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HIGHLIGHTS: Philadelphia Union vs. Charlotte FC | April 02, 2022

  • Published on Apr 1, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • HIGHLIGHTS: Philadelphia Union 2-0 Charlotte FC, 04/02/2022
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Comments • 54

  • Nick Sacco
    Nick Sacco Year ago +22

    Union are the best team in Philly and need more recognition. Hopefully a chip will change people’s minds

  • Lil Santo
    Lil Santo Year ago +32

    Union Played amazing Sadly Uhre couldnt get his first but amazing game

    • Al C
      Al C Year ago +1

      Surprised they left his chance out of this video tbh

    • HisNameIsBASS
      HisNameIsBASS Year ago +1

      yea u could see what uhre was trying to do he shoulda just tucked it away and got the doop loll

    • KFunk Warzone
      KFunk Warzone Year ago

      @Al C that had to be on purpose. He’s now missed 3 breakaways this season

    • Rickybobbylarge
      Rickybobbylarge Year ago

      @KFunk Warzone he’s only played twice

    • Lil Santo
      Lil Santo Year ago

      @Rickybobbylarge he got 2 break aways vs Montreal

  • Michael S
    Michael S Year ago +4

    Union didn't break a sweat this game. RIP Charlotte

  • Phillip Hagerty
    Phillip Hagerty Year ago +14

    Oof, Martinez very lucky. Good game from Sullivan even tho he isn’t in the highlights much

  • LAH Sport
    LAH Sport Year ago +16

    Light work for the Union

  • Yan Holliday
    Yan Holliday Year ago +23

    kinda pains me to say since i love kacper but, santos and caranza are *so* much better together, they are much more complementary. (and, weirdly enough, i feel like przybylko seems more at home as a lone point in chicago....)

    • The_Sprout
      The_Sprout Year ago +8

      If Santos could improve his finishing he’d be one of the most lethal players in the league

    • Surprize Gaming
      Surprize Gaming Year ago +1

      The chemistry is palpable

    • NoFlags
      NoFlags Year ago +1

      @The_Sprout I've been saying this for longest time if he could just improve that area. who's back 4 could stop that man?

    • Rascality
      Rascality Year ago

      Carranza has a much higher workrate. There were too many goals last season that Przybylko would have scored if he had not given up on the play.

  • David Brown
    David Brown Year ago

    Only gonna get better. Lets go union!!!!

  • Number123e4e
    Number123e4e Year ago +2

    This is a good wake up call for Charlotte

  • Adan Martinez
    Adan Martinez Year ago +1

    Charlotte was utterly dominated

  • Aaron Buckwalter
    Aaron Buckwalter Year ago +6

    Union still in first place baby

  • Законопослушный водитель

    Хорошая игра Филадельфии

  • Gil Baltazar
    Gil Baltazar Year ago +1

    Charlotte with the poor defense and that error for 2nd goal. 😯 Soccer is so unpredictable 😫 lol. Love it tho

  • Gabriel Morales
    Gabriel Morales Year ago

    Philly is on fire.

  • drew
    drew Year ago +6

    I hope the USA goes to the quarterfinals of the World Cup

    • Test Test
      Test Test Year ago

      Extremely doubtful

    • Idek
      Idek Year ago +3

      It’s possible

    • HisNameIsBASS
      HisNameIsBASS Year ago

      @Test Test even tho alot of people will be doubtful anything can happen in a world cup lol

  • Chase Suwyn
    Chase Suwyn Year ago +2


  • Jacob Frye
    Jacob Frye Year ago +5

    I feel bad for swiderski, he deserves a better team

  • TheNotoriousNemo
    TheNotoriousNemo Year ago +2

    this game was good

  • NoFlags
    NoFlags Year ago +9

    Well we keep are sit at the top of the table. To the Charlotte fans first time playing the Union what you think? You get use again this year at your house so.... yea looking forward to it. Think #6 is a problem 4 games 4 goals ties the Union record hope he can brake it next game against Crew. There's really no back 4 in MLS at least in the Eastern conference that can run with #17 Santos. An are back 4 completely shut it down today a little messy here an there but got Andre his 3rd straight clean sheet. 13 points boys undefeated LET'S GO UNION!!!! 🐍

    • Marco Rojas-Vazquez
      Marco Rojas-Vazquez Year ago +1

      Grammar could be a lot better but Good game guys went out to phili to watch it and it was a great experience cant wait to play you guys again at home! Phili was always going to be tough 😢

    • McPickle34
      McPickle34 Year ago +2

      @Marco Rojas-Vazquez bold of you to speak about grammar when you can’t spell Philly right

    • NoFlags
      NoFlags Year ago +1

      @McPickle34 he did spell it like Philly is in the Philippines

    • McPickle34
      McPickle34 Year ago +1

      @NoFlags lol

  • Roberto C. J.
    Roberto C. J. Year ago


  • Yeetonthesheesh Road

    I have hopes for charlotte

  • TheDahkter Izzin
    TheDahkter Izzin Year ago

    CLT need to combine in final 3rd

  • Ali Keshani
    Ali Keshani Year ago +1


  • Cloud Ninja
    Cloud Ninja Year ago +5

    The video quality of this broadcast is unacceptable in 2022. This looks terrible! NBC Sports did a crappy job with the Austin vs San Jose game as well. MLS you need to hold these TV stations to a higher standard. I expect this from collegiate game coverage not the pinnacle of the sport in the US.
    Go Union!

    • Kevin
      Kevin Year ago +1

      I agree! But I will say if you live in the nearby area the games are streamed on the Union website for free. We don't have cable so its fantastic.

    • Mike B
      Mike B Year ago

      It's a very small local station, phl17, that has the broadcasts. They spend all their money on big name voices, apparently.

    • Leroy-Will Jones
      Leroy-Will Jones Year ago

      It's not really MLS in charge of the stations it's the nearby clubs. But yeah I see what you mean.

  • Ali Keshani
    Ali Keshani Year ago +1


  • الإدلبي
    الإدلبي Year ago

    Charlotte defense non-existent

  • Dog Wolf
    Dog Wolf Year ago

    Hungarian best

  • Blighty One
    Blighty One Year ago +1

    CTL is in the mud

  • Unimoose Phil
    Unimoose Phil Year ago


  • WorldCup Master B
    WorldCup Master B 8 months ago +1

    4-0 anyone?

  • Henry Lennin Rodriguez Zavaleta


    • Surprize Gaming
      Surprize Gaming Year ago +1

      Google translated Doop into Baptism. I think that works.

    • HisNameIsBASS
      HisNameIsBASS Year ago +2

      @Surprize Gaming Charlotte just got baptized

  • Solrac Serolf
    Solrac Serolf Year ago

    At least this white guy says "GOAL!!"............................