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When You Talk Trash And It Actually Works

  • Published on Jan 29, 2020 veröffentlicht
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  • JxmyHighroller
    JxmyHighroller  3 years ago +3565

    So I’ve actually had this video finished for almost a week now but I wanted to pay my respects to the great Kobe Bryant before uploading this one. So for the first time since Trap Sax was in full effect, we got back to back uploads. Enjoy brothers! And stick around until the end to hear possibly the most disrespectful Michael Jordan story of all time....it gets wild.

  • Eric Fürst
    Eric Fürst 3 years ago +1990

    “stop it, get some help“ always gets me 🤣😉🤣

    • Da Cleva 1
      Da Cleva 1 2 years ago +23

      Always 🤣😂😭🤣😂🤣

    • Exoticlimbs
      Exoticlimbs 2 years ago +19

      As soon as he said that I saw your comment lmao 🤣😂😭

    • KTKZon
      KTKZon Year ago +6

      🤣🤣🤣Never gets old

    • Ayo Sammy
      Ayo Sammy Year ago +4

      How 😐

    • Sami Yassin
      Sami Yassin Year ago +1

      Had me in tears 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Lesley Harrys
    Lesley Harrys 3 years ago +70

    The thing that made Kobe so inspirational was that he was never as strong or as fast as Jordan, didn’t have Jordan’s vertical, or his Kawhi-like hands, but through sheer force of will and unrivaled discipline, still became the closest thing to Jordan we’ve seen yet. He became great, not because of his physical talents, but because he was simply willing to work harder than anybody else.

    • Gdirty7
      Gdirty7 2 years ago +9

      dude you cannot say "not because of his physical talents" lol the man was 6'6 or 6'7 for one.. the son of a former professional basketball player for two. yea maybe he worked super hard, but all the work in the world will only get you so far if you just arent blessed with the physical talent. id say there have been way more guys in the league that had physical talent but didnt work hard, compared to guys that worked hard that just werent gifted the physical abilities. what made kobe great was that even though he was gifted with physical talent, he still worked hard and didnt squander it away like so many before him and so many after him. that wouldve been a more accurate statement

    • Lesley Harrys
      Lesley Harrys 2 years ago +5

      @Gdirty7 Being 6’6 isn’t an atheistic outlier in the NBA. Ever heard of this thing called “context”? Kobe didn’t have the strength of LeBron. He couldn’t shoot like Curry. He couldn’t jump as high as Jordan, wasn’t as fast and agile, and didn’t have outrageously massive hands. Of course he was an athletic monster compared to regular people. But he was only slightly above averagely gifted for an NBA player, and outperformed his natural gifts exponentially by, you guessed it, hard work and discipline.
      Hell, J.R. Smith was more athletic than Kobe Bryant. But it isn’t even a discussion who the better basketball player is.

    • Gdirty7
      Gdirty7 2 years ago +1

      @Lesley Harrys idk dude..i get what youre trying to say, but to say he outperformed his natural gifts... that could be said about any great athlete..any great athlete becomes that way from endlessly working.. jordan is considered the greatest, but it wasnt like he was built like a demi god. lebron is built like a demi god, but couldve easily been a bust without hard work. does that make sense lol? kobe was definitely a hardworking man, but all that hard work wouldnt have done shit if he wasnt incredibly athletic.. maybe not the fastest or tallest or strongest, but his natural gifts definitely put him in the position, with hard work, to be up there.. thats just my opinion.. and i do respect your opinion as well. i just disagree is all

    • Lesley Harrys
      Lesley Harrys 2 years ago +1

      @Gdirty7 My point isn’t that Kobe wasn’t gifted at all. But if you look at the top 10-15 players in NBA history, Kobe was arguably the least gifted of them all, after Larry.
      And if LeBron had Kobe’s killer instinct and work ethic, he’d be better than Jordan.

