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  • dieter schanzer
    dieter schanzer 7 years ago +46

    One of the nicest guys who can play and speak with great authority and eloquence....thx for all the inspiration Pete

    • Armando1228
      Armando1228 Year ago

      I agree I'm a new fan but you are correct on the statements

    • andy T
      andy T 2 years ago

      Pete Thorn you deserve it all, you really play and talk in a way few does.
      I would like sometimes, just sometimes that you could get a little more melodies out of the solos, but thats me.....i'm too much of a neal schon fan i guess.
      But your motifs are really great

    • Pete Thorn
      Pete Thorn 7 years ago +5

      thanks man!

  • Chris Davis
    Chris Davis Year ago +1

    Crazy solid playing man. Great stuff!

  • Dami Mazzotta
    Dami Mazzotta 6 years ago +4

    5:25 - 5:40 man... that just melted my face. Awesome, Pete!

  • Yoav Hanuka
    Yoav Hanuka 2 years ago +1

    What a great song Pete!!!! wish it was on spotify! (and great tones and playing as usual)

  • borealisnebula2008
    borealisnebula2008 6 years ago +1

    That was an amazing performance. If I was listening to music in my home or on the road I could listen to this all day. I can't say that's true for a lot of music. There's a comfortable feel to the sound, it makes sense, yet a freshness of soul from the guitar.

  • Jeff Mulliken
    Jeff Mulliken 8 years ago +12

    Mr. T., I've been meaning to comment for quite some time, and had to get to it now. I think you are just a wizard at the blend of talents and skills that you bring to your life's work. The way that you've added to your superior musical prowess, the technical skills required to perform, record, and engineer these tracks, and then to produce complex video productions around them, is phenomenal. And this sideline you've created of assisting with the marketing of products to the guitar player market, is so impressive, as you never come off like a "pitchman", but rather a truly trustworthy "advisor", who presents honest reviews of products, from the perspective of one who does this for a living. With the endless amount of worthless time sucking garbage the proliferates in our age of internet media obession, your stuff always delivers value and entertainment. My hat is off to you. You're masterful at all you do, and seem to be a sincerely good person. It's amazing that you remain so "real" while living in LA. :>) Cheers my friend.

    • Pete Thorn
      Pete Thorn 8 years ago +1

      Hey thanks so much Jeff! I appreciate it!

  • Aron P. Müller
    Aron P. Müller 7 years ago +2

    Almost a year later and I still love that song and thet fantastic tones! Great inspiration

  • Robert Brown
    Robert Brown 8 years ago

    Fantastic. I'm having trouble stopping myself listening to this again and again. All the guitars sound fab together but I keep looking forward to the bits featuring the Suhr strat, or whatever it's called on the "in between pickups" sound. Some of the combinations of guitar sounds are a bit reminiscent of Sweet Home Alabama, but this strat sounds the bees knees for that sort of sound.

  • Patrick Lima
    Patrick Lima 8 years ago

    Hey Pete! Big fan! I love Guitar Nerd and am looking forward to the new album! Question: how do you record the drums on your albums? Suggestion: a behind the scenes of the recording process on your album! That would be AWESOME to see!

  • Maxime P
    Maxime P 6 years ago +2

    This is amazing. Man, I worship your guitar tones and your songs :).

  • Duane Anderson
    Duane Anderson Year ago

    FANTASTIC! A primer in tone. Great skills . An enjoyable ride from start to finish.

  • Gary Foss
    Gary Foss 8 years ago

    Wow! Very tasty Pete! BTW I'm so glad I happened to find you while looking for some eruption videos! That was just the beginning! Keep'em coming Pete! As always, I very much appreciate your vids! Kudos!!!!!!!

  • Maurizio70 Gilmour Fan
    Maurizio70 Gilmour Fan 6 years ago +4

    You are a great talent and font of inspiration for all of us, thanks Pete!!!

  • test
    test 7 years ago +1

    Very useful demo (and toon!) as always, Mr Thorn. Completely nailed, as per usual!
    Those Michael Britt profiles really are outstanding and have changed my view of the thing. I think if I was buying a Kemper, I'd just dump the stock ones and just use the MB packs and have done with it - save a lot of mucking about.

