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THE NIGHT SHIFT: angry chef prank on logan paul

  • Published on Sep 3, 2020 veröffentlicht
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    on today's episode we finally get some payback on logan paul for all his heinous pranks at our expense, plus we take a trip to do some sliding with drift legend @Tj Hunt and @RUCKUS COMPANY and we introduce you to the newest member of our household, heybigmike jr.
    so you work the night shift? so do we. we can get thru this together. a random collection of news, stories, weather, and other random unplanned happenings. and tons of buttery toast.
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Comments • 3 946

  • EIStv
    EIStv 2 years ago +1203

    It's funny/sad that whenever anything serious happens to Logan he always has to question the truth of his reality

    • Giari Knaapen
      Giari Knaapen 4 months ago

      One of the best comments

    • Neo Astral
      Neo Astral 2 years ago

      I mean if it something that he can't handle like that chef then why not

    • J T
      J T 2 years ago +2

      @money is de motto he didn't believe it that's why he questioned it lmao. And its better to be sure then sorry.

    • J T
      J T 2 years ago +4

      Well not really. He just wants to make sure what his next move is. He knows he can fuck someone up and leave them in a bad state. The moment he let's out a punch and lands it right the man can be down for a good while his just been responsible and not just getting himself in a situation where he can regret his actions. In my opinion his just matured more and not just a kid that's looking for a motive to fuck shit up.

    • Nser_Uame
      Nser_Uame 2 years ago +1

      @money is de motto sorry uncle

    10K SUBS NO VIDEOS 2 years ago +1537

    Logan paul was really about to defend his friend for a big guy...true friend

    • N Rod
      N Rod Year ago


    • robert 625
      robert 625 Year ago

      He was bout to get his ass handed to him

    • de’Monte Davies
      de’Monte Davies Year ago

      @Phoenix Green tf are you on about he is pure muscle Logan is pure fuckin dork

    • George-_-
      George-_- Year ago

      Dang what a good friend 😃

    • Ethan
      Ethan Year ago +2

      This didn’t age well

  • Dany Sheply
    Dany Sheply 2 years ago +894

    Logan’s Lowkey a real ass friend, he was ready to fight that dude instantly just because he pushed mike

    • Alexhitthat
      Alexhitthat Month ago

      @NBA/NFL Mixtapes ksi won by 2 points 💀 plus street fight and boxing is way different

    • Matrixdue
      Matrixdue 2 months ago

      @NBA/NFL Mixtapes we never said he’d win. Just that he’s a real one for instantly standing up for his friends, despite his opponent being more experienced and more deadly

    • Spydr
      Spydr 8 months ago +1

      @Chase 100%

    • Spydr
      Spydr 8 months ago

      @NBA/NFL Mixtapes if KSI and Logan had a legit fight with fists and no gloves. Logan would kill KSI in under 15 seconds.

    • Slater Htx
      Slater Htx Year ago

      @NBA/NFL Mixtapes logan would slam ksi on his head

  • Ryan Gibson
    Ryan Gibson 2 years ago +167

    Logan’s a true friend for standing up to a guy triple his size! More respect for him ✊

  • eTamm
    eTamm 2 years ago +1695

    Logan: "Is this real right now?"
    Also Logan: *Hopes it's not, because he's not ready to die

    • Grace Joy
      Grace Joy Year ago

      Logan actually has solid wrestling. I’m not a fan of his, but he could have easily taking the chef down and beaten him up. If we are being truly objective… Logan smashes that guy.

    • BramFN
      BramFN Year ago

      @Bsbsbsh Shshhshs bro the chef is a military combat trainer. If someone knows how to fight is it the chef bro

    • IndiakaDank
      IndiakaDank Year ago

      Logan would mess him up he's just on steroids lmao

    • Kevin Berry
      Kevin Berry Year ago

      Bruh do u even a see Logan, guy looks like Dolf Lundgren is rocky 4

    • beetle Juice
      beetle Juice Year ago

      @Bsbsbsh Shshhshs he’s a combat trainer

  • Adnan A
    Adnan A 2 years ago +2383

    Logan’s a good friend here but the jacked chef is military trained. He would’ve destroyed anyone there that tried to fight him.

    • Alex D
      Alex D 3 months ago

      Not with that lack of mobility lol

    • Elias Heath
      Elias Heath 8 months ago

      I bet u logan paul got more of a chance then u think. Yall act like just cuz someone is military trained, they can never be beaten. Logan was a national state wrestler In highscool, and some of college. And he box.

