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I Installed The GTA V Chaos Mod!

  • Published on Sep 8, 2020 veröffentlicht
  • This GTA mod makes the game way more fun and crazier. Of course we had to add a challenge to it.
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  • Jeruhmi
    Jeruhmi Year ago +1416

    The chaos mod actually *installs* you.

    • The Collin Show
      The Collin Show 6 days ago

      I guess that’s True

    • e Studio Gaming
      e Studio Gaming Month ago

      why Why ??/

    • ŠparkłeGłitch
      ŠparkłeGłitch 8 months ago


    • Dwight The Admin
      Dwight The Admin 8 months ago

      @Trippy h

    • Crazy8Gaming
      Crazy8Gaming 8 months ago

      Say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • saeyi
    saeyi 3 months ago +630

    How karl went from 40k to 225 forever remains a mystery to me

  • 1000 subscribers pls
    1000 subscribers pls 8 months ago +191

    The chaos mod is so realistic. Jimmy just earns quarter of a million and turns everything gold while Chandler just keeps losing.

  • Drew Fierman
    Drew Fierman 8 months ago +511

    love how at 1:33 Karl gets Midas touch and gains 47k, then two seconds later has $225 and is in last place, chaos mod at its finest

  • Fyra_Cat
    Fyra_Cat 3 months ago +105

    So, I think I understand all the confusion, Chris and Karl, maybe more, would have had a ton more money if they used their bank account number rather than their cash number, on the flip side, if jimmy had checked the cash number it would be low and he would have likely lost. I think that's the confusing part, Jimmy checked his in game bank account whereas the rest of them just checked how much money they had on their person

  • WaffleGames
    WaffleGames 9 months ago +301

    Is sounds so realistic for Jimmy to have thousands of more dollars than everyone else 😂

    • The Person Who Asked
      The Person Who Asked 4 months ago +1

      @MassiveDiamond Mrbeast had golden touch

    • devious
      devious 8 months ago +6

      @MassiveDiamond no he didnt

    • MassiveDiamond
      MassiveDiamond 8 months ago

      No offense to jimmy but I feel like he cheated because lazarbeam did it and he got no money and he played for over a hour. Still love his content tho.

    • Shannon Barnes
      Shannon Barnes 8 months ago

      Yeah facts

    • Daddy and Izzy Gusmus
      Daddy and Izzy Gusmus 8 months ago +2

      Karl actually got Midas touch when all of the people disappeared so he won the challenge

  • Gabe Moulton
    Gabe Moulton Year ago +615

    chandler is unintentionally the funniest person in this group 😂

    • Emiley K
      Emiley K 8 months ago

      true do

    • Fire loRd
      Fire loRd 8 months ago

      I thought karll was to me 😬

    • Raisul
      Raisul 9 months ago +2

      Meybe it's for you but chris is on another level

    • Cansu Cirit
      Cansu Cirit 9 months ago


  • Mr. Yeast
    Mr. Yeast 9 months ago +231

    Karl: *Gets 79k from Midas Touch*
    Jimmy: Alright, how much money does everyone have?
    Also Karl: 225

    • Mr. Yeast
      Mr. Yeast 4 months ago +1

      @Theportaldestroyer I don’t look at other comments bruh, we could have both had the same idea or smthn

    • Mr. Yeast
      Mr. Yeast 4 months ago +1

      @Theportaldestroyer who did I steal this from? Like what?

    • Theportaldestroyer
      Theportaldestroyer 4 months ago

      bruh dont steal comments

    • Gamer
      Gamer 4 months ago

      Yea literally what happened to the money? I am really curious to what happened

    • Mando
      Mando 8 months ago


  • Molly Sky
    Molly Sky Year ago +2963

    Karl: gets like 79k from Midas touch also Karl: “225”

  • theartist
    theartist 2 years ago +571

    Jimmy: Whatever I touch turns to money
    Everyone: As usual.