  • Graham Vamplew
    Graham Vamplew 8 years ago

    Once again Pete Thorn pulls an amazing piece of work out of the hat. Being able to hear the tone that works best for each part is always a very inspiring aspect of Pete's recordings. I find it the one of the most refreshing aspects of Pete's recordings. In today's industry the majority of music recorded the producer pulls up one guitar sound for the complete album and same with drums bass and so on. Each one of Pete's recordings are different sonic journeys that I find an absolutely refreshing. I wish the recording industry would take a page out of Pete's recording book and bring refreshing music back to the masses. Thank you Pete for all your hard work it does not go unnoticed and unappreciated. By the way I too own a Kemper and think it is a great piece of equipment. I hope Pete will show case the Kemper more maybe issue some of his own profiles.
    Thank you Pete

  • Peter Engdahl
    Peter Engdahl 7 years ago

    That's some awesome playing, Pete. :)

  • Simon Kempner
    Simon Kempner 7 years ago +1

    I really enjoyed your playing, Pete! Great profiles and a cool song! :)

  • Paul Robinson
    Paul Robinson 8 years ago

    Thanks for all the hard work Pete - sounding great!

  • Brian Jardine
    Brian Jardine 2 years ago

    I found my new favorite channel. Great stuff, Pete!

  • Russty
    Russty 7 years ago +5

    Love this song and the sound you get out of the black Suhr beautiful... great Job Pete

    • Pete Thorn
      Pete Thorn 7 years ago

      Thanks for watching, Russ...

  • Johan Hakkens
    Johan Hakkens 8 years ago

    Great demo Pete! I own a Kemper as well and all Mike's profiles and they the best around. Also GREAT for live usage with a guitar cabinet, really feels like "the real thing"!

  • sherman pup
    sherman pup Year ago

    Thanks for the guitar lesson. Great song, great playing, cool guitars. What is the Kemper amplified with? I am older and kind of behind on modern gear. One tip I can give is.. a Peavey pacer with a closed back and an EVM speaker in it, is a great SS clean amp for pedals . I have been using them for decades. Don't laugh, they are really full sounding. Keep on rockin'

  • Chibbles
    Chibbles 6 years ago +4

    This ain't my style I'm more of a heavy metal guy. But this is some awesome stuff here, some really tasty licks and great guitar playing. Respect man!

  • Tho mas
    Tho mas 6 years ago +3

    Man....unbelieveble song,everything sounds perfect to my ears! Pete is a Top World Guitar Player! greetings from France

  • Lee McDonald
    Lee McDonald 8 years ago

    Nailed it, tone, playing, everything!

  • Wenceslao Guerra
    Wenceslao Guerra 8 years ago

    Amazing! Profiles sound great, excellent song to demonstrate them, and about the Nashville joke, you couldn't be more right haha. 10/10 sir, loved the video.

  • 2GoldensTosa
    2GoldensTosa 3 years ago

    I think my eyeballs just melted. GREAT tune! Mighty fine pickin', brother!

  • Jacob Allen
    Jacob Allen 7 years ago

    There's Steve Vai and there's Pete Thorn. Your are great and thanks for all you do. You are one of the greats !

  • hbrookes
    hbrookes 8 years ago

    Man, Love the tones and your playing is A+++

  • Richard Poole
    Richard Poole 7 years ago +3

    The track is 'Bad Ass'!! Can't stop listening to it.
    I really enjoy watching your demos....keep up the great work! 👍

  • Rob
    Rob 7 years ago

    Pete you are so AMAZING , respect in all. One of those wonderful persons that give me the thrills .

  • Bill Hahn
    Bill Hahn 8 years ago

    Pete...Awesome stuff! Love your videos and the effort and quality you put into them. Thanks for sharing. Great sounding tune!

  • Blake Lawrence
    Blake Lawrence Year ago

    An audio fade out makes it so much more powerful, especially after that killer lead run. Pete I discovered you like 3 weeks ago man and I'm already going 6 years back... you are an absolute animal. And if it weren't for your videos I may never have heard of Ian Thornley either and so I'm very grateful for your content 🙏 🙌

  • Jkaterchannel
    Jkaterchannel 7 years ago +27

    What an incredible video!!! No words.

