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Why isn't Cyprus a Part of Greece?

  • Published on Jun 7, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Why isn't Cyprus a Part of Greece?
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    ♦Sources :
    Michális Stavrou Michael. Resolving the Cyprus Conflict: Negotiating History.
    Virginia Page Fortna. Peace Time: Cease-fire Agreements and the Durability of Peace.
    Kelly L. Grotke, Markus Josef Prutsch. Constitutionalism, Legitimacy, and Power: Nineteenth-century Experiences.
    Tim Cooke. The New Cultural Atlas of the Greek World.
    ♦Script & Research :
    Skylar Gordon
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  • Jarett
    Jarett 10 months ago +246

    Sometimes it’s strange to see videos like this and remember how all these empires like the Ottomans and the British didn’t stop existing until about 100 years ago. That’s not very far off. It’s makes you wonder about how things change

    • Eric Dillingham
      Eric Dillingham 9 months ago +9

      Even weirder, the British Empire formally ended nearly two decades ago. The Portugese until the 2000s.

      TONY STARK 9 months ago +9

      a little reminder;
      If the embargo did not exist, Turkey would have taken all of Cyprus.

    • kyriakos arakas
      kyriakos arakas 9 months ago +21

      And the Turks still want the Ottoman Empire back...

    • Zagor TENAY
      Zagor TENAY 9 months ago +21

      @kyriakos arakas This is not true neither is it feasible anymore. Majority of the Turkish people support the ideals and goals of the Republic.

  • Marios Ok
    Marios Ok 5 months ago +17

    Two bitter truths that were not mentioned in your video:
    -If two fish are fighting in a river, a long-legged Englishman has just passed by
    -the archbishop was flirting with Soviets and not taking sides with NATO so uncle Sam made sure that Cyprus won't turn into another Cuba

  • 78a67h
    78a67h 7 months ago +16

    While you got most of the historical landmarks right, in your analysis you completely omitted reference to the HUGE underhand / clandestine role of the USA and CIA in particular in the events leading to the Turkish invasion of 1974

  • Sulphurous
    Sulphurous 10 months ago +233

    Another classic historical examples that shows why demographics are the key to everything.

    • ADKfreeman
      ADKfreeman 9 months ago

      and geography

    • SuperYAS111
      SuperYAS111 9 months ago +3

      Go say that to native Americans lol 😂
      Populations evolve get used to it
      What you are saying is just a argument based on fallacy many old civilisations populations changed
      For instance before Germans came there was Prussians the Prussians are not there anymore
      Before Greeks and Bulgarians there was Thracians today they’re no longer there before Iraqis there was Mesopotamians ancient Iraqis no longer existed
      Populations evolve for many different reasons be open to change not everything will be the same forever
      Perhaps the aborigines native Americans have every right for there existence
      Demographics are not always important sure demographics do play a role in one’s survival but it’s more about quality people can still have a upper hand against others regardless of how numerous they are quality can also change the tied
      Many people got assimilated ethnically and culturally in order to survive as people and that’s how basically how many old civilisations died out as the majority would replace them

    • Mihalis Polyzois
      Mihalis Polyzois 9 months ago +14

      @SuperYAS111 Before Greeks and Bulgarians there were Thraceans??? Man, you really need to study, I mean study, not just videos on Clip-Share... Greeks according to western academia have been in the area since 3000 bc, and according to last 30 years findings that nobody advertises of course, we have been here even before 8000-10000 bc. Slavs (like Bulgarians) settled in the area during the Byzantine times.

    • SuperYAS111
      SuperYAS111 9 months ago +2

      @Mihalis Polyzois before the Greek civilisation emerged there was a Thrace civilisations that is what I said I never said Greeks are foreign to the Balkans or came from somewhere else you misunderstand my point Thracians was a indo European European people who are no longer around

    • SuperYAS111
      SuperYAS111 9 months ago +2

      @Mihalis Polyzois also the ancient Greeks lived in many lands

  • Georgios_
    Georgios_ 10 months ago +115

    10:26 no, again, as I explained in another comment, Britain didn't actually support Enosis, it was just a move to diplomatically pressure the then pro-German government, which couldn't accept the deal. In reality, only during and shortly after WW2 did Britain finally support Enosis, as compensation for the Greek contribution to the war (Greece wanted the Dodecanese, Cyprus and Northern Epirus, but in the end it only got the Dodecanese).

    • Georgios_
      Georgios_ 9 months ago +16

      @stefanos Η Ελλάδα είχε συγκεκριμένες εθνικές διεκδικήσεις στα αποκλεισμένα εδάφη της, είτε αυτά ήταν υπό ιταλική, είτε υπό βρετανική κατοχή. Οι Βρετανοί υποσχέθηκαν στην Ελλάδα την Κύπρο αλλά μας πρόδωσαν. Γι'αυτό ξεκίνησε ο αγώνας της ΕΟΚΑ.

    • stefanos
      stefanos 9 months ago +3

      @Georgios_ Το άρθρο 14, περί αποστρατικοποίησης, ο καθένας το ερμηνεύει όπως θέλει κ΄ πράττει αναλόγως... Εξαρτάται της δύναμης κ΄ των συνθηκών... Όσο για τις "προσφορές" των βρετανων... Αυτό γράφω, ήταν υποκριτικές κ΄ δεν έπρεπε να λαμβάνονται υπόψιν. Είχαν δώσει δείγματα γραφής...

    • Berk S.
      Berk S. 9 months ago +2

      @Georgios_ you guys so used to request something from your big brothers, thus always be ready for this kind of results same as what happens nowadays…

  • Unim8
    Unim8 9 months ago +78

    I recently had a chat with a Turk who is a cypriot war veteran. He told me that they hid iron pipes inside bushes with its head outside to scare greek army by making them think theres an artillery there. Another thing is that, he told me that he once picked up a greek child so the kid could reach to the apple that was on a tree. His mother thought that he was going to throw him to the ground and kill him and hitted him with a huge wood. But when the greek mother realized that he was trying to help his kid get an apple, she cried in happiness and offered them cookies. Though, they refused to eat the cookies because it was against army rules.

    • Βαγγελης Νοτης
      Βαγγελης Νοτης 9 months ago +21

      About the killings innocent people and missing persons about 1600 what you said no comment?

    • Series Movies
      Series Movies 9 months ago +64

      @Βαγγελης Νοτης
      What about the missing of Turkish Cypriots?
      And then I’m not even mentioning the countless of massacres perpetrated by EOKA-B years before 74’

    • Βαγγελης Νοτης
      Βαγγελης Νοτης 9 months ago +12

      @Series Movies who had illegal occupation and invasion in the island at 1974 against the decisions of UN ? But of course the pirate state of Turkey you do the same thing in North Iraq and Syria ....

  • Giorgos KOUSOULOS Kousoulos
    Giorgos KOUSOULOS Kousoulos 9 months ago +56

    You missed the big picture of why Cyprus did not unite with Greece.
    If Cyprus would unite with Greece and Greece was a member of NATO, the Brits would of had to remove their military from Cyprus.
    Taking into account that the US already pushed Britain of of Suez canal, they would of lost their military present in eastern Europe.
    And well well well... How convenient that the two sides clashed and made Enosis unrealistic!!

    • Eric Dillingham
      Eric Dillingham 9 months ago +1

      * would've
      As well, it has a high Turkish population and there would have undoubtedly been fighting comparable to the Troubles.

    • Ax Ax
      Ax Ax 9 months ago +1

      I agree and I don't. But Cyprus was too strategic to leave to a bunch of shepards!! Lol

    • Declan Newton
      Declan Newton 7 months ago +1

      Except you're entirely wrong.
      The British bases are separate from the Republic entirely ever since independence was granted. Instead they form their own dependencies.
      The UK had no legal obligation to remove them if the Republic joined Greece. Especially so since the treaty that gave Cyprus independence banned Enosis to began with.
      Also it's literally just braindead to imply this conflict was because some imaginary string pulling.

  • SaracenCount
    SaracenCount 10 months ago +362

    Whenever Britain is involved in the colonial era, it's divide and conquer, and a remaining messy legacy as we see here in Cyprus, Kashmir, and Palestine.

    • Bubbé Haqaa
      Bubbé Haqaa 10 months ago +6

      The intended for that to happen.

    • The Third French Empire
      The Third French Empire 10 months ago +24

      Also Hong Kong and China.

    • Finale Concerto
      Finale Concerto 10 months ago +21

      Rakhine in myanmar, patani in thailand, sabah in malaysia, egypt and sudan, yaman, iraq and kuwait,
      The list goes on and on and you can still relate it to british

    • Hamza Dahmoun
      Hamza Dahmoun 10 months ago +12

      And France

  • H :
    H : 10 months ago +87

    Even if I haven't watch the video, the answer is pretty simple to your question!
    The island since 1878, was given by Ottoman Empire to the British. Therefore the British didn't allowed Cyprus to unite with Greece, even there was a referendum by the Greek-Cypriots for union with Greece.

    • turistömer
      turistömer 10 months ago +19

      The island was only leased to the British, the sovereignty of the island still belonged to Ottoman Turkish however at the end of the WW1 Britain refused to move out, Turkiye threatened to go to war over it, they then decided to go to the international courts whom duly decided Britain must go and a new Republic under it's own right to be formed with Turkiye and Greece acting as guaranteurs but not getting involved in local politics and Britain was allowed to keep military bases to make sure there was no civil war, however the Greeks started ethnically abusing and killing the Turkish Cypriots (civilians)aided and abetted by greece which resulted in the Turkish intervention of 1974 which by law it was allowed to do when Cyprus was formed and that's the only reason the killings of the Turkish civilians stopped to this day.

    • TheSauron197
      TheSauron197 10 months ago +4

      @turistömer leased???? These lies are feeding you,or is your own inspiration????

    • turistömer
      turistömer 10 months ago +16

      @TheSauron197 4th of June 1878 is when it was leased to the British for the sum of £92.799,the money was symbolic, the deal was that Britain would help Türkey in their war against the Russians, but Britain claimed the island for themselves in 1914

    • H :
      H : 10 months ago +2

      @turistömer Britain was allowed to keep military bases to make sure there was no civil war?
      That's nice story for fairy tales, but not for politics.
      Britain was only cared about their colonists interests worldwide and nothing more. Never cared about protecting any population from any wars.
      In the contrary wherever Britain was involved civil wars were occured.
      Overall even in the documentary, explained that the British didn't wish for the Union and that they never wished to. And that was the main reason. All the other are just talks for nothing...