    • HWLego
      HWLego 4 months ago

      Karl had Midas Touch too but he didn’t notice

    • Nadia!
      Nadia! 4 months ago


    • chelly
      chelly 2 years ago

      I mean ots quit true

    • a
      a 2 years ago

      This copied

    • ChrisPtoes27
      ChrisPtoes27 2 years ago

      Shrek E comment WTF

  • Nabil Khan
    Nabil Khan 11 months ago +173

    I love how Carl beats people up for money but realizes that all of the pedestrians are cops. That is karma

  • TheApexLegendsBeast
    TheApexLegendsBeast Year ago +651

    “I got 1/4 of $1,000,000 randomly”
    -Practically every person who Jimmy gives money to

    • Fire Ice Gaming
      Fire Ice Gaming 10 months ago +1

      Guys Chandler could won if he reset the game on last minute right?😂😂😂

    • HaniX
      HaniX Year ago +2

      @Brembor BRUH

    • Brembor
      Brembor Year ago +1

      @Seth Coblentz he is your dad

    • Seth Coblentz
      Seth Coblentz Year ago +1

      @Probally A Cereal Killer Woah! How'd you find me in two videos?

    • Probally A Cereal Killer
      Probally A Cereal Killer Year ago +1

      @Seth Coblentz stop being a hater

  • Keylime
    Keylime 2 months ago +2

    Another great video, making me want to download this mod. So damn funny!
    I would suggest to put seizure warnings on this video though due to the strobe lighting. I suffer from Epilepsy and couldn't watch that part of the video, so I'm sure I wasn't the only person affected.
    Also Happy New year!

  • Jinan Faruqui
    Jinan Faruqui Year ago +219

    Chris' chaos where he blows up if he doesn't go over 52mph is actually a reference to a movie called "Speed".

  • need2knowBasis
    need2knowBasis 9 months ago +30

    I love that Jimmy literally got a mod that turned everything to gold. So suiting.

  • yo_its_gingey
    yo_its_gingey 2 years ago +815

    so this is how jimmy makes his money. This is an accurate representation.

    • XanderX
      XanderX Year ago

      @PatriotStillPlays iwj (I was joking)

    • XanderX
      XanderX Year ago

      @PatriotStillPlays tHat maKeS a LoT oF SeNSe!!!!1!!!!11!!

    • Greasy
      Greasy Year ago

      It’s funny how Chris got HESOYAM but didn’t get $250,000 8:14

    • Alex Coom
      Alex Coom 2 years ago

      Just honey

    • Alex Coom
      Alex Coom 2 years ago


  • MR.F_012
    MR.F_012 10 months ago +65

    I love how Karl didn’t notice he got so much money with gold touch

  • skilledgod 500
    skilledgod 500 2 months ago +2

    i love how jimmy was only gone for 12min and lost 40k

  • Seo Eu Heng Ethan (Ahs)

    Seeing all the weird graphics are really amusing and entertaining :)

  • John Sullivan
    John Sullivan 29 days ago

    It’s kind of crazy how a janitor named chandler becomes an insanely funny guy

  • DaThunderBlade
    DaThunderBlade 3 months ago +5

    Chris's screams were the best thing in the video 💀
    Also 2:56 Intstant Regret

  • Ping Palabrica
    Ping Palabrica 2 years ago +642

    Now that Chandler's got his own island, MrBeast should surprise him with an Ostrich

    • Kristy Lawtonkeys
      Kristy Lawtonkeys Year ago

      Do you have any friends who play on Xbox

    • Brad Dalpaz
      Brad Dalpaz 2 years ago

      @Tribe Doom did you get your dream setup

    • yourname Ahs
      yourname Ahs 2 years ago

      Chandler buys ostriches and fill up the island with

  • kathy lombardi
    kathy lombardi Year ago +82

    4:19 was so cute, I love Karl's reactions 💜

    • a random dude
      a random dude 4 months ago


    • dragon slayer ornstien
      dragon slayer ornstien 7 months ago

      Ngl that's cringe

    • Saba Ali Khan
      Saba Ali Khan 10 months ago


    • OkWaitWhat
      OkWaitWhat 10 months ago +1

      @Bongoz there is no cute part don't wait lol

    • Bongoz
      Bongoz 10 months ago

      waiting on the cute part, he literally just paused cause he thought he died, some ppl wanna simp over anything haha

  • Akesifyy
    Akesifyy 5 months ago +5

    Chandler legit having a legit mental breakdown.
    Jimmy: Why do you like spicy foods so much?

