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Infinite Donations Glitch - Instant Rewards Community Event With Treasure Coordinates

  • Published on Nov 22, 2022 veröffentlicht
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  • Cheese Forever
    Cheese Forever  2 months ago +552

    How to skip collecting captains coins and get the rewards

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks 2 months ago +550

    You guys are so funny

  • Justin Sharp
    Justin Sharp 2 months ago +615

    I love the implication that in-universe, guardians are utilizing para causal shenanigans to give more treasure for the Eliksni quarter.

    • {But First He Lit it On Fire}
      {But First He Lit it On Fire} 2 months ago

      Spider’s like “This is just the Fractiline thing all over again, and they put ME in charge of the whole thing? “May the light provide” they say… Gonna provide me a new Ketch built from scratch is what it’ll do.“

    • ShurikenSean
      ShurikenSean 2 months ago +1

      Spider whose in charge of the event is known for pulling fast ones to get more money
      So hed totally approve of this.
      "Well done guardian, it seems the light *does* provide

    • Savage Wraith
      Savage Wraith 2 months ago

      @{But First He Lit it On Fire} hah, D3, like that'll ever happen.

    • {But First He Lit it On Fire}
      {But First He Lit it On Fire} 2 months ago

      Imagine THAT as the last season of D2 before D3: *_Season Of The Murder Hobo_*

    • Whiff Watcher
      Whiff Watcher 2 months ago


  • l33tgama
    l33tgama 2 months ago +418

    RIP to all those Guardians that farmed the coins via the Lost Sectors. Great Job cheese as always appreciate you finding a way to make these events less painful. Happy Holidays in Advance Guardian

    • cheo a
      cheo a 2 months ago


    • giang truc
      giang truc 2 months ago


    • OneWingedAngel1916
      OneWingedAngel1916 2 months ago

      Got over 900 doing strikes n lost sectors , this is just being lazy

    • Kriqu
      Kriqu 2 months ago

      Glad my 172 lost sectors went to good use

    • Justin Workman
      Justin Workman 2 months ago

      @Joey Garcia Donations domt count for coins earned. You still would need to get 2400 for the triumph and rewards.

  • ℂ𝕠𝕒𝕔𝕙
    ℂ𝕠𝕒𝕔𝕙 2 months ago +979

    *so that's how we're projected 200M/400M in 24hrs haha*

  • Fenberry Gaming
    Fenberry Gaming 2 months ago +159

    Was waiting for the coordinates to become available for just this reason. Way to go Mr cheese! Love your content

    • Kitta D
      Kitta D 2 months ago +1

      Our sacrifice was necessary for your gain o7

  • LOFL Gaming
    LOFL Gaming 2 months ago +213

    For those of you that made an error like I did, make sure that you have Rumored Treasure Map ready to apply after you turn in your donations, then go back to the clicker lol

    • Chris
      Chris 2 months ago

      So how do you make sure not to donate all your treasure coordinates? It takes all mine the first go.

    • False Prophet
      False Prophet 2 months ago

      Yeah, did that too, ran a few strikes and was careful not to do that again

    • Harry Silva
      Harry Silva 2 months ago

      @AJtheGrrreat I completed the map in expedition on accident too so I think I can only get 1 at a time instead of 9 now?

    • Treblemix
      Treblemix 2 months ago

      Surprised they ain't patch this yet

    • AJtheGrrreat
      AJtheGrrreat 2 months ago

      @Viylari same i accidentally completed right before starting the glitch

  • Mobarak Hossain
    Mobarak Hossain Month ago

    This actually doesn't count towards coins for the triumphs, only the rewards.

  • Otilia Mendez
    Otilia Mendez 2 months ago +80

    If anyone is having trouble with this like I did do the following. Turning in your coordinates with the rumored treasure map selected will leave you with 0 coordinates. You can verify this by hovering over the coordinates to donate and you will see donate 325 which is all your coordinates. Instead select the rotating weapon map and donate your coordinates and you will see you will donate 245 coordinates which will leave you with extra so you can do the glitch. Hope that helps everyone out.

      ADARKWIND 2 months ago

      @achance007not fixed and if you swap out the highest map coord cost with the lowest repeatedly after you get to the max possible swapping out with rumored you can actually get it up to 325 and still have leftovers to swap with rumored after donating.

    • achance007
      achance007 2 months ago +3

      Cheese did a bad job explaining it. Or it's fixed

    • Marvin Mendez
      Marvin Mendez 2 months ago +2

      @hawk9mm Yeah I made the same mistake. Donated all my coordinates using rumored map. Ran a strike to get some coordinates and started the glitch to build my coordinates back up to 325. Donating and doing the glitch got me the ghost in like 10 - 15 minutes.

