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Goodbye Grant & Micah

  • Published on Dec 2, 2022 veröffentlicht

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  • Bang87
    Bang87 2 months ago +2114

    Grant and Garrett together was easily my favorite part of good good. Sucks to see him go.

    • Bigtime28
      Bigtime28 Month ago +1

      @Sam HMicah pro now that is funny.

    • Marvel H.
      Marvel H. Month ago +3

      Garrett really needs to find a couple good golfers who are also entertaining on camera to compete with Kwon. Bubbie doesn't bring anything good to the table and the insults on Grant made him look really bad. He needs the boot.

    • Marcel Rönnfeldt
      Marcel Rönnfeldt Month ago

      Same, I was shocked. :(

    • Sam H
      Sam H Month ago +1

      @Adam Rednor micah wants to go pro

    • Adam Rednor
      Adam Rednor Month ago +1

      After watching the CEOs video, it’s pretty clear that good good is selling out, moving away from the vision of just producing good entertaining golf videos and having fun, and more towards the sponsorship and branding side of business. Micah and Grant (the two most serious golfers) didn’t want anything to do with it, they just want to play golf and have fun.

  • Blake Boring
    Blake Boring Month ago +280

    Matt always finds a way to bring up his hole in one 😂

    • Ken Reitzel
      Ken Reitzel Month ago

      @Nunzio Spermacelli That’s what 20 handicap golfers do.

    • Nunzio Spermacelli
      Nunzio Spermacelli Month ago +3

      Death, taxes and Matt bringing up his hole in 1 on a par 4

    • Trevor English
      Trevor English Month ago

      Dudes annoying

    • Ken Reitzel
      Ken Reitzel Month ago

      Dude is a turd living off one swing. Insulting other GG players when they miss putts but yet making excuses for his 18 handicap game on every swing. But I love his mullet haircut. Not many of those around.

    • Reid Blundell
      Reid Blundell Month ago

      because Matt is a self aggrandizing, loud, irrationally pompous loser, try to watch his own content without turnout it off

  • D Bo
    D Bo Month ago +254

    This is life. I respect Grant and Micah for going out on their own and doing it their way how they want to. It’s all gravy bros. Just tip your hat say thank you and carry on.

    • Zimbabwe Youth Outdoors
      Zimbabwe Youth Outdoors 7 days ago

      I mean they signed with Taylor Made for crying out loud be happy for them, your boys are going up in life

    • Kyle Morgan
      Kyle Morgan Month ago +1

      Business is business. Unfortunately they all made it too personal.

    • Reid Blundell
      Reid Blundell Month ago

      Grant is smart for this. You're spot on, this is life. Gotta accept it.

    • josh
      josh Month ago +1

      Who says thank you ? Good good ? Lol

  • Clayton Warren
    Clayton Warren Month ago +195

    Grant leaving kills me. He was secretly my favourite.

    • Pickle Media
      Pickle Media Month ago +1

      3.1 million children perish from malnutrition every year. I'm sure you'll be fine.

    • Jonathan Barr
      Jonathan Barr Month ago +2

      He was outright my favorite in the group. They seem to be all great guys, but man...
      Not only slick AF golf swing and game, but his attitude and sense of humor are bar none. He'll be missed in this channel

    • 4ndy123
      4ndy123 Month ago +8

      Secretly lol weird.

  • Bob Jonas
    Bob Jonas Month ago +250

    With Grant now gone, get ready for a steady stream of Luke Kwon winning every challenge without breaking a sweat and even more mugging for the camera by Matt...

    • Nate Hadley
      Nate Hadley Month ago

      @PIP2323 100% - it’s not good at all!

    • PIP2323
      PIP2323 Month ago +2

      @Nate Hadley agreed that's kind of my point Bob does sports is on another level because of their personality. Good good did rely on good golf for alot of people. Losing their best 2 players isn't good.

    • Nate Hadley
      Nate Hadley Month ago +2

      @PIP2323 this is a great point. However, they’re VERY entertaining! It’s not the “good golf” that I watch them for… it’s the laugh factor and the great personalities that they all provide. Good good doesn’t hold a candle to the personalities that Bob, Joey D and FP have…..

    • PIP2323
      PIP2323 Month ago +2

      @Nate Hadley I agree my only exception is Bob does sports they are not great golfers outside of Fat P ND their stuff is awesome

    • Nate Hadley
      Nate Hadley Month ago

      @PIP2323 couldn’t agree more. Which is why they left…. Personally they were kind of carrying good good and now that they’re gone they’re going to thrive and do what they do best while good good is going to struggle…. I think MOST people like watching golf videos that have good content and done by golfers who are obviously good - but also humble and real. I feel like a lot of the good good guys try too hard and are kind of immature.

  • Leroy Rodgers
    Leroy Rodgers 2 months ago +5069

    Garrett has never once given himself a shred of credit for anything I swear. The dude literally started all of this. Unbelievably humble.

    • Jack Tanner
      Jack Tanner 15 days ago

      On screen at least anyway...

    • Kiegaming099
      Kiegaming099 18 days ago

      Had me in the first half ngl

    • ALEX
      ALEX Month ago +1

      Wait Garrett started good good?

    • Juanré Venter
      Juanré Venter Month ago

      We love you G rat❤

    • ovoal
      ovoal Month ago

      Garrett is a rat and a liar. Ask Brody, ask Micah. This is all play on emotion bullcrap and u sheep believe it.

  • Marvel H.
    Marvel H. Month ago +4

    Bubbie is definitely my least favorite good good member. Talking like that about Grant doesn't look good on you dude. Grant brought a LOT to good good so it was a two way streak. If the guy wants to be closer to his parents you have to respect that.

  • Mark Fujitaki
    Mark Fujitaki Month ago +83

    So sad to hear Grant has left. Unfortunately, it’s hard keeping the band together. As you get older, your lives and priorities change. It’s a part of life. Stay strong! You will all survive!