  • Paddlino
    Paddlino 10 months ago +306

    The true Reason is that Greece and Cyprus can give 12 Points to eachother in Eurovision, having therefore an advantage ;)

    • Al Felker
      Al Felker 10 months ago +4


    • captaingreek
      captaingreek 10 months ago +6

      Best explanation ever!

    • Chrystalla Demetriou
      Chrystalla Demetriou 10 months ago +17

      And no other countries vote for their neighbours in the contest. You haven't been paying attention. Greece has won once and Cyprus never. Big advantage.

    • I G
      I G 9 months ago +7

      @Chrystalla Demetriou You need more than 2 countries and 15 million Greeks to win a tournament lol

    • Chrystalla Demetriou
      Chrystalla Demetriou 9 months ago +3

      @I G spot on.

  • Georgios_
    Georgios_ 10 months ago +288

    4:46 a few words on this, as many outside of Greece don't understand why this happened. So in the period from 1914 to 1917 Greece was split. The north of the country was the pro-entente Hellenic Republic while the south was the pro-central powers Kingdom of Greece. This is an event known as the National Schism (Εθνικός Διχασμός). However, eventually Britain and France wanted Greece to join their side so as to make progress in the Macedonian front against Bulgaria, which was seen as the weakest link. Britain thus made this offer, not to the pro-entente government in Thessaloniki, but to the pro-German one in Athens. This was done on purpose, because the British knew that the response would be negative and thus the Kingdom would face internal turmoil. The move worked out and eventually, thanks to an Entente landing in Athens, the army of the kingdom was paralysed (because the government had been ridiculed with the rejection of the offer of Cyprus), the king had to flee to Italy and the country was reunited under the Prime Minister. Britain however did NOT keep its word, because the deal supposedly was not to Greece, but to the "official Greek government" which at the time was considered to be that of the kingdom, in Athens. So even though in the end Greece joined the Entente, we weren't given Cyprus. British scam.

      MARY MANOUSKOU 9 months ago +25

      Couldn't agree more... Unfortunately they will always wants us apart Greece and Cyprus

    • Oğuzhan
      Oğuzhan 9 months ago +25

      I haven't come across this information before. Thank you

    • DSZxNavtiisx
      DSZxNavtiisx 9 months ago +2

      @MARY MANOUSKOU because you are no Greeks you are Cypriots, aswell as Austrians are not Germans they are Austrians. And if Cyprus would have been Greece than Cyprus would be very poor now not prosperous like they are now

  • Freedom Through Spirit
    Freedom Through Spirit 3 months ago +1

    At first glance -- solely looking at the map -- I'd ask why isn't Cyprus part of Turkey? 😄 Obviously it's more waaaaayyyyy more complex than location. The demographic makes perfect sense! Thank for the video.

  • Chris V
    Chris V 10 months ago +78

    Very nice and informative vid. However 2 things that I noticed:1) The Greek flag when vertical the cross is on the left side. 2) The EOKA B that did the coup against President Makarios was sent and supported by the military junta of General Ioannidis.

    • Damian Michaelides
      Damian Michaelides 10 months ago +4

      Witg the coup happening in Greece and then Cyprus with the support of the US goverment who were strongly anti a left leaning political party coming into power in Greece or Cyprus. EOKA B was a minority nationalist group supported by the Junta. The majority of Cypriots backed the democratically elected Makarios with EOKA B and the Greek national guard committing the coup in Cyprus. If Greek soldiers never landed on Cyprus (uninvited) breaching the agreement then Turkey would never have had a legitimate reason to have launched the invasion. I suspect the US played all sides. Telling the Greeks to commit the coup creating the pretext for Turkey to be able to invade. Turkey always wanted Cyprus back after the British annexation. Cypriots were nothing more than by standers to Greek soldiers landing and breaching the London and Zürich Agreements.

    • IS Sith
      IS Sith 10 months ago +15

      Greece never invaded the island, nor occupied half of it, didn’t kill all these people or either stole all that properties of other people. When turkey invaded cyprus 17% of the population were Turkish and 83% were Greeks.

    • IS Sith
      IS Sith 10 months ago +16

      @Damian Michaelides turkey never had a legitimate reason to invade cyprus , since nobody else invaded cyprus before turkey. A few greek armies came only after, to defend the invasion. At the same time British army did nothing to defend the greek population from the turks or the country from turkey. We did not forget that either.

    • Damian Michaelides
      Damian Michaelides 10 months ago +11

      @IS Sith You are correct. The officers of the Greek national guard were already stationed in Cyprus. Makarious found out that the Junta was planning to overthrow his goverment and he tried to return the officer back to Greece. There was nothing Makarios could do to stop the coup in the end. Nikos Sampson was then in charge and Turkey used this as there excuse to invade and occupy 37% of the island where 80% of the homes and businesses were situated to accommodate 18% of the Turkish Cypriots community.

  • alan watson
    alan watson 10 months ago +15

    Good stuff. A very important strategic position in the Eastern Mediterranean. UK/US air bases. Could conflict erupt over the island?

    • Doğu Erdener
      Doğu Erdener 10 months ago +1

      Nop.. It's way too hot (weatherwise) and people still remember and see the perils and scars of war =((

    • Ulrika fagga
      Ulrika fagga 10 months ago +1

      uk / us ? What is this ?

    • Ax Ax
      Ax Ax 9 months ago +7

      Cyprus is just a giant aircraft carrier in the Eastern Mediterranean with the best restaurants and cuisine!!

  • Sam Sami
    Sam Sami 10 months ago +50

    Why didn't you mention even for 10sec the struggle of the Greek Cypriots against Great Britain, 1955-1959, with the aim of Union with Greece?? Great Britain solemnly lost yet another colony, with terrible losses and of course did not accept the union, but proposed independence which led to the current situation. I also believe that the gas-oil issues were known since then, so surely Great Britain did not want the island to end up in the hands of either the Greeks or the Turks... To this day, the moral perpetrator of the dead Greeks of Cyprus remains Great Britain executed by Turkey.

    • Eric Dillingham
      Eric Dillingham 9 months ago +1

      If Cyprus was ceded to Greece or Turkey, there would be undoubted fighting like the Troubles in Ireland. It could be even worse today.

    • Sam Sami
      Sam Sami 9 months ago +5

      @Ax Ax this is the narrative of Turks...

    • Ax Ax
      Ax Ax 9 months ago +1

      @Sam Sami as long as people are divisive no love will manifest in their life be good and be happy!!

    • Sam Sami
      Sam Sami 9 months ago +8

      @Ax Ax There are not just people in Cyprus. There are Greeks who have 3500 years of history in this land and Turks who came 3000 years after Greeks, as conquers...

  • DraBattle - Lịch sử Hoạt Hình

    Great video as always! I'd be really interested in countries history ✨😎‼

  • Ian Fitzpatrick
    Ian Fitzpatrick 10 months ago +7

    In my genetics, on both the sites I’ve uploaded my DNA, I have a small amount of Cypriot DNA! I am very mixed so trying to find the line for which that be in has been nothing short of an extreme challenge. I’m a mics of north and sub Saharan African, as well an various central and Western European countries as well as indigenous puerto rica. My mother and I are the most mixed ethnically that I’ve personally seen, I know there’s others of course but due to that, when I go through my ancestry tree, I mostly can only find her Western European heritage. I believe maybe through my English heritage, possibly there might have been something but it could be older than that. With time I hope these things are revealed. I cherish my DNA and it’s unique history, I am glad I have these channels to better understand our story.

    • Yannis Karageorgiou
      Yannis Karageorgiou 10 months ago

      Nice! You get your tsarouchi tomorrow

    • Ian Fitzpatrick
      Ian Fitzpatrick 10 months ago

      @Yannis Karageorgiou imagine me wearing those amidst modern garb!

    • Ulrika fagga
      Ulrika fagga 10 months ago +3

      Grreece and Cyprus have the same Greek Language the same Greek National Anthem and the same Greek Nation

    • Ax Ax
      Ax Ax 9 months ago

      Obviously kissed the blarney stone!!

  • ERT2000
    ERT2000 10 months ago +182

    There is a mistake in the video. İn 1983 Turkey didnt gave independence to Northern part of the island , Cypriot Turks under Rauf Denktaş did that. Turkey was in a bit of a bad situation after coup of 1980 and Rauf Denktaş used this to declare independence.

    • TK5GQJ
      TK5GQJ 10 months ago +21

      Not really he couldn't do it if Turkey didn't allow.

    • Polo
      Polo 10 months ago +27

      Actually Turkey was suprised about them but recognized their independence anyway

    • Berk S.
      Berk S. 9 months ago +10

      Completely incorrect. Rauf Denktas could not do any resistance without the Turkish army.

      HAGURMERT 9 months ago +1

      and to this day, TRNC is not known internationally by government, therefore restricting rights for them if they dont have EU citizenship
      and completely dependent to Turkey in many areas.. like water, electricity (theres only 2 companies who provide electricity in turkish cyprus who are also very scumy)
      today this side is basically like living in hell, hot as fuck, inflation is very insane since most things within the country is imports and is also dry (there is high humidity i think), there hasnt been any rain for 2 months

    • aysinay
      aysinay 9 months ago

      @Berk S. yabancilarin onunde bunlari mi tartisiyorsunuz? Ne ayip😁

  • Amin Wazir
    Amin Wazir 10 months ago +5

    I appreciate your this work,,, plz keep uploading of such historical videos.

  • Maria Chrstofi
    Maria Chrstofi 6 months ago +2

    Thank you for raising awareness of this issue

    BLACK EAGLE 9 months ago +11

    All wars of independence in the Balkan were facilitates by one or many European powers as part of their conflicts with the Ottoman Empire. The main instigator and supporter of these wars was tsarist Russia, followed closely by the Austria-Hungary, Germany and the the British and the French.
    The Russo-Ottoman wars facilitated the creation of the Danubian principalities of Wallachia and Moldavia. Both Austria-Hungary and Russia instigated and supported the Serb revolts and subsequent independence. Tsarist Russia instigated the Greek revolt which then turned into a pan European project with France and Britain providing financial and military support. The Russians instigated and supported the Bulgarian revolt. Lastly the Austro-Hungarians and to some degree Italy supported the Albanian independence.
    There were revolts and independence movements in all of these countries, but non of them would achieve much without foreign support. Such was the case of the Boyar revolts, the Serbian revolts, the Greek revolts, etc.
    The Albanians too went through a series of revolts. In fact, from 1830 to 1910, the Abanians conducted 11 revolts, the greatest of which was the League of Prizren, none of which garnered any foreign support. This was because the European powers were only interested in Christian Orthodox subjects of the Empire. Their main objective was to cleanse the Balkans of any Albanian presence.
    The league of Prizren liberated much of Albanian territories against Greek and Serb armies, as well as the Ottomans, but the European powers complained to the Porte and the Empire was forced to subdue the revolt with violence.
    It was only at a stroke of a luck and thanks to regional conflicts between the European powers that the Albanians did achieve independence with their 12th revolt in 1912.
    Because of their religion affiliation, the Albanians had to fight the most for their independence. But in the grand scheme of things, all Balkan states except Albania were given their independence by Great European powers.

