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Is QLED better than OLED? - Unboxing a Massive QLED 8K TV!


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  • Ritesh
    Ritesh 3 years ago +2374

    Before giving him the TV, Samsung must have explicitly mentioned not to rip their TV 😂

    • Steve B
      Steve B 2 years ago

      @nicksoup newer OLED TV's (2018>) do not have so much an issue with burn in.
      You have to keep the same screen displayed for hours on end to notice anything (so the reviewers claim)
      Even then the built in screen refresh and manual options reputedly clear this up too.
      Our 55" B7 has no burn in.
      Screen saver kicks in if you're on a static screen like the menu options too long.
      My complaint with OLED is price for size. Still $3000+ Canadian where I live for a 65".

    • Steve B
      Steve B 2 years ago

      @Sammy Storm I don't know, they were marking up the wall like that thing was going to be hanging there a while.

    • Abriel Guerrero
      Abriel Guerrero 2 years ago

      @Alden Buyer i have a q70r and there is no ads in my hub at all

    • Utkarsh
      Utkarsh 3 years ago

      @CucumberCan umm 60-70k actually but as he said it's new technology right now

    • Endermax3852
      Endermax3852 3 years ago

      @Mr Flow If it scratches at level 1, it wouldn't be even glass, ik that it can break easily because it's thin, but every tv nowadays is like that.

  • Lucas Brown
    Lucas Brown Year ago +19

    I feel like it brings in a lot more to offer than just QLED display. The Wi-Fi 6 addition along with the mediatek chipset does ensure an overall good performance

  • Eric Young
    Eric Young Year ago +9

    I was recently researching about this TV and I must say, it looks true good to be true for the price its selling at, seeing as it comes with such brilliant clarity and superb connectivity due to the mediatek chipset inside.

  • CHITUS💖⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻

    I'm sure LG and oled technology must have improved to avoid burn in on their oled TV. Oled is just cool to the eyes whereas Qled is just too bright on the eyes.

  • Shakester71
    Shakester71 2 years ago +1

    My only issue with mounting a TV on a wall, and I have three of them throughout my house, is the wiring. I use wall grommets on all of them so I don’t have see this wiring running down the wall. Very easy to install and let the wire drop to grab it from the bottom. Super clean.

  • Miss Nikki
    Miss Nikki 3 years ago +1493

    Wow,you got a $9000 television for free. Thats more impressive than anything in the video.

    • Ervin Sasic
      Ervin Sasic Year ago

      But he did ad for Samsung - I stoped tu watch when he start to explain why is QLED (Samsung marketing make out that word to cheat people that same as OLED) better than OLED😂

    • s0L0w92
      s0L0w92 2 years ago

      @Hailey Matthews Sony dont got shit on Samsung TVs

    • almu sala
      almu sala 2 years ago

      The new Samsung 8k tv
      Me: watching the video in 240p

    • Phil S
      Phil S 2 years ago

      @Limerence send me something to review and I'll do it.

    • Limerence
      Limerence 2 years ago +1

      @Phil S I would like to see you try and script together an interesting video to watch, properly film it, and then edit it and do the same every few days keeping it consistent. Although many channels are utter bullshit (jakepaul and stuff like that) many actually include massive amounts of work and effort.

  • trevor collins
    trevor collins Year ago +382

    "Don't bend that cable"
    Immediately routes it around a 90 degree bend on the back

    • The PROcrastinator
      The PROcrastinator 7 months ago +1

      @Be Anonymous On Web Okay, but the radius on that bend is tiny - like 2 or 3mm. A 6 inch radius bend would be massive. It would have to start the bend practically as soon as it leaves that recess to make it onto the same vertical position. And then it wouldn't have space to then do the next 90° round, even if it was basically a semicircle.

    • Be Anonymous On Web
      Be Anonymous On Web Year ago +3

      You can bend a fibre optic but the radius of bend should be more than 15cms(6 inches)

    • Sudhanshu Paygude
      Sudhanshu Paygude Year ago +2

      Dude. I'm here to watch him sledgeham that TV.

    • Abs Abs
      Abs Abs Year ago

      yeah....and 3 times at that

    • Ghostryu666
      Ghostryu666 Year ago +1

      That's not really a bend since that's where it's meant to be it's like if you bend it to the point of folding it in half that's when it will break if he bent it more than behind the tv it would of broken

  • Majestic77
    Majestic77 Year ago +1

    You can see the lack of backlighting really puts this particular TV steps behind a backlit full array LED TV.

