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TBBT : Penny

  • Published on Feb 5, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • @quoteswithintent
    TBBT S02E07 : Penny, Leonard, Sheldon, Howard, and Raj - You've got three strikes.
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  • Quotes With Intent
    Quotes With Intent  Month ago +219

    Full episode: prf.hn/l/vybBbyv (US+19 European countries)

  • Namrata Sahoo
    Namrata Sahoo Month ago +12454

    Basically his existence denies him the cheeseburger

    • Ruby Thorn
      Ruby Thorn 24 days ago


    • sad boi
      sad boi Month ago

      I... I don't remember commenting this..... random word...?

    • Yoonie Min
      Yoonie Min Month ago


    • Victor Magoço
      Victor Magoço Month ago +4

      @Benjamin Kestenbaum which isn’t something she should be capable of doing? Sheldon owns the apartment, she’s just working in the restaurant

  • Sourish Mallick
    Sourish Mallick Month ago +6828

    leonard’s thank you is very cute..

    • Rock4Glory
      Rock4Glory Month ago

      You're very weird...

    • Sikanda
      Sikanda Month ago +3

      Leonard is also very cute

    • bribri
      bribri Month ago +4

      Right like he was hot

    • Reddish Sky
      Reddish Sky Month ago +3

      Right! He's adorable! 😆

  • Loli The Blobfish
    Loli The Blobfish Month ago +3190

    "I don't like you attitude" Penny has mom vibes
    Ofc this is less mom than her and Lennard fighting about taking Sheldon to Disney

    • Sandy Snail
      Sandy Snail 26 days ago

      i love that episode so much

    • Emily
      Emily Month ago +5

      I wish they made a new season were she was a mom

    • E
      E Month ago +1


  • MC Venne
    MC Venne Month ago +506

    The "new policy" would actually mean you can't come in without a Sheldon. XD

    • DraeneiPecs
      DraeneiPecs Month ago +5

      Underrated comment, underrated replies 😂

    • MC Venne
      MC Venne Month ago +12

      @StarWarsomania That tracks. Must be it. XD

    • StarWarsomania
      StarWarsomania Month ago +54

      Actually, she replaced “no service” with “no Sheldon”, so not only is Sheldon banned, so is wearing shoes and shirts.
      Must come in barefoot and shirtless, lol.

  • Hue Nhuan
    Hue Nhuan Month ago +2249

    Penny forgot the simple rule that keeps businesses sane: "We have the right to deny service to anyone". That's the law. Not some obscure state code even judges & politicians are aware of.
    EDIT: Due to certain folks not understanding that the aforementioned mantra encompasses common sense & logic, I will explain the full concept as briefly as possible.
    Businesses CAN refuse service for reasonable reasons such as hostile & threatening behavior or antics. It CAN'T refuse based on appearances of patrons (discrimination) or the mood of the business representatives (such as Penny disliking Shelly). Although certain establishments have done so based on the accompanying "No shirts, no shoes, no service" or Dress Code application for fancy restaurants but that's another can of worms.
    See how long it took for me to have to spell it out when if folks used their common sense, they would've understood it from the start as I had posted? I never stated Penny was correct for wanting to kick out Shelly but implied that she could've used that reason if she lied that Shelly was harassing her. Associates from various industries have used that mantra before to refuse someone service based on how the customer made them (associates) feel.

    • Living Glowstick
      Living Glowstick 22 days ago

      @gamergodofjustice the law is trespass which states who and who can not enact the law of trespass read your local law

    • Living Glowstick
      Living Glowstick 22 days ago

      @Hue Nhuan it's called trespass if you do not have the contracted right of security or ownership of said property you can not enact said law with out the direct permission from a person with said right as needed like over the phone if they aren't present

    • gamergodofjustice
      gamergodofjustice 22 days ago

      @Living Glowstick your argument was there are laws againest kicking people out and there are not you can remove anyone from your property reguardless of job title their isnt a legal requirement for you to even be a manger only that you are employed at the company to do so.