      BLACK EAGLE 9 months ago +6

      @D A Epirus has been inhabited mostly by two races Albanians and Vllahs. The only Greeks inhabiting Epirus were the clergy families and the Byzantine traders, established mostly in Janinna. Most of all Epirus is the other name for Albania, and is called like this because at least during the Middle ages, his inhabitants were mainly Albanians a secular race. There is nothing Greek about Epirus, Greekness is just a religious identity, and the fact that you adopted the name Hellenes, giving away the name Rumi, don’t make you the real Hellenes, who nevertheless were not the same with Epirotes during Ancient Times.

      BLACK EAGLE 9 months ago +6

      @D A Epirus got nothing to with greece,its an ancient land that was habitated by tribes that were no greeks,albanians were refered as epirotes…

    • Helga Ioannidis
      Helga Ioannidis 9 months ago

      As far as I know the Zar wasn't really fond of the idea of the Greek revolution and also the other imperial powers. The British were kind of pushed into helping the Greeks, because the Greek diaspora was great on propaganda and had convinced the population in Britain that the Greeks deserved help. In fact, in the beginning neither of the empires helped the Greeks, only after famous western philhellenes died in Mesolonghi, the public opinion created so much pressure that the Brits started helping the Greeks.
      And none of the empires wanted the Greek revolution to succeed in its goal of a revolution to establish a republic, which was the original goal of the Greek nationalist movement.

  • Giann B
    Giann B 10 months ago +95

    The Cyprus chapter is among the saddest in the history of modern Greek world, an open wound until today. Also note that we don't like the British bases at all. Despite strong ties to the UK in areas like common law, lots of British tourists coming here or us studying at UK universities, on the political/strategic level relations are cold. We don't like British hypocrisy at condemning Russian occupation of Ukraine while they occupy part of the island.

    • İlker Ayaz
      İlker Ayaz 10 months ago +4

      If the population of Greece ,somehow, become 99 percent Turkish. Would you allow them to rule the country and take all the lands standing upon majority? Population is not the only factor. The world was totally different about etnicity,religion and about their perceptions. On the other hand, even sources of legitimacy has changed, Hard power and strategic interests still prevail. So Russian occupation of Ukraine, Turkish occupation of Cyrpus, Greek occupation of Anatolia. All interventions have their own sources of legitimacies. Some are widely accepted by international community, some not. Reality is so variable.

    • Polo
      Polo 10 months ago +7

      Cyripot is not ethnicity.. Greeks and turks live there so Best way for island is sharing it between Turkey and greece

    • İlker Ayaz
      İlker Ayaz 10 months ago +4

      @Polo De-facto situation is complex. Annexation is the worst solution.

    • Eric Dillingham
      Eric Dillingham 9 months ago

      Britain had Cyprus first, it's not like they invaded the island.

  • Mihalis Polyzois
    Mihalis Polyzois 9 months ago +8

    Cyprus, the Aegean and the Derdaneles, are the 3 key areas for controlling the junction between Europe -Asia-Africa and the Suez canal, and in the Heartland theory of Mackinder, who ever controls this area will eventually control Eurasia and then the world. So from an American (NATO) perspective, neither Greece nor Turkey, should control all, or even 2 of them as it will eventually lead to this country becoming too strong geopolitically for the US to control. So best solution, split everything. Everything else is just minor acts of the play that has been set up and a lot of propaganda. But you have to study hard on this matter to know this, other wise you fall for whatever such a video shoved down your throat.

    • AV
      AV 5 months ago

      correct, the chews did this

  • Melina Diamantaki
    Melina Diamantaki 5 months ago +9

    Learn all the Greek history.
    It's thousands years of history!

    • Furkan Mengi
      Furkan Mengi 3 months ago +1

      I really respect Greek history, it is a very deep-rooted civilization and it covers a very large part of history, but the sad thing is that the Greeks are not as effective as in the past and they are in the background, for example, we Turks from East Asia to the European Hun Empire and from there to Anatolia, the Middle East And we have established great empires in a very large area in Central Asia for many years, and thanks to these, there are still many Turkish states in the world, only in Europe more Turks than the Greek population. but the Greeks could not do the same. It is really sad that a nation that had a great influence in history is left in such a small number today. Also, Greeks and Turks lived together amicably for many years, especially after the Ottoman Empire. We are brothers and we should not stay away from each other for trivial reasons.

    • crazy little thing
      crazy little thing 2 months ago

      It is such a shame that despite their shared cultural heritage and commonalities, the Turkish and Greek communities have not been able to establish peaceful coexistence over time.

  • Uzair Ahmed
    Uzair Ahmed 10 months ago +14

    Fantastic video keep it up your doing amazing job

  • CyprusHot
    CyprusHot 9 months ago +43

    “I was informed that on 7 June 1958 a bomb had been planted in the Turkish press office in Nicosia by persons who, as was later established, had nothing to do with the Greek Cypriots. The Turks of Nicosia were then incited to be overwhelmed by holy indignation and perpetrated acts similar to those committed on 6 and 7 September 1955 in Istanbul.”
    Former Turkish diplomat, Emin Dirvana, in Turkish newspaper Milliyet, 15 June 1964

    • ibec69
      ibec69 9 months ago +4

      From what I've read about him, he was the ambassador for Turkey to Cyprus for a little more than 2 years. He was one of the good ones. Apparently he tried to be in the middle ground make the union work. He didn't get on well with Denktas who was a militant imbecile.

  • Depek The Great
    Depek The Great 10 months ago +75

    Cyprus is one of my favourite respective countries daily and ever in this world and other planets and I fully hope that the country would go on ruling as a nation without being conquered by any other nation,good friends!!!LONG LIVE,CYPRUS!!!🇨🇾

    • Yannis Karageorgiou
      Yannis Karageorgiou 10 months ago +2

      It wouldn't be getting conquered they wanted to join Greece but couldn't

    • Ulrika fagga
      Ulrika fagga 10 months ago +1

      Grreece and Cyprus have the same Greek Language the same Greek National Anthem and the same Greek Nation

    • Gee Man
      Gee Man 9 months ago +3

      Thanks to Turkey 🇹🇷
      Great warriors

  • Aris Andreopoulos
    Aris Andreopoulos 10 months ago +91

    You should mention that until the invasion the Greek population of Cyprus was 80% so after the Greek held referendum was 95% pro union in general 75% of the Cypriot population wanted the union

    • Steph Mod yeah
      Steph Mod yeah  10 months ago +4

      And also most Turks lived in western Cyprus not northern.

    • Sakis D
      Sakis D 10 months ago +13

      Cyprus is Greek island of Aphrodita! Viva la diva!

    • Met
      Met 10 months ago +35

      Also EOKA started the mass killing of Turkish Cypriots, people forget to mention that one.

    • Hattori Hanzo
      Hattori Hanzo 10 months ago +7

      @Met mass killings? Cmon bro, ye there where hideous acts but in a small scale plus some them where actually perpetrated by turks, example? The mass murder of a family by axes in a Turkish conclave(can't recall the name rn it started from M) which was initially declared it was done by Greeks but later proven it was an act by turks.....

  • Efthimis Anadimis official
    Efthimis Anadimis official 10 months ago +8

    great documentary, very well explained.


    The whole of Greece was under foreign rule for many centuries,starting with the Roman conquest in the second century BC. What distinguishes the Ionian Islands from the rest of Greece is that, with some exceptions, they did not form part of the Ottoman Empire, while the rest of the Greek world was under Ottoman rule for anything between two hundred and five hundred years. The fact that these islands were ruled by Catholics rather than Muslims has made them strikingly different from the rest of Greece, in language, music, costume, cuisine and architecture.
    Hirst, A. and Sammon, P., 2014. The Ionian Islands. p.2.

  • shingos shojiopoulos
    shingos shojiopoulos 10 months ago +1004

    It's always Britain's fault

    • mc auschy
      mc auschy 10 months ago +44

      Not sure what Britain could've done, really
      If Cyprus unified with Greece then the Turks would've rebelled

    • thcyprus
      thcyprus 10 months ago +84

      @mc auschy Greece and balkans in general, which were under the Ottomans for far longer than Cyprus, also have Turkish minorities. Rhodes island, which also has a turkish minority, joined Greece in 1947 and not even a nose broke over this. The British simply didn't want to leave from Cyprus, so they used the Turkish minority and Turkey as a way to balance out the Cypriots and keep Cyprus under British control.

    • DisgaeaMichael
      DisgaeaMichael 10 months ago +21

      @mc auschy or the Greeks exiling the the Turks to Turkey like they did with the Greeks in Asia Minor

    • mc auschy
      mc auschy 10 months ago

      @thcyprus considering everything that happened after cyprus got independence I'd argue that it cyprus joining greece would play out differently to other places with turkish minorities

    • Thomas Nikolaidis
      Thomas Nikolaidis 10 months ago +35

      It's more Turkey's fault, if not entirely their fault

  • systemreset
    systemreset 10 months ago +58

    4:18 Turkish cypriots have gone to many places. Since 1878, Turkish people started leaving Cyprus in droves. As of now, southern provinces of Turkey has about half million descendants from Cyprus who left in 1878, 1914, 1923 and more.

    • Ugur Mehmet
      Ugur Mehmet 10 months ago +15

      So true meny Cypriot turks left the island in the 1800s and settled in motherland 🇹🇷 citys like mersin adana.

    • I G
      I G 9 months ago +11

      True. Even famous Turkish people like Fatih Terim (who is from Adana) was originally from Cyprus.

    • Attila Mert🇹🇷
      Attila Mert🇹🇷 9 months ago +5

      Lmao all the levantine cypriots

  • unholly sin
    unholly sin 10 months ago

    Good documentary well done!!!

  • U T
    U T 9 months ago +4

    all countries must return to the demarcation lines in the Lausanne treaty.
    each country should not set borders according to its own mind.
    Everyone will know their limit.

