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What should I buy next??


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  • Parker Davis
    Parker Davis 2 months ago +52479

    “This isn’t even a mouse it’s a rat” I’m dying 😂😂

  • Toby K
    Toby K Month ago +2575

    "It's really honking big"
    That's what she said

    • Rohit Acharya
      Rohit Acharya 12 days ago

      ​@Dawson Main yeah IT LITERALLY IS

      YOUR INTERNET 13 days ago

      ur 1k like guy

    • howarD
      howarD 13 days ago +2

      m8 your almost to 1000 likes

    • jim
      jim 14 days ago +2

      then i woke up

    • Water Wubbox
      Water Wubbox 15 days ago +1

      Aw damn I was abt to comment that

  • Ryan Hagan
    Ryan Hagan Month ago +301

    "I need two hands for this"
    "That's what she said" I was bro jinx 😆

  • Will Carlson
    Will Carlson Month ago +1014

    "You are setting yourself up, come on! " LOVE IT! 😂

  • dawson maracle
    dawson maracle Month ago

    Gotta love the classic line "that's what she said"!😂

  • qokepinlogic
    qokepinlogic 2 months ago +3735

    "It's really honking big" got me dying 🤣

  • Vex
    Vex Month ago +214

    Some 4 foot and 3 inch tall girl that finally found a guy that fits her hight standards 💀

    • Dr.No$leép
      Dr.No$leép 18 hours ago

      Boyyyyy imagine you forgot to do some paperwork on the computer and you have to use this big ass donkey Kong Wreck-It Ralph ass keyboard to type boyyyyy back to pencil and paper like I'm taken notes in school🤣

    • Typical KEA Enjoyer
      Typical KEA Enjoyer 8 days ago

      Now the only problem is some say he’s too big 😂

    • Sullivandidnithingwrong
      Sullivandidnithingwrong 8 days ago +9

      Actually his wife is 6'1 , that girl is back to the drawing board

    • Carlos Bobbert
      Carlos Bobbert 10 days ago

      😂😂😂😂😂I’m dying 💀💀💀

  • Sajjan Thorat
    Sajjan Thorat Month ago +2

    He has the cosmic cliffs as his wallpaper. A place in space made of gases and dust.

  • Justin Dir
    Justin Dir Month ago +1

    That’s what she said lmfao 🤣

  • RadioNyxx
    RadioNyxx Month ago

    “That’s really honking big!”

  • Jelly Sonic
    Jelly Sonic Month ago +8192

    “Your setting your self up come on” this killed me 😂😂

    • EJ Sosa
      EJ Sosa 15 days ago

      Oh that's what he said I thought he said "you said it yourself I'm hung"

    • swag
      swag 17 days ago +1

      The jellybean stuff died in like 2021

    • A normal person
      A normal person Month ago +1

      @Out of Time Inc. just no

    • Ghostti Dragon
      Ghostti Dragon Month ago +2

      OH I THOUGHT HE SAID "You said it yourself, man"

    • UnfadingToast1☸️
      UnfadingToast1☸️ Month ago +3

      @Out of Time Inc. we would sacrifice you but no god wants that

  • Dirtracer47
    Dirtracer47 2 days ago

    “That’s what she said” “no” “your setting yourself up for it” had me dying 😂

  • Umayyah
    Umayyah Month ago

    “Now lets see my wife”
    *shows the world’s biggest wife*

  • C Lo
    C Lo Month ago +25

    Such a gentle giant, this guy. 😂 he said “cmon, you said it yourself” 🤣

  • 0000OOOO
    0000OOOO Month ago

    "That's pretty honking big"

    XPMPLEE Month ago +3149

    “I need two hands for this”
    “That’s what she said”

    • Donald Mashburn
      Donald Mashburn Month ago

      I got bored of the " That's what she said" saying. So instead to change it up a little try out not the first time you've said that.

    • Dr. Night Owl
      Dr. Night Owl Month ago

      I don't think we'll see "it" on this channel. I'm pretty sure I don't want to 😅

    • errorless.
      errorless. Month ago +1

      ​@I Have XDepression baلer

    • Rimuru_sama
      Rimuru_sama Month ago


    • Jeck
      Jeck Month ago +3


  • trieditdied
    trieditdied Month ago

    GoPro on her head made it look like you were holding her by the throat to tape the beginning🤣

  • Steppa The Goat
    Steppa The Goat Month ago +2

    "thats what she said" "no, no" "you said it yourself" had me rollin 😂🤣

  • RavenPandoraGray
    RavenPandoraGray 10 days ago

    You got a snort out of me when you said “it’s a rat” 😂

  • AllHallowsEve • 82 years ago

    "World's largest mouse."