    • Gdirty7
      Gdirty7 2 years ago

      @Lesley Harrys lol but again my dude, youre basing this on the intangibles.. things that truly cant be measured. what says larry was the least gifted? cause he wasnt fast and couldnt jump high? that doesnt mean he wasnt gifted with the ability to be great at other things.and who says thats in the checklist anyway? and with hard work too became one of the greatest. to say kobe was just a step above bird as far as being gifted just doesnt make sense to me anyway.. how about duncan and nowitzki? and dont say height cause you already kind of said thats not a factor. just because someone isnt at the top of all physical categories doesnt mean their physical abilities dont play a huge part. if kobe was some 5'9 player, stayed in the gym all day..you wouldnt know him. he was blessed with everything needed to be great..and worked hard and became great. maybe we can just agree on that

  • Christopher Rogers
    Christopher Rogers 3 years ago +4092

    "Joel Embiid scored 31 points.."
    Oh ok for sure. still a good ga-
    aaaye you got me. lol

    • Deadboy90
      Deadboy90 2 years ago +187

      Embiid does that alot. He'll go off for 30+ in the first half then still end up with under 40 for the game. It's actually starting to be a problem, he needs to follow that momentum up with more momentum.

    • karibu
      karibu 2 years ago +76

      @Deadboy90 I mean but who cares he still scored 30 points so he don’t need to score anymore

    • karibu
      karibu 2 years ago +13

      @Deadboy90 he needs to get his other teammates involved

    • Spork
      Spork 2 years ago +3

      Nowadays 10=5pts 20=10pts and repeat 🔁

    • rudycenaronaldo
      rudycenaronaldo 2 years ago +62

      @Spork You've got to be joking.

  • Malachi Davis
    Malachi Davis 2 years ago +587

    Reggie Theus: No rookie can take my spot
    Jordan: *and i took that personally*

    • Bluebirdfalling
      Bluebirdfalling Year ago +4

      what Jordan did to him was just insane.

    • StaySolidShades
      StaySolidShades Year ago +1

      Romans 10:9 because, if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.dddd

  • Jacob Martin
    Jacob Martin 2 years ago +897

    -Gilbert Arenas
    Still Lost the game by a blow-out 😂 Gilbert, win the Game bro. Still respect bro ✊

    • Roxas Sora
      Roxas Sora 2 years ago +48

      He shot 9/29

    • Roxas Sora
      Roxas Sora 2 years ago +20

      WorldFlex nah shooting 30% to get those points ain’t it

    • Roxas Sora
      Roxas Sora 2 years ago +18

      Vanilla Nice it didn’t. It showed that Kobe actually locked him up

    • Roxas Sora
      Roxas Sora 2 years ago +18

      WorldFlex clearly you’re not if you think shooting 30% is good by any means and losing the game and having your opponent drop 39 Lmfaoooo

    • Philip Bian Alcuizar
      Philip Bian Alcuizar 2 years ago +1

      WorldFlex ur right

  • Jonny Arnett
    Jonny Arnett 3 years ago +5373

    As they say, good offense beats good defense. When Arenas was amazing almost no one could stop him. So underrated

    • CandyXXV
      CandyXXV 3 years ago +15

      Jonny Arnett -NBA Clip-Sharer Yo you my fav basketball youtuber. Legit agree with anything that comes out of your mouth.

    • Kobe the greatest laker
      Kobe the greatest laker 3 years ago +14

      Jonny Arnett -NBA Clip-Sharer well lebron could in the payoffs but love your vids

    • Heena Patel
      Heena Patel 3 years ago +3

      Jonny Arnett -NBA Clip-Sharer I am subbed to you

    • Ravenous
      Ravenous 3 years ago +31

      Nah. Better defense will always beat good offense.

    • Yamagucci Mane
      Yamagucci Mane 3 years ago

      Top Gun

  • buscadordeososmex
    buscadordeososmex 3 years ago +32

    Hello Jxmy, I'm a volleyball enthusiast but I have to admit your story telling is as informative, humorous and entertaining I just have to keep watching your videos. You are really good. Thank you!

    • SL
      SL Year ago +3

      volleyball enthusiast 🤨

  • McCarry
    McCarry 3 years ago +2478

    2 things:
    1. Kobe dropped 39 on Arenas the night he predicted he'd score 35. Just throwing that out there.
    2. Way to break my heart by teasing me with 5 seconds of that sweet jazzy sax again.

