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I Transformed a Work Van into a Mobile Home | Full Build Start to Finish

  • Published on Dec 23, 2022 veröffentlicht
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    Join me on my journey as I transform a plain, old work van into a cozy, mobile home on wheels! From start to finish, I'll show you every step of the process, including the design, planning, and construction of my van conversion. Along the way, I'll share my tips and tricks for creating a functional, comfortable living space in a cargo van. Whether you're interested in van life, tiny living, or DIY home renovation, this video is sure to inspire and inform.
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  • Deborah Notter
    Deborah Notter 2 months ago +3968

    This country needs more of these young guys with these skills in the construction/trade pipeline. Fantastic build!

    • Deborah Notter
      Deborah Notter 4 days ago

      @Rr Rr Delighted to hear this. I had made my original post because after watching this video and reflecting on seeing other videos and reading articles about a decrease in people entering the trades (choosing instead to go to college or whatever), while a large number of experienced tradesman were getting ready to retire and taking all that knowledge with them, it just made me sad to think about all the know how that made this country what it is not being refreshed. Glad you and all the others are keeping the tradition strong. Thank you!

    • Rr Rr
      Rr Rr 4 days ago +1

      As a millennial I started electrical work in Texas at 23. Now I'm a master electrician and I know a TON of hard working guys my age and much younger. They're out there, everywhere, same as every other generation. However with all this social media BS you hear and see the lazy entitled ones while the hardworking men and women keep quiet and focus on their work, families, and goals.

    • Rea
      Rea 5 days ago +1

      ​@Steven Hatfield he would be hired by his clients and I'm quite sure he has more than enough to keep him busy. Even when you work for yourself, you are working for someone else. Otherwise he could work all day and not make any money.

    • Kenneth Porst
      Kenneth Porst 9 days ago

      We dO...there's Think about all the plumbers and construction guys who build our houses or apartment's or fix them....not to mention the DIYers like this guy

    • Rob Alfano
      Rob Alfano 10 days ago

      @A&W really? I guess the 25 years as a contractor didn't count.
      Don't display your ignorance in public.

  • Al ways lernin
    Al ways lernin 17 days ago +55

    The finished van deserves a whole video of its own. That brass in the tiles to match the faucet was just beautiful.

  • Benjamin Goetz
    Benjamin Goetz 20 days ago +52

    I’m so wowed, hard to find words. It’s powerful: your skills, custom everything !!, the power tools at hand used, the concise video EDITING(!)/ some of the time-lapses, choice of (Epidemic Sounds)-Beats, your enthusiasm, working while dealing with an ankle injury, the outcome is worth every cent. Side note: Nice construction editing software you’re using for planning!! There is lot of love and precision in your craftsmanship. Bravo 👏🏾 👏🏾 👏🏾.Speechless. Awe inspiring

  • Shanae Brown
    Shanae Brown 25 days ago +175

    Such talent I’m convinced he can build anything. It was such a pleasure to watch the process

    • MaxLaPoule
      MaxLaPoule 5 days ago

      @bryan ocumen ahah tHE PRICE OF THE TOOL ....Cost more than the van

    • Jalpha Richter
      Jalpha Richter 15 days ago +5

      A bunch of trades he covers - carpentry, plumbing, painting, tiling, welding/metal work, electrical…just wow

    • bryan ocumen
      bryan ocumen 16 days ago +2

      I want to make a van house like that so I gonna Save a lot of money 💰 because If you have that you don't worry about paying your rent every end of the month and you don't scared to sleep in the street because you have a free home😄

  • Sara Beth
    Sara Beth 11 days ago +17

    The amount of skill and talent shown in this video is just unreal. Incredibly impressive!

  • Carol Ann
    Carol Ann 26 days ago +68

    You are an amazingly industrious young man! Your parents have to be very proud. Your work ethic is A+. God continue to bless.

  • kelly Johnson
    kelly Johnson 2 months ago +1690

    If I ever wanted a camper van conversion snd had unlimited money to work with, you are the only person I’d want to work on it. You are an artist. Thanks for posting

    • Seven 30
      Seven 30 18 hours ago +1

      @Marcus dang really

    • Marcus
      Marcus 20 hours ago

      the money you spend doing it youd buy a regular house! hahahaha not worth it

    • Rea
      Rea 5 days ago +1

      ​@Janice Knight with skills and attention to detail like his, he probably has more work than he can get to.

