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BREAKING NEWS! - EVGA will no longer do business with NVIDIA

  • Published on Sep 15, 2022 veröffentlicht

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  • Justiful
    Justiful  +13

    During the GPU shortage, EVGA was the only maker that sold cards reasonably at MSRP or near MSRP prices. You signed up and got a link to buy when your turn came. They worked hard to get cards in the hands of gamers instead of miners. At fair prices.

  • tgarback9

    I built my first PC at the beginning of when things got shut down for Covid-19. I love my 2070 Super FTW 3, and planned on staying a customer of their GPU’s whenever I decide to upgrade. Sad that I’ll only have the one I currently use. I’ll never buy a FE card after this, shame on you Nvidia.

  • Samuel Gregg

    I have owned GPUs from all sorts of AIBs and EVGA has been nothing but great to me. I had a 1080 die outside warranty and they replaced it at no charge and the support staff was so genuinely helpful. I have sworn by EVGA ever since. Really sad to hear this.

  • Purge
    Purge  +13

    WOW... I'm going to miss EVGA. They have been the only company I have used since building my own PC for the first time. Just sad.

  • Sir Kid
    Sir Kid  +37

    I respect EVGA for doing this. Honestly, I think this is a great move, as you mentioned, they did some amazing things with making GPUs in the past, and it shows how creative EVGA and their staff is, yet NVIDIA took that creativity away from their partners. Moving forward I think this will make EVGA design incredible things in the future. EVGA has the best warranty of any GPU maker and as others mentioned, this was the ONLY company during the shortage that did everything in their power to keep their prices down and to make sure everyone was able to get a GPU using their query system.

  • Colonel Corn

    This makes me feel actual sadness. I would have never expected to feel this emotion about two companies cutting ties.

  • Josh R
    Josh R  +1

    This is a phenomenal opportunity for AMD to reach out to EVGA and give EVGA the freedom to design their own AMD gpus. AMD can build a stronger relationship with AIBs and leverage a better, stronger gpu marketshare. I only have an Nvidia card because I wanted to get an EVGA. I'm sure there a lot of people that are in the same boat.

  • Joka Rivera

    Honestly feels like I should buy a 30 series card not only just to support them after supporting us for so long but to have something that was the last of it's kind

  • Mdot Wilson

    EVGA is the only brand I’ve ever purchased an Nvidia card from. I just love their card designs and reliability. Super sad they’re exiting the GPU space, but luckily I found a 3070Ti FTW3 recently and it’ll be in my rig for years to come. Maybe by the time I have to upgrade they’ll be making awesome video cards again.

  • Zisis Koukoumakis

    I've never bought an EVGA card in my life, mainly because I'm an AMD fan. But, I follow their work and understand what their work looks like. I really, REALLY hope they partner up with AMD and convince them to have more freedom for innovation. Give Sapphire some competition!

  • Ryan Broos

    This is not something I would have ever expected. This may actually give AMD an opportunity to pass Nvidia GPUs. I am curious how the other AIBs will react. On a personal level I have never bought a "Nvidia" branded card. It's always been EVGA or Gigabyte. I wish EVGA much success with this move

  • Yukio Adams

    We seriously need another GPU company that has high end geforce power, driver support and Software support.


    EVGA has been my go to GPU manufacturer for ages and I consider them a pretty good company. Basically the best for Customer Support too.

  • sally86don

    Nvidia is seeing what its limits are by experimenting with their partners. They want to know how far they can go and draw a line to operate on that line to maximize their profits. 3080 ftw was my dream gpu following closely by rog strix. Thats how nice EVGA was, sad to see they wont be making new ones anymore.

  • Karl Hungus

    I've bought 4 EVGA cards over the years (including my current 3070) and it is really sad that they won't be around. I've never had a single issue with any of their cards (going back almost 20 years now), but always bought because of their good price, excellent cooling, and word-of-mouth that they actually stand by their warranties. Unfortunately, Nvidia knows that gamers seem to be willing to pay whatever to play games and upgrade even when they don't NEED to (impulse buying), so this just means more leverage for them.

  • Denim Steinert

    You know who did business against their partners as well? 3DFX, and their partners left them as well

  • Bullettube

    I think that Nvida's caution has become paranoia when it comes to protecting it's patents and technology. It's partially due to the dog-eat-dog nature of the industry but how a company values it's partners is also very important and I think they have really never been nice people to begin with. EVGA on the other hand has always seemed to be a good company, willing to go the extra mile for it's customers.

  • Extremeifier
    Extremeifier 21 day ago

    it’s not just that they were reliable, and that they were a great company, it’s also just that they made some of the most beautiful cards that the market has seen. As soon as 30 series released and i saw the FTW3, I fell in love with it immediately! their simple design with tasteful notes of rgb made their cards awesome too. same with the non rgb ones! they look awesome. i’ll miss evga, and my dreams are crushed of getting an FTW3 40 series card :( guess i have to find a new gpu design that i will love just as much. and that’s going to be really hard.

  • Eric Schultz

    Freaking heartbreaking. I’m pretty disgusted with Nvidia right now. We love you EVGA!

  • Armega
    Armega  +5

    Thanks for the great content Jay! Just watched Gamers Nexus's take on the news and lets just say, I'm really happy you are here to cover topics like this. This is sad news for sure and I'm surprised there is not more of this happening to be honest. Keep up the great content brother!