  • Sara Cornetet
    Sara Cornetet Month ago +69

    I'm glad to see the majority of you handling this with maturity and grace. It's understandable that feelings are hurt and this was unexpected and painful, but to attack Grant's loyalty was a super bummer to watch.

    • Brandon Schlosser
      Brandon Schlosser Month ago +4

      @Lurifaxen nah, I love Matt, he's too entertaining. I actually wish he'd bring out a little more of the craziness from the early vids.

    • Lurifaxen
      Lurifaxen Month ago +1

      True, want a switch with Bubbie and Matt for Grant and Micah

    • Brandon Schlosser
      Brandon Schlosser Month ago +6

      @Ken Reitzel I've never really been a fan of Bubbie and this video reinforced that, honestly wish he would leave GG.

    • Ken Reitzel
      Ken Reitzel Month ago

      Buddie's speech on loyalty was not necessary. Nobody is going to watch him if he left. He's that dog you kick off the porch every day and he comes back every time to eat. Bubbie and his Hitler mustache is dead to me.

    • TheSeanie
      TheSeanie Month ago

      they're young guys who came into a good bit of money while having a good time together. it's an unsurprising, albeit disappointing response

  • Jacob Hunter
    Jacob Hunter Month ago +5

    I’m going to keep it “a buck” Bubbie lost a fan here today. If you need to vent and process things- I understand. But to throw jabs multiple times on a video where a dude (that you considered a brother) can’t defend themselves is beyond petty and immature- and honestly embarrassing for Good Good. Who would want to join GG if this is how they treat you when you pursue your dreams???
    Also, Grant owes NOTHING to Good Good. Each person on that team brings a different element to the videos and honestly, not everyone wants to watch Bubbie slice it into eternity all the time. It was nice to watch bros be bros and then Grant get up and stripe the ball every single time. What Grant did for the content of Good Good is immeasurable. This is a bad look for Good Good and I think they owe Grant a public apology.

  • Rick Shiels Golf
    Rick Shiels Golf 2 months ago +2813

    Shame the lads have left GoodGood!
    Good luck to Grant & Micah in the future

    • Matt Pai
      Matt Pai 23 days ago

      @Avery Welch WTF that true?

    • Ross Pond
      Ross Pond Month ago

      Mate what if they branched out an we could do a good good uk channel?

    • Chronicoverburn
      Chronicoverburn Month ago

      Yeah stich it's messed up good good was golf's future

    • Pickle Media
      Pickle Media Month ago +2

      Bro five ❌
      Micah ❌
      Grant ❌
      Maybe they had good good reasons?
      Where there's smoke there's fire.

    • RushISVariety
      RushISVariety Month ago

      @MS he did lol vids coming soon

  • Bigtime28
    Bigtime28 Month ago +17

    Micah and Grant should start a company and call it Great Great.

  • Ben Johnson
    Ben Johnson Month ago +2

    It will be tough not seeing them, but I will still stick with you guys!! I love being notified when a new video pops up!! You guys will move forward better than ever!! Makes editing easier with two less people. Honestly, watching GG has increased my love for the game, so thank you guys!! 🙏🏾🙏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • G.M.L.
    G.M.L. Month ago +1

    Ive been watching Garrett since day 1; matt stephen bubbie and the entire crew from the beginning; I gained so much respect and apreciation for you guys and what you said in this podcast; that means a lot. thank you garrett; matt; stephen; colin; max; and bubbie. I will be a fan for life because of this.

  • Zac Torrence
    Zac Torrence Month ago +70

    I was a server at topgolf for them all the time Micah and Grant and Matt were always the nicest people no matter if a camera was there or not Garrett Bubbie and Steven while I love there videos were always very rude even to the point I stopped wanting to serve them. Micah touched on Bubbies cursing and not liking his personality seems like he couldn’t get over it sometimes people disagree and can’t work together it happens. And Grant, good for Grant when rewatching his video with his dad you see the true Grant and what I saw at Topgolf all the time he loves family and wants to be in Florida throw whatever you want at me family comes before work. Good for Micah doing his own thing and good for Grant going to support his family also both are married I wouldn’t be surprised if Matt is next your wife is the most important person in your life the others don’t get it yet and it’s ok.

    • The Average Zillennial
      The Average Zillennial 12 days ago +1

      Bubbie seems like the guy on the crew I would most want to hang out with, but he definitely seems like the most “meatheady jock” of the group. I could totally believe him shooting his mouth off, trash talking hard, or even being a little rude because he’s not really paying the most attention. However, most of the guys like that that I know are super chill and welcoming to almost everyone, they just act dumb when they’re around the “boys”
      Micah and Grant seemed like two of the most genuinely nice guys, along with Matt… they all just seem more mature (even though Matt is a total clown 😂) than the rest of the group.
      Even if this comment is made up, It seems like a pretty decent representation of the guys and how I would expect them to act

    • RTC
      RTC Month ago +1

      I’ve met them in person and bubbie is the most welcoming to strangers out of all of them.

    • Honkerh8r
      Honkerh8r Month ago +6

      I can totally believe this. I've never gotten the same genuine vibe from the others that I get from Grant and Micah. They seem like guys I'd want to go play a round with.

    • TheSeanie
      TheSeanie Month ago

      even IF you made up the first part, the second part is 100% true. grant's always been big on family and now he can focus on that more, and micah wants to do more professionally, and he can't really be pulling away to be with good good all the time when he's trying to grind to get to that next level

    • Eric Cartmen
      Eric Cartmen Month ago +3

      I believe it

  • Stephen Kelly
    Stephen Kelly 2 months ago +3161

    I knew Micah was leaving but I am really shocked by the fact that Grant left.

