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Beating Minecraft the Way Mojang Intended It

  • Published on Oct 9, 2020 veröffentlicht
  • Is there a right way to beat Minecraft? Throughout the game's lifetime, players have developed and refined many different strategies. In this video, I beat Minecraft using official Mojang guides. Do the creators of the game know something we don't? I'm sure we're going to find out!
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  • Nugget Hut
    Nugget Hut Year ago +16

    After watching this, I realized how much Mojang must hate speed runners

  • Tolumnia

    I’ve always wondered what goes through people’s mind when they craft a full set of wooden tools. I guess they studied the official guides before playing.

  • Earle96
    Earle96  +1

    I've been playing Minecraft since it was a beta and never even bothered to try to beat the ender dragon. I just like the building and the survival aspect.

  • real4kGaming

    You should've gotten full netherite before you went to the nether to be safe. Also, the End fight is easier with elytra, so get that too

  • Ieago
    Ieago  +3

    I feel like the guide could have told the player about using a jack-o-lantern to protect themselves from drawing the endermens' anger in The End.

  • DragonsDreams

    Him: makes shears

  • ItsTheBluSpy
    ItsTheBluSpy Year ago +10

    The only reason why he won was because of the dirt pillar at spawn. If he didn't have that dirt pillar at spawn he would have been screwed.

  • Venil21
    Venil21  +3

    "I dont wanna start a fight in comments but; do you build a nether portal with 10 blocks or 14 blocks? Because personally ive built mine with 50" thats the best quote i have ever heard...

  • Adotron
    Adotron  +308


  • ThatRandomDude

    “I have never beat Minecraft legitimately.” 20 seconds later “Not me, I’m built different”

  • Zen
    Zen 21 hour ago +4

    Lets all agree this content makes our day way better!

  • Wavefire_
    Wavefire_ Year ago +64

    I like how he just casually uses obsidian as a building block.

  • Grass block

    "Gather dirt build a pillar at spawn and dislocate both your hips"

  • gxmmycxt
    gxmmycxt  +332

    I love how he said "Mojang says that there is a realistic chance that the ender dragon will defeat you, but not me, I'm built different."

  • Confederate Sympathizer

    Pro tip: wear pumpkins in the end. Now, you don’t have to deal with endermen. It’s great when you have a resource pack or something that lets you see with pumpkins too

  • ⁕◈Rainbow’s Point◈⁕

    When you said you never beat the dragon for real on your own, I could definitely relate. I’ve been a little more set on changing that recently however.

  • DiamondDepth YT
    DiamondDepth YT Year ago +5

    When he was dying to endermen in the End, I was screaming "USE THE WATER BUCKER. USE. THE. WATER. BUCKET!"

  • Alex Wood
    Alex Wood  +74

    at the start, when he talked about a dirt piller it reminded me of the OLD days of minecraft, when there where no Beacons, and thats what you had to do to remember where your base was (but you would put torches on the top if you wear out at night).

  • TechFanatic

    They recommend full diamond armor to go to the nether, meanwhile it is perfectly doable to finish the whole game with just iron/leather armor, heck even without armor.