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I Made A $10,000 Seed Finding Competition!

  • Published on Mar 30, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Whoever finds the most insane, never before seen Minecraft seed wins $10,000!
    My Twitter: Sipover
    My Instagram: sipovers
    My Twitch: SipoverS
    Events Discord: discord.gg/XZXSBdHzJ5
    My Reddit: r/Sipover
    STOFIX: www.tiktok.com/@stofix?is_fro...
    Dutchen: DutChen18# 7605
    penguin: and_penguin# 7114
    Crackedmagnet: / crackedmagnet
    Dylan: / dylandc14
    Unassumed: / @unassumed8700
    Mooingcowmilk: / @mooing_cowmilk
    Plebiain: www.reddit.com/user/Plebiain/...
    Jereaux: www.reddit.com/user/Jereaux/s...
    Daneeko: / @daneeko
    NelS: Nels# 6669
    MrSpike: MrSpike# 3162

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  • Sipover
    Sipover  2 months ago +1961

    Thanks for watching :)

  • watertoast
    watertoast 2 months ago +8903

    We honestly really need to find some more seeds like Stofix’s. They really seem to be something taken from real life and turned to cubes. Truly a work of art.

    • Ckblahblah
      Ckblahblah 2 months ago +90

      I predict this will get 4 likes

    • zombiegmr
      zombiegmr 2 months ago +41

      @Ckblahblah Wrong 14

    • Ckblahblah
      Ckblahblah 2 months ago +29

      @zombiegmr wrong 22

    • beastboet
      beastboet 2 months ago +21

      it’s literally in the video 6:08

    • Anything
      Anything 2 months ago +7

      @Ckblahblah wrong 37

  • TheMainMiek
    TheMainMiek 2 months ago +7164

    Stofix absolutely deserved this, that is the best enclosed area seed ive ever seen.

    • Sushila Shrestha
      Sushila Shrestha 2 months ago +45


    • Stofix
      Stofix 2 months ago +142

      Thanks :')

    • Piyush Kesarwani
      Piyush Kesarwani 2 months ago +18

      @Stofix the seed you find in This video it will work on bedrock edition and what are the coordinates of this location

  • MrDoge
    MrDoge 2 months ago +3736

    We gotta give respect to seed finders. It is extremely hard to find seeds like some of the ones featured on this video. The amount of patience required to do this is immaculate.

    • mdwl
      mdwl 2 months ago +70

      20 minutes

    • Parsphere
      Parsphere 2 months ago +4

      @mdwl for what

    • JJ Thomson
      JJ Thomson 2 months ago +91

      @Parsphere yo momma

    • Mr cat gonna win
      Mr cat gonna win 2 months ago +1


    • SDT
      SDT 2 months ago +91

      You know most of them have automated bots to find seeds for them they just life their lives and se what the AI has found

  • Clemens Bernhaus
    Clemens Bernhaus 2 months ago +920

    0:18 jungle oasis
    0:39 jungle village
    0:40 interesting generation
    0:52 mountain range with village
    1:24 abandoned village in swamp oasis
    1:38 3000 by 3000 junge biome
    1:42 chain of islands
    1:44 grand canyon
    2:10 4 ocean monuments
    2:44 frogs
    3:21 4 ancient cities
    3:52 woodland mansion
    4:21 jungle temple and desert village
    4:35 hollow mountain
    ( 5:17 5:18 5:19 5:20 )
    5:24 weird
    6:02 village on island
    6:05 4 witch huts
    6:08 giant lake and mountain range (Winner🥇)
    7:19 mountain range
    7:43 high island jungle temple
    8:37 8 churches
    8:12 missing end island (no seed)
    8:39 village on mountain ridge side
    8:43 ocean with rare biomes
    8:46 11 ancient debris
    9:12 stronghold in village
    You're welcome.

  • Stofix
    Stofix 2 months ago +1569

    Thank you sipover for organizing this competition! It was a great experience.
    Thanks also for all the comments, I keep sharing more seeds. I'm not sure if I'll share a seed like this again because it would take me several days.

    • BlockMasterT
      BlockMasterT 2 months ago +22

      Good job on the win! This is an amazing seed you found!

    • sillygoofster95
      sillygoofster95 2 months ago +12

      idk if im dumb and i missed the seed in the video but, what is the seed for that world?

