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Lil Wayne Tours the Colorado Football Facility with Coach Prime

  • Published on Jan 31, 2023 veröffentlicht
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  • Ken Melton
    Ken Melton 2 months ago +1423

    It’s AMAZING how one man can literally change a whole university. A WHOLE CITY !!! A true 1 of 1!!! ❤

    • Krissy K
      Krissy K Day ago

      He carries God’s favor with him. 🙏🏽❤️

    • Hassan Esdaile
      Hassan Esdaile Month ago

      This facility is amazing ❤🙏🏽.

    • Cory Amatuzzo
      Cory Amatuzzo Month ago

      @jimmynickles804 It works so long as he is performing. If the Buffs can't turn the corner within a few years, he will have talked himself into a corner. Dangerous business. I hope he succeeds.

    • Tenzo_32
      Tenzo_32 Month ago

      Coach prime is the coach we all wish we would have had in hs 😅🏈😌☦️

    • Mel HERDER
      Mel HERDER Month ago

      I said the same thing

  • YouTube
    YouTube Month ago +455

    weezy and prime - there's nothing like it 😌

    • Evelyn Exuma
      Evelyn Exuma Month ago

      Surprised to see youtube on a video like this

    • BBAKER
      BBAKER Month ago

      What? The man is a convicted FELON

    • Film Saint Productions MMXXIII
      Film Saint Productions MMXXIII Month ago

      Wow. Literally never saw YT comment on "NATHAN"

    • Lucas Holtgreven
      Lucas Holtgreven Month ago +3

      YT is commenting because the future earnings and ad possibilities for Coach Sanders are limitless right now...they are commenting because he either has agreed to work with them or they want him too...either way, it's about cash...

  • YouTuber3.
    YouTuber3. Month ago +425

    This man really has Wayne walking around the facility. Prime is changing the game, again!

    • jollyomeatLA
      jollyomeatLA Day ago

      ​@BBAKER dude, we get it, you don't need to go under every single thread saying that. You act like a convicted felon can't change their ways and be a good person after growth and maturity years after their crime.

    • the77
      the77 Month ago

      @BBAKER awwwwww 😭😭😭 how was your January 6th Vacation?

    • Sean Collins
      Sean Collins Month ago

      @BBAKER Yeah ok. You keep telling yourself that lol. He's a celebrity through the eye of MANY and makes more money than you and I ever will in our lifetime. If you don't like the man just say it. Hopefully it makes you feel better✌🏾.

    SPEAR RULER Month ago +118

    You can tell Coach knew he was in the presence of greatness and Wayne knew he was walking with a Legend. Two see the both of them in their true essence was amazing to witness.

  • Oreo Speedwaggin Does America....

    Coach Prime and his family have turned so many of us into Colorado Buff fans!!

    • Mayor of Hueco Mundo
      Mayor of Hueco Mundo Month ago +2

      @Chris Gilliamthey haven’t played a single game. Calm down bro 😆

    • David Scott
      David Scott Month ago +1

      Somebody tell Trav to drop his girl. She already showing you what she going to be like when she meet someone with more then you. Red Flag Trav I know the cewchie good just don't fall in love with it.

    • L C
      L C Month ago


    • Chris Gilliam
      Chris Gilliam Month ago +1

      Damn sho nuff and I rock with Oregon but I'm definitely rooting for Prime and the Buffs to win a Natty

    • T W
      T W Month ago

      Bought my hoodie!

  • Boobie LaDon
    Boobie LaDon Month ago +67

    I love seeing Gudda and Mack still with Wayne everywhere he go. That’s real Brotherly Love 💪🏽💯

  • The CEO
    The CEO 2 months ago +2034

    Bucky, I love how your father leans on you for emotional support. I don't know if others notice it, but when he's talking, and then asks you a question, or a stamp of approval, or affirmation, that's him leaning on you for a co-sign and support. That man (your father) loves and appreciates you. I love what you two have in one another. Right now, you're his backbone, and I can tell he counts on you. Bless you, brother.