    • Jorge Verjel
      Jorge Verjel 8 months ago

      @Leo:-: bro being in the miilitaru doesn’t mean you can beat anyone in a fight💀

    • Bill Madison
      Bill Madison Year ago

      Milts a trainer. Does that mean he can beat up Logan? If that trainer really tried to fight it wouldn't have been 1v1. You know Mike and the rest of the dudes in that house are jumping on that chef.

    • Jonas Hume
      Jonas Hume Year ago

      @Arthur Vandelaer wrong

  • KeyForkTV
    KeyForkTV 2 years ago +2168

    He lucky Evan wasn’t there he would have F’ed him up😂

  • Mr Hussain
    Mr Hussain 2 years ago +104

    Logan's a G!! That "chef" looked like he'd eat people for breakfast

  • Tdonz
    Tdonz 2 years ago

    Thank you for just giving me a distraction from everything. I been blowing thru all impaulsive podcasts on spotify and it just betters my day. Give a thank you to logan and all the impaulsive and nightshift crew. Goodshit on the come up and growth my dude. Thank you

  • Foto Finura
    Foto Finura 2 years ago +454

    "I'm about to fuck this dude up...to the best of my ability" Logan realised mid-sentence that he'd take another L trying to fight that guy 😂

    • Joaquin Reyes
      Joaquin Reyes Year ago +1

      he actually can dosent matter if this guy if a soldier he has more people by his side

    • nobody
      nobody Year ago +1

      @Joshua Castillo i feel like that chef is full of shit

    • Joshua Castillo
      Joshua Castillo Year ago

      @Sammy Sam the chef is a comback trainer he would kill logan

    • Sammy Sam
      Sammy Sam Year ago +4

      I dont know man, Logan got hands and a d1 wrestling background
      Dude's legit

    • hold tight asznee
      hold tight asznee Year ago +4

      @Boutabag logan would, i mean he has legs and hes white

  • Official A4J
    Official A4J 2 years ago +2045

    Logan is a real one though 😂 he told him to pack up real quick as soon as the guy was stepping out of line

    • Mortalz
      Mortalz 11 months ago

      @TattedBoi wtf

    • BrianSewellOutdoors
      BrianSewellOutdoors 2 years ago +2

      @TattedBoi tf you talking about dude was talking logan was backing up his homie bro of coarse he gonna tell him to get then the shove you telling me you wouldn’t try and back your best friend up

    • Aaron Harman
      Aaron Harman 2 years ago

      @Abzeco easy say that

    • Jago
      Jago 2 years ago

      What did u want him to do? tell him to stay and unpack.

    • Bullsheetlatin Speaker
      Bullsheetlatin Speaker 2 years ago

      @Purple Tri What?

  • Leesha Kirk
    Leesha Kirk 2 years ago

    That was the best prank.... you need to do more of them..... loved your maturity and loyalty Logan , wouldn’t expect anything else. Great work peeps 💖
    Chef vs Logan in the ring 🤣

  • P Sun
    P Sun 2 years ago +100

    Logan was ready to die for his friend real shit right there

  • Amy Nicole NC
    Amy Nicole NC 2 years ago

    Happy Birthday Beautiful hope your day has been as amazing as you are! Please keep the awesome content coming! The night shift is always a highlight of my day when yall upload! Love you guys!

  • Harkins
    Harkins 2 years ago +696

    That chef's arms are the size of someone's torso. He would have wrung Logan dry like a wet cloth 😂

    • bluesss 149nsss
      bluesss 149nsss Year ago

      Lol did you forget ksi said size doesn't matter 🙄

    • JORDAN 07 / SV
      JORDAN 07 / SV Year ago

      You seem like a 5yr old Logan fan. How in the hell do you think Logan has a chance vs a combat trained retired master sergeant... maybe do actual research before you start chatting shit to everyone else.

    • Mika Cossey
      Mika Cossey Year ago

      Logan was a state wrestler.

    • Neilas B
      Neilas B Year ago

      He’s small as hell tho lmao

    • Fasvic
      Fasvic Year ago

      @Stanislav Spon don’t know what that mean but cool I don’t care

  • Dustin McDonald
    Dustin McDonald 2 years ago +2765

    That camera man is the real MVP, dude literally almost got hit by that car lol

  • dp
    dp 2 years ago +80

    LOGAN's a type of friend that every person should have

  • Don B
    Don B Year ago

    Much respect to Logan who was completely willing to stand up for his boy!!!!