    • Real Music
      Real Music 13 days ago

      Wow you getting all the women's

    • Seven 30
      Seven 30 15 days ago +1

      I swear...this is amazing...makes me wish I knew more things except guns...if I had unlimited money...I'd get him to build me something too

  • D K
    D K 20 days ago +18

    I can't believe he did 1/2 this van with a walking cast/leg injury. He made it all look so easy. Granted he had all the tools to do it right and a great space to work in (that's a large part of the battle), but, his skills, knowledge and craftsmanship are second to no one. Thoroughly impressed and I am one woman who has done a decent amount of construction on my own homes and at work throughout my 53 years, so I know good work when I see it. Glue it AND screw it if you want it to last! Bravo!!!

  • Spirit Warrior 1357
    Spirit Warrior 1357 7 days ago +5

    Man you did a phenomenal job! You made it look so easy. I absolutely love everything you did to make this van a home away from home.

  • J Rich
    J Rich 26 days ago +20

    This is SO dope. I grew up watching and doing a lot of this with my dad. Even the Van projects like paneling and auto mechanics. However, I went to college where the core of my ability with learning from my dad split due to studying and even though I graduated and have used the degree to steadily climb up the corp ladder, I feel like I NEED to complete a core skill training in carpentry or woodshop to be better balanced. This video is inspiring to make me get back into seeking a class or cert while it’s still time. Especially given that I’m interested in continuing Van life that I grew up in from my dad. He is passed away abt two years now

    • XxXLovey Dovey 67XxX
      XxXLovey Dovey 67XxX 6 hours ago

      I’m so sorry for your loss 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  • Mike Sawyer
    Mike Sawyer 13 days ago +4

    Two thumbs up to you young man. We need more young people like you. Innovative and skilled in a craft that helps you and others to go forward in life.

  • Single Mom Memoirs
    Single Mom Memoirs 12 days ago +9

    The videography work, the camera angles, the level of carpentry skill, the attention to detail… YOU’RE HIM! 🎉

  • Roni Link
    Roni Link 2 months ago +3199

    Dang, he’s a one man construction crew.
    Plumber, electrician, insulater, painter, designer………great work young man.

    • Gail Trotman
      Gail Trotman 7 hours ago

      Don't forget welder! He has a burgeoning business opportunity in his future if van builds are his passion! ❤

    • Deborah Green
      Deborah Green 24 days ago

      He is a one man construction crew God bless you

    • Pablo Hooligan
      Pablo Hooligan 27 days ago

      Bro the guy is a professional engineer.

    • Hot Feva
      Hot Feva 27 days ago

      With a broken foot

    • ka ni
      ka ni Month ago

      He reminds me of Ame in a van who did everything herself as well. She also has a video out about her construction process.

  • Tangy Eats
    Tangy Eats 19 days ago +3

    WOW! I am simply amazed! Imagine being able to give someone who’s facing hard times, the gift of having a home and a vehicle all in one! 🔥🔥🔥

  • Crystal Carpenter
    Crystal Carpenter 21 day ago +3

    Such a talented young man. You do beautiful work. I think anybody would be lucky to have you turn any vehicle into a dream space. Great job!

  • Rachel Black
    Rachel Black 16 days ago +10

    This is the best build-out I've seen done, hands-down. And the video work was perfect, and the ratio to talking/no talking was spot-on, like everything else about this video. This guy is a craftsman and very talented. Very, very well done. Bravo!

  • nik scebba
    nik scebba 9 days ago +3

    Stunning work! Amazing talent; Ive been remodeling for 15 years and learned some tricks from this young man!

  • Jim Briggs
    Jim Briggs 14 days ago +7

    From a craftsman of 28 years in the field to another, nice job man. Your very talented.

  • Dexter Smith
    Dexter Smith 2 months ago +450

    A lot of the construction pieces were very complex to machine and cut. This young guy is gifted as both a designer and constructor. We definitely need more young people with his motivation and talents. This was very interesting to watch.

    • byallmeansneccasary
      byallmeansneccasary 2 months ago

      Now we know the answer to who built the pyramids.

    • Kris
      Kris 2 months ago +1

      Thank you ❤

    • Carol Gibson-Wilson
      Carol Gibson-Wilson 2 months ago +4

      I too am impressed by his work. Enjoyed watching and remembering my father maintaining our home. He transformed it into a efficient and comfortable house.