    • Bastien.G
      Bastien.G 2 months ago +2


    • Graham Cracker
      Graham Cracker 2 months ago +8

      @sillygoofster95 the one with the enclosed lake, with a circular mountain range beside it. It's at 6:08

  • Kreassen
    Kreassen 2 months ago +196

    The seeds submitted later in the challenge just got a higher rating because they were submitted later.
    Some of the seeds submitted early on are more impressive than the seeds later on but got a low rating.

    • KnockdownBow897
      KnockdownBow897 23 days ago +14

      Yeah, I hope they rechecked the ratings and seeds they were given before making the final decision.

    • hom bre
      hom bre 9 days ago +10

      agree. the mushroom in the middle of the other island was pretty cool and def deserves higher points. they’re so harsh at the beginning because it’s the beginning and they need to control the score as it goes on

  • daneeko
    daneeko 2 months ago +628

    thank you for having us here, it was a blast participating!! big W for all seedfinders here

  • Stephen Williams
    Stephen Williams 2 months ago +497

    I love how Stofix just be like 'no, oh, thank you' and then cut.

    • Stofix
      Stofix 2 months ago +77


    • Draw 2Death
      Draw 2Death 2 months ago +27

      ​@Stofix it is a beatiful seed! Good job finding it!

  • Ya Boi Incineroar
    Ya Boi Incineroar 2 months ago +345

    Hearing the winner's "thank you" at the end made me so happy. You could hear just how grateful he was!

    • MeliMistaken
      MeliMistaken 2 months ago +9

      Yeah he sounded so happy

    • Silver Fox
      Silver Fox Month ago

      was about to comment something similar

  • NEOC -
    NEOC - Month ago +87

    Regardless of who won or lost, all these seeds are now for the world to see and appreciate, and each seed here will be picked by some player at some point, for different reasons.
    Maybe they like the natural beauties, maybe they like the gameplay conveniences, maybe they like the weird structure generation.
    Maybe they like to live in a valley with amazing mountains, or on an island with a beautiful view of the sea.
    Congratulations to all the participants!

  • Justinnovator
    Justinnovator 2 months ago +462

    Sipover a real one for this. Giving us all the seeds and locations that he payed 10k for people to find to us for free

    • Meox_
      Meox_ 2 months ago +5

      seedfinding go brr

    • dvg
      dvg 2 months ago +5

      Where the seeds at tho

    • Firebunbun
      Firebunbun 2 months ago +4

      where did he post the seeds?

    • Faustice
      Faustice 2 months ago +1

      @Firebunbun 😀

    • Faustice
      Faustice 2 months ago +8

      @Firebunbun he shows it in the corner as they show up lmao

  • Mewoo
    Mewoo 27 days ago +4

    I know it doesn't top much of anything found in this vid, but one seed I found had a cave that went through every possible cave biome in a single terra swoop force style elytra flight, then leads back out about 1500 blocks away with no major obstacles or dead-end turns, unless going up or down counts. Another cave had hundreds of those stone-surrounded water and lava pools floating above a massive Ancient City... Always check your caves, folks. I do not have the seed numbers anymore, sadly.

  • Cheesus
    Cheesus 2 months ago +211

    Great to see you uploading more seed related content!

  • itsKhro
    itsKhro 2 months ago +22

    The natural path on Stofix' seed really made it for me. You can just chill with a road going up there.

  • Phoenix
    Phoenix 2 months ago +24

    Please do this for every update, these seeds are wild.

  • docbok
    docbok 2 months ago +75

    You missed something really crazy in that first mountain seed: there's a flow of lava that rolls down the mountains and destroys the village. It's basically the Pompeii seed.

  • Detroit Yeet
    Detroit Yeet 17 hours ago

    I think a better way of rating these would be to take the first two seeds, determine which is better, then every seed after that, ask if it's better than the current number 1. Just rating them on a scale from 1 to 10 is hard because, as you said, you have to save high ratings for seeds you haven't seen yet. You end up comparing the seeds to your idea of a perfect seed (which might not even exist) rather than the existing competition.

  • DylanDC14
    DylanDC14 2 months ago +37

    was really cool to participate and see everyones seed, thanks again for making this happen.