    • Cameron W
      Cameron W Month ago

      Could be they just want to do their own thing. GG isn’t just these guys filming it’s a business and they have to answer to the “higher ups” in a way.
      Some people don’t want that. They want to be the captain of their destiny. One of the reasons we know their last group fell apart was the same thing. Brodie wanted a social media brand where they were in control and the guys wanted to keep the apparel line going.
      Some people just have different outlooks for their careers.
      It was a good ride. Bubbie love you brother but tone down the loyalty schtick. People gotta do what’s best for them

    • Yen Zen
      Yen Zen Month ago

      @Dan Reed prime golf is not in your mid-30s. Tiger won 14 majors before he was 32 It took 11 years for him to win his 15th. Jordan Spieth? How about Rickie Fowler who's washed up now at 32. Put down the rum.

    • Bigtime28
      Bigtime28 Month ago

      @Lowell Rickertnow that is funny. Micah PGA😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Matt Basford
      Matt Basford Month ago

      @Hunter Esquibel they are a lot better than Michah

    • Danny
      Danny Month ago

      @Yup definitely disagree here. Being a pro means nothing there’s thousands of amateurs better than average pro golfers around the world. Luke is a great golfer but he’s very mediocre compared to other pros. He hasn’t had much success in his golf career, otherwise he’d be winning tournaments not joining gg. Micah is working hard and getting better and better and he’s already on a level where he can easily compete with pros. Not saying he’s better than Luke but their game is on a very similar level and I can easily see Micah achieve more in pro golf than Luke ever did.

  • Jack Gaukel
    Jack Gaukel Month ago +5

    Sucks to see Grant and Micah go but gotta respect the decisions and feelings on both sides of the coin. Especially feel for Matt, you can tell he’s going through it right now

  • Fil Procter
    Fil Procter Month ago +4

    I will definitely be following him and his smile, Grant has the best attitude, it truly helped me with mine.

  • robert blush
    robert blush Month ago +2

    Love the channel guys! Look to watch your videos every single night.
    The way Bubbie talked makes me not want to anymore. He seemed to be about positivity in every video I've seen from you guys but this definitely showed a different side to him. Maybe a more true side? Hurt to hear the things he said. All you guys are bright light in a world that doesn't always show positivity and Bubbie kinda tainted that for me.

  • bababooey
    bababooey Month ago +20

    It’s all gonna be fine. Nobody died. There’s plenty of golf and money to go around. Together and individually you have all done very well and you’re all so young which is amazing and something to always be proud of. Stay friends, stay real. Golf and You Tube are here to stay and so should all of you.

    • bababooey
      bababooey Month ago

      @Mohegan Van der Molen pause

    • Mohegan Van der Molen
      Mohegan Van der Molen Month ago +1

      It is going to be fine, but it will not be the same. You missed the point of this whole conversation

  • Shane Reiter
    Shane Reiter 2 months ago +542

    This is deeply saddening. Grant was my favorite, he's hilarious and an unbelievable teammate for the boys. His input and lessons are invaluable.. best of luck Grant Horvat!

    • Chris1234
      Chris1234 Month ago

      @Joseph Davis all of his lessons were on Good Good Labs.

    • Joseph Davis
      Joseph Davis Month ago

      @Wanheda it’s possible but not likely.

    • Wanheda
      Wanheda Month ago

      @Joseph Davis I mean we will see. None of us ultimately know all of his reasons for leaving. As to doing instructional stuff I only said that could be one of the reasons and there could be many reasons.

    • Joseph Davis
      Joseph Davis 2 months ago

      @Wanheda It’s pretty obvious to me. He will not be posting golf instructional videos all of the sudden now. He never did that on his channel. He has tons of videos so no it wasn’t because he didn’t have time.

    • Wanheda
      Wanheda 2 months ago

      @Joseph Davis I'm saying that with that extra week to focus on just his channel maybe he will find more time for it now. Also how do you know it was simply for his wife? And it is his wife, not fiancé.

  • Steve Weitzel
    Steve Weitzel Month ago

    Rooting Hard for you guys!! Will support Good Good till the end!!!

  • Zeddicus
    Zeddicus Month ago +2

    Everyone had a team at one point in their life, whether it was a sports team, a team in a company or literally a group of friends getting together playing games. But not everything or everyone can stay the same, people grow and it's alright, you're developing your story and they're developing theirs. Remember the good times yous had and create more memories like that. So long my friend, we shall meet when our tales intertwine once more.

  • Alfred Karlsson
    Alfred Karlsson Month ago +1

    i hope this doesnt hurt the channel. We still love what u do!

  • Flo Galusha
    Flo Galusha Month ago +2

    . Like Grant said, his dad is getting older, and he wants to spend what time they have together, being a father & son.
    I truly hope each of you would do the same, but listening to ya'll ...
    Garrett, you've made these men very rich, which shows your compassion.
    Look forward to watching ya'll grow.

  • Edward Feliciano
    Edward Feliciano 2 months ago +308

    The Grant/Garrett vs the Pro's was one of the best series I have ever seen. It was so inspiring and fun to watch them beat the Pro's.

    • PT
      PT 2 months ago +1

      @Dalton H Except Kwon was a pro. It was a funny format because neither Garrett or Grant were professionals.

    • Matt GIles
      Matt GIles 2 months ago +1

      Grant and Garrett could still do the content on gm golf though couldn't they?

      RPFLOREN 2 months ago +3

      Grant, 2 good golfers have left to follow their dreams and you had a large part in giving them the opportunity to succeed. Keep moving forward.

    • Ricky Jackson
      Ricky Jackson 2 months ago +18

      I thought it was weird seeing Grant play with Bryson the other day by himself.

    • Dalton H
      Dalton H 2 months ago +2

      Hopefully he'll kickstart it with Kwon 🤙

  • David Bo
    David Bo Month ago +1

    It will be interesting to see if Good Good can recapture the chemistry that was there when Tig and Grant were part of the channel. It was noticeably different after Tig left. It will be totally different without Grant

  • Fishing Monkey Hengel - Martin Steyn

    I really enjoy the good good videos here in SA. Grant was one of my favourite memenbers along with Garret and Steven. Also enjoy the addition of Kwon. However looking at the comments from Bubbie here I am starting to understand certain members leaving, this is my read into the situation. I also have to admit this being said Bubbie is not one of my favorites in the group.