    • Diane Mitchell
      Diane Mitchell 2 months ago +10

      These myriad of skills are hard to come by with the demise of unions and technical skills taught by high schools. In the 1930s my dad attended a technical high school. He was able to build three of our homes with what he had learned. Those skills were passed down three generations to my sons. Thank goodness for utube.

    • GICOM
      GICOM 2 months ago +11

      Diversity of skills. Impressive.👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • The Twisted Truth
    The Twisted Truth 21 day ago +6

    I admire anyone with the ambition to plan something like this out, and follow through with it. Good on you, kid. I wish you luck in your travels :) Make sure you bring something that helps you connect to those that stayed behind, along with the type memories that keep you warm on cold nights.

  • Jalanta Thomas Again
    Jalanta Thomas Again 2 days ago +2

    This guy is the carpenter, plumber, and electrician ALL IN ONE man🔥 What a build!!

  • Ro Black
    Ro Black 7 days ago +2

    I don’t believe anyone could have taught you how to do some many things in such a short period because you’re a young man. Which tells me only one thing …. You are truly gifted .
    Enjoyed it sir 👌🏽

  • debandjim333
    debandjim333 11 days ago +3

    You are an incredibly skilled young man and very creative! Absolutely the best "build" video I've ever seen :)

  • Nazihater
    Nazihater 23 days ago +13

    He's got the skills that very few people his age have now a days. Truly 👏 amazing.. excellent job.

  • The Truth / Stacy Thomas
    The Truth / Stacy Thomas 2 months ago +527

    He definitely needs his own remodel project show! Very talented 👏

    • Loyalty Zaccai
      Loyalty Zaccai Month ago +1

      Absolutely. He makes it look so simple & easy! Total motivation. 💕

    • Tony DiDonato
      Tony DiDonato Month ago +2

      He has one and he is producing it.

    • Kris
      Kris Month ago

      @TxcaDiana ❤️

    • TxcaDiana
      TxcaDiana 2 months ago +1

      DEFINITELY 1000000000%

  • N. S. Davidson
    N. S. Davidson 3 days ago +3

    To say I am impressed and in awe of your ability to conceptualize, design, and build a recreational vehicle from an old van using technology and ingenious craftsmanship. Your creativity, critical thinking, and practical skills are truly remarkable and deserving of praise. Well done! I definitely might want to get one of these done

  • Cheryl Barbee
    Cheryl Barbee 8 days ago +1

    I admire all of your work that you do on these builds. You are so talented.

  • Desiree Levesque
    Desiree Levesque 21 day ago +9

    Wow, that's incredible! Everything you're building is both beautiful and functional; you're truly a skilled designer, craftsman and innovator. So much luxury and comfort hidden inside a humble work van. Kudos!

  • nathanchen5566
    nathanchen5566 12 days ago +129

    prosperity don't come out that way overnight. What Most people see at a glance-wealth, a perfect career, purpose-is the results of hard labour and hustle over time. I pray anyone who reads this will be successful in life...

    • Ahmed Adi
      Ahmed Adi 12 days ago

      Have thought of going into bitcoin investment lately, here is a good one, and am excited found this positive information. Thank you and remain blessed

    • Kaiden Roy
      Kaiden Roy 12 days ago

      90% of millionaires right now are investors in the

    • Kaiden Roy
      Kaiden Roy 12 days ago

      We work for 40yrs to have $1 million in our retirement. meanwhile, some people invest just $10k in cryptocurrency and now they are multimillionaires.

    • Constance
      Constance 12 days ago

      We're lucky we are now living in a world of technology where all the information we need is very accessible to our reach.

  • Felicia Burden
    Felicia Burden 12 days ago +2

    Mad skills!! I was totally blown away by your talent, virtually done all by yourself. Amazing work!👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  • Rachel G.
    Rachel G. 2 months ago +229

    I'm always in awe of people who can build things with their own hands, from scratch! It's almost a lost art. Kudos to you on this impressive build! 👏

  • Natja Kristy
    Natja Kristy 13 days ago +2

    Wow, I am incredibly impressed. You are a master of your craft. It's also shocking the amount of intricacy, Tedious detail and time that really goes into something that looks so simple. What impresses me is that you do it all from scratch. You don't go to Lowe's or home depot and buy something pre made as a countertop or a cabinet. You build it yourself. I've seen any number of Van conversion videos where people who don't have any particular training will do what they can to turn their vehicle into a living space. And even when they go out and they buy prefabricated Closets or cabinets or what have you even then it looks quite complicated and time consuming. But this was just crazy. I bet the hardest part of your job though is admiring all the hard work you put into when it's all done and then it goes to somebody else. I guess keeping a video chronicle of your work helps you keep the results with you but it's still not the same thing as owning it. Anyway I'm very impressed by you and you're brilliant at what you do.