    • hawk9mm
      hawk9mm 2 months ago

      @Marvin Mendez I noticed that too just now, guess I need to refarm them so that I can do the glitch.

    • Dronlothen
      Dronlothen 2 months ago

      @Paul Clayton I thought I'd only used the energy map since I got it.

  • Leitz
    Leitz 2 months ago +109

    Make sure you have the plundered umbral energy map selected after you’re done clicking or you’ll have to go get more coordinates

    • RagnarV
      RagnarV 2 months ago

      Lol messed it up to

    • Joker 🃏
      Joker 🃏 2 months ago

      I'm glad I read this beforehand. Thank you.

    • ExternalBoss9
      ExternalBoss9 2 months ago +7

      He really should of said that in the video but thanks I guess.

    • Just Dennis
      Just Dennis 2 months ago

      @Leitz but thanks to you, i wont do it again 😅

    • Leitz
      Leitz 2 months ago +1

      @Just Dennis honestly reason I said it is cause I messed up myself lol

  • PandaDRAGON1458
    PandaDRAGON1458 2 months ago +10

    Thanks Cheese! Looks like we'll hit 400M in the next 15 minutes thanks to this

  • Bloodmoon Angel
    Bloodmoon Angel 2 months ago +19

    Finally, the rumored treasure map is useful for something

  • Sumit Pawar
    Sumit Pawar 2 months ago +32

    When the community needed him the most, he answered the call 🔥😅

  • Sneh Srivastava
    Sneh Srivastava Month ago


  • Onines GNO
    Onines GNO 2 months ago +12

    Can confirm this works just finished it in few mins 👌 and got the ghost shell now I can log off and play other games 🤣

  • senkyou
    senkyou 2 months ago +2

    Thanks to you I got it done from 0 to 2400 in 10 minutes :)

  • Kedo
    Kedo 2 months ago

    Make sure you have the plundered umbral energy map selected after you’re done clicking or you’ll have to go get more coordinates

  • adamndirtyape
    adamndirtyape 2 months ago

    Thanks for posting this! I went into the game and did the 'event' in about 3 minutes. I was laughing maniacally at how stupid it all was.

  • DungeonHax
    DungeonHax 2 months ago +2

    For those saying the cheese has been patched, it seems it has but don’t fret! Rahool is offering helium filaments for legendary shards. 5 for every 1 shard. If you have a bunch of shards just click that till you have 2400 helium filaments and donate em. No activities needed still. :D Have a wonderful day everyone!

  • Sam Buck
    Sam Buck 2 months ago +7

    litle tip: before you donate make sure that the high value map is in the treasure map slot,

  • SetoShadow41
    SetoShadow41 2 months ago +2

    I can confirm as of 11/23/2022 at 6:38 PM(EST) the glitch still works

  • ShekelMeister
    ShekelMeister 2 months ago +8

    Huge thanks finished it in 10 min

  • cosmicmelon
    cosmicmelon 2 months ago +7

    Misraaks was right. The light does provide in mysterious ways.

  • Lithigos
    Lithigos 2 months ago +1

    Tried today and still works, hasn't been patched yet! Had to grind repute a bit but after that it went real quick :)

  • Jan
    Jan 2 months ago +6

    I knew this was gonna be a thing since I heard that you could donate treasure coordinates, was waiting for the notice that it was working to get all hands on deck!

  • Phoenix Audubon
    Phoenix Audubon 2 months ago

    Yarr, I'm acting like a Scallywag now with this! Thanks for the great walkthrough!

  • Sanjay Chakroborty
    Sanjay Chakroborty Month ago

    Very informative video. Thanks for sharing with us.

  • Just A Doomer
    Just A Doomer 2 months ago +1

    Still working as of nearly 11/28 for those that are curious

  • Martyred Memer
    Martyred Memer 2 months ago +1

    That saved me so much time. Thank you Cheese

  • Delta_115
    Delta_115 2 months ago

    Thanks Cheese for showing this. I'm playing Destiny 2 on PS Remote Play because I got Covid. I know its not a legit way, but this would ease my mind while being isolated for 2 weeks. Again thanks.