  • Joshua Court
    Joshua Court Month ago +1

    Nothing but love boys!
    Keep creating and entertaining the masses!

  • Scratch'n Iowa
    Scratch'n Iowa Month ago +1

    They both will be missed. You guys are awesome and I’ll always follow good good. I am always waiting with anticipation for the next video.


    Ok, life goes on and I pray a lot of good positive waves coming Grant's way.

  • Jim Rabideau
    Jim Rabideau Month ago

    Shocked that Grant and Micah left they will be missed and can't say enough on how much I enjoyed watching you guys play. I'm sure Good Good will continue and maybe bring on a couple of new golfers. It seems that this group above is together and will continue on with Good Good. Can't wait for some new incomers and Good Good golf I really enjoyed watching you guys

  • RTC
    RTC Month ago +1

    Best of luck guys. It’s going to be tough without Grant. I met you guys at the Omni at Barton creek and was wondering why Grant wasn’t there. Will continue supporting Good Good either way.

  • Jeremy Lutzel
    Jeremy Lutzel Month ago

    It's gonna be interesting to see how this plays out, and we may honestly never know all the details... It's never good when the lawyers get involved... There's clearly something going on that no one is talking about. If I were a betting man, I'd put my money on Garrett and Greed being the root cause of these guys leaving.

  • How Ridiculous
    How Ridiculous 2 months ago +102

    Ah guys that’s tough, all the best for the future. You guys still have a great team and you’ll keep doing great things 👊

    • borsung
      borsung 2 months ago +1

      Who knew HR watched?

    • Tannon Linville
      Tannon Linville 2 months ago +2

      This is awesome you guys commenting on here and supporting them in this time I have watched both of these Clip-Share groups for years and love both of these groups

    • Kunal Patel
      Kunal Patel 2 months ago

      This love is 💯💪.

    • Prasoon Raj Singh Rathore™
      Prasoon Raj Singh Rathore™ 2 months ago +1

      You guys should propose a collab with them to fill the void 💪🏼🫣

  • Clayton van Heerden
    Clayton van Heerden Month ago +1

    Garret always used to say that Grant would be the next one to do something amazing on the channel, it’s so sad that he’s leaving now 😪

  • True Setback
    True Setback Month ago +3

    Bubbie keeps saying “we threw the kitchen sink at him” and “we offered him so much”. No matter what you offer him he will follow what he believes is best for his life and you HAVE to respect that. You can be sad but you can’t be mad at him. Grant said he did a lot of praying and is trusting God in his path. Maybe Grant wasn’t into the behind the scenes drinking/cursing/lifestyle of the other good good members. Bubbie sounds like a child…

    • H
      H Month ago +2

      Agreed bubbie needs to grow up

  • Walker
    Walker Month ago +17

    Cigar-gate might be a conspiracy “bubbie burning grant so he left” but I think y’all should try and stay friends with grant and Micah. Business is business. Brotherhood shouldn’t be determined by where you work.

  • Make Football Violent Again

    Lost respect for Bubbie in this video. Yes, you can be disappointed that someone left the group but just because you want to stay there for the rest of your life doesn't mean that's what others want. He just got engaged, he wants to be around his family (parents) more in Florida, and I believe one of his passions is deep-sea fishing. If he wants to have more inclusion with those things than the Good Good brand, I don't see a reason to drag him for it. Grant has always come off as a genuine person with no ill intentions. I get being bummed about the situation but unless there's something deeper, just respect the guy's decision and wish him well. Nothing wrong with putting family first, which is the most likely of the hundreds of conspiracy theories..

  • Dean Gilles
    Dean Gilles 2 months ago +234

    The round Grant played with his dad as caddy when dad said he never gets to see Grant because of all the travel you could see the pain in Grants eyes. I didn't know what it meant at the time but I knew something was up. Best of luck Grant, Micha and Good Good!

    • Alan Henfrey
      Alan Henfrey 2 months ago +2

      Plus he looooves florida

    • Jeremy Bader
      Jeremy Bader 2 months ago

      That’s a great point. Never thought about that. It is probably exhausting and such a time commitment to manage *two* major brands at the same time. One is already an enormous workload

    • Stephen Drake
      Stephen Drake 2 months ago +1

      Yeah his dad is basically elderly so that probably does play into the decision

    • J
      J 2 months ago

      @SavannahKorben Grant has GoodGood, GM Golf and Grant Horvat Golf to make content for... All of those channels have weekly uploads.

    • We2
      We2 2 months ago +3

      @SavannahKorben Instead of coming off as envious and jealous, maybe you should start your own Clip-Share channel. These guys are all great entrepreneurs and deserve all of the success that they acquire. They take the risks and should reap the rewards. Besides, Garratt said that for 3 weeks, they get to go off and do other adventures. In that comment, he mentioned like being able to do their own personal channels to work on. Additionally, businesses don't just magically operate on their own. There is accounting, planning, ordering merch, business meetings, setting up shoots and schedules and tons of other mundane things associated with running a successful venture and keeping it that way...and as GG grows, so will the responsibilities of doing so. Therefore, stop wishing you were living in someone else's shoes and go do something extraordinary for your own self. Life is much more fulfilling and interesting that way.

  • BeardieBeard
    BeardieBeard Month ago +5

    Very disappointed with Bubbie's take on this.

  • Jeff McCoy
    Jeff McCoy Month ago +1

    This is one of my favorite You Tube videos of all time. You guys are amazing and I am always excited for your content. Yes, it's tough to see Micah and Grant leave but that won't change Good Good and the quality of your videos.. Keep up the great work and I am looking forward to all of your future videos. Stick together boys.

