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The True State of Russian Army

  • Published on Feb 4, 2023 veröffentlicht

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  • Not What You Think
    Not What You Think  2 months ago +507

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      ALOK KUMAR 12 hours ago

      You are NATO supporter, right now bakhmuth is faklingt

    • Bigbro Bropro
      Bigbro Bropro 3 days ago

      So the message of this video is don't be scared, go fight against weak russian army in UA , its will be easy walking. So bad you will understand its lie too late))

    • soldier
      soldier 4 days ago

      Look how civilized westerner's with blue eye's are struggling to say that they are the good side and stronger than enemy

    • Huey Long Admirer
      Huey Long Admirer 10 days ago

      @John Shelton They are.
      Are you a real expert?

    • John Shelton
      John Shelton 11 days ago

      And yet you have people on You Tube, claiming that Russia is winning the war.

  • DJ
    DJ 2 months ago +3433

    It's not an *Aircraft Carrier* it's a *Tugboat Escorter*
    (Tugboats are the most precious ships in the Russian fleet and must be protected at all costs)

    • TechLife46
      TechLife46 6 days ago


    • Tomyironmane
      Tomyironmane 15 days ago

      @Semechki for Putin Submarines have flags, but they prefer to fly brooms.

    • Vertti Koo
      Vertti Koo 27 days ago

      @Clara Hilaire Tessier Where?

    • Clara Hilaire Tessier
      Clara Hilaire Tessier 27 days ago

      @Vertti Koo Yes, are you going to fight ?

    • Kryzzan
      Kryzzan Month ago

      A Ukrainian soldier ran up to a nun, out of breath, he asked, Please may I hide under your skirt, I’ll explain later he said. The nun agreed. A moment later two military police ran up and asked. “Sister have you seen a soldier” The nun replied, he went that way. After the military police ran off, the soldier crawled out from under her skirt and said, “I can’t thank you enough, Sister, you see I don’t want to get mobilized, they've already forced us to stay in the country despite being bombed daily!. The nun said “I understand completely” The soldier added, “I hope I’m not rude but you have a great pair of legs! The nun replied, “if you looked a little higher, you would’ve seen a great pair of balls too. I don’t want to be forced to fight either. SLAVA UKRAINA

  • UshankaMan
    UshankaMan Month ago +105

    russian troops themselves have known for years that their equipment and vehicles sucked. one soldier famously said about the BTR, which is supposed to be an amphibious vehicle "we dont bother driving it into water, we know it will sink like a rock"

      TRK 1B 28 VARIAN RHESA 2 days ago +1

      @Jose Avila if the rubber seals are loose. They are not amphibious anymore

    • UshankaMan
      UshankaMan 20 days ago

      @Jose Avila far as i know, BTRs are all amphibious. with the exception of btr 40 and btr152

    • Jose Avila
      Jose Avila 20 days ago

      I thought only certain btr types were amphibious

    • han thedepressedgerman
      han thedepressedgerman 21 day ago +3

      @Privat Adress bro, captalist had it flaws,but at least it make the citzens live comfortable, communism on other hand
      it only led to riot or protest.

    • UshankaMan
      UshankaMan 23 days ago

      @Privat Adress come on then, russian bot, are you gonna respond or what? pathetic.

  • J Valentine
    J Valentine Month ago +65

    It's still a good rifle especially with a good scope on it . I have a .243 varmint gun based on a Mauser 98 action that was designed in 1898 and my one was manufactured in 1902 . With some modification and a heavy alloy rail stock plus good handloads it shoots very accurately .

    • SkrtSkrttt
      SkrtSkrttt 5 days ago +1

      @O5-3 What the fuck are you talking about? All Barrett 50. cals are anti material rifles, they're not suppose to shoot people regardless.

    • Reconnect Doo
      Reconnect Doo 8 days ago

      @O5-3 0.50 calibre is for the small vehicles, armor, buildings not for people

    • Ashley Carrier
      Ashley Carrier 12 days ago

      I can get better MOA for $450 at a Walmart, buying a Savage.

    • Charles Daudré-Vignier
      Charles Daudré-Vignier 13 days ago

      Barrett weight 14kg, Mosin Nagant weight 4kg...
      Mosin Nagant is a very good sniper riffle like every other serious military riffle. Old riffle doesn't mean bad riffle. They are intended to kill. Old riffle like Mosin Nagant are overpowered, they frequently overpower modern riffle...

    • Randall Waitt
      Randall Waitt 16 days ago

      Mosin-Nagants are fine for certain things if they are accurized, QC was garbage during manufacture, but they are still not up to modern combat. They are suitable for sporterization as civilian hunting rifles and as collector wall-hanger surplus rifles. Militarily all they are good for is ceremonial, training, and far-in-the-rear security duties for troops that should never have to use them in anger. That they are being issued out of Soviet stockpile to frontline combat troops today is frightening. It was replaced in the DMR role by the SVD in the 1960's. Insanity.

  • Dylan Rasmussen
    Dylan Rasmussen Month ago +23

    Russia is currently the second best Military in Ukraine, definitely not the World.

  • D K
    D K Month ago +53

    I know a girl whos dad is a logistics general ( very high up in supply chain of russian army ).
    Now , she and her brother have lived in Bulgaria for 12 years or so. Never worked , have kids , no working spouse. They travel world wide . Have all the toys.
    I know her and her brother and the corruption is from a lowest rank for $5 USD to billions at level of billionares that keep $$ OUTSIDE of Russia

    • DavidElCid300
      DavidElCid300 16 days ago

      How about super corrupt American politicians, bureaucrats, and oligarchs?

    • D K
      D K 16 days ago

      @DavidElCid300 mostly supercorrupted african politicians

    • DavidElCid300
      DavidElCid300 17 days ago

      Do you know any other nation/nationality that does the same thing? Hmm?

    • Ettore Atalan
      Ettore Atalan Month ago

      Have the corrupt Russians already obtained Bulgarian citizenship?

  • Yoda
    Yoda Month ago +125

    “Appear weak when you are strong and *strong when you are weak”*
    - Sun Tzu, The Art of War

    • Jackie Frankie
      Jackie Frankie 13 hours ago

      Some Ukrainian high rank officers are thankful to russian oligarchs for stealing money from army, the war would be much more difficult if russians were fully investing into army and have legit threat. All they have right now is mercenaries with rusty AK47's and childish tantrum nuclear threats.

    • Alex Waters
      Alex Waters 3 days ago

      Not a great idea when you're using sophisticated technology in warfare.

    • Lmaousack
      Lmaousack 6 days ago

      @𝟗𝐖𝟑𝟐𝟑𝟎 It's foolish to rely on old dogs to herd young sheep

    • 𝟗𝐖𝟑𝟐𝟑𝟎
      𝟗𝐖𝟑𝟐𝟑𝟎 7 days ago +1

      @Lmaousack It's foolish to rely on assumptions 🧐

    • Lmaousack
      Lmaousack 8 days ago +4

      @Awake Ant nonono, they appear strong when they are weak, that much they did right. The text between the lines is that weak = no fight, they fought

  • Jacki
    Jacki Month ago +12

    Imagine knowing all of these issues yet still deciding to invade.
    They were so embarrased over these issues they had to blur stuff.

