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Kemper Tips & Tricks - Brian Carl

  • Published on Feb 4, 2023 veröffentlicht
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  • James Wyre
    James Wyre Year ago

    Good stuff. I also really love morphing tubeshape from 3.3 to 5.2 on distorted or slightly distorted profiles. Gives it a throaty sound to the listener and a sexier response and feel as a player. Toaster users (stage does not allow this) get an additional option to save entire groups of stomps or amps or effects which then allow you to take any profile and substitute a new amp from a nice short list of your faves or to put in a a standard eq/leslie/delay/verb or an exotic combo of effects quickly into a profile. Your idea of the multiple delays in the effects is a very good idea, btw.

  • 456or7strings
    456or7strings 3 years ago +3

    Thanks for making all these videos available at one time so I can watch them back to back! BTW, I'm playing Brian's "BC Dual KPA Go-To" profile while watching this!

    • MultiTracks
      MultiTracks  3 years ago

      You're very welcome. So glad to hear you are enjoying this content, please be sure to subscribe for more great videos to come.

  • Kotodama Midnight
    Kotodama Midnight 3 years ago +3

    super super useful and well made video too! high production quality. hats off, folks

  • Thy Attal
    Thy Attal Year ago +1

    Did not know that Edward Norton was a amazing musician, a guitarist too and Kemper master !

  • Master & Commander
    Master & Commander 2 years ago

    It's been rough getting a live tone with my Gibson, which is pretty dark in the combined and neck positions.

    • Kev G H
      Kev G H 2 years ago

      Hey man. What worked for me for my Les Paul is I turn the input sources down, both clean and distorted, by about 2.5. It makes a world of difference to me anyway.

  • Seijiro Sasaki
    Seijiro Sasaki 2 years ago

    Cool and good! Thank you!

  • 231danman
    231danman 3 years ago +2

    Cool video man

  • Mike Ringer
    Mike Ringer Year ago

    Anybody know how to copy a rig from 1 kemper to another Kemper (just 1 rig..not the entire library of profiles and rigs) my son's kemper has a rig I want to use on my Kemper.

  • Respect the Riff
    Respect the Riff 3 years ago +4

    Curious what profile was used in video?

    • Trebor
      Trebor 2 years ago

      Says it is a matchless HM30 but that isn’t one of his packs....

    • MultiTracks
      MultiTracks  3 years ago +2

      At the time, Brian was using a combination of different profiles so unfortunately, it is a bit tough to say which was which. You can view all of Brian's profiles here: www.multitracks.com/producers/Brian-Carl/patches/bundles/

  • Majd Shufani
    Majd Shufani 3 years ago +1

    I head to my "Subscriptions" and it feels like spam mail.. please space out your uploads next time

    • Wesley Fletcher
      Wesley Fletcher 3 years ago

      100x this

    • MultiTracks
      MultiTracks  3 years ago +1

      Thank you for your feedback, we truly appreciate it and thanks for watching.