    • Living Glowstick
      Living Glowstick 22 days ago

      @gamergodofjustice also there is a law it's called trespass only someone with legal power over the property and security can enact said law if you have not been given that right through contact you can not enact trespass you can only do it with direct permission from someone who has said right as needed if they are not present like over the phone

    • Living Glowstick
      Living Glowstick 22 days ago

      @gamergodofjustice your boss saying you can you you actually having legal power are 2 completely different things in places where there are laws that protect people from being removed from businesses for invalid reasons you doing so will null it and can get you or the company fined idk why you bring personal information into legal discussion

  • Atom Briones
    Atom Briones Month ago +250

    Leonard actually looks so handsome here

  • Vincent Moloney
    Vincent Moloney Month ago +528

    No shoes no sock no Sheldon

    • 2im
      2im Month ago +1

      @Lloyd Waterloo it’s a play on words though- it doesn’t have to retain the exact meaning 💀 in fact in any given situation if you change the words around the meaning changes.

    • Lloyd Waterloo
      Lloyd Waterloo Month ago +5

      @2im I completely got the joke. I was asking if anybody else is bothered by the fact that taken literally and compared to "no shirt, no shoes, no service" it would require people not to wear a shirt or shoes. If I remember the storyline correctly Penny was banned after 3 Strikes from the apartment by Sheldon. So Penney's statement about the Cheesecake Factory policy was meant to mean Sheldon is banned. Therefore the statement no shirt no shoes no Sheldon means all those things are banned.

    • 2im
      2im Month ago +4

      @Lloyd Waterloo lmao you completely missed the joke… no shoes no shirt no service is a common saying in the restaurant/service industry. It’s a play on words that replaces service with sheldon

    • Lloyd Waterloo
      Lloyd Waterloo Month ago +16

      Am I the only one that is bothered by the fact that policy would mean shoes and shirts are not allowed.

  • Buster Bear
    Buster Bear Month ago +229

    The proper way to get this revenge is to just “forget” to ring their order in, then “discover” the error once the ticket is sold.

  • Safi Aziz Bin Salim 1002
    Safi Aziz Bin Salim 1002 Month ago +457

    And here i thought she didn't ask because she also memorised sheldon's order

    • ObliviousFantasy
      ObliviousFantasy Month ago

      I thought it was just bc he probably wanted nothing since it wasn't Frisch's Big Boy LMAO

    • the chosen one
      the chosen one Month ago

      ​@kili sloe She didn't eat his food,she just touched it.

    • kili sloe
      kili sloe Month ago +2

      @Andrew Howe
      Yep, the difference between serving the food at a job vs. eating it and and being unapologetic about it.

    • Andrew Howe
      Andrew Howe Month ago

      @kili sloe interesting line to draw, when she's also their waitress haha

    • kili sloe
      kili sloe Month ago +4

      @Andrew Howe
      Yes, it was right. He told her not to touch what was his. She had the nerve to get mad. We know that in earlier seasons, she heavily mooched off them without a care. I'm sure it's not her first time going overboard with her actions. Sheldon tolerated it, but he draws the line at touching what goes in his body.

  • sailor ur mom
    sailor ur mom Month ago +15

    leonard looks so handsome in this scene wow

  • scourgonaught
    scourgonaught Month ago +132

    Pasadena!? You could sell it all over Texas

    • scourgonaught
      scourgonaught 28 days ago +1

      @Ish Jain a thank you

    • Ish Jain
      Ish Jain Month ago +6

      ​@William W she/he was talking about Texas, where Sheldon grew up. 🤦

    • edith g. kennedy
      edith g. kennedy Month ago +1

      @William W dawg what

    • William W
      William W Month ago +1

      pasadena, california

  • M3PH1$ŢØ
    M3PH1$ŢØ Month ago +17

    I love how she didn't say banned, she pulled a mom move and shot his own words back at him

  • shaka360
    shaka360 Month ago +6

    I like when she delivers the cheeseburger and dares him to eat it.