    • Jonathan Campbell
      Jonathan Campbell 7 days ago

      That is the point, they didn't know!
      The corruption and propaganda are so significant that even the government believes itself to that

    • Liam Devlin
      Liam Devlin Month ago +3

      @anonymous i have actually... reluance in established war chest almost exhausted (coincidentally demonstrating Russia was planning a war for years in advance).
      Oil at inflated prices being capped...
      Brain drain of professionals from Russia fleeing...
      Population growth in the negatives...
      Loss of life and no ability to replace exhausted technology...
      Russia has destroyed itself...
      Makes me wonder whether you have any care for the average citizen... clearly not.

    • Liam Devlin
      Liam Devlin Month ago +2

      @anonymous and lost even more of the seized ground at the cost of theor econony and hundreds of thousands of russian lives lost :)

    • Poz-Moe
      Poz-Moe Month ago +3

      this guy said the russians ran out of ammo 8 mons ago lol

  • Morelze
    Morelze 2 days ago +16

    When I did my compulsory military service in the Russian Army, I was assigned to a new unit that had been established less than a year earlier, and we were already short of uniforms. By the end of my service, the situation had only gotten worse.

  • Kaleb Bruwer
    Kaleb Bruwer Month ago +47

    5:40 Well, you gotta hand it to Russian logistics: It takes some talent to destroy a Kalashnikov like that

    • Dennis Young
      Dennis Young 9 days ago

      Uh, mix Mazut/Bunker fuel with used motor oil, heat till the mix is good and runny, then immerse stuff you want to not rust in it and then drag it out to cool?
      Note: the above “waste” materials give a “crude and nasty” species of “Cosmoline.” Adding some paraffin or other petroleum waxes would result in a (much?) closer approximation to the real thing.

    • Stephen Hensley
      Stephen Hensley 11 days ago +1

      Maybe they were short on cosmoline.

    • Sergey Galayda
      Sergey Galayda Month ago +4

      It's easier then you think. Sell materials and pocket money what was given to repair warehouse roof. Inspectors never will come when it's rainy weather. They will never open crate to check firearm condition.

    • Andere Wisp
      Andere Wisp Month ago +2

      I guess since they designed it, they would know a shortcut or two in destroying AKs.

  • myc0p
    myc0p 2 months ago +5264

    That feeling when tank turrets have more air time than planes.

    • Sgt G
      Sgt G 5 days ago +1

      Russian Tanks have earned frequent flyer miles. 😂

    • Bobby Tables
      Bobby Tables 5 days ago +1

      Didn't understand this til 8:30.
      I'm fucking dying lmao send an ambulamps

    • Richard Bond
      Richard Bond 8 days ago

      @SamboBambo It was revealed only a couple of weeks ago that it is estimated that 100,000 Ukrainians have been killed. Presumably, this includes combatants.

    • Kashiff
      Kashiff 9 days ago

      @Stop Motion Harry not in all cases.

    • Victor Waddell
      Victor Waddell 9 days ago

      @спецназThe Ukrainian army has much better Western tanks coming .

  • Keys
    Keys Month ago +73

    Just to add to the wildness, that rifle at 5:59 is actually a pellet gun.. probably not the only Russian soldier who was outfitted with one either

    • Badfellow
      Badfellow 19 hours ago +1

      @Leo kind of sus you went from special forces to special operation forces. Also strange to see a colonel from the special forces community commenting on Clip-Share shorts or even an account with a bio like yours. With 9 combat tours you must have a stack like Sam Trautman colonel. I'd ask where but from 1977-1994 we aren't really at war with anyone so it must have been mostly with SOAR right?

    • Sergej Elek
      Sergej Elek Day ago

      Do you really believe Russia can not give it's 200k soliders modern weapons? That is apsurd if you really think so my friendly advice is stop watching all media. Russia does 20% of world's arms trade and I think that should enable them to afford guns...

    • Leo
      Leo Day ago +2

      Russians do in fact use air guns, Spetsnaz primarily.
      Don’t knock an air rifle. In my 12 years with the 5th special forces, my mos was weapon Sargent , we tested and adopted several air rifles from .17 to .22 cal. Deadly as hell at 50 yards. Steel pellets, sub sonic. Head shot, you’re down for the count. Zero flash, low noise and silenced to a whisper.

    • amdidextrous
      amdidextrous 3 days ago +1

      Probably not a Russian soldier either, but an actor in the USA.

    • Keys
      Keys 3 days ago

      @Tax Evader 76 my comment got deleted probably because it had a link, you can find them for sale it’s called “sniper tactical QB57” it’s a cheap Chinese pellet gun. they’re actually becoming a bit of a collectors item now too bc of this footage lol that’s why you’ll see some of them are actually selling for a decent amount

  • Stephen Kong
    Stephen Kong Month ago +5

    “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.” This alone is enough to proof Putin is not a smart man.

  • FiveCentWoodworking
    FiveCentWoodworking Month ago +2

    I absolutely love that Russia CHOSE to go to war knowing full well they couldn’t support their troops. What a mind boggling situation.

    • dave oneil
      dave oneil Month ago

      Which is why i dont believe anything i hear on the news. The only part i believe is that there is conflict in ukraine. Anything further is a question mark

    • Brian
      Brian Month ago

      It was Putin who chose to go to war. The problem was that he'd been told his armed forces were way way better than they actually are. But he knows that now...... Putin was *so* confident in his army, he claimed they could have boots on the ground in 6 European Capital cities within 48 hours.....

  • Moses Stone
    Moses Stone Month ago +12

    im speechless, russias mass produced reconisence drone includes a water bottle and normal cameras as parts

  • Chips Handon
    Chips Handon Month ago +522

    4:42 That helmet is an STSh-81 "Sfera" helmet and it is a real design from all the way back in the Soviet Union times. Issued mostly to interior police and special purpose troops for anti-terrorism and urban combat, it consists of three separate titanium or steel plates. It's an older design, and looks odd because of its unorthodox construction, but it isn't necessarily a fake. (although commercial reproductions are made for airsoft or cosplay that offer zero protective capabilities and this could be one such example)

    • SkrtSkrttt
      SkrtSkrttt 5 days ago

      @phill davies I love these clueless misinformed people that always trying to be cocky but end up saying nonsense, you realise the purpose of a ballistic helmet is not to stop bullets right?

    • T Z
      T Z 7 days ago

      @phill davies you don't buy helmets to protect from high velocity rounds wtf are you talking about. it's there for small fragmentation debris and falling objects like rocks, sticks, and other things that get displaced in combat. Even a plastic helmet is better than nothing in that sense.

    • Joey GK
      Joey GK 11 days ago

      @CaptainDope thats the purpose of all helmets muppet. Even "Real helmets" arent meant to, and rarely can take a straight shot

    • Cartman
      Cartman 18 days ago

      Kim the little missile man: Who are you?
      Russian: Im U. But little bigger.

    • Andres Chaustre
      Andres Chaustre 20 days ago

      3:14 ok I do get what he means but that video is old AF, like March tipe shit

  • Bomber Boom
    Bomber Boom Month ago +27

    So Russia's only greatest strength was scare tactics?

    • FInePix30
      FInePix30 5 days ago +1

      If what this video say is true, Ukraine will be winning already. Corruption is every where, USA is highly corrupted or where you think all the billions they sent to Ukraine are going. I think even thing USA and Russia are partnering under the table to Use this war so each other can scam their own pople an Europe.