  • Zch73
    Zch73 6 months ago

    Thanks for the info. A whooping 8k resolution. Samsung never ceases to amaze us. Just come to know the difference between Oled & Qled technology.

  • Abhimanyu M R
    Abhimanyu M R 2 years ago +33

    I can't believe there came a day where I saw him handle a screen with such love and care😂

  • Albert Jurkowski
    Albert Jurkowski 3 years ago +268

    4k isn't even widely supported and so many services still use 1080... I think 8k is a step ahead that will take 10 years to become the norm
    Edit: but the upscaling is hella cool

    • Andrej Walter
      Andrej Walter 11 months ago +1

      @Scott Rowland itis 2years around and there is nowhere to se 8k

    • ƑƠҲԼЄƳ
      ƑƠҲԼЄƳ 3 years ago

      Owned 4k tv for years now still have so limited media that used 4k resolution

    • ployth9000
      ployth9000 3 years ago +1

      this tv will be outdated by the time 8k becomes a thing the main problem is no hdmi 2.1 sources are out to really test that last hdmi port to make sure if its a true hdmi 2.1 port to run 8k @ 60hz so if anyone is in the market for a 8k tv it would be best to wait until 2020.

    • shadow king
      shadow king 3 years ago

      i’m okay with 1080p and 1440p

    • Sun Set
      Sun Set 3 years ago

      @Sam's Hide LG too especially when it comes to TVs

  • Sushil Kumar
    Sushil Kumar 2 years ago +11

    I'm sure LG and oled technology must have improved to avoid burn in on their oled TV. Oled is just cool to the eyes whereas Qled is just too bright on the eyes.

  • Eric Morgan
    Eric Morgan Year ago +7

    I just think it's hilarious that he made this video talking about how great Samsung TVs are and how much better they are than OLEDs (LG is basically the only company who makes them) and then 5 months later he makes a video about how much better LG's OLED TVs are than Samsung's QLED TVs

    • taltigolt
      taltigolt Year ago +2

      paid for ad thats what disappointed me so much

  • Darayy
    Darayy Year ago +207

    Scratches at a level 6, with deeper grooves at a level 7.

  • Feathered Skeptic
    Feathered Skeptic 2 years ago

    This is kinda reaching the limits of what's reasonable to put in an average room. Anything larger and the viewer going to be way too close to the picture to really enjoy the content. It would be interesting to see what the next generation of 16K is going to be like (if there's even a substantial market for something like that).

  • Jordy Show
    Jordy Show 3 years ago +224

    My wallet started scratching at level 1 with deeper grooves at the sheer mention of this TVs price 😬

  • Elie al Lakkis
    Elie al Lakkis 2 years ago

    I think it's a waste to have to pay part of your savings for an 8K tv since there is barely any content in 8K. Even upscaled content is nothing like original 8k. I think it's better to wait at least a year or so when 8k tvs will get better and cheaper and you will start having more 8k content.

  • TheKitchenTechnician

    Still love my 1080p LCD Panasonic projector...10 years on. It just feels more like a theatre. Waiting for true 4 k projection LCD at an affordable price. Of course my projector is backed up by an LG CX 65 for more mundane viewing.

  • M V 87
    M V 87 2 years ago

    Thinking of getting a new TV i have this model in mind in 65' or the Sony a9g oled in 65' what would be better besides the 8k which there is not alot of content anyway plus a human eye would not be able to tell that much of a difference unless it's bigger tv

  • Oliver Smith
    Oliver Smith Year ago

    Samsung and Mediatek have done an amazing job with this 8K qled TV

  • Hardik Kumar
    Hardik Kumar 3 years ago +197

    Eagerly waiting for the durability test.
    Will 8k pixels turn normal after the screen goes white after the burn test ?
    It reamins a mystery

  • AntrAcsA
    AntrAcsA Year ago

    Hey Jerry, nice to meet you :) The TV looks nice, but I must highly disagree with you about that QLED is better that OLED, it's just not. Yes, you say all the good/plus sides of the QLED technology, but you miss all problem or disadvantages of them, I don't think it is fair review, but it's sponsored video so... what we can expect ,right ?

  • Ferdi Mendes
    Ferdi Mendes 2 years ago +312

    “Any kink in the cable might break the glas, so don’t bend that cable” Bends it sharp 90 degrees 😂

  • Butterfly
    Butterfly Year ago

    It's not just about the resolution. It's about the resolution vs the screen size. My phone/ipad have a better image than my 4k TV because it's more dense. At this size of screen you have to have 8k but that doesn't make it more sharp.

