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Kirby reacts to ‘reckless and irresponsible’ move by Putin

  • Published on Sep 24, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • National Security Council spokesman John Kirby speaks with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour about the state of the war in Ukraine and Russian President Vladimir Putin’s assertion that he will move tactical nuclear weapons into Belarus. #CNN #News

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  • pepsee0
    pepsee0 3 months ago +48

    Our world is incredibly bleak, with countless generations passing, wars being waged, and millions of lives lost. It is disheartening to realize that we have failed to learn anything from these experiences, absolutely nothing. The ongoing Ukrainian war is a devastating sight to witness, and it pains me deeply that we, as observers, choose to remain safe and distant instead of acting. This war should have never occurred, and it was instigated by a deeply disturbed individual whom we intentionally aided by warning the Ukrainians not to cross into Russia and confront the madman responsible for the deaths of thousands of Ukrainians. Zelensky followed this advice and kept his people within their borders, allowing the war criminal Putin to continue his genocidal campaign in Ukraine. Despite enduring unimaginable pain and horror, now, at the present time, we fail to truly empathize with the Ukrainian people. Their resilience and unwavering determination in the face of immense adversity prove they are the most robust and remarkable generation of our time. This situation serves as a powerful reminder of a truth that had slipped our collective memory since World War II, when the world joined forces in a courageous battle for freedom-a battle that Ukraine is currently facing alone, even concerning the safety of Europe. With deep shame and an overwhelming sense of guilt, I humbly kneel and bow my head, understanding that no matter how many apologies are offered, they can never fully justify the enormity of our actions.

    • Sandpiper 20
      Sandpiper 20 3 months ago +11

      ​@Männtashsh-Pyrre grow up...

    • Männtashsh-Pyrre
      Männtashsh-Pyrre  3 months ago +3

      @Sandpiper 20 My question is still valid.
      I hope you can handle it, baby.

    • Andrew Wright
      Andrew Wright 3 months ago +8

      @Männtashsh-Pyrre Russia is the titanic and its hit the iceberg ,the band plays on.

  • Mr John Doc Holliday Davidson

    Dear John Kirby,
    I hope this letter finds you well. I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude and appreciation for your service to the Navy and to our country. Your dedication and commitment to upholding the values of the Navy are commendable, and your contributions are invaluable.
    Throughout your career, you have demonstrated a deep sense of duty and a strong leadership presence. Your ability to effectively communicate and engage with others has undoubtedly had a positive impact on those you have worked with and mentored. Your expertise and knowledge have been instrumental in guiding the Navy through various challenges and ensuring its continued success.
    Beyond your professional accomplishments, I want to acknowledge the personal sacrifices you have made in service to our nation. The demanding nature of your role requires great resilience and a steadfast commitment to the principles that underpin the Navy's mission. Your unwavering dedication to protecting and defending our country is truly inspiring.
    I also want to express my gratitude for your efforts in fostering a culture of inclusivity and diversity within the Navy. Your commitment to ensuring equal opportunities and fair treatment for all members of the Navy is essential in creating an environment where everyone can thrive and contribute their unique talents and perspectives.
    Please know that your hard work and dedication do not go unnoticed. Your service to the Navy and our nation is deeply appreciated, and I am confident that your leadership will continue to make a positive impact on the lives of those you serve alongside.
    Thank you again for your selfless service and the example you set for others. It is an honor to express my admiration and gratitude for your contributions to the Navy and to our country.
    With utmost respect and appreciation,

    • dk RaWk
      dk RaWk 3 months ago +11

      You must admit urself into metal institution immediately

    • Michael Petrovich
      Michael Petrovich 3 months ago +2

      ​@dk RaWk this is getting out of hand

    • dk RaWk
      dk RaWk 3 months ago

      @Michael Petrovich the ukrianian nazism has been out of hand since 2014

  • Vladyslav Danilov
    Vladyslav Danilov 3 months ago +5

    You should also recognise, that the dam was designed and build to be extremely resilient to missile attack from the outside, it’s a strategic object. So the only way to create such a massive breach was to explode it from the inside, and that is what russians did, they packed it with few trucks of explosives, literally - few big trucks of explosives.
    Thank you so much for the support, we love Americans and all who helping us, God bless America and all allies.🙏

    • itsallminor
      itsallminor 3 months ago

      Sorry. Dams just arent that resilient. Its concrete. Concrete disintegrates and crumbles. Hit it hard enough it'll crack like a egg.

    • Vladyslav Danilov
      Vladyslav Danilov 3 months ago

      @itsallminor no need to be sorry, if you have a poor knowledge in engineering.

    • itsallminor
      itsallminor 3 months ago

      @Vladyslav Danilov you in denial? Have you not seen concrete structures come down? Look a bakmut. It don't take as much as one thinks. Some dams have just failed and let go. Buildings have fallen..
      Its concrete

    • a.m. magnolia
      a.m. magnolia 3 months ago

      ​@itsallminor 👈🏽when you're so amped up you're trying very hard to argue with a guy who just said.... Okay you're probably right. I don't know much
      Go to bed

    • itsallminor
      itsallminor 3 months ago

      @a.m. magnolia huh

  • Niclas Nyberg
    Niclas Nyberg 3 months ago +174

    i feel the fact that the water level had been raised to the highest level possible by restricting the flow in the days prior to the breach is proof that the russians controlling the dam are at fault

    • Katoshi Takagumi
      Katoshi Takagumi 3 months ago +19

      Yes, if all the crimes were as patently obvious as this one, Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot would have had exceedingly boring careers. And poor sales.

    • Alf Messina
      Alf Messina 3 months ago +5

      You're too polite.

