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Everything Must Move! Entire Shop rearrange!

  • Published on Dec 2, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Like, a dozen cold starts. Moving every tool, cabinet, hose, cord, part - it's a mess. But check out what it looks like afterwards!
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  • Simon J
    Simon J 10 months ago +732

    Can’t believe I just sat for 48 minutes and watched a feller, fellette and their little humans clean up and reorganise a shed, but I have to, I saw it, well done.

    • The Celtic Prince
      The Celtic Prince 10 months ago +10

      Georgeyeah nah, I down under we call it the garden shed. That place looks just about the right size for a shed.

    • Kowboy Kez
      Kowboy Kez 10 months ago +4

      @george9417if it’s not 75x100 it’s not a shop, at least that’s the way I see it in the truck/diesel mechanic world

    • Desert Classics
      Desert Classics 10 months ago +2

      George An Aircraft hangar

    • Dexter Smith
      Dexter Smith 10 months ago +7

      Hey Derick I have been a fan since the beginning and I loved every car you have got going. Just a thought; since "Independence" has been retired how neet would it be to turn that NASCAR race car into the new burnout car/drag car/race car to replace "Independence". Just a thought or two maybe three.

    • Doug Sain
      Doug Sain 10 months ago +2

      A fine job! Jessie has got you boy's figured out! Question... What made the paint draw and curl on the burgundy model A? I'm not a body man....

  • 8_KBusch_RCR
    8_KBusch_RCR 7 months ago +17

    What an impressive family Jessica and Derek have created. A dream team of fantastic humans. Love this

  • Frank Miller
    Frank Miller 6 months ago +2

    Absolutely awesome reorganization! Looks great!

  • 99goat99
    99goat99 9 months ago +22

    I've been watching since back in the day, and it's hard to describe how much I've enjoyed your channel(s). Watching you and your family grow and evolve has been such a joy. Nothing I can type here will be new or unique, you've heard it all before, but you make a man proud.

  • Keith’s Kustoms
    Keith’s Kustoms 6 months ago +2

    A lot of work to get things moved around, but a lot of hands make it easier for sure. Great to have the family involved. Great video! Looking forward to seeing you at the Iola car show .

  • Daniel Overcash
    Daniel Overcash 6 months ago +1

    That was cute watching her get a ladder to put the top piece on and then Derek just walk over and get his side

  • Brad Reynolds
    Brad Reynolds 10 months ago +158

    I love seeing the whole family involved... a fella doesn't see that very often anymore. It's heartwarming, really.

  • Shawn Case
    Shawn Case 9 months ago +6

    Ya know, I can't imagine the feeling you have watching your dreams come to fruition, doing what you love, with whom you love. To stand back and look at what you have built both professionally and personally must feel quite surreal.
    Congratulations Derek, you've earned it.

  • Rod
    Rod 4 months ago +1

    Awesome to see the whole family come together and move all the stuff. God bless you all!😊

  • David Farmer
    David Farmer 9 months ago +16

    Super family project. The boys got in there and moved a considerable amount of stuff. Jessica sure was moving through there like she was jet propelled.
    Just a total family effort. Must make a man proud of his family.
    Stay safe and tell your family how much you appreciate their efforts.

  • Taylor Helm
    Taylor Helm 9 months ago +1

    Man, you've got my dream setup all packed neatly into a this wonderful garage. The tools, cars, lifts, storage, and even the parts...I envy y'all's determination, ability, and work ethic to keep moving up life's ladder.

  • Shospule Colupis
    Shospule Colupis 9 months ago +32

    I find myself asking myself, "self, why do you find it interesting and entertaining to watch just about anything this guy and his family do?" I don't know but there has to be a medical term for it. Anyway, thanks Derek. Mad respect and appreciation for the love, service to others. I don't know, what I'm trying to say. Maybe your continued example will encourage me and others to be better human beings.

    • JoE
      JoE 9 months ago +1

      there is: "vicarious enjoyment"
      we all do it. makes the world a better place and is the opposite of schadenfreude.

  • Jesse Sager
    Jesse Sager 10 months ago +161

    While I watched this, I was thinking of the very beginnings of a feller working out of his attached garage in Minnesota. It is absolutely awesome to see how far a feller has come since then! I hope for nothing but continued success!