    • BBAKER
      BBAKER Month ago


    • AngelEye
      AngelEye Month ago


    • D Osborne
      D Osborne Month ago +1


    • Royal W
      Royal W Month ago +2

      I C That Goat In U 🎥 Believe🎼😎

    BIG BENJI Month ago +105

    Prime will never not get tired of giving guest a tour of the place and I’ll never get tired of seeing prime give guess a tour of the place 😂

  • Brownskin2001 love
    Brownskin2001 love Month ago +215

    This was a amazing way to start black history month!! Media team did they thing! Haters who say this team is not professionals. LIES. Thank you to my grandparents who participated in sit ins and marched for us to go to school wherever we want to and live wherever we want to. Without struggle there can be no progress. Thank you Frederick Douglass♥️🖤💚

    • Shaun
      Shaun Month ago +2

      @Brownskin2001 love I have a blank profile for a reason? Yes, yes I do and my profile looks for similar to yours so what does that say? I can understand and respect your request however; when you comment on a public site such as Clip-Share, Twitter, etc it means everyone has the right to respond just as you have the right to comment in the first place.

    • Brownskin2001 love
      Brownskin2001 love Month ago +1

      @Shaun It’s my comment!!! If I don’t like a comment or don’t understand it. I don’t respond to it. Next time please do that for me. U have a blank profile for a reason. Let’s not do it. Auto correct changes what a person writes sometimes.

    • Shaun
      Shaun Month ago +3

      It’s all good. I said Um what because I felt this post had nothing whatsoever to do with Colorado football and figured we were sort of past this discussion. But I will try to educate a little bit. John Russwurm graduated from Bowdoin which is in Maine in 1826. Among others were Edward Jones from Amherst (Massachusetts) in 1826. Alexander Twilight 1823 and Lemuel Haynes 1804 from Middlebury in Vermont just to name a few. These were Black men who graduated from what was and still are predominantly White private liberal arts colleges and universities before anybody’s grandparents were born and when Frederick Douglass (since that is how you spell his first name) was 5-8 years old. Jus sayin

    • Mal Burch
      Mal Burch Month ago +2

      @Shaun right I'm with you. Huh?

  • Lutrell
    Lutrell Month ago +30

    Lil Wayne @ Colorado in the cold of night on a tour of the football facilities. Come'on Man! Now you know Coach Prime is complete Boss. Coach Prime is HIM!!! 🙌🏾💯 Got mad love and respect for Coach and Bucky and family and the crew. Y'all doing it and doing it well!

  • Mario T
    Mario T Month ago +31

    As an Auburn fan, I'm sick to my stomach. As a black man, I'm proud of Coach for making changes and helping kids.

  • Shalan TwoCents
    Shalan TwoCents Month ago +48

    I'm so excited for the kids to see life at a different level. Deion and his team are GAME and LEVEL CHANGERS!

  • zIStoney
    zIStoney 2 months ago +665

    Season aint even started yet and we got Lil Wayne comin thru🔥 This is legendary

    • Tenzo_32
      Tenzo_32 Month ago

      @R. E.Y he’s probably a cu fan and just got caught up in the moment typing this response.. let the man live bruh my gosh 😅

    • Roger Blewett
      Roger Blewett Month ago

      Maaan lol 💯

    • Rudy D.
      Rudy D. Month ago

      @BE B winger isn’t walking thru that door, arteta doesn’t want that smoke.

    • Pearl Gabayi
      Pearl Gabayi Month ago +2

      @Sibahle Nyhila Durban here🥳

  • Miya
    Miya Month ago +38

    Literally felt like a fly on the wall! I loved when Coach Prime said "all they want to do is win"! It's really that simple. Winning cures everything!

  • Jalen Austin
    Jalen Austin Month ago +37

    “I took L’s, but walked around like I was undefeated.” - LEGENDARY. ⭐️

      PATRICK ROBINSON Month ago

      You have to lose in order to win 🏆

    • Freeman John
      Freeman John Month ago

      That line is one of the hardest lines I have ever heard 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Robert Northrop
    Robert Northrop Month ago +75

    As a Colorado fan, I feel like I'm living in a dream. So much surreality. Lil Wayne is cool. Pretty chill. He seems pretty impressed with what Colorado has to offer.

    • James Jones
      James Jones Month ago

      @SuperSaiyan SerendipitousSeer let me guess yu don’t own a iPhone 😭😭 yu so right bro here’s a Clip-Share cookie 🍪

    • Semajay Truth
      Semajay Truth Month ago

      Until Prime leaves Colorado. Don’t fall in love!!!!!

    • SuperSaiyan SerendipitousSeer
      SuperSaiyan SerendipitousSeer Month ago +1

      @James Jones Will *GARNER recruits

    • James Jones
      James Jones Month ago +2

      This will def Gardner recruits

  • Film Saint Productions MMXXIII

    From a former SWAC football player, New Orleans bred, later became a videographer, this movement is everything. Much respect and appreciation. I resonate with on all levels. Vini vidi vici

    • SilverStar
      SilverStar Month ago +1

      @Elton John Dude what enemies? He's not a politician. He already left doubtless change at HBCU's and he offered a large chunk of his talent to come to Colorado. Coaches seek larger challenges.

