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DRX vs RNG Highlights Worlds 2022 Play In DRX vs Royal Never Give Up by Onivia

  • Published on Sep 28, 2022 veröffentlicht
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    Hey guys, from now on you will see my face reacting randomly to video stuff so that we can avoid reused content and copyright issues...
    DRX vs RNG Highlights Worlds 2022 Play In DRX vs Royal Never Give Up by Onivia
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Comments • 736

  • Dmitrii Gritiv

    When you have Beryl as shotcaller you always have a chance at winning

  • Thomasethanhunt
    Thomasethanhunt 14 days ago +4

    From the bottom now we here. Hand down the most miracle run in LoL history.

  • oppenz
    oppenz  +171

    What a performance by Zeka and Deft

  • Zekee Bruh

    Last year of Deft, what a goosebumps. He play every game like his last game. And well played by Zeka who is first timer at worlds. 🔥

  • D y Z
    D y Z  +75

    WOW DRX realy stepped up their game since LCK last season !! hope they can keep up the performance, good game DRX !!

  • William Ng
    William Ng  +348

    Zeka was crazy with the mechanics

  • raven pardilla

    As expected from rookie mvp of lck💯

  • Komm Süsser Tod

    Que buen equipo DRX!!! Un team infravalorado que tiene un muy buen macro-game aparte de mecánicamente de muy alto nivel, especialmente Zeka y Deft

  • Psalm One
    Psalm One  +80

    Exciting game, really thought RNGs comp will work in late game but their attempts were countered by DRX, the warding in map was great. And both Zeka and Deft played well, in beginning i doubt Pyosik, specially when his ganks failed in top and mid. But their comp pulled it through. Good team fighting, the last dragon fight even without Beryl, due to dying early, they still won, that Akali is truly a comfort pick. Good game.

  • Tzuyu HypeTrain

    The fight in the dragon pit was insane, ZEKA Akali with almost 1HP vs 2 Tanky Champ is gorgeous and manage to kill both of them it's just a WOW WOW. Well Breathe contributed alot, if Breathe failed to pull out some kills the game could be over like in 25-30 minutes. RNG should have pick Kaisa when it was open yet they pick Nilyah for GALA instead. GALA Kaisa was deadly but Draft Diff

  • Kenny K.
    Kenny K. 14 days ago +2

    Still unbelievable to think this is where DRX started. Upset from Day 1 to the end

  • Ade117
    Ade117  +122

    Zeka and Deft popped off hard. RNG's draft was also awful. Despite not being super important this game, seeing Beryl on Rell is always a pleasure.

  • Chuyên Mai Hồng

    There is no doubt teamwork is strong point of LCK teams

  • Ade117
    Ade117 14 days ago

    This is where it all started. The miracle run.

  • random neet

    I believe. I never doubted them. Letsgo DRX

  • Finch

    Games like these are the ones we are looking forward when worlds come.

  • K Cristal

    love it when the fans started to shout "RNG" and few seconds later Zeka decides to shut them up lol

  • michelle tuyor


  • Eura
    Eura   +82

    RNG when fighting LCK team with normal ping

  • hood ho
    hood ho  +6

    I'm a little worried about evaluating players and denying the team's career based on the results of one game alone. Every team even showed a good game.