    • Arhi_Nike
      Arhi_Nike 7 days ago +1

      And the idiocy of the people

    • Bomber Boom
      Bomber Boom 8 days ago

      @jollygreenjeff Not sure they'll stack up to the modern ones US giving to Ukraine.

    • jollygreenjeff
      jollygreenjeff 8 days ago +2

      No. Scare tactics and ancient weapons! You can’t forget the ancient weapons!

  • David Carroll
    David Carroll Month ago +3

    Before the Ukraine war i would have called bullshit on this video but the Russian performance points to you being right

  • It'sAWonderfulLife
    It'sAWonderfulLife Month ago +3

    very well written. thank you.

  • Mostfunnestchannel
    Mostfunnestchannel Month ago +1

    It is a cultural problem. From my limited experience of spending 22 hours in Sheremeteyevo airport in Moscow and talking to everyone including the airport director, everything in Russia works with bribes and stealing government money. Everyone said corruption is worse now than Soviet times. The airport police would all gather under a giant no smoking sign to smoke cigarettes. The x-ray machines are permanently kept turned off to "save electricity", but I bet they were fake. Any cash or alcohol I had in my luggage was stolen by customs. The Russian airline provided a 3 meal credit because our connecting plane broke and had a 22 hour layover, but the airport managers took a cut of the money, so for 3 meals they gave me enough money for a bag of chips and a bottle of water. There were only a couple of benches and chairs in the whole airport, because someone stole the money for benches. From what I saw, bribery and corruption is as much part of the culture as not smiling for photos or drinking vodka.

    • Theotherside
      Theotherside Month ago

      It sounds as though the west would do better than supply Ukraine if they just offered to buy any Russian kit that happened to drive out of Russia control. Nothing would reach the front

  • Zipp4Everyone
    Zipp4Everyone 2 months ago +9092

    I mean, the basic idea of avoiding war by making your enemy think you cant be beat isnt very stupid.
    What IS stupid is starting a war you cant win because you forgot your own military doctrine. Thats not just stupid, thats absolutely insane.

    • Sp01able1
      Sp01able1 Day ago

      Russia attacked with a contingent of 120,000-180,000 soldiers plus a Seraratist force from eastern Ukraine, the 250,000-300,000 army of Ukraine.
      Moreover, they stretched these 120000 both along a huge front and in time, they were gradually withdrawn from the reserve for 2 weeks when they saw the failures of the forward detachments.
      Of these 120,000, not all of them were full-fledged army, many of them were more of a police force and were armed with parade uniforms, rubber batons, tear gas and plasma shields to disperse demonstrators.
      Putin did not plan a war, he planned a special operation where the Russian army intimidates everyone and changes the regime in Ukraine. How did the Taliban in Afghanistan when 70,000 Taliban dispersed the 300,000 Afghan army armed with American weapons.
      And the Russian Army, despite all its problems, has more modern weapons than the Taliban!
      In 2014, Kharkov, captured several hundred rebels and held it for several days, in 2014 the entire Odessa fleet temporarily went over to the side of the Russian Federation until the commander of the fleet was arrested by the Ukrainian authorities for treason.
      The Russian Federation has no reason to believe that 120,000 soldiers and modernized tanks will not be enough to capture Ukraine.

    • Kpy
      Kpy 2 days ago

      @Kokiden Wanna test it? One missile = 12 warheads for Europe or, 6 for USA.

    • Newest Tech Reviews NTR
      Newest Tech Reviews NTR 5 days ago

      @Ketoku Yeah and they hardly have any means to drop one. The US has let china and Russia think for years they are strong. But the US is far superior. North Korea would be a better fight than china

    • ᛋᛁᛒᛅᛋᛏᛁᛅᚾ
      ᛋᛁᛒᛅᛋᛏᛁᛅᚾ 7 days ago +1

      I've seen all kinds of propaganda including north korean propaganda and I have to say russian propaganda takes the price. 😂

    • Michael J. Beglin Jr.
      Michael J. Beglin Jr. 7 days ago

      It's also how the Russians have done things for generations.

  • Maximilian Mander
    Maximilian Mander Month ago +2

    Let's Game It Out, playing russian nation:
    "I tricked everyone into thinking I am the 2nd strongest military power on earth by building fake tanks, planes, nuklear missles, armor und guns. exploided my own military, by letting my soldiers buy their own equipment."

  • Dan
    Dan Month ago +4

    This was a truely amazing video :o) LOVED it !!!

  • Gernhart Reinholzen
    Gernhart Reinholzen Month ago +6

    Those guns belong in a museum, not in the military.

  • 🦅United States of America 🦅

    Remember when Kherson was forever Russian? Funny times 😂

    • Bigbro Bropro
      Bigbro Bropro 3 days ago

      Remember when lose mariupol was lise ukraine? Or lose soledar?)

  • Gloween
    Gloween 2 months ago +109

    It is still hard to believe, that what's going on is already a history. Glad that estimations, about the time given to Ukraine, were wrong. Even for myself it was a surprise, that our army endured under such pressure.
    I'll never forget the morning wake up from my mother with: "Wake up, the war has begun". The dread that rushed into my blood stream, when I looked for the news in my phone and TV. When the city became "dead" at the rush hour and you can feel with your skin how everyone is scared and rush to ATMs.
    Hours were so stretched, that it felt years to finally reach the evening, where you finally get a mental breakdown from all those news, that you consumed through the daylight, and the fear of unknown.
    The first night, when you sleep fully clothed and wake every hour to check the news, to see what's going on and how close the enemies to your city.
    The second day you pack all you can and just sit in front of TV, donate all money from your bank account to the army and scroll news on a phone, all day till midnight.
    The only thing that helped to disctract from this, for a short time, was a hot shower.
    Recall, that on the fourth day, one channel on TV suddenly switched from 24/7 news to a Harry Potter and The Gobllet of Fire at midnight time. That was the only time you would fall asleep and wake up next morning to a Harry Potter still being aired. For 2 weeks.)

    • Jeff's Boy Nicky
      Jeff's Boy Nicky 18 days ago

      WOw, thanks for sharing what that was really like. It sounds so just like it would be.

    • Jason Drummond
      Jason Drummond 29 days ago

      Thank you for sharing this with us. Stay safe.

    • ytwos1
      ytwos1 Month ago +3

      Know that a lot of people all over the world are hoping for you and your people to come through it and remain free. It shook my world too and I too feared it might end bad, especially in the beginning and it never really goes away.

    • Brian Hansen
      Brian Hansen Month ago +8

      Stay strong, Ukraine will prevail

    • Maxim Polsky
      Maxim Polsky Month ago +6

      Да... 24 число просто страшно вспоминать! Этот подъём от взрывов в 5 утра будет мне долго сниться в кошмарах...

  • Dakota Harper
    Dakota Harper Month ago +8

    What an incredible short documentary, 👏

    • John Yewtube
      John Yewtube Month ago

      If you mean incredible as in not credible, I agree. Do not believe any side's propaganda. Russia is corrupt as is Ukraine. Look at all the family members of politicians that had business in Ukraine.

