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Lizzo - Special [Official Video]

  • Published on Jan 31, 2023 veröffentlicht
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    3x Grammy award-winning superstar, Lizzo has become a household name with over 5 billion global streams and a platinum selling debut album to date. With the help of anthemic smash hits like the 7x Platinum “Truth Hurts,” the 3x Platinum “Good As Hell,” and the 2x Platinum “Juice,” Lizzo released her Nice Life Recording Company/Atlantic Records debut album CUZ I LOVE YOU on April 19th 2019, debuting at #6 on the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart and spending 24 consecutive weeks in the chart’s Top 10. “Truth Hurts” became the longest running #1 by a solo female rap artist in history after spending seven weeks atop the charts. Since the release of the meteoric CUZ I LOVE YOU, Lizzo has been named both Time Magazine and Entertainment Weekly’s 2019 Entertainer of the Year as well as gracing the covers of Rolling Stone, Billboard’s GRAMMY Preview Issue, British Vogue, Elle’s Women In Music Issue, and many others. Additionally, Lizzo kicked off 2020 with a showstopping opening performance at the 62nd Annual GRAMMY awards and took home three big wins, in addition to being the most-nominated artist of the year. 2020 has also seen her win the awards for Best Female R&B/Pop Artist at the 2020 B.E.T Awards and both “Entertainer of the Year” and “Outstanding Video” at the 2020 NAACP Awards. Her list of high profile TV performances also include the 2019 American Music Awards, VMAs, B.E.T Awards and Saturday Night Live, in addition to in depth profiles on CBS This Morning’s GRAMMY primetime special and CBS Sunday Morning. Now, Lizzo returns with her first new single in two years- the highly-anticipated “Rumors" featuring Cardi B.
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Comments • 3 935

  • deniesha Morgan
    deniesha Morgan Month ago +5232

    I know there's a lot of people that don't like her, but to me, personally, she's actually like a real life hero. She responds to her fans, she's amazingly kind she really gets what it's like to not feel special for people to make fun of the way she looks and she's someone you can really look up to you I love how she doesn't hide her pain from everyone, she expresses it. She tells you when she's not happy, she acknowledges how she feels this is the type of person I want to be one Day right now, I'm not in such a good place, but one day I want to be at the place where I can express myself, and I can be confident and I can truly love myself.

  • Serena Atallah
    Serena Atallah Month ago +604

    The line "I'm so glad you're still with us. Broken but still perfect." Gosh it makes me cry to hear everytime even just writing it out I feel the sob in my throat. As someone who deals with depression daily and occasionally suicidal ideation, it really hits me in the heart. Thank you Lizzo, you're really making so many people feel seen and loved which is really lacking in the collective these days.

    • Langston Stuckey
      Langston Stuckey 18 days ago +2


    • Neil Fleck
      Neil Fleck 24 days ago

      don't go there with that depression sh##.

    • Migueli Oquendo
      Migueli Oquendo 25 days ago +9

      This comment takes the words out of all of our mouths. Lizzo is a blessing ❤️🌹🌹🌹

    • Jasper Hickey
      Jasper Hickey 26 days ago +9

      Lyrics from the edge by someone who understands. And she's right. It just takes a long time to unlearn the hurt.

    • Sunnessa Weathers
      Sunnessa Weathers 28 days ago +7

      So glad you're still with us☺️. Remember... God is always there for all of us!

  • No Trend
    No Trend Month ago +320

    Suffering with depression. This song brought tears of joy to my heart and A Smile on my Face. ❤️ This song.

    • Lisa Blackwell
      Lisa Blackwell 5 days ago +1

      You're not alone and you matter! Hope you're feeling better this month! Sending you light and love!

    • Jays rhythym
      Jays rhythym 13 days ago +1

      God bless you. God loves you

    • Alex‘s ghost cookie
      Alex‘s ghost cookie 19 days ago +3

      You‘re not alone. Many of us know what it feels like to struggle with depression. I’m sending you endless love and tight hugs ❤️🌷You will overcome this. You‘re special 🫶

    • Jasper Hickey
      Jasper Hickey 26 days ago +5

      She really made this for us, to remind us that we're worthy and loved.

