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The Most Random Memes

  • Published on Feb 3, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Cursed Moments! #vaazkl
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  • NMRIH is a great Source mod - blessed by Cory's lip

    Gotta respect chill professors who dont take themselves too seriously

    • Assorted Garbage
      Assorted Garbage Month ago

      Its you again…

    • Wanjoris
      Wanjoris Month ago +2

      @Zaido (Idk) why do you keep replying lmaoooo

    • Zaido (Idk)
      Zaido (Idk) Month ago

      ​@Wanjoris Also you can block people who are annoying you💀💀

    • Zaido (Idk)
      Zaido (Idk) Month ago

      ​@Wanjoris💀💀bro was simply trying to say that he could've shortened it into one sentence, Also it's

    • CoolFox V2
      CoolFox V2 Month ago

      seen bro everywhere

  • Nagito's number one worshipper

    The professor has a great sense of humour lol l'm jealous 🥲

  • Assorted Garbage
    Assorted Garbage Month ago +3213

    Its hilarious how much joy humans get out of things such as wielding deadly weapons

    • Precision  Addict
      Precision Addict 11 days ago

      Man deadly weapons are the definition of fun for me

    • Lal Haokip
      Lal Haokip 14 days ago

      Its fun tho
      Except when you hir someone

    • IHMyself
      IHMyself 15 days ago

      I mean, swords look cool as fuck, lol.

    • Nibbonbon
      Nibbonbon Month ago +1

      Nah, I'd be terrified 😂 but it's because I'm careful around anything

    • Greedy Orange
      Greedy Orange Month ago +2

      yes ricky,kaboom...

  • Big Brain Cat
    Big Brain Cat Month ago +1872

    “Weight 300”
    Dude burned the whole damn house

    • Ireland :D
      Ireland :D 23 days ago

      Bro had the weight of a whole house

    • Leooo
      Leooo Month ago

      @On_The_Inverse_don’t take it so literal

    • Emerald Wolf
      Emerald Wolf Month ago

      oh my god this entire section is burning down, but unlike my reply.

    • TobiLetsPlay
      TobiLetsPlay Month ago

      ​@Emerald Wolf lmao 💀💀💀

    • On_The_Inverse_
      On_The_Inverse_ Month ago

      @Lord Pumpkinhead no, its the way it's presented; as if the person had the same knowledge as a toddler, no matter how much they actually know

  • Winds Jamaa
    Winds Jamaa Month ago +619

    The professor really bought a whole ass coffin to make the joke happen, and I can respect that

    • italiankidspaghetti 23
      italiankidspaghetti 23 Month ago +2

      *Alright professor you can wake up now*

    • RustyGuy
      RustyGuy Month ago +1

      Reminds me of my classes first essay at university. I went to college first so the first year wasn't too hard but out of hundreds of people I was one of the few people to pass 😆

    • Petra Klumpe
      Petra Klumpe Month ago +7

      Fr man thats some real dedication for a joke

  • 1k subs without a video challenge

    We all know that 1 teacher whose chill like this and everyone still does well in class

    • Ditto
      Ditto Month ago +6

      for me, it was my geography teacher lol

  • FlourishWitherDie
    FlourishWitherDie Month ago +722

    Woman turned into Xena the instant she came into contact with a sword

    • Novik Nikolović
      Novik Nikolović 5 days ago +1

      @chris walls because she undid her cloaking

    • chris walls
      chris walls 5 days ago

      @Novik Nikolović But you can see her.

    • MultiWeen
      MultiWeen 20 days ago

      It is Xena.

    • Tornado
      Tornado Month ago +2

      ​@Novik Nikolović took the words right outta my mouth, goddammit.

    • Novik Nikolović
      Novik Nikolović Month ago +9

      John Xena

  • Orphan of Ko's.
    Orphan of Ko's. Month ago +256

    I am sure that woman was once a warrior princess name Zena.