  • rcpmac
    rcpmac 2 years ago

    TV finally turned on at 4:19 . BTW + You may be upscaling your source to fit an 8K system, but the content is limited to the resoution in which it was taken. If you are seeing more it's only because the image is bigger. You will see the same detail of that source material on a 4k or less 85" screen.

  • row0111
    row0111 2 years ago +1916

    I'm watching footage shot in 1080P, upscaled to 8K, downscaled to 720P on Clip-Share and played through my monitor at 144Hz. Makes sense.

    • Zch73
      Zch73 6 months ago


    • Passing Through
      Passing Through 7 months ago

      1080P footage still looks better on a Native 1080P screen. End of story.

    • J J
      J J 8 months ago


    • Crateer
      Crateer 10 months ago

      @E S xD lmfao, that is certainly nonsense. Wtf.

    • Crateer
      Crateer 10 months ago

      @Bully Maguire Gaming i don't think so. Is your Laptop older than 15 years? A >5 year old $10 raspberry pi can run 1080p videos without problems. I think your problem lies somewhere else, not the laptop itself.

    IAM ZEPEQENO 2 years ago

    I bought this to watch my collection of VHS cassettes in 8k. It took me several weeks to figure out how to connect my VHS player to the TV but when I did I was sooooo excited until I saw the picture quality. It looks EXACTLY the same as it did on my 4k TV. I am very disappointed. I gave it 3 stars because it's so affordable.

  • Fénix
    Fénix 7 months ago

    Each tech has its advantages it comes down to preference.. OLEDs like the LG need to improve their Black Crush and if you have your OLED on a Bright Room it may be annoying for some people.

  • Gabriel __
    Gabriel __ 2 years ago

    I know the tv upscales to 8k, but the magic is with the exclusive 8k content, not scaling. I rather get a 77 4k and get the same rez. 8k today, even today, it's like having a tesla, but no electric chargers in the country(true story).

  • NickyNice
    NickyNice 2 years ago +37

    No. The answer is No. QLED is marketing at its finest. It’s just LCD. However, it’s top of the line best you can get LCD

    • Phillip Thomas
      Phillip Thomas Year ago +1

      All TVs today are LCD dude...unless you have an old Plasma

    • dzitiatri
      dzitiatri 2 years ago +1

      Its best because he got it for free ...

    • Bas Hauwert
      Bas Hauwert 2 years ago +6

      Naaah the Sony LCD with the Triluminos displays are way better then most QLEDS

  • Benjamin Brandis
    Benjamin Brandis 3 years ago +1354

    me watching 8K TV in 1080p:
    Damn the sharpness on this screen is incredible!

    • Omar Nimer
      Omar Nimer 3 years ago

      I’m out here on 0.5 p like 🤷🏻‍♂️

    • brianchan8
      brianchan8 3 years ago

      Me: wHaT iS ThE dIffeNcE beTweEn 120p to 8k

    • Endermax3852
      Endermax3852 3 years ago

      @Ray Tastic Pls search on google "Does youtube support 8k" before talking.

    • Endermax3852
      Endermax3852 3 years ago

      @Ray Tastic And im pretty sure i know these numbers way better than you do

    • Endermax3852
      Endermax3852 3 years ago

      @Ray Tastic You probably didn't know that, there's the 8k resolution

  • Marcel Viljoen
    Marcel Viljoen 2 years ago

    Oled burn in is only something that will happen if you try to make it happen. The TVs have pixel refreshers built in to fix the problem and the screen savers on the TVs are designed to make sure it won't happen. Infinite contrast on OLED is an auto win and there is no blooming like you get from the QLED. It's a no brainer

  • Destination Station

    Nice tv but I still think a 4k OLED looks better. OLED tv's have become a lot better when it comes to burn in

  • Damon
    Damon Year ago

    It’s all about pixel density at viewing distance. With my 55” 4k oled I’m at 4ft for gaming and can’t see the pixels so this tv would be good at 4k at 7ft. So at 8k you’d gave to be 3-4ft away for it to matter. So it’s pointless. Unless it’s way bigger and your 8-10 ft away. Much rather have an oled

  • Bernybobby
    Bernybobby Year ago

    Imagine doing a durability test on this thing.