    • Jim M 75
      Jim M 75 10 months ago +6

      Great comment, it's a bit mad but I feel real pride in seeing how far Derek, Jessica and the boys have came over the last few years. The kind of pride you feel when a family member does well, you know the whole family have worked non stop and deserve all the rewards and many more to come.

  • David Farmer
    David Farmer 7 months ago

    Watched for the second time tonight. Amazing how hard Jessica and the worked cleaning, assembling shelves , organizing parts, and helping Derek with the cars and lifts. I say it was even better the second time.

  • agentcrm
    agentcrm 9 months ago

    The re arrange looks great.
    IMO, Vanishing Paint is a prime candidate for an EFI conversion. Since it's the hardest to start vehicle you have.
    With the cars in storage, if you ran a power board to the middle of the double wide, that could be a neater way of running trickle chargers on those vehicles.
    Another thought, since you're always dealing with old brake fittings. Add a set of flare nut wrenches to your revival boxes, they'll help a ton to avoid rounding the nuts.

  • stumpy2816
    stumpy2816 9 months ago +3

    Don’t care what you guys do it’s always interesting. Jess and the boys are always helping to carry the load. Fantastic 👍👍

  • Tony Kiger
    Tony Kiger 9 months ago +6

    There was something just therapeutic about watching this and the fact that I didn’t have to move all that myself 😂 Love seeing the success from what seems to be one down to earth guy that is full of passion and dedication.

  • Don Zimmer
    Don Zimmer 8 months ago

    Man, Derrick, your boys are great helpers and Jess is a trouper. You are lucky to have that help in the shop. Good luck, looking forward to more content. Great work.

  • Pete
    Pete 10 months ago +113

    I love how we're at the point where Derek is reviving his old revivals. It's a never ending content loop!

    • bigblock67camaro
      bigblock67camaro 10 months ago +2

      Job security for sure!!

    • Dan Thomps
      Dan Thomps 10 months ago +2

      anything to ring the cash register on youtube ad sharing, dont forget to like click share and buy some shirts and hats !

    • Guillermo Hernandez
      Guillermo Hernandez 9 months ago

      @Dan Thomps this channel has entered the phase where it will become largely indistinguishable from the other cartube channels.

    • Dorian Mode
      Dorian Mode 9 months ago +3

      Vice Grip is top tier Clip-Share tv

    • F OFF
      F OFF 9 months ago

      Yep his channel has definitely ran its course.

  • AaronSnacks
    AaronSnacks 9 months ago +4

    i just love derek’s attitude and approach. just recently stumbled across vgg and could and have been watching him for days. it doesn’t get old.

  • Digital Dave
    Digital Dave 9 months ago +2

    The building is looking great! Good job you guys! It’s so cool that your whole family pitched in to help. They’re awesome.

  • Stan Walls
    Stan Walls 8 months ago

    Sweet cutting table 👌that raises build quality so much. Can't wait to see what gets made, keep coming with the great vids guys 👍

  • MAC
    MAC 6 months ago +1

    Derek and Jessica, absolutely loved this vid. As a native of extreme northern (way Northern) Wisconsin, and recent relocated to Southern Kentucky. I echo your sentiments regarding winters. Thank you for your dedication to the channel and your content. Since you're pretty close, hope to make it down to TN and actually meet you all.

  • Danny Sunay
    Danny Sunay 9 months ago +2

    Wow it looks completely different place! Good job Derek and, I have to admit, you have a wonderful wife beside you there. IT is nice to see a family working together , the boys learning the meaning of work. Very good job everyone!!!!

  • Dan Pyles
    Dan Pyles 10 months ago +121

    I appreciate the fact that the kids get in on the WORK part of life. Well done parents!

    • Frank Haydon
      Frank Haydon 10 months ago +2


    • Chad matthews
      Chad matthews 10 months ago +8

      Their kids are absolutely the best mannered and polite boys. That’s something you rarely see anymore.

    • Brapamaldi
      Brapamaldi 10 months ago +4

      Being raised right!

  • Andrew Foster
    Andrew Foster 9 months ago +4

    Love that the whole family is in there working together. Just great to see everyone working towards a goal.