  • Kedo
    Kedo 2 months ago

    For those of you that made an error like I did, make sure that you have Rumored Treasure Map ready to apply after you turn in your donations, then go back to the clicker lol

  • Sivanagamani N
    Sivanagamani N Month ago


  • Daniël Portier
    Daniël Portier 2 months ago +3

    You can just turn in 2400 destination materials if you have it. I got the Ghost Shell within 20 seconds

  • Pug Master1
    Pug Master1 2 months ago +1

    Bro, I completed this event in 2 seconds, and I just got on today, I just donated all of materials then I was done, good job bungie

  • 360GameTV
    360GameTV 2 months ago +7

    Or just spend 2400 planet materials (Use DIM to split the materials amount) and you get also all rewards in 10 seconds instead of using a glitch ;)

  • Joe G
    Joe G 2 months ago +17

    Nice. The Season of the Blunder was so boring, I never got close to unlocking 'Under One Banner' or 'Rumored Treasure Map.' It's a ghost shell, so no worries. If it were Dreg's Promise, I'd be a bit more salty. 😂

  • Reynaldo Rivera
    Reynaldo Rivera 2 months ago +8

    Welp gonna be trying this before reset, thanks man I hope I have all the pieces to make it work lol

  • Mera channel
    Mera channel Month ago


  • Exostretch
    Exostretch 2 months ago +119

    Cheese posted this around 1:15 AM PST (Bungie's Time zone) They likely won't be in office to patch this until about 7 or 8 AM, so go crazy guys!

    • Sengan
      Sengan 2 months ago

      @Adam Weideman yes

    • Carson Kacirek
      Carson Kacirek 2 months ago

      @7ralala The rumored map is disabled for me, had the perk before reset too. Had to claim the bonus rewards one, though, which shouldn't affect slotting the map.

    • Lily🤍
      Lily🤍 2 months ago

      @JodyHighRolla yes

    • JodyHighRolla
      JodyHighRolla 2 months ago

      Does it still work ?

    • miguel fernandez
      miguel fernandez 2 months ago

      @Sengan ???

  • Jesus Alonso
    Jesus Alonso 2 months ago +6

    Thanks. Did it in 10 minutes!!!

  • TR Tribal Gaming
    TR Tribal Gaming  2 months ago +5

    Just gonna say that I love you and the people you credited for this.

  • H Mendes
    H Mendes 2 months ago +1

    This is why I never start farming anything without checking Cheese's channel first lmao

  • Alassandros
    Alassandros 2 months ago +2

    I couldn't do this because I accidentally spent my rumored treasure map, but I still finished the rewards track quickly by going to my ol buddy Rahool, bought a bunch of Helium Filaments (around 2000), and turned those in. I had the legendary shards so it's no skin off my back.

  • poopincheese
    poopincheese 2 months ago +1

    I was awake when this video dropped at 5am today. Immediately got on and did this lmfao thank you cheese 🧀 you da man ‼️🔥💯

  • Triskalii
    Triskalii 2 months ago +5

    If you spam swap glimmer map with rotating weapon map, you get 7 every 2 swaps instead of 4. Speeds up capping dramatically
    And with rotating slotted as you bank, you’ll bank 308 instead of 245. Starting you back at 80, so you spam swap rotating weapon and rumored until you have 140 coordinates then go back to glimmer and rotating weapon until 325

    • H S
      H S 2 months ago +1

      Took a little finagling but this worked

    • Triskalii
      Triskalii 2 months ago

      Idk how well the spam is if you have all the maps unlocked. I only have the basic one, glimmer, rotating weapon, and rumored, so if you have to move the cursor while doing it it may be less optimal

  • Yaman
    Yaman 2 months ago +2

    Thank you, now I can wait for the next season and play some fun games.

  • Gobinow
    Gobinow 2 months ago +3

    can confirm as of 4:51pm est (11/29/2022 post reset) still working

  • Alice Rouillé
    Alice Rouillé 2 months ago

    Honeslty I was so happy for the Eliksnis, but when I saw all the grindt that was needed, and how bugged it was I was kinda disappointed. Now I'm happy the Eliksnis will have their nice little quarter

  • RuffianXion
    RuffianXion 2 months ago +4

    All I need now is a glitch to make me care about that shell.

  • IoTheKingOfGames
    IoTheKingOfGames 2 months ago +1

    Thank you. I got my ghost shell 😁

  • Sice
    Sice 2 months ago +70

    I hope this wont get patched until i get home from work

  • Carlos Chavez
    Carlos Chavez 2 months ago +64

    Now this is what we needed!!!! Fuck doing lost sectors till your brain melts!