  • Muhammad luqman Khan
    Muhammad luqman Khan 3 years ago +1132

    Me:Wow that 8k looks amazing
    Also me:Watching video in 480p😂

    • Mehedi Hasan V logs
      Mehedi Hasan V logs 3 years ago

      Am in 240

    • Marius
      Marius 3 years ago

      @John Gaming TV sony xperia 1 😅

    • John Gaming TV
      John Gaming TV 3 years ago

      @Marius what phone do you have and it has a 4k screen?

    • Marius
      Marius 3 years ago

      @John Gaming TV 4k on the phone, 4k on TV

    • VRforAll
      VRforAll 3 years ago

      240p here. Although my window is rated 32k

  • Off Leash Farms
    Off Leash Farms Year ago

    I was going with the OLED but now the QLED sounds like the ticket. Thanks

  • muskabo
    muskabo Year ago

    sponsered by Samsung, a company not having a single OLED TV.... oohkeeey?! Thanks for the great comparison of upscaling technology which can be implemented and found in different variations in any display...What about a simple list of pros and cons of each technology, which are clearly there... sorry, almost forgot about the sponsor ;) i doubt, that even in 2019 burn-in was still a serious issue, like it was in fact for early and following OLED-displays. Meanwhile in 2021, Samsung wants to buy OLED-Displays from LG to produce OLED TVs. If the cheaper QLED technology was that much better, why even mess with the more expensive and supposedly worse products from a competing company? i could imagine though that one day, when every pixel is backlit for itself in QLED, that it might deliver the overall better Image quality with a clear distance. But until then maybe OLEDs will just shine that much brighter, so that a comparison would still not be that easy as today.
    This is very low quality and regarding to the title misleading content, which i am not used to find on this channel in general. It is offensive to the bright viewers and unfair to those, who are not as bright. I was angry at first, but now i am just sad, very very sad.

  • Robert Kemp
    Robert Kemp 2 years ago +1

    I love your video's easy to understand and easy to watch. i.e. having a laid back attitude towards tech...

  • Josh N
    Josh N Year ago +1

    Beautiful TV, I know this is probably wrong to say, but it's so disappointing to see such a wonder girl dealing with a spinal cord injury, she seems like the sweetest person ever. But they seem happy, so I'm glad to see it. You guys seem like an awesome couple, keep living life and making awesome content.

  • AyaanLokesh 753
    AyaanLokesh 753 3 years ago +554

    The smile on his face at 3:24.
    Glass is Glass,Glass can break.
    He knew what ppl are going to comment.😁😁

    • Jay Krishna K
      Jay Krishna K 3 years ago

      @Andronk what he meant is that it shouldn't be bent 2 times within 4 inches of separation between the bends. These fibres can bend upto 100 degrees just not back to back

    • Jommejom
      Jommejom 3 years ago +1

      With deeper grooves at level 7

    • dreu dax
      dreu dax 3 years ago +1

      Andronk Yes same how does thag not damage it?

      TRYHARD RACCOON 3 years ago +5

      Little scratches at lvl 6 and deeper groves at lvl 7, referring to the Mohs Hardness Scale

    • SIVAH. AKASH. - ஆகாஷ்
      SIVAH. AKASH. - ஆகாஷ் 3 years ago

      @AyaanLokesh 753, I do. Just didn't remember it.
      Then I remembered it and that's why my second comment.

  • Just Tech
    Just Tech Year ago +1

    Your voice is great for explanations. There's a stable cadence to it and, the choices of the features you've chosen to talk about. Not boring like death. Maybe it's your audio setup. Point is, it's not whiny like some have seen and couldn't watch because of the annoying voices. Not bad.

    ARC NEMISIS 2 years ago +47

    OLED vs QLED : simple verdict - QLED is cheaper than OLED when we compare the same specs models - OLED has deepest blacks, QLED has the brightest whites : depends on your choice ,I personally like deeper blacks ,so OLED is my choice , that's it.Nothing is absolutely good or bad ,just depends on your requirements .

    • Master Talsik
      Master Talsik Year ago

      @S.O its suck in dark room with dark scene movie like horror

      ARC NEMISIS Year ago

      @S.Obut quality of image also matters.

    • S.O
      S.O Year ago +1

      @ARC NEMISIS because of this i am saying 4k uhd led is enough for the moment

      ARC NEMISIS Year ago

      @S.O bro I am not saying 8k tv and I am not dillusional,in India (my country), we can get a 55 inch 4k qled(SAMSUNG) for about 880 Euro and a 55 inch 4k oled (lg BXPTA) for about 1300 Euro.
      I gave my opinion on the pricing and the models available in India bro.
      And I never said 8k is necessary as most content is not even available in 4k till date .

