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Rating Breakfast Around The World: Worst To Best (KWOOWK Compilation)

  • Published on May 24, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • My mission is to try every single country's breakfast and figure out what the best breakfast in the world is. This is a compilation of the first 24 countries I've tried.
    Recipes: whi.sk/w8C5Y
    Instagram: kwo.owk
    Personal Instagram: kevintatar
    TikTok: www.tiktok.com/@kwo.owk
    Facebook: kwoowkfood

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  • Luis Castillo
    Luis Castillo 7 months ago +19562

    The fact that the man insulted a whole country by giving their traditional breakfast 2.5 so he did it again just to rate it 1.5 stars is legendary.

    • Jimmy
      Jimmy 7 months ago +1113

      He is from the netherlands and yes our breakfast is extremely bad so i always make something else. I literally used to skip breakfast because i just didnt want to eat it lol
      Edit 3 months later: Stop telling me hes from Romania. Literally 4 comments under this one i corrected it.

    • Luis Castillo
      Luis Castillo 7 months ago +294

      @Jimmy but is that the single thing dutch people eat from breakfast? You people need to come up with something else ASAP

    • Jimmy
      Jimmy 7 months ago +139

      @Luis Castillo Or cheese or ham so a mix of the german one or just hagelslag. Nothing too special. We do have grilled cheese we make but mostly its what he said yes xD

    • Koen
      Koen  7 months ago +67

      @Jimmy hes not from netherlands and he did it wrong (he does live there i know). ours is way better than alot. in this video he used wrong bread. you need to get bread from traditional bakerys, that bread has crispy crusts and very nutricious. he rates germany (bread with things on it) a 7,5. BUT ours he rated it 1,5 bec we use chocolate sprinkles. but thats not only what we put on it. and whats even wrong with chocolate??? people put nutella on bread.

    • Koen
      Koen  7 months ago +21

      @Luis Castillo we eat what he did but with diffrent type of bread. we used whole grain bread that is way better

  • Ant
    Ant 2 months ago +561

    0:20 Netherlands
    1:37 The US
    2:23 France
    3:04 Russia
    3:28 Brazil
    4:28 Colombia
    5:20 German
    6:17 Swiss
    6:54 Philippine
    7:41 The UK
    8:35 Costa Rica
    9:35 India
    10:31 Turkey
    11:03 Egypt
    12:03 China
    13:03 Greek
    13:31 Romania
    14:31 Lebanon
    15:28 Japan 1
    16:27 Mexico 1
    17:05 Mexico 2
    18:26 North Africa + Middle East
    18:54 South Korea
    19:42 Japan 2

    • BCball
      BCball Month ago +6


    • ja nein
      ja nein Month ago +3

      You are cool

    • Hellfyre
      Hellfyre Month ago +3


    • Türker Bulut
      Türker Bulut Month ago +8

      As a Turk, I must say that what you do is one percent of the famous Turkish traditional breakfast.

    • ItzReal REAN
      ItzReal REAN Month ago

      Thanks boss

  • Sahib Daya
    Sahib Daya 3 months ago +787

    As an Indian I'm really glad you liked the masala Dosa enough to rate it 8.5. But you forgot two of the most important things that bring life to the Dosa: chutney and sambar. you should definitely try it with the sambar :)
    Also India is home to many states with different cultures. So there are many traditional breakfasts. These are the most famous ones you can try:
    Aalo Paratha with yogourt (Punjabi)
    Khaman/Dhokla (Gujrati)
    Idli Sambar (South India)
    Poha (North India)
    Saabudaana Khiri
    Edit: I just listed some of them. There are a ton of other good breakfast dishes I left out.

    • I am Uzumaki and uchiha
      I am Uzumaki and uchiha 3 months ago +5

      Yes man!!!

    • sabine landau
      sabine landau 3 months ago +7

      I've been to Tamil Nadu and Kerala and I LOVE dosa, idli, vada, sambar and coconut chutney for breakfast. Yummy

    • Anmolarpit_
      Anmolarpit_ 3 months ago +14

      Wow not even a single dish from the east 😢
      Andher jhol
      Luchi sada
      Alooer torkari
      Beguni bhujia
      These can be tried. I live in the eastern side. One thing is that these are delicious

    • sabine landau
      sabine landau 3 months ago +5

      @Anmolarpit_ Paneer butter masala with butter naan sounds particularly divine 😍😋 I could happily become a vegetarian in India. You have all these delicious fruits and vegetables. I love India.

    • Code Mapping
      Code Mapping 2 months ago +3

      ​@sabine landau as a Tamizhan, I can confirm that this food is what I eat in a veg restaurant.

  • Jimi
    Jimi Month ago +138

    As a brazilian i was quite surprised to see the "pão de queijo" as our breakfast. That‘s actually more like a complement or snack. Our typical breakfast varies as the country is really diverse, but it sums up as: a bread called "pão de sal" (you can look up the recipe is really easy to make) which we fill with a bit of butter, ham and mozzarella cheese slices and then put it in a sandwich press to toast it and melt the cheese and butter, to drink a common cup of coffee with milk (try dipping the sandwich in the coffee and milk we always do that), and for side dish seasonal fruits (melon, watermelon, orange, mango, pineapple, etc.)

    • hd xd
      hd xd Month ago

      que noijo

    • Mehvish Abdurahman
      Mehvish Abdurahman Month ago

      ​@hd xd where u from

    • Blanka
      Blanka Month ago +5

      We always do o que? Que nojo, só no seu estado que as pessoas mergulham um sanduiche no café com leite

    • Pong Angelo
      Pong Angelo Month ago +1

      Pao de sal, sounds so similar to our Pandesal and it's a bread we eat for breakfast.

    • CarlDaGreat
      CarlDaGreat 8 days ago

      @Pong Angelo sup fellow filipino
      (don’t try to speak tagalog to me idk how lol but hi)

  • Katsudon
    Katsudon 4 months ago +363

    geez, the effort he put into making all these dishes as authentic as possible. huge respect.

    • DìämØñd···Ørë
      DìämØñd···Ørë Month ago +3

      Especially the Egyptuan one...
      I'll tell you making the ish baladi is no easy task so I must salute him especially with the fact he made it perfectly(not 100% ofc but still almost perfect)

    • fighters
      fighters Month ago +1

      The dutch one isnt. He literally lives here, but doesnt know that the bread isnt toasted usually, and we use a different kind of bread. its literally the simpelest thing to make, and he failed it...

    • Olioli Ravioli
      Olioli Ravioli Month ago +13

      @fighters It’s bread with chocolate sprinkles bro, no preparation method is going to save that.

    • fighters
      fighters Month ago

      @Olioli Ravioli Its probably one of the only breakfast options that is actually used in the USA where a lot of people buy it.
      Secondly, if you want to make something from a country, which is literally just 3 steps and the easiest breakfast to make. atleast try to do it the same way

  • Jocelyn Saldierna
    Jocelyn Saldierna 3 days ago +20

    I just love how he took the most underappreciated breakfasts and gave them the spotlight for once. As a Mexican, i’m always kind of in shock when people go to authentic Mexican places and order only tacos, quesadillas, or burritos. Thanks KWOOWK! I totally admit Ingot all my breakfast ideas from this video only!