  • Tele Bubba
    Tele Bubba 3 months ago +2

    Thank you John Kirby for reafirming word for word, literally, my thoughts on the responisibility of Russia on the dam and the fact that they are there illegally. Having occupied the dam makes them responisble for the condition the dam was in. It frankly does not matter how the dam breached, whether it was by the installed explosives or structural damage, which by definition is because of lack of maintenance. It all falls under the responsibility of Russia. The foto's btw should give enough evidence for a seasoned eye to determine what happened.
    The same goes for the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant. The Russians have control over it and are responsible for anything that may happen. No exeptions. The place is in need of cooling water for the long term and it needs structural upkeep. Also there should be someone from the IAEA at all times present at that location, who can give timely warnings. That person needs unfettered access to all corners of the property.

  • Walter Meyer
    Walter Meyer 3 months ago +5

    Glory to Ukrainian army god bless all of you 🔱🔱🔱🔱🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️🇧🇷

  • Melody G
    Melody G 3 months ago

    Is it crazy, that Ive only just disdoved Amanpour as a journalist? I love her direct and thoughtful questions and directness.

  • Steve Steve
    Steve Steve 3 months ago +1

    I have difficulties finding words to express how I feel about Putin. Biden said Putin is a killer. However, Trump said Putin is a genius.

  • Antonio V Johnson
    Antonio V Johnson 3 months ago +1

    Kirby is the politician version of- Corey Feldman.

  • marisa benson
    marisa benson 3 months ago +59

    Seismic activity did occur at the dam at the time of the breach indicating an explosive was detonated. This information came from a Norwegian organisation based in Romania. Also other experts have calculated that visual evidence of the explosion and its direction are most likely detonated explosives. Why is the US b3ing coy?

      JOSEPH STOLEN-ELECTION 3 months ago +2

      In total, during the failed attack in the Zaporozhye direction, the Armed Forces of Ukraine lost at least:
      - 5 German tanks Leopard 2A6 and 2A4 (2 destroyed, 1 hit and abandoned, 3 abandoned)
      - 6 American infantry fighting vehicles M2A2 Bradley ODS-SA (all destroyed and abandoned)
      - 3 American MRAP M1224 MaxxPro (all hit and abandoned)
      - 1 Dutch armored personnel carrier YPR-765 (hit and abandoned)
      - 1 Czech T-72M1 (destroyed)
      - 1 BMR-2 demining vehicle (hit and abandoned)
      - 1 French VAB armored car (hit and abandoned).
      - several burned out trucks
      For the first time , Leopard 2 tanks and M2A2 Bradley IFVs were destroyed.
      -Intel Slava Z

    • Sam Ciccarello
      Sam Ciccarello 3 months ago +2

      Newman: "Coy? I'm not being coy..."

    • Bill Sias
      Bill Sias 3 months ago +3

      It's not being coy, they do not report from any official statement the findings of other countries as their position or opinion. Just because it wasn't mentioned doesn't mean they doubt the confidence of that report.

  • Major Seventh
    Major Seventh 3 months ago +29

    BBC has already reported, On Tuesday, Romania recorded a sizmic event of 1 or 2 magnitude, equating to a large expolsion in the vicinity of the Dam, shortly after the flooding started.

    • TheDrAstrov
      TheDrAstrov 3 months ago

      so what?

    • Fleanis Werkhardt
      Fleanis Werkhardt 3 months ago

      An explosion after the dam had already been breached? What would be the point of that?

    • Steen Romme
      Steen Romme 3 months ago +1

      I get sizmic vinrations here, when ever a MILF passes by, no fuzz here. It was an Norwegian institute that recorded the shakes and it doesn't proves who did it.

  • Tim Harrison
    Tim Harrison 3 months ago +22

    Its nice to see the Russians winning hearts and minds in Ukraine. They're clearly scoring lots of points with the local population.

    • Michael Petrovich
      Michael Petrovich 3 months ago +7

      The local population knows Russia is not to blame for this.

    • philip covell
      philip covell 3 months ago +7

      This is what Russian liberation looks like.

    • Ellen Faulkner
      Ellen Faulkner 3 months ago +7

      @Michael Petrovichdelusional

  • William Hennings
    William Hennings 3 months ago

    I believe that a structural collapse, not an explosion, caused the dams destruction. Ruzzia still is to blame for this calamity. The structural failure occurred due to a combination of overtopping and hydrodynamic scouring due to overuse of the southern most sluice gate and spillway. Negligent management and improper control of the dams physical dynamic properties were to blame.
    To expand a bit, the term overtopping simply means allowing reservoir water to flow over the top of the dam instead of allowing excess water to be released thru the sluice gates. I have read some blaming the Ukranians for releasing too much water from dams upstream to cause the overtopping. If so, then the ruzzian engineers could have easily rectified this by simply releasing water overflow thru the sluices.
    Scouring occured when too much hydroponic pressure built up under the too frequently used southernmost sluice. It undercut the base of the dam such that it undermined the structures physical integrity at that location causing the initial collapse.
    The scientist monitoring seismological activity came out with findings that there was a 'high energy release' at the time of the dams rupture. A catastrophic structural failure of a major dam definitely fits the profile whether explosives were involved or not.

    • Contra Mundum
      Contra Mundum 3 months ago

      Maybe the sluice gates or the system to control/power them had been damaged by the Ukrainian bombardment of the dam in autumn last year which was done to isolate the Russians in the northern Kherson area. The Russians do not control both river banks, and repairs could have been impossible (enemy snipers, mortar fire, drones etc).
      Speculation, of course.