  • Elev8My5
    Elev8My5 Month ago +143

    It's been an AWESOME yet rough 4.5 years of Cancer survivorship
    THIS song resonates with my soul in so many ways!! ❤️❤️❤️

    • Genius Garageworks™
      Genius Garageworks™ 2 days ago

      make sure you eat your veggies and fruits and get lots of sunlight sister, you will beat it completely, love you.

    • Dede Holloway
      Dede Holloway 11 days ago +1

      ​@I'm- SQUIRREL q

    • janesgems7
      janesgems7 26 days ago

      All my love.

    • I'm- SQUIRREL
      I'm- SQUIRREL Month ago +1

      Congrats! Don’t give up because your meant to be a winner!🎉

  • Rachel
    Rachel Month ago +120

    Beautiful woman with a beautiful soul...... she doesn't get enough credit for how amazing she is...

  • I'mani Luv
    I'mani Luv 29 days ago +65

    lizzo makes me cry with every song. she is such an inspiration to me. her lyrics really hit me as someone who struggles with suicidal ideation throughout my life and deal with heavy shit. her music always makes me feel seen. she is such an amazing, talented, and uplifting artist. there is no reason to dislike her bc she's so unproblematic. I love how she shines and keeps being herself and showing others they don't need to look a certain way to be loved.

    • Shareese Kyle
      Shareese Kyle 12 days ago

      ❤😊😢❤ may God be with you and the power of Jesus take over peace and love and respect for you may God give you your purest heart desires he's the only one that has good plans for you

  • YouTube
    YouTube Month ago +2200

    the superhero of our dreams!! thank you for letting us all know how special we are ❤

  • Meghan Yates
    Meghan Yates Month ago +27

    I just had to make the hardest decision of my life and put my cat to rest today. This song is helping me through this horrible time. Lizzo, keep being you, you're touching so many people you don't even realize. Thank you 😘

    • humixmusic4lyf
      humixmusic4lyf 18 hours ago

      🤣🤣🤣🤣 are you fr?

    • Natalie Fischer
      Natalie Fischer 4 days ago

      Aww I’m so sorry, you are very strong I understand the pain of losing a cat. I lost a childhood cat that was with me since I was a newborn. She passed away when I was 16. It’s very hard but your pet must’ve loved you so much for the love you gave it. Stay strong ❤

    • ZZZZ
      ZZZZ Month ago +2

      I'm so sorry for your loss ❤️

  • Shannon Asbell
    Shannon Asbell Month ago +38

    This song came at the right time for me. Yep I am used to feeling I am alone. Don't know how anybody can hate Lizzo. Maybe they just hate themselves and just need her music. This woman is just a talented artist who helps the rest of us to not feel all alone.

  • Maxwell Lewis
    Maxwell Lewis Month ago +33

    Don’t know how people can hate on Lizzo when she releases music like this. She always promotes positivity and her lyrics are uplifting! Love this song so much ❤ I feel seen

  • Adonai Gomes
    Adonai Gomes Month ago +91

    Apesar de sentir que o público alvo não é o masculino, toda vez que ouço essa música, me sinto energizado, Lizzo deixa meu coração quentinho demais... Heroína ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • Drake Scott
      Drake Scott 12 days ago +1

      Song gets me hyped as shit

    • nico
      nico 28 days ago

      Pois me sinto da mesma forma, como pode né?