  • Clara Dermawan
    Clara Dermawan Month ago +4098

    “That’s what she said” had me rolling in the floor😂😂

  • easy tutorials
    easy tutorials Month ago +1

    Shaq be like i can finally play video games

  • Hydekel
    Hydekel Month ago

    So, thats a 60% keyboard... Can we get the bigger one?

  • Funtime Chess
    Funtime Chess Month ago +1

    You have a wonderful wife, I hope you two are extremely happy together.

  • Baconzilla
    Baconzilla 8 hours ago +1

    This is a story I saw that makes some sense with this vid so there was a Chinese king a long time ago and he was gifted a elephant tusk chopstick with jewels on it and so he gave it to his daughter and one of his apprentice told him that this pair of chopsticks will be his down fall but he ignored him and so the daughter was like hmmmm this pair of chopsticks is so expensive but the plate is pretty cheap we should get a more expensive plates to fit with it and so the king was like ok and bought it and she was like hmmm we have very expensive plates and chopsticks but the food it is ''cheap'' we should get better food and so the king was like ok again and so on with the table and the castle and other stuff and so they spent so much money that they can't get weapons and stuff so that was the demise of their kingdom

  • Just_Me
    Just_Me Month ago +2388

    “That’s what she said”
    My brain: you stole my line 👹

  • Roronoa ⸙Zoro
    Roronoa ⸙Zoro 20 days ago +10

    "I need 2 hands for this"
    "Thats what she said" 💀💀

  • Bruh Gamer
    Bruh Gamer Month ago

    I can't stop laughing at the "It's not even a mouse it's a rat!"

  • blue hair guy
    blue hair guy Month ago

    “That’s what she said”
    “ no no NO” 💀😏

  • Lil Downbad
    Lil Downbad Month ago

    “Man this isn’t even a mouse this is like a rat” had me weK in the knees

  • Sperkels the mushroom
    Sperkels the mushroom 2 months ago +1078

    “I need two hands for this”
    “That’s what she said”

  • 𝔊𝔞𝔟𝔯𝔦𝔢𝔩

    "I need two hands for this"
    "That's what she said"😂

  • PocketGuy05
    PocketGuy05 Month ago

    Bro they got shaqs gaming setup 💀

  • Pratik Saha
    Pratik Saha Month ago

    " I think I can definitely game on this. "
    " Now, let's see my wife. " 💀💀💀

  • Jarl
    Jarl 3 days ago

    I thought you answered your own question, "whats next?" With.. 'now les see my wife' 👌🏻

  • Iddox
    Iddox 2 months ago +8495

    “I need two hands for this”
    Top 5 moments before disaster-

    • Timothy Tai
      Timothy Tai Month ago +1

      Nah it's just a precursor for Saturday afteenoon

    • Invisible potato
      Invisible potato Month ago

      @InsertYourself dont mind if i do

    • Z14
      Z14 2 months ago +1

      I knew where it was going from the start💀

    • fariz nizam
      fariz nizam 2 months ago

      @Christina Maharjan q?

    • Christina Maharjan
      Christina Maharjan 2 months ago +1

      @fariz nizam q

  • Randomgeek
    Randomgeek Month ago

    Love the wife banter. Keep it up!

  • Neon ShadowWorks
    Neon ShadowWorks Month ago

    "Thats was she said" GOT ME DYING

  • Manoffacts
    Manoffacts 2 days ago

    "Thats what she said"
    "Your setting yourself up"

  • CrystalGreymon
    CrystalGreymon Month ago

    "You literally said it yourself."
    I laughed because he's right.

  • Rikko
    Rikko Month ago +2980

    "it looks pretty small in my hand"
    That's what she said :,)

  • One shot
    One shot Month ago

    i laughed way more at the "thats what she said" than anything else in this video

  • Malohta
    Malohta 18 days ago

    "I need two hands for this"
    "That's what she said"

  • Justus Manczyk
    Justus Manczyk 10 days ago

    That’s what she said 😂, that was the best one I’ve ever heard, I’m laughing my ass off 😂

  • Prateek Ranjan
    Prateek Ranjan 15 days ago +14

    "That's what she said"
    Bro got some beating coming 💀💀💀💀💀

  • NPC cum
    NPC cum Month ago +1491

    Bro had me dancing like a ballerina when he said "thats what she said" 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Kata Seiko
    Kata Seiko Day ago

    You're really doing the marketing for them. "The rat" is a really good description.