    • SERGEY
      SERGEY 4 months ago

      Come and turn again

  • Andreas Paschalis
    Andreas Paschalis 9 months ago +41

    Many different cultures have passed through Cyprus over the centuries, but none of them came for a vacation. In fact, most came either to dominate or to plunder the island for its valuable resources such as copper and olive oil.
    However, they left behind a rich cultural heritage that can be found in many places of historical interest that are scattered throughout the island. Cyprus, as the crossroads of continents and trade routes, was an attractive point of strategic importance for many of its conquerors.
    Cyprus becomes Greek
    Cyprus was inhabited during the Neolithic era and most of its settlements were scattered along the coasts. Hellenism (ancient Greek colonization) began around 1400 BC. with the arrival of the first Mycenaean traders. Later (about 1050 BC) the island became Greek.
    Empires come and go
    Cyprus, after 750 BC, experienced successive conquests as empires came and left the island very often, starting with the Assyrians, Egyptians and Persians who liked the island so much that they all made sure to pass through it several times . All this happened until Alexander the Great in 333 BC. took action and the island then remained in the Hellenistic empire for 58 years.
    The Roman Period
    Cyprus became part of the Roman Empire in 58 BC. and it was also the first country ruled by a Christian after St. Paul's visit to the island. Cyprus remained under the Romans until 330 AD. when the empire began to decline and the Byzantine period began. Along with building many churches, the Byzantines moved away from their capital of Constantinople and remained on the island until 1191 when the English King, Richard the Lionheart appeared.
    Continuity and actions
    The post-Richard the Lionheart period was turbulent after the agreement to sell the island to the Knight Templar, who then sold Cyprus to Guy, Guy de Lusignan. This period worked for a while and Cyprus established a feudal system while Catholicism became the official religion of Cyprus.
    Venetians and Ottomans
    If you thought all the Venetians and Ottomans did was make curtains and blankets, you'd be wrong because they both invaded Cyprus. The Venetians came first in 1489 and were responsible for building the fortifications and walls of Nicosia and Famagusta that still stand today. They remained in Cyprus until 1571 when the Ottomans took over the island. They banned Catholicism and imposed Islam, while allowing Cypriots to practice their Greek Orthodox faith.
    The first British in Cyprus
    The British first came to Cyprus in 1878. However, they did not come for a holiday. Instead, they came to claim the island from the Ottomans (Turks) with the "Treaty of Cyprus" which meant it remained part of the Ottoman Empire. The British imposed their colonial rule in 1914 when the Turks decided to side with the Germans against the Allies during the First World War. By 1923, Turkey renounced all its rights to Cyprus and in 1925 it became part of the British colonial rule.
    By 1955, the Cypriots were getting fed up with this whole situation and decided it was time to take control of the island. This led to an armed struggle that lasted five years until 1960 when Cyprus gained its independence.
    The Greek junta and the Turkish invasion
    After agreeing to rule the island together with the Greek Cypriots as a proportionally represented minority, the Turkish Cypriots left the government in 1963 and Turkey threatened to invade Cyprus. Eleven years later, in 1974, after a coup, the threat of the Turks was carried out and the island has remained divided in two ever since. The dividing line between the two communities is still controlled by UN troops, while talks aimed at the reunification of Cyprus continue.

    • Paltheus
      Paltheus 9 months ago +9

      While I agree with your summary in general, the cherry picking of The Greek Junta period seemed quite skillful. I also probably wouldn't mention events that I would get blamed for or was ashamed of.

    • aysinay
      aysinay 9 months ago +9

      Could you explain us the actions of the enosis?

    • MDP123
      MDP123 9 months ago +1

      @aysinay explain you what the majority of this island wanted?

    • Paltheus
      Paltheus 9 months ago +3

      @MDP123 The majority of the island did not want Enosis. Otherwise you wouldn't have had a coup. BTW, look up the word "coup".

  • var athan
    var athan 9 months ago +13

    You could just say from the beginning that West and the British never wanted the union and made everything possible to prevent it.

  • V. Athanasiou
    V. Athanasiou 10 months ago +69

    A good source is Perry Anderson's book "The Divisions of Cyprus"

    • chris thomson
      chris thomson 10 months ago +2

      cyprus is turkey and turkey is cyprus

    • V. Athanasiou
      V. Athanasiou 10 months ago +24

      @chris thomson 82% of the native population, which self-identifies as Greek since the late Bronze Age, disagrees

    • Invalidnoun
      Invalidnoun 10 months ago +9

      @V. Athanasiou don't mind him, I am Turkish and Cyprus is not Turkey at all because Greeks are the majority. I support a united Cyprus as a federal government with two states (North and South)

    • V. Athanasiou
      V. Athanasiou 10 months ago +6

      @Invalidnoun Let us hope so

    • Armando Talampas
      Armando Talampas 10 months ago +6

      @Invalidnoun I wish all Turks think like you. We need leaders who are like you. I hope Cyprus would be reunified someday with Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots living side by side. It's an ambitious dream but not impossible.

  • Costa Liberta
    Costa Liberta 10 months ago

    the most accurate to date. well done.

  • Vigilius Londinium
    Vigilius Londinium 9 months ago +94

    You have missed out important information as to why the Ottoman Turks conquered the island of Cyprus.
    The Venetians had for years raided Ottoman pilgrims on the way to Mecca, usually slaughtering every single person. Also many, many times the Venetians had broken treaties with the ottomans. There’s also was an occasion when Ottoman Turkish soldiers had been held prisoner in Cyprus for ransom, when the ransom was payed, the treacherous Venetians still slaughtered the hostages.

    • K A
      K A 9 months ago +4

      Respect sir

    • Vigilius Londinium
      Vigilius Londinium 9 months ago +3

      @Giannis Georgiadis Good for you.

    • Montgomery Garmadon
      Montgomery Garmadon 9 months ago +7

      What they did is nothing compared to what 🦃 did

    • a1 Kurd
      a1 Kurd 9 months ago +7

      @Montgomery Garmadon every nation has done very bad things to other nations

  • Iacovos Sarrou
    Iacovos Sarrou 9 months ago +29

    Hello, I am from Cyprus, your video is good i would like to make a few comments: The USA was behind the coup in Cyprus because Makarios was flattering with USSR (a lot of dollars were send to EOKA B by the USA) and yes Cyprus was divided in order to annihilate the USSR's influence on the region. The Turkish Cypriots that time were not against Union with the Greece.. The British played a dark role ....

    • KNIGHT
      KNIGHT 9 months ago

      R u Greek Cypriot ?

    • Ax Ax
      Ax Ax 9 months ago +4

      At least someone has a brain!!! 🍻

    • SETH
      SETH 9 months ago

      What? 😂😂😂

    • Kuzey Balcı
      Kuzey Balcı 9 months ago +2

      us also supported invasion of cyprus.

  • Petros Mixides
    Petros Mixides Month ago +1

    You missed something really important. Turkish Cypriots were only 30% of the population when Cyprus became independent but they wanted to be a big part of the government and take the majority of the decisions for the island.

  • Super Squirrel
    Super Squirrel 9 months ago +4

    More importantly, I learned people of Cyprus are called Cypriot(s). I would have ignorantly guessed 'Cyprusians', 'Cypranese', or 'Cyprusish'.
    Now I just need to know how to insult a Cypriot (if I ever make friends with a true Cypriot). Would I insult him/her as an Asian, a European or an Eurasian?

    • Kostas Kanakaris
      Kostas Kanakaris 9 months ago +2

      As a Greek you would insult so european

    • Manos
      Manos  7 months ago +2

      The Greeks one are Europeans. The turkish are settlers from ottoman times and clearly middle eastern!

    • Mete Korkmaz
      Mete Korkmaz 6 months ago

      @Manos Turks are Central Asian and Turkey is a Eurasian country. There are people of all backgrounds in Turkey.

  • Τέλλος Άγρας
    Τέλλος Άγρας 10 months ago +179

    The answer to your question "Why isnt Cyprus part of Greece" is simple as that.
    If Cyprus was a part of Greece the Exclusive Economic Zone would be unified. A triangle between Crete, Kastelorizo and Cyprus would be made and no one could had a share to Gaz, Oil and hydrocarbons that exists in the area but Greece itself. Its not political matter, its economic. Cyprus Greece Turkey even Britain have no right against the global energy and oil companies.

    • LG
      LG 10 months ago +5

      Very good point

    • Trantor, capital of the Galactic Empire
      Trantor, capital of the Galactic Empire 10 months ago +23

      Your post was the wisest in explaining why things are the way that they are today. Let the Greek and Turkish nationalists whine on, they are just pawns in this game.

    • GeoBBB123
      GeoBBB123 10 months ago +11

      Are you sure the EEZ was even a consideration then? Your observation is quite anachronistic. Even the theoretical possibility of hydrocarbon reserves in the surrounding seas would barely have featured in any contemporary thinking.

    • Θεσσαλονικεύς
      Θεσσαλονικεύς 10 months ago +5

      GeoBB, have a warm cup of S T F Up

    • Nick Christoforou
      Nick Christoforou 10 months ago +7

      Greek and Cypriot EEZ can legally be unified even today.

  • Luxury Hub
    Luxury Hub 10 months ago +52

    An accurate, objective and unbiased telling of the Cyprus events? That's a rare sight. This is why I love this channel.

    • Chraman
      Chraman 10 months ago +31

      Not really. The ethnic cleansings commited by the Greeks against the Turks, which are the reason Turkey invaded, are not mentioned.
      Also it is being said that Greeks are a majority, but they had only been a majority for like 50 years then. in the early 19th century, Turks were a majorty but most were forcefully expelled, resulting in a Greek majority.

    • Sonic13
      Sonic13 10 months ago +19

      @Chraman Any sources of this?

    • Kees Hans
      Kees Hans 10 months ago +15

      @Sonic13 just look up EOKA-B ethnic cleansing, this is not a debated topic. Thee are facts.

    • Sonic13
      Sonic13 10 months ago +21

      @Kees Hans Honestly not a single result came up, if you have anything feel free to send it over. But what was even more interesting was the statement that Turks were forcibly expelled in Cyprus, by whom, when and with what pretext?

  • James Zografos
    James Zografos 10 months ago +23

    Η Υφαλοκρηπιδα δεν οριζεται με λογια αλλα με βαθυ σκαφη που χαρτογραφουν τα πραγματικα γεωλογικα χαρακτηριστικα. The Continental Shelf is not defined by words but by deep boats that map the real geological characteristics

  • Christiana Andreou
    Christiana Andreou 10 months ago +13

    8.27 Greece did not support Cyprus militairily. only 300 soldiers from reece arrived in Cy the 21st of July ... while turkey was invading with tehths of thousands of troops... and althought the crek-cypriot army was ordered to respect the seasefire the turkish army was advancing during the whole period of the nogotiations... the greek prime minister said to the president of cyprus.. "you are on yourown" Why? becaudse the NAto allie , USA, managed to hold back greece from a miitairy response in order to avoid a war between two NATO allies. so, Cyprus was sucrifised in order to restrore democracy in Greece and keep NATO united...