    • NOSVenom223
      NOSVenom223 2 days ago +1

      As a west african, chilaquiles is hands down top 3 dishes for me.

  • Soham Choudhury
    Soham Choudhury 5 months ago +5838

    Massive respect to this man for living in the Netherlands and rating the Dutch breakfast 1.5/10 ☠️

    • Green Beans
      Green Beans 5 months ago +46

      Wow a comment with nearly 500 likes from 3 weeks ago with 0 replies (well, not anymore!)

    • Frogger
      Frogger 5 months ago +13

      623 Like But Only 2 replies (not anymore)

    • Carlos Anguita
      Carlos Anguita 5 months ago +8

      658 likes but only 3 replies? Not anymore

    • Finn Lights
      Finn Lights 5 months ago +7

      676 likes & only 4 replies? (Not anymore)

    • MaMacroon Cheery
      MaMacroon Cheery 5 months ago +8

      680 likes but only 5 replies (not anymore)

  • Spitfire777
    Spitfire777 4 months ago +135

    As a mexican, I am so satisfied seeing that you selected TWO dishes

    • Simplerockets LEGEND
      Simplerockets LEGEND 22 days ago

      Of course! And he gave it a good rating! I feel proud of myself 😃😁

    • otto villarreal
      otto villarreal 5 days ago

      I will take it as a big W

    • Reaper
      Reaper 4 days ago

      ​@Simplerockets LEGEND a good, he gave it 9.5 and 10!!! 😁😁😁😁😁

    • Simplerockets LEGEND
      Simplerockets LEGEND 4 days ago

      @Reaper of course! I'm really happy to be a mexican

  • kleinebre
    kleinebre 2 months ago +206

    As a Dutchie, I can see how you may think hagelslag is too sweet and given your concern I'm not even mad you adjusted down the rating after using it as indicated. What you should do is try "vruchtenhagel" - they're "fruit sprinkles", which despite the name are made of pretty much pure sugar, so it will make the chocolate version seem healthy and sensible in comparison.

    • Lil Tiger
      Lil Tiger Month ago +1

      Hij is ook Nederlands lol

    • Pong Angelo
      Pong Angelo Month ago +19

      I really thought your gonna correct him. But it turns out that, that's it. That's the Dutch breakfast? British cuisine seem to have some competition.

    • Mola Nisa
      Mola Nisa Month ago +12

      The Dutch really gotta stop with that cuisine game 😂

    • zizipoil
      zizipoil Month ago +2

      @Lil Tiger the man literally says he is Romanian in the video.
      He does live in NL though

    • Nulled
      Nulled 8 days ago


  • Firas Bejar
    Firas Bejar 14 hours ago

    As a Tunisian, I can't be more proud. You can actually even elevate the Shakshuka by using spicy "Merguez" sausages and you can even add locally dry-aged salted meat known as "kadid" for the ultimate version. If you like things spicy you can add "Hrouss" which is the dried and the more intense version of the chilli paste "Harissa". Otherwise, amazing work recreating all those dishes :D

  • Shinta Kikuchi
    Shinta Kikuchi 3 months ago +355

    As a Japanese living in Canada, I absolutely love the Japanese breakfast. I still can’t believe people eat sugary cereals with milk for breakfast

    • Jack
      Jack 3 months ago +30

      I'm literally watching this while eating cereal

    • Konstantine
      Konstantine 3 months ago +35

      Because people dont want to waste time making all that stuff takes too long

    • Neil and Jinu. Shared account
      Neil and Jinu. Shared account 3 months ago +11

      @Konstantine good point but sugary cereals can make you have more of a chance on getting a diabetic infection.

    • Travil Simpson
      Travil Simpson 3 months ago +42

      @Neil and Jinu. Shared account diabetes isn't a infection

  • Rishi Chawla
    Rishi Chawla 29 days ago +14

    Great list. Also a heads-up, India has a behemoth variety of breakfast options and masala dosa is one of them. Even masala dosa needs chutney and sambhar to accompany it, and it is usually never cooked on both sides(so that one side is crispy and other remains fluffy). Every region in India has its own unique and delicious breakfast option. Do try some more of them, would be a wonderful experience.

  • stfu
    stfu 11 months ago +15809

    Can we actually take the time to appreciate the fact that he actually put effort into pronouncing the names of the dishes?
    edit: if yall have some kind of pent-up frustrations go take them somewhere else lmao i was just pointing out that he tried to pronounce them correctly. keyword tried, i never said he did pronounce them right i was just saying that most content creators put 0 effort in pronouncing dishes' names and just say it in their country's accent that's all.

  • Debraj Kayal
    Debraj Kayal 4 months ago +163

    Being an Indian I can tell that India is so diverse, there is no just one breakfast or a traditional breakfast in India

    • Dinesh Choudhary
      Dinesh Choudhary 3 months ago +9

      yeah but dosa is a good representative, he didn't make the chutney or sambar, if he made them he would've given it even higher but still 8.5 is a good score

    • Kamilla
      Kamilla 2 months ago +6

      well... like every other country I gues???? or you think other countries only have one type of breakfast?

    • kewl
      kewl 2 months ago

      @Kamilla thats not what he means, hes just talking about india, he never said other countries dont have more tha n1 type of breakfastg

    • Kamilla
      Kamilla 2 months ago +3

      @kewl I mean, it's quite obvious that e.g. Indian culture is diverse (like any other culture)

      ANIKETH_ DeltaFROST 2 months ago +2

      @Kamilla bro he is talking about his own country in no way or form he said others countries does not have a culture

  • FM Filipino Man
    FM Filipino Man 3 months ago +82

    As a Filipino, I’m glad you gave our breakfast a fair rating. I thought our breakfast meals were… they were okay. Not the best but a 7/10. But you tried the Tapsilog, and I must say that is the best choice out of all of what we have to offer. I really like Tapsilog. So thnx

    • Ryuko Kanami
      Ryuko Kanami 3 months ago +2

      Tapsilog is the best, and that's for sure.

    • lckyminer_22
      lckyminer_22 Month ago

      ​@Ryuko Kanami I honestly think that Tapsilog is lunch for me. Being a Filipino, I don't usually eat rice at breakfast. I mostly eat bread and drink coffee. Tapsilog is a heavy breakfast for me so I usually save it for lunch instead.

    • Fredo Espina
      Fredo Espina Month ago +1

      @lckyminer_22 Exactly! I like Tapsilog very much, but I prefer to eat Pan de sal with coffee in the morning... mmm!