    • daneeko
      daneeko 2 months ago +1

      dylan :D

    • DylanDC14
      DylanDC14 2 months ago

      @daneeko daneeko :)

    • Diban Khalaf
      Diban Khalaf 9 days ago

      I think your seed was the best !!! =D
      whats the seed and coordinations ?

  • bumpster
    bumpster 2 months ago +261

    You know it's an amazing day when Slurpunder uploads.

    • Моb еntеrtаinmеnt 🅥
      Моb еntеrtаinmеnt 🅥 2 months ago +3

      This is the clip u all looking for :

    • NubsyNub
      NubsyNub 2 months ago +18

      @Моb еntеrtаinmеnt 🅥 no ones looking for anything bro ive seen u under 3 different comments

    • Charan A
      Charan A 2 months ago +5

      @NubsyNub the video link is actually kinda cool though

    • Yonaka
      Yonaka 2 months ago +6

      I love drinkbetween

  • SunRiseGamer
    SunRiseGamer 20 days ago +1

    So many seeds that are unique out there, lots probably going unknown since most players don't think too much about it/look deeply enough. Stuff like this makes me want to find awesome seeds as well.

  • ethan k
    ethan k 2 months ago +6

    I thought the 2nd seed was a pretty neat survival world, but what made it better was that the ruined portal had enough obsidian in the chest to complete the portal without having to mine anything, so i unlocked the nether at day 2.

  • Penguin Cubes
    Penguin Cubes 2 months ago +35

    It's always a great day when Sipover uploads. He puts so much hard work and effort into his videos!

    • Ckblahblah
      Ckblahblah 2 months ago +3

      I predict this will get 3 likes

    • Penguin Cubes
      Penguin Cubes 2 months ago

      @Ckblahblah wrong 15

    • RemiBoss
      RemiBoss 2 months ago

      @Penguin Cubes 20 now but he also puts lots of money into the stuff too

    • Muhammad Asyraf
      Muhammad Asyraf 2 months ago

      @RemiBoss 33 now

  • Alex
    Alex Month ago +2

    Stofix’s seed actually looks like Legend of Zelda, or at least how Zelda worlds feel to explore. The lake and the mountain valley look like an inverted Spectacle Rock.

  • isabella
    isabella 2 months ago +8

    This was a beautiful video. I hope you guys decide to make a part 2!

  • Thorneir
    Thorneir 2 months ago +18

    One time long ago in survival, il spawned on a little island (like 60x60) with not anything in sight. I tried to see is there were something far away so i turned on the game mode. After a couple of minutes flying towards one direction i came across a wall of blocks. with lands behind it. I spawned on an island inside a giant square of water this was incredible, it was like someone removed everything in a giant perfect square and then put a sea biome with a small island at the very center of it, it was amazing

    • Syk
      Syk Month ago +1

      whats the seed?

    • DezAmmySel
      DezAmmySel Month ago

      do you still have the seed? what version?

    • ElPicoX
      ElPicoX Month ago

      It happened to me too

  • Dreamergal9
    Dreamergal9 17 hours ago +1

    Stofix's seed is absolutely magical. The only thing that could have made it better would be if it was a flower forest instead of regular birch.

    • Stofix
      Stofix 13 hours ago

      Thanks :)

  • Hayk
    Hayk 9 days ago +1

    They should do an amplified version of this

  • Draglox
    Draglox 2 months ago +115

    4:55 bro took "don't mine straight down" to a whole new level

  • Alexis TwoLastNames
    Alexis TwoLastNames Month ago +2

    man. seed finding is such a cool hobby/skill.

  • Jeffrey Pogue
    Jeffrey Pogue Month ago

    This is a fantastic idea. I would love to see more!

  • Rebelmoose
    Rebelmoose 2 months ago +2

    The crazy village may have been super practical, but in my opinion beautiful seeds are always better. Stofix’s seed was absolutely majestic.

  • -Hello
    -Hello 2 months ago +4

    I've come across a few encircled mountain seeds in minecraft, but I always lost the seeds, a shame because building bases in those has always been the coolest thing, so yeah, I'm totally using these

  • mijkolsmith
    mijkolsmith Month ago +3

    Craziest I've ever found was a desert temple, village and an ocean structure all generating inside of each other. That stronghold, boat village combination right at spawn is actually insane though!

  • JettyWuboo
    JettyWuboo 2 months ago +31

    I love your content! Keep up the good work sipover!