  • ASK
    ASK 9 months ago

    Fabulous shop, so much better organized now. Love how you do it all as a family, too!

  • Lone Wolverine
    Lone Wolverine 9 months ago +1

    So awesome to see the shop and remember the "days of old" where your shop was an hour from your house. Congrats to Derek, Jessica and the three Bs for their progress!

  • Enigma Sapiens
    Enigma Sapiens 9 months ago +1

    Those model A's would make some cool his & hers hot rods.
    I'd love to see you resto-mod those model A's. You make the choices for yours and Jessica makes the choices for hers...
    Awesome nut and bolt selection Derek, great idea and choice!

  • bernard cooke
    bernard cooke 9 months ago +1

    great to see the whole family involved and not a computer game in sight just good honest work . great example for the children .

  • TyJo Mello
    TyJo Mello 10 months ago +229

    Vanishing paint :"Arguably the best sounding car in the fleet"
    Independence: "hold my wobble pop"

    • fred jordan
      fred jordan 10 months ago +12

      Agreed! Independence sounds nasty!

    • reno145
      reno145 10 months ago +7

      They sound great, but my heart loves the Model A.

    • Justin Beemsterboer
      Justin Beemsterboer 10 months ago +4

      Especially when she's screaming at all the ripms!

    • Greg Pallett
      Greg Pallett 9 months ago +3

      My vote goes to the Buick for best idle.

    • Paul Woodman
      Paul Woodman 8 months ago

      What happened to the blue drag car Chevelle? That 400 SBC sounded great 👍.

  • Jim Amundsen
    Jim Amundsen 6 months ago

    And I thought my little barn & garage was tough to rearrange! Not! Super job on the new digs, Derek & family! Love it! Derek - the roof/ceiling area would be a perfect place to hang some beautiful American flags, etc. - hint, hint...

  • frank mazaheri
    frank mazaheri 7 months ago

    Love the show well done on the move happy for your family, nice to see you are settled well warm climate great time for boys

  • Gearhead
    Gearhead 9 months ago +1

    I’ve been a subscriber of yours since the very very beginning. I think I’m one of your first 50, actually. With that said, I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed this video. Please make a fleet cold start video like this OFTEN. Totally unedited and show us what you do with the gas pedal and all the controls and whatnot of everything you have. That was sooooo cool. Thank you again. You are the absolute best, Derek and deserve every ounce of success you’ve gotten.

    HOMEWORK4.0 9 months ago

    I enjoy watching the progression of your "grip" channels! It's like back in the day watching "American chopper" and their progression as they grew and grew! Minus the yelling, drama, and hopefully their ultimate fate. 😀

  • Antonio Claudio Michael
    Antonio Claudio Michael 3 months ago +1

    The fast cut table is Stunning love the VCG design they put on it Derek @Vice Grip Lodge

  • Notime Garage
    Notime Garage 10 months ago +17

    I just bought my first house, with out even knowing it Derek has helped me turn my life around, being able to watch him each week and see what he's created for himself his family and us supporters has giving me such inspiration to reach my goals, next up is getting a shop built! Your shop is a dream by far!

  • BlackManOps
    BlackManOps 9 months ago

    This video makes me realize VGG is no longer a channel for "budget builds" or anything budget for that matter. Purely entertainment at this point.

  • Tanks critters and urban homesteading

    Looks really good. I'm sincerely happy for you and yours. Enjoy your content on both channels. Can't wait to see what you can churn out on the new machine. Lots of space and opportunity. Lots of work to get where you are.

  • David Woody
    David Woody 9 months ago

    Good to see a family working together doing something great instead of the norm love the content and the fam

  • Rear Engine Shop
    Rear Engine Shop 9 months ago

    I need to do this to my shop. Move everything out, organize everything, clean and put back in. An addition would be great too. 👍

  • Ryan Cantrell
    Ryan Cantrell 9 months ago

    Truly amazing how you've grown! Congratulations!!

  • CavanalK5
    CavanalK5 10 months ago +32

    Derek, you’re one of the richest men I know of. And I’m not talking about folding money or man toys. That’s one awesome family you’ve built and in turn have helped you build something special in Vice Grip…

  • Doug Bourdo
    Doug Bourdo 8 months ago

    Wow. Fantastic setup there Derek. Bravo to you.