    • CarlDaGreat
      CarlDaGreat 6 days ago

      i like longanisa

  • Jose Septien
    Jose Septien 5 days ago

    My humble Mexican heart fills with joy knowing that two of our breakfasts are at the top of your list 😅😄 Indeed, chilaquiles is one of the best breakfasts out there

  • Kid Carlomagno
    Kid Carlomagno 3 months ago +34

    As a mexican, man, I love the fact that chilaquiles got a 10/10, I mean, that has to be my favorite breakfast, you just can't go wrong with them, plus, it's a good hangover cure lol

    • Luis Velarde
      Luis Velarde 6 hours ago

      De verdad son tan buenos? Nunca comí esos , soy de Perú xd

  • NightFlyer
    NightFlyer 13 days ago +2

    As a Lebanese person who has had more manakish than I can count, I’m happy that you made it and enjoyed it! I may live in America, but I’ve had my fair share of the Lebanese breakfast… in my opinion, also a 9/10, but depending on how it’s made, the cheese one is a 1000/10 ❤❤

  • Anastasiia
    Anastasiia 10 months ago +6983

    I like the fact that he rated dishes not only by their taste, but also by "how good is it for a breakfast?"

    • Sam Martin
      Sam Martin 9 months ago +78

      true he should do both tho

    • Rex Galilae
      Rex Galilae 9 months ago +190

      yeah I for one can't imagine eating bibimbap for breakfast. tad too heavy for the morning

    • amir mehr
      amir mehr 9 months ago +101

      And also "does it have beans?"

    • Dinnerboons
      Dinnerboons 9 months ago +20

      He should do one rating for how good it taste. And the other rating for how good it’s a breakfast.

    • Predator H2O
      Predator H2O 9 months ago +4

      Kinda lame tho.

  • Go100Full
    Go100Full 4 months ago +9

    As a Costarican, I have to admit that you nailed that Gallo Pinto, you make it even better than in some places here. And the fact that you try to recreate La Salsa Lizano makes it 100 times better
    Love your videos!! Pura Vida🇨🇷

  • Joy L
    Joy L Month ago +2

    I was trying to figure out what a Canadian breakfast would be. I usually eat oatmeal with blueberries, hemp hearts, and a bit of maple syrup, but we also do a sort of hybrid of US and UK breakfast. Baked oatmeal with apples is pretty popular. I gotta say though, as a vegetarian, I love how many dishes have beans! I love beans too, and maybe I should try some of those.

  • Monica Leanos
    Monica Leanos 5 days ago +1

    I love that you did juevos rancheros AND chiliaquiles. Chilaquiles are my favorite. But as mentioned below, you must crisp your own corn tortillas. Plus, add a couple of runny yoke eggs and yummmmm. Also, there's pan dulce. It's a pastry of all different types and you have that with cafe con leche (milk coffee). Another breakfast drink we had growing up was champurado. It's a spiced hot chocolate with cinnamon and it's not too sweet. If you wanted something else sweet, arroz con leche is basically rice pudding. I enjoy it hot in the morning with a toasted bollio bread.
    As an American, we have other breakfasts lol. Try omelettes and breakfast potatoes! We also eat quiches, which are technically French, but I'm sure we 'American-ize' them. For Mexican-American breakfast, a good old breakfast burrito! And don't forget donuts and cinnamon rolls.... so many varieties of sweet and sweet and savory. Enjoy and keep eating!

  • Fra P
    Fra P 2 months ago +19

    Makes sense that the more balanced and healthier the meal is, the higher the rating. Would love to try them all

  • RubyRain
    RubyRain 10 days ago +5

    As a tunisian and north africain I absolutely love shakshouka and it's so common in here.
    Glad you enjoyed it!

  • Noah van den Berg
    Noah van den Berg 11 months ago +5011

    Although I'm from the Netherlands, I find his review painfully funny and true because compared to most countries our food does kinda suck🥲

    • Haryo Koconegoro
      Haryo Koconegoro 11 months ago +381

      I think you have many tasty foods but perhaps you guys don't necessarily eat them for breakfast? Our dish ( I am Indonesian) has a Dutch influence and I really enjoy eating kroket, risoles, bitter ballen, macaroni schotell ( excuse my spelling), which I believe are from the Netherlands.

    • Bramladagefrietislekker
      Bramladagefrietislekker 11 months ago +73

      En stroopwafels dan?

    • Dave Steenbergen
      Dave Steenbergen 11 months ago +62

      @Bramladagefrietislekker het is ontbijt geen tussendoortje

    • Bramladagefrietislekker
      Bramladagefrietislekker 11 months ago +17

      @Dave Steenbergen oke waar maar het ging over eten in het algemeen

    • Bramladagefrietislekker
      Bramladagefrietislekker 11 months ago +16

      @Haryo Koconegoro nah these are usually diner items

  • Sad Shiver
    Sad Shiver 3 months ago +13

    I REALLY hope you get to try some chilaquiles from here in Mexico, the fact you used tortilla chips instead of cutting and cooking your own AND still giving them 10/10 is enough proof that chilaquiles are top tier. Thx for that high rating from us mexican people.

  • Vishnu
    Vishnu 28 days ago +4

    Man ate masala dosa like a taco 😂 love how you make the dishes as authentic as possible! Do try to make the condiments that we usually have with dosa here, sambar and chutney!

  • Mailaks
    Mailaks Month ago +2

    With traditional cheese for the manakish it's easily a 10/10 but your cheese alternative is also pretty good

  • Wuraola
    Wuraola 20 days ago +4

    Hey Kwoowk! I know this is super late, but I'm wondering if you could try Akara and Akamu? It's a pretty standard breakfast dish here in Nigeria, Akara is beans paste with peppers, onions and spices fried into golden brown balls while Akamu is a thick corn or millet based drink that goes with it. You seemed to really like jollof rice, so I hope you like this too 😊

  • glitchygutz
    glitchygutz Month ago +2

    i literally cheered when shakshouka came up, it's probably one of my favourite foods of all time! i ate so much of it when i was traveling with family in the middle east and now i'm inspired to try making some myself :)

  • Unknown
    Unknown 10 months ago +2679

    As an Egyptian when I saw the bread I was gonna say that’s not how it’s supposed to look, but when I learned you made it yourself I was very impressed, and it’s most probably the closet you can get in a home kitchen

    • Syria
      Syria 10 months ago +47

      تحياتي للشعب المصري

    • Shiny
      Shiny 10 months ago +47

      Im Egyptian as well so i got scared that Egypt would get shitted on like the US and Netherland xD , I was just hoping for at least a 7

    • أشرف خيرى
      أشرف خيرى 10 months ago +23

      @Shiny Egyptian breakfasts are top tier foal, falafl, humos and betngan maqly all are 10/10 they are unhealthy and full of carbs but so delicious

    • Shiny
      Shiny 10 months ago +9

      @أشرف خيرى Well, i can't really imagine someone making and boiling falafels in the morning since i personally always saw it as a snack or dinner, or stuffed eggplants since they also take too much time to make to be simply breakfast and im pretty sure i always ate them at dinner or any random time when i felt hungry and they were around, so both aren't really breakfast since breakfast is suppose to be made in the morning on spot when you wake up, not the night before, though you can do that if u like but that would be leftovers not breakfast

    • أشرف خيرى
      أشرف خيرى 10 months ago +4

      @Shiny you: "I eat breakfast food at dinner" 🤓

  • Juna
    Juna 5 months ago +14

    As a french I wasn't satisfied with the breakfast we have, especially because it's sugary and I would get hungry pretty fast, what to eat in the morning is since then my ultimate question... I can't wait to try the salty breakfast, especially Shakshouka and the ones from Japan and Mexico !