  • Corey G
    Corey G 4 years ago

    I love those kemper profile amp/tones.
    Nice playing too Pete.

  • strictlyguitartv
    strictlyguitartv 8 years ago

    Great video. Is there much difference between listening to your Kemper through your studio monitors as opposed to tracking with the sound of an amp that's miked up in another room and being monitored through the control room? One of the criticisms of modellers is that people miss the feel of being in front of a 'real' amp that's pushing the air, but I'm not sure it's that big a difference. Also I like your comment about being able to dial up a sound and just play, instead of tweaking with the tone.

  • planetgonenuts
    planetgonenuts 6 years ago +3

    You are very talented. Great sound, tone and musical command. Thank you.

  • PBGas34
    PBGas34 8 years ago +1

    Fantastic work as usual, Pete!

  • mattchurchill
    mattchurchill 8 years ago

    Sweet tones there Pete, I always want to plug in and play after watching your vids ;-)

  • Chris De La Cerda
    Chris De La Cerda 8 years ago

    Pete, I was wondering how you do those bends at 2:22 and 5:03? They just intrigue me so much and thank you.

  • Cleveland Brown
    Cleveland Brown 6 years ago

    This is great, masterful playing!

  • Gerins Guitarmusic
    Gerins Guitarmusic 8 years ago

    My absolute respect for your music and work in Clip-Share Pet Thorn

  • Bothand Nether
    Bothand Nether 8 years ago

    Great Tune, Lovin the Univibe also.
    As somebody that collects vintage tubes for guitar amps,
    I am loving the Kemper as a studio tool -it's indispensable.
    The amount of guitar playing I do went up massively,
    thanx to it's convenience.
    +1 on it's all about a good profile,
    I'm liking the ones with more distance on the mic.
    & while "good" is all relative to the pickups,
    I am loving the David Gilmore Hiwatt profiles.
    Thanx for the tune and the hand workout!

  • TommyPG
    TommyPG 7 years ago

    Great tune. The profiles sound bang on as well. guitar collection and skills to be proud of!

  • NO TALK Guitar Amp Plug-ins Reviews

    Would be cool to have more Kemper videos from Pete!

  • Paul Manz
    Paul Manz Year ago

    Pete, you could have a long and happy life in Nashville if you chose to do so! Great playing and great tones brother!

  • felipousismix
    felipousismix 5 years ago

    Pete: your song is great and your playing is awesome, thanks for the video!

  • MegaMoose777
    MegaMoose777 8 years ago

    Awesome man!!! You would do JUST FINE in Nashville by the way! :) You really make it look effortless. Thanks for the great videos and the inspiration! God Bless bro!

    • Pete Thorn
      Pete Thorn 8 years ago

      thanks for the vote of confidence! :)

  • samuelthird
    samuelthird 7 years ago +1

    Great song and excellent review as usual! I just downloaded "To Live And Die In Nashville." It looks like a fun tune to learn! Any tabs?

    • Pete Thorn
      Pete Thorn 7 years ago +1

      Yes actually- jamtrackcentral.com has this song as a lesson with tabs! Link above

  • Jon-Nolan (Acoustic Singer/Songwriter)

    Your videos are always fantastic. I just purchased a Kemper. Great song Peter.

  • Mike Ward
    Mike Ward 8 years ago

    Awesome song with great tones! Do you have it for sale yet?! Happy Holidays!

  • tumeniguitars
    tumeniguitars 7 years ago +1

    Great song and playing, as usual.

  • Stephen Ford
    Stephen Ford 8 years ago

    Awesome playing as always Pete!
    What's your take on the profiles that you made with your amps?

  • Charles75N
    Charles75N Year ago

    Can't believe that these are just now showing up in my feed. Loved it Pete!!!!

  • scotteepunk
    scotteepunk 2 years ago

    Exactly Pete, I spent the entire summer 2019 in Nashville on Lower Broadway checking out all the clubs, women and bands and I was always in awe of the incredible guitar players and all the musicians that play there. Truly inspiring and as is your playing on all your clips.