    • Elton John
      Elton John Month ago

      @Film Saint Productions MMXXIII Deion Sanders purpose was to create noise for HBCU's and to help the establishment have a foot in the game( which they don't).I believe that was never his purpose.I believe he used them ,got what he wanted( attention) and he took the easy way out and ran to Colorado....
      He didn't even go to a different HBCU ..he went to a establishment that's already established in the world of college football...smh

    • Film Saint Productions MMXXIII
      Film Saint Productions MMXXIII Month ago

      @Elton John I'm not here to sway your perception. But I respect it; it's YOUR POV ::: however you have to credit the fact that change happens over time; and some times it happening under the naked eye. Better to give props towards his production whether he's solely for his family's own good or not, I see a man dedicated to greatness. Greatness recognize greatness through the thick of it all.

    • Elton John
      Elton John Month ago

      @Film Saint Productions MMXXIII which lens I chose to look through?
      Prime is about him and his family... He's not about the nation of Israel. He jumped ship and move on to the infrastructure developed ,owned and funded by his enemies...no matter how many stars or Black 5 star recruits he gets to go to Colorado he's not making any change ...
      Tell the truth..what's the difference between what prime is doing and what every other white college football coach is doing? The majority of the footballs players are black on both sides. What ground breaking change is coming from this?

    • Film Saint Productions MMXXIII
      Film Saint Productions MMXXIII Month ago

      @Elton John I don't that that's the focus my mans; depends on which lens you choose to observe.

  • Jerry Burns
    Jerry Burns Month ago +28

    400K views in ONE day! What Coach Prime and these fellas are doing is incredible! 🥳I'm a '95 grad and miss those McCartney glory days. I was at CU on a Navy ROTC scholarship (led to a 21 year career, thank you CU). But about once a month we (the NROTC unit) had stadium cleanup the day following the game. That meant something like 7 hours of wading through stale beer and nachos first thing Sunday morning. Man, was it nasty ... but it was worth every bit to be at CU in those days. I had a class early on, and I remember seeing this one fella and thinking, "My God, his calve are the size of my waist." Turned out, it was Matt Russell. Anyway, I'm going to do my damndest to be there for the Nebraska game, although the way things are going (and if Bucky keeps this up), it may be easier finding tickets to a Taylor Swift concert (which I won't be going to)... 😂

  • Dan Finnegan
    Dan Finnegan Month ago +778

    This man is a whole culture and movement by himself! I hope Colorado truly appreciates him. They have struck literal gold!

    • Objective Evaluation
      Objective Evaluation Month ago

      @BBAKER he is a role model, teacher and a man of faith who has a good moral compass. If you can’t understand the value of having entertainers frequent your program then you’re completely missing the transcendental value he brings to the University.

    • BBAKER
      BBAKER Month ago

      RIDICULOUS. He's hanging out with convicted felons. That in NO way is good for your program

    • 🍭🍭free
      🍭🍭free Month ago

      @Objective Evaluation Exactly your watching Primetime on your phone and can't understand the character reference..well tell someone 5yrs old or younger Mickey Mouse isn't real. and they'll take u to Orlando Florida theme park and get u and autograph..lol way before your Primetime would consider signing your footballs.. even tho to you he was real...99.9 things on the broadcast SYSTEM isn't real sir...Even You can be president if they Choose to pick u... Not the Electoral votes.. THEY..the Jewish Community.... Powers That be ...

    • Objective Evaluation
      Objective Evaluation Month ago

      @🍭🍭free lol what??? it’s funny how you used a completely irrelevant and unrelated fictional character to make a point and drop the mic. Have a good one, I don’t think we will find common ground on this one.

    • 🍭🍭free
      🍭🍭free Month ago

      @Objective Evaluation I'm sure y'all believe Mickey Mouse also was great and Walt Disney just had a little to do with it..lmao...Well sir if you take the time off of your phone and pick up a book On Deon Sanders..or Primetime..go to the back and read the Credits...