    • FurFreak
      FurFreak Month ago

      @Tornado Ah.

    • Tornado
      Tornado Month ago +1

      @FurFreak It's a _meme_ about *John Cena* the _wrestler_

    • FurFreak
      FurFreak Month ago

      @Tornado Go ahead. I have no clue who he is.

    • Tornado
      Tornado Month ago +3

      ​@FurFreak here to say "John Xina" before anyone else.

    • FurFreak
      FurFreak Month ago +12

      I think Xena

  • Petar Rajcevic
    Petar Rajcevic Month ago +689

    That car stuck on the tree is some Harry Potter type shit 💀

    • ZeeBee Reactions
      ZeeBee Reactions  Month ago +1

      My dumbass was yelling 'RONALD WEASLEY!' in my Mrs Weasley voice🤣🤣🤣

    • Decoy Sammy
      Decoy Sammy Month ago +1

      "Ron Weasley!!!" Said Molly Weasley calmly.

    • Alyssa
      Alyssa  Month ago +3

      I actually saw a car in a tree, probably not that one but it looked basically the same

    • Troglotech
      Troglotech Month ago +4

      Lmao I love that tree, on the way to winsconsin from Illinois you can find it along with some other wacky car things

    • Mizutsune_Slayer14
      Mizutsune_Slayer14 Month ago +5

      Legend has it the womping willow pounded the car into the ground and it’s still there to this day

  • Aneko GT
    Aneko GT Month ago +128

    They probably be naming them Junior fatherless idk.

  • Roop KD
    Roop KD Month ago +151

    The funny thing with being named a junior would be that their mother probably screamed their name trying to create the junior.

    • FranticFootjob
      FranticFootjob Month ago +1

      @P Delta 😭😭😭

    • Fallen_Angel
      Fallen_Angel Month ago +1

      @P Delta Bruh

    • P Delta
      P Delta Month ago +6

      ​@Fallen_Angel Do you scream "Whopper" when getting your cheeks clapped, mate?

    • Koko Ni
      Koko Ni Month ago +7


    • Fallen_Angel
      Fallen_Angel Month ago +14

      Maybe she should name him whopper Jr.

  • 3k subs with no video challenge

    Lmao those test scores must have been atrocious for him to go that far

  • Sodapop Curtis
    Sodapop Curtis Month ago +64

    As a woman with a sword, I relate

    • straypaper
      straypaper Month ago +1

      As a sword I can attest that the happiness goes both ways and we really do like female wielders

    • Xushux
      Xushux Month ago +1

      hold on

  • DogetheGod
    DogetheGod Month ago +29

    "Oh okay.'
    *"Weight 300."* 💀💀💀💀

  • Faith Midnight
    Faith Midnight Month ago +37

    Xena at the photo studio.

  • Tds - typhon
    Tds - typhon Month ago +71

    The professor one was hilarious 😂

  • 3k subs with no video challenge

    Bro prob putting rocket engines on his car and flew into the tree

    • Mason Tobias C.
      Mason Tobias C. Month ago +1

      Damn, you are pretty far with your challenge . 😅

  • Sophia Y
    Sophia Y Month ago +20

    Damn how did she evade all them serial killers, human traffickers and etc.

  • Skull Skulls
    Skull Skulls Month ago +16

    You know your professor likes his class when that’s the shit he does

  • moonfallmakesgacha #tysmfor50subs

    “Woman went on six dates a week to save on food”
    Wait how tf would you get that lucky with dates? at least once they had to pay

    • Koko Ni
      Koko Ni Month ago

      It's really not that hard

    • Bmendonc
      Bmendonc Month ago +6

      Men be that desperate

  • PxkiRambo 🎵
    PxkiRambo 🎵 Month ago +12

    That ass bent the parking line one was a VIOLATION 😂🔥

  • Red was not the impostor

    i legit just laid down and felt so happy doing so 💀

  • CoOkiE_ WolF
    CoOkiE_ WolF Month ago +34

    I thought that the one w/ the opossum would be "Guys I found a Pokémon how do I put it in my balls?"
    I probably need help

    • Tengoku
      Tengoku Month ago +1

      @Names_Are_Boring_ yeah me too

    • Names_Are_Boring_
      Names_Are_Boring_ Month ago +3

      God, I fucking hate how opossum is spelled...

