Our Dogs Meet a Cat For The First Time

  • In today's vlog, we're taking Jade and Barbara to meet a cat for the first time ever. RL#002
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Comments • 80

  • KarmieT
    KarmieT Hour ago

    Fireball: ?? tf is wrong with that dog ??

  • Leah
    Leah Hour ago

    Fireball after Barbras “freak out” what in the world

  • Naseem Rehman
    Naseem Rehman 3 hours ago

    If you met my cat Jethro, you'd feel differently Rhett. He's literally a dog. Likes dog pets, likes the amount of attention, steals french fries etc. He's the uniter lol

  • Moxii
    Moxii 4 hours ago

    I saw the thumbnail and was like wow the quarantine has not been kind to Rhett, but turns out this came out 2 months ago lol

  • Sandy Sani
    Sandy Sani 5 hours ago

    Idiots! Sorry but this was not okay! Bringing the cat into the dog's territory was a terrible idea! A neutral place where they could have been keeping their distance would definitely have been much better! But I guess they wanted the whole thing to fit a certain narrative! Really not funny!

  • Ms. Ellie
    Ms. Ellie 6 hours ago

    Anyone else notice how aesthetic Rhett’s home is ! I literally love it

  • Matthew Bergeron
    Matthew Bergeron 9 hours ago +1

    Wow, both of your dogs are so poorly trained. Link did a better job, but Rhett's dog is just inexcusable

  • Terri Massey
    Terri Massey 10 hours ago

    They are supposed to meet on neutral ground, so that neither animal feels like they have to protect anyone or thing.

  • Carter Siefert
    Carter Siefert 11 hours ago

    Why am I not surprised Rhett has a dog that's just as hairy as his Beard

  • FlightOfTheHunniebee
    FlightOfTheHunniebee 11 hours ago

    Cat does nothing at all - dog barks uncontrollably at cat - cat is evil................ how

  • autumn Mestre
    autumn Mestre 11 hours ago

    7:18 My Mom calls that Poo Rumba.

  • FlightOfTheHunniebee
    FlightOfTheHunniebee 12 hours ago +1

    Pretty ironic when humans (the ONLY actual evil species on this planet) call cats evil....

  • AlphaSword456
    AlphaSword456 12 hours ago

    This video shows me that dog people, are now cat people

  • Thunders Bolt
    Thunders Bolt 13 hours ago

    What cameras do yall use.

  • Mazza Cheewanich
    Mazza Cheewanich 14 hours ago

    Jade is super cute ❤️

  • Runic Guardian
    Runic Guardian 15 hours ago

    Lol, Barbara sux

  • bongodrumms
    bongodrumms 15 hours ago

    As a dog trainer, I so wanted Rhett to discourage his dog from barking, a little discipline or something.

  • colorbar.s
    colorbar.s 15 hours ago

    Rhett acts forceful with cats, and when they act standoff-ish because of it, he immediately assumes it's because they're bad and can't feel affection. He's probably doing his best, but this isn't really the way to go about it.

  • Shemz Love
    Shemz Love 16 hours ago

    They should invite Jackson the cat whisperer on the show

  • Shemz Love
    Shemz Love 16 hours ago

    Rhett should spend a day with a bengle breed or a Cornish Rex

  • colorbar.s
    colorbar.s 16 hours ago

    it greatly upsets me how little rhett understands cats

  • Evelyn Egan
    Evelyn Egan 16 hours ago

    7:18 9:05 10:20

  • Ace Case
    Ace Case 16 hours ago

    this episode looked just like the office!

  • Lizz 420
    Lizz 420 16 hours ago

    There dogs are so freaking cute

  • ImThe 11Dimensions
    ImThe 11Dimensions 17 hours ago

    Man, your dog should eat from the cat’s ass! Should gobble all the s**t up, you know your dog loves to eat s**t!

  • Jazz V
    Jazz V 17 hours ago

    Fireball’s crate is soo small for him

  • Sean Cunningham
    Sean Cunningham 17 hours ago

    Grizzly Adams had a 700 lb bear for a friend. Rhett has a 10 lb lap dog. Up your game rhett

  • Jojo's Universe
    Jojo's Universe 18 hours ago +1

    Jade is looking at Fireball like "You're a funny looking dog. I like you!!"

  • Christopher Langan
    Christopher Langan 18 hours ago

    Get a white cat

  • turquoise blackmon
    turquoise blackmon 18 hours ago

    My cat isn't evil. She's just sneaky 😂. She knows how to sit and even says simple words like up and on. Im afraid of dogs rn because of a recent bite attack. But I'm not opposed to dogs. Like rhett lol except without the traumatic incident

  • Christopher Langan
    Christopher Langan 18 hours ago

    Tabby doesn't refer to ginger, it refers to the stripes and the M on their heads

  • Silvercloud Last Homely House

    Barbara was 100% she protected her loved ones against an unknown, respect.

  • Geekboi
    Geekboi 18 hours ago

    I haven't been part of this fandom for a while
    The hell

  • Julia F
    Julia F 19 hours ago

    Does anyone know what type of dog Jade is? She’s so cute!!

  • Ingrid Luga
    Ingrid Luga 21 hour ago

    It's Barbara's territory. It's perfectly normal her reaction. Maybe they should meet in neutral territory

  • Brady Taylor
    Brady Taylor 21 hour ago

    1.2k people are upset Rhett doesn't like cats.