  • Stephen Thompson
    Stephen Thompson 3 months ago

    Three cheers for the U.S. of A.
    This from a grateful Brit whose country was saved by the Americans during WW2, the children of these Americans, who are now helping the Ukrainian people.

  • lowboyyy
    lowboyyy 3 months ago +2

    "that's all folks" he doesn't lie to well under pressure

  • Gardener Rasengane
    Gardener Rasengane 3 months ago +41

    The danger here are the many flooded landmines. Imagine the safety of the rescue operatives.

    • Amos Simon
      Amos Simon 3 months ago +2

      Zelensky is losing it.The world don't believe him.John Kerby looks confused . He appears with a fork tounge.He is trying to cover up and letting Zelensky take the blame.

    • Boro Boro
      Boro Boro 3 months ago +1

      Floating land mines?

    • Devil's Advocate13
      Devil's Advocate13 3 months ago

      @Boro Boro they get swept up in the mud and water. There will be mines everywhere.

    • Gardener Rasengane
      Gardener Rasengane 3 months ago +2

      @Boro Boro Landmines do not float, but get flooded or removed from original areas, to the other. That is the danger being referred to. If floating, then they could be noticed. But flooded, they get "planted" elsewhere not the original sites.

  • Christian Jeri
    Christian Jeri 3 months ago +2

    People shouldn't be discussing who is the responsible. We've seen what country is acting as criminal from the beginning of this War

  • Malgorzata oj oj
    Malgorzata oj oj 3 months ago +12

    it's very nice and necessary that the US, and I guess others, are doing what they can to alleviate the catastrophe caused by blowing up the dame. But it would be even nicer if they could do something to make sure a next dame will not be blown up by the Russians. They are talking their heads off on the subject on their state media. It's better to prevent a catastrophe than to alleviate it.
    I'm also wondering how would the offensive go if Ukraine would have western airplanes by now that could be used to support the offensive.

    • Gia&Jp
      Gia&Jp 3 months ago

      Thinking too much . We need to push for peace and stop this nonsense

    • Amanda Hsu
      Amanda Hsu 3 months ago

      ​@Gia&Jp you are absolutely right. But the scary thing is that we've done the opposite.

  • Only Truth Wins
    Only Truth Wins 3 months ago +1

    "We are witnessing considerable losses among the troops of Ukraine’s regime," Putin said to reporters today. "It is known that in offensive operations the losses are 3 to 1. This is a classical ratio, but in this case, it is well above the classic parameters. I will not recount the figures now, but they are staggering."

    • Don_ECHOguy
      Don_ECHOguy 3 months ago +2

      The Ukraine man power loss will have gone up for sure being most of the war the kill ratio was 7-1 in Ukraine's favor and now is 5-1 in Ukraine's favor during the last few days. War is hell!

    • yyy y
      yyy y 3 months ago +2

      He also said that he would take Kyiv in 3 days...

    • Ethan Mac Master
      Ethan Mac Master 3 months ago +1

      Please link your source 🙏🏾🤣🤣

    • executor31
      executor31 3 months ago

      3 months account ...

  • Алексей Medic
    Алексей Medic 3 months ago +1

    Everything you need to know about Kirby the Clown: 1. Russians blew up the northern streams first 2. Then the Russians shelled the Kremlin 3. Then the Russians blew up the ammonia pipeline 4. Well, as a bonus, the Russians blew up the dam, flooded their positions and minefields 🤣🫡

  • BaumerPaulGefreiter
    BaumerPaulGefreiter 3 months ago +91

    Thank you American statesmen and, above all, ordinary American people for standing by Europe. And as for us Europeans: it is our moral duty to ensure that our children or grandchildren do not have to live under the Kremlin's blackmail, as our generation and countless generations before us had to live. It is our duty to weaken the Kremlin so that it cannot bully our children economically, informationally, let alone militarily. Good luck Ukrainians...!

  • Cruise Missile
    Cruise Missile 3 months ago +8

    Telling Russia when the counter offensive begins, was the worst mistake ever. Thank you media! 🇷🇺

    • Ellen Faulkner
      Ellen Faulkner 3 months ago +3

      Ukraine never announced when it would begin. The media kept posting false information

    • Cruise Missile
      Cruise Missile 3 months ago +1

      @Ellen Faulkner it began tho

    • Harley Quinn
      Harley Quinn 3 months ago +4

      NATO troops are miserably failing in their counteroffensive.

    • Cruise Missile
      Cruise Missile 3 months ago +4

      @Harley Quinn and they have more money and weapons. And still losing to poor Russia

  • Jay Breese
    Jay Breese 3 months ago +2

    I must admit that Christiane has aged gracefully.

    • Old World Patriot
      Old World Patriot 3 months ago

      Considering how long she was a live war zone correspondent,much of it in her home nation,I agree.

  • Kate Woolf
    Kate Woolf 3 months ago +19

    Kirby's a great spokesperson. Always enjoy

    • ken bristow
      ken bristow 3 months ago +2


    • Carpenter
      Carpenter 3 months ago

      I know, Karine talks like a child compared to him.

    • Mithul Sharama
      Mithul Sharama 3 months ago +4

      Yeah if you want to ignore the weasel within.

    • Carpenter
      Carpenter 3 months ago

      @Mithul Sharama It's a matter of degree with all politicians. At least he's articulate.

    • Amanda Hsu
      Amanda Hsu 3 months ago +1

      He often slaps himself 😂


    The Russians are fighting better than expected - Bild.
    ▪Those who expected that Kyiv would quickly win as soon as Western tanks and armored personnel carriers appeared in service were mistaken, writes a leading German newspaper.
    ▪ Everything looks like that Ukraine will not conduct a massive offensive with all the new weapons, but will use it purposefully in different places.
    ▪ It becomes obvious that there will be no victory until the end of the year. Ukraine's efforts to liberate the territory could drag on for years , as Russia has built a very strong line of defense over the past 15 months.

