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A Song of Ice and Fire: Dance of the Dragons | Complete History of the Targaryen Civil War

  • Published on Jul 16, 2022 veröffentlicht

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  • ny_kia31

    How such a rich history can be invented out of someone's mind, is amazing to me.

  • Eli l
    Eli l  +1

    Starks always seem to get it right. Send in battle hardened warriors welcoming death while simultaneously gathering a large host. listening to a women's council on how to avoid more suffering for the realm was genius. They may have "cold" personalities but they're extremely loyal and somehow remain humble through it all.

  • penoyer79
    penoyer79  +97

    Crazy how Corlys who was on the verge of death for most of season 1... is actually one of the only main characters to survive the war.


    Cregan strak joined the war.

  • Prairie Farmer

    Is it just me or is the saddest part of the dance of the dragons the death of the dragons? They’re bonded to their riders and do everything they can to protect them. Look at Stormcloud, he died because he protected Aegon and even managed to get Aegon safely to Dragonstone before dying.

  • patrickgazeupon

    In all of GoT history, only the Starks were found to be fit to rule. Seriously.

  • Koda Dais

    Me in the first half: yeah ok Alicent, Rhaenera, couple of kids... makes sense.

  • thenewguyinred

    In a horrific twist of irony, the woman who started this string of tragedies in her pursuit for power ended up with no power or influence and died a lonely and miserable shell of her former self.

  • Astromamut
    Astromamut  +197

    Episode 8 starts at

  • Teal Square

    The world was burning but Dorne was like 👀

  • Tom Kyuu
    Tom Kyuu  +576

    Criston's death will be the most satisfiying one in the series.

  • Jeffrey Timbang

    Cregan Stark could have been Hand of the King for a long time and gained so much influence over the realm but instead came home to Winterfell and let the realm deal with itself. Now we know where Jon Snow got his "I don't want it" energy. What a guy.

  • Sara Kilburn

    Watched this after S1E7 because I got far too excited. As someone who hasn't read the book, my jaw dropped SEVERAL times. I screamed. I paused to compose myself

  • Riiina Rosé

    Alicent’s entire line was wiped out… All of her kids and grandkids died right before her eyes.. thus continuing the Targaryen Dynasty through Rhaenyra’s sons … a sad price to pay for an ambition she never should’ve had

  • Piers Spicer

    Looking forward to seeing how HotD adapts all these POVs into a single narrative

  • Pancakes
    Pancakes  +255

    I am so ready to see the Hour of the Wolf in live action. It's crazy to think that they were quite literally the big storm that obliterated the Green faction. If only Rhaenyra thought rationally then maybe she would've survived considering it didn't take that long for the Starks to finally march onto King's Landing after she sailed away.

  • Miguel Mendoza

    What a tragedy. I mourn for all the dragons that were lost.

  • Ricardo Lima

    Just watched the last episode of house of the dragon and I simply COULD NOT wait after that ending

  • Rami abdo
    Rami abdo  +363

    Lord Cregan Stark is as honorable as Eddard was, but unlike Eddard, when he reached Kings landing. He didn't fuck around, he went straight to business. That's why he is better than Eddard in that sense.