  • Francisco Castro
    Francisco Castro 2 years ago


  • Mr Australia
    Mr Australia 2 years ago +3

    I praise mike for turning his life around what a kind sole he has, past is the past, keep it going my guy, ledgend

  • Lybroan James
    Lybroan James 2 years ago +2434

    The chef should be on the vlogs more often! CONTENT

    • Richard Voiello
      Richard Voiello Year ago

      How big do you reckon his Dick is.

    • Treetribe915
      Treetribe915 2 years ago

      He’s in a lot of vlogs with big boy and kali muscle

    • kaio カイオ
      kaio カイオ 2 years ago

      wait... now no me

    • Silent ACE
      Silent ACE 2 years ago

      clip-share.net/video/zyOZ8tRr1GY/video.html LOL This Is What You Call INSANE!!

    • MicAndChris
      MicAndChris 2 years ago

      Brock L which was when?

  • TheDon
    TheDon 2 years ago

    This was a great episode mike, good rebound

  • Timothy Benton
    Timothy Benton 2 years ago

    That was funny as shit I thought it was one of the best pranks ever you guys need to get him more often.

  • xX_Qu1ckSc0p3zZHD_Xx
    xX_Qu1ckSc0p3zZHD_Xx Year ago +32

    poor chef, just wanted to act along but this was the last time weve seen him

  • Em's 22 lifestyle
    Em's 22 lifestyle 2 years ago

    I always laugh whenever Logan hits the beer in a Drift haha

  • HotHoncho
    HotHoncho 2 years ago +1721

    Logan been pranked so much he don't know whats fake and whats real anymore.

    • shalala lalala
      shalala lalala Year ago

      I think nahh he just asking that because when that big guy talk logan would beat that big shit up

    • zagros qazy
      zagros qazy Year ago


    • Vakyrae xii
      Vakyrae xii Year ago


    • Apex Predator
      Apex Predator Year ago


    • lousy cat
      lousy cat Year ago

      @Sho Shaun I will.And if I don’t I that means I already did

  • woody
    woody 2 years ago

    I mean fair play to Logan, the entire time you can see him trying to process how the fuck is he gonna deal with a guy like that, he was willing to _try_ and do what it took to stick up for his friend regardless. GG logan

  • Corey Daniels
    Corey Daniels 2 years ago +10

    I’m a lil upset that chef didn’t get enough recognition... I mean man !!! This dude is a real life super hero...

  • Dallin Sly
    Dallin Sly 2 years ago

    It was really cool to see Logan level headed seeing first to understand before there was a serious altercation then verifying it was a real threat.

  • Ricardo V
    Ricardo V 2 years ago +1

    Mike pls make more videos like this they are really fun

  • Aleš Jesenovec
    Aleš Jesenovec 2 years ago +1204

    Dani just cleaning in the back...she's a real keeper

  • Agustin
    Agustin 2 years ago

    By far my favorite episode of all time!!!

  • Melo
    Melo 2 years ago +1

    Respect to the camera man who really risked his life to get the perfect shot 5:16

  • J K
    J K 2 years ago

    For someone who constantly stands up for “the little guy” and people who struggle you’re a real piece of work with how you blatantly attacked Mac in the podcast video. Wow maybe I was wrong about you.

  • Nick B
    Nick B 2 years ago

    I only just started watching this vlog and figuring out who all these influencers are and Logan has made headlines in kind of the stereotypical LA influencer way and shit, but I give him a lot of respect for clearly being willing to throw down on someone bigger than him for his friend.

  • I
    I 2 years ago

    Logan handled the situation like a perfect gentleman. Polite at first then ready to bust some ass when shit got real

  • rad lad
    rad lad 2 years ago

    Imagine paying for a Chef and getting a Security Guard, Combat Trainer, Combat Vet.

  • ethan vigil
    ethan vigil 2 years ago

    i respect logan for standing up so quickly

  • alitsuki
    alitsuki 2 years ago +1

    Logan’s heart dropped 2 his stomach once he witnessed the prank lol! 😂👌🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻🙏🏻 great job mike.