    • OutlawStar Joseph
      OutlawStar Joseph 3 years ago +170

      jomcphail06 Gilbert arenas isn’t an all time great defensive player tho

    • Declan Thornton
      Declan Thornton 3 years ago +64

      Gilbert isnt an all defensive first team

    • Hezekiah Murdoch
      Hezekiah Murdoch 3 years ago +7

      i accidentally disliked it so i liked it man

    • Evil Twin
      Evil Twin 3 years ago +44

      Declan Thornton yes but Kobe out scored Gilbert in 10 of 16 matchups. Kobe also averaged more points, rebounds, assists, steals, and blocks in matchups against Arenas. Kobe also leads the matchup 9 wins to 7 (not a crazy difference but since the video gave W/L records for each matchup except this one I thought I throw that out there. Not hating on Gilbert Agent 0 though).
      Still, I’m impressed by Gilbert’s 60 and 35 because he did it against Kobe. A hall of famer. 12 time All Defensive Team. Not taking anything away from those two games. They should be noted and remembered.
      I just feel like the video talked about 5+ matchups with Drummond-Embiid and Jordan-That Other Guy (lol), and should’ve done the same with Kobe-Arenas or left it out of the video. Gilbert was supremely underrated.
      I’m not taking anything away from those two games. I’m just saying that there were 14 others. The other matchups noted talked about all head to head games between players. Just confused about why Gilbert’s didn’t.
      It wouldn’t have did any disservice to Agent 0. Those two had great battles. For example. It was 60 to 45 points head to head.
      What was the point of omitting that fact? Wouldn’t have made a difference in the point. However leaving it out just makes it look like Kobe got dominated like Jordan did That Other Guy lol.

    • J4 Genius
      J4 Genius 3 years ago +162

      @Evil Twin Jesus he didn't say that Gilbert was better than Kobe , just that he backed up his trashtalk, that's what the video is about

  • Brian Murphy
    Brian Murphy Year ago +14

    Bruh I lost it at "dude really talked trash, got lit up for 5 straight seasons, got 40 pieced in his own farewell tour, then dipped" lmao what a way to go out 😂

  • Michael Stanley
    Michael Stanley 3 years ago +10

    This video took me back to a wrestling camp when I was in highschool. I was going into my senior, coming off my first state championship and I was extremely cocky. My team went to a wrestling camp in Iowa with a bunch of other teams and I was destroying everyone there. One day some guy came in and was wrestling with one of the other teams and I could tell he was good but I knew I was fucking awesome, we were about the same size, so I figured I'd call him out and challenge him to a match. Of course I was talking shit to my team about home I'm going to destroy him and he of course hears it because I was talking loud on purpose. The match starts and holy fucking shit, this dude just starts beating my ass, he didn't even stop after the match of was over, this dude just kept savagely beating my ass for like 30 minutes, by the end, the only thing more destroyed than my body was my ego. I came to find out that that guy was an alumni from that school who had just finished college and was a 2 time division 2 all American. It was the ultimate case of talking shit to the wrong guy

  • Victim Of BoreDumb
    Victim Of BoreDumb 2 years ago +5

    Love your content man🙌🏿. Narration is top notch. You can listen without looking and not miss a thing. Great command of words keep it up.

  • ikenna
    ikenna 3 years ago +3058

    *Jxmy doesn’t put a chart in the video*
    Wait that’s illegal

  • Eric Marvin
    Eric Marvin 3 years ago +7

    That seriously is one of the best ad breaks I have ever seen. Well played sir.

  • RAI17
    RAI17 Year ago +33

    "Defensively, he doesn't play defense" Lakers fans can agree LMAO

  • Erik & Charis Babcock
    Erik & Charis Babcock 2 years ago +92

    i'm 15 and a couple years ago i was playing in my league and this kid was guarding me, i told him, "see that kid to my right? i'm going to pass to him and then drive down th lane for a lay-up, and you can't stop me". i did exactly that.

  • dylan hotrum7
    dylan hotrum7 2 years ago +535

    8:15 blake just casually dropping 50

    • Logans Bub
      Logans Bub 2 years ago +36

      Geesh that deserved a mention lmao

    • Matthieu
      Matthieu 2 years ago +51

      On 57% shooting and 50% from the 3 pt line

    • Lejohnd
      Lejohnd 2 years ago +2


    • Manu Kashyap
      Manu Kashyap Year ago +9

      And missing 6 FTs. Could've been 55-56.

    • Patrick Alt F4
      Patrick Alt F4 Year ago

      50 piece

  • randy butcher
    randy butcher 2 years ago +8

    Mj was the absolutely undeniably definitely most deadly well rounded player..There'll never be another.

  • Nicholas Niles
    Nicholas Niles 3 years ago +900

    Reggie Theus: No one can be a rookie and score on me like that
    MJ: I'm about to end this man's whole career, LITERALLY.

