne. The show purposely leaves it up to our imagination to think of what Daemon would have been capable of during that time...
    But in order not to confront his brother in a treasonous manner, he would have been happy to settle for the position of Hand of the King because, much like a Prime Minister, this is where power actually resides.
    Yes, he really does love his brother but he squashes every opportunity for peace between them and calls him weak and defies him at every turn. Daemon only realizes Viserys' strength just before his end when the crown falls and he puts it back on his head.
    The whole motivation of people like Daemon and Otto is to advance or strengthen the position of their own house in a time of uncertainty.
    They clearly would stop at nothing and they always play dirty if necessary.
    George RR Martin has based his books on European History, and throughout History you always get a permanent dualistic power shift from peaceful rulers to tyrants and vice-versa. And when you have two peaceful rulers in a row ( Jaehaerys and Viserys ), then the unrest has grown to the critical boiling point. It has been the central point of House of the Dragon so far. And with Viserys being such an idealistic dreamer he seems blissfully unaware of the tension in the Kingdom and he imagines he can just name Rhaenyra his heir and perpetuate the peace...
    But the Greens have been waiting for their turn, while Daemon wants only to restore Targaryen supremacy through force.
    Rhaenyra's privileged and relatively safe upbringing has made her believe she can do anything she wants without facing the consequences and that she will prevail without paying a steep price...... but we know how its going to play out for her, unless the show takes a drastic opposite direction from the books.

  • Silber Wölfin
    Silber Wölfin 3 months ago +1

    Imagine Helaena as Queen, with Aemond as her husband, and Rhaenyra as Hand. Aemond, Daemon, Rhaenyra and Helaena, supported by Rhaenys... Gives me goosebumps.

  • Patricia Ramirez
    Patricia Ramirez 4 months ago +6

    37:13 i mean the moment he claimed vhagar he was immediately ready to kill jace and luke and maybe baela and rhaena also

  • Existing through it all
    Existing through it all 3 months ago +1

    Helena "the weird bug girl". I have never related to a statement more than that in my life. I just relate to Helena because out of my 5 siblings I'm the outcast. And I'm a tarantula keeper with the occasional jumping spider. :>

  • Grorfn-Studio
    Grorfn-Studio 3 months ago +1

    I hope that house of the dragon will become the great full story!

  • Taylor Chavez
    Taylor Chavez 4 months ago +2

    AAAH Phoooey! you spoke about being kinder to Alicent being forced to marry Rhaenyra's dad but like she was with him a lot of evenings and she held that from Rhaenyra. In my humble opinion, Alicent could have told her best friend that her pops Otto was making her keep the king company in Alicent's dead mothers dress and to top it off helping Rhaenyra mourn her mom, seems very snaking to me, I think Alicent has always had a side to her like her dad but it was never brought out. I do agree All characters have flaws and I think that is why its got sooo much approval from me, I love it!

  • Rushmore Society
    Rushmore Society 4 months ago

    It truly was a masterful Season One. Amazing 👏

  • Ricky
    Ricky 4 months ago +5

    I find your analysis of Otto and Alicent to be a bit off
    Otto isn't just doing things for the benefit of his house in a purely logical way. House Hightower is already one of the most influential houses. He's an ambitious man who is also a second son that feels he has something to prove. He isn't just complicit in usurping Rhaenyra's throne, he was one of the active conspirators. He wanted a grandson of his to be king, which would lift his station. I don't think any amount of perspective would make us see Otto as a Ned Stark figure. Ned hated the game, the politics and the conspiring. Otto plays the game and plays it rather well, though he may not necessarily enjoy it.
    The scene between Larys and Alicent isn't just Alicent deciding to get information. It exemplifies how women's bodies in the GOT universe are seen for what they can give to others and are used in said way. It exemplifies how not even the queen is above that treatment.

  • Mireadur
    Mireadur 4 months ago +1

    /agree. This season been has trully perfect. I have to say that in house of the dragon characters are much more flawed and realistic than in GoT, which tend to follow clear archetypes. This is a more akin to RL drama compared to GoT and that is why in the end i think it managed to be even better!