  • HyperVlogs
    HyperVlogs Year ago +5

    7:25 Karl reaction was too real

  • Soph RIVER
    Soph RIVER 5 months ago +3

    I love how Karl got like 40k dollars in the game then he said he had ‘225’ 1:28

  • Neon Dj
    Neon Dj 2 years ago +32

    Karl: *tries to blow up helicopter with a RPG*
    Suicide: allow me to introduce myself

  • PIXMasterBG27
    PIXMasterBG27 Year ago +160

    Chris: Why am I teleported to mount chilliad so much
    DarkViperAU: *Laughing Intesifies*

    • Chernov Brichtofen
      Chernov Brichtofen 10 months ago

      @gaming upgrade Kevin has it easier compared to matto

    • Toni
      Toni 11 months ago +2

      Finally someone who knows matto

    • gaming upgrade
      gaming upgrade Year ago +3

      Lol same for Kevin

  • Phantom Dragon
    Phantom Dragon Year ago +35

    Technically Chris made the least amount of money, because they all started with around 200, but when factoring in loss of money Chandler still loses

    • Lily Campbell
      Lily Campbell 9 months ago

      @emmy lee its a comment section not a qna

    • Oliver Scott
      Oliver Scott 11 months ago

      Chris gets 250k because he got heosam

    • emmy lee
      emmy lee 11 months ago

      who asked

  • Benji - Brawl Stars

    If Chandler lied about getting him getting by saying “I got it, I got the money” I think he would’ve gotten away with it

  • f
    f Year ago +8

    These videos literally never get old ❤️

  • a person
    a person 9 months ago +4

    This is the most chaotic and one of the funniest videos i've probably ever seen

  • Anders Tausø Christensen
    Anders Tausø Christensen 2 years ago +174

    Jimmy: "There is so much chaos"
    Chandler: "No there isn't this is normal"

    • Tunnel Bear
      Tunnel Bear 9 months ago

      This is normal.

    • TheLilShadow
      TheLilShadow 2 years ago +1

      you are so funny and original quoting things they said

    • BigLars
      BigLars 2 years ago +1

      We need to hit 10 subs, join in the cause!!!

    • konkey kong.
      konkey kong. 2 years ago +1


  • Rizzard
    Rizzard Year ago +23

    Karl getting the suicide mod really just made my day

  • Chase's Game Room
    Chase's Game Room Year ago +12

    5:05 karl's reaction was so funny

  • Officer Mofiz
    Officer Mofiz 3 months ago

    Why do I always root for Chandler in these challenges!?

  • Harrison Scheeren
    Harrison Scheeren Year ago +94

    Why does Karl sound so sad when the people chasing him go away

    • Ashley Schneider
      Ashley Schneider Year ago

      It was Hess friend

    • QwErTY
      QwErTY Year ago +1

      @PancakeFilms *crippling depression*

    • Ghost YT
      Ghost YT Year ago +4

      Because he wants to be famous for once (just a joke)

    • PancakeFilms
      PancakeFilms Year ago +8

      because he’s sad.

  • Valu Vivao
    Valu Vivao 9 months ago +1

    Great videos Jimmy and everyone 👍

  • Mary Reingold
    Mary Reingold 2 years ago +275

    Chandler: “I literally have lag as a side affect”
    Jimmy: gets a quarter of a million dollars

    • Jonathan Fratz
      Jonathan Fratz Year ago

      I was kinda hoping that jimmy would get the poor boy side effect so he had all that money and then lose it all.