    • Tengoku
      Tengoku Month ago +1

      Is it a gardevior? If not then idk...
      (Jk dont come after me plz)

    • ENSANE
      ENSANE Month ago +1

      riding pokemon at 3 am

  • Enygma
    Enygma Month ago +6

    Respect to the professors who have fun with their students and genuinely cares about them

  • bald dog
    bald dog Month ago +7

    That last one 🤣

  • CyberLaw14
    CyberLaw14 Month ago +18

    "bro thought he was going somewhere" nah thats my car from gta help me get it down

    • súper Sonicfan
      súper Sonicfan Month ago

      Harry Potter

    • ENSANE
      ENSANE Month ago

      @FoxSenpie yeah so just steal one, theres no excuse to drive a truck 💀

    • FoxSenpie
      FoxSenpie Month ago

      @ENSANE Lets not forgot not everyone plays it for a fancy sports car and other several million dollars cars

    • ENSANE
      ENSANE Month ago

      Imagine driving that when you can just steal some nice shit

  • • Emma Senger •
    • Emma Senger • Month ago +10

    Dudes truck straight outta Harry Potter, truck gets stuck in Whomping Willow. The results will shock you.

  • Azymondias The 3rd
    Azymondias The 3rd Month ago +13

    Ngl, if I got a sword, I’d be happy as hell to

  • Duckie Duck Duck
    Duckie Duck Duck  Month ago +5

    Boys, you want to make a girl happy?
    Give her a sword.
    Give her food.
    Don’t make her your queen, make her a war lord.

  • 1k subs without a video challenge

    When a pokemon kid finally touches some grass:

    • Bumblebee
      Bumblebee Month ago +1

      ​@Tengoku Right TOTALLY not. This is TOTALLY not coming from a person with shiny kantonian Articuno and Blacephalon in pokemon Sword.

    • Tengoku
      Tengoku Month ago +2

      Aight hear me out... Shiny hunting doesnt need touching grass as long as you catch a grass type shiny... TOTALLY not coming from a shiny hunter with some sort of shiny addiction...

  • YesImDavid
    YesImDavid Month ago +2

    Let’s all be honest: if someone took a picture of you without a sword, and then handed you a sword you’d have the exact same reaction she did

  • pelicaN
    pelicaN Month ago +18

    That woman smart asf for going on that many dates

    • AnarchyFork
      AnarchyFork Month ago +4

      Fr imagine the amount of money she saved

  • Rex Galilae
    Rex Galilae Month ago +2

    Imagine using "speech 100" in a normal conversation to call out someone over THEIR lack of conversation skills 💀💀

  • Cookie
    Cookie Month ago +2

    The woman with the sword looked so happy and that made me smile today

  • I Love Bread
    I Love Bread Month ago +5

    The sword one, finally a relatable meme for women!

  • Vibe-Dragon
    Vibe-Dragon 26 days ago

    The visible happiness that women had with the sword, something I wish I had.

  • Eclipse
    Eclipse Month ago

    Gotta respect the professors humour he actually brought a whole coffin

  • ToastTen
    ToastTen Month ago +1

    Professor fr said "Man I'm dead💀"

  • Cheech Ola
    Cheech Ola Month ago +2

    Pretty sure the woman with the sword is Lucy Lawless.


    Always remember to give your female a good supply of swords to keep her happy

  • Irene Parkin
    Irene Parkin Month ago +4

    That lady with the sword is Lucy Lawless (aka Xena Warrior Princess).