    • AyiManii (IMANI) SunShine
      AyiManii (IMANI) SunShine Month ago +4


  • Johnny Stumpf
    Johnny Stumpf Month ago +78

    She does not miss! This is one of the best songs on the album and I hope it becomes as big a hit as "About Damn Time". Great work👍

  • Dea'Sha Brown
    Dea'Sha Brown Month ago +1979

    “I’m so glad that you’re still with us” really hits close to home. I suffer from mental illness and its so hard to deal with. Lizzo thank you so much for this song.😢

    • Linda F.
      Linda F. 7 days ago +1

      Yes, amen!! We’re not alone. 🫶🏼🥰

    • Rebecca Pope
      Rebecca Pope 20 days ago +2

      I know!

    • con·sum·er·ism
      con·sum·er·ism 26 days ago

      The Halluci Nation - R.E.D. Ft. Yasiin Bey, Narcy & Black Bear

    • So?
      So? Month ago +2

      I wish that more people cared about mental health in general (to be fair, it's a LOT better) but of black women's mental wellness too. It seems like everyone thinks that we're "strong" and we can take anything, but that's because they aren't sympathetic to our pain -- and that's not just in every day life but in healthcare as well. They're still teaching and believing that we can take more pain, and that incorrect, insidious assumption is making us suffer and taking our lives. Love and positivity to Lizzo for speaking up for those who are too often ignored, and that same to you. As someone who fights depression daily, I'm sending encouragement to you!

    • Jesse
      Jesse Month ago +2

      @Dea'Sha Brown stay strong and keep going on the right path ❤

  • Tanner Alanis
    Tanner Alanis Month ago +17

    As someone who has really struggled with mental health, this song is beautifully written and performed.

  • Jairus Tucker
    Jairus Tucker Month ago +43

    This was a powerful song from Lizzo we need more songs like this ❤

  • Dra. Laura Berrido Estrella

    Amo esta canción y me cae muy bien Lizzo. No entiendo como algunas personas hablan de modernidad y cambio, pero siguen clasificando a las personas en flacas y gordas, negras y blancas, pobres y ricas. Dios nos ama a todos por igual, y lo mismo deberíamos hacer nosotros.
    Esta canción debería tener millones de reproducciones y esta artista debería ser un ejemplo a seguir.
    Congrulations Lizzo… You’re really special!!! ❤

  • ᕼᗴᒪᒪᗝᛕI丅丅Ƴ

    Am we just appreciate this queen Lizzo who always finds a way to make us happy and makes so much aspiring lyrics and makes us not feel alone when we’re feeling downed inside🤧I swear something about this song makes me want to ball my eyes out from happiness!

  • Sabrina Yundt
    Sabrina Yundt 9 days ago +2

    I love Lizzo. She's amazing and one of the few humans with a real message in her songs.

  • Rose Madder
    Rose Madder Month ago +1275

    This song made me cry my face off ❤ I survived a s*icide attempt, beat alcoholism, beat drug addiction, have been hit by every man I’ve been with, and apparently couldn’t have kids… Now I’m a single mother (a great one) to my miracle boy, sober for 6 years, and an EMT… had I not survived in 2008 who knows who else wouldn’t be with us. I still struggle with ptsd but it won’t hold me back. And I won’t hold my son back. Life is HARD but I’m so happy to be alive.

    • Dana C
      Dana C 2 days ago

      Oh my goodness I’m sooo PROUD of you!!! You’ve been through so much and you’re still here. You left this comment that is going to inspire so many people. Love that for you ❤

    • Mariebelle 🌺🦋mariposas
      Mariebelle 🌺🦋mariposas 3 days ago

      @ROGUEROUGE I’m sorry be strong ❤

    • Akeem Davis
      Akeem Davis 3 days ago

      You're special! God had better plans for you. You are His testimony for somebody whose story is similar to yours. You're brave for sharing and thank you for doing so.