  • Vic
    Vic 2 years ago

    Logan would’ve knocked him out for sure but loving the videos Mike turning into a family man . Love to see it

  • Dylan Mingo
    Dylan Mingo 2 years ago +7

    When you can’t even be in your own house without questioning everything😂

  • Evan Arredondo
    Evan Arredondo 2 years ago

    Props to Logan for actually willing to defend mike even tho he knew he was gonna get his a$$ beat

  • killua
    killua 2 years ago

    i swear mike is the only Clip-Sharer that has fun content

  • Chef Rush
    Chef Rush 2 years ago +1428

    Chef Rush, cooked for last 4 Presidents , decorated COMBAT vet, in 4 campaigns/20 missions, quick kill expert, do 2,222 push-ups a day for suicide awareness, and a bad ASS Chef.
    Epic Prank by the crew! And so much fun.. and No! I wouldn’t fought Logan, if he would’ve swung I would’ve ate the punches like I always do, and give him nice hug 🤗 lol hope you guys enjoyed as much as I did. And thanks Big Mike and Milton the Superstars!!
    Glad to be apart,

    • bonkerzisgood
      bonkerzisgood 4 months ago

      It only takes one punch to knock someone out and the better boxer will land first

    • kaio カイオ
      kaio カイオ 2 years ago

      speaking of which

      KEYDOOR 2 years ago

      @Jen & Juice I think there actually is a slow kill expert. Like torturers and things.

    • Dan10
      Dan10 2 years ago

      Chef rush bossing it 💪🏻💪🏿

    • Fresh Xan
      Fresh Xan 2 years ago

      Respect bro

  • Skilly B
    Skilly B Year ago +1

    I don’t like Logan but that’s actually cool of him to stand up for Mike even if we would have been killed if he fought him 😂

  • Azeroji
    Azeroji 2 years ago +100

    I like how logan is protective with his friend but let's be honest that chef would literraly destroy logan 😂😂

    • AJ-HAWK
      AJ-HAWK Year ago

      @Bradley Gill 🤡

    • Astro
      Astro Year ago +1

      @Bradley Gill That geezer was a Combat Veteran who served in the Army lmao.

    • Jonathan Van doorn
      Jonathan Van doorn Year ago

      Strength doesn’t win fights, skill does

    • Bradley Gill
      Bradley Gill Year ago

      Logan would knock this geezer clean out

    • Raven Stone
      Raven Stone 2 years ago +1

      and u telling the other dude he knows nothing about fighting, in that case u dont know either, i've done kickboxing for years and i've had good amounts of street, luckily i made it out safe in all of them. I won most of them by knocking them out or with my fist or with a kick to the head or the body, there was one time where i fought a high level judo/bjj guy and knocked his head. Ground fighting is important and can decide the outcome of the fight, but the punch is all that matters.

  • Nick Obermeier
    Nick Obermeier 2 years ago

    bro logan that’s respect my bro u were bout it when it came to holding it down for ur guy. that’s valid💯

  • Mcdonald's Big Mac
    Mcdonald's Big Mac Year ago +11

    Love how protective logan got over his homie ,mike forgets that his friend not only boxes now but he wrestled for a long time the kid is more dangerous than people give him credit for that's why he had the balls to stand up to him for mike

  • tempts
    tempts 2 years ago +2445

    me: the food’s trash
    this chef: the food’s good
    me: the food’s good

    • Joaquin Reyes
      Joaquin Reyes Year ago

      he can actually win he has more people by his side and he can help him

    • Joe Hernandez
      Joe Hernandez Year ago


    • JORDAN 07 / SV
      JORDAN 07 / SV Year ago

      He is that chef lol.

    • Jake Seay
      Jake Seay Year ago

      I’m pretty sure the chef used to cook for the White House he looks just like that chef

    • Some Random Channel
      Some Random Channel Year ago +1

      It’s like Ramsay:
      Me: that food looks good
      Gordon: disgusting
      Me: disgusting

  • Aguamang
    Aguamang Year ago +1

    Most personal chefs ask the person they’re cooking for what they would like to eat.
    This guy could just walk in and be like “we’re eating lasagna today bitch sit down” and everyone would be like “yes sir would you like us to get you some water sir?”