  • housekilla457
    housekilla457 Month ago

    The real reason they name the junior after the non existent father is so they can yell at him in their place.

  • Cowerdnerd Despacito
    Cowerdnerd Despacito Month ago +2

    I wish I had enough extra money to fully restore a 1959 Chevy 1/2 ton fleet side pick up and put it in a tree as a tree house/ art piece

  • Emma Gemmell
    Emma Gemmell Month ago +1

    The woman with the sword is so relatedable, who doesn’t want to swing around a big metal weapon lol 😂 my parents have a ceremonial sword (it’s a thing in Scotland) it’s blunt but proper metal, very heavy and I loved playing with it when they weren’t home lol

    N0NSENSE Month ago +1

    “Junior bacon cheeseburger?”
    “Junior double triple whopper”
    Dats sum real shit

  • Void
    Void Month ago

    The woman with the sword is understandable. I'd smile real big someone handed me a sword.

  • Aaron Loic
    Aaron Loic Month ago

    That professor is someone i wish i knew.

  • _Gold_Eye_
    _Gold_Eye_ Month ago +2

    Sword woman is based. Men dig it because we all know a sword is on a shopping list somewhere. It’s something we should all own before we die.

  • Nemesis 14
    Nemesis 14 Month ago

    Bro I'm 16 and laying down is one of the best feelings I can think of recently

  • Vey TV Stories
    Vey TV Stories Month ago

    thats the best professor you will ever see in this planet, prove me wrong

  • Lenicon
    Lenicon 11 days ago +1

    To be fair, swords look sick

  • SpecialOrder935
    SpecialOrder935 Month ago

    The guy who gave her the sword must have been a fan of Xenia

  • Tyler Owens
    Tyler Owens 10 hours ago

    Y'all test scores had me dead💀💀💀💀💀💀

  • Marshall Keenan
    Marshall Keenan Month ago

    Bro the party dog always be chill asf lmaoo

  • Lil-Pony
    Lil-Pony Month ago +1

    That dog really look like: “Didn’t I do it for you”

  • Marion Berggren
    Marion Berggren Month ago +5

    Proof swords are the best

  • Professor Fish
    Professor Fish 8 days ago +1

    The dog is always the goodest boy too

  • dark
    dark Month ago

    the professor really said "man im dead" 💀

  • Takahashi
    Takahashi Month ago

    I actually hate it when you name your new born after somebody else that you regularly meet because calling them by their first name loud enough would make it a family reunion.

  • number 1 offender
    number 1 offender 23 days ago

    I’m pretty sure that woman is a warrior princess who goes by the name of Xena

  • Hell Gamer
    Hell Gamer Month ago

    Weight 300 💀 bro was grinding those cheese burgers

  • ♡༒︎Kai Keeps It Cheesy༒︎♡

    I remember one of my favorite teachers, she let me bring some actual hieroglyphic prints on papyrus to an egyptology course I was doing

  • Cardboard Box
    Cardboard Box Month ago

    The fact the Professor brought an actual coffin is just amazing XD

  • Keulron
    Keulron Month ago

    I will never understand people who name their first son Junior. It feels like an insult directed to both dad and son.

  • Moo
    Moo Month ago

    We gonna talk about how that one twitter account was called food porn?

  • Moo The Cow
    Moo The Cow Month ago

    All women truly want are swords, and those two photos prove it!

  • MultiWeen
    MultiWeen 20 days ago

    That woman is literally xena warrior princess.