  • Richard Clark
    Richard Clark 8 years ago

    Just inspiring, thanks for making it Pete !

  • Robert Simpson
    Robert Simpson 8 years ago

    Hi, Pete! I really enjoy watching your videos, because no one can push guitar gear to its limits like you can! I had a question for you about the Kemper. Do you think that you would ever tour with a device like the Kemper Profiler as your primary amp set up? Do you think that, sound-quality-wise, it is what you would consider a tour-worthy device? Thanks in advance!

  • Cornelius Wurth
    Cornelius Wurth 6 years ago

    Hey Pete,
    amazing job here as always!
    How do you like the standard built in effects
    like delay and reverb? Maybe compared to the helix? Keep up the great work :)

  • Oakwell 1Batt
    Oakwell 1Batt 7 years ago

    WOW, silky smooth..great playing man!

  • Thierry PrairieDog
    Thierry PrairieDog 7 years ago

    Amazings sounds, thanks to share !

  • Renee Van Cleve
    Renee Van Cleve 7 years ago

    Beautifully played Pete !!!!

  • Jonathan Eisenberg
    Jonathan Eisenberg 7 years ago

    Glad I subscribed, Pete. Hopefully I will one day have a Suhr guitar and add a PT-100 to my studio. Love your playing and compositions !!! Cheers from Thailand ! :)

  • Jofthe J
    Jofthe J 7 years ago

    Awesome! Great song! Did you record the Kemper direct mono or stereo?

  • John Mullan
    John Mullan 6 years ago +2

    Holy shit...Absolutely blown away by your playing/tone/song.I haven't played guitar in about a year,due to some issues in my life i put it down.Without guitar it feels as if there is a part of me missing.I thank you for inspiring me to pull out my guitars and Kemper again.
    I didnt know it was even possible to get such a tone out of the Kemper.
    I especially like the tone you get with your white Suhr strat,killer!
    Thanks again.

  • Michael Trees
    Michael Trees 5 years ago

    Outstanding! Just ordered the power head and pedal today! :-)

  • iceman7511
    iceman7511 2 years ago

    Just found this in 2020. Insane playing on this tune!

  • Anuj Sinha
    Anuj Sinha 8 years ago

    Awesome playing and sounds!

  • Ryan Coveyduc
    Ryan Coveyduc 8 years ago +1

    One more song that needs to be on the next album! :D

  • Shawn Tubbs
    Shawn Tubbs 8 years ago

    Mike does excellent profiles! Thanks for the demo Pete!

    • Pete Thorn
      Pete Thorn 8 years ago

      Thanks Shawn! I wish I could play like you! :)

  • MusicAndThings
    MusicAndThings 7 years ago +1

    Great stuff man, I'm really enjoying your videos. You're such a great player;-) Cool songs too;-)

  • Kdog 1887
    Kdog 1887 7 years ago

    I love that Song man. Just great playing in every aspect.

  • Franck Moondog
    Franck Moondog 2 years ago

    Been following you for a while now, and damn, you're one of my favorite guitar players now!!! 🤘😍
    Awesome song and awesome tones, by the way... 😉

  • Agus G.T.
    Agus G.T. 5 years ago

    Amazing as allways! I DIG IT!

  • Hannah Ferr_Ens
    Hannah Ferr_Ens 8 years ago +2

    Pete Thorn you are just stunning! Can't stop listening to you! Oh my God how great is your play!

  • Lars Bauer
    Lars Bauer 8 years ago

    Pete, you are one major tone-, timing- and phrasing-monster!!!! awesome!

  • Babba Louie
    Babba Louie 6 years ago +1

    Admittedly Pete I had not heard of you before seeing this video. My loss. You have no need to be concerned about Nashville. I lived there for several years. You are as talented as any other players I saw/heard there. As far as the Kemper I have been looking at them for a short while now. This video convinced me to get one. Have heard other profiles I liked but Micheal Britt's are the icing on the cake. Thanks Pete. Wish you a long successful career.