    • con·sum·er·ism
      con·sum·er·ism 26 days ago

      The Halluci Nation - R.E.D. Ft. Yasiin Bey, Narcy & Black Bear

    • So?
      So? Month ago


  • Đïvərgənt§hıthəªd

    This song has gained me SOOO MUCH respect for Lizzo!!! 💜💜💜💜💜

  • Life With Brittney
    Life With Brittney 4 hours ago

    As a big girl that has struggled with her weight and Mental health all her life, this song makes me so happy. And so accepted. No other artist makes me feel confident like Lizzo. Anytime I’m down, I turn on Lizzo. Her music makes a bad day better!❤️ keep doing your thing Lizzo, please ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • One direction  El
    One direction El Month ago +21

    Lizzo is so beautiful inside out and she has always been one of my favourite artist as in her music and personality.
    Truly glad she’s in the same planet as we are

  • Tanya Keenan
    Tanya Keenan 13 days ago +4

    We don't deserve a superhero like Lizzo, but we sure do need her.
    This song always makes me tear up, and now the video does too. It's beautiful!

  • Mk Davis
    Mk Davis Month ago +1

    We don't search for old songs we search for old memories

  • Sam
    Sam Month ago +618

    wait i’m crying this is beautiful. this album, song, and just everything Lizzo does needs more attention and respect

    • IamPunchline
      IamPunchline Month ago

      Here I was thinking am alone.....

    • CTRATX
      CTRATX Month ago +3

      I teared up, too !

  • Genius Garageworks™
    Genius Garageworks™ 19 days ago +4


  • Cecilia Llanos
    Cecilia Llanos Month ago +25

    I loved this, almost cried, I had to stop myself cos I'm heading out. Your beautiful heart can be seen Lizzo, thank you for this 💜

  • Bossmare
    Bossmare Month ago +1

    Thank you Lizzo for such a beautiful song.
    I have made it my personal daily anthem. 💖💖💖💖

  • thetrueniastacks
    thetrueniastacks Month ago +2

    Damn this one gone get a Grammy for being on a great motion picture one day ❤❤❤this a good song

  • Dee-li-cious🍒
    Dee-li-cious🍒 Month ago +2

    I love this song so much that it moved me to tears! Just remembering that your Special! It’s enough to make the little girl in me feel like she can be a superhero too!

  • Valencia Strickland
    Valencia Strickland Month ago +785

    this song literally helped me. I started to go to therapy and have been on antidepressants to help manage my depression. Thank you lizzo. I wouldn’t be here today without you. 💕💕💕💕

    • con·sum·er·ism
      con·sum·er·ism 26 days ago

      The Halluci Nation - R.E.D. Ft. Yasiin Bey, Narcy & Black Bear

    • Jesse
      Jesse Month ago

      @Oh My Gatos! a few years? She started her career in 2013 and stop trying to be negative when clearly your pfp makes 0 sense?
      And all that bull shit you just said have nothing to do with her depression? lol

    • Valencia Strickland
      Valencia Strickland Month ago

      @lil g it’s apart of my workout playlist to gain muscle since I’m pretty small. She did help motivate me to not
      be anorexic anymore

    • lil g
      lil g Month ago

      Did this video helped you lose weight too?

  • KaeCera
    KaeCera Month ago

    Lizzo is basically a gift to mankind and I’m thankful for her existence

  • Adhani Juniasyaroh Emha

    It's amazing how she puts a good message inside a music that can be enjoyed by evereyone.

    IT’S A BOBBITT THING 26 days ago +2


  • Tuấn Diệp
    Tuấn Diệp Month ago +5

    Lizzo never fail to make me love her over and over again!

  • EGirl62
    EGirl62 Month ago +1

    I'm 60 years old and think Lizzo is awesome - What a talent!

  • BB
    BB Month ago +712

    Lizzo’s positivity is so infectious~ “Broken but damn you’re still perfect”

  • Ricky Ricardo
    Ricky Ricardo Month ago +1

    God bless her ❤ She keeps it real and always encouraging all of us to love ourselves

  • Andrea Fry
    Andrea Fry 11 days ago

    How can you not like Lizzo ? I love her music .The words of her songs ring true to me finding myself single after an unexpected divorce . I sing them like anthems !!😃😃👍

  • star fire 🔥❤
    star fire 🔥❤ Month ago +1

    I hope she knows this song helps alot of people right now ...we love u lizzo thanks for being super ❤

  • Anumita S
    Anumita S Month ago +11

    how could anyone hate her?
    she's so special

  • M.A.C presents : channel 828

    Lizzie is an amazing artist 😭

  • Miss Nyx
    Miss Nyx Month ago +325

    I started crying mid-way through this. You're needed Lizzo. I appreciate you and all your music. Keep doing your thing sugar.