  • Coldwintersss
    Coldwintersss 3 years ago +44

    Bro I wished you teached my History in sports course in College . I would never miss lecture . Your knowledge and analyze is so spot on and amazing .
    Love your basketball vidz man 🔥💯

    • Jacob Martin
      Jacob Martin 2 years ago +1

      2 things:
      1. Kobe dropped 39 on Arenas the night he predicted he'd score 35. Just throwing that out there.
      2. Way to break my heart by teasing me with 5 seconds of that sweet jazzy sax again.

  • A Mostly Reasonable Guy

    I was a very mediocre player at best but I sure did enjoy it when the trash talkers who couldn’t back it up embarrassed themselves. One guy said he was going to have his dad film the playoff game against us so he’d have it on film forever. It was the only game where I ever really trash talked. I stole the ball from his sloppy crossover attempting self a few times and would ask him “Hey did your dad get a good shot of that? Make sure he doesn’t miss anything.” After we won I asked him “so when do I get my copy of the tape?” I never did see that game video of his but at least I have the highlight reel in my head.

  • Rodrigo Sarubbi
    Rodrigo Sarubbi 3 years ago +7

    Man I love your videos so much. I watch them and then watch again and again. They are my favorite NBA videos along with SB Nation. Congrats for being that good.

  • juanfrainsane
    juanfrainsane 3 years ago +3

    I just found your channel and its by far the best I've come across in a long time. I'm from Argentina so obviously, I have a request about the Spurs. Can you make a video on the 2014 Spurs team? It was actually the best basketball I've seen in my life, just beautiful to watch a team play like that. Like when Guardiola was the coach of Barcelona in soccer.

  • Anmol Singh
    Anmol Singh 3 years ago +9

    Jxmy your vids are too good and i appreciate the effort you put to consistently put out great content

  • Dan Malone
    Dan Malone Year ago +25

    Fast forward and Drummond is literally the guy who starts when Embiid needs a breather...that's insane but as a Sixers fan I'm happy to have him when the real big guy needs a night off

  • Dan Williams
    Dan Williams 3 years ago +1

    Gotta love my boy Jxmy... even the commercials are on point

    NIGEL BRINKS 3 months ago +1

    I swear i can go back and watch your whole catalog you’ve always been the most consistent basketball Clip-Sharer crazy details crazy interesting content and never too cocky keep stomping bro ‼️

  • Mill Stacks
    Mill Stacks 2 years ago

    I don't have a basketball moment like this but I have a few in hockey. Best was when I was trash talked by an opponent's goalies dad. All I responded with was "I will make your son cry as he leaves the ice when he's pulled". I scored 4 goals had 3 assists. Just repeated everything his dad said to his son as I demolished them. He got pulled and looked like he was about to cry 😂 I purposely didn't score on the next goalie also just to rub it in a bit as we won by a lot anyway.

  • Crowned Productions
    Crowned Productions 3 years ago +1619

    Me: “Jxmy has BACK-TO-BACKS?”
    Jxmy: “Number one: it’s a legend we’re talking about here. Number two: You know I got a chart for that.”

    • IIJbII
      IIJbII 3 years ago +4

      Drop anther one tomorrow

    • Crowned Productions
      Crowned Productions 3 years ago +4

      GoatedJay 😂😂

    • Es Gunna
      Es Gunna 3 years ago +4

      ao23 jxmy put ads on a rip kobe video thats tuff

    • IIJbII
      IIJbII 3 years ago +1

      @Es Gunna he has to get money somehow anf jxmy loved kobe

    • Es Gunna
      Es Gunna 3 years ago +1

      GoatedJay he has plenty of other videos im pretty sure that are making good income that was just disrespectful what he did

  • Calvin
    Calvin Year ago

    Damn I enjoy your content! I know it's almost 2 years since you posted this video but I found you maybe 6 months ago. So I'm happy I have a backlog of content to watch. Keep it coming Jimmy.

  • The legend 27
    The legend 27 Year ago

    Just goes to show how good of a scorer Gilbert was

  • Vendy Bois
    Vendy Bois 2 years ago +1

    at my brothers game the score was 51-52 for my brothers team.the crowd with ten secs left and the counted down from 5 and the kid chucked up a terrible shot with 5 secs left. The refs actually backed this kid and called a tech ON THE CROWD. then after doing that instead of just giving them free throws and the ball they gave them 2 AUTOMATIC POINTS AND THE BALL so they had to foul and ended up losing because of the crowd.