  • Vensis P Alphonz
    Vensis P Alphonz 3 months ago

    Remember: Dictators do not always follow world or UN policies on international relations

    • itsallminor
      itsallminor 3 months ago

      Democracies don't either . iraq, Libya,...

  • Jim Bob
    Jim Bob 3 months ago +1

    The US army was in Afghanistan from October 7, 2001 to August 30, 2021, 7,000 miles away from US mainland.
    Russia shares border with Ukraine, if Russia could stay in Ukraine until end of 2023, things will be hard for Ukraine...

  • Juli Grlee
    Juli Grlee 3 months ago +3

    Thank you Admiral for doing your best. Keep up the good work.

  • Stephen Clarke
    Stephen Clarke 3 months ago

    Hats off to the USA. Not often I say it.

  • Maverick
    Maverick 3 months ago +3

    Every effort should be made to end this War now, it’s too much.

    • Peter Peterpeter
      Peter Peterpeter 3 months ago +1

      not a lot of effort needed, putin can simply pull his troops back to his borders. no more war, problem solved. There is only one country in this that is actually fighting for its survival.

    • Stefan
      Stefan 3 months ago

      tell putler...

  • Dane Maui
    Dane Maui 3 months ago

    Oh and by the way, the ukrainians Lost seventy-five thousand soldiers in Bakmut in the last 3 to 4 months which is devastating. Zelensky was going to use those 75,000 troops for a counter offensive. But after telling everybody around the world including the people are funding the war, that he was going to do a counteroffensive, he couldn't go back on that. So now they're launching their big counteroffensive that nobody sees or hears about, and coincidentally the "Russians" blew up the dam which is going to slow down or stop a counteroffensive to the South entirely. Looks like the counteroffensive that Zelenski promised they don't even have to make good on that, you know because of the dam and all........ The Russians aren't going to be pushed back because there isn't any counteroffensive because there are no Ukrainian soldiers Left alive to do so. This is real news, not the bullshit that curby and CNN are puking 🤮.

  • 𝑪ʜɪᴀɴɢ 𝑲ᴀɪ-ꜱʜᴇᴋ

    The dam flooding channeled Ukraine’s counteroffensive to Russia’s strongest line of defence at the centre - It guarded the left flank of the Russians.

    • itsallminor
      itsallminor 3 months ago

      Umm.. Russia could just open the dam, no need to blow it up.
      And Russian troops and equipment were the primary ones below the dam, also in low est areas. So why would they ruin their own trenches, fortifications, equipment, soldiers?

  • Eric Norgren
    Eric Norgren 3 months ago

    We're not going to see any movement of short range or battlefield tactical nukes by Russia anymore than by the US or NATO, because they're not going to be on big honkin rockets, but there have been spotted big honkin missile components or rocket stages in storage on the bases and airfields Russia developed since 2014 Crimea and those could be transported non-chalantly in most commercial airline fuselages, but why when bother with transporting rocket stages when the aircraft itself could be used as the rocket with the warhead onboard and on autopilot or other remote control.

  • Richard Abbott
    Richard Abbott 3 months ago +1

    The Norwegian earth quake experts who monitor tectonic plate movement with incredibly delicate monitoring equipment have released their recordings of the moments before and after the explosion and it is 100% fact that the distruction was caused by 1 very large explosion.
    Nothing Ukraine has, no missile in their possession, could have caused that size of explosion.
    Russia however had mined the dam and were the only ones with access to the explosives inside it.
    Closed sources from Ukraine military have also released intercepted communications between Russian troops in the area that confirmed there involvement.
    There is no doubt, it was Russia.

  • I.M. Greg
    I.M. Greg 3 months ago +1

    These people have suffered enough for 100 years.

  • Richard
    Richard 3 months ago +4

    US military analyst Michael Kofman illustrated the fact that the Nova Kakhovka Dam was the main water source channel to the Crimean peninsula after the Ukrainian regime cut off the supply years ago and a major cooling water supply to the Zaporizhia nuclear power station, that the dams destruction would do more harm to the Russians than to the Ukrainians as the western side of Kherson city is more elevated than the Russian side “It would be like blowing off their own foot.” Especially after the Russian military alongside DPR and LNR forces spent months building advanced heavy bunker trench and fortification complex networks along the same river edge of eastern Kherson.
    The analysis by the Americans makes it highly suspicious that this was the actions of the Ukrainian military in their retaliation after their disastrous counter offensive operations thats now left 3000 Ukrainians military casualties in recent days. And even in the Washington Post Dec 29th, in an interview with Ukrianian Major-General Andriy Kovalchuk, he actually admitted that the Ukrainian military considered flooding the Dnieper River and even conducted test strikes using one of the two HIMAR launchers provided on one of the floodgates at the Nova Kakhovka dam, making three holes in the metal to see if the Dnieper’s water could be raised enough to stymie Russian crossings. Since those wreckless strikes, the dam has been heavily compromised.
    Whats more chilling is that even the IAEA stated during their inspection investigation at the UN of the Zaporizhia nuclear plant with the Russian military that they came under fire from Ukrainians during their tour.
    What we got here is a frightening situation, escalation after escalation with no reverse gear by every party involved in this proxy war between NATO and the Russian Federation. Now what else is thrown in to make matters possibly worse... American F16’s, which the Biden Administration only said a few months back that F16s is a red line he wouldnt cross because its a prelude to nuclear war with Russia (his words). And even US weapons inspector Scott Ritter pointed out that the F16’s are “40 year old junk”. Theres "no wonder weapon" according to US Army General Chief of Staff Mark Milley.