  • Spaghetti is Yummy.
    Spaghetti is Yummy. 10 months ago +27

    The Comments on this video will certainly be filled With: Civil Discussions, Kindness, Understanding, Respect, and Peace!

  • selfie kroos
    selfie kroos 10 months ago +4

    Europr could have made it happen, but didnt want a larger Greece and at the same time wanted to give Turkey a bit more territory in Europe to keep so that they could use them as an 'ally' in the 20th century, which they have done.

    • Lodos
      Lodos 9 months ago

      cyprus is located in asia btw

    • Kostas Kanakaris
      Kostas Kanakaris 9 months ago

      @Lodos Wrong

    • Lodos
      Lodos 9 months ago

      @Kostas Kanakaris educate yourself. it's an extention of the anatolia peninsula that is currently accepted as "ASIA"

    • Kostas Kanakaris
      Kostas Kanakaris 9 months ago

      @Lodos Bro its an island in the mediterranean like malta it doesnt belong to any mainland continent and culturally it is european, takes part in european contests and basketball etc. etc.

  • Chris Klitou
    Chris Klitou 10 months ago +25

    As someone with Greek Cypriot parents who lives in the UK
    People ask me this question all the time

    • Perseus Arkouda
      Perseus Arkouda 10 months ago

      And the reply should be because Cyprus is an independent nation. Cheers from a Greek.

    • Chris Klitou
      Chris Klitou 10 months ago +5

      @Perseus Arkouda it's because Cyprus and Greece are so similar people wonder why they don't just unite
      Just like Germany and Austria for example

    • Perseus Arkouda
      Perseus Arkouda 10 months ago +4

      @Chris Klitou Austria and Germany are different nations too. Just because the ethnicity and the language is Germanic doesn't mean they have to be in a single nation. Also a bunch of nations are English too. The real solution to the Cypriot issue is to strongly support a sovereign nation of Cyprus.

    • LightFurySmash
      LightFurySmash 9 months ago +1

      @Perseus Arkouda Thats giving in to turkish demands.

  • Marios Ermi
    Marios Ermi 9 months ago +5

    the reason that Cyprus is not part of Greece is simple, the reason is that the desire for union with Greece existed only on the part of greekCypriots, the official Greek government was always opposed to this idea for its own reasons which served her interests..for a marriage to succeed, both parties must accept, in this case Greece has always not consented to this idea

    • Cyprus_Is_Greek
      Cyprus_Is_Greek 9 months ago +4

      This is false, every Greek goverment wanted Enosis, but Greece was depended politically and economically on Britain so it was difficult. Also, in 1964 Greek prime minister made an offee to Makarios for Enosis but Makarios refused because of political interest.

    • zorro
      zorro 9 months ago

      "This feeling became more intense during the recent weeks when the terrorist organisation 'EOKA B', directed from Athens, had renewed its wave of violence." from the confession of Macarios in UN!

    • Manos
      Manos  7 months ago +1

      Not really. The turkish settlers from ottoman colonial times is the reason union wasn't successful!

    •  4 months ago +1

      Also British was strongly against the idea due to fear of loosing British naval bases.

  • Nikos_para 232
    Nikos_para 232 10 months ago +61

    Fun fact: USA and UK wanted the turks to invade Cyprus although greece was part of nato
    Makarios was pro Soviet and the western allies didn't like him
    USA and the military junta of grecce (set by usa) supported the military coup in Cyprus

    • Kees Hans
      Kees Hans 10 months ago +13

      I was about say…. You can’t shift the blame entirely away from the Greek junta government, they incited the violence in Cyprus.

    • chris thomson
      chris thomson 10 months ago +7

      cyprus is turkey and turkey is cyprus

    • Sachem of Boston
      Sachem of Boston 10 months ago +25

      @chris thomson How is Cyprus turkey when the majority of the population is Greek and has been since the earliest written records in Cyprus existed

    • Trantor, capital of the Galactic Empire
      Trantor, capital of the Galactic Empire 10 months ago +15

      @Sachem of Boston Not a Turk, but it is hard to deny that half of Cyprus is not Turkish now. How will these Turks be removed? Are you willing to invade and to cause ethnic cleansing, Greek tough guy? The best solution is just to forgive and to let go. The two-state solution is best for the world.

    • chris thomson
      chris thomson 10 months ago +3

      @Sachem of Boston do u mean written records in greek history books?

  • ioannis I Mansola
    ioannis I Mansola 9 months ago +2

    Because Britain had and has still military bases there and wanted to keep independent from other European States

    THE WARRIOR FROG 5 months ago

    Cypriot Greek has often been referred to as a dialect of Greek (Contossopoulos, 2000); a variety that is linguistically proximal to Standard Modern Greek (Grohmann and Kambanaros, 2016 Grohmann et al. 2016), which is the official language in the environment our participants acquire language. Although the official language in education and other formal settings is indeed Standard Modern Greek, research has shown the boundaries between the two varieties, Standard Modern Greek and Cypriot Greek, and their distribution across different registers is not straightforward (Grohmann and Leivada, 2012, Tsiplakou et al. 2016). At times mixing is attested without code-switching being in place, while no official characterization has been provided for any of these terms in this specific context. The question arising in this context is whether the attested variants emerging in mixed speech repertoires are functionally equivalent for an individual speaker.
    The concept of "competing grammars goes back to Krich 11989, 1991), who proposed that speakers project multiple grammars to deal with ambiguous input This concept has been explicitly connected to the relation between Standard and Cypriot Greek (Papadopo et al. 2014; plaka 2014; Grohman et al 2017)
    The two varieties have differences in all levels of linguistic analysis and often monolingual speakers of Standard Modern Greek judge Cypriot Greek as unintelligible. At the same time, Greek Cypriot speakers do not always provide reliable judgments of their own speech since these are often clouded by sociolinguistic attitudes toward using the non-standard variety. Cypriot Greek lacks official codification and its status as a different language/variety is often denied by Greek Cypriots who may downplay the differences between Standard Modern Greek and Cypriot Greek and describe the latter as just an accent (Arvaniti, 2010). As the discussion of the different variants will make clear in the next section, the two varieties have differences across levels of linguistic analysis and these differences vastly exceed the sphere of phonetics or phonology.
    All speakers of Cypriot Greek have exposure to Standard Modern Greek through education and other mediums and in this way, they are competent to different degrees in both varieties. We employ the term 'bilectal' (Rowe and Grohmann, 2013, 2014) to refer to the participants of this study, although it is not entirely clear that the varieties they are exposed to are Standard Modern Greek and Cypriot Greek or that they are only two varieties, under the assumption that a continuum is in place. For instance, the term 'Cypriot Standard Greek' (Arvaniti, 2010) has been proposed to refer to an emerging variety that may count as the standard in the context of Cyprus. This would be a sociolinguistically 'high' variety (Ferguson, 1959) that is used in formal settings, although its degree of proximity with Standard Modern Greek is difficult to determine with precision because great fluidity is attested across different settings and geographical areas. At the school environment, for example, one notices the existence of three different varieties: Cypriot Greek, as the home variety that is used when students interact with each other, Standard Modern Greek, as the language of the teaching material, and another standard-like variety that incorporates elements from both varieties, and is present in the repertoire of both the students and the instructors (Sophocleous and Wilks. 2010; Hadjioannou et al., 2011; Leivada et al.. 2017).

  • Athanasopoulos L.
    Athanasopoulos L. 9 months ago +5

    Referendum on enosis (reunification) with Greece was held in Cyprus between 15 and 22 January 1950.Turkish minority was about 6%(a global Turkish population of 30000 persons) and most did not vote.
    Cypriot enosis referendum
    Location Cyprus
    Response Votes %
    Yes 215,108 95.71%
    No 9,639 4.29%
    Valid votes 224,747 100.00%
    Invalid or blank votes 0 0.00%
    Total votes 224,747 100.00%
    British authorities (Cyprus was a British Crown Colony) didn't accept the result.
    Thus began the liberation struggle of the Greek Cypriots against the British and the Turkish Cypriots.

    • Dervy Gaming
      Dervy Gaming 5 months ago

      It was an unofficial referendum. It was done by the Church and pro-Enosis organisations and only Greek Cypriots could vote, not that Turkish Cypriots didn't vote.

    • Athanasopoulos L.
      Athanasopoulos L. 5 months ago +2

      @Dervy Gaming
      It was an official referendum and eveybody could vote.
      The result was to be expected ,94% of the population was Greek-Cypriots.
      Many former British colonies knows the dirty politic of British crown.

    • HEX Agon
      HEX Agon 2 months ago

      @Athanasopoulos L. ​ First of all, it can’t be a “reunification” because Greece was founded in 1800s, and Cyprus was never a part of it. It was only ruled by the Ptolemaic kingdom of Egypt between 332 and 58 BCE. That was as close as it could get to a “Hellenic rule”. All other times, it was vassal of Rome, or independent. Not “Greece”.
      And about the population… Stop f@rting numbers as you see fit. In 1960, there were 441,568 Greek speaking Cypriots, 103,822 Turkish speaking Cypriots, 3,627 Armenian Cypriots, 2,706 Maronites and 24,408 various others. So the Turkish speakers were around 1/4 of the Greek speakers. And that ratio is something that the Greek speaking Cypriots should be grateful, because unlike the previous “Hellenization” process in 333BCE, Ottomans did NOT transform the whole island into their own ethnicity. If they wanted, whole Cyprus would easily be Turkish speaking muslims in 300 years. Similar for all the regions they ruled.
      Furthermore, if Turks did not take Greece, Turkiye and Cyprus, all Greek speakers (Romans) on earth would be either Latinized or Arabized. Because as you know, when Turks arrived, Eastern Rome was under constant threat of Arabs. Roman king even married off his son to the Turkic Khazar princess Çiçek, in hopes of support from “Turks” against Arabs in 700s. That princes, even gave an heir to the throne.
      Apart from that, as you know, Ottomans took Greece and Cyprus from “Latins” and Balkanians, not Rome. They only took Istanbul directly from Rome. Cyprus was almost Catholicized when Ottomans took it and revived the Orthodox church. In short, Eastern Rome was a goner all the ways. And the Greek speakers would vanish in a few centuries, just like it happened in Latin America, and all Arabic speaking countries. It was only Turks who respected and preserved other ethnicities.
      And about the referandum… Cypriots were struggling to shake off the British yoke. At such a moment, a referandum was made with the options:
      1- British yoke
      2- Enosis
      That was the manipulative referandum which resulted with “yes to Enosis”.
      As long as there was no other option like “an independent Cypriot republic”, we can’t consider that all Cypriots “wanted” Enosis even if they had other options. It was only a choice between “yoke of Britain” and “yoke of Greece”, and they naturally chose yoke of Greece. And they were of course subject to plenty of propaganda from Greece for decades, to make up their minds. Or lets say “brainwash”.
      Today, majority of Cypriots don’t want Enosis, because they have their own country now. Even in 70s, Makarios, the legally elected president, was against it, and Greece had to make a coup to usurp the island. It was Turkiye who ended the coup and brough Makarios back from his survival hideout. That doesn’t sound like anyway near “democratic” to me.