  • brett heath
    brett heath Year ago

    got to give Logan props he wasn't taking a back step he legit was down to throw them hands

  • CaptainMaakasu
    CaptainMaakasu 2 years ago

    TBH I loved how Logan took the alpha position in an confrontation to protect his mate! +1 in respect, aka good prank ^^

  • Bas Thompson
    Bas Thompson 2 years ago

    Haha, i love that Logan was gonna go at it.. But my god, He had totally obliterated him!!! 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

  • Oyster Sauce
    Oyster Sauce 2 years ago +1296

    Lmao the chef ain’t scared

    • Alfred Ng
      Alfred Ng Year ago

      @I’m Up true

    • Rennoz UwU
      Rennoz UwU Year ago

      SWheatz Just cuz looked lost to ksi at BOXING doesn’t he’s just straight up the better fighter

    • Gaming Legend
      Gaming Legend 2 years ago

      Rocking BY dude the chef served in the military. He is a combat trainer. He is a specialist in deadly force without a weapon. Look him up. Also he beat the Guinness world record for most pushups in 10 mins I think it was 2,222

    • Rocking BY
      Rocking BY 2 years ago

      @Gaming Legend yall rlly think ksi is the best XD it was split decision and when logan and ksi were doing their how hard they can punch logan topped ksi logan is a lay back guy we all know logan should have won but ksi was much of a brawler while logan wasnt thats the think logan is a wresteler if the fight goes to him on land ez vic yall just full of muscle in brains thinking muscle can win smh

    • Gaming Legend
      Gaming Legend 2 years ago

      Rocking BY Logan isn’t a boxer lmao he is a Clip-Sharer lmao he got beat by KSI.

  • Mike Ferrigno
    Mike Ferrigno 2 years ago

    Dude cooks in camos , what a boss. Looks mad chill too, I can guarantee he brings viewers too

  • Blazen
    Blazen 2 years ago

    U can tell logan really did not want to fight the guy off of his hesitation 😂😂

  • 94 Rusha
    94 Rusha 2 years ago

    That’s a real one right there💯 had to make sure it was real before knocking some heads💯 never had no love for Logan but he sure got my respect, mans was ready to fight his friends battles

  • joshua flores
    joshua flores 2 years ago

    Thanks for not doing a apologize this video you did nothing wrong on the deleted episode of Impaulsive! Keep it up mike!

  • Danylo CK
    Danylo CK 2 years ago +555

    Im surprised that the whole house didn't collapse by the amount of tension. Tbh i wanted to see that fight happen

    • Gaming Legend
      Gaming Legend 2 years ago

      Black Jesus u are so delusional if he was slow and got winded fast why does he hold the Guinness world record for most pushups?

    • Danylo CK
      Danylo CK 2 years ago

      Guys calm down .It doesn’t matter who would’ve won, even if Logan would’ve gotten snapped. 😂,But again Logan isn’t a easy fight either.So idk

    • xGear Gasage
      xGear Gasage 2 years ago

      Same here

    • Forsaken
      Forsaken 2 years ago

      Red Fear Obviously you don’t know how military works. The big dude was a martial arts trainer so obviously he has around 10+ years of experience. Idk if you know this but when you throw a punch at someone who knows martial arts be ready to get dropped to the ground.

    • This
      This 2 years ago

      Red Fear “profesional boxer”

  • Eason Shook
    Eason Shook 2 years ago

    The fact Logan said something and made sure before it was real before doing it is fucking awesome

  • Aspera
    Aspera 2 years ago +4

    imagine if you genuinely dont like chef rush’s food

  • Alissa Caputo
    Alissa Caputo Year ago +10

    Anyone else have more anxiety watching the dog walk around and eat near the plate shards than the fight that's about to happen?

  • daviskaya100
    daviskaya100 2 years ago

    I admire him for stepping up to the plate for he's friend....

  • David Brangaccio
    David Brangaccio 2 years ago +1434

    Logan: “is this really happening”
    That was so tense. 😬😅

    • David Brangaccio
      David Brangaccio 2 years ago

      HAHA. On second thought, realizing you’re referencing Dobrik 🙃😂🤣

    • David Brangaccio
      David Brangaccio 2 years ago

      Junior Maqueto heeeyy. You watched 😎👋🏻🤙🏻

    • David Brangaccio
      David Brangaccio 2 years ago

      GGboSSxX 1810 Logan’s got skills but....... dude would have eaten Logan. 🤣😂

    • GGboSSxX 1810
      GGboSSxX 1810 2 years ago +1

      David Brangaccio Logan wasn't gonna do shit to that mountain of a human 😂

    • Red Drua
      Red Drua 2 years ago

      @IVEY 96 Did you not see that black man step backwards when Logan was in his face hahahahahahahahaha

  • Cannas Garden
    Cannas Garden 2 years ago

    That was dope shout out to Logan for being a real one

  • Wolf Plays
    Wolf Plays 2 years ago

    Love how Logan was willing to take on a dude that big for his buddy true friend!