    • Ap L
      Ap L Month ago +1

      Literally sobbing

    • Stan Marsh
      Stan Marsh Month ago +3

      stop bc same

    • So?
      So? Month ago +4

      I started crying when they showed the little girl until the end. 🥺😭

  • Marie
    Marie Month ago +9

    This was needed, thank you Lizzo for everything you do and sing about. Super Lizzo all the way

  • machetey
    machetey 29 days ago +5

    Haven’t heard much of Lizzos music but this jams and hits me in the feels.

  • Papa
    Papa 22 days ago

    I knew she was a superhero! True, she is someone who is speaking up for females primarily, but unlike most of her counterparts, she does so WITHOUT stooping to the use of manhate. Never mind how gorgeous and talented she is; those are just bonuses. She is a phenomenon in pop and r&b music who cannot be ignored! (And goodness knows she's got my attention! 🐰)

  • UNekkk
    UNekkk 6 hours ago

    I fell in love with this song the very first time I heard it. It brings tears to my eyes bc there are a lot of hurt & broken people in this world who just NEED someone to listen, talk to, confide in, love them for them & just make them feel SPECIAL ❤️ We’re all special in our own unique way & what makes this song so special…is that it’s simply a reminder to us ALL of how special we are ✨ Thanks Lizzo!

  • X
    X Month ago +13

    Lizzo has so much heart in everything she does

  • mark anthony sta maria
    mark anthony sta maria Month ago +596

    finally, a grammy winner whose kind and optimistic! her songs about encouragement and self worth.. really need this song as motivation.. thank you lizzo, we're all blessed to have you!

    • Shawnetta Jones
      Shawnetta Jones Month ago +1

      ​@Trips unforgettable circular 😂

    • Henry Britten
      Henry Britten Month ago +4

      Say it louder for the people on the back! 🎉🎉🎉🎉 we love you Lizzo!

    • dontay duck
      dontay duck Month ago +4

      @Trips unforgettable its called a sample. be for real

  • Julia
    Julia 27 days ago +2

    I wish we had more artists like Lizzo. Wish we’d had more when I was a young girl.

  • Matlhatse Molobedi
    Matlhatse Molobedi Month ago +3

    I got goosebumps....thank you lizzo for this amazing song 🤗🥺😍

  • Jacinta mota
    Jacinta mota Month ago +5

    This song I try to listen to every morning, some days I can’t listen to it without crying. Thank you Lizzo 💕

  • Quivyx
    Quivyx Month ago +1

    This song inspires me to be me and never let anybody let me down so thank you Lizzo gworl. Go continue your carrer.

  • Sode No Mai
    Sode No Mai Month ago +295

    I love Lizzo. She's such a ray of light especially for the black community. I'm so glad we have her, and her art.

    • Dominique Wyatt
      Dominique Wyatt 29 days ago

      @cabbage Lizzo is for everyone

    • Ashlee Bellafant
      Ashlee Bellafant Month ago +2

      @BYOK PLATFORM me too

    • cabbage
      cabbage Month ago +2

      I love Lizzo, i wish we had someone like her for the chinese community

      BYOK PLATFORM Month ago +7

      Me too! Her light is what the world needs.