  • George Sparrow
    George Sparrow 18 days ago +17

    I’ve done carpentry over the years but this is next level! Real talent there! And that sliding bed is so sick💪👍👌

  • Eddie Givens, Jr.
    Eddie Givens, Jr. 25 days ago +2

    Production quality has gone WAY up! Well done and congrats!

  • BLOW-19
    BLOW-19 15 days ago +2

    I LOVE watching you build. You're amazing at what you do.

  • Cynthia Cox
    Cynthia Cox Day ago +1

    This was so satisfying to watch! I watched from you starting in a walking boot to finish with no skips, superb job!!

  • Bredlay
    Bredlay 2 months ago +164

    This guy's a rare kind of person. It's nice to see he's taking the time to show his way of life to the rest of us. Inspiration at its finest

  • Dawn Chatman
    Dawn Chatman 18 days ago +1

    Wow, I never would have thought anyone could make the inside of a van look luxurious. Well done.

  • Growing Up Winston #GUW

    This was so satisfying to watch. Loved seeing the process. You had the right amount of narration and elapsed video to hold our attention. This made me want one. How'd you learn to do this?

  • Timothy Kenley
    Timothy Kenley 24 days ago +1

    Man you done an awesome job on that conversion van state of the art I love all your professional looking work you've done You're no immature by no means!!

  • Joah Fidler
    Joah Fidler 15 days ago +2

    If you are this good at such a young age, you'll be a master of your craft by your 30s or 40s. So inspiring.
    Those welding skills!
    The cutting board drawer!!

  • Jennifer Foo
    Jennifer Foo 8 days ago

    Videos like this really showcase how we can build things from scratch and the creativity of people. Keep doing things with passion!

  • Chauncy Jones
    Chauncy Jones 2 months ago +239

    I can't believe I just spent my lunch break watching this young man build a house inside of a van. EXCELLENT WORK, young brother. You have MAAADDD skills, man. Keep up the excellent work and you just picked up another subscriber to your channel.

    • Frank Williams
      Frank Williams 2 months ago

      Incredible work young man! 👍🏾 I enjoyed every inch, frame, paint & glue drop, saw-dust, insulation of your video. You are a true Builder from start to finish!!👷🏾‍♂️ I have a few questions? What is the weight of the Van after the project was completed? How did your work stand up when it finally got on the road for the first time after completion? Was there any issues with the power required by the Van’s Engine? Did you have to make any modification to it? Again, awesome work young man. 👍🏾✊🏾😎

    • lilbehr1
      lilbehr1 2 months ago

      @DualEx I just have to ask ... where are you located and how would someone go about acquiring your services ? Oh, and by the way, you're amazing and have some very mad skills ... keep it up !

    • Myke Jae
      Myke Jae 2 months ago +1

      @DualEx you should make a Mobil Barbershop 💈from a a large UPS Truck & drive to Get Beamed,360 Jeezy , or Minnieweather ….. doing cross collaborations

    • Maurice Matthews
      Maurice Matthews 2 months ago +1

      @DualEx Wassup my brother, do you remodel travel trailers also?

  • Jon Webb
    Jon Webb 13 days ago +2

    Great carpentry skills, and even some welding. Creative design. I enjoy watching a craftsman at work! Thanks for the vid, young man!

  • Gail Trotman
    Gail Trotman 7 hours ago +1

    I know even now I'm gonna love your clean, sleek decorating sense of style. I love white! A marble shower too? Amazing! Good luck with your finishing touches. Great workmanship! Beautiful!

  • Lydia Viera
    Lydia Viera 14 days ago

    I am truly at a loss for words. That was amazing. I could definitely live in something like that.