    • Cody Richardson
      Cody Richardson 2 months ago +8

      @NoName it was pointless then, now the glitch has a purpose. he credited who he saw first, cant expect him to know everyone who’s posted a video about it before it was relevant

    • NoName
      NoName 2 months ago

      This has been posted mo ths ago from tons if other peiple🤦‍♀️
      The never even mentiond it

  • Vex Akita
    Vex Akita 2 months ago +1

    I would love that this Donation Glitch works for IRL aswell

  • Damomonopolos
    Damomonopolos 2 months ago +2

    Give us a thing, someone will figure out how to break it 😉

  • SNU. SNU
    SNU. SNU 2 months ago +3

    I still have that treasure hunt emote disabled from the Hall of heroes or whatever it was called donating glitch, so Bungie May spank us again and disable the Ghost shell 😂

  • Rovertech84
    Rovertech84 2 months ago +1

    Can confirm as of 11/28 8:23pm still working

  • slappytheclown4
    slappytheclown4 2 months ago

    Can't believe were already at 460 million, lmfao. Gotta love it. I remembered this cheese from the beginning of the season and once i saw you could donate treasure coordinates I knew it would be used and abused.

  • Ghost Assassin
    Ghost Assassin 2 months ago +8

    Is it worth using if I already got all the rewards using the lost sector farming method? I am looking to get more enhancement prisms.

    • Friccle_
      Friccle_ 2 months ago +1

      I dont see why it wouldnt, you can still donate even if all your personal rewards are claimed

  • Kenny Carver
    Kenny Carver 2 months ago +2

    LOL!! Still working and we’ve hit the community goal on day 2!!

  • oxsila
    oxsila 2 months ago +1

    Bungie's cluelessness never ceases to amaze. We had a whole halloween event of sleep inducing lost sectors. Now for this coin event the best way is lost sectors. Next season better be the best season to date i swear to god hahaha

  • Slick Perspective
    Slick Perspective 2 months ago +2

    Did the first part but why is it when I went to my quest "Captain's Atlas" to swap the treasure map "Plundered Umbral Energy Map", I cannot select "Rumored Treasure Map", it says "no new map rumors overheard". Do I need to complete a quest or what?

    • Mitty
      Mitty 2 months ago

      It’s because you can only use the rumored map once a week, so if you did expedition with it this week you’ll have to wait until next reset before you can slot it again

  • Александр Барсуков

    спасибо большое за данный глитч

  • SpadeSupreme
    SpadeSupreme 2 months ago +1

    Damnit, just donated all my materials before seeing this 😅

  • Colin D
    Colin D 2 months ago +17

    I love you. Hoping the bright dust boxes get unlocked so everyone can stock up and destroy Eververse for good.

    • AkVzA
      AkVzA 2 months ago

      @O'bearer mine you can get red borders, bright dust, eververse engrams, and possibly something else dont know

    • O'bearer mine
      O'bearer mine 2 months ago

      That's the only thing I care about

    • O'bearer mine
      O'bearer mine 2 months ago +1


    • AkVzA
      AkVzA 2 months ago +2

      Amen. Once the crucible box chance reward is up I’m going to become a menace to society

    BATSQUID 2 months ago

    I'm doing the cheese but it doesn't seem to be working it's staying what my total was before I started it 168
    Edit: I'm getting +4 to my coordinates

  • G J Martinez
    G J Martinez 2 months ago +2

    This community event is only getting successfully completed due to this glitch. I really wish players didn't do this and send a loud and clear message to Woke Bungie to not do lackluster events.
    Where is Bungie to QUICKLY patch this cheese? OF COURSE they won't do this. I wonder why.

  • Blazuchan
    Blazuchan 2 months ago +2

    Finally, i can do the rank up faster so I can immediately go back to Tyria

  • Kevin
    Kevin 2 months ago

    Goes to show making one working event is a real hard challenge for bungie😂

  • Rocker Spaceman
    Rocker Spaceman 2 months ago

    OMG I died laughing when I heard lord shax say "cheat forever guardian" 🤣

  • TDR 0484
    TDR 0484 2 months ago +1

    I hope this still works when I get off work today

  • Vongola Primo
    Vongola Primo 2 months ago +4

    I knew cheese would find something. I resfused to do lost sectors

    • TDR 0484
      TDR 0484 2 months ago

      You didn't have to in the first place lol

  • Rob Sheffer
    Rob Sheffer 2 months ago +1

    Sounds like I need to be on more than step 3 of the seasonal quest haha

  • Fenberry Gaming
    Fenberry Gaming 2 months ago +43

    And thus the event is now mostly over

    • Fenberry Gaming
      Fenberry Gaming 2 months ago

      @Jason Licht cool!!!

    • Jason Licht
      Jason Licht 2 months ago +1

      Naw, it's just begun... now you can grind strikes and crucible for the treasure gifts, those things have an amazing loot pool...