  • Makorys
    Makorys 2 months ago +1

    Please do more videos like this with the seeds. This was amazing. And maybe I want some more seeds

  • Juice
    Juice 2 months ago +31

    You should drop a list of the top 10 seeds featured in the video, would be cool to be able to see it for yourself.

    • MrSharkFIN
      MrSharkFIN 2 months ago +3

      The seeds are in the top left

    • Benson Brotman
      Benson Brotman Month ago +1

      @MrSharkFIN thats the points (edit:nvm)

  • Wrulfy
    Wrulfy Month ago +1

    The grand price should have been for finding a good looking beach facing west, like the ones you could easily get in early versions of Minecraft

  • Clyde#3547
    Clyde#3547 2 months ago +2

    I enjoy watching content like this. Sipover, this is epic!

  • DrPsychotic
    DrPsychotic Month ago

    im blown away by how amazing that mega lake looks I am def making a survival world on it

  • Subzero [MCYT]
    Subzero [MCYT] 2 months ago +4

    Imagine trying to find the perfect seed to win 10k, only for it to be snatched away by frogs

  • ArealmTheGreat
    ArealmTheGreat 2 months ago +1

    Just a funny thing. My hard-core world is in a 2000 by 1000 (approximately) jungle world with most of the jungle biomes, a mangrove swamp about 500 blocks away, and in like a 5000 block radius of spawn, there's about 7 ocean monuments. I literally flew around for 20 min after getting the Elytra and found 7 monuments (one in a coral reef) and a mooshroom biome next to a monument. I know its not extremely impressive but it was a random seed

  • MillillioN
    MillillioN Month ago +16

    I've found one *way more amazing* than these but I lost the seed. I guess no one will experience that land. I will never forget it, the villagers taught me so much and I helped keep them safe from invaders. I still have one tooth of each villager to remember them by. I'll especially miss Gregalach, she looked into my soul. I always wonder if she still thinks about me. I'd do anything to get that seed back 😢

  • Puffy_btw
    Puffy_btw Month ago +4

    This video trained my jaw to open 28% more.
    I was stunned again and again and again, thats just Insane

  • Lord Aspargus
    Lord Aspargus Month ago +1

    The winning seed made me want to buy Minecraft and replay it just like the good old times

  • sharpieman20
    sharpieman20 2 months ago

    I’m impressed that stofix beat my man Dylan, well deserved.

  • Diam0nd D0ge
    Diam0nd D0ge 2 months ago +29

    These seeds are ridiculously amazing. If I had one of these I would build the coolest base on them xD

    • Zeklishu
      Zeklishu 2 months ago +1

      Nah bro I would put up a dirt hut.

    • Rixgames69
      Rixgames69 2 months ago +2

      You can play the seeds in this video if you want

    • Reloding
      Reloding Month ago

      @Rixgames69 where dude

    • Rixgames69
      Rixgames69 Month ago

      @Reloding The seeds are literally shown in the video

  • Viaspiderz
    Viaspiderz 2 months ago

    this whole thing reminds me of one time a while back I found a seed on PS4 where I spawned directly in the middle of a perfectly triangular lake at the edge of a massive jungle biome, it was amazing & I had never seen anything like it

  • Tazerboy10
    Tazerboy10 Month ago

    Dang, this is really impressive!
    I saw a similar video with the seed for the Minecraft main menu screen!

  • Idiot McGee
    Idiot McGee 2 months ago

    With Stofix's seed, you could probably do an entire survival run (except the end) in just the lake area, because of how much stuff is in the lake itself and the surrounding caves.

  • Lucky Sparkles
    Lucky Sparkles 2 months ago

    What incredible sights! One thing I love about Minecraft is you can sometimes stumble upon the most unimaginable world generation! Absolutely stunning! 🤩

  • Javier Salcedo
    Javier Salcedo 2 months ago

    That exposed end portal was insane. Missed some dual-triple skele spawners in the searching

  • KiwiThePup
    KiwiThePup 2 months ago +32

    You deserve more subscribers you put so much effort into these videos

    • xX_Luigi_Xx
      xX_Luigi_Xx 2 months ago +13

      bros got 1.84 milllion subs

  • Shade MorningStar
    Shade MorningStar Month ago

    these with shaders look freaking beautiful

  • MuTHa_BLeePuH25
    MuTHa_BLeePuH25 2 months ago

    Honestly I think this should be redone but using Starmute's Terralith, Incendium, and Nullscape datapacks cause those have some insane generations. I had a seed like that hollowed mountain bout maybe twice the size and the interior was dripstone caves that spiraled to bedrock level with a completely open ancient city

  • 3days1life
    3days1life 2 months ago

    If only vanilla Minecraft maps/servers can look as good as the mountain, island, cliff side, in closed lake that will make Minecraft so much more visualy interesting and pleasing.