  • Water Dragon
    Water Dragon 18 days ago

    Just stumbled onto your channel. What a skilled young man. Very impressive design and execution. It makes a big difference in budget if you know how to do everything yourself. I like how you showed what you did for each component. 👍

  • Special1
    Special1 2 days ago

    You are so talented! If I ever decided to live in a small space, you would be the person I would want to design it and make it possible. 😊

  • Michael Sakhel
    Michael Sakhel 2 months ago +233

    This man is beyond human. He has a craftsmanship that is unlike anyone I've seen before. He also has such a calm demeanor that makes these videos relaxing and easy to follow. What a guy!

    • Michael Sakhel
      Michael Sakhel 2 months ago

      @DualExOfficial1 !! Thank you! How do I contact you?

    • A Lord
      A Lord 2 months ago

      @Bertha George Ab. So. Lute. Lee!!

    • patricia blas
      patricia blas 2 months ago

      I Definitely Agree!!!!

    • Brie Renee
      Brie Renee 2 months ago +3

      @Shawn Prime a gf

  • Ms. D
    Ms. D 19 days ago

    Wow, awesome work. I haven't searched for anything like this, and I'm not sure why it showed up in my TL, but I'm glad it did. I love watching things like this. Great job!

  • rndmlogin
    rndmlogin 19 days ago

    Wow. Pretty impressed. You do great work, the look isn't my style either but I recognize the skill and professionalism that went into making it. The the finished pieces look well put together and moreover well thought out! That is a lot of functionality in a small space. I think a conversion like that would make a great 'camping' van for a couple. Throw a bike rack on the back and hit the parks. Well done!

  • Jamie Wickett
    Jamie Wickett 21 day ago

    Absolutely incredible, immense skill and attention to detail, really really impressive!

  • D.A _ ROiCE CLips
    D.A _ ROiCE CLips 21 day ago +2

    I'd never hesitate nor feel done watching you doing all these stuffs❤️ I can't explain how perplexed and amazed i am watching you being so God damn good in your work. Keepin the Craftsmanship(which indeed is very2 impressive) a-side, you're also God damn good producing video in such cinematography level 😍😲❤️❤️ You got a Golden Buzzer from me for the whole infinity times.

  • Gina Bowden
    Gina Bowden 15 days ago +1

    Absolutely amazing! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾I’m stunned that this wasn’t even built for you😮! I agree, you’re the one to contact when I’m ready to do a van conversion 👍🏾

  • pinklacelady
    pinklacelady 2 months ago +168

    Electrical, plumbing, woodworking, solar, filmography, computer, insulation, designing, painting, tiling, speaking...did I miss any skill set he's got!!! Amazing. Thanks for posting.

    • Ishmael Ramosoeu
      Ishmael Ramosoeu 2 months ago +1

      Fuck 🙆‍♂️😆😆😆 thats crazy meeh 🖤🖤🖤🖤

    • TK Lyfe
      TK Lyfe 2 months ago +6

      @Chicago0048 Hi, as he mentioned in the video, he did this for someone. Welcome to the channel. I got recommended this way back and got glued watching his videos. I’d recommend checking out his first videos as they are quite interesting .

    • Liam Keogh
      Liam Keogh 2 months ago +1

      Yea 20 grand later ...

    • Chicago0048
      Chicago0048 2 months ago

      I wonder how much it cost? And is this going to be his permanent housing?

  • Dorothy Cross
    Dorothy Cross 15 days ago

    I’m proud of you, young man. Have lots of wonderful adventures in your new motor home.

  • hathorearthfyre
    hathorearthfyre 19 days ago +1

    Your skills are beyond epic. What a joy to watch you do EVERYTHING with such a stunning result. Bravo!

    TAROT POSH 12 hours ago +1

    This is so awesome 👌 🙌 You made it look so easy, but it took wicked smarts, skills, patience, and talent to do this. Congrats! It is lovely 🏡

  • Rio Rio
    Rio Rio 6 days ago

    This was Soo therapeutic to watch. So satisfying. Thank you for taking the time to record whilst working. Your are gifted.

  • BOOGY _951
    BOOGY _951 18 days ago

    I am in total awe! Hell of a talent you have. Makes me want to go buy a van. Amazing

  • Mike Ryan
    Mike Ryan 2 months ago +280

    This guy is a machine, and skilled in every aspect of the construction. I’m so impressed. An amazing transformation.

      WENDY JOSEPH 2 months ago

      OK no I didn’t do it twice so I’m glad I did it a second time and you will get my new message I hope you read your messages!!!!