      JJ FRENZY Year ago


    • The President.
      The President. 2 years ago

      Bruh As Soon As I Saw This Chandler Said That Lol

    • Adam
      Adam 2 years ago


      EXO EDITS 2 years ago


  • khervs
    khervs Year ago +117

    Karl: Gets 49k from midas touch
    Mrbeast: How much do you have karl, chandler
    Also karl: 225

    • Cesar Orozco
      Cesar Orozco Year ago

      @mariusz zawadko he got it in the beginning when he made all the people chasing him disappear

    • miguel ramos
      miguel ramos Year ago +2

      @jamalhotcold when jimmy took a break he only lost 40k

    • miguel ramos
      miguel ramos Year ago +1

      @jamalhotcold u loose like 5k not 75k vro

    • mariusz zawadko
      mariusz zawadko Year ago

      When did that Karl get that money

    • adamus7655
      adamus7655 Year ago +3

      But he would not lose so much

  • Can Özbek
    Can Özbek 10 months ago +1

    MrBeast has still managed to earn money in GTA in such conditions

  • Diary of a Buyers Agent - Chris Clarke

    Jimmy: you need to get the money legit.
    Also jimmy: gets 25,000 dollars

    • Tunnel Bear
      Tunnel Bear 9 months ago

      Karl got 79k dollar because of midas touch.

    • SrPro_YT3
      SrPro_YT3 Year ago

      @Benson Allen and cuz its a reference to GTA SAN ANDREAS to the cheat code HESOYAM that gives u 250k

    • Bored Gaming
      Bored Gaming Year ago +2

      He says In-game and technically, the game gave him 250,000 dollars.

    • FifaMobile23
      FifaMobile23 Year ago

      @Benson Allen yeah lol

    • Benson Allen
      Benson Allen Year ago +7


  • Evan
    Evan 8 months ago +5

    I love how Karl made thousands of dollars and did not realize

  • Xander Blaze
    Xander Blaze 2 years ago +153

    Moral of the story :- Mr.Beast can never be poor.

  • Enderfox
    Enderfox Year ago +16

    I absolutely LOVED how Karl reacted when everyone was chasing him. It was so funny and I just loved it. Personally Karl is my favourite one of the boys!

    • Cabbage
      Cabbage 11 months ago


    • MichaelM
      MichaelM Year ago

      I would like this, but you play gacha life

    • Juli Roset
      Juli Roset Year ago +1

      El mio también, aunque no me entiendas.

  • Sorimations
    Sorimations Year ago +37

    Jimmy: I got Midas touch!
    Me: Of course you do, you're Mr Beast.

  • Gamer god 2yt
    Gamer god 2yt 3 months ago +5

    Most normal day in Ohio 💀

  •  SSO  Dark Arrow
    SSO Dark Arrow  Year ago +17

    I love when Karl killed all of his 'fans' his face was so innocent

  • ŠŁÃX
    ŠŁÃX 10 months ago +4

    7:26 better turn on your captions bois

  • RiddleIQ
    RiddleIQ 2 years ago +45

    Let's all appreciate that jimmy always starts the video with so much enthusiasm😂

    • josh newmark
      josh newmark 2 years ago

      Sully and the facial expression in all his thumbnails !

    • josh newmark
      josh newmark 2 years ago

      and his facial expression in all the thumbnails 🤣

    • Sully
      Sully 2 years ago +2

      That’s part of his Clip-Share algorithm 😅 he literally said it one time he does that on purpose!

  • Anthony Wassenberg

    Isn't it convenient mrbeast never loses a challenge that involves a punishment

  • Gustas Simanavičius
    Gustas Simanavičius 10 months ago +7

    Jimmy: how's it going on chaos mod?
    Karl: I wanna die
    *later that video*
    Karl's character: *does a suicide*
    Chaos mod: your wish is my command.

  • Error516
    Error516 3 months ago +1

    MrBeast in 2100:Buying Mars and spending in 100 hours

  • Laxmi Alawa
    Laxmi Alawa Year ago +19

    Karl's hmm was so adorable

  • Jyriel Christofe Tepacia
    Jyriel Christofe Tepacia 2 months ago +1

    Mrbeast in 2051: Sinking the Miami and Suprising them With a New One

  • Benny Boi#6
    Benny Boi#6 2 years ago +104

    Mr Beast installs chaos mod...
    Karl: It's really chaotic
    Chandler: What do you mean, nothing's happening.
    All of us: Oh Chandler, you're just special.