  • BarryW#6743
    BarryW#6743 Month ago +4

    The most impressive military hardware in this video has to be the luxury yachts! 👍😂

  • Mako Dium
    Mako Dium Month ago +1

    "The" mosin was developed way further and became a very decent weapon family. But ofc it is a bolt action and is in no way or form even comparable to modern weapons. There was a reason why the soviets pushed for the SVT-38 and other semi-automatic weapons at the beginning of WW2.
    These types of weapons are "partisan" weapons. They should not be used by a professional army.
    Imagine you are a trooper getting issued one of those and the enemy side uses modern small arms. A trooper with almost no basic training non the less. While you fumble your 5- round stripper clip into your guns chamber the enemy almost instantly swaps out their 30 or 60 round magazines and bullets fly above you. There is no way a russian push can even slightly penetrate a fortified ukrainian position with theses types of guns. There is zero suppression from a couple of bullets fired every couple of seconds. A single AR has more pushing power.
    You can't breakthrough with artillery fire, airstrikes or rocketstrikes. Those tactics open gaps, sure but it is for infantry and tanks to exploit those. With the degrading russian tank stockpile and the sorry state of its infantry equipment it makes sense why the russian general stuff resorted to terror striking ukrainian cities.

  • Ilya Chepurnoy
    Ilya Chepurnoy Month ago +7

    A quite accurately produced news compilation! I'm a ukrainian, and I can vouch for the facts in it. Thank you for spreading the word about
    these lunatics and their empire.

  • ojjuiceman2772
    ojjuiceman2772 2 months ago +672

    It blows my mind that Russia didn't take inventory of their invasion force beforehand. Like how do you not have equipment and arms when you are the country invading? They had all the time to prepare for this and no one thought about getting the equipment in fighting shape beforehand? I am no general or military man but if I was in charge of an invasion my first step would be to check how much equipment we have, how well it's operating and what is actually useful. Logistics and preparation go such a long way. Imagine expecting someone to fight for you when you give them cardboard body armor.

    • Sp01able1
      Sp01able1 Day ago

      Russia attacked with a contingent of 120,000-180,000 soldiers plus a Seraratist force from eastern Ukraine, the 250,000-300,000 army of Ukraine.
      Moreover, they stretched these 120000 both along a huge front and in time, they were gradually withdrawn from the reserve for 2 weeks when they saw the failures of the forward detachments.
      Of these 120,000, not all of them were full-fledged army, many of them were more of a police force and were armed with parade uniforms, rubber batons, tear gas and plasma shields to disperse demonstrators.
      Putin did not plan a war, he planned a special operation where the Russian army intimidates everyone and changes the regime in Ukraine. How did the Taliban in Afghanistan when 70,000 Taliban dispersed the 300,000 Afghan army armed with American weapons.
      And the Russian Army, despite all its problems, has more modern weapons than the Taliban!
      In 2014, Kharkov, captured several hundred rebels and held it for several days, in 2014 the entire Odessa fleet temporarily went over to the side of the Russian Federation until the commander of the fleet was arrested by the Ukrainian authorities for treason.
      The Russian Federation has no reason to believe that 120,000 soldiers and modernized tanks will not be enough to capture Ukraine.

    • Sp01able1
      Sp01able1 Day ago

      What's the point of doing an inventory before an invasion? Are you out of your mind? What do you want every Russian general to voluntarily deliver a detailed report on how much he stole? 😆

    • Kool Fishy
      Kool Fishy Day ago +1

      do you want to tell putin that 1/3 of the 10,000 tanks aren't operational when he's been giving you billions a years for the military and you've been buying boats and hoes

    • eric00921
      eric00921 Day ago

      @Ray Ilmast Seriously? Because they simply do not want to, they would rather deter this Putin disaster. That is why the West is supplying in small increments, to try and discourage Russia/Putin. If they went all out, then what? Not good for the East or West. Not good globally. Putin is trying to hide his sins of embezzling rubles.

    • Ray Ilmast
      Ray Ilmast 2 days ago

      Maybe you should ask a different question, like for example, if things for Russians so bad, then why collective west still not managed to do much to defeat Russia?! More than forty countries giving support to Ukraine, $140 billion already spend in arms shipping and all for nothing.

  • ThatOneGuy
    ThatOneGuy Month ago +1

    Someone correct me if I'm wrong but it seems like a severe misallocation of resources to even make an attempt at bolstering your navy if the resources you have available cant upgrade said navy to even half that of your opposition. Would you not be better off prioritizing what would be fronting the majority of your military operations, which for Russia, has been, and still is their meatshield infantry?

    • Gergő Gaál
      Gergő Gaál Month ago

      hahahaha, you think russians have common sense

  • Aldorain
    Aldorain 5 days ago +8

    As a US soldier looking at what they are dealing with, I sleep a little more sound at night knowing that although our equipment could be better, it work and gets the job done. Training is actually given thought, and we go through many theoretical scenarios. Not to mention, our support is top-notch. Just so those of you wondering know. Yes, the US army spends its money on things that matter and keeps a competent force of soldiers. Thank god I didn't grow up in russia.

    • Erikas L.
      Erikas L. 18 hours ago

      US army have amazing equipment, my uncle been in military for many years now and went to many hot points, like Afghanistan and said American bases are like shopping malls, u can find everything, he bought an ipad there cuz it was cheaper lul. Soldier equipment is also top notch wich is no surprise bcs highest military funding in the world. Literally no other country compares. So yeah u should actually be very happy about ur equipment.

    • Jamazed
      Jamazed 2 days ago +2

      US military goofs up with some of its over-budget tech projects, but at its core has some amazing equipment and vehicles while prioritizing the safety of soldiers over everything else.

  • David Wallace
    David Wallace Month ago +2

    Never laughed so much in all my life. Putin found out his Army is just as criminally corrupt as him 🤣🤣🤣 Paper 🐻 LMFAO !!! Western Military's are in a different league all together than Russia. This ain't 1941 when the U.K and U.S supplied the Soviet Union with everything just to keep them in the fight 😂 SLAVA UKRAINE 🇺🇦♥️🇺🇦

  • Brandon
    Brandon Month ago +9

    Reminds me of when Trunks tried to kill the Androids when they were reviving 16 and did no damage. Then Vegeta says something along the lines of, "All you've managed to do is let them know how weak you are."

  • Elisa Bird
    Elisa Bird Month ago +286

    Igor Strelkov, who appears in this video, is also known as Igor Girkin. He was recently convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment, along with two others, for the missile strike which brought down flight MH17 in 2014. I understand there is a reward of $150,000 for finding him and handing him in (to the Dutch court which convicted him or the Ukrainian government, who would pass him to them). So if you are short of cash, and have some spare time, give it a go. I last heard of Igor fighting in Ukraine as a volunteer in the Russian army.

    • rr9736
      rr9736 2 days ago

      @pineapplepizza aka germaneistee Its not "some random Dutch courts".
      They've been sentenced in the International Court of Justice which is located in The Hague, Netherlands.

    • NationalAmerican TeroristicOrganisationNATO
      NationalAmerican TeroristicOrganisationNATO 4 days ago

      @Felix You are a pathetic victim of propaganda

    • Elisa Bird
      Elisa Bird 5 days ago

      @SkrtSkrttt Things change quickly, especially during wars. Anything could happen.