    • S.O
      S.O Year ago +1

      @ARC NEMISIS your point of view is delusional! First of all why spending 4000€ on a 8K Qled Tve when most of the time you will watch movies or tv shows or netflix.... and all of this whatbi mentioned don't come in 8k qled format !!!!!! So why burning so much money when you can buy a 750€ 65 inch Samsung 4k UHD ,60 fps , (airplay) with 10 years guarantee!!!!! You want me to pay 4000 € only to watch 8k qled youtube videos !!! When they will start doing movies or tv shows in this format then yes i will buy one !!!

  • Nafri Kiahk
    Nafri Kiahk 2 years ago

    Oh tq God, I thought you may break tv into pieces by doing different tests on it. Nothing happened like that 😊

  • Er Ge
    Er Ge Year ago +3

    I switched to OLED one year ago. And i will never return to QLED! The difference is amazing! Especially the blackness in picture quality!

  • Ron Matheus Dinos
    Ron Matheus Dinos 2 years ago +2316

    He looks so happy when he says glass is glass and glass breaks

    • Richard Mwambanga
      Richard Mwambanga 5 days ago


    • Abdallah Ismail
      Abdallah Ismail 2 months ago

      He looooves to break glass😂😂😂

    • shashank naik
      shashank naik 6 months ago

      But his head doesn't break

    • Florian le routier !
      Florian le routier ! 9 months ago

      I'm gonna cut it, and just use at random moments when chatting with friends, love that phrase, it's almost iconic now

    • Liam Duenas
      Liam Duenas Year ago

      i came to the comment section to say the same thing

  • No Phantom
    No Phantom 2 years ago +1

    A tv worth having as a screen saver when not watching it so it can be a digital picture frame

  • Jean P.
    Jean P. 9 months ago

    that HDR 7:00 definitely brings out the clarity in the picture. And I thought 8K Tvs didn't do HDR.

  • venedar
    venedar 9 months ago

    I like your videos, you're good. But this particular video feels like paid advertising. You have shown the differences between oled and qled in other videos, where oled is best.

    • JerryRigEverything
      JerryRigEverything  9 months ago

      This video *is* paid advertising. It's literally a sponsored video. Still a *dang* good TV, in still using it, but sponsored, like I said it was, nonetheless.

  • knuckles1006
    knuckles1006 Year ago

    Just two comments: Ideally the center height of of TV screen should be the same as your sitting eye height. When mounting higher on wall the top of the screen should be angled down to make it perpendicular to your line of sight the center of the screen. And second, at least half of the movie enjoyment experience comes from the sound of the movie, but not to add a decent sound bar, let alone a 7.1 room shaking surround system is simply a crying shame.

  • huntison
    huntison 3 years ago +1576

    Screen is 8k
    Videos on it are 4k
    And i am watching in 144p
    I can't see any difference😂

    • roxics
      roxics 3 years ago

      My name is Steve Rogers most movies from the 80s are shot on film and can be scanned and mastered to 4K. The older films shot in 65mm or IMAX could be scanned and mastered for 8K.
      But there aren’t a ton of films that will qualify for 8K overall.

    • James Band
      James Band 3 years ago

      Some stock videos on it are from Samsung and they are 8k recorded with 8k movie camera.

    • Itsdillon04 -
      Itsdillon04 - 3 years ago

      Ok, walk outside, climb on the roof of wherever you are to get 144p, hold up your phone, and you guessed it...
      Drop the bitch

    • ZK Garage
      ZK Garage 3 years ago

      Lol my phone screen is cracked and I'm watching it at 144.

    • Pablo
      Pablo 3 years ago

      3Runner95S something like that unless he is on nokia 33 10

    IAM ZEPEQENO 2 years ago

    Not a bad tv, it does the trick for things like netflix and other TV shows. I was able to do so once then my house and car were repossessed, but its all good because they didn't take the one thing I care about most, my TV.

  • daywizzle
    daywizzle 2 years ago +85

    How much did Samsung pay you for you to only talk about the two minor advantages that QLED has over OLED?

    • DEVL1N
      DEVL1N Year ago

      @Astrixos th no oled is better

    • Pena
      Pena Year ago

      @Zoopa what you think about miniled?