  • Renee Wilkerson
    Renee Wilkerson Month ago +52

    Buckeye I know your younger siblings get all the fame but you are doing an excellent job and it’s obvious that everything you do you do it for your family. That’s why you were blessed being Deion Jr. Keep grinding for the family and your blessings will be abundant. You are doing an excellent job and we all appreciate what you do and enjoy it. Thanks❤❤❤❤❤❤

    • BBAKER
      BBAKER Month ago


  • Ayjay Gee
    Ayjay Gee Month ago +16

    Lil Wayne visiting the football program is as cool as it gets. As an alumni from 2015 I never could have imagined this

  • Lebowski
    Lebowski Month ago +47

    I like how Prime uses his resources to bring celebrities and former star athletes around the campus to breathe life into any program he’s in.
    Bringing the Clip-Sharers and celebrities around is gonna slowly but surely draw more eyes on Colorado. I hope he stays here for a few years. I wanna see how this approach works.

    • adub103
      adub103 Month ago

      @J Wild lol

    • J Wild
      J Wild Month ago

      Outside of lil Wayne he’s brought nothing but thugs around. About the worse thing he could be idolizing to these young boys.

      KBS KBREEZY Month ago

      I’ll be watching for sure

    • LB jones
      LB jones Month ago

      His name is prime for a reason lol

  • The Original Spur
    The Original Spur Month ago +26

    When you're as respected as Coach is, this is why he can have noticable celebs as well as other inspiring figures show up for him because they know he is the REAL deal. Authentic all the way that everyone younger than him call him unc and jus in awe of everything he bring to life

    • BBAKER
      BBAKER Month ago

      A rapper convicted of a FELONY is NOT a celebrity

  • bambeeno
    bambeeno Month ago +48

    Just think how really important Bucky is to Coach Prime success.I 1000% believe that Coach wouldn't have this much level of a social media success with a regular assistant. At this moment I think that Bucky is the most important piece to the puzzle. It's the perfect match. Keep up the good work Jr💯💯

    • Supa Stackman
      Supa Stackman Month ago +4

      Just imagine if it wasn’t for Coach Prime Bucky wouldn’t even be here😂Coach always had a strong online presence, but now it’s more modernised and consistent.

  • Chris the Traveler
    Chris the Traveler Month ago +580

    Lil Wayne come through the day before signing day is literally marketing genius. Seeing him will get kids to flip their decision over night.

    • Georgia Bulldog
      Georgia Bulldog Month ago

      @BBAKER Lmao as if athletes are saints. Many of them would be criminals if they couldn’t play sports.

    • 247 365
      247 365 Month ago

      @princessbc9791 not going to lie kids like clout they want to be where it's lit. They know who wayne is thanks to Drake. Most kids want to have fun and be a part of something big. Seeing celebrities just to say they were there gives them an eye. They are definitely looking, even playing for an Icon like Deion is eye candy. Celebrity is just icing on the cake. Pause

    • Georgia Bulldog
      Georgia Bulldog Month ago

      Yeah a kids are gonna start picking Colorado over Georgia because of Deion? 😂

    • Georgia Bulldog
      Georgia Bulldog Month ago +1

      @TheKillaShow Kinda, but not really. Different generation of music from these kids. Lil Wayne peaked as a artist a decade ago. Now he is more a general celebrity, but still very influential as you could tell by how that girl was crying just to see him in person.

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay Month ago +46

    Coach Prime is a National Treasure and needs to be protected at all cost. For real. GOAT

    • Jay Jay
      Jay Jay Month ago

      @BBAKER if you can't recognize greatness when you see it then I can't help you

    • BBAKER
      BBAKER Month ago

      National treasure? LMAO

  • Demond Graham
    Demond Graham Month ago +24

    Damn I love how coach prime has got everybody interested his program from musicians ,actors etc just got to love coach Prime 👍🏽

    • BBAKER
      BBAKER Month ago

      Why? He brought in a convicted FELON

  • Soldi3r Of God
    Soldi3r Of God Month ago +5

    Wayne is looking healthy. I was worried the last couple years but he on the climb. Praise God for his health and family

  • Michael Thomas
    Michael Thomas Month ago +29

    Gotta nice peak at that depth chart at the end. Love what Coach Prime and everyone involved are doing at Colorado!!I’m 3 months away from graduating with my bachelors Sports Management degree and the first organization I will apply to will be Coach Prime’s Colorado Buffalos.

  • Toxic King
    Toxic King Month ago +5

    I’m a OU fan but I’m very excited to see what Colorado gonna do this year, rooting for Prime 💪🏽

  • Sincere
    Sincere 2 months ago +676

    Bucky you and your dad Coach Prime are killing the game in the social media content department !!!