  • Tori
    Tori Month ago

    I want that set up! 😂

  • TTUkeGuy
    TTUkeGuy 19 days ago

    "You're setting yourself up, c'mon" 💀💀💀

  • List Less
    List Less Day ago

    "let's get my wife"
    Me: Ayo why the can't I see anything
    "Open your eyes"
    Me: shit guess I'm the wife now 😆

  • Bryce
    Bryce 2 months ago +13710

    “I need two hands for this”
    “That’s what she said”
    You took the words right out of my mouth

    • Dr.No$leép
      Dr.No$leép 18 hours ago

      Nigga got a Iphone XL + with a damn transformer keyboard boyya I know she made that she had to 5 handed now 🤣🤣

    • Thunder Mats
      Thunder Mats 8 days ago

      Don’t lie

    • Aon3 Dreamz
      Aon3 Dreamz Month ago

      "You just took the right outta my mouth"
      Me:that's what she said 😏

    • ToxikRicc
      ToxikRicc Month ago


    • Sheriff K
      Sheriff K Month ago

      Imagine having that problem.. 🥺😔

  • Mahad Azeem 8-i
    Mahad Azeem 8-i Month ago +1

    "That's what she said" 🤣🤣

  • HeartofTacoma
    HeartofTacoma 11 days ago

    Halfway through, I had to pause the video just to laugh.
    Just gained yourself another sub! Thank you.

  • Huit Lang
    Huit Lang Month ago

    These types of videos hit different when you own the stuff in the video, I've got that exact same mouse and dear god I'd give anything for those hands to nevermind the intrusive thoughts are coming again

  • Ellis Van Wolf
    Ellis Van Wolf 16 days ago

    When he said "now my wife" I deadass thought he bought a wife just as big as him 💀

  • Tommy Hartmann
    Tommy Hartmann 2 months ago +1811

    “This isn’t even a mouse it’s a rat” 😂I’m 💀

  • Devv Dinero
    Devv Dinero Month ago

    “that’s what she said”
    “Well you did set yourself up”😂

  • Capman
    Capman 10 days ago

    "It's so honking big"
    "I'll need two hands for this"

  • MyNameIsNobody
    MyNameIsNobody Month ago

    That’s what she said jokes flying everywhere

  • Money
    Money Month ago

    I love how she's sounds so polite

  • IDK
    IDK 2 months ago +3475

    “I need to use 2 hand for this”
    Him”ThAtS wHaT sHE sAiD”

    • nic
      nic 2 months ago +1

      she says no so I guessing for him she only needs one lmao

    • k
      k 2 months ago +1

      ​@White Wolf how old are u?

    • LosTraviesosDeAtlanta
      LosTraviesosDeAtlanta 2 months ago

      Shut up

    • ax gunner
      ax gunner 2 months ago +1

      @White Wolf 🤓

    • T V A
      T V A 2 months ago

      Yh… everyone heard

  • pravak reddy veera reddy

    "No no no" that got me cracking up

  • Alaina Lewis
    Alaina Lewis Month ago

    I like how he casually ducks under the door frame,
    being short, I dream of that 💀

  • Snow_ Wold_2024
    Snow_ Wold_2024 Month ago

    I personally own a G502 mouse and I’ve never seen that mouse look so small 😂

  • BXu
    BXu Month ago

    The question now is how well does it work? 😂

  • Lindsaur
    Lindsaur 2 months ago +14092

    😂😂😂she did in fact set herself up for that

    • apotato :)
      apotato :) Month ago

      @Becca Wells being not innocent is not a flex 💀

    • Grace
      Grace Month ago

      @Astral verse she married the whole guy and his problems

    • Ege
      Ege Month ago

      ​@Becca Wells it is scripted. you seem to be projecting

    • it wasn't me
      it wasn't me Month ago

      ​@Grace are you referring yourself as it

    • porpas
      porpas Month ago

      ​@Becca Wells?

  • S.M.P
    S.M.P Month ago +2

    "it's really honk and big"
    My goofy ahh brain:😳💀

  • Nathan
    Nathan 7 days ago

    Him: it's so big!
    Shaq: I use that setup

  • Xavier Alvarez
    Xavier Alvarez 20 days ago

    “It’s really honking big”💀💀😂

  • Platypus Gamer
    Platypus Gamer 4 days ago

    The "that's what she said" 🤣

  • AShineeStarlitInSomniac
    AShineeStarlitInSomniac Month ago +1388

    I love how the wife just comes out immediately saying no in this most disappointed tone 😂

    • ☆poison☆
      ☆poison☆ Month ago

      you should probably have a reply by now

  • Gazirani pacov
    Gazirani pacov Month ago

    The wife is npc bruh💀

  • S. Fox
    S. Fox Month ago

    She didn't walk into that joke she ran full force.

  • JammyPlayz
    JammyPlayz Month ago

    I have that keyboard and I love it, both as a conversation piece since I’m 5’10” but also as a challenge to play games like Overwatch on.