    • User User
      User User 3 months ago +1

      That canal had been cut off from Crimea for 8 years so them losing it now is not a big thing .
      " Especially after the Russian military alongside DPR and LNR forces spent months building advanced heavy bunker trench and fortification complex networks along the same river edge of eastern Kherson."
      They had dug rudimentary trenches on the east bank , nothing adavanced , it has all been shown in videos .
      Russia are the only ones who had access to the dam , they have had control of it for a year so plenty of time to rig it with explosives .
      It is no advantage for Ukraine to have destroyed it because it has e caused widespread flooding and put a huge strain on the rescue services and resources in the are as well as cutting off the water supply to hundreds of thousands along with cutting off an electricity supply when Russia is doing its best to cut off the electricity in Ukraine .
      Collect you 50 Rubles on your way out

  • Tiadiad
    Tiadiad 3 months ago +3

    Kirby is hilarious. I love that human potato!

    • Stefan
      Stefan 3 months ago

      hail putler?

    • Tiadiad
      Tiadiad 3 months ago

      @Stefan Hail CNN!

    • Francis Verhelst
      Francis Verhelst 3 months ago

      Are you getting paid by the message or by the number of lies Ivan ? And what are your objectives to avoid being fired for incompetence ? This message is a minus one on your objective scorings 😂😂😂

  • rusdayati idrus
    rusdayati idrus 3 months ago +12

    Pootin proves that he is insane enough to do anything to pull whatever trigger available. And now the whole world witness it that the price Ukrainians have to pay is unprecedentedly so very high indeed. Truly, Ukrainians heroes will be remembered forever as the true models of democracy fighters. Slava Ukraini n Slava Democracy ! ! !

  • Emmanuel Rubio
    Emmanuel Rubio 3 months ago +2

    Wow I feel so angry 😠 and everything can’t explain. Feelings.

  • Tim Allsopp
    Tim Allsopp 3 months ago +1

    Great to hear from Mr. Kirby again and his wise words and support for Ukraine

  • Larry Bierman
    Larry Bierman 3 months ago +1

    "He who pretends to be an modest inquirer into the truth of a selfevident thing is a knave." -- Wm Blake / Concerting the Karhovka damn -- it is obvious and to say otherwise is to equivicate to the point of total knavery.

  • Mamadou saliou Barry
    Mamadou saliou Barry 3 months ago +4

    This guy' know everything what is going in there

  • Janet G.
    Janet G. 3 months ago

    Huh. Well, Kirby must be afraid there's actually EVIDENCE Ukraine blew the dam or he'd throw Russia under the bus in a heartbeat.

  • Justin Bosker
    Justin Bosker 3 months ago

    I truly hope that common sense prevails as there is no grey area to this conflict. This must not turn into a political tool to be messed with here in the United States. We must have bipartisan support. All true Americans are fully behind and support Ukraine and so should all that represent us in the capital. Putin must not win our our world will be forever changed.

    • itsallminor
      itsallminor 3 months ago +1

      Pretty biased. I'm not supporting Ukraine. You suggesting myself and millions of others aren't "true Americans"? Are you paid for propaganda? If not you should be.

  • A
    A 3 months ago

    So it’s their fault even if they didn’t destroy it he’s saying smh

  • Edward Hamm
    Edward Hamm 3 months ago

    Most of the population live in Kherson city which lies above floodplain. Most flooded areas are Farmland and wetlands. This is still terrorism but it mostly a military tactic to slow any Ukrainian attack from Kherson region.

    •  3 months ago

      How about Ukrainians on the left side?

  • carlton schupp
    carlton schupp 3 months ago

    Yet another required declaration left Undeclared* given the nature behind the cause with being 'terroristic.'
    If there is any justification why that hasn't come from the other players (other than Z and T) it could only be due to what it means by protocol when it comes to taking action based on something similar given ones opponent by a modified doctrine as well as action (or lack of) that should be any different given the type of warfare at play with regard to the last 25 years.
    One possible explanation would be having to shift the cause given current events given ones opponent not to be confused with the cause behind what modification of doctrine has been when it comes to war, terrorism and religion, however, when you have acts of a terroristic nature it should not be seen just by the reasoning behind why terrorism seems only associated to just religious wars: because acts of radicalism up to and including acts of terrorism is a result of causes based on conspiracy theory where the game is identity assumption with regard to ones opponent when it comes to a cause. (Regardless of the motivation.)
    SIM analysis:
    Considering this and given this lack of declaration (other than by Z and T) plus one factors not only the intention but the method of approach when it comes to advancing positions**(in this case by lack of) with regard to those who are the victims. (And why certain players still cannot cross the line.)
    [* An indication of lack of coherency between declaration-intention-adcancing position.]
    [** Indication of an ulterior motive given strategy. (A games condition.)]

  • BAY
    BAY 3 months ago +5

    Kirby, can he just stop "teasing" and provoking Russia, trying to "defeat her on the battlefield" and then the problems will decrease?

    • Todd Stites
      Todd Stites 3 months ago +1

      "Provoking Russia"?!? Just what are you saying, comrade?

  • Darren Babych
    Darren Babych 3 months ago +2

    This is almost fun to hear the blame game. Keep sending them to the front for a few more years, maybe that will help.

  • Only Truth Wins
    Only Truth Wins 3 months ago +1

    The Ukrainian armed forces are suffering enormous casualties as part of their counteroffensive, and this is a tragedy for which the Kiev authorities are fully to blame, Russian President Vladimir Putin told reporters on Friday.

