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The ultimate full service restaurant

  • Published on Jan 30, 2023 veröffentlicht
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Comments • 398


    Bro took relaxing too seriously he's paralysed forever now..🗿

  • RebelScrotus
    RebelScrotus Month ago +4413

    Ben gets the gold medal for this performance 🤣😂
    Edit: Damn... 1.3k likes. Thanks everybody 🤟

  • Neon Swan
    Neon Swan Month ago +2642

    Why did rowan look like he was gonna kiss hamish at one point lol

    • Rike Kuper
      Rike Kuper 18 days ago

      It was a very romantic moment

    • kendog
      kendog Month ago

      Love Ben's hair being pulled about and hamish is being held up so his hair don't get pulled being nervous

    • BabyPlaneswalker
      BabyPlaneswalker Month ago

      Because hamish spends alot of money at playtech and he is grateful?

    • Berrimor Cute
      Berrimor Cute Month ago +1

      why not

    • King
      King Month ago +2

      I'd kiss him too. Now you might be asking who do I mean by "him" the answer is yes.

  • Jason Wall
    Jason Wall Month ago +881

    I love Ellie acting out Hamish's nervousness/OCD by positioning the silverware. 😆

    • Variety_Pack
      Variety_Pack Month ago +17

      Bro, i appreciate that you noticed this too

  • SourceBro
    SourceBro Month ago +748

    The way Rowan is cradling his head 🤣

  • Dawidolix
    Dawidolix Month ago +155

    Just imagine a restaurant that has 4 tables and 24 employees that have to work always

    • Cosam Glass
      Cosam Glass Month ago +1

      ​@Tanner Lawrence just take your defeat with some humility man. You got proven wrong big deal

    • Tanner Lawrence
      Tanner Lawrence Month ago +2

      @Alex Morrison there was two people at the table but yeah bro here's your cookie

    • Alex Morrison
      Alex Morrison Month ago +10

      @Tanner Lawrence 24 employees/ 2 employee per person = 12 guests. 12 guests / 4 tables = 3 guests per table, a very normal number of people per table. In other words the original commenter got the math right.

    • Tanner Lawrence
      Tanner Lawrence Month ago +2

      They had two people each. Pull up a calculator my guy

  • WIDAF16
    WIDAF16 Month ago +201

    that's how full service should look like

    • Null Pro
      Null Pro Month ago +7

      Ah yes, I love getting water thrown in my face

    • Fluctlight
      Fluctlight Month ago +11

      I'd rather not have that lmao 🤣

  • Victor Fox
    Victor Fox Month ago +187

    The bathroom part was the best part. Shouldn't have cut that out

    • Domekk
      Domekk Month ago

      ​@DarthBop what kind of chewing? 🤨

    • DarthBop
      DarthBop Month ago

      My favorite was the chewing.

    • Bonde7280
      Bonde7280 Month ago +4

      You dont put the best part in the short, when its meant to advertise the full vid.
      Then people will just stick to the shorts. And shorts dont pay remotely as well as the normal vids.

    • M.Grey
      M.Grey Month ago +2

      This is a short

    • Michael Bergerson
      Michael Bergerson Month ago +6

      It’s not cut out, this is just a clip from the longer video

  • TheZerothousand
    TheZerothousand Month ago +233

    This is absolutely my favorite channel. I need to see some bloopers because I know those must be hilarious too.

    • Nepomniachtchi_Austin
      Nepomniachtchi_Austin Month ago +1

      The bloopers on Patreon are embedded from Clip-Share, they're just privated videos on the second channel lol.

    • Mike Rauch
      Mike Rauch Month ago +2

      Best channel on Clip-Share

    • TheZerothousand
      TheZerothousand Month ago +2

      @Jam Thank you. I actually had not thought to check the Patreon.