  • Gorčin Kostić
    Gorčin Kostić 9 months ago +23

    One of my best friends is from Cyprus. He still says he is from Greece when they ask him... He was born and raised on Cyprus, as well as his parents, and all of them still identify as Greek.

    • Evren Forest
      Evren Forest 9 months ago +6

      I am so sorry about him.

    • Louise Mb
      Louise Mb 9 months ago +12

      Yep. I am Cypriot, and I identify as Greek because that is what I am after-all.

    • Gorčin Kostić
      Gorčin Kostić 9 months ago +7

      @Evren Forest It's not only him. All 6 of his friends I met identify as Greek too, and if I am to trust him, all of his school basically.

    • Kyriakos Philitas
      Kyriakos Philitas 9 months ago +2

      @Gorčin Kostić theres two reason for that either he doesnt wanna explain where cyprus is to other poeple because its bothersome or his parents are far right nationalist

  • Artur Dhuli
    Artur Dhuli 9 months ago +11

    Why would life be better to own nothing and have no privacy in the way the World Economic Forum depicts?

  • I𐱅𐰇𐰼𐰜𐱅𐰇𐰼𐰀I

    lie and fallacy cyprus problem with a 10-minute video, you explained a clear subject change according to your job

  • Efe HATIPO
    Efe HATIPO 10 months ago +7

    My grandfather is a Cyprus Peace Operation veteran. He lives with 8 bullets in his head, well and alive today. I appreciate the explanatory document.

    • Chris Angelidis
      Chris Angelidis 10 months ago +6

      "Peace" Operation. Fixed it for you

    • Efe HATIPO
      Efe HATIPO 10 months ago +6

      @Chris Angelidis it is. no more war after greek junta kicked out.

    • Chris Angelidis
      Chris Angelidis 10 months ago +9

      @Efe HATIPO Turkey invaded the island to "protect" both communities and re establish the Cypriot government (Because that's literally why they were one of the countries who guaranteed the independence of Cyprus) . Wanna tell me how women ended up getting raped and civilians getting executed? Wanna also tell me why they're still occupying half of the island by the time they were guaranteeing the independence of the republic of Cyprus? No? Thought so. "But peace keeping operation" 🤓🤓

    • Esso
      Esso 10 months ago +2

      @Chris Angelidis the Greeks of EOKA were all boyscouts who went on flowers and roses distribution missions and who also raised bunny's and lambs. Would you like to explain how whole busses of Turkish people went "missing" and how mass graves were discovered later? No? Thought so. But yeah, EOKA boyscouts 🥸🥸

  • Κανένας
    Κανένας  9 months ago +6

    If we go further back, where there was no England , America and Turky.... Greece is always here and everywhere!

    • MemeGoats
      MemeGoats 9 months ago

      😂😂😂 yeah right keep dreaming

    • Κανένας
      Κανένας  9 months ago

      @MemeGoats you don't learn with rap music, sharp

    •  5 months ago +1

      Greece is everywhere??

  • Levent Vahdettin
    Levent Vahdettin 9 months ago +3

    I think your next video is going to be why isn't brasil a part of portugal and than why isn't mexico a part of spain and than you will sing john lenons imagine...

  • MobileIndifference
    MobileIndifference 10 months ago +2

    Whoever does the narration here is awesome

    • Neophytos Xenophontos
      Neophytos Xenophontos 9 months ago

      It would be nice to learn how to pronounce words or leave them alone. 3:12 "Enosis" with the stress on E.
      enOsis = to connect (the word he used)
      Enosis = union (the word he SHOULD use)

    THE WARRIOR FROG 9 months ago +6

    Studies in both Greece and Cyprus are included in this chapter. Standard Greek is the language spoken throughout Greece at home, with minor dialectic variation, and the sole language of administration and education. In contrast, in Cyprus the home language is Cypriot Greek, a dialect with no standardized or written form, but the language of administration and education is very similar to standard Greek, in a situation of diglossia (Hadjioannou, Tsiplakou & Kappler, 2011). There are differences between standard and Cypriot Greek in most linguistic domains, and the two dialects are not entirely mutually intelligible (see discussion and references in Arvaniti, 2006, 2010). Although many phonological awareness tasks may be largely equivalent when used in Greece and Cyprus, it might be kept in mind that Cypriot children are taught and tested in a nonnative linguistic system.
    Saiegh-Haddad, E. (2017). Learning to Read Arabic. In L. Verhoeven & C. Perfetti (Eds.), Learning to Read across Languages and Writing Systems (pp. 183). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
    Cypriot Greek, which has a certain amount of regional variation, is markedly different from Standard Greek not only for historical reasons but also because of geographical isolation, different settlement patterns, and extensive contact with typologically distinct languages. The syntax of Cypriot Greek is almost identical with that of Standard Greek, but there are differences in morphol ogy and considerable differences in lexicon and phonology (Papapavlou 1994). The main phonological differences include the presence in Cypriot of palato-alveolar affri cates, and of geminate consonants, includ ing in word-initial position (Newton 1972). Although the differences in syntax, mor phology and phonology are not enormous, the Cypriot dialect and Standard Greek are not particularly readily intelligible (Papa pavlou 1994), probably mostly because the lexicon of Cypriot has significantly more. lexical items of non-Greek origin (Chat zioyannou 1936).
    Ammon, U., Dittmar, N., Mattheier, K. and Trudgill, P., n.d. Sociolinguistics/ Soziolinguistik. Volume 3. p.1886.
    Cypriot Greek has often been referred to as a dialect of Greek (Contossopoulos, 2000); a variety that is linguistically proximal to Standard Modern Greek (Grohmann and Kambanaros, 2016 Grohmann et al. 2016), which is the official language in the environment our participants acquire language. Although the official language in education and other formal settings is indeed Standard Modern Greek, research has shown the boundaries between the two varieties, Standard Modern Greek and Cypriot Greek, and their distribution across different registers is not straightforward (Grohmann and Leivada, 2012, Tsiplakou et al. 2016). At times mixing is attested without code-switching being in place, while no official characterization has been provided for any of these terms in this specific context. The question arising in this context is whether the attested variants emerging in mixed speech repertoires are functionally equivalent for an individual speaker.
    The concept of "competing grammars goes back to Krich 11989, 1991), who proposed that speakers project multiple grammars to deal with ambiguous input This concept has been explicitly connected to the relation between Standard and Cypriot Greek (Papadopo et al. 2014; plaka 2014; Grohman et al 2017)
    The two varieties have differences in all levels of linguistic analysis and often monolingual speakers of Standard Modern Greek judge Cypriot Greek as unintelligible. At the same time, Greek Cypriot speakers do not always provide reliable judgments of their own speech since these are often clouded by sociolinguistic attitudes toward using the non-standard variety. Cypriot Greek lacks official codification and its status as a different language/variety is often denied by Greek Cypriots who may downplay the differences between Standard Modern Greek and Cypriot Greek and describe the latter as just an accent (Arvaniti, 2010). As the discussion of the different variants will make clear in the next section, the two varieties have differences across levels of linguistic analysis and these differences vastly exceed the sphere of phonetics or phonology.
    All speakers of Cypriot Greek have exposure to Standard Modern Greek through education and other mediums and in this way, they are competent to different degrees in both varieties. We employ the term 'bilectal' (Rowe and Grohmann, 2013, 2014) to refer to the participants of this study, although it is not entirely clear that the varieties they are exposed to are Standard Modern Greek and Cypriot Greek or that they are only two varieties, under the assumption that a continuum is in place. For instance, the term 'Cypriot Standard Greek' (Arvaniti, 2010) has been proposed to refer to an emerging variety that may count as the standard in the context of Cyprus. This would be a sociolinguistically 'high' variety (Ferguson, 1959) that is used in formal settings, although its degree of proximity with Standard Modern Greek is difficult to determine with precision because great fluidity is attested across different settings and geographical areas. At the school environment, for example, one notices the existence of three different varieties: Cypriot Greek, as the home variety that is used when students interact with each other, Standard Modern Greek, as the language of the teaching material, and another standard-like variety that incorporates elements from both varieties, and is present in the repertoire of both the students and the instructors (Sophocleous and Wilks. 2010; Hadjioannou et al., 2011; Leivada et al.. 2017).

    • bluerain716
      bluerain716 9 months ago +1

      where did you copy this from? I would like to review the whole article, thank you

    • Vivian Dimitriou
      Vivian Dimitriou 9 months ago +3

      In Finland the dialects of the language are NOT mutually intelligible. Same with Germany and tons of other countries. We need to know about other nations too before reaching conclusions as regards our own.

      THE WARRIOR FROG 8 months ago

      @Vivian Dimitriou Finnic and Hellenic are ethno-linguistic groups that’s why. Those are not Finnish dialects but Finnic languages.

      DIMITRIOS VLISSIDES 5 months ago +1

      @THE WARRIOR FROG you have been trying to explain mny things You quote almost the same people over and over
      Do these people who have expressed these views have an ulterior motive?
      Trying to say in such "highly academic jargon "something of importance ?
      I know one thing that when I talk to greek Cypriots I have no difficulty to understand them and hold long discussions Neither them They can understand me
      Be common sense and practical rather than pseudoacademic

      THE WARRIOR FROG 5 months ago

      @DIMITRIOS VLISSIDES Cypriot Greeks know and speak Standard Greek that’s why :D

  • arta_epirote21
    arta_epirote21 9 months ago +1

    Fun facts about Cyprus And Greece: Cyprus have same language and anthem with Greeks and Cypriots are saying that they are greeks

  • Johnnys SK
    Johnnys SK 5 months ago +2

    Any hole you dig in this island you find ancient Greek history.

  • This is For discord
    This is For discord 10 months ago +19

    More important question is, why is greece not part of cyprus

  • Marie Driva H.
    Marie Driva H. 10 months ago +3

    Greece Nation is the proper title not as a Region so Greek nation never die and never change the alphabet like others ..YOU KNOW WELL WHY Look back the History and all that staff

  • History of Ukraine / Kyiv / Ukrainian culture

    Nice objective video!