    • Maestro Flo
      Maestro Flo Month ago

      C'est complètement faux, je sais pas qu'est-ce que tu mets dans le déjeuner mais c'est pas normal d'avoir faim après avoir mangé le petit déjeuner

  • kaaghalaa
    kaaghalaa 11 days ago +1

    Glad you liked the Lebanese Manouche! But Mozzarella alone isn't very good for it. Also you can fold it and eat it like a sandwich while walking to school (what I used to do)
    And also the bread is usually baked in like a proper oven at a shop (you can bake it at home, but I think you have to adjust the dough slightly for the lower temperate)

  • Rene Amaton
    Rene Amaton 21 day ago

    as a Mexican I'm glad you choose two plates hopefully you can try them locally! and try the chipotle ones very good too

  • OctoberTigerLilly
    OctoberTigerLilly 3 months ago +11

    No Brit has ever made the full English breakfast so delicately and perfectly. Just by looks I’d give that a 9 / 10

  • Alice 🏳️‍⚧️

    Here in Brazil we had so many different kinds of breakfast, actually Pão de Queijo is more a snack than a proper breakfast. The common breakfast of where I'm from in Brazil is black coffe or coffe with milk (that we call "pingado" in São Paulo) and a type of bread that had different names according to the region of the country or state that I know by french bread toasted with butter in a pan, sometimes we eat this same bread with a soft and creamy regional cheese that we call "Requeijão" and sometimes we eat those same breads with ham and cheese and sometimes we also eat some type of simple cakes, like carrots cake or orange cake. Hope you try more Brazilian types of breakfast because according to the region you where in Brazil you'll see different kinds of breakfast.

  • Stefano Hua
    Stefano Hua 10 months ago +1857

    If you want to try the typical Italian breakfast is: espresso or cappuccino with a cornetto (stuffed croissants), a cigarette (optional) all covered in anger and frustration. I give a solid 8.5/10

    • birdoflames
      birdoflames 10 months ago +122

      You forgot the argument

    • Stefano Hua
      Stefano Hua 10 months ago +83

      @birdoflames you’re right but I like that as a non everyday thing cause it’s a little bit unhealthy to digest

    • Filippo Rubino
      Filippo Rubino 10 months ago +22

      Actually that's the standard Italian breakfast (another one is caffelatte with biscuits) but different cities/regions may have different breakfasts. For example, in Liguria it's Focaccia, in Campania the Sanguinaccio and in Sicily it may be an arancina/iris/calzone... or a granita with brioche! Not to mention the Alps regions and Sardegna.

    • Stefano Hua
      Stefano Hua 10 months ago

      @Filippo Rubino yeah bro not that nutritious, also I dislike that isn’t enough full filling

    • Genos
      Genos 10 months ago +1

      @Stefano Hua in effetti il nostro paese si vanta tanto del buon cibo ma spesso e volentieri mangia di merda. L'unico buono esempio sono i centenari della Sardegna...

  • Taejas Kudva
    Taejas Kudva 12 days ago +1

    My must common Indian breakfast is actually uppittu, also called upma. I could eat it every day. Love dosa and baji more, but I'm too lazy to wait for the fermentation or to grind fine enough that it would live up to the standard my mom set when i was little.

  • Minnie Phoenix
    Minnie Phoenix 2 months ago +20

    I'd love to see Iranian/Persian breakfast next! It's really simply but so yummy

  • Merlion
    Merlion Month ago +10

    The secret of this man’s content is his humour. Very underrated and super witty. His charming accent also adds to the experience ❤

  • Rooney
    Rooney 20 days ago

    as a korean i'm so proud that you liked the bibimbap! big part of my childhood 👌

  • Scorefam
    Scorefam 10 months ago +2077

    0:19 Netherlands (hagelslag)
    0:39 Netherlands (hagelslag proper version)
    1:35 US (Pancake, eggs and bacon)
    2:22 France (tartine)
    3:03 Russia (Syrniki)
    3:28 Brazil (Pão de queijo)
    4:28 Colombia (Changua)
    5:19 Germany (brötchen)
    6:15 Switzerland (Birchermüesli)
    6:52 Philippines (Tapsilog)
    7:40 UK (eggs, sausage, beans, bacon, Mushrooms, tomato, bread)
    8:35 Costa Rica (Gallo Pinto)
    9:34 India (Aloo masala dosa)
    10:31 Turkey (Menemen)
    11:03 Egypt (Full Medames)
    12:03 China (Congee)
    13:03 Greece (Strapatsada)
    13:32 Romania (no name)
    14:31 Lebanon (Manakish)
    15:28 Japan (Rice with natto on top, Miso soup, Tamagoyaki)
    16:27 Mexico (Huevos Rancheros)
    17:05 Mexico (Chilaquiles)
    18:05 North Africa + The middle east (Shakshouka)
    18:53 South Korea (bibimbap)
    19:41 Japan (updated version)

    • MRCensored123
      MRCensored123 10 months ago +42


    • 히카이 🦋
      히카이 🦋 10 months ago +22

      south korea's dish was bibimbap! thanks for commenting this

    • aina
      aina 10 months ago +12

      it's tapsilog not tapsilong
      tap - tapa
      si - sinangag (fried rice)
      log - itlog (egg)

    • Scorefam
      Scorefam 10 months ago +7

      Oh thanks for correcting me
      and the thing is
      I'm half filipino that lives in the philippines

  • MB
    MB 3 months ago +3

    This video made me realize how similar kwook's criteria for good breakfast is to mine lol. Beans, eggs, spicy tomatoes, and a sort of bread/tortilla with maybe a sprinkle of white crumbly cheese? Muah, instantly good. Chilaquiles are my personal fave, and his actually isn't far off from a traditional version. Add some homemade pinto or black beans to the side too, and it's perfect 🥹 Shakshouka is tied as well 🤤🤤 I definitely need to try some of the other high rated breakfasts though.