  • Omar Garad
    Omar Garad 3 months ago

    I’m wondering what would happen if Russia does this disaster 😂 I don’t know

  • knowledge
    knowledge 3 months ago

    the difference between "looking dangerous" and "being dangerous".Russia
    describes military doctrine as defensive military doctrine. With regard
    to nuclear weapons specifically, Russia reserves the right to use
    nuclear weapons: in response to the use of nuclear and other types of
    weapons of mass destruction against it or its allies,in case of
    aggression against Russia with the use of conventional weapons when the
    very existence of the state is threatened
    How do Russian nuclear weapons compare to the rest of the world?
    Russia - 6,257
    America 5,550
    UK - 225
    France - 290
    China - 350
    Israel - 90
    Pakistan - 165
    India - 156
    North Korea - 40

  • Me On YT
    Me On YT 3 months ago

    This is the result of not engaging Russia how and where Russia needs to be engaged.

  • Bob Tate
    Bob Tate 3 months ago +15

    Why Kirby looks so nervous? Pushing deception must be very hard

    • Amanda Hsu
      Amanda Hsu 3 months ago

      Because he knows how did it 😂

    • Michael Petrovich
      Michael Petrovich 3 months ago +2

      ​@Amanda Hsu the same people as with Nordstream

    • Stefan
      Stefan 3 months ago

      hail putler? troll

  • Sam Menter
    Sam Menter 3 months ago

    Mrs Kirby, please we all know Russia blew up the dam. I feel so sad and frustrated at the poor response from the United Nations. Russia is watching and will do worse if a strong response is not taken. Have we not learnt from Putins history of aggression? Slavs Ukraine . Sam from UK

  • Tom Branson
    Tom Branson 3 months ago +1

    This is a conversation about the destruction of the damn.
    Translated from a video of an intercepted phone call between 2 Russian soldiers on Tim White's Ukraine Twitter feed:
    I will cut to the meat of the conversation.
    Russian Soldier 1(with high voice): they're saying that there's no flooding, people are living normally, from behind it's obvious and visible that the water is up to everyone's knees.
    Russian Soldier 2(with low voice): Aha, cool, is this about the hydroelectric station? the station, they destroyed it?
    Russian Soldier 1: Yeah, yeah.
    Russian Soldier 2: Well, yeah.
    Russian Soldier 1: The main problem is that the station as it turns out cools off the reactor, their whatchamacallit atomic... (my words for completion, the Nuclear Power Plant)
    Russian Soldier 2: Well, it's understood what kind of mess they made, punched a hole in it and that's it.
    Russian Soldier 1: So, it is our guys that did this, it's not their (work), it's our guys that did this.
    Russian Soldier 2: Uh, what's that you say? it's us? Others said that it was the 'Ukrainians' (a racist slur) that punched it.
    Russian Soldier 1: Yeah, it's our diversion group that did this, they wanted to scare them with this. It didn't go to plan, as they planned it.
    Russian Soldier 2: Yeah, they'll try to cover it up, like they did for Chernobyl, hah.
    Russian Soldier 1: The construction is from the 50's, it collapsed pretty easily, just went, a little bit downstream was a zoo park, of course 1000's of animals died.

    • Siberian Кот
      Siberian Кот 3 months ago

      I have intercepted phone call between Trump and Hillary
      Tramp-dont forget you dress

  • A
    A 3 months ago

    That kind of terror is typically Putin. Ukraine has no benefit from destroying the Dam. If the counterattack cannot be successful, then Ukraine can just hold the lines, because Russia's economy is continuously deteriorating, and eventually Putin will have to give up.
    From my perspective. If the counter-offensive is as far from the main front as possible, the Russians will have to move, allowing Ukraine to conduct special operations.

  • Zane Iner
    Zane Iner 3 months ago

    0:58 he says there is a lack of water while showing an over abundance of water 💀

    • Peter VandeCastle
      Peter VandeCastle 3 months ago

      Water that provides safe drinking water for people and irrigation. Now the water is flowing over fiels, streets, and vehicles. Contaminated by what is now in it. Add some thought before you react.

  • Allan Bayliss
    Allan Bayliss 3 months ago +4

    I think you are the only people who don't know who blew up the dam

  • John
    John  3 months ago

    The effects of the flooding has the capacity to cripple Ukraine economically as well as severely restricting any Ukrainian counter offensive or potential assault on Crimea. All in all, its hard to see a successful outcome for Ukraine here going forward.

      SUPREME LEADER KIM JONG UN 3 months ago

      They can just go around it.

      SUPREME LEADER KIM JONG UN 3 months ago

      It's literally a maginot line with water.

    • itsallminor
      itsallminor 3 months ago

      Umm. It's Russias area flooded? Remember? You know, annexed it already?

    • John
      John  3 months ago

      @SUPREME LEADER KIM JONG UN Not really, Ukrainian options and movements are severely restricted due to it, it basically closes the door on any counteroffensive from Odessa and Kherson in the direction of Crimea and channels Ukrainian forces into more predictable lines of attack which can be met by Russian airpower.

  • Robb Gracia
    Robb Gracia 3 months ago

    Those ain't casualties of war
    That's a war of casualties

  • Mithul Sharama
    Mithul Sharama 3 months ago +4

    Kirby that weasel just beating around the bush when asked if it’s likely the Russians are to blame because he very well knows it was the Ukrainians.

    • itsallminor
      itsallminor 3 months ago

      Be my guess, honestly. But if i guessed. Yes. Ukraine

    • Keep It Sharp
      Keep It Sharp 3 months ago

      If he does not know for certain it was the russians, how is that beating around the bush ? Some strange logic you have.