    • Eray Tekgoz
      Eray Tekgoz Year ago

      Why u asking, do you wanna start advertsigment company?

    • Asher Ekstein
      Asher Ekstein Year ago +1

      @Zoopa right, a pc monitor is a prime example of a situation where you should be mindful of burn in.
      As much as I hate Samsung for their misleading marketing I just recommended a qled for a client who is gonna use it for a pc monitor, anyway I think of qled as a superior lcd technology, nothing more and nothing less

    • Asher Ekstein
      Asher Ekstein Year ago +1

      @Zoopa it doesn't matter how much you use it, as long as the picture is moving you won't get burn in, I would go oled over qled on a TV for entertainment but if used to monitor cameras or conference room display where there's a static picture I'd go with qled

  • niceguy
    niceguy 9 months ago

    Love the visible flickering. Classic Samsung.

  • Diversity Nightcore

    I HAVE THIS question why there is no toughened glass layer on this screen, which would protect the matrices from breaking

  • Neeraj V
    Neeraj V 3 years ago +2564

    Jerry: takes a 8k TV for a review
    Samsung: *breathing heavily*

    • TypicalMan
      TypicalMan 2 years ago

      @Marco Antonio no, it was time for the burn test, we can see the qled screen lasts about 30 seconds under his lighter, and then recovers completely after time

    • T3ch Run
      T3ch Run 2 years ago

      Samsung sponsored with a 8k resolution tv

      THE DESOLATE ONE 2 years ago

      Yes Yes Neeraj Kumar : ) But does it BLEND!!! ? lol

    • Netra Patil
      Netra Patil 3 years ago

      scratches at level one and deeper groves at level 2

    • Danny Hansen
      Danny Hansen 3 years ago +3

      Well.. only reason he slams on Oled is because samsung sponsored this video and tv.. we all know both samsung and Oled both have strengths and weaknesses.. but he choose to only say bad about Oled and compliment Qled.. and that sucks!! Honestly the most sucky video I've ever seen from him and I always love his videos.. bit this one made me loose some respect for him.

  • Flying Frog
    Flying Frog 11 months ago

    Someone should tell this guy how upscaling works. Besides, 4k and 8k look the same even from up close, not to mention their mile long distance from the TV. Might as well be 720p and would't make a difference from that far away.

  • masomaf
    masomaf 2 years ago

    Nice tv but picture quality on oleds is the best thusfar untill maybe another technique reveals. I am not talking about burn in because thats another discussion..
    Qled from samsung is relative expensive because the technique of using led is not that expensive anymore.

  • Joshua Trujillo
    Joshua Trujillo 2 years ago

    8k, double the pixel density, double the size, and double the price. I’m still not sold on this.

  • apex predator
    apex predator 2 years ago +1

    We need a durability test of this 😂😜

  • Bill Xi
    Bill Xi 3 years ago +404

    Zack has been noticeably smiling more in his videos since Cambry became part of his life. Love does change things

    • Crystal
      Crystal Year ago +2

      @Robbie Perales cambry is 1 year older than Zack

    • Bill Xi
      Bill Xi 3 years ago

      Srikar Hasthi Idk but I heard they’re engaged.

    • Zj enthusiast
      Zj enthusiast 3 years ago +11

      Robbie Perales sweet home Alabama

    • Mikhael Hoque
      Mikhael Hoque 3 years ago +24

      Srikar Hasthi engaged

    • Srikar Hasthi
      Srikar Hasthi 3 years ago +2

      What are they married?

  • Slave Knight Gael
    Slave Knight Gael 2 years ago

    I really want a 8k tv 😍😭 looks so beautiful

  • TheUndefeatedOfTheEast

    To ask the question is an 8k QLED better than OLED? Wouldn't the OLED have to be 8k as well? 🤔

  • Account Mail
    Account Mail 2 years ago +1

    I think I like this guy and his detailed fluency of presentation. I just punched the subscription button.
    Thanks for the good job 👊👊👌👌👌👍👍👍

  • Carlindo Isac
    Carlindo Isac 9 months ago

    on the 5:40 frame, it's shocked me how realistic this tv can be

  • Anthony D
    Anthony D Year ago

    Being that this is a yr old tube.. in a dark room, OLEDs are by far the more superior.. pure blacks and bright whites.. its nice that when watching credits or topography the TV disappears into the darkness and the letters just "pop". The NITS are getting brighter with each revision. The 77"s are now at a decent price point.. but hey, when you are getting paid to promote, you take what you can get.. lol ;-)

  • randall davis
    randall davis 2 years ago

    Since the inception of the television, every new generation, they just keep getting bigger. By the time my son is my age, TVs will cover an entire wall.