  • Wink Blue
    Wink Blue 22 hours ago

    Rhett looks like he was lost at sea and just made it back a couple days ago

  • Amber Carter
    Amber Carter 22 hours ago

    How do they not laugh at each other’s jokes???

  • VarietyPax
    VarietyPax 22 hours ago +1

    Rhett. If you actually got close to and spent time with a cat of your own, you'd love cats. Seeing how your dog reacted, I don't think that would be fair for the cat though.

  • VarietyPax
    VarietyPax 23 hours ago +1

    Hi. Vet tech here. The butt scoot means Jade needs her anal glands expressed. Just set up an appointment for that at your vet hospital (when the world is a little safer, of course).

  • Tim Haldane
    Tim Haldane Day ago

    The background music MADE this video.

  • Amanda
    Amanda Day ago

    Dogs have been brainwashed into loving us don’t @ me. Cats are superior.

  • Dinsdale Seven
    Dinsdale Seven Day ago

    Randy Quaid? One step ahead of the cops I see with that attack dog.

  • Jeremiah Sells
    Jeremiah Sells Day ago

    Ok, so the cat named Fireball is described as being Chaotic Neutral. The owner must play D&D.

  • Closed
    Closed Day ago

    0:28 so cute 😂

  • Mimi Chio
    Mimi Chio Day ago

    I just wanna say,
    I really appreciate being able to understand your vlogs because of subtitles
    AAAAAAHHHH so far it's really fun

  • Jennifer Waldkirch

    I'm sure it's been said in the comment section before but... cats do also sniff each other's butts! lol. I think it might be more of a domination thing for cats though because mine always like to sniff competitively with each other. also i did not like the tone Rhett took with that sweet boy, Fireball :P

  • mimichan meow
    mimichan meow Day ago

    Small dogs are spawns of Satan

  • jessica winters
    jessica winters Day ago

    What kind of dog is Jade???

  • P. consuela banana H.

    Rhett has never been loved by a cat and it shows.

  • GlamourGirl Eats TV

    I am laughing way too hard at the dogs name being Barbara...😂

  • Daniel McCarthy
    Daniel McCarthy Day ago +1

    Cat savagely attacks plant

  • Daniel McCarthy
    Daniel McCarthy Day ago +1

    Rhetts definition of cats: spawn of satin

  • Katie Jade
    Katie Jade Day ago

    0:00 I didn't know they had a baby seal

  • Ramita Shrestha
    Ramita Shrestha Day ago


  • jilliebeane
    jilliebeane Day ago

    Fireball is cool...Barbara not so much. That screeching bark is awful, talk about the spawn of Satan.

  • Techno sailor
    Techno sailor Day ago

    This was funny af 😂

  • Braeden_wolf
    Braeden_wolf Day ago +1

    @7:48 rhett enters ghost adventures

  • QuinKilkziard
    QuinKilkziard Day ago

    Love the 'Dias Irae' from Verdi's Requiem lol

  • Christine W
    Christine W Day ago

    A dog named Barbara, ok 🐶

  • Es Gee
    Es Gee Day ago +6

    "the bias is very deep with that white dog" - link describes the whole of the south?

  • Lexy Lawrence
    Lexy Lawrence Day ago


  • Ró McAuliffe
    Ró McAuliffe Day ago

    Fireball is such a sweet cat.

  • kev the king
    kev the king Day ago

    “Two girls one cage” sounds like the title of a very different video

  • Sean M
    Sean M Day ago

    "2 girls 1 cage"

  • Sakubine GD
    Sakubine GD Day ago +6

    "jade has seen the cat i think"
    Me:There not even an inch away from each other

  • Emma Lo
    Emma Lo Day ago

    Barbara and Rhett have the same haircuts

  • jaydles
    jaydles Day ago

    Link: "Hey Jade"
    Me: Wassup man?

  • SkyDraws
    SkyDraws Day ago

    I'm playing with my cats while watching this

  • Jenen Ahmad
    Jenen Ahmad Day ago +3

    this is a proof that pets are a pure reflection of their owner

  • Chlorine Lori
    Chlorine Lori Day ago

    This was hilarious,all off the animals used in the video are absolute cuties 😍😍.

  • The_Polish_Prince

    That moment when cats are a sacred animal to you...

  • Danae Cabrera
    Danae Cabrera Day ago

    Their dogs look and act like them lol

  • siah johnson
    siah johnson Day ago +6

    Jade: HMMMM This is a weird dog

    • Jacob Ross
      Jacob Ross Day ago

      Hold up is this a dog's life reference

  • Diana
    Diana Day ago

    But has the cat met dogs up close before this interaction? Fireball seems pretty calm. My cat wouldn't be, haha

  • —Flower Frost—
    —Flower Frost— Day ago +1

    I love that I have the same name as links dog jade hehe 💕

  • Teemu Lusua
    Teemu Lusua Day ago +1

    Rhett is stoopid

  • Rehan Babu
    Rehan Babu Day ago +1

    Its frickin Goose

  • - KogenoDo -
    - KogenoDo - Day ago

    The force is strong with Barbra

  • my painting hands

    Rhett: *hates cats*
    Me: can't relate