  • Flash Gordon
    Flash Gordon 3 months ago +1


  • George Grangeon Amaral
    George Grangeon Amaral 3 months ago +10

    Reacts a lot ... all words little action

    • Amanda Hsu
      Amanda Hsu 3 months ago +1

      According to psychology, people who did bad things will have this reaction 😂

  • ninemoonplanet
    ninemoonplanet 3 months ago

    I had to look at the time stamp to see when the interview was. US satellite images and Norwegian seismic records both record an explosion at around 2:42 that morning. The Norwegian seismic records showed a single burst indicating a bomb went off. Satellite images showed a flash from the dam at the same time.
    BOTH are considered proofs of a bombing.
    There were NO aircraft in the area, so that rules out bombing from above.
    The dam was built to withstand a NUCLEAR hit, 200 ft of concrete in the walls.
    Russia had access and control over the dam.
    Russia blew up the dam. QED.

  • Beauchamp François
    Beauchamp François 3 months ago

    He looks like an entertainer more than a government body member... United States are funny when it comes to their journalists and members of government :-D

  • Dane Maui
    Dane Maui 3 months ago

    Ssshhh, sshhhh, ZELENSKY speaks on here everybody be quiet, HE'S A VERY HONEST MAN THAT ALWAYS TELLS THE TRUTH.... WE NEED TO LISTEN TO EVERY WORD HE SAYS....

  • john19655
    john19655 3 months ago +34

    In 1941, as Nazi German troops swept through Soviet-era Ukraine, Josef Stalin's secret police blew up a hydroelectric dam in the southern city of Zaporizhzhya to slow the Nazi advance.
    The explosion flooded villages along the banks of the Dnieper River, killing thousands of civilians.
    As Europe marks its Day of Remembrance for Victims of Stalinism and Nazism on August 23, a handful of Zaporizhzhya residents are battling for the recognition of the little-known wartime tragedy.
    The day, which is also known as Black Ribbon Day outside Europe, coincides with the anniversary of the 1939 Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact of nonaggression between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union.
    Ukraine suffered heavy losses both during World War II and under Stalin.
    The Zaporizhzhya events took place in August 1941. As Nazi troops approached the city, Moscow sent in agents from the NKVD, the predecessor of the KGB, to blow up the city's DniproHES hydroelectric dam.

    • Cruise Missile
      Cruise Missile 3 months ago +3

      And the funny part is you love the Germans to this very day
      Great job!

    • Harley Quinn
      Harley Quinn 3 months ago

      And later Nazis blew up that dam when they retreated from Ukraine.

  • Kees Hessels
    Kees Hessels 3 months ago

    Europe needs its own army.....

  • Terry K
    Terry K 3 months ago +10

    If Russia is the one that blew up the dam, Kirby would have answered the question instead of running around the question

    • Amanda Hsu
      Amanda Hsu 3 months ago +1

      He has a guilty conscience

    • Todd Stites
      Todd Stites 3 months ago +4

      It is one thing to strongly suspect, it is another to actually know. In the US, where Kirby is from, even if you have 50 witnesses, 4 clear camera feeds and a confession, the shooter is still presumed innocent until the jury decides guilt in a trial.
      All he is saying is that as of now he has insufficient evidence (key word) that Russia was behind it. Until more information comes forth it will always be in question.
      Russia probably also destroyed the Nordstream pipeline too, but there isn't enough evidence yet to put the detonator in Putin's hand for that either.

  • Joseph Sonora
    Joseph Sonora 3 months ago

    Recless & irresponsible is Pewtin's middle name! 🤣

  • Red Devils
    Red Devils 3 months ago

    He knows it wasn’t Russian !!!

  • scotlandforever
    scotlandforever 3 months ago +2

    We must stay strong as an alliance in the face of today's and tomorrow's issues.

  • Christo
    Christo 3 months ago

    John Kirby, Putin is laughing 😂 in your face.

  • Robert
    Robert  3 months ago +7

    Right, Kirby . An elephant stepped on the dam .

    • Billy Bonds
      Billy Bonds 3 months ago

      Mrs Putin was nowhere near it.

  • Sam Hull
    Sam Hull 3 months ago

    A drowning man will always take as many down with him as he can...is just human nature...

  • Thilo Manten
    Thilo Manten 3 months ago

    The impact on worldwide weat and grain supply will be the single most factor to be felt in the long term - this will cost us ALL dearly.

    • Sam Hull
      Sam Hull 3 months ago

      Ukraine flooded the market with wheat and grain in a system that took decades to build. What did they think would happen...

  • Chakra Karma
    Chakra Karma 3 months ago

    How did it really happened?
    Is it a deep secret mastermind?

  • Baker Otair
    Baker Otair 3 months ago

    Investigation is needed to find the culprit
    But why till now you are not openly saying who blow up Nord streams
    Thank you Kirby for at least be careful of what caused the dam collapse

    • Amanda Hsu
      Amanda Hsu 3 months ago

      Can it be investigated? 😂

  • Archie's Mum
    Archie's Mum 3 months ago

    Can I please just ask how many American citizens are homeless, have no access to the basic thing's such as food, water, shelter & warmth?
    What help are the American government sending them?