  • Bilal Rasool
    Bilal Rasool 2 years ago +1

    When Samsung sponsors a video QLED is better, when LG sponsors a video OLED is the best.

  • Usham Ronjan
    Usham Ronjan 2 years ago +7

    Sweet seeing Jerry handling screen so carefully.

    • TSO
      TSO Year ago

      Like all men did that to his ex-wife.

  • turbo2ltr
    turbo2ltr 3 years ago +420

    3:18 "Don't bend it sharper than 4 in". Proceeds to bend it 90 deg in a 1/4" radius.

    • BlackMoth27
      BlackMoth27 3 years ago +6

      by saying "don't bend it sharper than 4 ins" that's a 4in radius. not a sharp corner. he's being completely obtuse. also it doesn't matter fiber optic tech has gone a long way and they aren't as fragile.

    • Muneeb Khaki
      Muneeb Khaki 3 years ago +11

      Take a good look, it is not a bend , it is curving around that corner

    • KeylorCR
      KeylorCR 3 years ago


    • Siva kanth Sharma
      Siva kanth Sharma 3 years ago +20

      Thrice. Don't forget that

  • KiNgKaWn
    KiNgKaWn 2 years ago +3

    😥 That new sony would have looked nice up there 😉 Love me a XBR 😅 need about 10,000 nits to cover the entire range of HDR and no one offers anything that bright yet, except a sony prototype, o well it will be coming 😏

  • Pretty Disabled
    Pretty Disabled 10 months ago

    "You don't have to mount it yourself." That's a relief. 😌

  • bkhs
    bkhs 4 months ago

    The Sticky notes thing to collect dust is very genuine idea 👍😊

  • RigofDisease
    RigofDisease Year ago +2

    um... How can we visually see the amazing quality of 8k and the colours.... on a 1080p regular monitor... hm

  • Vidit Deshpande
    Vidit Deshpande 3 years ago +160

    Wait, i have so many questions!! Will this tv pass the bend test?! Will the screen scratch at a level 6 with deeper grooves at level 7?!

    • Blink forever
      Blink forever 3 years ago


    • james case
      james case 3 years ago +9

      @x33mmm you obviously don't watch the channel much, lol

  • DAMN
    DAMN Year ago

    QLED's will probably never match up to the quality of image on OLED's

  • Stealth G35 Infiniti
    Stealth G35 Infiniti 2 years ago

    OLED has truer color reproduction in my opinion...I would go with the LG OLED CX 65 and would be very happy...

  • Andrea Borsato
    Andrea Borsato Year ago

    "Don't bend the fiber optic cable, because glass can break"
    * Proceeds to bend it in a 90° angle *

  • Kira Yamato
    Kira Yamato 2 years ago

    The ironic part of this video is that self proclaimed 4k tvs are all upscaled 4k from 2160p. A true 4k tv has 4000p which ironically the "QLED 8k samsung tv" is most likely an upscaled true 4k tv

  • Vatsal Yadav
    Vatsal Yadav 3 years ago +567

    That smile on his face when he said, "Glass is glass, and glass can break."
    That damned Smile! 😍

    • Jitesh
      Jitesh 3 years ago

      @Amir that can't be true.... after all we are your dad!

    • I Komang Ari Putra
      I Komang Ari Putra 3 years ago +1

      Try not to laugh 😂

    • R_4_1
      R_4_1 3 years ago

      He tried to laugh?

    • cannesahs
      cannesahs 3 years ago

      @J024 I wonder how many takes it took to not laugh

    • J024
      J024 3 years ago +2

      He really had to hold back from breaking out in laughter! hahaha

  • RobertFPV
    RobertFPV 2 years ago

    7:59 next gen consoles aren't 8k... PC hardware barely supports 8k 60fps using a rtx 3090 so maybe in the next maybe five years to ten year is when you may see 8k gaming. Btw 4k consoles were just released and the gap from last gen was seven years aka from Xbox one and PS4 to series x and ps5. So 8k is a long ways away atleast at a minimum of five years away

  • Hector David
    Hector David 2 years ago

    No QLED from Samsung can match the picture quality of the OLED displays. The Samsung QLED is just on old technology, which need a backlight from behind. That is why they are so thick compared to the very thin panel of the OLED. And both panels, yes also the QLED can have burned out pixels. BUt when it comes to movies with dark scenes, like scifi , where you have lot of details but in the dark, OLED is the King, because only OLED can light up pixels separately, QLED cannot - it can light up only a sertain area of several hundreds of pixels at once.