  • bribri
    bribri Month ago +3

    Is it just me or does Leonard look fine ah here?

  • Dorene Darabaris
    Dorene Darabaris Month ago +27

    Altho Sheldon can be a pain and sometimes goes too far, Penny was wrong. She shouldn't had touched his onion ring without asking. That's just rude on normal terms.

    • elduderino73
      elduderino73 Month ago +3

      You don't banish one of your closet friends for touching your food unless you're a character in a sittcom.

  • Neel Hirlekar
    Neel Hirlekar Month ago +2

    Howard made an excellent point there 😂

  • jimmy rooks
    jimmy rooks Month ago +7

    I LOVE this show!❤️

  • Cml San
    Cml San Month ago +1

    I had never listened to Penny's voice in english before and I wish I had done sooner, I didn't know she voiced Harley Quinn!

  • jtcookie96
    jtcookie96 Month ago +4

    And in any realistic situation. Shes fired

  • Immanuel Mondjro
    Immanuel Mondjro Month ago +5

    Howard: I bet we could sell that sign all over Pasedena😂😂

  • Anita Perkinsss
    Anita Perkinsss 21 day ago

    Her acting career may not have taken off but she's a hell of a waitress go Penny ❤️❤️

  • Team Kirito
    Team Kirito Month ago +27

    Actually Sheldon should banned penny from entering his house

  • Terri Seaton
    Terri Seaton Month ago +2

    Spin-off, Sheldon & Penny!
    Comic chemistry is golden!

  • Danny Simion
    Danny Simion Month ago +3

    Penny and Sheldon are a favorite relationship for this show for me. Haha, just as funny as Amy and Penny.

  • Carlie Koenings
    Carlie Koenings Month ago +13

    ...so anyone noticed that they failed the cheesecake factory so bad? It's way too bright in there.

    • elduderino73
      elduderino73 Month ago

      Well, it's a TV show, so ...

    • William Moon
      William Moon Month ago +5

      Its OG cheesecake factory. They kinda rebranded to more darker woods and upscale about 15yrs ago

  • Glitchout_303
    Glitchout_303 Month ago

    I didn't even notice Sheldon til it panned over to him

  • Rockas360
    Rockas360 18 days ago

    Penny is his adult version of his twin sister

  • GRB Major
    GRB Major Month ago +1

    "Go ahead, eat it........I dare you"

  • yelling
    yelling 29 days ago

    I think I’d rather have my skin peeled off than watch a full episode of this show

  • dustymiller65
    dustymiller65 25 days ago +1

    It's always the cheeseburgers that suffer--oh, the humanity! 😢

  • ᴊᴇɴɴ ᙭ 1791
    ᴊᴇɴɴ ᙭ 1791 Month ago +9

    No shoes, No Shirt, No Sheldon

  • Cursed Out RS
    Cursed Out RS Month ago

    If no Sheldon means that Sheldon isn’t allowed there, wouldn’t that mean that shoes and shirts also aren’t allowed at the Cheesecake Factory?

  • Corey West
    Corey West Month ago +2

    Be funny if he got her fired, lol

  • Kyle
    Kyle 29 days ago

    oh yeah. major slap in the face for Sheldon from penny. u go girl!

  • Lamaya L
    Lamaya L 27 days ago

    She's the only one who puts him in his place... From time to time

  • Sam
    Sam Month ago

    Anyone who's named Howard always has a bowl cut

  • Empty channel
    Empty channel 26 days ago

    Back when they were arch nemesis.

  • y/n
    y/n Month ago +37

    I loved this episode 🤣❤️

  • simoxeh
    simoxeh 20 days ago

    Still say Penny and Sheldon are probably way closer then he is too his "best" friend Leonard. Also probably the healthiest of all the friendships

  • Terri Young
    Terri Young Month ago

    I watch reruns all the time. Love this show ❤

  • Poké Breeder Richard
    Poké Breeder Richard Month ago +81

    Howard has a point

    • Connor Jones
      Connor Jones Month ago

      That they very likely could sell the sign all over Pasadena?