  • lulumilights
    lulumilights 2 months ago +15

    Okay so I was a bit sad to see the American one so low and was a bit worried that this whole video was just gonna be dunking on breakfasts lol, but I really enjoyed it! I need to try some of these! My roommate is Brazilian, so I want to try to surprise her with the cheese ball dish someday 💞

  • Arwin Sebana
    Arwin Sebana 13 days ago

    I have lived in the UK for most of my life but I was born in Russia. When we visited Moscow, on the way we stopped off at a breakfast place and ate warm syrniki with sweet condensed milk and tvorog. On the side we had Kasha with homemade jam and herbal tea (usually cherry or berry tea). I ate the breakfast in no more than five minutes because it was just comforting and sweet.
    I miss visiting my cousins in Tuva but I wouldn't go back now after the war and everything. I miss the food and I miss my friends who I left behind when I was a kid. This just brings so many memories.
    🇺🇦 Slava Ukraine

  • Amy r
    Amy r 3 months ago

    Of all of those, I found the Japanese was the healthiest, as well as the one with oats and yogurt with berries. I've never had natto before but I'm looking for it to try. I've heard it's strong and very salty, though! I do like their salmon also for breakfast that has been salted has Kirin and rice vinegar. The ones here that looked mushy, I don't think I'd like the texture. France's was also too sweet, the USA where I'm from is too heavy.

    • Devyn Cairns
      Devyn Cairns 7 days ago

      Natto is a very divisive taste haha, even in Japan maybe only half of people like it. So don't feel bad if you try it and it's not your thing. Rice with pickles and miso soup I think are pretty essential breakfast items, having some kind of grilled fish too is not uncommon.
      Some people also do bread, sometimes sandwiches. They make flavor combinations in sandwiches that I would never really think of and it's great

  • Gueixpal Ayala Juan David

    I was about to say that chilaquiles would have been a better election for Mexico breakfast, thank you for doing chilaquiles, is literally one of the best dishes we have in Mexico so i'm glad you enjoyed it

  • Yaogwai
    Yaogwai 9 months ago +4394

    I like how all the people from the Netherlands tried to convince him that opening the box of chocolate sprinkles a certain would in any way influence the taste of plain, sad buttered bread and chocolate sprinkles

    • DV08
      DV08 9 months ago +72

      Istg ur so right

    • Aggron 120
      Aggron 120 9 months ago +148

      The thing is, I am not even living in the Netherlands but near to it and I already know this breakfast and I kinda feel it.

    • Bob
      Bob 9 months ago +489

      I love how after listening to comments and feedback, he actually LOWERED the rating. The disrespect is hilarious

    • Alvon Valvolenso
      Alvon Valvolenso 9 months ago +75

      believe it or not indonesia also adopt netherlands breakfast style coz some of history, I think its pretty good once in a while, I ain't eating that every single day tho xd

    • Vladimir Vladimirov
      Vladimir Vladimirov 9 months ago +79

      Bruh im in the netherlands and i can tell you not only the breakfast is trash

  • Back at it again at Krispy Kreme’s

    As a Russian, I love how you made the food very well. It looks very delicious, like my mother makes. Thank you for good rating too!!

  • xYamaii
    xYamaii 3 months ago +6

    as a chinese who moved to the US, i agree that the american breakfast is pretty excessive. when i grew up in china, we just had rice for breakfast sometimes as well. no meal is complete without rice after all. my favorite is probably japanese breakfast though. like you said, it’s balanced and diverse, with many options you can go with. a bowl of rice with furikake and a bowl of miso soup is a great start to the day, something i would rarely turn down.

  • PK Fallen
    PK Fallen 2 months ago +5

    As a Brazilian i must tell you a breakfest here is not composed by only pão de queijo, its but one dish that is part of our breakfest, but usually we eat a Very diverse amount of food. Breakfest here tend to include a Lot of fruits like papaya, watermelon, melons and bananas. After eating fruits we tend to have eggs fried, scrambled or soft boiled and some kind of Carb like A Sandwich with presunto and cheese or pão de queijo, all that acompanied by a Black or milk coffe and a glass of juice or milk With chocolate.

  • Angelique Wu
    Angelique Wu 26 days ago +1

    Your China breakfast was pretty good and accurate!
    I would also like to add that there is a huge variety in types of breakfasts in China, welcome to watch some videos on Chinese breakfast! None of it is in English though, so searching “中国早餐” will get you a lot of results, even on Clip-Share.

  • Marcela Regina Santos

    As a Brazilian, our breakfast is more than just pão de queijo 😂
    We usually eat "pão de sal" whit butter (actually we use "margarina" because real butter its very expensive here), sometimes we put "presunto" or "mortadela" and cheese, or scrambled eggs, but they are a little bit expensive too, for having every day, so most of the times its just bread and butter, and a cup of coffee and milk or milk with "nescau" for those who doesn't like coffee....
    So, all around our country, the breakfast is some variation of this base I think, it can be havier or lighter, depending on the climate 😂

  • Anirudh Ranjan
    Anirudh Ranjan 11 months ago +3968

    As an Indian, I'm happy because he missed one of the important side dishes and still rated the Masala Dosa a solid 8.5. Masala Dosa without Chutney or Sambhar(side dishes) is like eating Eggs Benedict without the Hollandaise sauce. I appreciate that you tried Indian food though... Thanks!!

    • Togmin Pertin
      Togmin Pertin 11 months ago +321

      Coconut chutney alone makes any South Indian food 10 for me

    • sankalp shrivastava
      sankalp shrivastava 11 months ago +219

      what? since when Benedict Cumberbatch started laying eggs and Tom Holland started making sauce?

    • Lay-Z Studios
      Lay-Z Studios 11 months ago +9

      omg I just commented something like things, great minds think alike

    • Declan FF
      Declan FF 11 months ago +5

      Hi I'm India n too

    • Lost Page
      Lost Page 11 months ago +6

      Try Sri Lankan Cheese Kottu & Chicken Fried Rice 😢..But usually we don't eat it for breakfast 😁

  • Ioana Perte
    Ioana Perte 3 months ago

    I'm romanian like the creator of the video, and married to a Mexican. One of the 2-3 breakfasts he rated a 10 was the Mexican breakfast chilaquiles. I gotta say we make it at least once a week and it's our favourite, and usually we use tomato puree.. You should use feta cheese and eat it with a slice of real bread. You'll be full for 6+ hours.

  • Mathew chakhva
    Mathew chakhva 2 months ago

    I think that Georgian breakfast will be a 10/10. It is eggs fried with some tomatoes and mixed + bread toasted in mixed eggs. This with butter is absolutely amazing

  • Rodrigo G.M.
    Rodrigo G.M. 12 days ago

    Thank you for not going for tacos as the Mexican breakfast. Also, you can put beans as a layer beneath your Chilaquiles!!! I'm sure you'll love that addition.

  • Shehan Soysa
    Shehan Soysa 3 months ago +1

    It would be cool to see a video where he rates the different types of breakfast in a culture. So, for like Sri Lanka, hoppers is a traditional breakfast but so is Kiribath (coconut rice).