      WENDY JOSEPH 2 months ago

      I think I sent you a message twice because I didn’t see it posted so forgive me if I did but please call me

    • HawkEyI
      HawkEyI 2 months ago

      Are you implying that single mothers need to watch this channel for a job? And get motivated for great opportunities because the message is lost
      Can I be married or do I have to be single?
      If anything I’ll get inspired but not motivated by watching this young man convert a van-

  • katherine hayes
    katherine hayes 20 days ago

    Great job.I am impressed with the finish result and all done to get there!!

  • Mariana Massoud
    Mariana Massoud 7 days ago

    Wow. For someone to know how to do all this is just a talent, a perfection, fenomenal. All my respect to a young man like you

  • Nanette Goddard-Jamsay

    That was AWESOME! Can't believe how greatly skilled he is!!! Great Job!

  • glad heart
    glad heart 3 days ago

    Wow, your skills are amazing, so inspiring. I would definitely hire you for my tiny home project in the near future.

  • Adewale Osinloye
    Adewale Osinloye 6 days ago

    Your skills are top notch, and you're very talented. What a great build. Glad that I find your channel.

  • Jeff
    Jeff  2 months ago +318

    Not only can he build anything, he knows how to film and edit! Impressive!

    • Kris
      Kris 2 months ago +2

      😅 I’ve had LOTS of practice. So glad it paid off!

    • Diopfifi
      Diopfifi 2 months ago +3

      Yes. Very impressive 👏🏽

    • No Mo
      No Mo 2 months ago +4

      @Glenys Jury No doubt! I had a boot on my foot a few months back and damn sure couldn't climb up the back of a van. But then again, he has determination, drive, and youth on his side, whereas, I do not !!

    • Glenys Jury
      Glenys Jury 2 months ago +8

      I dont know what is more impressive. The great work hes done, or the fact that he did it while wearing a leg brace. Well done👍🏽 👏🏽

  • Jacquelyn Davidson
    Jacquelyn Davidson 15 days ago

    I think this is so amazing! Great work!❤

  • Fish Man ROLY
    Fish Man ROLY 19 days ago

    You did such a good job young man I have no idea how I ended up watching this but I am thankful that I did it's good to see that there's still young men like yourself that like to work with their hands and reap the rewards.

  • BAZBLADE10 B Carter
    BAZBLADE10 B Carter 18 days ago

    You have done an amazing job there mate , some really good ideas and well thought through, I will be taking some of your ideas and applying them to my van, excellent job

  • Tess Mack
    Tess Mack 2 hours ago

    Excellent! What a sleek finish. I think everybody wants you to make their home vans look like this.

  • Tai C
    Tai C 12 days ago

    This is an amazing talent. You are well rounded on the skill of each tool use and all different techniques.. Amazing.. We need more young men like this..

  • NoFate247
    NoFate247 2 months ago +1412

    This guy can do anything....continues to impress me

    • em kay
      em kay 17 days ago

      This was satisfying, for sure. But, it was just carpentry. You video game kids need to get out and learn a trade. It's not unusual. It's done everyday, all around you.

    • B. L. Wilson
      B. L. Wilson 19 days ago

      I’m 51 and I’m so tempted to learn carpentry from scratch. I volunteer for Habitat for Humanity just to learn.

    • Paul Oberle
      Paul Oberle 20 days ago

      Just an Awesome guy.

    • saskia Boudreaux
      saskia Boudreaux 25 days ago

      I had water leakage under my sink in the kitchen. Now it is all ugg, and molded. Trying to find some one to fix it. This guy is so talented, I’m amazed of what he all can do 😮

    • Vicki McCourt
      Vicki McCourt 26 days ago

      Pure genius!

  • O'tay
    O'tay 15 days ago

    I love this van life idea .. although I'm not sure i want my bathroom in the kitchen area and as small as this one. I would have to have a separate shower and toilet area. It wouldn't look right taking a shower and walking out naked, especially if I had company to stay the night. This is really nice though. I love it!

  • Brenda Starnes
    Brenda Starnes 21 day ago +4

    WOW!!!! What an amazing young genius!!!! You’re absolutely everything wrapped in one person!!!! Beautiful work and totally built to perfection!!! Great job!!!!

  • the goldenbowl
    the goldenbowl 8 days ago

    I love the end result...it's so amazing... Wonderful job again 🙌🏼🔥

  • Nevin Sandra
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      ‭‭1 Timothy‬ ‭6‬:‭12‬ ‭NIV‬‬

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