    • SkrtSkrttt
      SkrtSkrttt 5 days ago

      @pineapplepizza aka germaneistee It's unbelievable how delusional these people are, they expect Russia to care even in the slightest about this Dutch court but when the US commits countless warcrimes and crimes against humanity in every single country their armed forces step on they're silent...

    • SkrtSkrttt
      SkrtSkrttt 5 days ago +2

      ​@Elisa Bird Good luck getting him lol, he's a former FSB officer...

  • Neil Abson
    Neil Abson Month ago +3

    This is why I'm not concerned about Tyranny. A dictator will always forget there's 10 other people looking to overthrow him in his personal circle.

    • Muskiet
      Muskiet 4 days ago +3

      "I'm not concerned" he says as tyranny continues regardless in Saudi Arabia, Russia, Iran, Belarus, North Korea etc. 🙄

  • Tomáš Nožka
    Tomáš Nožka Month ago +4

    Excellent video. Well prepared. I had a good laughter 😅

  • Roky Hawk
    Roky Hawk Month ago +3

    So much for the second best. I'm not sure about China's condition but im thinking they're probably better, even with far more soldiers.

  • King Raptor
    King Raptor Month ago +9

    To be fair, eating expired MREs and having to do their laundry in whatever they could get their hands on in the field isn’t unusual. We do the same things in the American military too.

    • King Raptor
      King Raptor 16 days ago

      @Ncs That’s a pretty big leap of logic. I do agree with the need to stress accountability of our gear being sent to Ukraine.

    • Ncs
      Ncs 16 days ago +1

      @King Raptor Then why are those politicians asking for more scrutiny and audit of aid given to Ukraine treated like traitors? Almost like there is a collusion between many corrupt people at the top to skim tax money!

    • King Raptor
      King Raptor 17 days ago

      @Ncs I won't deny that there is certainly a lot of corruption in the highest levels of our government and military but it's nowhere near as bad as it is in Russia. Western militaries emphasize accountability, accountability, and accountability above all else - any weapon, optic, or shipment of supplies going missing is a HUGE fucking deal and all hell will be let loose until it is tracked down. I didn't mean that eating expired MREs or doing laundry wherever you can when you're in the field is indicative of poor logistics or corruption, that's just how militaries work.

    • Ncs
      Ncs 17 days ago +3

      Well I mean, look at the houses, cars, and wealth of all your American "leaders" from politicians and generals. They needed to get the money from somewhere. This video act like Russian oligarchs are the only greedy people even though we can easily see the amount of American billionaires smh

  • Boop Doop
    Boop Doop 2 months ago +1274

    you know the situation is bad when even the missiles want to return home

  • iss films David Biliboacă

    Imagine getting the same boots that your grandpa wore in world war II

  • John Cichon
    John Cichon Month ago

    1st of all, I appreciate your channel where you share both your knowledge and humor. In this video, you brought up the deceptive Russian media is...and I thought to my self, "I'm sure happy the USA media tells the truth! LOL! Damn all the wantabe journalist!

  • Nat sellar
    Nat sellar Month ago +1

    I understand that these kind of videos are aimed at demoting the capability of the Russian military efforts.... but I stopped watching when clear proof of its bias was shown with the Poland incident. I hope Ukraine wins... but I don't want to have my time wasted by watching biased youtube content. This video is uncredible.

  • Who is this
    Who is this Month ago +1

    This was a great video. Thanks hanks for putting it together

  • Nonymouse House
    Nonymouse House Month ago +158

    My university had an exchange program with a sister school in Russia, and so we had professors & students that went there all the time (one was friends with Stalin's daughter & my ex-wife studied there for a semester). Our economics professor said he was looking out his hotel window watching construction in the parking lot and saw a wooden flatbed truck pull up with tar on it, the guys quickly pushed it all out with brooms before it dried in the truck, it only half covered the lot, and then they were done for the day & didn't come back to finish. This how I imagine everything is done there, half completed using the lowest tech processes you can imagine.

    • V3
      V3 3 days ago

      @David he was sarcastic.

    • Агэля Аббаспур
      Агэля Аббаспур 8 days ago

      We have the same thing in the UK. The builders are called Pikkies. Did they also sell bunches of lucky heather?

    • David
      David 10 days ago

      @David Vik No, since Zelensky is in Ukraine, nothing has changed with the corruption

    • K K
      K K 13 days ago +1

      and they bought cheap Taobao walkie talkie for military use, that just LMAO.🤣🤣🤣

    • David Vik
      David Vik 27 days ago +6

      @Gar Sm no they all got kicked out when Russia invaded
      Remember they got rid of the Russian backed leader and elected zolenski

  • Photo Buff
    Photo Buff Month ago

    I agree with the video! And for full clearence Ukrainian side problems should be shown.

  • Roddy Piper's Irritated Corneas

    "Well, they voted in favor of Russia, but honestly, this one video I saw of protestors means that's not true." OK buddy, lol

  • Burning Phoenix
    Burning Phoenix Month ago +2

    Russia has the weapons, but not the troops
    Some or most are undertrained
    and due to that, soldiers will die
    due to their leader, innocent soldiers who've been fed lies will die
    Both Ukraine people and Russian people will lose something heavily
    We humans will never be able to avoid war with one another until we learn it truly, teach it truly and have no lies to the future generation about the heavy weight of war. Heavyweights on humans and our one and only green-blue planet.

  • Steve Steve-s
    Steve Steve-s Month ago

    Great video!

  • Nick
    Nick Month ago

    I have a number of Russian Vostok watches, they are very basic and they will go down to depths of 200 metres +. Would I actually want to dive in one to those depths, NO! They have a lot of equipment that can do the job, it just doesn’t do it very well.

  • Laerei
    Laerei Month ago +1

    SInce 2014, the army of Ukraine recieved a lot of training from western militaries. In just 8 short years they managed to modernize their army. Meanwhile, Russia's military continued to rot.

    • Ralph m
      Ralph m Month ago

      Yeah, we put a lot of work into making sure this war would happen, making sure it would be as bad as possible, last as long as possible, and sell a LOT of weapons and ammo.

  • Greatmate
    Greatmate Month ago +5

    So that's why Abramovich had such a large yacht.

  • Marshal_Anon
    Marshal_Anon 2 months ago +2433

    imagine being a russian soldier and seeing that you have the same equipment as your grandpa

    • Cassandra Guzman
      Cassandra Guzman 17 hours ago

      Lol that is funny

    • Philipp Rodionov
      Philipp Rodionov 4 days ago +1

      Use what works the best ;) I mean the red army took Berlin or am I wrong?

    • Myron
      Myron 5 days ago

      If it works it works

    • random account16
      random account16 8 days ago

      Imagine finding out your Grandpa is still considered fit to be mobilised to the front line of something that's supposed to not even be a full war 🤣🤣🤣

    • Sayim Ayar
      Sayim Ayar 18 days ago

      I had 50 years old gun when i was soldier

  • Thrillium
    Thrillium Month ago

    The absolute state of the Russian military

  • Joey J
    Joey J Month ago +1

    I was with you until you dissed the Moist Nugget rifle. If it was good enough for Ivan in 1905 and 1917...and 1939 and 1945...it's good enough for Ivan today, dammit!