  • Justine Panzarella
    Justine Panzarella Month ago

    I love how Penny found a way to get him back with the 3 strikes thing.

  • Shivank Mahajan
    Shivank Mahajan Month ago +1

    The panty pinata polarization is hands down, one of the best tbbt episodes ever!!

  • Jareth The Goblin King
    Jareth The Goblin King Month ago +36

    Penny should know better, Sheldon even goes to the manager so he can tell her through Sheldon that she has to serve him

    • K H
      K H Month ago

      But then she tells Sheldon "eat it, I dare you" so she won in the end 😂🤣

  • William Herman
    William Herman Month ago +1

    YEEES!*my brain playing the intro*

  • Kale Pemberton
    Kale Pemberton Month ago +1

    No shoes no shir5 no Sheldon still cracks me up to this day

  • S.A.C.K TV
    S.A.C.K TV Month ago +15

    Sheldon and Penny make the best hilarious duo

  • Stuff 96
    Stuff 96 29 days ago

    So he's paying for a meat lovers pizza with no meat so he's getting a upcharge for a cheese pizza

  • Becca
    Becca Month ago +2

    Never would a lactose intolerant person order something lactose intolerant friendly. I would never do that to myself I’d rather suffer because of cheese

  • Handley Page Halifax
    Handley Page Halifax 24 days ago

    If there's no Sheldon then that implies there's no shoes and no shirt instead of what she means by it

  • Luci4
    Luci4 Month ago +1

    Personally i would have spoken to the manager if i was sheldon 💀

    • Luci4
      Luci4 Month ago +1

      @elduderino73 nope i just want basic rights when im out to eat lile the right to actually eat

    TIFFANY PERSAUD Month ago +16

    Leonard’s smile was so cute.

  • Pharaoh Avalon
    Pharaoh Avalon Month ago

    Sheldon: Ok cool freeload elsewhere!

  • Yaz Bordeaux
    Yaz Bordeaux Month ago +1

    Penny would have thrived in that karen cafe thingy

  • Dire Wolf
    Dire Wolf Month ago

    Sheldon is actually wrong in this, all businesses have the right to refuse service

  • Loquat
    Loquat Month ago

    i brush my teeth for 8 minutes 🗿🍷

  • Noir Jacques
    Noir Jacques Month ago

    “The highly allergic, Kosher
    only-on-the-high-holidays Howard”
    😂❤😂❤😂 Nice one, Penny!

  • Talleywa
    Talleywa Month ago

    The Hindu ordering something full of meat only to specifically remove the meat is uncomfortably spot on. Only thing missing is offering the already meatless version (just a cheese pizza in this case) only for them to refuse, then be confused why it was so expensive when the bill arrives.

  • dallas yap
    dallas yap Month ago

    No shoes, no shirt, no sheldon 🤣🤣

  • Nath N
    Nath N Month ago

    "No Shoes, No Shirt, No Sheldon" ha ha ha.. rofl

  • Culvea Solvere
    Culvea Solvere Month ago

    Seriously, Leonard never got the pills to give his gut the bacteria he needed to eat real cheese?

  • TheVodec
    TheVodec 29 days ago

    lol It is important not to upset people

  • Kelly OBrien
    Kelly OBrien Month ago

    Never mess with Penny.

  • Kennedy Evans
    Kennedy Evans Month ago

    Shrimp Ceasar salad sounds so good omg

  • That_Dude9042
    That_Dude9042 Month ago

    no shoes
    no shirt
    no Sheldon lmao

  • N1k4
    N1k4 Month ago

    Sheldon: may i have some ice cream?
    Ice cream seller: no shoes, no shirt, no sheldon. Get lost
    Sheldon: mommy!!!!

  • Felix Trismegistus
    Felix Trismegistus 23 days ago

    Not against any "californian state law", all restaurants reserve the right to refuse service.