  • Art Scott
    Art Scott 9 months ago

    A guy is in his mancave (garage) leaning against his Chevlle SS and wishing he could organize it in fast forward... Great episode and what a fantastic shop. I really love how the whole family kicks in for the project.

  • Antonio Claudio Michael
    Antonio Claudio Michael 3 months ago +1

    Shop looks amazing with all the shelves and new setup very clean now @Vice Grip Lodge

  • Trevor Silvia
    Trevor Silvia 6 months ago

    This is my ASMR lol I agree, just watched you clean your massive garage and moved a bunch of cars around to give you more space to work on stuff. Pretty cool to see how far you have came from when you first started Clip-Share, pretty big fan. Can't wait to see your next projects plus your revival videos those are cool.

    THOMAS BOULAY 9 months ago

    What a great video, just cold starting all those cars was cool. It was wonderful how everyone pitched in and got all that done in a short amount of time. The place looks great and will definitely pay off for you. Hope you all have a great holiday season!

  • Larry Davidson
    Larry Davidson 10 months ago +9

    It sure looks great Derek, the best part of this project is that the whole family was involved. So great to see that.

  • 440Niki
    440Niki 9 months ago

    you've come along way since i first started watching your vids . from a small 2 car garage to this new monster of a shop . couldn't have happened to a nicer feller .

  • Benjamin Schaeffer
    Benjamin Schaeffer 4 days ago

    You’ll never see this but I love your show and you have inspired me to be a better mechanic and farmer every time! Your awesome. If you ever come to Missouri let me know.

  • CRR Pop
    CRR Pop 9 months ago +1

    Jessica wouldn't taste the oil. 😆 Love seeing the family all pitchin' in to get the garage straightened out. You always find treasures cleaning up.

  • Wide Whites Photography

    Great to see how the whole family worked together.

  • Rollo Frodo
    Rollo Frodo 6 months ago

    i love the support of family in this. this is how it was when i was growing up. well done.

  • Barry Osborne
    Barry Osborne 10 months ago +46

    Great to see father and sons working together!

    • al logan
      al logan 10 months ago +2

      The whole Fam Damily working!

  • Tony Kemper
    Tony Kemper 9 months ago

    I'll be dipped you guys did it! Im supper happy for you enjoy the newly organized space. I hope to have a barn to call my own some day.

  • DEBI M
    DEBI M 8 months ago

    Hooray more room..
    It looking wonderful..
    Just awesome. and everything organized that'll be easier for you to work on the cars alright nice garages. I love watching your shows and Derek you are so funny at times love your sense of humor keep up the great job

  • Tom Ray
    Tom Ray 6 months ago

    Great job! Love watching every thing you do!

  • Jerome Leslie
    Jerome Leslie 8 months ago

    Thank you Derek! You got me through a tough time in my life. Seeing you achieve with your business. The Tetris.I don’t feel alone seeing you.

  • ken2tou
    ken2tou 8 months ago

    Great to see your progress! How exciting for you and your beautiful family!

  • Josh Lansford
    Josh Lansford 10 months ago +27

    It's incredible to me that you and your family can find a way to make cleaning/organizing your "garage" entertaining but somehow you've managed it!

  • 77chicagoj
    77chicagoj 7 months ago

    We need a new video on this channel.
    Awesome work Derek and family God bless 🙌 🙏

  • They also serve who only stand and wait

    I admire your hard work, that’s why you have succeeded. Outstanding. And this makes me feel better about tackling my garage reorganization which I’ve been putting off for, oh, maybe seven years.

  • Lynn Lutjen
    Lynn Lutjen 8 months ago

    Beautiful shop and a great family! Best luck

  • Steve T
    Steve T 9 months ago

    You mentioned a fab table and a feller had been wondering why he didn't see a good welding table. The many details of putting a good shop together will make a fella's head just about explode. Lookin mighty fine, yep, lookin mighty fine indeed. It warms a fellas gizzard to see the young fellas pitchin in to help their Dad, and of course your better half Jessica keeps you all organized. Dang brother, looks like you've got it all together. Mighty fine indeed!