  • Walli
    Walli Month ago

    6:10 There you have to differentiate between russian troops and the Lugansk and donetzk militias

  • ẞlack King
    ẞlack King Month ago

    That bulletproof vest 😳😭💀

  • Titan Tanic
    Titan Tanic 2 months ago +114

    My dad has a colleague who was drafted into the war, he is 20 now, he had a class of 16 students and only 3 returned with one being captured. he was assigned into a sniper division and they used mosin nagant rifles with modern scopes (these are the same rifles the Soviet Union used in ww2 against Germany). You guys have probably heard of the Russian army using maxim machine guns and you probably have seen a few videos of them, well I thought there were just a few of these machine guns and weren’t used en masse, but they are. The colleague said he was posted in an entrenchment system and he would go around being a sniper, he said he saw many maxim machine guns and could hear them being used a lot. This is because it turns out that the maxim machine gun actually supports one of the most common machine gun rounds used by the Russian army which is why they are using the maxims so much. The reason he was sent back home was because he suffered two gun shot wounds and 2 concussions.

    • SkrtSkrttt
      SkrtSkrttt 5 days ago

      Old=/=bad, the US still uses a machine gun based on the M1919, before the 92FS became their current service weapon they still used the M1911, the B-52 is from...the 50‘s...

    • Praetorian
      Praetorian Month ago

      @glass of milk lol yeah there's that too.

    • glass of milk
      glass of milk Month ago

      @Praetorian Yeah the US fund their army more than anything else but really I think the sheer amount of allies they have do more intimidation than the army.

    • Praetorian
      Praetorian Month ago

      All these years of collecting taxes, so much money, and they didn't even invest that in their army. A functional army is a dictator's wet dream yet nope, not gonna equip & maintain my army. The psychology of narcissists (US government) but at a whole different level (Russian government). At least the US gov know what without their army they're nothing so they're taking extra care of it.

    • glass of milk
      glass of milk Month ago +2

      @Obi-Wan Kenobi They are getting pushed back mostly due to lack of experience, supplies (ammo, food, etc.) and overwhelming amounts of donated equipment, not because they are using an old but apparently still reliable weapon. The reason I say its a good idea is because of the abundance of ammo and because a gun is a gun, it's going to kill regardless of the age and of course if it's reliable and easy to use then it makes sense to use it. Also NATO do use weapons that date as far back as 1919 in the form of the M2 and M1919 browning MG's.

  • Walli
    Walli Month ago

    4:11 Not sure about this one. The Soviets used a lot of these in ww2 and they hold the warmth better than normal socks. Not as good as thermo socks thought.

    • Grace Livingstone
      Grace Livingstone Month ago

      I completely believe the socks thing because its the only thing they couldn't sell on the black market.

  • Deep Prey
    Deep Prey Month ago +4

    Design Age doesn’t determine use ability. For example the mini gun is based on the Gatling gun, the M2 was designed in the early 1900’s. Both are still in service

    • Dominik Varga
      Dominik Varga 20 days ago

      @Lolatron45 old video from 2018 from saud-arabia🙂

    • Vaïdo Radio
      Vaïdo Radio  20 days ago +1

      @Deep Prey Yes it is

    • Writing
      Writing 22 days ago +1

      @Deep Prey Yes, it is, kind of.

    • Deep Prey
      Deep Prey Month ago

      The AK platform is from the 50’s is it out of date?

    • Deep Prey
      Deep Prey Month ago

      The AK platform is from the 50’s is it out of date?

  • Mark General
    Mark General Month ago +6

    Slava Ukraini! 🇺🇦

  • Mike Raspanti
    Mike Raspanti Month ago

    It’s all about readiness folks. Can’t win a war without it!😉

  • Nikita Alpatyev aka Kaizer

    Thank you for showing the world the truth about Russia.
    And as a Russian, I can say that almost everything you said coincides with reality - budget figures, the number of tanks, etc.
    Hope this hell ends soon

  • Medusa
    Medusa Month ago

    You know its bad when you're mom tells you that, we have military at home..😆

  • The Robinson
    The Robinson Month ago +1

    This is the best vid I've seen since the war began ... . rarely is the nail hit so precisely on the head

  • Hambourje
    Hambourje Month ago +8

    "they yelled at the russians to go home"
    I'm pretty sure i'm hearing "nahui" and from what i know it doesn't mean go home lmao
    I could be wrong though but it's one of the few words my russian speaking friend tought me

    • Lukson
      Lukson Month ago +1

      Idy Nahui basically means fuck off or go fuck yourself, so it sorta is that

    • Hambourje
      Hambourje Month ago +1

      @Alex S'aint oh thank you, as i said i don't know many words of russian and i am not learning russian so the help here is more than welcome

    • Alex S'aint
      Alex S'aint Month ago +6

      They're yelling "domoi" which means "go home". But in their mind they meant "nahui" for sure 😁

    AIHTYNC z 2 months ago +962

    Ironically, I’ve seen a lot of real Russian military gears and equipment somehow end up for sale on some popular Chinese platforms such as Taobao, Jingdong, and Alibaba… I originally thought these are all replicas made in China for military enthusiasts, but it turned out that many of them are actually authentic Russian equipment of good quality, including anti-thermal camouflage uniforms, Kevlar bulletproof helmets etc, and even utility bayonets from the AK rifles🙃

    • Rafael Gomez
      Rafael Gomez 2 months ago

      Lol is true some military enthusiasts are getting russian equipment better than what russian soliders get

    • Chris Rains
      Chris Rains 2 months ago +1

      @John Sikes ? Dude even Mylar thermal blankets are anti thermal. Its easy. Reflect the laser.

    • Brrrt brrt
      Brrrt brrt 2 months ago

      @TheTeaStoners 1. Never said they have GOOD gear. 2. They annexed big part of ukraine, so i dont know if thats actually losing.( by "GOOD" i meant best in the world, obviosly they have working gear and not as bad as shown, but its obviously not best in the world.)

    • TheTeaStoners
      TheTeaStoners 2 months ago

      @Brrrt brrt oh yes, they have the best gear in the world, thats why they are winning this war so easy.... yeah right
      if you believe they have good gear then that is your choice
      but if they do have good gear, then why are they loosing ?
      because of the so called "nazi Ukrainians" ?

    • Југ Богдан
      Југ Богдан 2 months ago

      @Littlekong What is "ancient" about Ukraina? Everything connected to that identity is not more than 300-400 years old. The oldest about Ukrainian identity, when talking about non-Russian Ukrainian identity is the plan from western elite to make it and so try to destroy Russia. Real Ukrainians are at the same time Russians as "real" Texan are, in fact - Americans, more than any others.
      Believe or not, communist soviet regime did unproportionally more damage to the Russian people than any other. Estonians, Lituanians, LEtonians, "Ukrainians", all they can say they had had more luck than Russians under soviet regime. Soviet communism mostly destroyed Russian people as a spine of the Russian Empire.

  • Low qality memes
    Low qality memes Month ago

    14:57 fun fact that tank is like the first 1 to get stolen era from ukrainians

  • 5718applesnack
    5718applesnack Month ago

    Now one thing to take from this. They have the capability to build and make all the helmets and vests...so for now its good, but wouldnt be surprised some factory hidden up north is pumping these out...

  • Jiado
    Jiado Month ago

    5:06 Aren’t those the actual proportions of Imperium Guard armor?