  • Othnielle Barthe
    Othnielle Barthe Month ago +1

    Raj is so cuuuute

  • Zion Sawyer
    Zion Sawyer Month ago

    penny. what. howard is the one here .. like that end

  • Elizabeth R
    Elizabeth R Month ago

    Ok but why would a Caesar salad even have almonds??

  • The HuskynatorMAN
    The HuskynatorMAN Month ago

    What I'd tell Sheldon;
    "Just skip with the cheese"

  • Alisosia Alisosia
    Alisosia Alisosia 27 days ago

    In this episode I was on Sheldon's side
    Penny was so in the wrong and acted like biach

  • Shreyas Bhat
    Shreyas Bhat Month ago

    Bro is not banned, he's "banished"..... that's messed up 😶

  • John Heusler Jr
    John Heusler Jr Month ago

    Penny is SAVAGE.

  • Agoraphobic Adam
    Agoraphobic Adam Month ago

    No Shoes, No Shirt, No Sheldon.

  • Wolf Daddy
    Wolf Daddy Month ago

    OMG i wish they would of sold that sign

  • Scotandia Mapping
    Scotandia Mapping Month ago

    Lol I remember this episode

  • ExplodingDonuts43
    ExplodingDonuts43 19 days ago

    I LOVE Tbbt

  • ddthewolf
    ddthewolf Month ago

    I bet they could make those signs and make a killing lol

    Mr.AHHHHH Month ago

    Is no one gonna talk about the no meat meat lovers pizza

  • the chosen one
    the chosen one Month ago

    Meatlover's pizza,no meat. So just a lover's pizza 🙈

  • Daniel Lenning
    Daniel Lenning Month ago

    What episode is this from

  • Daisuke Asian Kun
    Daisuke Asian Kun Month ago +1

    No shirt, no shoes.
    So everyone in the restaurant is banished?

  • Dylan Simpson
    Dylan Simpson Month ago

    If she has the orders memorized why does she write them down?

  • Nazgul the deathless

    “I’m not taking your order” “and I’d like to speak to your manager” jeez imagine a Karen Sheldon

    • Karla Vargas
      Karla Vargas Month ago +5

      Penny was being the Karen in the situation tho

  • Damien Of the Damned

    "Meat lovers pizza, no meat"....So a cheese pizza?

  • Nunya Beezwax
    Nunya Beezwax 29 days ago

    No Shoes, No Shirt, No Sheldon!

  • Carmelita Madara
    Carmelita Madara Month ago +3

    Good everyone tries to be nice. Every one is a brainer. But these are not conditions to share Penny with everyone.

  • deadlock 89
    deadlock 89 Month ago

    Not sure about in the US but in the UK we can refuse service to anyone and only need to give a valid reason to the manager.

  • Filip Bonn
    Filip Bonn Month ago

    „You are ‚banished‘ from the cheese cake factory“

  • Maong Atsong
    Maong Atsong Month ago +3

    Only Penny knows how to control Sheldon 😂

    • kili sloe
      kili sloe Month ago +1

      After she crossed the line?

  • The Restoration of Dr Who

    Barbecue bacon burger, barbecue bacon burger, barbecue bacon burger.

  • T
    T Month ago

    Love has she turns it around on him

  • Dante Scarfo
    Dante Scarfo Month ago

    Penny mic drop

  • Timothy Hansen
    Timothy Hansen Month ago

    Wait. If Raj is playing at being Vegan, why is he getting a pizza at all? Besides, a "Meat Lovers pizza with no meat" is literally just a Cheese pizza.

  • James Lydon
    James Lydon Month ago

    We do have vegan cheese but it would most certainly not work on a quesadilla, it only comes as a slice on the impossible burger

  • huangyu hao
    huangyu hao Month ago

    The decrepit state of California

  • Blooky
    Blooky Month ago

    petty penny

  • triggeredweeb
    triggeredweeb Month ago

    she was once a good waitress