  • Porter Thomas
    Porter Thomas Month ago

    ive followed GG casually for a long time, and i have seen a lot of youtube post-departing or whatever videos. there's more going on behind the scenes than anyone is going to post in a video, and everyone wants to come out looking like the good guy for the 'audience'. sometimes it is as simple as someone wanting to persure success on their own for whatever compounding reasons behind it. be it money, personalities, or just someone seeing they can make their own path without being one of many.

  • Mzamo Mbelle
    Mzamo Mbelle Month ago

    You guys clearly have love for each other . You may have to adapt but you’ll be okay . Really sad to see Grant and Micah go . Let them be , obviously they want something different , respect that . I hope you can still collaborate or at very least play a round as mates every now and then ..

  • Brian Christy
    Brian Christy 2 months ago +199

    Garrett is the true og. Feel for him, you can tell he’s hurt on multiple levels

    • fahmiamri
      fahmiamri 2 months ago +2

      I think at the end of the day like bubbie said, its just business. I watched Garrett & Grants match on GM golf all the time and i question why there was never a match btw them at Grants channel.
      Grant's done a lot for good good & GM and yet put his own channel on the back burner. Guess its time for him to focus more on him, as well as his wife to be.
      Its a shocking day for good good as micah & grant are likeable guys within the team. Its not going to be the same w/o them

  • Barndos,bulletz,&booze

    I think at the end of the day Micah and grant being married had a lot to do with it. Micah left and grant just needed someone else to leave to feel like it was okay. Everyone from the good good crew are amazing dudes. No sense in drama. You’re all still friends and no matter if any of you stay or go your separate ways you all built such a great thing. People will feel steered to leave even the greatest things just because that’s where their heart is calling them to go. All of you are so fun to watch and it’s great to watch you all grow as young men and amazing golfers.

  • Ira Wilbur
    Ira Wilbur Month ago

    Thanks for making this video, really makes sense for me now, it is very hard to run any business but more so when it's your friends.

  • DaHogFather
    DaHogFather Month ago +1

    Best of luck to Grant, I’m sure his channel will grow just as well as his eyebrows :)

  • William Davis
    William Davis Month ago +3

    It is a shock to see both Grant and Micah leave such a successful enterprise. Despite these losses I am positive that Good Good will continue to produce quality content and prosper further. Keep up the great work guys.

    • James
      James 25 days ago +1

      a month later... they have a partnership with Callaway. I bet they are kicking themselves now

  • WeeklyGolf
    WeeklyGolf 2 months ago +318

    Grant and Garret are the best duo in Good Good. i really hope that we can still see Grant and Garrett do the matches on Garrets channel or Grants

    • Joseph Davis
      Joseph Davis Month ago

      @C B It’s obvious to me.

    • C B
      C B Month ago

      @Joseph Davis why would you say something like that? do you actually know this? im just wondering.

    • WeeklyGolf
      WeeklyGolf Month ago

      @Tiki Productions luke is apart of good good

    • Wade Thomas
      Wade Thomas 2 months ago

      @Tiki Productions watch the video! Garrett said he is in and will be there for the long haul.

    • Rasmus Andersson
      Rasmus Andersson 2 months ago

      @Tiki Productions They litterally said in the video that kwon has joined good good, and that he has the same vision as them and that being apart of good good is a long project.

  • KDFierce
    KDFierce Month ago +2

    I think it just really boils down to lifestyles. I think Tig and Grant just really wanted to do their own thing on their own schedules. I imagine being a part of good good can be very strenuous especially if you don't live together. I feel like it probably isn't more than that.
    Imagine these guys settling down and having kids though. You can't maintain this forever. Maybe Tig has plans for a family. Grant wants to be closer to his family. Everyone has their own story.

  • Golf Khakis
    Golf Khakis Month ago +4

    We all gonna miss the hell outta Grant

  • Michael Barker
    Michael Barker Month ago +2

    Hope we can still get Grant collaborations occasionally. Always enjoyed him on the channel.

  • Brett Dickey
    Brett Dickey Month ago +3

    I feel like I’m going through a high school breakup all over… good luck to tig and grant going forward but you guys will keep thriving

    • Sean Nichols
      Sean Nichols Month ago

      Right, I’m confused why this is so serious. It’s business, it happens, keep pushing. Feel like they’re dragging this imo.

  • fak u dolan
    fak u dolan 2 months ago +440

    My heart is kind of broken over Grant leaving. So weird. Loved what he brought to the content.

    • Joseph Davis
      Joseph Davis Month ago

      @Matt yeah. It is.

    • Matt
      Matt Month ago +1

      @Joseph Davis nah it’s not.

    • Joseph Davis
      Joseph Davis Month ago +1

      @Matt nah. It’s his wife.

    • Matt
      Matt 2 months ago +1

      It is weird and it makes me think it has to do with Micah leaving.

    • Luis Bonilla
      Luis Bonilla 2 months ago +1

      Garrett and Grant videos were the best. Great scramble chemistry. I know you boys will keep bringing it it though. Thanks for the great videos!

  • Connor
    Connor Month ago +4

    Hate to say but it’s suuuuper hard for me to enjoy GOOD GOOD without Micah and Grant

  • C E
    C E Month ago

    I feel sorry for the GG squad and specially for Garrett ❤ because to fill the shoes of Micah and Grant won't be easy. Good Good luck 🍀

  • robert anderson
    robert anderson Month ago

    Going to be tough to replace the two best golfers. Bubbie and matt have personality that should make the channel still worth watching.

  • Sons of War
    Sons of War Month ago +1

    Even if there were two of you left, keep the soul of this group and I will always watch. Good good is about much more than the individuals involved. Keep it up guys.

  • Stekemo
    Stekemo Month ago +533

    Remember the 2nd or 3rd podcast in Garrett's basement. Everyone was asked where they see themselves in the future. Micah said on a ranch and Grant said back in Florida by the Ocean. Neither wanted to be in Dallas. The heart wants what the heart wants.