  • Larry Ford
    Larry Ford 8 months ago

    Outstanding purchase!!!!!! Other family members are also given opportunities for creative endeavors! I've seen ones like the one you just bought. Watched a Sarah-N-=Tune video ask a fellow craftsman to use his similar machine to copy a part. FYI- you may know that she was USAF. Very competent wrench turner!!!!!! Your family is a joy to watch!! Computer to organize your inventory will change your life! In closing, asking if you can share your song list(s)?

  • PaulyOutdoors
    PaulyOutdoors 10 months ago +7

    I love how random the ceiling fans get in the shop when you run the time-lapse sequences. As always Derek and family, you guys always put on a good show for the entire family. Thank you from mine to yours.

  • Mark Brown
    Mark Brown 10 months ago

    Great family effort. Jessica is a rock star.

  • Danny Sublett
    Danny Sublett 10 months ago

    You are definitely an inspiration to us small garages just starting out. Thanks

  • TommyBoy
    TommyBoy 9 months ago

    I love watching your family working together it’s just great to know real families exist. Thanks for sharing

  • Travis Owens
    Travis Owens 9 months ago

    It's a huge undertaking for sure and it needs to happen in the garage here too. For the yellow NASCAR project my thoughts are to have it on the Vice Grip Garage channel, and have your kiddos help with getting it running again. I know for safety reasons you'll do the gasoline, etc, but what if they told you what to check for next? It'd be a fun and learning experience. 😃

  • Robert Pullins
    Robert Pullins 9 months ago

    Seems like you have good kids and a great family. You should be proud!

  • Daniel Ayala
    Daniel Ayala 10 months ago +15

    This is what the world is missing...good things happening to good people. God bless you and the family, Derek.

  • Orangefoxx99
    Orangefoxx99 9 months ago +3

    It might be a cool idea to go through one of your revival boxes and show what all is in there and how to build one up.

  • Won't Start Garage
    Won't Start Garage 9 months ago

    Love the video, can't wait to see the cnc setup. I got a 4x4 table 3 years ago from Minnesota. Finally getting time and space to set it up. Can't wait to use it. Shop is looking great. I couldn't have said it better with taking pride in doing the job yourself to better your skill set, etc. Keep up the great content, hopefully be able to meet you in Florida next year.

  • John W 1711 Stock
    John W 1711 Stock 9 months ago

    This guy is hilarious! I love the names for parts he comes up with. One of the best mechanics ever. Great show.

  • Dave Friedrichs
    Dave Friedrichs 9 months ago

    Love the way the family works together to get things done. And y'all got your steps in this week.

  • joe08867
    joe08867 9 months ago

    That looked like a lot of work. Looks amazing. And usable as a one stop shop.
    Can't wait to see what you do with the table.

  • Pete Cunnien
    Pete Cunnien 10 months ago +7

    Love seeing the channel and family moving forward and all the improvements you all have worked so hard to get and deserve!! Nice work!!

  • brian wilson
    brian wilson 6 months ago

    Just a suggestion, but one thing I'd add into that shop is a center transfer beam in the enter of the ceiling that runs the full length of the shop with an electric winch for moving engines and other things.

  • Kurt Myers
    Kurt Myers 9 months ago

    The shop looks awesome so great that the family chipped in and you all work together. If your boys could help you keep it clean and help you out that would be awesome. So nice to know where things are so you can put your hands on them when you need them. God bless your family you guys are doing awesome enjoy your videos especially your sense of humor lol. Be careful when you go pick up new cars and drive them long distances most important thing is to have working breaks you don't want to wind up killing somebody or yourself. I saw the video for you delivered the Pontiac GTO that's awesome.:-)

  • robert anderson
    robert anderson 9 months ago

    well done, Derek awesome job you have a wonderful family .

  • ZSchneider91
    ZSchneider91 7 months ago

    god... I love how much more intimidating independence is starting up compared to everything else. The shaky hand while filming is great.

  • Bill bowen
    Bill bowen 9 months ago

    More behind the scenes!! Love this!

  • bruce masters
    bruce masters 10 months ago +13

    Watching you, Jessica and the boys working together takes me back to a hundred different episodes where I watched you guys do things that few get to enjoy. This channel makes memories, and that's a good thing.

  • budmangt2
    budmangt2 7 months ago

    Great family teamwork.