    • Soup Sandwich
      Soup Sandwich Month ago +9

      They should put those on a channel called Viva La Derp League

    • Jam
      Jam Month ago +2

      I think it's in their patreon but there are some in youtube too

  • Shelby Sigouin
    Shelby Sigouin Month ago +5

    omfg the way Rowan turns and holds Hamish's head when asking him what drink he wants, it's just to perfect

  • Fabr1 out
    Fabr1 out Month ago +16

    I work in the hospitality industry and I can tell you, I'm laughing like a crazy. I can imagine one day could be possible 🤣🤣

  • Mr. Wut
    Mr. Wut Month ago +8

    The head table slam hahaaa Ben protect that outrageous brain please!

  • Hanny Frost
    Hanny Frost Month ago +5

    Ben's physical comedy is god tier.

  • DarkWolf22K
    DarkWolf22K Month ago +28

    ಠ⁠ω⁠ಠ I'd never be able to go to the bathroom... I wouldn't survive

  • Lawnmower Girl
    Lawnmower Girl Month ago +8

    Gosh I love Ben.

  • Jashan
    Jashan Month ago +7

    Ben my boi 😂😂🤣
    U deserve an Oscar man

  • Jacob Santos
    Jacob Santos Month ago +5

    They seem like they are having a lot of fun.

  • Jacobus Beukes
    Jacobus Beukes Month ago +5

    😅🤣😂 Good job here had a laugh. There is so many things to laugh at. The intro to the restaurant, taking relaxing to a new levels, the new guy experience this and the staff doing there utmost best... They need more staff...

  • RustyBricks
    RustyBricks Month ago +6

    I haven't laughed this good in weeks 🤣

  • Alphu5
    Alphu5 Month ago +8

    There's a Junji Ito's horror manga about this one.

    • Ramdan Random
      Ramdan Random Month ago +1

      oh really? can i like look it up for that specific story

  • Turd Ferguson
    Turd Ferguson Month ago +3

    I really want to see a full length video of this

  • Simon Wood
    Simon Wood Month ago +2

    Ben’s idea of “heaven” is different to mine. I’m not so into falling down, slamming my head into tables nor spilling water all over myself.

  • Lee Davis
    Lee Davis Month ago +1

    This is exactly how some patients act when they go into a hospital

  • Co Demigo
    Co Demigo Month ago +2

    “Full service please”
    Waiter: “Alright sir”
    *breaks his spine*

  • Amburger
    Amburger Month ago +2

    Ben seems to me that he is the brain behind this series of restaurants 🤣👍

  • Ghostlight
    Ghostlight Month ago +2

    Ben nearly gets waterboarded trying to drink water, lmao

  • Ben Asay
    Ben Asay Month ago

    Dude Ben's physical performance here is GOLD! Hamish too! Hilarious 😂

  • Sanjay Punalur
    Sanjay Punalur Month ago +1

    This would be a really fun restaurant to prank your friends 😂

  • Nepomniachtchi_Austin

    Ben literally went Toy Story limp.

  • The Wolf Queen
    The Wolf Queen Month ago +1

    It's not full service because they don't talk for you, look for you, order for you, and eat for you

  • Jerry and Marie
    Jerry and Marie Month ago +1

    This is probably one of the funnier things I’ve seen in a bit. 😂

  • Omg No
    Omg No 13 days ago

    How brilliant is this! They each have two puppeteers(rather than say, a man with another man behind him as his arms) and one is perfectly down with it, including the abuse.

  • ameteuraspirant
    ameteuraspirant Month ago

    I need the bloopers. It must have been impossible not to crack up between every shot.

  • Southtrack Productions

    I cracked up so hard at Ben’s head bonk on the table whilst reviewing the drinks menu.

  • C Porter
    C Porter 28 days ago

    Love how Alan keeps dropping his face on the table

  • Connor Herman
    Connor Herman 11 days ago

    If I went to this restaurant, I would be relaxed the second I realized what full service means

  • Timothy Whieldon
    Timothy Whieldon Month ago

    This is by far the best thing they have made. 10/10

  • Zia Marie
    Zia Marie Month ago

    No full service restaurant will ever top Jone's BBQ and Foot Massage

  • Thomas Brown
    Thomas Brown Month ago

    I want to say Ben carries this channel, but you all carry the channel while he sits on top like a chad. legendary actors

  • Rahul Abhijit Kar
    Rahul Abhijit Kar Month ago +7

    I wonder how the bathroom trips would be like.....