    • Him007
      Him007 Month ago

      Woahhhh trailblazer chill out it’s not the sheeps fault it’s the shepherds 😆

    • Him007
      Him007 Month ago

      @Stekemo Yeahh possibly especially since grant has like 300,000 subs and the good good just hit a million like how many of those views are just there to see grant like 🤷🏻‍♂️😅 there’s a seed on unrealized potential in all of us 😎

    • caleb robirds
      caleb robirds Month ago

      Steve needs to leave

    • RandomHero
      RandomHero Month ago +2

      Why are not one allowed to have emotions? They can be upset he left right? they’re rich from playing golf on Clip-Share, it’s like leaving a dream golf job idk

    • Jack
      Jack Month ago

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  • Lil Fury
    Lil Fury Month ago +5

    The overall quality of golf is going to be so much worse without these 2 guys.

  • monka8
    monka8 Month ago +2

    Guys, hang in there. I’m a 52 year old avid golfer that stumbled onto you channel a few years back. I really enjoy all your content, I’m sad to see Micah and Grant leave, but as you all mentioned in your video, I’m a fan of the group. Keep up the great content!

    • @officialWilliamJones
      @officialWilliamJones Month ago

      Congratulations, you have been randomly selected for the Taylor made rbz Speedlite full golf set giveaway quickly inbox the above 👆name on telegram to claim!!

  • Kevin Murphy
    Kevin Murphy Month ago

    Good Good will survive as the product is solid, and should they bring in new members I’m sure they’ll be like minded. These guys are young and resilient they’ll be fine. I love the content and a lot of their videos have helped my golf and I throughly enjoy the courses they play on, they are amazing!!!! I hope they can make it down to New Zealand, I’d love to take them to some of our courses. Stay strong fellas.

  • Tyler Holloway
    Tyler Holloway Month ago +27

    Bubbie is young and passionate, and there are hurt feelings. He will probably eventually look back at some of those comments and cringe and that’s ok. Nobody is perfect, nothing lasts forever. I’m glad we all got to enjoy the OG crew while it lasted. Best of luck to everyone going forward!

    • Enrique
      Enrique Month ago +1

      I used to be like that but as you get into late thirties and forties people change, priorities change and your tolerance for BS goes down dramatically

    • ahastar1141
      ahastar1141 Month ago

      I think he will look back and regret it. There's alot more to life than golfing in a group, and life can come at you fast. Being where Bubbie has been, he should know that. I am sure its really shitty for grant to make a decision he feels is best for him right now and his family, and have some of his boys not be supportive of him as a person, regardless of his decision. What it shows to me is this group likely isnt as tight, as they may lead on, when push comes to shove

    • Derek Blankenship
      Derek Blankenship Month ago +2

      Correct. I cant imagine being 20 something and having close friends start a business thats so public on the internet. Its inevitable this is gonna change over time once they start experiencing real life stuff and thats ok. They are literally growing up on youtube

  • Jimmy Supafly
    Jimmy Supafly 2 months ago +174

    What a dagger to the heart. Grant and Garrett content was always fire. I can't picture one without the other. To be able to walk away from that would take something enormous.

    • C B
      C B Month ago

      @Randy Sandoval yeah idk what those guys are thinking. they had their paths in life set with some of the best foundation to get whatever you need to, done. They are straight up both idiots. Which is surprising as both of them seem like smart men. Idgaf if you're married. If your wife isn't pulling in over $300k like these guys most likely were at a bare minimum you tell her to shut up or go marry a bum. Its called setting yourself up for life and retiring at 40 then hangout the rest of your lives. These women will regret the decisions they helped make their husbands make. Like wow anyone would kill people to have a company like that with the growth potential it had.

    • Jimmy Supafly
      Jimmy Supafly 2 months ago

      @David Locker i never met a man that lost a lot of women chasing money but i met alot of men that lost alot of money chasing women

    • David Locker
      David Locker 2 months ago

      It's called a wife and getting married. As soon as I heard grant getting married I knew some changes were bout to happen

    • Randy Sandoval
      Randy Sandoval 2 months ago +4

      Micah and grants ladies pulled the plug.. good good well oiled machine. You don’t walk away from easy money if you aren’t told to leave

    • Jimmy Supafly
      Jimmy Supafly 2 months ago +3

      @Melantheos Zimurri you think it has to do with sadie?

  • Craig
    Craig Month ago

    I sure hope you all keep your friendship. It sounds like there were some business decisions made. People will always grow out of their position in a business and look for more. Try not to take it too personally. You should be happy that you helped mentor and grow with them. While the unknown is always scary, your brand is strong and there’s plenty of room in the space for competition without jeopardizing that.

  • Jake Brown
    Jake Brown Month ago +2

    Loved Micah and Grant both. I wish them nothing but the best in the future. The Good Good guys that are left, are not "left". They are each truly amazing also and will continue to put out great content. I'm so happy I found this channel and will support it as well as Micah and Grant. All of you keep your heads up and keep swinging!

  • Joey Salafia
    Joey Salafia Month ago

    Idea for you guys going forward. Choose 5-10 GoodGood representatives in different regions of the US and start a GoodGood Golf League. Zoom meetings to coordinate where, when, formats, etc. entry fees for everyone and post scores/winners to an app. Use merch as prizes. It would be an incredible way to engage your audience in a tactile way. You guys are amazing! The ceiling is soo high when it comes to growth and revenue

  • Mid golf
    Mid golf Month ago

    It’s a crazy feeling being here for an end of an era in the golf influencer world. I feel like a boy band fan and my fav 3rd guy is leaving. It’s almost like they’re talking as if they passed away lbvs.

  • Gus Petch
    Gus Petch 2 months ago +172

    Honestly, Grant was a big reason I tuned in. Loved seeing him swing that sweet swing and driving everyone else crazy.

  • Brendan Johnson
    Brendan Johnson Month ago +6

    Louis is the next to jump ship. He is totally under appreciated and targeted when he gets that great green footage. Grant left to move back to Florida and be near his family especially his father.