  • °Lumini°
    °Lumini° 2 months ago +14

    As russian, I'd say that syrniki isn't our frequent breakfast, we usually just eat butter, ham and bread. But I personally would prefer pancakes fo breakfast, they're easier to make (dough, eggs and water) and usually tastier. Also the song at background is the best 😂

  • Lior Vidan
    Lior Vidan 11 months ago +1883

    0:00 Intro🎥
    0:19 Netherlands🇳🇱
    Buttered toast with dark "hagelslags" (chocolates sprinkles).
    0:39 Netherlands (improved)🇳🇱
    Well buttered white bread with tons of milk "hagelslags" (chocolate sprinkles).
    1:35 The US🇺🇸
    Pancakes topped with butter and maple syrup, bacon, fried eggs and orange juice.
    2:22 France🇫🇷
    Tartine with butter and jam, pastries (pain au chololat, pain aux raisins and croissant), blueberries and coffee.
    3:02 Russia🇷🇺
    Syrniki (cheese patties) with sour cream and jam.
    3:28 Brazil🇧🇷
    Pão de queijo (cheese buns).
    4:28 Colombia🇨🇴
    Changua (milk based soup with poached eggs and "calado" slices).
    5:19 Germany🇩🇪
    Buttered brötchen topped with cold cuts, cheeses and vegetables, brezel and soft boiled egg.
    6:15 Switzerland🇨🇭
    Birchermüesli (milk or cream soaked oats) with grated apple, apple juice and cinnamon added, topped with yogurt, berries and toasted almonds.
    6:52 Philippines🇵🇭
    Tapsilog (rice with tapa and fried egg)
    7:40 The UK🇬🇧
    Sausages, beans, seared cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and back bacons, fried eggs and toast slices.
    8:35 Costa Rica🇨🇷
    Gallo pinto (rice and beans dish) topped with fried egg.
    9:34 India🇮🇳
    Aloo masala dosa (thin pancakes filled with spiced potatoes)
    10:31 Turkey🇹🇷
    Menemen (tomatoes dish served with bread).
    11:03 Egypt🇪🇬
    Ful medames (fava beans stew served with aish baladi, an Egyptian bread)
    12:02 China🇨🇳
    Pi dan ji si zhou congee (rice porridge with chicken and century egg) topped with chicken and green onion and served with Chinese pickles.
    13:02 Greece🇬🇷
    Strapatsada (eggs scrambled with tomatoes topped on toasted bread)
    13:31 Romania🇷🇴
    Bread, vegetables, cold cuts, cheeses, zacusca (roasted vegetables spread) and boiled egg.
    14:30 Lebanon🇱🇧
    Manakish (flatbread topped with za'atar or cheese) with vegetables.
    15:28 Japan🇯🇵
    Bowl of rice with natto (fermented soybeans), miso soup (dashi stock mixed with softened miso paste) with tofu and tamagoyaki (Japanese omelette) served with thin Japanese pickles slices.
    16:27 Mexico (A)🇲🇽
    Huevos rancheros (fried corn tortillas topped with salsa, beans and fried egg).
    17:05 Mexico (B)🇲🇽
    Chilaquiles (corn tortilla chips with salsa) topped with fried eggs, avocado, cheese and sour cream.
    18:05 North Africa+Middle East🌍
    Shakshouka (poached eggs in tomatoes sauce) served with bread.
    18:53 South Korea🇰🇷
    Bowl of rice topped with gochujang (red chili paste) sauce, seared mushrooms, zucchini and spinach, carrot salad, bean sprouts, cooked beef and fried egg.
    19:41 Japan (improved)🇯🇵
    Bowl of rice with natto (fermented soybeans), miso soup (dashi stock mixed with softened miso paste) with tofu, baked salmon with lemons and tamagoyaki (Japanese omelette) served with thin Japanese pickles slices.
    20:20 Outro🎥

    • Stare
      Stare 11 months ago +28


      NAFI NAFIH 11 months ago +56

      You really took time to type these, Congrats man

    • Lior Vidan
      Lior Vidan 11 months ago +16

      @NAFI NAFIH Thanks, appreciate😊🙌

      QUBI-QUBED 11 months ago +7

      why so many weird X boxes?

    • Stare
      Stare 11 months ago +21

      @QUBI-QUBED those are emojis that some mobiles cant see

  • Luis Miguel
    Luis Miguel 4 months ago

    As a Brazilian, i agree with your opnion about Pão de queijo. It's good for breakfast, but it's awesome as an afternoon snack.

  • Tina Winters
    Tina Winters 2 months ago

    Thank you so much for loving Japanese breakfast! Im originally from Mongolia who has been living Japan more than three decades, and absolutely love Japanese food. I must say you did very good job not only for Japans but for every dishes. I really hope you try Taiwanese breakfast someday because it is my most favorite.

  • Tor
    Tor Month ago +1

    Olive oil, tomatos, onions, bell peppers, eggs and some assortment of canned beans and you can make 50 percent of these :D
    The whole world made their own versions of mexican food

  • Paulina Galindo
    Paulina Galindo 4 months ago +3

    Mexican breakfast is truly so good, I hope some day you get to have it here, we've got so much to offer (birria, tamales, tacos, chilaquiles de mole, huevos motuleños, ETC)

  • Viviana Rodríguez
    Viviana Rodríguez 29 days ago

    I think you should try another breakfasts from Colombia, like caldo de costilla, calentado or huevos pericos. You'd be amazed.

  • Debbie Green
    Debbie Green Year ago +3582

    It’s so satisfying seeing all of these together. Poor Netherlands, although I would not want the for breakfast. Loved seeing your highly rated dishes, all so much more satisfying than a bowl of cereal. Loved this compilation xx

    • Xavier
      Xavier 11 months ago +130

      Romanian breakfast is made by stealing someones breakfast.

    • Mattia Rubio
      Mattia Rubio 11 months ago +174

      @Xavier romanian breakfast isn’t even a breakfast, it’s just a bunch of ingredients slapped on a board, this guy is so biased

    • Sam Jarrett
      Sam Jarrett 11 months ago +18

      In the Netherlands we have current buns, basically better versions of hot cross buns

    • Gerben time
      Gerben time 11 months ago +14

      Cheese is better on bread but I generally just become a vacuum cleaner in the morning and inhale a bowl of muesli with yoghurt in the morning.

    • IkbenhetToby
      IkbenhetToby 11 months ago +9

      Don't mind me while I'm from the netherlands😐

  • say_rah826
    say_rah826 3 months ago

    Loved this series! It gave me so many more cooking ideas.

  • Akihiko Sakurai
    Akihiko Sakurai 3 months ago

    If you added a piece of shiozake (grilled salted salmon) to the Japanese breakfast it would have been 10/10

  • Kobi Briggs
    Kobi Briggs Month ago

    Please rate the Australian breakfast. I'd really like to see your opinions on it.

  • MeLikeSnoopy
    MeLikeSnoopy 2 months ago +2

    I really want you to do Ecuadorian breakfast with Pan de Yuca and Empanadas. Brings back memories of visiting my grandmother in Ecuador and eating a lot of those things

  • Catherine Teoh
    Catherine Teoh 13 days ago

    Do Malaysia!
    Despite what people say it is not just Nasi Lemak (although I won't mind if it is), but what I'm used to are soft-boiled eggs served with milo (coffee for adults) and kaya and/or butter on toast.