    • Hathur
      Hathur Month ago +9

      Full. Service.

  • KuraD Kuruta
    KuraD Kuruta 23 days ago

    Lowkey waiting for Rowan to kiss the other dude. 😂😂😂

  • Colossal Reaper
    Colossal Reaper Month ago

    Bro these guys are on another level, legendary content creating, keep up the amazing work guys

  • Blumoogle2
    Blumoogle2 Month ago

    I tried complete relaxation/meditation and it does feel sooo good to have your entire body relax completely, face drooping, etc. Just make sure that you emptied your bladder, make sure your eyes are half-lidded so they don't dry out and try not to breathe manually because you start getting light headed when the carbon dioxide builds up if you want to relax too much to breathe if only for a minute or so. Your fingers sort of half-curl and your lips start tingling. Make sure your head is supported so you don't hurt the neck muscles when they go limp. The feeling is literally like being on the best high of your life on pain meds and muscle relaxant without the spinning, all combined with light sensory deprivation. If you can trick your brain into also not having any random thoughts it's addicting without any chemicals.
    The only dangerous thing is if you lie too still when you relax deeply even a wrinkle in bedsheets will imprint into your skin in a way that can be really sore when you get up, but you get so out of it that you don't respond to pain or itching or temperatures and it can last for hours of just being without awareness.

  • fhqwhgads(googlecanfuckoff)

    I think I just witnessed the peak of comedy for this millennium

  • Praveen HB
    Praveen HB 19 days ago

    Alan's face says: I don't get paid enough for this

  • RileyUniverse
    RileyUniverse 19 days ago

    Part two the waiter comes back with the food and chews it and feeds them like baby birds

  • Steve Kirkpatrick
    Steve Kirkpatrick Month ago

    Allowing yourself to be a puppet is a level of control not many people know they possess

  • JazzyJ
    JazzyJ Month ago

    I need this. I've given up on existing.

  • spypig1
    spypig1 15 days ago

    The fact that you subtitled the struggle sound had me crying

  • ThorneDoesStuff
    ThorneDoesStuff Month ago

    I need the full video 😂

  • Eroq Gram
    Eroq Gram Month ago

    OMG, I laughed harder than I have ever laughed in my life. Thank you!!!

  • Burndownxmas
    Burndownxmas 15 days ago

    Can't wait to see full-service of the drunk customer

  • painful
    painful Month ago

    bro getting bullied by his friends who had a grudge on him 💀💀💀

  • Solemn Midnight
    Solemn Midnight Month ago

    I need the full service during class

  • Edwin Williams
    Edwin Williams Month ago

    I wouldn't tip. It's "full service" and they expect me to breath on my own. Outrageous.

  • Blue Storm
    Blue Storm Month ago +1

    Wait until he realises that they'll also chew the food for you 🤭

  • Matt Lim
    Matt Lim Month ago

    Hamish is a jewel 💎

  • MaNNeRz Laguna
    MaNNeRz Laguna 22 days ago

    This is brilliant 😂😂😂 when he slaps himself and headbutts the menu 😂

  • SysGhost
    SysGhost Month ago

    This is a place I have to try out.

  • Ayla
    Ayla Month ago

    The way they keep forgetting to hold Ben's head up. Excellent acting on Ben's part.
    Scary place. I am never ordering that kind of full service.
    Also, how they never laughed.

