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3 Person Mechanics PT 1

  • Published on Dec 24, 2016 veröffentlicht
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  • Jay Mcluvin
    Jay Mcluvin 2 years ago +9

    this is an excellent training video, but new officials be sure to check your state book for any mechanics changes since 2016.

  • Mitchell Brock
    Mitchell Brock 2 years ago +7

    First year official that missed the first couple training classes. These videos were a lifesaver! Thank you!

    • Will Warren
      Will Warren 2 years ago +1

      Welcome to the Jungle! You will do great, I have officiated for 7 years and these videos help polish my craft of officiating. Best of luck this year to you!

  • Stacie Pitts
    Stacie Pitts 2 years ago +5

    CORRECTION: During pre game the U1 watches the home team and the U2 watches the visitors. See IAABO 3 person mechanics

  • Wario loves MMA
    Wario loves MMA Year ago +4

    I'm a 23 and a half year old guy who played basketball his whole life from ages 9-18.. played AAU for years and high school level (as high up as a varsity starting point guard) so i feel i have a great grasp on basketball and it's rules... Should i look to become a ref? im seriously considering it.. How would i go about starting?

    • Matt Amadea
      Matt Amadea Year ago +1

      Contact your local officials association, anyone who works in AAU or high school basketball in your area should be able to direct you in the right area. There is a shortage for refs right now, it's a great time to start.

    • Josh McClurkan
      Josh McClurkan Year ago

      Yes. We need younger guys working. BUT…don’t go into thinking you know everything. I did that and was humbled quickly by how nuance of the game from the officials point of view differs from that of a player. Look up your state high school sports governing body, and look for a phone number and call. That’s a good way to start.

    • Joekuh
      Joekuh Year ago

      contact your high school AD. They should have a direct line to who you need to speak to.

    • teebob21
      teebob21 2 months ago

      DO IT

  • Mar Corral
    Mar Corral 7 months ago

    Nice 3-person officiating mechanics Sham!

  • Stephen Michael
    Stephen Michael Year ago

    Coverage areas are not accurate. If play originates in font of C, take it, but I don't put a C in charge of half the paint

  • Matthew N
    Matthew N 3 years ago +6

    In NFHS in the 3-man any official calling a foul should always remain tableside correct?

    • Mike Estwick
      Mike Estwick 3 years ago +1

      Yes. Calling official stays tableside. In your pregame, discuss what happens if the calling official needs to "leave the burning building" and get away from an angry coach or bench personnel, where staying tableside could result in someone getting hit with a technical foul for unsportsmanlike conduct.

    • John Syrowski
      John Syrowski 2 years ago +3

      Incorrect. NFHS- After reporting the foul the calling official goes opposite the table.

  • Nicholas Roedell
    Nicholas Roedell 2 months ago

    I like most of this, but what's the purpose of announcing "designated spot"??? What about "White, tableside sideline," or "Blue, baseline/endline???

  • Peter Blum
    Peter Blum 4 years ago +4

    Is this NFHS compliant?

    • Dave Juliot
      Dave Juliot 4 years ago +2

      No, Examples-- 8:50 Tableside foul by lead. With NFHS, lead and trail swap positions. 9:45 Tableside Trail Foul. Trial reports and administers throw-in. 10:22 Tableside Center Foul... C become Tableside T & L moves to tableside, Trail administers throw-in, and so on... Basically, Tableside Trail swaps with calling official on fouls

    • Ilya Zhitomirskiy
      Ilya Zhitomirskiy 3 years ago

      This is IAABO 3-person mechanics. These mechanics are used in states where there are IAABO boards. This is part 1 of a 2-part training video. Part 2 does include tableside switches, as in NFHS. Some IAABO boards, such as those in Maryland, do use tableside switches, so they are included in Part 2 of the video and as a separate section in the IAABO Manual that all members of IAABO get.

  • Vasileios Petropoulos
    Vasileios Petropoulos 3 years ago

    Is that for fiba? Official for fiba?

    • Mike Estwick
      Mike Estwick 3 years ago

      This is not for FIBA. This is International Association of Approved Basketball Officials (IAABO), and it covers National Federation of State High Schools (NFHS) rules And mechanics, with some modifications from the NFHS guide.

  • Zach Burns
    Zach Burns 3 years ago +10

    These switches make zero sense

    • Trevor Cunningham
      Trevor Cunningham Year ago

      Fully agreed. It would be so much smarter to just have everyone rotate to their right or something. All of these switches muddy up a lot and don't make a ton of sense with their logic. Some do, but the majority don't.

  • Ubereats MXie
    Ubereats MXie 2 years ago

    They really love white lol 😂😂😂 if black watching this they will be ANGRY LOL

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