    • Ron Williams
      Ron Williams Month ago +1

      I wish Bucky would speak clearly. Sometimes, I can't understand him.

    • Eugue Mack
      Eugue Mack Month ago +1

      I love 😍 it keep it going. It's pure entertainment.

    • Be More
      Be More Month ago +4

      We trying brah

  • Brett Simeck
    Brett Simeck Month ago +20

    man seeing Wayne let his guard down and actually see him smile is awesome to see.

    • Lollipop Lady
      Lollipop Lady Month ago

      @BBAKER For possessing a firearm that he didn't even use. You're acting like he actually murdered or assaulted someone. 😹😹😹

    • Lollipop Lady
      Lollipop Lady Month ago

      Wayne smiles a lot. I love his smile.

    • Antoine B
      Antoine B Month ago +4

      Wayne always smiled a lot tho

  • D A
    D A Month ago +8

    “I want to keep them in as much as possible” Prime so damn smart man!!! These kids dont even know how much he care about they well being, he deserve this and these kids deserve HIM… 🙏🏾❤


    I was Cheesing from ear to ear the entire vlog!😊🙏🏽black excellent at its finest💯 Lil Wayne and Coach Prime and all the other kings around them!👍🏾🖤🤟🏾💐😊

  • Kenny K
    Kenny K Month ago +9

    Coach Prime is so inspirational, he’s a truly blessed man, he’s going to do great @ CU God bless him. #GoBuffs

  • Wyatt R. Curtis
    Wyatt R. Curtis Month ago +461

    I am a retire Army Master Sergeant of 23 years of military service. I have to admit that Coach Prime and his mentoring is outstanding. Coach Prime… your are an example of great leadership because God has blessed you with great communication skills. I am so proud of what God has done with you life so that you can encourage others to do great things with theirs…

  • Virtual ATL GM
    Virtual ATL GM Month ago +10

    This is beautiful! The love is real! Do your thing Coach Prime and Colorado! Great job by Well off Media and the crew!

  • The Positivity Pill
    The Positivity Pill Month ago +10

    Its amazing to see to see Progression.... Weezy and Coach Prime have come a long way. Im lucky in my life time ive had a chance to watch them grow as ive grown up. Truly awesome to see.

  • GreenMakers
    GreenMakers Month ago +6

    Blessings on blessings on blessings for Coach Prime! I love that he is so happy and can tell he is just as giddy as a kid in the candy store and so in his element. He DESERVES all of it. Inspires me to go after mine.

  • Mr. James
    Mr. James Month ago +6

    Coach Prime your productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort! 🏈

  • WLJ
    WLJ Month ago +7

    Love this and I love how Coach is really acclimating to the environment with his Carhart snowpants.❤ Keep the great footage coming.🙌

  • TonioTv
    TonioTv Month ago +390

    God protect Coach Prime and his family it’s such an awesome inspiration to watch.

  • Derrick Sims
    Derrick Sims Month ago +8

    Prime time is literally changing the whole culture in Colorado can't wait to see how well he does on the football field

  • Jen
    Jen Month ago +11

    So awesome. I’m an ASU Alumn. I wanted Deion to come here but you guys are lucky. Happy for you guys in Colorado 😊 Great video. Keep them coming. Huge Deion fan.

  • IamChefRobee
    IamChefRobee Month ago +6

    This hit different! As a young black man the motivation, drive, push & example should create a mindset to thrive and win. I can’t wait to see this thing take off on game day! The world will watch and stand in shock because many will be made a believer!

  • Mason
    Mason Month ago +4

    I really enjoy this content every day. It’s a different take on media with the speed in which it’s put out. It’s raw and it’s real. Coach Prime is a role model for so many. Especially now. Nobody I’d rather my kids look up to one day than Coach. He is the example the we all should be striving to set! Great job with the content Jr. Y’all comin!

  • Beauty Beads
    Beauty Beads Month ago +10

    This kind of excitement in FEBRUARY is crazy!!! These kids are gonna have the time of their lives. As Coach often says, most of them will not go pro. My hope is that they create memories and a foundation that will carry them far wherever they're called to go.