  • Max Lay
    Max Lay Month ago

    When Rowan held Hamish's head literally gave me Kratos and Mimir vibes 😂😂

  • Gearedfilm
    Gearedfilm 28 days ago

    They start doing chest compressions so that your heart doesn't have to beat on its own!🤣🤣🤣

  • The Queen Gaming
    The Queen Gaming Month ago

    I would pay for this experience

  • Light in the darkness

    They're the only ones that could have ever thought of something like this LOL

  • Amirul Akmal
    Amirul Akmal Month ago

    They straight up let their bone turn to jelly🤣

  • Spice Weasel
    Spice Weasel Month ago

    I laughed out loud twice
    A sincere thankyou

  • Kristal Timmons
    Kristal Timmons Month ago

    Dear freaking God if I went to a restaurant like this I would flip out

  • Hyounggeun Jin
    Hyounggeun Jin Month ago

    I lost my shit when the dude collapsed 🤣🤣🤣

  • Yung Astro
    Yung Astro Month ago

    The bloopers to this was probably amazing

  • Eat_some KitKats
    Eat_some KitKats Month ago

    I would love to be in a place like that

  • Dragomir frost
    Dragomir frost Month ago

    Bro with the beard at first looked like he was trying his best to hold it back 😂

  • Open Sky
    Open Sky Month ago

    The laught of my life when Ben smash is head on the menu 💀 this was brilliant! 🏆

  • Mr Jester
    Mr Jester 18 days ago

    My God I wasn't expecting the fucking drop lmao

  • Danie Du Plessis
    Danie Du Plessis Month ago

    Love this team...

  • BonerPants
    BonerPants 29 days ago


  • Jacknife17shadows
    Jacknife17shadows 19 days ago

    Every time the ben guy is on the screen its a million times funnier because he goes the extra mile to land the joke.

  • Cephalon Plant
    Cephalon Plant Month ago

    To have dinner with Hamish, now that would be interesting

  • Excel(erate)
    Excel(erate) Month ago

    I'm pretty sure there's a restaurant like this in my hometown.. it's pretty popular.

  • The_stewbear
    The_stewbear Month ago

    I lost it when Ben slammed his head on the table😂😂

  • Busstop Boxer
    Busstop Boxer Month ago

    Ben is a goddamn treasure, protect this man at all costs

  • GEC GoodPasi
    GEC GoodPasi Month ago

    Nahhhh when ben smacked his head on the desk i lost it 🤣

  • Adam 熊さん
    Adam 熊さん Month ago

    Wow this is like a crackermilk sketch. I'd love to see you guys do a sketch off.

  • Keanu Bartolata
    Keanu Bartolata Month ago

    I can imagine them dying from laughter while filming this

  • Number Six
    Number Six Month ago

    I'm die'n! This is one of the best yet!

  • Rad
    Rad Month ago

    Alan getting his revenge

  • Tighe Sanchez
    Tighe Sanchez Month ago

    This is painfully great

  • yubstep
    yubstep 18 days ago

    Do more of this and continue the dinner service

  • Speil
    Speil 29 days ago

    this seems fun af, but that might just be my drunk ass

  • Gundam Newtype
    Gundam Newtype Month ago

    The best video I seen this month

  • Valyrie anson
    Valyrie anson 20 days ago

    The head drop on the menu was epic

  • James
    James Month ago

    When an intimate setting is just a little too intimate...

  • byron ramirez
    byron ramirez Month ago

    I need bloopers of this. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • The Unconscious Shadow

    All their dead pan faces while they acted this out made me laugh so hard...

  • idiotlord
    idiotlord Month ago

    I literally am laughing so hard I'm not sure I'm alive

  • Retro __
    Retro __ Month ago

    How dare they make him use his vocal cords
    They should have spoken for him
    This is why i don't trust these services

  • James Lopez
    James Lopez Month ago +3

    What restaurant is this that Rowan is the chef and the host at the same time?

  • will smith
    will smith Month ago

    Classic whose line bit. Love it. The way his head kept hitting the table lol.

  • Dragone
    Dragone Month ago

    this is gold

  • Realience
    Realience Month ago

    I'd definitely try it once

  • Levi
    Levi Month ago

    Just watching them had me feeling paralyze