  • Greatmate
    Greatmate Month ago +1

    As a British taxpayer, i know my taxes pay for the NHS, they also pay for the 248000 mile road network of the UK, although there's a fair amount of potholes, on the whole it's pretty good. I also pay for one of if not man for man the best military in the world. On the whole i'm happy
    If i saw this and was a Russian taxpayer, i'd be absolutely miserable and would be demanding a refund on my taxes lmao. What a crapshow.

    • Ralph m
      Ralph m Month ago

      Did it occur to you that this video might be complete and utter rubbish intended to gather a bajillion internet points? It's not even credible enough to demoralise any Russians who might see it, so I doubt it is even intended as anti-Russian propaganda.

  • Attila Szabo
    Attila Szabo Month ago +6

    The use of Mosin Nagant probably more like a personal choice. The 7.62x54R is a widely available caliber everywhere. Its basically the standard hunting caliber in East Europe. The PKM classes (machine guns) also has the same ammo which is again widely available in military storages. Just because the design is old those rifles could be pretty brand new, just taken out from grease, stored somewhere in decades. They also use it back home for hunting, so knowing a gun is again a plus. Do not underestimate a weapon just because it's design is old. Knife is pretty much an old design, and its still count as a weapon.

    • Alex S'aint
      Alex S'aint Month ago

      Shooting from a rusty AK probably more like a personal choice as well 😁 Its "Rust" game cosplayers 😆

    • Eric kim
      Eric kim Month ago +1

      "Knife is pretty much an old design, and its still count as a weapon." thats a terrible comparison however.
      I agree that the mosin nagant is an excellent rifle and the 7.62x54r is an extremely powerful round and even more so than the NATO .308/7.62x51 but compared to modern bolt action rifles its not so great. The bolt isnt as smooth as most of these rifles are really old, and i highly doubt they've replaced the old barrels with modern ones that would help with accuracy and distance. And thats not even including the ammo probably not being nearly as consistent as NATO counterparts since snipers from NATO countries use their own custom ammo and know what they're firing. I cant imagine a country that doesnt have enough of something as basic as socks, giving their recon units custom ammunition for their mosins.

  • RossBoss
    RossBoss Month ago

    They hired early wipe Tarkov players to design their army loudouts

  • John Stark
    John Stark Month ago +1

    I have said since the late 70's the russians were not what people thought they were military wise. Now people see I was right

  • Gregory Kavivya
    Gregory Kavivya Month ago

    Great video

  • Maximus Aralieous
    Maximus Aralieous 2 months ago +541

    I've been waiting for a video like this to really explain what happened with Russia and its military. This is a very well done and informative video on the subject. I'm sure more will come out as time goes on as well. It's incredible to me that Russia had the world so well duped, but then again the Soviet Union was always doing the same thing and Putin is a product of that himself. However, I assumed he would not be so foolish as to actually pull the curtain back and let the world see the sorry state.
    Putin is such a cunning politician in most other regards, but I suppose everyone makes a mistake and Putin has been in power so long he has become detached from what the reality of the situation is. Evidence to Putin being unaware just how bad things were is the fact that he is changing his inner circle and in some cases those members are going missing entirely. And of course the ones suffering from this are soldiers who don't want to be there and of course the Ukrainian people.
    As winter looms, I imagine things will only get worse.

    • azy6868
      azy6868 Month ago

      @ЭЮЯ In the depths of self-delusion, just like the simi-naked man, riding a horse, in the poster above *your* bed.

    • azy6868
      azy6868 Month ago +1

      @ЭЮЯ You tell the -best- _jokes_

    • Maximus Aralieous
      Maximus Aralieous Month ago +2

      @HathcockDMR I'm not exactly sure what you are referencing, but if it's the 'NATO army's haven't stepped in yet', there is a very big difference between volunteers and full military mobilization from NATO. That would be a very different situation.

    • HathcockDMR
      HathcockDMR Month ago

      @Gitami C Ursula, "mistakenly" said that there are more than 100k ukrainian soldiers killed, not long after that the statement disappeared. A day later a Russian Telegram channel made a post with a chart and photos of thousands of obituaries of Ukrainian soldiers that can be found online, the total number was 107k. However, the ukros are denying it and the officials are lying that the casualties are only 10k... Considering that most of the dead ukrainian soldiers are treated like vanished without a trace, because by doing so the government is not obligated to pay to the victims families, we can get a picture of what the actual death toll given by the ukros is.

    • HathcockDMR
      HathcockDMR Month ago

      @Maximus Aralieous Most of the "volunteers" and the PMC's fighting on the ukrainian side are US, UK, Polish and French ex.special forces, dafu* are you talking about?

  • raymond samaniego
    raymond samaniego Month ago

    The ones you show where they have poor helmets and body armour and stuff those are from front line troops which in obvious sense front troops don't have the best but the special troops have the best think about the samurai era their front are not good as it is but their elite is so it's no doubt Russia still has good stuff for others but not for all and another not because it's seen in few doesn't mean it's for all of them already

  • Lvb
    Lvb Month ago +3

    If all of this was real, why would it take so long for Ukraïne to win this war?

    • Kingslayer
      Kingslayer Month ago

      @Lolatron45 all wars is tough and rough, so... It will be finished some days...as a Russian myself can say that it hard for our army, entire world against us
      But at the end we will see on which side is truth

    • Lolatron45
      Lolatron45 Month ago

      @Kingslayer or its just incredibly hard for both sides.. essentially we have people holding on for dear life with external help and people holding on for dear life without external help + sanctions.

    • Kingslayer
      Kingslayer Month ago

      propoganda. =_= u cannot believe utubers cuz u must be on field of battle to prove or not something that they say

    • Stienis
      Stienis Month ago

      they are just waiting for pight to kill

  • Gold Geezer
    Gold Geezer Month ago

    😂 I’m guessing Ukrainian soldiers hope that the 540.000 waiting on the border to come in have these rifles 😂

  • Arjan
    Arjan Month ago +1

    Well this is a very Western view
    on Russia. I am not pro Russian but I really miss your souces and proof. A lot of the images you showed a propaganda.

  • Whitey592
    Whitey592 Month ago +58

    9:28 i love how you used kerbal space program there😅 also this vid shows the true side of the russian military, incredible how underpowered they are compared to what they claim

    • Bigbro Bropro
      Bigbro Bropro 3 days ago

      Lol and what nato and ucraine win in war? ( Not when russian retreat themself)?

    • bento campos
      bento campos 28 days ago

      Impressive how corruption ruined their once good army in the soviet period

    • bogdan durutovic
      bogdan durutovic Month ago


  • Lasse DK
    Lasse DK Month ago +3

    Pilots using google maps to navigate WTF?? 😂😂😂

  • Mahmut Yilmaz
    Mahmut Yilmaz Month ago +1

    It's funny how Wendover productions treats the threat of the Poseidon missle as very much real.

    • azy6868
      azy6868 Month ago

      Due to the lack of solid facts, all viewpoints and supposition are equally valid and invalid.

  • Aldred
    Aldred Month ago

    This is literally what they did in ww1 and ww2 as well, just send everyone on the front, that will solve the problem...

  • Paul Osborne, PT
    Paul Osborne, PT Month ago

    With our current woke and corrupt leadership in the US, I worry about our combat readiness. I support our military but discourage my boys to join in this environment.