  • Odin
    Odin 2 months ago +1

    Holy cow this is CRAZY! Thanks for sharing the seeds btw! I bet a lot of people can get creative inspiration from maps like this

    • Dracarius Duxtorm
      Dracarius Duxtorm 2 months ago

      Wh- he shared them? Where?

    • Odin
      Odin Month ago

      @Dracarius Duxtorm the long string of numbers in the upper left of the screen when a new map is shown

    • Dracarius Duxtorm
      Dracarius Duxtorm Month ago +1

      @Odin Oooooh! Didn't even notice, thank you

  • Vincent Xie
    Vincent Xie Month ago

    This Minecraft deign is just looking perfect and it making me feel like this is 100% accurate.

  • dronenight
    dronenight 2 months ago +10

    i wanna see more seed competitions after having seen this

  • sharpieman20
    sharpieman20 2 months ago +2

    Next time you should ask the competitors who the best seedfinders are that they’d like to see. I think you got a lot of the best ones, but there are a few I think would’ve been cool to see, like Matthew.

  • DogGod
    DogGod 2 months ago +2

    we need more insane seeds that make history

  • Emrah Tufan
    Emrah Tufan Month ago

    the fact that they gave the frogs a higher rating then the mountain circle triggers me

  • hrmm_9
    hrmm_9 2 months ago

    now that i think about it, i have played on a really good seed (random) in a bedrock realm. basically, there were mountains that surrounded spawn and made a bowl shape. It looks really good but was very annoying to play in.

  • Catbro 23
    Catbro 23 2 months ago

    I think the ocean monument would be the rarest since they are all in an almost symmetrical pattern exactly around 0,0 which would be pretty rare. Although I'm pretty sure there has to be a certain amount of blocks in between each monument but idk.

  • Logan H
    Logan H 2 months ago +4

    9:13 I just started a survival world with this seed and I’m shocked at how perfect of a starting place it is. There are so many cool details that it feels hand-crafted. I won’t spoil much but you should try to obtain milk first ;).

    • Reinard Darren
      Reinard Darren 2 months ago +1

      Oh yeah there is an ocean monument lol

    • Groovelessons
      Groovelessons Month ago

      doesn´t seem to work for me. could you post the seed here again?! Also 17.1 or am I missing something?

  • radaker
    radaker 2 months ago

    thank you so much for adding the seeds in the video, I made like 3 survival worlds and im gonna create some amazing stuff on these awesome seeds!

  • Ryan Baker
    Ryan Baker 2 months ago +1

    The circle mountain should’ve been rated so much higher

  • darknessblade
    darknessblade 2 months ago

    If you do another competition, you should add a no duplicate seed clause

  • G.
    G. Month ago

    Been several years since I did a dedicated minecraft playthrough but man this is amazing

  • Alexander Carlson
    Alexander Carlson Month ago

    That last village with the stronghold was so sick a bit better geography and it might take the lead.

  • Super3ror
    Super3ror 2 months ago +8

    Can we appreciate the chunks that he OPC can handle

  • Mistr Expus
    Mistr Expus 2 months ago +1

    Thanks for showing the seeds on screen, I have found cool seed and I will try it right away in my survival :))

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy 2 months ago

    Love these kinds of videos, good stuff!

  • JEP
    JEP 2 months ago

    I mean when you really think about it a deep Valley with a village surrounded by snow capped mountains almost always takes the cake there are so many incredible builds that can happen there and I cannot wait to save this seed for later

  • slrt
    slrt Month ago

    i wanna live at qibli's seed irl, looks so peaceful

  • NotPomsky
    NotPomsky 2 months ago +3

    When he said "village with 8 churches" my mind immediately went to "ah, must be Poland"

  • Speedrunz and More
    Speedrunz and More 2 months ago +3

    they be grading the seeds more strictly than my math teacher bro

  • Kyzzlex
    Kyzzlex 2 months ago

    This is soooo good. Keep making vids Sipover.