  • Héctor Gutiérrez A

    Desde colombia felicitaciones, pero fuera traducido al español sería genial 👍👏🏿👏🏿

  • Brian Vega
    Brian Vega 9 months ago +1

    Jerry you just made it easier for me to pick what tv i want🙏🏽

  • raghu mahi
    raghu mahi 3 years ago +345

    But the question is
    Does it scratches at level 6 and deeper groove at level 7?

    • Zakriel
      Zakriel 3 years ago

      God dammit, i was not fast enough. This was my very first idea the moment i've seen the tv.

    • gpapazac
      gpapazac 3 years ago +1

      Hahaha can you imagine him " Aight we are almost done here **unfolds the scratch testers case** "

    • BrianHN
      BrianHN 3 years ago +2

      @amirbahalegharn365 whoosh

    • amirbahalegharn365
      amirbahalegharn365 3 years ago +1

      nope.it's too expensive to be tested,bend test,burn test as well.

    • Terry Gujjar
      Terry Gujjar 3 years ago

      Good one.

  • PowerL1N3
    PowerL1N3 3 months ago +1

    Wish, I could get one of the tech Clip-Sharers to gift me and my family an 85" 8K QLED samsung smart tv.
    My TV went out of order recently and now my family and I haven't been able to watch anything.

  • Josef
    Josef Year ago

    I have an OLED and a QLED. They are both awesome.

  • Hou Felix
    Hou Felix 2 years ago

    I am watching your 8K cool TV in a small window displayed in my 1080p 22inch AOC display, and it looks wonderful

  • Erik Novak
    Erik Novak 2 years ago

    What I found out is that the 8K is more stronger that causes stress on the eyes

  • Muhammad Anhar
    Muhammad Anhar 3 years ago +19663

    Samsung: Includes stands
    Apple: Wait, that's illegal

    • Kees Swier
      Kees Swier 6 months ago

      Samsung copies what Apple designs.

    • Kees Swier
      Kees Swier 6 months ago

      @Matthew Miller No, they make the most beautiful displays in the world!

    • Overpowered Jelly
      Overpowered Jelly Year ago

      @Parker Williams lol , u mad cuz Apple is pure garbage

    • Wealth Sutra
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    • Nikolai Emmett
      Nikolai Emmett Year ago

      @Terrance Oakley Instablaster :)

  • ruffs.神
    ruffs.神 2 years ago +1

    Can't wait for this to be the standard and see 1080p as low-quality

  • chew itt
    chew itt 2 years ago

    Samsung needs to make the One Connect box upgraded to HDMI 2.1

  • SGM Studio
    SGM Studio Year ago

    How do you attach the TV to the wall so that they stick together like that? In mine at home there is a lot of space between the TV and the wall.

  • RaySoft
    RaySoft 2 years ago

    QLED looks absolutely exceptional, until you pit it across an OLED..

  • DCPhoto
    DCPhoto 3 years ago +410

    The current price for that TV is $8,999.99
    Now you don't have to look it up.

    SANG JUN LEE 2 years ago

    definitely prefer oled than qled (which is lcd tv)

  • Waymore
    Waymore Year ago

    Hey Zach what about the umidigi bison rugged? I recently ordered one but I'm yet to receive it, but this phone looks great with really good specs. I would really love to see you do a durability test on it. Thanks and BTW your wife is gorgeous

  • Andrew Cole Photography

    The average person’s eyes can’t perceive a higher resolution than 4k on screen that large if viewed at a distance grater than 5 feet. Of course if you have 20/20 vision it makes a bit more sense to go 8K.

  • Rajesh Kumar
    Rajesh Kumar Year ago +1

    Yo, you should do a teardown and durability for the 8k

  • Ryan Stallard
    Ryan Stallard 2 years ago +13

    Two important things not mentioned:
    1. It upscale by just copying or interpolating pixels, not true upscaling where it would use AI to figure out what the pixels should be at higher resolutions.
    2. QLED has a disadvantage to OLED in that it has lower contrast, as the backlight causes the pixels to not be completely dark even when switched off.