  • Ιστορικοί Περίπατοι

    What an exellent presentation!

  • gladio
    gladio 9 months ago +3

    4:24 also that's right. Turks were in different points but after eoka come 33 Turkish village has deserted and they are forced to exile north. 9:12 yeah :d Turks already forced to go north by blood Christmas. You are telling the eoka crimes with one sentence and that's "displaced" would you like to look bloody Christmas?

  • Ismet Kim
    Ismet Kim 9 months ago +2

    Do you know what is the Funny part ?
    When Greek Cypriots questions the Turkeys invasion it's Really funny.
    I don't have any problem with Greek Cypriots as a Turkish Cypriot. We were neighbors, friends, family that almost have the same culture with different religions. But because of Actions of EOKA-B and TMT here we are, Divided..
    Hopefully we will Unite one day when we forget the atrocities that committed by both community.
    Time will tell if we can.

    BLACK EAGLE 9 months ago +11

    Some of the reasons why Greece has so many haters on social media:
    You guys are some of the most ancient Europeans and are unique. You are not Germanic, Albanians,Turks, Slavic, Latin etc…Greeks are some of the few ancient Europeans that did not allow themselves to be absorbed by the big four (Germanic, Turks,Slavs and Latins).
    Islamophobia. A lot of people cannot comprehend the fact that a European people like the Greeks would be majority Christian Turks even to this day. These people do not seem to understand that Greeks practice their own very unique form of christianity and that they have no issue with their muslim Turkish or Atheist brethren. One can be orthodox turk and European…I mean I’m literally one myself lol. (P.S: I know not all freeks I mean greeks are orthodox turks and I know most othodox turks are pure greeks…please spare me this part).
    The Greeks have almost always been lone wolves. Despite being a tiny nation your politicians and people have almost always been rather bold and have chosen their own paths…even to your own detriment. This can be intimidating to some people I guess.
    Hell-ASS more recently has become a hub of art. It has churned out lots of global popstars and Hollywood actors like George Michael,Billy Zane and Irene Papas etc…though most of these artists are foreign born or moved out of Greece when they were young they still have a very deep rooted love for their motherland. It shows a strong level of patriotism in Greek culture.
    Greek men give off major alpha male vibes. A lot of men (especially Balkan men) envy the fact that greek men are perceived as more masculine then they are. It’s the whole small D energy vs big D energy. Greek men have big D energy (whether they have that big D or not, They've some strange sexual orientation by love it from behind lol).
    All of these things plus some more contribute to the obsession some people have with the origins of gteeks. People seek to exoticize things they do not comprehend or that intimidate them.
    Greeks are the Christian Turks of the European continent and with that comes the conspiracies and hate.
    Yasu re file!

  • Anil Karakaya
    Anil Karakaya 9 months ago +125

    Just listen to the first minute only and it sounds astonishingly simple and biased already. Venetian colonizers arent invaders, they "took control the island"(yeah, after having destroyed their rival eastern roman capital, they could invade eastern coasts easily) but ottomans are "invaders" and venetians fought valiantly until fall(but ottomans didnt?). K, didnt watch the rest.
    edit: at the beginning, video also makes the suggestion, why somewhere would not be part of your territory when you have strong cultural ties. It is a very simple way of handling it when ukraine, azerbaijan and tens of other examples exist.

    • loris karius
      loris karius 9 months ago +17

      kanka diğer videolarınada bakarsan,bu kanal bize karşı taraflı davranıyo. mesela türk tarihi videosuna arap müzoği koymuştu yüzlerce hakaret yorumu gelmesine rağmen özür bile dilemedi admin bet

    • Suns hine
      Suns hine 9 months ago +2

      Bence böyle tarihi şeylerde ingilzce özellikle Türk kelimesi geçtiğinde izlemeyin çünkü ukeler ve insanlar kendi bakış açılarından paylaşırlar karşındakini düşünmezler In my opinion, do not watch such historical things, especially when the word Turkish is mentioned, because ukes and people share from their own point of view, they do not think about the other person.

    • Atina'nın oğlou
      Atina'nın oğlou 9 months ago +3

      @loris karius diss like atın

    • Atina'nın oğlou
      Atina'nın oğlou 9 months ago +1

      Diss like at

  • The Chemist
    The Chemist 10 months ago +14

    Great documentary, thank you! But at some point we have to speak the truth on its full extend. USA and its foreign policies played a huge role in Cyprus, Greece was way stronger than Turkey back in the day and more advanced in terms of technology and experience. Kissinger did his thing and once again, foreign powers managed to influence the Middle East / Eastern Europe borderlines and events.

    • Kerem Sayar
      Kerem Sayar 10 months ago +16

      greece was never stronger than turkey. even when ottomans were raped after ww1 and all weapons were collected by allies. turkish and kurdish independence movement fought armenians greeks french and won. turkey is 6 times bigger than greece as size and populatition. turkey on 70s were ambargoed by west so hars they even didnt let us use american jets to help greeks. but turkish army is brutally strong compared to greek army.

    • The Chemist
      The Chemist 10 months ago +5

      @Kerem Sayar I understand that you are of turkish nationality but please try to use common sense and study history. No harm feelings, bless you lad.

    • Σπύρος Καμπανός
      Σπύρος Καμπανός 10 months ago

      @Kerem Sayar they never fough french lmao you mean for like a month because the allies pulled out after the king got greece back

    • TK5GQJ
      TK5GQJ 10 months ago +8

      @Σπύρος Καμπανός we never fough french?We literally sieged same cities against each other over and over. Just because we made peace later not means we never fought

  • Dimitrios Kazaglias
    Dimitrios Kazaglias 10 months ago +2

    Great video! Congratulations!

  • John Turnef
    John Turnef 5 months ago

    Probably because it’s in Asia and if you asked everybody in Europe, I bet a large number believe it’s a Greek island.

  • Original Master
    Original Master 9 months ago +21

    I like how you skipped over the part where the Greeks instigated this war with ethnic cleansing and genocide forcing Turkey to intervene...
    You just made it look like Turkey got involved for some minor reason as the aggressor?
    The Greeks did try take the Island by force which is why Turkey engaged with its military...

    • De Goose
      De Goose 9 months ago +2

      Cyprus is either independent or its a part of Greece due to no one seeing as turkey has no recognition of any rights to the lands only an independent Cyprus is supported

    • Manos
      Manos  7 months ago +1

      Now that you talk about ki lling, why you turkistani don'y recognize the Genocide against Armenins (1.5M), Greeks (350.000) and Assyrians (250.00)?

    • Original Master
      Original Master 7 months ago +1

      @Manos The Ottoman officer's were on trial in Malta for crimes against Armenian's, they all were found not guilty...
      As for the Greeks and Assyrians, can you explain?
      Before you answer though, I can see your sly tactics, try and divert away from the topic involving other parts of history, but go on enlighten me?

  • Ymi_Yugy
    Ymi_Yugy 9 months ago +1

    What did two NATO powers fighting a proxy war mean for the Cold War?

    • Adrianos Paradisiotis
      Adrianos Paradisiotis 9 months ago

      less power for the us

    • Alperen Akdoğan
      Alperen Akdoğan 5 months ago

      Greece left nato because they did stop Turkish operation. Us and most of the Nato issued embargo to Turkey. Because of both countries against communism, both of them didnt join soviet bloc

    • Ymi_Yugy
      Ymi_Yugy 5 months ago

      @Alperen Akdoğan What are you talking about? Greece never left the NATO.

    • Alperen Akdoğan
      Alperen Akdoğan 5 months ago

      @Ymi_Yugy ln 1974 they withdrew from nato military command. In 1980 they joined again.

  • Najem Farah
    Najem Farah 10 months ago +10

    You started your story from the 16th century.
    It will be better to start with a small briefing.
    Why the Cypriots speak greek? It means that before the Venecians and the Ottomans they was part of Greece or no??

    • Arxatoli
      Arxatoli 10 months ago +12

      Cypriots were greek since the beggining of antiquity, and even tho conquered by hundreds of empires the population always remained Greek. And after the byzantine empire 1300 years post ancient Greece it fell to the ottomans and Turks migrated in the island, and even tho they did Greeks were always about 80% more than the Turks. And the fact that most of those "turks" are actually converted Greeks. And Turkish Cypriots at the north over the age of 40 can understand and speak perfect cypriot greek, because Turkish wasn't really spoken that much in the island , Greek was always the official language.Cyprus is the last civilization which preserved ancient greek dialects, sayings and Culture. Infact the proto-greek alphabet was found in cyprus at 1500BC. Thats older than Greece its self. Sea settlers called Myceneans were the first greeks which settled in Crete and Cyprus and THEN expanded throughout nowadays Greece. Cyprus is as greek as it Gets and maybe even more Greek than Greece itself. Archeology throughout the island speaks for itself. Sadly its history was stolen from it due to the Ottoman Megalomaniacal Ambitions to discredit the greeks as a whole. And Even the British. No one was willing to allow Greeks in either Greece or Cyprus to grow in power. Because their land and historical claims are TREMENDOUS and the Turks understand that very well. They know what they have isn't theirs hence the flags everywhere. They need to convince themselves.

    • Vox Dei
      Vox Dei 10 months ago +3

      @Arxatoli ottomans captured Cyprus from venetians, and before them the island was under control of crusaders, before them Roman empire.. the first inhabitants of the island was ancient Anatolian nations, phonecians and ancient egyptians. The language shifted to Greek after Byzantium empire..

    • Mck
      Mck 10 months ago

      @Arxatoli so Mycenaeans we’re the first Greeks who settled in Crete and Cyprus. Mycenaeans we’re Greeks. From Greece. So how is Cyprus more Greek than Greece? It doesn’t even make sense. Cyprus should be united with Greece but dissolving the “greekness” of Greece is not working in your favour. It’s silly to say that Cyprus is more Greek than Athens and I wonder why don’t you see that.

    • Arxatoli
      Arxatoli 10 months ago +4

      @Mck Or Maybe you're just taking a sentence too literally. I was simply trying to prove a point that goes to say that Greeks and Cypriots just like Phoenicians and Myceneans were one in the same. Nobody tried to dissolve Greece's authenticity thats just a reach. And you went waay out of context with the matter at hand. Point is GENETICALLY Cypriots are Greeks just like The Mainland Greeks themselves and just like the Turks in Anatolia which are still in denial to historical facts. Idk why you took offense to that sentence when it was an obvious exhaturation.
      The fact that Cyprus's Greek roots and ancient language are being maintained should be a source of Pride for ALL Greeks and not a new reason to fight eachother.