  • Em928
    Em928 2 months ago

    glad to see this right after loosing my 5 year survival world. about to start a new one now my computer is fixed and these cool seeds make up for some of the pain.....

    • katomaro
      katomaro 2 months ago

      Which version? Wanna play?

  • Ali Ersin Øral
    Ali Ersin Øral Month ago

    I think putting all the contestants in a list with the worlds they came up with and visiting each world before making a judgement would be better.

    • Stofix
      Stofix Month ago

      I'm not agree

  • Sckhar
    Sckhar 2 months ago

    oh yeah totally agree with the first place, it's an amazing seed, even made me want to download minecraft again just to start a base there.

  • Your Mom
    Your Mom 25 days ago

    I like how the swamp of frogs gets a 10 but stofix didn’t get a single ten

  • nanosum1
    nanosum1 2 months ago +15

    I think that there should have been consolation prizes for 2nd, and 3rd place, as well as all of the seed hunters selected to make this video. Like $5,000, $2,000, $1,000, and then like $100 to everyone who participated and contributed

  • Changli
    Changli 2 months ago

    genuinely you are one of my favorite Minecraft Clip-Sharers right now. Thank you for posting the videos you post.

  • AshEr S
    AshEr S Month ago

    You should update more videos more often like 2 times a week

  • The A-10 Warthog Enjoyer

    Stofix’s mountain seed is the perfect template for some kind of adventure map

  • Prodigy0728
    Prodigy0728 2 months ago

    That last seed has got to be one of the craziest ones ever seen in Minecraft.

  • Dad Can Game
    Dad Can Game Month ago

    The 🍄🍄🍄 started kicking in right as we discovered the half beds... This video is wild!

  • esistdonnichtdom
    esistdonnichtdom 2 months ago +3

    Stofix definitely earned that win, but I'm such a sucker for massive mountain ranges like a 7:18 because dorfs.

  • Maxwell
    Maxwell 2 months ago

    The winning seed looks like something that some divers would go into and pop out the other side, kinda like the hell hole in real life.

  • Kyphura
    Kyphura 2 months ago +2

    I think it'd just make way more sense to look at all of the seeds first and then judge which one is the best, going BACK through and rerating them. So rating them first based on initial opinion, but then going back and redoing them. I feel like there is no rhyme or reasons for these scores... It's just, "yeah here's a number!" and the number isn't backed by anything interesting, there is no criteria. It's like judging a bake sale but you aren't a baker, chef, or food scientist/professional critic. You're not judging things like biome density, spawn/structures, speedrun potential, hardcore headstart potential, building locations, stuff like that. Y'all seem to just pop in for 5 minutes, go "6, 7, 5" and call it a day. I like the videos because the concepts are interesting and it's always interesting to see who will win, but honestly the "scores" are just cringe.

  • lautaro benavides
    lautaro benavides Month ago

    He might have won 10.000$, but we won the big prize with all these world seeds.

  • Xerezora
    Xerezora 2 months ago

    the seed with a mountain range with village is absolutely amazing

  • DannyBrine 87
    DannyBrine 87 2 months ago

    I could see a nordic town being built in those mountains. A town separated by the Mountains and connected by the caves, both sides dependent on the other

  • Tom
    Tom 2 months ago +13

    These people find awesome seeds faster then I can get wood in this game

  • Bloodhound
    Bloodhound 2 months ago

    I can see some of these landmarks in these seeds being used to make a dope ass rpg server 🤣

  • DrPeePee
    DrPeePee Month ago +2

    They got better seed generations in 10 minutes than me in years💀

  • ButterDoesFly
    ButterDoesFly 2 months ago

    I think the tall woodland mansion and the circle with mountains surrounding it were the best.

  • BruhMoment
    BruhMoment 2 months ago

    Throwback to the time I found an igloo with a basement, but the basement didn't generate and there was just a trapdoor, along with an ocean ruins on the surface right next to it.

    TREAT LEE KNOW BETTER 2 months ago

    stofix's seed looks like it will belong in the 8th wonders of the world if it was irl