  • Andani Thakhani
    Andani Thakhani Month ago +10

    Lizzo is an Amazing musician and her music makes all of us feel special !❤️🇿🇦💐

  • Demetra Glenn
    Demetra Glenn 27 days ago

    In the beginning I felt she was too much, but after watching her documentary and understanding what she went thru in her past, I understand why she do and sing the songs that's uplifting. Plus she's from Houston, not born here, but the city raised her. She mention Bissonnet, and those who are not from Houston, it's a suburb In Houston, Alief district. And she's an Aquarius, so I got to love her..#Aquariusgang.. I'm here for her!!! Keep doing you, and make them respect you, even when they don't want to. And love this song and video!!!!

  • fighter of Xtina
    fighter of Xtina Month ago +13

    Essa música me arrepia. 🔥🔥🔥

  • Imiry X
    Imiry X Month ago +1

    Crying real tears. This is what our babies need 🎉

    DANNY SINS Month ago +9

    I listen to this song every morning. It’s just a feel good song love it

  • DARA.
    DARA. Month ago +218

    Lizzo deserves everything in this world! She’s the one who can get us through while we had that idea that we’re not good enough, she makes us believe that we are enough!!

    • Steve my
      Steve my Month ago

      I need a woman likeizzop
      Por vida

  • Julia Jackson
    Julia Jackson Month ago +1

    Thank You Lizzo for giving Me what I didn’t know I needed today!

  • Ramessu
    Ramessu 28 days ago

    I just feel like her music is great and she can’t do no wrong she don’t even have to sing trashy to make a hit

  • Mister Realest
    Mister Realest Day ago +1

    This song really gives me a powerful message. Thank you Lizzo🥺❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • nerdqueen0401
    nerdqueen0401 Month ago +1

    First time watching and listening to this song and I cried. I love Lizzo man

  • Dasser Prendergast
    Dasser Prendergast Month ago +1

    My favorite track from her so far ❤

  • Zack Larez
    Zack Larez Month ago +360

    This video turned out remarkable and I'm immensely proud to have been a part of it. Congratulations to all cast and crew. Beautiful, landmark video.

    • con·sum·er·ism
      con·sum·er·ism 26 days ago

      The Halluci Nation - R.E.D. Ft. Yasiin Bey, Narcy & Black Bear

    • 語学者Yemi
      語学者Yemi Month ago

      Thank you for your work and congrats on the masterpiece.

  • Nikko is the best big time

    I have anxiety and depression so I go listen too Lizzo and her songs make me feel special☺️❤

  • Zanele Moyo
    Zanele Moyo 29 days ago +1

    So long Lizzo keeps making these feel good songs I'm very fine thank you ...,❤️

  • Angelina Corless
    Angelina Corless 28 days ago +1

    this is why i fell in love with lizzo, she is so kind sweet and stands up for what she believes in!!!!!!!

  • CC
    CC Month ago

    This song is really empowering 😌 I love it and I'm sure everybody can relate to it... Sometimes we feel broken but we are still here...we all have a purpose and no one is here by accident. God has a plan for all of us so never be defeated by your circumstances but find the solutions and don't allow toxic people to bring you down you really are special 🥰

  • Shark biten giming
    Shark biten giming Month ago +1

    Damn this song means so much to me now❤️‍🩹

  • Mystic
    Mystic Month ago +155

    Lizzo is the superhero we all need today

  • IcyOwl
    IcyOwl 7 days ago

    No this song is so inspiring. It reminds us that WE ALL ARE SPECIAL. U, me, everyone. And that one special thing sticks with you forever, no matter what ur going through.

  • Monica Sims
    Monica Sims 10 days ago

    This song is so dope! When she said I'm use to being alone, I thought that I let you know, in case nobody told you today your special!!! Those lyrics are hot and relatable. Love Lizzo

  • Passinfruit Luvsz
    Passinfruit Luvsz Month ago +1

    this cheered me up so much i have been non-stop crying today

  • IcyOwl
    IcyOwl 10 days ago +1

    Can we just say that this video cured my social anxiety and changed my life.

  • Mutetorres
    Mutetorres 27 days ago +1

    I watched/listen to this song every day in the morning since I heard it on SNL. I serenade my kid with this song. I'm so happy that music video is so great.