  • Hina
    Hina 7 months ago +1619

    As an Indian with parents from both the North and South, we have quite a lot of different breakfasts and you definitely should try ones other than masala dosa.

    • Vichu2005g
      Vichu2005g 7 months ago +111

      He forget sambar and/or chutney for dosa which would make him increase his rating

    • Hina
      Hina 7 months ago +12

      @Vichu2005g Since others already commented that, I just left it be

    • Vichu2005g
      Vichu2005g 7 months ago +2

      @Hina ok then

    • Cosmic cookie
      Cosmic cookie 7 months ago +13

      He forgot idly masala Vada Pongal poori and more

    • Vichu2005g
      Vichu2005g 7 months ago +7

      @Cosmic cookie but he can only focus on one dish as he did to every others

  • Kratos
    Kratos 5 months ago

    I am glad you choose the healthier breakfast option from India which majorly includes South Indian breakfast because there're literally hundreds of varieties of breakfast in India and the north Indian breakfast particularly is very heavy and unhealthy. P.s. I am from north India.

  • Isabel Correa
    Isabel Correa 4 months ago +2

    Colombia have a lot of different breakfast according to each region. Because we have the mountains range, each regions has it own type of food, climate, music, an so on... You should try others type of breakfast from Colombia, like for example "calenta'o" (or calentado) that's from Antioquia, where I live on.

  • Kendra Tsou
    Kendra Tsou 7 days ago

    Can you try Taiwanese breakfast next? I really like the egg rolls (蛋餅) , especially with the garlicky soy sauce

  • Ranerio Vieira
    Ranerio Vieira 4 months ago

    You made a perfect pão de queijo. The looks are perfect. You also made using a very traditional recipe. This one that puts the hot oil on top of the manioc flour.
    Do you know why we use manioc flour in the recipes? It is indigenous to South America and the Portuguese used it as a substitute to regular flour as it was not available here (still have to be imported into the country from Argentina) and thus we developed these dishes.

  • Ragheb Orfali
    Ragheb Orfali Month ago

    Nailed the Lebanese breakfast, but I'm sure you'd better like the Zaatar Manakish with some Lebneh which is basically natural yogourt minus the water

  • Tipic_ faker
    Tipic_ faker 9 months ago +2678

    /tp in time sequence
    Netherlands 00:20
    USA 01:38
    France 02:23
    Russia 03:03
    Brazil 03:29
    Colombia 04:29
    Germany 05:21
    Switserland 06:15
    Philippine 06:53
    UK 07:41
    Costa Rica 08:37
    India 09:36
    Turkey 10:33
    Egypt 11:04
    China 12:04
    Greece 13:04
    Romania 13:33 or 13:42
    Lebanon 14:32
    Japan 15:30 and 19:43
    Mexico 16:28 and 17:06
    North Africa & Middle East 18:06
    Korea 18:55
    That's all
    Thank me

  • Ishika Eranga
    Ishika Eranga 3 months ago

    Try the full Sri Lankan breakfast with string hoppers, coconut sambol, a Dahl curry, a spicy onion sambol (also known as ‘Katta sambol’),a fish curry, and some tropical fruits such as pineapple, banana, and papaya as dessert. It takes a little time to cook this but you’ll love the taste!

  • Zuccini
    Zuccini 2 months ago +8

    You should do pakistan's puri cholay, its a type of fried bread usually served with suji halwa (a sweet semolina pudding), and aaloo cholay ( a potato and chickpea curry that is slightly spicy and tangy). The suji and the aaloo cholay should be mixed in one bite, it seems odd but somehow compliments each other. To top it all off you should make some kashmiri noon chai or just regular pakistani masala chai.

    • Ayyy lmao
      Ayyy lmao Month ago


    • BrainedIt
      BrainedIt Month ago

      Pretty sure it is Indian though lmao

  • Lígia Linhares
    Lígia Linhares 2 months ago +4

    I really liked your videos, everything looks amazing, but I'll have to say that for Brazil´s breakfast that was A LOT of things missing. Brazil is a BIG country, in every region we have traditional foods and flavors that are not common in other regions, like I'm from Minas Gerais that is a state of Southeast region, WE LOVE pão de queijo (and I probably think that you have not tasted the real deal) and you didn't had it with coffee or milk, anyway we have a lot of fruit that are unique from the region and we make a lot of juice (with one or more types of fruits). Actually, we eat more bread with butter and cheese or wwith smashed eggs, biscuits of various kinds and cake, but is kind a hard thing to explain because we have our one kind of everything. In the notheast side we have cuzcuz that is corn flour but bigger, and tapioca with various toppings and so much more. Well, I think I had to say it because I know you haven't had it all that Brazil could give to you. Hope you read it and try it again.

  • Eduardo Ucan
    Eduardo Ucan 2 months ago +6

    10 for chilaquiles, as should be! Just a little add to the same one, you cut open a bolillo bread and fill it with the chilaquiles. It becomes an on the go breakfast, and the bolillo makes the flavours of chilaquiles waaay more profound

  • Gigi Popescu
    Gigi Popescu 29 days ago

    Excellent clip, I'll make sure to order some of these such as huevos rancheros.
    I also enjoyed your sense of humor which is the spice on top of it all, sau ceapa langa slana, vorba romanului.

  • Fisch Cakes
    Fisch Cakes 11 months ago +1340

    As a Filipino, I’ll take the 8/10. However, to address your primary concern, the fact that it took a while to make, what most people do is marinate the meat overnight so that it‘s ready the next day and all you’ll have to do is fry the rice and egg. You can also upgrade that dish by adding some sinigang soup on the side, just the broth and some veggies will do.
    Edit: Spelling

    • Mister Sebaa
      Mister Sebaa 11 months ago +44

      Tbh it varies from family, usually it's garlic fried rice and whatever variation you have or pandesal or congee

    • Strawberry Lyrics World ♪
      Strawberry Lyrics World ♪ 11 months ago +9

      Just buy the tapa marinated lol
      Right?? Do you even have to marinate it??

    • Fisch Cakes
      Fisch Cakes 11 months ago +32

      @Strawberry Lyrics World ♪ Buying it marinated is pretty inconvenient since I wouldn’t expect to find it easily outside of the Philippines and it’s very easy (and probably much cheaper) to make your own marinade for it and just do it yourself. And yes, you have to marinate it for a while or you won’t really get much flavor in the meat

    • Ash Garden
      Ash Garden 11 months ago +18

      I would've preferred a bit more rice in his dish XD
      Kanin is life.