    • Red
      Red 2 years ago

      Well Logan is a boxer

  • Bhesk24 7
    Bhesk24 7 Year ago

    Logan was ready to get his ass whooped 😂

    GRZZLY 2 years ago +53

    Logan was like: “I’ve been a situation like this before I just can’t put my finger on it”

  • Flakoeran
    Flakoeran 2 years ago +647

    I don't care what anyone says. Logan is a real bro.

    • kaio カイオ
      kaio カイオ 2 years ago

      DQ The Dime I mean I guess yur right besides the 600 people who clicked on it😔

    • kaio カイオ
      kaio カイオ 2 years ago

      stygames I’m not even legal and I do have a job🙂

    • Cristiano DQ
      Cristiano DQ 2 years ago

      Nah your wrong mike=👑

    • Cristiano DQ
      Cristiano DQ 2 years ago +1

      kaio stfu no ones clicking on your link

      XIIXIIXIIX 2 years ago +1

      @Junior Maqueto no

  • MarioXGN
    MarioXGN Year ago +1

    I like how Logan handled that situation.

  • Ciforescu
    Ciforescu 2 years ago

    The chef would have messed Logan up real bad 😂

  • weekend warrior
    weekend warrior 10 months ago

    I love that Mike is supposed to be such a badass what did he do run away like he always does

  • Adann 35
    Adann 35 2 years ago

    Mike I’m a new fan but I really like your content because I been through stuff myself and I know you have and it gives me hope I can be successful in life like you.

  • Prohfecy
    Prohfecy 2 years ago

    Logan’s a good guy man I would have done the same like idc whos in front of me. Good ass prank though😂👍🏻

  • Yash Khelkar
    Yash Khelkar 2 years ago

    If you noticed dany just cleaned the floor , like wow. I like how Logan treats his employees almost like a friend and is so open 😅,
    Similarly I like how dany just cleans it without ego.

    THE AVENGERS 2 months ago +1

    Back to this legendary prank love logan and mike - Sep 2022

  • first ,
    first , 2 years ago

    logan seems like a great friend and person

  • Kyle
    Kyle 2 years ago +151

    That camera man deserves a pay raise, ain’t no way in hell my ass would be standing right there while y’all drifting lol

    • Angel
      Angel 2 years ago +1

      I would for you! Sorry I got hacked what a frecken simp😅😥

  • Darryl Kemp
    Darryl Kemp 2 years ago

    Fair play to logan he was ready to go

  • boi
    boi 2 years ago

    Aww, Logan was so close to tears. I'm glad you ended it before he embarassed himself.

    • Jim Claus
      Jim Claus Year ago

      Close to tears??? Lol! You mean he was shaky voiced because his adrenaline was going and he was about to fire off on the ‘chef’??? Ok

  • Obi-wan Kenobi
    Obi-wan Kenobi Year ago +59

    “ is that for real?”
    Bruh😂 that’s like asking if anyone is home and someone responding “no”

    • PlutoKushChris
      PlutoKushChris Year ago +1

      if u live in a house with multiple influencers it’s safer to not get sued by hitting someone than to ask a simple question to clarify whether this is real or a prank....

    • K
      K Year ago

      He wasnt gonna do shit😂😂if you're about it u just swing without opening your mouth

    • 1k EXzy
      1k EXzy Year ago


  • that ek dude
    that ek dude 2 years ago +1

    Hey at least Mike knows Logan would take an ass kicking for him lmao

  • Arik not Erik
    Arik not Erik 2 years ago +1458

    Logan: * puts the prank on the Maverick club*
    Mike: * puts it in his video*

    • Dustythedude
      Dustythedude 2 years ago

      Dude my 5 year old daughter has the same birthday as lana rhoades. Im winning as a dad

    • Jason Pena
      Jason Pena 2 years ago

      De values the maverick club by posting their "exclusive" content on his vlog!?