  • Bryan Rivera
    Bryan Rivera Month ago +380

    Broken but you're still perfect hits different. This song means a lot, thank you Lizzo for blessing us a meaningful song.

  • Donna Abbruzzese
    Donna Abbruzzese 21 day ago +2

    I love her music so much she so beautiful

  • Angel
    Angel Month ago

    remember listening to this a few months ago when i was showering and started crying to this song. i love you so much lizzo your music has helped me throughout my depression. beautiful music video❤

  • Zia
    Zia Month ago

    Lizzo is so heartwarming, she's sexy, she's cute, she's kind, she's a real person ik? Approachable. I love her so much, and I'm so proud of her.

  • Jane Air
    Jane Air 2 days ago

    Thank you Lizzo, we needed a song like this, for these times. 🌟💐💯😊

  • Kay Parish
    Kay Parish 12 days ago +1

    People don't like her because of her free spirit and her weight. Lizzo is talented and beautiful 💯 I love that she doesn't let anyone bring her down ❤❤❤

  • Alex G
    Alex G Month ago +220

    Lizzo truly is one of the most special artists to ever break into mainstream. The positivity and beauty she radiates actually gives me faith in the world❤️❤️

    • con·sum·er·ism
      con·sum·er·ism 26 days ago

      The Halluci Nation - R.E.D. Ft. Yasiin Bey, Narcy & Black Bear

    • Sartu Sertu
      Sartu Sertu Month ago

      @tanner9072 hati ini yang

  • Gamma Gamer DM
    Gamma Gamer DM 29 days ago +2

    This gives me good vibes😄😀

  • A P
    A P Month ago +1

    I adore lizzo 💕 she is amazing and inspiring and beautiful inside and outside

  • Deep Singh
    Deep Singh 11 days ago +1

    aww, Lizzo your songs are so uplifting. I am so in love with you and your music😍🎶

  • Gabriel Teófilo
    Gabriel Teófilo Month ago +1

    I loved this music and I hope the best for Lizzo,amazing

  • Angel Johnson
    Angel Johnson Month ago +11

    This song came at the right time heard for the first time this morning and I cried, I felt like she was singing to me right at that moment❤thanks Lizzo you’re special❤

  • ZOZI
    ZOZI Month ago +140

    And yet again Lizzo really saves the day with her music filled with healing properties

  • Belinda Edwards
    Belinda Edwards 23 days ago +2

    I love Lizzo...and this song brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it😥❤️

  • сейхамст
    сейхамст Month ago +1

    i’m crying, Lizzo, thank you for doing my self image better❤

  • Nitesh Maj
    Nitesh Maj Month ago +1

    Thanks you for such a positive music ❣️❣️❣️

  • Ashley Lee
    Ashley Lee 21 day ago +3

    This is my theme song 🎶 It used to be Formation but this song speaks to my soul ❤ Shout out to Lizzo❤

  • Aaron Félicité
    Aaron Félicité 28 days ago +1

    You’ve made me cry with that song and the mv thank you for everything that you do Lizzo

  • Adanma Titus
    Adanma Titus Month ago +81

    I just love Lizzo, her positivity is so infectious! 💜

  • thisisnotapublictoilet

    im so glad theres singers like her singing about whats good and moral values. this is the way songs used to be in the past when we music and movies was good. But for some reason that all went away after 2010

    TITA TULLY Month ago

    Everytime I listen to this piece of art, I genuinely felt something good inside, a really good energy. My original language is not even English and still, Paying attention to the lyrics or not, U can feel the love that U are sending GRL. U REALLY, REALLY ARE SPECIAL LIZZO ♥ Thanks for bring joy and love always babes ♥BTW THIS LYRICS, U DID IT GRL♥♥♥

  • Roxanne Reid
    Roxanne Reid Month ago

    She’s special and talented ❤

  • Ashley Miller
    Ashley Miller Month ago +2

    This song is like a hug for my soul. Super Lizzo is my hero ❤