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Blake Corum 2021 Highlights

  • Published on Jan 3, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Chronological highlights of Blake Corum's Sophomore season.
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  • Missing Buck
    Missing Buck Year ago +64

    Blake Corum is going to shine as the true starter. I like that Corum gives back to the community, as he gave Thanksgiving meals to those that couldn't afford it. He's a good person, this is coming from a Buckeye fan as I really respect him.

    • LoeDom
      LoeDom Year ago +1

      Respect 💯

    • Aaron Harris
      Aaron Harris Year ago

      Respect. He sure showed up yesterday. This guy is good, to say the least. 〽️💛💙

  • Jameson
    Jameson Year ago +27

    Can’t wait to see how he does starting this season. Dudes a beast.

    • Mark Douglas
      Mark Douglas Year ago +3

      Him and edwards are an interesting combo

    • Jadon Dodson
      Jadon Dodson 10 months ago +1

      Heisman candidate 🤞🏽

  • G. Reid
    G. Reid Year ago +10

    This kid stood out to me last season. Looking forward to him building on this performance

  • LetsGoBlue95
    LetsGoBlue95 11 months ago +3

    This kid is going somewhere big, and wherever it may be, I’m gonna like it.

  • Pgcleel
    Pgcleel Year ago +5

    Great college level back will be an even better nfl back his ability to make defenders miss in the hole is exceptional.

  • rand49er
    rand49er Year ago +2

    He's definitely a different runner than Hassan was. Not as powerful, but Blake is quick especially when he gets open. Go Blue!

  • Des Epps
    Des Epps Year ago +4

    He would make a good chess piece in the Chiefs or Rams offense 🔥

  • James Meathe
    James Meathe Year ago +10

    The offense this year will be the best in Michigan history. mark my words.

  • ifheavenwashuman
    ifheavenwashuman Year ago +2

    Stamped himself as a Michigan legend, and will also excel on the NFL stage.

    • landonlc4
      landonlc4 11 months ago +2

      If he can stay healthy at that size in the NFL then yes. But those miles add up exponentially in the NFL with every hit and pass max block for the qb. In my opinion he's a change up back in the NFL. Don't waste your time running him through the middle. Give him perimeter, read, outside zone hand offs. Get yourself a power back for inside runs. This guy has a ton of potential as a pass catching back in the nfl too.

    • Michael
      Michael 10 months ago

      @landonlc4 i agree with you 100 percent

  • Ernesto Fernandez
    Ernesto Fernandez Year ago +2

    Can't wait to see him next season

  • Mackenzie
    Mackenzie Year ago +2

    I think Michigan is RBU to be honest. Lots of phenomenal running backs have played at Michigan during the Harbaugh era. Heck even Hoke and Rich Rod had some good one's.

  • Geologist100
    Geologist100 10 months ago

    He may be the best running back in college football in the past 30 years
    Go Buckeyes

  • J P
    J P 2 months ago

    And had an even better season a year later.

  • Adrian Cruz
    Adrian Cruz Year ago +8

    Mark my words he’s gonna be a star in the nfl🙏

    • MattDrew
      MattDrew Year ago

      Too small.

    • Adrian Cruz
      Adrian Cruz Year ago

      @MattDrew you’ll regret that statement in the near future

    • MattDrew
      MattDrew Year ago

      @Adrian Cruz Edwards has a higher cieling and more potential. By the end of the year, you'll be thinking Edwards is better. Mark my words.

    • Skilled Artist
      Skilled Artist Year ago

      @MattDrew really? Like, he just has very, very, very little of a chance of making it? Is he that small?

    • Hebrew High Society
      Hebrew High Society 9 months ago

      @MattDrew swing and a miss on that one buddy.

  • SamTheMan
    SamTheMan Year ago +3

    The w michigan game was the only the game i missed and all the legendary moments happened in it

    • Otis Greer
      Otis Greer Year ago

      It’s only a legendary moment when it’s done against Alabama or Georgia.

  • Carson's Corner
    Carson's Corner 3 months ago

    Jesus, how fast is JJ? How’d he catch up to corum so fast in that Iowa Playoff game?

  • Scubaking13
    Scubaking13 Year ago +4

    NIU was my first ever Michigan football game going to.

  • Eloy Gon
    Eloy Gon 3 months ago

    Es buenísimo. ¿No recuerda a McCaffrey?

  • Jay
    Jay Year ago +2

    The offense should roll the defense is replacing allot of talent and leadership.

    MGOBLUE Year ago +2

    Special player, GO BLUE

  • Jay
    Jay Year ago +4

    Corum, and Edwards, hopefully they have a work horse RB like Haskins 20-25 carries a game. They're loaded at WR and QB. If Charbonnet stayed they'd have that workhorse RB.this year

    • B
      B Year ago +1

      Both of our guys are better than charbonnet tho

  • broste2121
    broste2121 Year ago +2

    Corum or Edwards. Flip a coin. They are different players, for sure.

  • 8MoneyIzmyMission8
    8MoneyIzmyMission8 Year ago +2

    Going to have a Kenneth Walker type year if they feed him..

  • WakaFlockaBach
    WakaFlockaBach Year ago +1

    I love Corum but Donovan Edwards is better. I hope Edwards gets the starting reps and Corum stays in the same change of pace role. He's perfect that way. Don't try and make him a 3 down guy. But I think he was better than Haskins last yr. No shade to Haskins. That RB room was just insane.

    • michiganriverman
      michiganriverman Year ago

      Haskins carried the team on his back in a lot of the games. 5 TD's vs osu. No other back on the roster could have done that.

  • Ty StepHens
    Ty StepHens Year ago +2

    boy does he remind me of maurice jones-drew this year

  • Steve M
    Steve M Year ago +1

    Corum is basically a DeAndre Swift clone

  • jett davis
    jett davis Year ago +4

    1500 and 17 TD season coming boys

  • Bobby Brown
    Bobby Brown Year ago +8

    He is a dude. Reminds me so much of a much faster Mikey Hart!!!

  • Ralph Moss
    Ralph Moss Year ago +2

    JD made this dude look like a child.

  • Big PHARM
    Big PHARM 11 months ago

    Spoiler best Running Back in the nation 2022

  • A L
    A L Year ago +2

    Dude was a problem when healthy. Watch out Big Ten

  • Danos
    Danos Year ago +1


  • Brady Tinnin
    Brady Tinnin Year ago +4

    Go blue

  • Jovaun Royal
    Jovaun Royal Year ago +1

    All these 8 yard runs aren’t necessary for a highlight video