  • Kevin Grover
    Kevin Grover 4 years ago

    Well, that was freakin' awesome.

  • Ronny Ward
    Ronny Ward 2 years ago

    Holy crap, Pete. You pretty much melted my face. I don’t think you have anything to worry about, dude.

  • John Marquez
    John Marquez 8 years ago

    Great tones and great song!

  • Emanuele Innocenzi
    Emanuele Innocenzi 5 years ago

    I love your playing!!

  • david bakker
    david bakker 8 years ago

    Killer song Pete! Question for ya, your playing about 4 different guitars on the song, and they all sound awesome, but how do you pull it off live? Is there one guitar you have to pull it all off? Or do you make sure you just have a lot of guitar players in your band?

    • Pete Thorn
      Pete Thorn 8 years ago

      I'd use my Suhr with a humbucker and 2 singles to play this live... it's a lot of parts though, so I'd need a rhythm guitar player :)

  • Sean Shredz
    Sean Shredz 6 years ago

    Thank you Pete!! Incredible!

  • Rodri
    Rodri 5 years ago


  • Trainwreck Music
    Trainwreck Music 8 years ago

    Hey man. Mike is one of my best pals here in town. His profiles are the only ones I use. They just kill.......Great video. Great tune. Great explanation.

  • ElBastardo74
    ElBastardo74 7 years ago

    Hi Pete - great playing!!
    Based on your experience with the kemper to date, would it actually be something you would use on a more frequent basis in your studio, on a session or on the road?

    • Pete Thorn
      Pete Thorn 7 years ago

      @ElBastardo74 oh sure! It's very cool

  • Pierre Schnehage
    Pierre Schnehage 7 years ago

    05:30 What a great riff happening there. I saw you first with that Trisha Lurie song... I fell in love (with Trisha! :-0) - man, what a cool and effective arr that was.. You sound great :-)

  • John Mills
    John Mills 6 years ago

    Great playing Peter Thorn :-) . I'n considering purchasing one soon and would like to know if you use the one with the 600W amp or can you just buy or use the profiler with effects?I have small and larger marshells but love the sound of the small marshalls and kempers tone.

  • alien Grey
    alien Grey 4 years ago

    Nice song,fender and Gibson sounds out of one amp! Thanks Pete

  • midiot777
    midiot777 6 years ago

    Great feel man!!

  • David Nexus
    David Nexus 7 years ago

    Such an amazing player!

    • Pete Thorn
      Pete Thorn 7 years ago +1

      @Destination Station Thanks man!

  • duane anderson
    duane anderson 6 years ago

    well played, great sounds.

  • Lenny O'Florida
    Lenny O'Florida 6 years ago

    FANTASTIC!!!! Love it!

  • Paulo Saraiva
    Paulo Saraiva 8 years ago

    Pete with your experience with alot of great amps... do you think that the kemper can simulate very well a real tube amp? especially in the clean sound? cheers

  • Tamás Hajas
    Tamás Hajas 7 years ago

    Hi Pete, this is an awesome song! A like to listen to it again and again!

  • Jon Boyes
    Jon Boyes 6 years ago +1

    Superb playing & great tone!

  • FelixSchlegelMusic
    FelixSchlegelMusic 7 years ago

    Great lead tone!

  • siskokidd
    siskokidd 8 years ago

    That was great! As a lifelong bass player who only recently (2 years) began focusing almost exclusively on playing guitar, I learn so much watching you play. I can actually follow what you're doing, which means you make sense. You're rooted in the fundamental logic and logistics of guitar playing. Props!

    • Stephen Ford
      Stephen Ford 8 years ago

      The Kemper would be a great amp for you siskokidd, it can emulate bass amps just as well as guitar amps. Two amps in one!

    • Pete Thorn
      Pete Thorn 8 years ago


  • Cathy Stocks
    Cathy Stocks 8 years ago

    Your best video yet - great stuff Pete, thanks.

  • Andrelix67
    Andrelix67 8 years ago

    Great demo, Pete!

  • Stan Esposito
    Stan Esposito 5 years ago

    Just found this one. Fantastic job!