  • Lucas Kidder
    Lucas Kidder Month ago +8

    I swear to fuck, if Max and Colin but an edit together of all Grants big ass smiles Ill cry more. LOL

  • Kyle Kirk
    Kyle Kirk Month ago +1

    I feel it's pretty simple. Who can build a brand or channel within this squad? Garrett (obviously), Micah, and Grant. Matt is almost there. Bubbie isn't going to have a serious golf channel away from Good Good. Bubbie is comfortable and grateful for his opportunity with GG, but Grant and Micah wanted control of their own career paths. Steve will ride till the very end with Garrett. That was the dynamic of the squad. 3 alphas and a couple tag-alongs. Makes obvious sense that the original alpha of GG is the one who stays.

  • Austin Eyler
    Austin Eyler Month ago +11

    I’ve noticed that a lot of people who start collaborating with gm golf end up not collaborating after some period of time. A lot of examples including: (Brodie smith, Zac Radford, Brice butler, George Bryan, now Micah and Grant). Can’t help but wonder if there are things happening behind the scenes that would shock a lot of people. A lot of times this stuff is compensation related, but who knows for sure other than those people.

    • Pickle Media
      Pickle Media Month ago

      My thoughts exactly. Where there's smoke there's fire.
      To be fair, Brody has broken collaborating with Paul McBeth, but I think someone was trying to get with his wife or something LOL.
      Drama seems to follow Garrett. I'm curious to see who is next.

  • Evan Carden
    Evan Carden 2 months ago +267

    Both of these guys better be infinitely thankful for Garrett. Neither would have the social media career they do without him. He started it all

    • Evan Carden
      Evan Carden 2 months ago

      @Ant G couldn’t agree more

    • Rob
      Rob 2 months ago +6

      I’m sure neither have hard feelings. Everyone has their own desires goals etc. It shouldn’t be a negative taint on eithers friendship imo

    • Ant G
      Ant G 2 months ago +15

      They all owe it to Garrett. That's why he's the 🐐

  • Shotgun Beers N Golf
    Shotgun Beers N Golf Month ago +17

    It sucks , but the moment I saw your channel explode the writing was in the wall… GOOD* for both of them!! Wish them all the best man…. Grant & Micah vs Good Good = billion views 🍿

  • Shaun Mahy
    Shaun Mahy Month ago +2

    What I love so much about the Good Good videos is the banter between the golfers and the camera guys. They are all a close family.

  • Ben Keaton
    Ben Keaton Month ago

    Sad to see two great golfers, and two great people leave good good. Wish them the best in their future.
    All that being said, if ya'll are looking at adding new people to the channel..... I'm your guy!! Love golf, and love goofing off and love the channel!! I'm your guy!! 😆

  • Luka Hayat
    Luka Hayat Month ago

    Sad to hear what bubbie and Stephen had to say and use “loyalty”

  • Discr
    Discr 2 months ago +188

    I'm a 55 year old guy, why do I feel so impacted by this group?! I think for me, it might be the fact that Good Good (and other golf Clip-Sharers) were a big part of my mental health during COVID isolation. Thanks for taking the time to share your feelings. All the best moving forward.

    • Jay Hayes
      Jay Hayes 2 months ago +1

      I"m 52 and can't wait for new content to come out.

    • R Rossi
      R Rossi 2 months ago +2

      45 here and I've been watching these guys since the Brodie Smith days. Great entertainment, sad to see them go

    • Richard Hall
      Richard Hall 2 months ago +1

      I'm 50 and hooked on this channel too.

    • Michael Reddy
      Michael Reddy 2 months ago +1

      Got you by 2 years and couldn’t more. I struggle (as my wife does!) with why I enjoy this group of kids.

  • Caleb Camara
    Caleb Camara Month ago +1

    You guys struck lightning in a bottle and it was a pleasure to watch especially during Covid. Tough to keep the band together with everyone’s lives pulling them in different directions. Best of luck to everyone!

    • OfficialKendrickMatt
      OfficialKendrickMatt Month ago

      Congratulations, you have been randomly selected for the Taylor made rbz Speedlite full golf set giveaway quickly inbox the above 👆name on telegram to claim!!

  • Peter Donnellan
    Peter Donnellan Month ago

    bring back he good good poolside polo! 👍👍. while it hurts now that they are gone, you guys still have loads of banter and good golf content.

  • David Osmond
    David Osmond Month ago

    Stocked grant has left but my favourite 4 are still left i alway want bubby to win, , also loved when Colin has been in the last few videos, please keep Malking the content you guys rock.

  • Seth Powell
    Seth Powell Month ago

    Y’all changed golf and Clip-Share golf forever, that’s something to not forget. Also garret and kwon gonna win every competition now

  • Cristian Arellano
    Cristian Arellano 2 months ago +316

    garrett deserves so much credit, so humble after everything

    • L00Gi
      L00Gi Month ago +5

      @T Hands Garrett is the main reason good good is even a thing. Hes the one that put in the work to be able to elevate the others to their current positions.

    • cr uz.
      cr uz. Month ago +9

      You can just tell that Garrett is completely different off camera. I whole heartedly believe that he’s the problem, but because he started it all of these other guys know everything will roll down hill even for them if they decide to do the same as Grant and Micah.

    • Will Harpole
      Will Harpole Month ago +7

      garrett can't hit a single shot without telling the viewer to like, subscribe, or buy their merch

    • Payton Yee
      Payton Yee Month ago

      @T Handsbruh.

    • T Hands
      T Hands Month ago +4

      That’s a naive posture Garrett is the problem, he started all this and wants the lions share and is not willing to take less

  • Niklas Holmér
    Niklas Holmér Month ago

    I'm gonna miss Grants' "holy pure!" and gawking at Matts divots

  • Gavin Farrell
    Gavin Farrell Month ago +5

    Grant & Micah will be missed! Loved those guys. Can’t help but feel there is more to this than they are letting on though. How do you throw shade at someone who just wants to move on and do their own thing, especially if your so tight with them! It’s a bit disappointing that we don’t get the full story. Won’t stop me continuing to watch Good Good or Grant & Micah. Still love what you all do!