    • Armando Vigil
      Armando Vigil 11 months ago +24

      As a Mexican guy I loved sinigang when I first tried it especially the pork sinigang and halo halo is an incredible dessert 👌🏽

  • flipflop
    flipflop 3 months ago

    The fact that he reviewed the Netherlands Breakfast, Rated it a 2.5/10, Did it again, Rated it a 1.5/10, and did it yet again, made it better, and rated that a 7 - 8/10

  • Jordan Jenkins
    Jordan Jenkins 4 months ago

    I'm amazed at the adoption of tomatoes into breakfasts across Europe and North Africa. Tomatoes are a native fruit of Central America and weren't exported to those countries until probably sometime after the Spanish conquests of Central America.

  • chespi maverick
    chespi maverick Month ago

    I'm mexican and I have to admit those chilaquiles and huevos rancheros looked very tasty even though Im not a big fan of them

  • Ranerio Vieira
    Ranerio Vieira 4 months ago

    Wow! What a lot of work! I am from Brazil. What you have made for breakfast is in fact a snack. We sometimes have it for breakfast, but along with other servings. Most days we have coffee, milk, some fruit (mostly papaya or banana), a type of small french baguette we call french bread, some people from north Brazil make cassava powder tortillas (tapioca) or corn flour steamed (cuscuz). In the bread we put ham, butter, cheese (white cheese in my state, which is the regional state for pão de queijo as well). Some people also have scrambled eggs.
    It's funny to see you checking out the Zaatar, it's very common around here. There are more Lebanese here than in Lebanon. Our biggest immigrant populations and of course food cultures are Italians first and foremost, Japanese, German, Lebanese, Syrian. It's also very common Mexican food, although there are not many expats here. I took some cooking classes . French and Italian cuisines are the staple.
    Congratulations, interesting video, and we can see you have put a lot of effort and love into this video.

  • Vitezoman 5
    Vitezoman 5 Month ago

    As a Romanian, I can confirm that's what we usually have for breakfast... ether that or ether scrambled eggs woth cheese or omlet's with different things in it. But if you don't have time to cook anything, put anything like hard boiled eggs or different types of meat's, cheese and veggies, and you got yourself breakfast.

  • Dara N
    Dara N 8 months ago +1534

    As an Indian, I’m super satisfied with the dish and the prep, but small thing, YOU FORGOT THE COCONUT CHETNEY AND SAMBAR. Loved your dishes!

    • Rae P
      Rae P 8 months ago +41

      That's where the money is at.👌

    • Rohan Y
      Rohan Y 8 months ago +37

      Yeah he should redo it including chetney and sambar

    • Feraminecarts
      Feraminecarts 8 months ago +12

      And the pronunciation, no offense to him, it's hard for any non indian

    • E
      E 8 months ago +10

      YoUr CoMpUtEr HaS a ViRuS

    • Anshul Singh
      Anshul Singh 8 months ago +5

      You should definitely try it again with sambar and coconut chutney

  • KayDubs
    KayDubs 3 months ago +1

    In case you ever do these again, may I suggest Slovenia?
    We have a annual tradition where every school in the country has the traditional Slovene breakfast.
    It's a simple one, consisting of bread (typically rye bread, though white bread is an option too), butter, honey, milk and an apple.
    The only real issue you'd have with it is the requirement that ALL of the ingredients need to be of Slovenian origin.

    • Paul Allen
      Paul Allen 2 months ago

      Slovenia sounds sensible with their breakfast habits. While I have little doubt all these breakfasts he rates highly here taste amazing *there is no way* I'm going to spend a long time preparing breakfast in the morning. This guy is probably a cook so preparing all this is no problem for him but for most of us one has to get up, shower, trim one's beard, dress up, go to the car or bus or bicycle and travel to work. How can there possibly be any time left to prepare the more advanced breakfasts he shows here?

  • mbpcravings
    mbpcravings 2 months ago +7

    I'm Korean-Japanese living in the US with a French-American husband. I agree with you the Japanese breakfast is the best! There are so many variations of miso soup and rice accompaniments that are nutritious and delicious, please continue the exploration. I hope you treat yourself to a tamagoyaki pan. Korean bibimbap is great, but it's more a lunch for me...make sure you mix everything well to harmonize all the ingredients..."bibi" means to mix. I have a rough time when I visit my in-laws and get offered sweet pastries every morning, I now pack rice and instant miso soup in my luggage.

  • Layne Mostyn
    Layne Mostyn 7 days ago

    You could also try Thai kai jeow on rice, very simple but the fresh herbs and sliced veg make it sing.

  • Adrian König
    Adrian König 5 months ago +1

    Strapatsada, or Kayanas, similar to Shakshuka and Menemen. An amazing dish but, sadly, it is not considered breakfast in Greece. The most common things for breakfast are cheese pie (tiropita), ham and cheese pie (zamponotiropita) and chocolate milk, this is for everyone between the ages of "toddler" to "young adult". BUT, even more traditional is coffee and cigarettes, and maybe a cookie, which is what I'm having right now. A slice of chocolate cake instead of cookie, a nice espresso and good old hand rolling tobacco. Can't get any better than this man I'm tellin ya. Easy 11/10

  • C A
    C A 3 days ago

    I didn't really care how he'd rank my country's breakfast, I was just curious about what he'd do with it. My country has so many breakfast options that the rating can be anything from 1 to 10 depending on how invested he was. Sadly he just showed the tip of the iceberg but still

  • Ellie Z.
    Ellie Z. 10 months ago +637

    0:19 Netherlands
    1:36 The US
    2:24 France
    3:04 Russia
    3:30 Brazil
    4:29 Colombia
    5:20 Germany
    6:15 Switzerland
    6:54 Philippines
    7:41 The UK
    8:37 Costa Rica
    9:36 India
    10:32 Turkey
    11:04 Egypt
    12:04 China
    13:03 Greece
    13:32 Romania
    14:32 Lebanon
    15:30 Japan
    16:28 Mexico
    17:06 Mexico, again
    18:06 North Africa + Middle East
    18:54 South Korea
    19:42 Japan, again

  • Bodycounter
    Bodycounter 2 months ago

    You should try a classic German "Mettbrötchen" with onions and pepper. It is pretty common in Germany but many foreigners think of it as absolutely barbaric and disgusting.

  • Erin432
    Erin432 4 months ago

    I am glad I had just eaten because otherwise this would have made me so hungry-most of these looked delicious!!
    Edit: wanted to add that next time I share a recipe with someone, I am totally going to include the instruction to cook it until it’s cooked🤣🤣

  • Can Bilgor
    Can Bilgor Month ago +1

    thanks for giving a 9 for türkiye but i think you should also try other breakfeasts & national dishes since turkey is full of them. (I know it will take lots of time but kahvaltı is what i recommend, its a table-full of dishes like menemen, eggs, cucumbers & tomatos with some olive oil.. etc, if you dont like it its okay :-D.

    KYOTO 3 months ago +1

    In Brazil we have something called cuzcuz, basically "corn pasta" and goes divine with everything you can put in mouth (i like with black beans and spicy foods) ^^