  • Jackmemeboi
    Jackmemeboi Year ago +17

    Chris: there is some random dude’s face on my screen Lester: you think I am a joke

  • Gamer dog
    Gamer dog 7 months ago +1

    Karl just went from 21,000 to 225 in 10 seconds lol

  • Kostyantyn Fedus
    Kostyantyn Fedus 27 days ago

    Would you rather have half the speed or disabled left and right movement?

  • Kaden Bulthuis
    Kaden Bulthuis Year ago

    Chris’s reaction at the fake death is so funny

  • Lè Shàwn Dè Wàlrùs
    Lè Shàwn Dè Wàlrùs 8 months ago +6

    I love how Jimmy gets 250k and the ability to get golden cars instantly.

  • Jaiden Christian
    Jaiden Christian Year ago +482

    7:23 Karls reaction felt too real

    • lil vic
      lil vic Year ago +1

      That’s sad

    • Sir.
      Sir. Year ago

      Jimmy: “I got Midas touch!”
      Chandler: «they spawned a Ferris wheel on me»

    • Random Poorly Drawn Dragon
      Random Poorly Drawn Dragon Year ago

      @Coffeeisnecessarynow why

    • Hatsune Lemon
      Hatsune Lemon Year ago +2

      @Coffeeisnecessarynow You are giving me ddlc flashbacks

    • Coffeeisnecessarynow
      Coffeeisnecessarynow Year ago +7

      I just imagined Nolan with a rope around his neck hanging and Karl yelling

  • Luke Ainley
    Luke Ainley 11 months ago

    Chris's reactions are the best

  • Dark
    Dark 5 months ago

    1:28 - 1:44
    How did Karl lose all the money he got from all the people he midas touched so fast?!

  • Ashli Hammond
    Ashli Hammond 6 months ago

    When he said "We are done.." Chandler was just like: Why r we still here.. Just to suffer.

  •  SSO  Dark Arrow
    SSO Dark Arrow  Year ago +4

    Jimmy: Why do you like spicy food so much?
    Chandler: *Ignores*

  • dumb dumb
    dumb dumb 9 months ago +1

    Let's donate 1$ for Chandler's sadness streak of losing:(

  • Savannah Simonds
    Savannah Simonds Year ago +377

    Karl: smacks pedestrians for money.
    Pedestrians are all cops.
    Karl: I’m so screwed

    • DSM
      DSM 10 months ago

      We aint deaf

    • Sir.
      Sir. Year ago

      @Turtlesrprettycool kinda late to reply wit that

    • Sir.
      Sir. Year ago +2

      Jimmy: “I got Midas touch!”
      Chandler: «they spawned a Ferris wheel on me»

  • Ghost YT
    Ghost YT Year ago

    Chris:keeps getting teleported to mount chillyad
    The aliens: why you keep leaving you the chosen one boy

  • Jeffrey Sturm
    Jeffrey Sturm Year ago +2

    Hold up. At 1:32 Karl gets 47000 dollars. Ten seconds later he only has 225. How did he lose so much

  • Short ‘n Sweet
    Short ‘n Sweet 9 months ago

    Being on the beast crew makes you rich but, there can also be very humiliating punishments.

  • Kristina Holloway

    Why does Chandler have to always lose a challenge he needs a better life

  • Kahi boy
    Kahi boy 6 months ago

    Did y’all see the planet crashing to give Karl free hugs LOL

  • Vrenth Sumague
    Vrenth Sumague Year ago +304

    Karl:"I have a plan"
    GTA:All peds are cops

  • Snaxolotl
    Snaxolotl Year ago

    Wait... Jimmy asked Karl's money after Karl made 40 Grand, and Karl responded with 225 bucks

  • ShayShan.
    ShayShan. Year ago

    Watched every single videos maybe 100 times.1stly content always exciting to watch everytime.