  • Time Bro
    Time Bro 11 days ago +2

    Brilliant video! Great delivery of information!
    As a Ukrainian, I have to admit - everything that is said is true.
    My recommendations!

    • Bigbro Bropro
      Bigbro Bropro 3 days ago

      Насолили сала в соледаре)

  • Dywan0
    Dywan0 Month ago

    For the record, that was Ukrainian defence system that miss the Russian missle and kill 2 ppl in Poland.

  • Hafelord
    Hafelord Month ago

    So, what’s with the thumbnail? That was from the breakaway states in Ukraine, not the Russian army

  • Nick Michels
    Nick Michels 2 months ago +413

    It might be unbelievable to see so many things failing due to maintenance, but to be honest high end tanks, trucks, and aircraft require a very significant amount of highly trained crews to support their operation. For example for each individual fighter jet sortie you will typically have between 20-50 technicians dealing with the fuel, inspections, engine maintenance, repair, rearmament around the clock. Much older equipment, like the simple truck or less sophisticated tanks, requires less frequent maintenance and fewer support personnel; but they still require people trained in proper procedures and quality components (tank tracks fall off pretty easily if you use 40-60 year old spare parts, or don't know the people with knowledge of the 'tricks' to making them last). And then when you use that older equipment you can't expect them to perform up to the speeds and capabilities of newer models.

    • kevin krebs
      kevin krebs Month ago +2

      @vsGoliathor they siphoned out all the good gasoline or diesel and put in either water or stale gas so that it looks full in terms of the fuel gauge but when you go to start it runs for maybe five seconds and then stalls because the carburetor is clogged as shit

    • Wonky Lommiter
      Wonky Lommiter 2 months ago +1

      Bad luck then if their skill level is drunk Russian!

    • vsGoliath
      vsGoliath 2 months ago +2

      @Local Review King And then you find out that some conscript ripped all the wiring out to sell the copper for some Adidas.

    • mailman sixthreeonefivefive
      mailman sixthreeonefivefive 2 months ago

      @Boss Dog And when there is no maintenance... And when the gear is fifty years old...

    • Boss Dog
      Boss Dog 2 months ago

      I was a tech in the RAN and I can tell you that ALL military gear breaks down and needs fixing.

  • Daniel Mareque Iglesias

    Can't wait for us to discover that russian ICBMs are damped 😂
    One particular Top Gear clip comes to mind....

    • Andrey Samuylik
      Andrey Samuylik Month ago

      If that one of those ICMBs falls on your stupid head, would you be happy?

  • RDN
    RDN Month ago +1

    Ukraine has become a sink for NATO weapons .There is no shame in using old weapons if they are effective

  • MrJokee
    MrJokee Month ago +1

    Are we sure the Russian government knows were in the 21st century?
    Maybe it says the year is 1922 there? 🤔

  • Bob1934
    Bob1934 19 days ago +3

    Reminded of a story a friend told me when he lived in Russia. he needed a washing machine asked his Russian counterpart what to buy. He told to buy this one. 3 weeks later it broke. he fixed it. He went to the Russian and asked why did you say this was a good buy. The response "Its easy to fix." That is an interesting mind set.

  • Mathijs Zwier
    Mathijs Zwier 2 months ago +574

    Imagine being shot as a Russian soldier...Looking at the holes in your "body armour," your last realization being what it truly means to be Russian

    • Neferpitou
      Neferpitou 29 days ago

      Literally Placebo armor.

    • Mind Vortex
      Mind Vortex Month ago +1

      @Kevin Smithwick Since February 23, the DPR and LPR have been fully mobilized its Nazi army and almost all men already died.
      Now, when they became part of Ukraine.
      The good thing is that the Ukrainians have shown their fighting spirit from the top down, and they know resistance to Nazi russian army

    • Mind Vortex
      Mind Vortex Month ago +1

      @Max Max No, DPR and the LPR not even exists. UN not recognized this terrorist failed states. This land belongs to Ukraine, and all countries in the world are supporting Ukraine in this war

    • Mind Vortex
      Mind Vortex Month ago +2

      @Max Max DPR and LPR is not exists. It is Ukraine now

    • Kevin Smithwick
      Kevin Smithwick Month ago

      @Max Max You say that like agreeing this is a proxy war is some kind of checkmate. Of course both sides in the war (pre-2022) were proxies.
      Also second line Russian standards are still pretty low. The VDV were the only sizable pre-war force, that was reasonably equipped by western standards.

  • cristi nel
    cristi nel Month ago +1

    i understand russians, i also bought a gps system (garmin fenix6xPro and a mount) for my bicycle.

  • Wingman gaming
    Wingman gaming Month ago

    I’m second guessing if they even have nukes at this point 😂 they lied about everything else.

  • Lindsey Lockwood
    Lindsey Lockwood Month ago +3

    The most painful thing for them was their dramatic loss of the equipment they could get started. Equipment that will take them multiple decades to replace. In order to have enough to defend their territory in the event of a NATO conflict they would have to pull off a mass production miracle to replace current losses. As it currently stands they do not have enough equipment to defend against a serious invasion and would have to use tac nukes immediately. Not even a paper tiger more like a wet kleenex tiger now.

    • Theotherside
      Theotherside Month ago

      You can bet that if the war ended, and assuming Russia had cash or gas to pay, western politicians would be rushing to sell Russia the kit and technology to make money for their mates, at first excuse. not forgetting cheap help from China.

  • Yves Boutin
    Yves Boutin 6 days ago

    Thanks for a very enlightening video! I knew Russia was exagerating their capabilities but after that video, I think any country can invade Russia.

  • TetraGames Team
    TetraGames Team 2 months ago +112

    The real problem is that we know we're being lied to, but we can't do anything to it

    • Jeff's Boy Nicky
      Jeff's Boy Nicky 18 days ago +2

      @Trokgorny Ball There is an enormous difference between the two. The US military is modern, well-stocked, top tech, battle tested, repeatedly trained, etc. The US military is exponentially more lethal. Russia has always thrown their soldiers and civilians toward the fire as cannon fodder.

    • IRISHgamerKAIN
      IRISHgamerKAIN Month ago

      @Hero4fun I mean can you blame them? Look at how many idiots eat up Trump's BS and they have unlimited access to the internet unlike Russians. And they have been protesting. Difference is if they start showing up with weapons Putin wouldn't hesitate to have the army open fire on them all. The fact that they are protesting at all is impressive since they could get locked up for life and there's nothing stopping it from happening.

    • Hero4fun
      Hero4fun Month ago

      Russian are being lied to, but they should be able to do something about it if they all protest, but lots of them still belief kremlin's propaganda.
      Get out of the propaganda is the first step, second the protest, third storm the corrupted government's place.
      Time is money and russian government is wasting russian citizen money for their own benefit. Money that could have spent for easier life for russians. Too bad.

    • IRISHgamerKAIN
      IRISHgamerKAIN Month ago +2

      @TetraGames Team Ignorant people think that, but they don't matter. The people who do matter know what's going on and don't hate you for it. Because you can't even talk about the war in a negative way without getting locked up for it.

    • TetraGames Team
      TetraGames Team Month ago

      @IRISHgamerKAIN yes, you're correct. The Russia sucks because of Putin mostly. Sadly, a lot of people still hate us and say we could prevent all of this somehow 😕