  • David Tangen
    David Tangen 3 months ago +4

    I can't wait for this to be in the next call of duty game

  • Arianhrod Keltoi
    Arianhrod Keltoi 3 months ago

    Ukraine needs long range and air capability, because now they are walking on mined fields, better said walking in limited paths because of russian mine fields, easy sitting ducks.
    Russia launches missiles from the safety of the Caspian Sea, airplanes, from behind the border, etc, no russian lives at risk.
    Ukraine troops needs to get close to the frontlines and be easy targets.
    They need air capability!! It's the only way Russia is going to respect Ukraine! 😕 They are bullies punching Ukrainians, and intend to erase Ukraine 🥺

  • Andres de Klerk
    Andres de Klerk 3 months ago +1

    So nice of the US to care, why not save more lives by finding a peace agreement and not stoking the war further?

  • tobewithyouhoo
    tobewithyouhoo 3 months ago

    Seems like this dam incident very much resembles the Nord Stream explosion, No one did it, so said.

  • Sincere Sentinel of Sentience and Sapiens

    Kirby has lied and distorted reality for years. An abysmal failure.

    • Stefan
      Stefan 3 months ago +1

      hail putler?

  • DenK K
    DenK K 3 months ago

    Генсек ООН назвал события на Каховской ГЭС монументальной катастрофой
    не поспоришь... перца ситуации добавляет охота ВСУ на выживших и экипажи МЧС...

  • Todd Stites
    Todd Stites 3 months ago

    Isn't there a dam above the Kremlin in Moscow? If not, there should be. You know, just to keep water at a safe level. Would hate for anything to happen to it. Would be like what the ents did to Isengard.

  • Kimmi
    Kimmi 3 months ago

    So we been talking bout the counter offensive for months giving Russia the heads up now not a smart move wasn’t it.

    • itsallminor
      itsallminor 3 months ago

      They have satellites. Probably watched it on tv with popcorn

  • Jos Vermoesen
    Jos Vermoesen 3 months ago +2

    i guess USofA still wants to give UA president just a ride... Meanwhile NATO is proud of the next exercises (just as nothing else more important happens). Time for EU to wake up!

  • Oleg G.
    Oleg G. 3 months ago

    "Reckless and irresponsible?" That's all? It's like saying Jeffrey Dahmer was reckless and irresponsible. No, this is neither recklessness nor irresponsibility on Putin's part. His actions from the beginning have been nothing less than monstrous, deliberate, premeditated evil. He is a war criminal who must be held to account for his crimes, and NATO needs to start taking this really seriously, instead of acting recklessly and irresponsibly by giving him a free pass to keep bombing Ukraine's civilians and infrastructure.

  • Johnny Nguyen
    Johnny Nguyen 3 months ago +3

    Thank you 🙏 un&nato 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸hopefully be moving soon arrest Putin in India or South Africa soon

    • itsallminor
      itsallminor 3 months ago

      You don't really understand how the world works, it's okay. Cheers

  • hamhouke
    hamhouke 3 months ago +2

    Time for NATO to mount a humanitarian airlift operation to free Ukraine for the counter offensive. Help the Ukrainians and Russians, but dare Putin to fire on NATO humanitarian relief efforts.

  • Arceus Thomas
    Arceus Thomas 3 months ago +1

    Ukranian's being used as pawns love how we knew they will need boats. And had already shipped a lot if it to them😉

  • Incognito
    Incognito 3 months ago

    This is worse than the bombings. So many affected by one disaster.

  • Lemont Adams
    Lemont Adams 3 months ago +1

    Ukraine's much-hyped counteroffensive has proven a costly debacle so far. But international relations and security analyst Mark Sleboda warned that Kiev and its NATO backers may still have some tricks up their sleeves.
    The Kiev regime appears to be cynically throwing men and machines against solid Russian defenses - but all may not be as it seems, a military commentator says

    PERRY THOMAS & PSALMISTRY 3 months ago +146

    Putin needs to be made an example of for other dictators who are thinking of starting a conflict! Kick em as hard as you can Ukraine!

  • Larry Fontenot
    Larry Fontenot 3 months ago

    As much as I wish nothing but ill for the Russian government and the troops they sent to prosecute an unprovoked war on Ukraine, I can't see the dam breach as being an extraordinary or particularly evil act.
    Why? Because Great Britain did the same thing on a larger scale in 1943 and the men who committed the act are remembered as heroes.
    It was called Operation Chastise, and the RAF's 617th Squadron attacked the Möhne, Eder, and Sorpe dams in Germany. It wasn't a desperation move. The British command planned it, practiced it, and carefully chose the dams to do the most damage. They even had an engineer named Barnes Wallis specifically design the bombs used to destroy the dams, not just damage them.
    1,300 innocent civilians died in the flooding caused by the operation, but I've never heard anyone vilify it, and the 617th Squadron still retains the name "The Dambusters" with pride to this day. Their unit patch shows a collapsing dam and their motto is "Après moi le déluge" (After me, the flood). So if you're going to condemn the Russians for collapsing a dam as a wartime operation, start the rock throwing by aiming at the British first.
    That said, there's plenty of other things that one can and should castigate the Russians for, and I sincerely hope that the Ukrainians recover every inch of their territory that Russia has stolen, including the Crimean Peninsula. I also believe that they should not accept any peace settlement that falls short of that goal.

  • Kraad Nargis
    Kraad Nargis 3 months ago

    Russia has already spent trillions of rubles for propaganda campaigns. The effects of that waste are clearly shown among the comments; it appears that after only three days since the beginning of the Ukrainian counter-offensive, the latter is utterly doomed but russian forces have been vastly superior conquering Bakmuth in just nine months. Pootinism has noticeable psychedelic powers. Particularly interesting is also that many people who constantly cite russian victory over nazism "forget" to mention the formidable amount of weapons given by the US in a never repayed lend-lease, ignoring that doing so they were granting its much longer survival in russia.

  • iva taiwan
    iva taiwan 3 months ago

    Go Russia 🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