  • Kim
    Kim 2 months ago

    Nice thank you!!

  • SomeBlackGuy
    SomeBlackGuy 2 months ago

    Does it work for map fragments too?

  • Riproarin
    Riproarin 2 months ago

    Still works for me right now

  • hasini reddy
    hasini reddy Month ago


  • Glae
    Glae 2 months ago +1

    Did they just patch this? I was in the middle of doing this, worked on first character, second character seemed to stall out after 1k, and when I tried on third character treasure coordinates don't unlock the emblam for me anymore.
    I tried Map Fragments as well and those didn't work either. Did they turn off all donations or am I just bugging?

  • Just a Nobody
    Just a Nobody 2 months ago

    I love your epic videos! 😆

  • Arakemi
    Arakemi 2 months ago +4

    So we are basically sticking clear tape to captains coins and doing that vending machine trick, huh?

    • Arakemi
      Arakemi 2 months ago

      @FastAndAdrift I mean, we are so bothered to help a race that believes in the same traveler we do, that we have to discover and abuse a glitch to just get free stuff

    • FastAndAdrift
      FastAndAdrift 2 months ago +1

      Good analogy 😂

  • Nooux
    Nooux 2 months ago +3

    Now if we can get this to 200m before bungie patch it, we'll be loaded in engrams, dust and shards + red borders, fingers crossed boys.

    • Nooux
      Nooux 2 months ago

      @Ne[Max] abslutely fucking stupid isn't it, to top it off, you could just end up getting glimmer..

    • Ne[Max]
      Ne[Max] 2 months ago

      Na one chest cost 1000 Coins

  • Taffy Lewis
    Taffy Lewis 2 months ago +2

    I know it’s me being a bit thick but no matter how many times I watch that I’m still unsure what to do. Someone post an idiot proof step by step guide, please😂

  • Burhan Yıldırım
    Burhan Yıldırım 2 months ago

    Thank you very much sir🤝🏽

  • Praxic Frost
    Praxic Frost 2 months ago

    Yay now I can remain on hiatus til lightfall if next season is bad just like this! Thanks cheese!!!!

  • Charles Matignon
    Charles Matignon 2 months ago

    I am doing it rn, it works

  • Ghostly Guardian
    Ghostly Guardian 2 months ago +2

    So because the Under One Banner upgrade just happened to be the one upgrade I don't have unlocked, I'm not able to do this. Love oddly specific glitches

    • Josh Makarenko
      Josh Makarenko 2 months ago

      Want help finishing a seasonal challenge to get the repute to unlock it?

    LEXXIUS 2 months ago +2

    In my infinite wisdom I used the rumored map right after the reset...

      LEXXIUS 2 months ago

      @Fabian Weber On next weekly reset Bungie most likely will fix this bug, so no cheese for us... On the other hand, we can use planetary materials!

    • Fabian Weber
      Fabian Weber 2 months ago +1

      Same 🤣

  • Benjamin Altube
    Benjamin Altube 2 months ago

    I'm still unable to get those extra coordinates from the map glitch

  • Saint_ Duke
    Saint_ Duke 2 months ago +5

    Or you could spend 4 hours doing the lost under the church like I did and complete the whole triumph and unlock everything at once.

    • J T
      J T 2 months ago

      Can u explain in further detail?

  • Maz
    Maz 2 months ago

    Damn I used the rumoured map for this week fml

  • SLG Diversity
    SLG Diversity 2 months ago

    ah the rumored treasure map is finally useful

  • Spacejunk89
    Spacejunk89 2 months ago

    Doing the lord's work

    KRYTOX 2 months ago

    I already used my treasure map RIP for me :)

  • Flamin' Taika
    Flamin' Taika 2 months ago


  • Steven Gooch
    Steven Gooch 2 months ago

    legend, thanks mate

  • exmalobonum1
    exmalobonum1 2 months ago

    Welp, I’m screwed. I did the rumored map yesterday so now I can’t select it.

  • Péter Henzsel
    Péter Henzsel 2 months ago

    This looks more like a secret way to donate a lot

  • Se7enPRIDE
    Se7enPRIDE 2 months ago

    Lol i did this the second we hit the 2nd tier. Kinda figed thats what everyone was waiting on :p

  • Guts Hill
    Guts Hill 2 months ago +1

    I already used my rumored treasure map yesterday .. RIP

  • Joshua Smith
    Joshua Smith 2 months ago

    Through the power of jiggling our key in the lock, we have discovered the solution to world hunger!