  • Key
    Key 2 months ago +351

    You can tell time is of the essence with Well Off. It’s a whole different experience for the viewer when content comes out literally just hours after it happened. You all are changing the game! Found your niche and running with it! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

    • BBAKER
      BBAKER Month ago


    • Good Life
      Good Life Month ago +5


    • Willie Grant
      Willie Grant 2 months ago +12

      Yeah, It's like where there while he is recording. I Love it Either Or.💯💯💯

  • Mack Wyld
    Mack Wyld Month ago +10

    Wayne said” you set up unk”
    Prime said” that’s what I wanted you too see” 🤣🤣 that took me out

  • The Williams
    The Williams Month ago +2

    Very impressive coach prime I wish you nothing but success. I will definitely try to fly out a home game 🙏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  • Josh Miller
    Josh Miller Month ago +3

    Prime is so cool with him! Great to see two sports fanatics spending time together enjoying the new endeavor!
    -New Buffs fan

  • Jaypers
    Jaypers Month ago +2

    Maybe they are going to win a national championship very soon. This is unreal. Imagine the influence being brought into this program.

  • @sixone225
    @sixone225 Month ago +4

    Facts.. Shows the power , that 1 person can make a difference. We need more men like Coach Prime, in fact calling him Coach doesn't even tell the true story of the man

  • Dani B.
    Dani B. 2 months ago +239

    I love when he said I want to keep them here as much as possible 🙌🏾if the area is comfy and has a lot going on , he HAS to reduce the likelihood of the athletes being out participating in nefarious activities 💜

    • Glid Komer
      Glid Komer Month ago

      Tail chasing😺

    • Dani B.
      Dani B. Month ago

      @Tammy Holman yes!!!!

    • Tammy Holman
      Tammy Holman Month ago +5

      That's one of the main things that stood out in the entire video. I love it!!!

    • Dani B.
      Dani B. Month ago +4

      @jimmynickles804 lol yes!!

    • Schan Miller
      Schan Miller Month ago +9

      So 4 real! Coach Prime retrospecting from wisdom & personal experience bc it’s just 2 easy 2 veer off course. We has 2 reign n ourselves 4 (self-preservation). Keeping d main thing d main thing!

  • corey thompson
    corey thompson Month ago +4

    Awesome. That's all I can say. Just a blessing, the work you do plus all the change Coach Prime has brought.

  • COOKING WIT ChefDjon
    COOKING WIT ChefDjon Month ago +12

    ❤Great seeing Wayne support Colorado can’t wait to see him in Houston May 2 LETS GO Colorado

  • Diego$D619
    Diego$D619 Month ago +5

    Coach prime !!! Is truly a game changer!!!!

  • Jeff Hill
    Jeff Hill Month ago +3

    Man i pray that this team is gonna be good...alot of hype following them

  • edwinjones1000
    edwinjones1000 Month ago +141

    I am 72 years old. I have not seen such a transformational sports figure since Muhammed Ali. Ali changed boxing. Coach Prime is changing college football. His 1st game viewership will be bigger than the Superbowl.

    • GeniusG Gaming
      GeniusG Gaming Month ago

      Ali inspired him to be who he is. The winning spirit acknowledging God on a daily.

    • Lynetta Reese
      Lynetta Reese Month ago

      @Halftime me too!! I’m looking for tickets now… 😊

    • Halftime
      Halftime Month ago +2

      I'm going to be there on tuned in for sure Doc!

    • Thurmond Caldwell
      Thurmond Caldwell Month ago +4

      @kevinmuhammad466 so you had to be that guy oh okay kevin

    • Kenuki12
      Kenuki12 Month ago +5

      @Kevin Muhammad he is an elder. He gets a pass

  • jkdubya
    jkdubya Month ago +7

    Lil Wayne and myself are Green Bay fans so his reaction to Colorado's locker room told me all I needed to know about my Packers locker room, because he has been there multiple times.. LOL!

  • CutFromADifferentCloth

    The difference is, they're going out of their way to see Coach Prime and it's so beautiful to see!
    And this is just the beginning, can't wait to see who else pulls up

  • Darshay Bellamy-Ogunmola

    I’m excited to go over to Boulder just to experience the atmosphere in person. Bucky, thanks for allowing us to go on the day to day journey with you all and Coach Prime

  • alida flus
    alida flus Month ago +1

    Bucky you and the Team are doing great things…. We appreciate you all bringing us the Best footage!

  • Elite Nation
    Elite Nation 2 months ago +461

    People don’t understand this stuff is what student athletes relate to. When you can bring stars like this it’s big

    • The hentai King
      The hentai King 13 days ago

      @Zero Dark Thirty nah they pay celebrities to show up

    • jushangn
      jushangn Month ago

      Pete Carroll did this at Usc in the early 2000’s

    • Zero Dark Thirty
      Zero Dark Thirty Month ago

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