    • escoAM
      escoAM 2 years ago

      Just like everyone says mikes a hustler

    • Syed Baqir
      Syed Baqir 2 years ago

      Mike the leach

    • Julia Musk
      Julia Musk 2 years ago


  • Sam Louie
    Sam Louie 2 years ago

    Logan’s stance/face right before he asked “did you just push my friend” said it all 😭

    BRAD LYON 2 years ago

    Can you imagine the shit that would've gone down if Logan and the chef thrown hands.. Milton be fucking everyone's shit up!

  • Ben
    Ben 2 years ago +505

    3:14 Evan looking like a demon in the corner

  • Jarel17-
    Jarel17- 2 years ago +3

    Logan in his mind: Damn I'm gonna have to get fucked up for my friend 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • The Intelligent Investor
    The Intelligent Investor 2 years ago +670

    Why did Josie come in like she was going to beat someones ass in logan red Versace robe 🤣🤣

    • James Mcgarvey
      James Mcgarvey 2 years ago

      Hannes Ranta-Nilkku ye ino the comments these days😂

    • Hannes Ranta-Nilkku
      Hannes Ranta-Nilkku 2 years ago

      the responds to your comment. some porn scams that steal your money and a fucking preacher. nice

    • Olivia K
      Olivia K 2 years ago

      Emiliano Zapateados why do you keep commenting this?

    • Mike Rojo
      Mike Rojo 2 years ago +5

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    • Nathan
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  • Joaquin Almaraz
    Joaquin Almaraz 2 years ago

    Brody was chill asf 😂 Eating the Food

  • T S - Mad Dog
    T S - Mad Dog 7 months ago

    People don't realize how good of a wrestler your buddy Logan was in Ohio. Combatives guy and being a soldier, means nothing when going up against a top level wrestler Logan has been.

  • maya
    maya 2 years ago +11

    I like how Logan wasn’t afraid to tell the guy to leave as soon as he saw an attitude problem, he was so straight to the point

    • altaf ahmad
      altaf ahmad 2 years ago

      @RivaniUC costa is a shitty wrestler for ufc standards which is why logan could hold his own
      logan was wrestling on a national level at the time dont underestimate him

    • LoveDrama
      LoveDrama 2 years ago +1

      @RivaniUC you saw how quick the chef turned as soon as he saw logan😂 Logan ain't no wannabe he knows how to fight and he's a great wrestler he was literally wrestling Paulo Costa a few months ago and was holding his own so if he can do that to a professional ufc fighter imagine wtf he can do to this guy ?

  • Ali co
    Ali co 2 years ago

    Phenomenal acting by the chef

  • Daniel Diaz
    Daniel Diaz 2 years ago +444

    Damn Logan a real one for having ur back like that😂💯

    • Vakyrae xii
      Vakyrae xii Year ago

      @Jay G. but KSI did and he’s a lot smaller.

    • - Afreed
      - Afreed 2 years ago

      @Chapinero217 I'm late but here clip-share.net/video/Q9CBv6vD4zQ/video.html

    • - Afreed
      - Afreed 2 years ago

      @D’DIOZ clip-share.net/video/Q9CBv6vD4zQ/video.html

    • Junior Maqueto
      Junior Maqueto 2 years ago

      kaio I like your song bro

    • Chapinero217
      Chapinero217 2 years ago

      ig: a4reed link?

  • Alonest
    Alonest 2 years ago

    Please tell me Logan hired that chef! He seems funnny af
    Also, he reminds me of the chef from Total Drama

  • nobe mcd
    nobe mcd 2 years ago

    the chef the goat fr we need him in more videos

  • Coleman Jeter
    Coleman Jeter Year ago

    That man is a chef bodyguard combo 😂

  • Gamers Hub
    Gamers Hub 2 years ago

    Love how josie got freaked out😂

  • Jay Cub
    Jay Cub 2 years ago +1213

    Who thinks Logan should have a spar with that chef?
    Like so he can see

  • zelvanyan
    zelvanyan Year ago

    That man is not only a mountain but he's also ARMY 20 plus years and a COMBATIVE TRAINER LEVEL 1, 2, and 3, like he said. Logan had no chance with weapon or without weapon. But he's actions were commendable, I'd wager even the Chef would agree.

  • SFuture Gaming
    SFuture Gaming 2 years ago

    It's kinda funny that logan has been around pranks so much that he's always making sure, which tbh isn't a bad thing. Yeah the guys jacked but one good punch can sit anyone down, it would've been funny if logan punched him but the guy doesn't get hurt of course.