  • KnockoffGregory
    KnockoffGregory Month ago

    the weight 300 one reminds me of when my wrestling coach was handing out donuts and i didnt take one, so our heavyweight said “that’s exactly why your always sick” but got all pissy when i said “thats why you’re over 300lbs” looking at her two donuts

  • I Feel Dead
    I Feel Dead Month ago

    I actually had a classmate named Junior, like his name is actually Junior cuz he was originally planned to be named after his father but apparently the parents werent allowed to do that so they just settled with naming him Junior

  • Rhombusfake
    Rhombusfake 21 day ago

    Bro really went "man im dead 💀"

  • C.D.R Studios
    C.D.R Studios Month ago

    Those aren't fries anymore, they've reverted back to chips

  • Baizhu stalker
    Baizhu stalker 25 days ago

    The professor have Gen Z humour 😭😭

  • Mr_ Tinez
    Mr_ Tinez Month ago

    Knowing that "this women" is Xena Warrior Princess makes me feel old, my joints just made a crunching sound hearing that.

  • Jack Wurzer
    Jack Wurzer Month ago

    Don’t block out Jay’s name. His knowledge must be shared

  • Izzy Shakir
    Izzy Shakir Month ago

    Bro really said, “ man I’m dead”

  • That one guy that likes ship

    Girls getting roasted by man is the most hilarious thing in the world 💀💀💀💀

  • JustAstin
    JustAstin Month ago +1

    "Weight 300"
    Damage 1000 💀

  • Starkiller
    Starkiller Month ago +2

    I'm 15 and was just called old because I like laying down.
    It was funny

  • Stelth_mission
    Stelth_mission Month ago

    Swords fix everything, have you seen a sword wedding? They’re great.

  • Bro Annoying
    Bro Annoying Month ago +1

    Future has something great to say for the girl who went on 6 dates a week

  • Gods Only Sin -Noah-

    If my professor did that I would take a nap through class

  • Cat
    Cat Month ago +1

    Bro Really just found a golden Shiny rattata on a trash can 💀☠

  • KingJay👑
    KingJay👑 Month ago

    Naming someone a jr is the dumbest thing people do. They clearly hate themselves so they need someone else to take on their name and be better

  • BN Games
    BN Games Month ago +1

    Bro just wanted to be Ron Weasley

  • Aretic Gamer
    Aretic Gamer 22 days ago +1

    I can’t find anything about them fries, so this is it. 🍟

  • Twizzler
    Twizzler Month ago +1

    Cheetah be like what we’re have for dinner bud.

  • Lisu
    Lisu Month ago

    Bro that jr joke was a violation 😂

  • Kinda0006
    Kinda0006 Month ago +1

    Imma make my kid named junior bacon cheeseburger 💀

  • HyperChamp
    HyperChamp Month ago +1

    "Weight 300" 💀

  • Coolking59x
    Coolking59x Month ago

    so we just gunna gloss over the fact that the person who tweeted about fries name is literally food porn lol

  • Penzor Phallos
    Penzor Phallos 7 days ago

    Junior Cheeseburger is the hardest thing I've ever heard

  • e
    e Month ago

    You already know with those fries you about to be given a blessing from God himself 😭

  • An Akatsuki Fangirl

    The one about the girl who photoshopped her butt to look bigger had me cackling.

  • Shrek
    Shrek Month ago

    when we have party’s at our house we have a huge sign that says “don’t throw the ball” because our dog will go on for hours playing fetch and it’s bad for her health cuz she’s older

  • Jordan Ray
    Jordan Ray Month ago +1

    can't tell me #2 isn't a Xena cosplayer

  • Dark Matter
    Dark Matter Month ago +1

    I actually threw a ball at a friend's yard outside a dog came giving me it back, since then the dog has been my best friend for 4 years but recently he died, he will always be in my ❤️

  • Dhruv Gajjar
    Dhruv Gajjar Month ago

    6 dates a week to not buy groceries is smart asf icl

  • marisa kirisame
    marisa kirisame Month ago

    girl got possessed by the eyelander 💀

  • gr0undbr3ak
    gr0undbr3ak Month ago

    pretty accurate the 3rd most popular name back in school was "junior bacon cheeseburger"

  • Neeland02
    Neeland02 Month ago +2

    Those fries looked 👌