  • Wa͟l̀ho͞r
    Wa͟l̀ho͞r Month ago

    I wish they made gaming mouses in large editions

  • Mr.sma11
    Mr.sma11 2 months ago +7292

    Just so you know his wife also has big hands, she’s 6’1

    • DapperDog
      DapperDog Day ago

      ​@bear. I am mildly offended
      *A 6 foot tall person.

    • spooky
      spooky 7 days ago

      @Wolfington Braxen i got you my bad bro

    • Wolfington Braxen
      Wolfington Braxen 7 days ago

      @spooky I don't actually find heightimpressive I just couldn't think of a better word at the time

    • spooky
      spooky 7 days ago

      @Wolfington Braxen “impressive” lmfao its just height my man

    • Reswin Roy
      Reswin Roy 8 days ago +1

      @The Noob Director 5'9 is the global average my guy 😒

  • Hated by Many
    Hated by Many 29 days ago

    Its actually a rat~~ had me dying HAHAHAAHA

  • Luthian Williams
    Luthian Williams 22 days ago

    Knew there would be a "that's what she said" 🤣🤣🤣

  • cpt Farzkizz
    cpt Farzkizz Month ago

    The majority of gaming stuff is made for midget children, it's so damn small.

  • Shlongbongchewy
    Shlongbongchewy Day ago

    "Its really honkin big"
    She makes me feel like a man

  • ladybroadway _hamiltonislife

    7'1 man buys "Worlds Smallest" collection is something i need to see before i die-

  • tuna studios
    tuna studios 5 days ago

    he probably finally feels confort

  • Rose Bridger
    Rose Bridger Month ago

    "you're setting yourself up" 😂

  • kjho 122
    kjho 122 Month ago +1

    Imagine cracking 90s with this setup.

  • Rightfulgnat833
    Rightfulgnat833 Month ago

    "It looks pretty small in my hands"
    That's what she said

  • dani a
    dani a Month ago +3679

    “wHaT tHe AcTuAl Ef”😰😰😰

    • X tucs
      X tucs 18 days ago

      Wife:No no no no not the mouse
      Me:yes yes yes yes the mouse 👁️👄👁️

    • Kalizibe Ozi
      Kalizibe Ozi Month ago

      @max04 yeah ik

    • max04
      max04 Month ago

      @Kalizibe Ozi it was in the video 😂

    • Orange Cat
      Orange Cat Month ago +8

      what the flip!

    • Kalizibe Ozi
      Kalizibe Ozi Month ago +61

      Bro had to censor herself 💀💀

  • brodey lbell
    brodey lbell 9 days ago

    The "no no why no j- no" got me dying

  • BeefySimp
    BeefySimp 3 days ago

    "That's what she said" hah you get yourself a subscriber! My kinda bro.

  • ItsAS
    ItsAS 12 days ago

    “Only he can understand his stupidly big body part problems”bro🫡💀

  • Steffan Thompson
    Steffan Thompson Month ago

    Oh mannn im dying rn when you said its a rat 🤣🤣🤣

  • Isaac and Felix
    Isaac and Felix 2 months ago +1921

    "I need two hands for this him
    It's finally time " that's what she said"💀

    • Shadow Lotus
      Shadow Lotus Month ago +1

      ​@Miss Okami hol' up, tho 🤯

    • Richard Hill
      Richard Hill Month ago +3

      Her "NO" was quick on the draw

    • Donies videos
      Donies videos Month ago +4

      And she actually said it😂

    • Miss Okami
      Miss Okami Month ago +6

      For some reason I can't help but say "I bet she does."

    • Uros
      Uros Month ago

      Michael Scot would be proud

  • Saul Goodman
    Saul Goodman Month ago

    You should look up "Big Series 4 key case switches" they make giant mechanical switches that would complete your setup lol

  • Kamado Tanjiro
    Kamado Tanjiro Month ago

    "thats what she said'
    " no, no"
    Cracked me up

  • Domingo Flores
    Domingo Flores Month ago

    gaming chair

  • shrickTeh2nd
    shrickTeh2nd 29 days ago

    "it's actually decent size!" 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Herb Childs
    Herb Childs Month ago +153

    'Now let's see my wife' they had us in the first half, not gonna lie

  • Error Sk
    Error Sk Month ago

    Best "that's what she said" joke i ever heard

  • SpaceyParker
    SpaceyParker 24 days ago

    The fact I have that background too for my laptop 😂

  • KoopaTroopa_CDXX
    KoopaTroopa_CDXX Month ago

    Hey! That keyboard has the same brand logo as my speakers! I didn't know that company made really big keyboards AND LED speakers!

  • Bailee Danielle
    Bailee Danielle Month ago

    "It's really honkin big"🤣