  • Dnaiel Brühl
    Dnaiel Brühl 10 months ago +14

    Cieszę się, że wszedłem w kryptowaluty, kiedy to zrobiłem, ponieważ było to dla mnie przełomowe finansowo, to była moja najlepsza jak dotąd decyzja.

    • Linda Williams
      Linda Williams 10 months ago

      Cieszę się, że wszedłem w kryptowaluty, kiedy to zrobiłem, ponieważ było to dla mnie przełomowe finansowo, to była moja najlepsza jak dotąd decyzja.

    • victor becker
      victor becker 10 months ago +1

      🙏Inspirujące! czy myślisz, że możesz mi udzielić porady, jak inwestować w zdrowy sposób, tak jak robisz?

    • Red Dirt Nurse
      Red Dirt Nurse 10 months ago

      to niesamowite, jak inni radzą sobie z panią kathleen, obecnie robię z nią swoją piątą transakcję, a moje portfolio niesamowicie urosło, wszystko dzięki niej.

    • Linda Williams
      Linda Williams 10 months ago

      @victor becker z przyjemnością polecam panią kathleen z niemiec

    • Linda Williams
      Linda Williams 10 months ago +1

      @victor becker ona jest na telegramie[@kathleenglobalcrypto

  • Anthimou Anthimos
    Anthimou Anthimos 10 months ago +8

    Very nice work , yet certain important details are not included mostly about how Turkey was undermining not only unity with Greece but the republic it self although The Serves Treaty articles 115, 116,117 were clear. Still turkey claims Cyprus in 2022.

    • Anthimou Anthimos
      Anthimou Anthimos 9 months ago +1

      @#astr.Koray# bro find article 16, 20,21 of the Lausanne treaty about Cyprus and you will see why Turkey (or Greece) has no rights over Cyprus

    • I G
      I G 9 months ago

      @Anthimou Anthimos The Treaty of Lausanne and the constitution of Cyprus are two very different things my friend

    • DarkSoldier332
      DarkSoldier332 9 months ago +4

      @Anthimou Anthimos You accuse Turkey of not abiding by the treaties, but you don't care about the treaties while Greece disregards the Lausanne and Paris treaties while arming the islands. At the same time, you think that Turkey has no rights on an island that is only 70 kilometers away from Turkey but Greece, which is 1000 kilometers away from the island has rights. unreasonable.

  • Socrates
    Socrates 10 months ago +2

    Im Pretty Sure At Some Point Before The Invasion Turkey Said That they should have Split The Island,But The Greeks Said No

    • Eric Dillingham
      Eric Dillingham 9 months ago

      What is your point, exactly? You've managed to make a sentence without actually saying anything.

    • Socrates
      Socrates 9 months ago

      @Eric Dillingham wym?

    • Eric Dillingham
      Eric Dillingham 9 months ago

      @Socrates I'm asking you what you mean.

    •  5 months ago +1

      You are right Turkish Cypriots were advocating division of the island . Greeks said no advocating enosis. That led to Turkish operation supported by US at the time.

  • Oğuzhan
    Oğuzhan 9 months ago +3

    The UK's "United Cyprus" project unfortunately did not work. Still, Turkey's commitment to this project was admirable. The Greeks' adherence to this project could have solved this problem years ago, but they preferred to ignore the Turkish presence. Greeks and Turks living in the same geography should learn to live in peace. They don't have any problems they can't solve

    • Wolf53
      Wolf53 9 months ago +1

      We didnt agree with this treaty because it had unacceptable terms that only benefited Turkey

    • Oğuzhan
      Oğuzhan 9 months ago +1

      @Wolf53 You want the island to be handed over to Greece unconditionally and you say "unacceptable" to all other ways. This kind of negotiation isnt possible

    • Wolf53
      Wolf53 9 months ago

      @Oğuzhan Either way I dont believe Cypriots want to be with their motherlands...

    • Oğuzhan
      Oğuzhan 9 months ago

      @Wolf53 Then there is no harm in the continuation of the two state system on the island. Interestingly, Greek people dont want the island to unite anyway. So it is wrong that the world dosnt recognize the state in the north

  • André Lopes
    André Lopes 9 months ago

    Divide to conquer: colonialism' greatest hits

  • CG
    CG 10 months ago +7

    You forgot to talk about the cyprus emergency of 1955-59 where cypriots fought the british to gain independance

    • SteliosA
      SteliosA 10 months ago +1

      We didn't fight british to gain independence. The purpose of the battle was to free Cyprus from British so we could unite with Greece.

    • CG
      CG 10 months ago +1

      @SteliosA yeah my bad sorry

  • Ελένη Ασημοπούλου

    Greece and Cyprus have the same national anthem. The nation is one.

  • HonduranMonkey
    HonduranMonkey 9 months ago

    How do you make these animations?

  • Sono il diavolo
    Sono il diavolo 4 months ago

    always open for info.

  • Ali Baba22211
    Ali Baba22211 9 months ago +1

    Showing where there were Turkish communities PRESENT and making it look like on your map that they were the majority in ALL these areas is neglectful at best.

  • Chanse Syres
    Chanse Syres 10 months ago +1

    Nice video. Formed the Ottoman Empire last night.

  • George
    George 9 months ago +7

    Around 5:20 "A 95.7% majority voted in favour of union...although the only ones who were allowed to vote were the greeks...". You forgot to mention that the Turks were about 18% of the population. And some turkish cypriots did vote so the claim that "only greeks were allowed to vote" does not stand. Also, if one was in favour of the enosis he would just need to go and sign the referendum, otherwise they wouldn't, so again, there was no question of one being allowed to vote or not.

    • Eric Dillingham
      Eric Dillingham 9 months ago

      What is your source? You sound very confident. It is bold to assume any of that.

    • Kyriakos Philitas
      Kyriakos Philitas 9 months ago +6

      The voting was mede in the churches so tc couldnt vote

    • BlackbirdLopez
      BlackbirdLopez 9 months ago +1

      @Eric Dillingham that the fucking island was Greek before their empire..

    • Eric Dillingham
      Eric Dillingham 9 months ago +1

      @BlackbirdLopez Okay, cool. Britain was Roman. Is England Italian? No.
      it literally does not matter
      turkish people are a strong minority

  • Savvas Perisanidis
    Savvas Perisanidis 6 months ago +1

    The Cypriot State might not be the same nation state as the Greek State but ethnically Cypriots are part of the Greek family equal to any other Hellenic region

  • demetraa d
    demetraa d 9 months ago +5

    Cyprus and Greece were never one state and why is that bad? Cyprus has every possibility to be an autonomous country with a separate history from Greece. Countries united by language and common points of history.

    • Thomas Papapavlidis
      Thomas Papapavlidis 9 months ago +4

      Μόνο η γλώσσα μας ενώνει ρε φιντανι μου καλό;; Ρητορική ερώτηση

    • De Goose
      De Goose 9 months ago +3

      Its still more greek than turkish and rightfully either independent or greek

    • Steven Z
      Steven Z 9 months ago +2

      It's bad because smaller countries are easily taken advantage of. There's no reason for Greeks to be divided. That has always been their biggest problem. Had the Enosis happened successfully earlier in a more organised way the Turks wouldn't get a chance to invade, slaughter civilians and occupy the island. Also today we wouldn't have to deal with the trouble of East Med disputes.

    • zorro
      zorro 9 months ago

      @Steven Z "This feeling became more intense during the recent weeks when the terrorist organisation 'EOKA B', directed from Athens, had renewed its wave of violence." from the confession of Macarios in UN!

  • Rach Darastrix
    Rach Darastrix 9 months ago

    Mmmm, I need to stay up to date with my history. I thought Cyprus was still called Troy.

  • Kaan Aslan
    Kaan Aslan 9 months ago +60

    Prior to 1980s thousands of Turkish Cypriots who held British passports emigrated to UK fearing massacres. While a few hundred thousands Turkish Cypriots live in the island of Cyprus today, even bigger Turkish Cypriot diaspora lives still in UK to this day. Turkish Cypriots were systematically targeted and economically isolated despite of overwhelmingly supporting UN unification plan in 2004. On the other hand, Greek Cypriots who opposed unification were rewarded with EU membership and now live in prosperity (relatively speaking).

  • Kostas Kostas
    Kostas Kostas 9 months ago +1

    Is like u say why is Netherlands
    Not Belgium or why is Belgium not Netherlands. Cyprus has the Greek national anthem and they speak greek

  • Trapligo
    Trapligo 10 months ago +8

    Because Turkey and UK blocked the Greek control of Cyprus

    • #astr.Koray#
      #astr.Koray# 10 months ago

      Because the island was owned by the Turks for a very long time and the island is located very close to Turkey, just like the Greek islands.

    • Trapligo
      Trapligo 10 months ago +3

      @#astr.Koray# yeah but the island was owned by Greeks more time than Turks

    • #astr.Koray#
      #astr.Koray# 10 months ago

      @Trapligo because Italy

    • Trapligo
      Trapligo 9 months ago +2

      @#astr.Koray# Italy never had really Cyprus only UK and Turkey had Cyprus on their control

    • Βασιλεία Κιτσαη
      Βασιλεία Κιτσαη 4 months ago

      @#astr.Koray# αφου δεν ηπηρχε τουρκια ολα ηταν ελλαδα; κοντα

  • Petros Motitis
    Petros Motitis 9 months ago +3

    UN-HISTORICAL! "Την Ένωση υποστήριξαν ενυπογράφως και αρκετοί Τ/κ, Μαρωνίτες και Αρμένιοι. " Meaning: The Union was also supported in writing by several Turks, Maronites and Armenians (the other 3 minorities of Cyprus). For such a sensitive topic it might worth reading thoroughly the history of a country which country's history counts thousands of years!
    source: Philenews 15/01/2020

    • Kyriakos Philitas
      Kyriakos Philitas 9 months ago

      Yeah lmao because Philenews is the most trusted scource lmaooo

    • Petros Motitis
      Petros Motitis 9 months ago

      @Kyriakos Philitas well even in the history books from school mentions the same. Turkish Cypriots were not officially asked as Greek Cypriots as the voting procedure took place in churches. However they were welcome to vote as well, not forced though. Same for Armenians and Latins.

  • Countryball Animations
    Countryball Animations 10 months ago

    I thought because Greece only took the ones in Aegean Sea not Mediterranean

    • Helga Ioannidis
      Helga Ioannidis 9 months ago +2

      The Aegean sea is part of the Mediterranean. So what do you mean?

  • Nandinho Cunha
    Nandinho Cunha 9 months ago

    I would make sense of the Greek to reject the British offer. Greece having the Island would be a poor choice, since Greece was a "new country"

  • Koray Biber
    Koray Biber 10 months ago +2

    Good work