  • Julian Rodriguez
    Julian Rodriguez 8 months ago

    I NEVER understood how Karl got Midas touch in the beginning if the video and pocketed around 25K in the start of the video. How did he lose that much money in that short amount of time. He almost had to suck hot dogs.

  • One Piece Edits
    One Piece Edits Year ago

    You make my day every time I see your videos!

  • BABABOI6969
    BABABOI6969 4 months ago

    Darkviperau watches this: rookie numbers!
    Also him: proceeds to playthrough the whole game with the chaos mod

  • khan
    khan 2 years ago +706

    Chris: “ you get the Midas touch I get teleported to heaven!”
    That doesn’t sound bad at all

    • pixlblox9099
      pixlblox9099 2 years ago

      @ArcHow 2 Hmm, maybe you would if you were better at English.

    • pixlblox9099
      pixlblox9099 2 years ago

      @Amadeo Dante honestly.

    • pixlblox9099
      pixlblox9099 2 years ago

      @ArcHow 2 I feel like that's sarcasm.

    • Amadeo Dante
      Amadeo Dante 2 years ago

      Oh my god so many bots holy crap

    VESSY MINK Year ago +3

    Mr beast: this is the most chaotic mod in the history of any game!
    Botw: relics of the past: let me introduce myself. Oh, and also, those 20,000 guardians you see over there? Better keep an eye on that.

  • HeyJay Medina
    HeyJay Medina Year ago +1

    I would love to work with you guys ♥️

  • Ethangaming
    Ethangaming 6 months ago

    Everytime chris tries to say something something chaotic happens

  • Atomic Legend
    Atomic Legend Year ago

    Jimmy should collaborate with a gaming chair company once he hits 50 million subscribers on his gaming channel.

  • Leo 1
    Leo 1 3 months ago +25

    Mr beast in 3010: destroying a galaxy and surprising the universe with a new one

  • Jay Pea
    Jay Pea 2 years ago +40

    Mr beast: everything I touch turns into money
    Chris, Karl, and Chandler: I think that’s pretty obvious by now

  • MEWTWO Girl
    MEWTWO Girl Year ago +6

    I'm dying! 😂😂 Even tho I've watched this a billion times it still makes me laugh

  • Aimaninnit
    Aimaninnit Year ago

    Jimmy:"i got midas touch!"
    Chris:"i got teleported to heaven"
    Karl:"Guys i got a bmx bike"
    Also Karl:"YeAh i dont even care about the wind anymore,im going for a bmx's hops
    "Chandler getting teleported to heaven like chris"

  • People Sing songs
    People Sing songs 7 days ago +1

    4:29 How Mr.Beast gets his money

  • James OCallaghan
    James OCallaghan 10 months ago

    I love how Karl made $50,000 and he said he only got 225

  • Stunna girl
    Stunna girl 9 months ago

    4:20 this is perfect for the :" You had us in the first half not gonna lie " meme 💀

  • Sloilan
    Sloilan 2 years ago +19

    I always knew Karl's vocal cords were on a different level then everyone else's

  • Gavin Cervantes
    Gavin Cervantes Year ago +6

    The funny part is that Karl didn’t realize when he got Mides touch he was gaining money but some how he lost it

  • Paper Sparrow
    Paper Sparrow Year ago +1

    Karl's reaction though

  • werido
    werido 10 months ago

    Karl needs more screen time

  • kaleb hopewilcom
    kaleb hopewilcom Year ago

    This is the most fun I have seen chandler have in a gaming video haha

  • Willow
    Willow 8 months ago

    I like how he finally acknowledges the fact that he yells in his intros

  • General Zero
    General Zero 2 years ago +39

    I love that Karl in the backround is just slaughtering every pedestrian.

  • steven evans
    steven evans Year ago

    Chris "You get Midas touch, and i get teleported to heaven" Ima be honest being in heaven sounds way cooler

  • Tyler Rothstein
    Tyler Rothstein 10 months ago +1

    I feel like Jimmy has the Midas touch irl