  • TokiDoki♡
    TokiDoki♡ 4 months ago +3

    I like this video but some fundamental issues about some of the 'facts': first, rhaenyra and laenor *did* try to have children, they do say this in the show, but clearly it didn't work. Second, Lucerys is heir to Driftmark because his last name is Velaryon, and Corlys wants his legacy to pass to a Velaryon. Daemon's daughters are Targaryen, not Velaryon (despite having both bloodlines) and if they married they would take their husband's name. Corlys makes a whole speech about how a name is the most important thing to him in his legacy. So of course Driftmark passes through the Velaryon name, and not to his Targaryen granddaughters (which was part of the compromise for them to marry Rhaenyra's children, as then they would have both bloodlines and still be called Velaryon).

  • Sun Shine
    Sun Shine 4 months ago +1

    I stopped watching GOT midway of season 2 during haitus of S7. I read about main plot points and the "worst ending".
    But this show got me hooked, and i enjoyed it so much 👏👏👏

  • Fresh Wess Films
    Fresh Wess Films 3 months ago +1

    See… it was all ottos idea to find a way to get daemond removed as heir. He was the first to say the princess was an heir during the small counsel. Knowing a boy will always have higher claim then a women he knew if his daughter Alicent has a son then he will be the heir not her. Thing is it can be more than one heir

  • ImpulsOP
    ImpulsOP 4 months ago +1

    Great video kinda wish you also talked about the dragons as well

  • Love Life
    Love Life 3 months ago +1

    I think Daemond is a complicated, interesting character to watch and follow. When he choked Raenerya I was like "oh snap"

    • The Gold Man
      The Gold Man  3 months ago

      You need to be careful. There’s Aemond and Daemon. If you say Daemond your confusing people!

  • prajakta Dande
    prajakta Dande 4 months ago +1

    Young rhaenyra was the best character in the show 😍

  • TheKeDaFe
    TheKeDaFe 4 months ago +1

    Vaemond, skipping over Rhaena and Baela was out of line. He didn't lead 9 voyages to secure the house wealth, Corlys had every right to appoint his successor.

  • ChrisBrengel
    ChrisBrengel Month ago

    "How did a franchise that seemed dead for over three years make such an explosive comeback?"
    Simple, George R.R. Martin. The seasons of GoT based on the books were incredibly good. As soon as you got beyond the books, they rapidly went downhill ending with a ... disappointing ... conclusion. ALL of HotD will be based on published books by GRRM, so I expect it to be great throughout. The writers have made some changes, hopefully that won't make the show worse.

  • Chunky Gaming
    Chunky Gaming 4 months ago +2

    I actually see Otto in different light, he made me a little sus, still am, but I see his actions a little understandable
    The Ned comparison helped kinda

  • Fer Aparicio
    Fer Aparicio 26 days ago

    Props for this amazing vid man, cant wait for the upcoming seasons and your vids on them

  • N.ghtingale
    N.ghtingale 4 months ago +13

    "Everyone is incredibly Flawed" you take that back!!! Lord Strong is Perfect in every way!!!

    • BrokenXgirl12
      BrokenXgirl12 4 months ago +4

      ​@The Gold Man omg I miss my strong men so much

    • The Gold Man
      The Gold Man  4 months ago +8

      i miss him, screw Larys

  • Captain Ahab
    Captain Ahab 4 months ago +20

    Your point on Rhaenyra ‘feminism’ is spot on

  • xFlash
    xFlash 4 months ago

    I'd love to have them putting the focus more on team Green in the second season, and if HoTD really gets 4 seasons, them putting the focus back on the Blacks more in S3 and so on :D Because... honestly, that would be the best way to go on with it in my mind. Every character is gray. Of course some are more evil or good than other, but still.

  • BNutsTV
    BNutsTV 4 months ago

    What a great video! You made me rethink about certain characters.