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Maléna - Spin The Magic - Official Music Video - Junior Eurovision 2022 - Common Song

  • Published on Dec 7, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • It's time to learn the Junior Eurovision 2022 Common Song... SPIN THE MAGIC! Performed by Junior Eurovision 2021 champion Maléna, and written by tokionine and Rosa Linn, you'll be hearing this track a lot on Sunday 11 December when the show starts live from the Karen Demirtchian Sport/Concert Complex in Yerevan, Armenia! #spinthemagic
    Who says I can’t
    Reach the skyline with my hand,
    Grab a star and give it to you.
    Be my heart, Be my soul
    Be my friend, when I am low…
    Be the light to get me through
    I’m not afraid to fall
    Cause that’s how you get strong
    There’s nothing in this world
    That can stop me now
    I’m flying high tonight
    With you right by my side
    We’re racing through the sky
    to the spotlight, yeah
    I know
    Better days are coming, they’re close
    even though they move a bit slow.
    Let’s create a world with
    no pain, no hate, no tears, (Hey!)
    We can be wizards, we can be kings,
    We can be heroes, we can be queens.
    Give me your hand,
    Get ready to glow
    Cause It’s time to start the show
    Spin the magic
    No more feeling blue, let’s
    Make our dreams come true
    Make our dreams come true
    Spin the magic
    No more feeling blue, let’s
    Make our dreams come true
    Make our dreams come true
    Music by tokionine
    Lyrics by Rosa Linn
    Produced by tokionine
    Music Video by Robert Koloyan
    Record Producer: Anush Ter-Ghukasyan
    Music Video Producer: Anna Ohanyan
    Coordinators: Yunona Malenko, Mari Avanesyan, Sevak Hakobyan, Diana Azaryan
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