    • LockedOut [Freediver72]
      LockedOut [Freediver72] Month ago

      I think it was Micah that mentioned lawyers? Seems there is something they are being asked to do, maybe just a commitment to a certain number of years? Grant said in his video that what he was offered was not worth it for what they wanted. Micah wants to try to turn pro, I’m sure he does not want to be locked into something that is going to tie him up. Grant is educated, I’m sure something struck him wrong in the deal. My bet is they guy they have managing is trying to be slick and lock them into something. That would be a reason to get lawyers to put a gag order on them, so they don’t talk about how someone was trying to screw them???
      Good for Grant and Micah for stepping out on their own. I like Luke, but I don’t think the other guys can compete with him. I would definitely take a trade of the manager and Matt leaving and Grant and Micah staying.
      Just my guesses

  • HC UK
    HC UK Month ago +10

    "you can't edit a cardboard plank" - quote from Colin. This is the challenge Micah's editing team now have lol

  • miket t
    miket t Month ago

    Damn. Bubbie I would love to talk to you in persona and play a round of golf with you. You seem so comfortable to talk to dude.

  • WheelsOnIce?
    WheelsOnIce? 2 months ago +338

    Bubbie showing once again why he’s a legend. So grateful for everything - respect the hell out of him

    • Francis Oak
      Francis Oak Month ago +1

      @ericvjones this is the realest comment I have seen. Took the words out of my mouth

    • C B
      C B Month ago

      @ericvjones true but he should have rode that pony into the ground. keep that check. whatever plan he has now is not going to be better. and if it is ill just admit im stupid and dont know what im talking about.

    • Besticando Golf
      Besticando Golf Month ago

      @ericvjonesthe skill gap between Garret and the remaining golfers is astronomical. He should def be nervous.

    • matt-choo
      matt-choo Month ago

      @ericvjones fair point

    • ericvjones
      ericvjones Month ago +9

      Bubbie would be flipping burgers if Good Good didn't let him tag along. He has no skill and provides no value that couldn't be replaced by a random "guest" off the street. His "loyalty" is nothing more than "lack of options". Steve is the worst part of every video...he's as bad a Bubbie but not as entertaining. You can tell Garrett is nervous about the future off Good Good because the golf aspect of the channel has moved on. All he's left with is the clowns. He'd be better off just doing gm_golf with Grant and dumping the rest.

  • Kristian Stordalen
    Kristian Stordalen Month ago +3

    I just wanna say, and you guys probably won’t see this, but on that chance that you do, that being a fan since the beginning has really been a treat. I feel like I’ve been a part of a fan base that is just supportive and hearing what Steve said about how it’s nice to know that your circle is in it for the long haul, I think that’s really special and it’s nice to be able to watch a video of just you guys all being great friends and playing golf. Thank you guys, I can’t wait for what’s next. P.S. Y’all should go back to Danzante Bay just for an OG Good Good week throwback because I think all the early fans would enjoy that.

  • Lupe Torres
    Lupe Torres Month ago

    Everyone has a different path but we are all trying to get to the same place. Its even more difficult when business/money is involved. The main thing is you keep communicating. You dont want to miss out on important things in your personal lives.

  • Paul Mills
    Paul Mills Month ago

    Sorry to see Grant leaving. But I’m sure you gents left can move Good Good forward while having the beat work

  • T S
    T S Month ago +1

    This was kind of expected to happen from the common eye, you could predict it easily.
    Micah and Grant were the only real golfers out of the group so you know eventually they would want to go on their own and try and shine instead of being underthoughts in a Golf group of Backstreet Boys. They don't really need the group because they have actual talent. They were never really into the clown show part of it to begin with. Boobie said it perfect how he didn't think the 6 guys left on that panel will ever leave. That's because the guys that are left wouldn't be able to.

  • zach morris
    zach morris 2 months ago +227

    Bubby is as real as they come definitely the kind of friend you would be blessed to have in your life

    • C B
      C B Month ago +1

      till you decide you need to do something for the betterment of your life that doesn't include bubbie he will talk shit about you and spit on your friendship like a bitch.

    • ben1ben2ben1
      ben1ben2ben1 Month ago +2

      He was pretty immature in this video.

    • zach morris
      zach morris Month ago

      @NateGUYYY did I say I did? You weirdo

    • NateGUYYY
      NateGUYYY Month ago

      @zach morris and you do? Tool bag.

    • zach morris
      zach morris Month ago

      @Hunter T. Loftin you don’t know the situation

  • Honda
    Honda Month ago

    Bro my boy grant, literally that man has made me laugh so much. Dam:/ will you still have him on gmgolf? Saturday matches slap

  • Callam Thomson
    Callam Thomson Month ago +1

    Damn guys you look hurt! Gutting to hear this but always say things happen for a reason! Grant may take his lipouts with 😉😂

  • T Berks
    T Berks Month ago

    Man I love these guys so much. As a videographer myself I really appreciated this video :)

  • Middle Out
    Middle Out Month ago

    It'll be interesting to see what the feelings are when the shoe is on the other foot.

  • Ryan Carr
    Ryan Carr 2 months ago +60

    garrett is the only one in my mind that could and should do his own thing. personally think he’s the reason good good is the way It is. good luck boys

    • DJI Weston
      DJI Weston 2 months ago

      @AriFragen sorry I see he is engaged

    • DJI Weston
      DJI Weston 2 months ago

      @AriFragen is grant married? I thought it was just his girlfriend and relatively new at that

    • AriFragen
      AriFragen 2 months ago +2

      @Melantheos Zimurriok but Garrett isn’t married lmao, Tig and Grant are

    • Melantheos Zimurri
      Melantheos Zimurri 2 months ago +7

      Garret has the biggest solo channel and still hasn’t left. Instead he brought more people in