  • Evil Bane
    Evil Bane 9 months ago

    Team work makes the dream work! Great to see the whole family helping out! Great job guys, lookin fantastic! That cnc machine is freakin awesome Derek! I bet you'll have some fun with that bad boy!!! Happy holidays to ya'll!!!

    MRSTINSUL 6 months ago

    Hello 👋 from the UK absolutely loving all your video's early and present Your video's have kept me well entertained the past few years and still does Keep up the good work Savings some of these baby's Big thanks

  • Mike Pledge
    Mike Pledge 9 months ago

    Looks great Derek, having bolt bins is a major expense and time saver. Congrats.

  • Zman
    Zman 9 months ago

    Wow the transformation at the end looks good. Having a good selection of hardware in the shop save all the trips to the store. Cheers brother

  • smitty4699
    smitty4699 10 months ago +9

    The world needs more Derricks. Love your content. No video is ever too long. In fact, I'm always disappointed when they are over. Love the work you did on the GTO for the vet and as one myself, I totally appreciate it. Keep up the great work brother.

  • majobis
    majobis 10 months ago

    Nice shop setup you got going now. Cant wait to see the next project about to come along including when you are fully dialed into your new machine to cut out new parts with it.

  • Stanley Brooks
    Stanley Brooks 6 months ago +2

    Love watching Derek & Jessica & Bailey, Bentley & Benjamin ❤

  • K Paul
    K Paul 9 months ago

    Thank you for taking us along 🙂 It's been a long time coming. I remember you say-en "can't find noth-en!". LOL Many many times. Look-en forward to see how the rest comes together. Hoping to get a hat for Christmas and by the way. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  • Richard Resendez
    Richard Resendez 9 months ago +4

    You know when I first started watching vise grip garage I told myself why doesn’t this guy have his own TV show and now I saw your new show the other night.
    I’m glad your growing and making it happen congratulations on road worthy rescues show👍👍 .

  • Brad G
    Brad G 5 months ago

    The reason I watch is because Derek is family even though we are not related and have never met heck we don't even know eachother but he is pure legitimate the real deal old school type of person. A role model for how the world should behave and treat all things in life. He is like people in my family and home town good people. People from a time much simpler then today's world we live in. People have become so rotten and mean. No respect or compassion. Derek is a good person naturally he has no motives other then to better himself and to teach us if we get the teaching on the picking up things he says and shows us. Take it or uh give uh give it back you know.. I could talk all day about how he is good people but I gotta get fixing on some things I remembered I know how to do because I watch Derek. Life got depressing and I lost interest in my cars and forgot that I know how to do whatever I need to until I found Derek's channel 3 or 4yrs ago. I started watching when he was working on the chevelle in the single car garage way now look at him and where he is in life. Watched a few episodes and never left. Now after spending time remembering while watching Derek I now I have motivation and the want to get things done. My cars are taking shape and I'm doing a lot that I forgot how to do. In other words I found myself again because of Derek. So Derek I want to thank you for giving life back to me and getting my rear end in gear. It feels good to be back thank you Derek I appreciate you

  • Jason Baehm
    Jason Baehm 10 months ago +61

    You could have made this an 8 hour video and I would have watched it

  • Stewart
    Stewart 10 months ago

    Derrick… you know what Budd?… Fair play to you Fella!
    This is an absolutely smashing workshop, and I am absolutely mind blown how you are just one guy… one dream… one motive!
    I absolutely am gutted I have missed out on so much, but I am just glad I can have the opportunity to catch up.
    You are one hell of a guy, and I think we all appreciate everything you do here. How you have not got over a million subs already is baffling!
    To you and all of your Friends, Family, and Team VGG/VGL…
    Stay Safe!… Stay Well!… Stay Positive!

  • steven eckard
    steven eckard 9 months ago

    As alway's a hugely enjoyed episode. gotta have a somewhat clean and organized multi bay garage to work in and store your vehicles and related tools, parts and related fasteners and nuts and bolt's. My dream garage! So many cool auto's and trucks under one roof!!!! Great help from the team!,, the wife and son's! Keep the shows comin please...

  • Steve Williams
    Steve Williams 9 months ago

    Job well done!! Shop looks great!!