  • Geoffrey Wendelen
    Geoffrey Wendelen 3 years ago +110

    Haha the “stop it, get some help” edit got me 😂🤙

    • Somona Aktar
      Somona Aktar 2 years ago

      Reggie Theus: No one can replace me
      MJ: I took it personal

  • MJP Skwally
    MJP Skwally 2 years ago +2

    That's awesome! You told their stories extremely well!

  • Sam Ryan
    Sam Ryan 3 years ago +2547

    Once told a guy he couldn’t guard me.
    It was true because I didn’t leave the bench

  • Esteban
    Esteban 3 years ago +1

    Loved the video. The psychology behind sports is often overlooked. And Jordan was a killer...

  • Banana Mandem
    Banana Mandem 2 years ago

    The one time I’ve talked trash on the court was to a teammate, and it payed off. In my first season on a team, I was the shortest by a pretty good margin. One of our big men said that they didn’t need me and would be fine without me. I couldn’t think of a comeback so all I said was “ok yeah sure.” One of our games I was feeling really good, and I was getting good minutes, so I told him that I would lead the team in steals, assists, and least turnovers, and he just laughed. He got 17 points on 20 shots, 4 blocks, 2 assists, 4 turnovers, and no steals. I got 3 points on 2 shots, 0 blocks, 11 assists, no turnovers, and 19 steals. I got Defensive player of the game at 4’ 8.

  • Ramsey XO
    Ramsey XO 2 years ago +11

    Michael Jordan took it personally 😂

  • Boogie_Bubble
    Boogie_Bubble 2 years ago

    All these players are super talented. When they have a good night they can be unstopable. The difference is that the great ones have good games all the time. It is a mentallity thing too , not only raw talent.

  • Dat Fat Cat
    Dat Fat Cat 3 years ago +1

    Once, we had a school basketball championship game. My team was down 29-37 with time running out. I only had 7 points, while some kid named Trent on the other team had 13. Since I said that I was better than him before the game, he came up to me at that moment and said “Where you at?” This lit a fire under me, and our team went on a 12-2 run, with me scoring ten of those points, Trent not being the one to score the only two points of that stretch for them, and him going 0-6 during that stretch. I finished the game with 17 points while he had 13. As the final buzzer rang, I came up to him and said “Where you at?” He proceeded to punch me.

  • Nicholas Esmail
    Nicholas Esmail 3 years ago +440

    Jxmy with two uploads in back to back days?
    Making my day.

  • Tony Richardson
    Tony Richardson 3 years ago

    We were getting killed in the half of our basketball game. I told my team mates we are going to catch up and win the game. We did just that. I could not believe it. Keep up the good work, brother.

  • D. Columbia
    D. Columbia Year ago

    Great vid. Fun to hear an MJ trash talk story from so early on in his career.

  • Seeker
    Seeker Year ago

    Last minutes of a game that was tied, I was matched up with the other team's best player. They gave him the ball. He looked at me and smiled. I smiled back and said, "lull me to sleep the hesitation right hand? You'd better pass the ball." He stopped smiling and passed to the next wing. I had watched him during the game and figured out his tendencies. They ended up with a bad shot, and I hit the go ahead for the win.

  • CM
    CM 2 years ago +4

    I dont even play basketball but man... I m hooked to this channel. Hands down the best channel out there on Basketball. Best wishes Jimmy from India

  • MXM
    MXM 2 years ago

    Thank you Jimmmy, I did enjoy, I watch your older videos once or twice a year! They are great.

  • William Bowen
    William Bowen 3 years ago +533

    feels like just yesterday kobe was jumping over cars and pools full of snakes 😢

    • R3Ap3R_ Shotzz
      R3Ap3R_ Shotzz 3 years ago +1

      I know right 😥

    • RCG
      RCG 3 years ago +1

      Im-Wil2x nice profile pic

    • Axel Buckets
      Axel Buckets 3 years ago +5

      Adam Gelle that’s not the point

    • John
      John 3 years ago +1

      Kobe left a lot of memory for fans to enjoy.

  • Adam Berg
    Adam Berg 3 years ago +4

    Rest In Peace Kobe "The Black Mamba" Bryant And All Of The Other People On That Crash. Too Young. Your A Legend Kobe, #MambaMindset. None Of You Guys Will Ever Be Forgotten.

  • RS2k04-22
    RS2k04-22 2 years ago +1

    If you want to make the hot hand on the other team lose the fire, tell them that their elbow sticks out when they should and tell them how to change it. If you can make it seem like you wanna help them in a good way which it isn't, this trick will work about 98% of the time

  • WydKyle
    WydKyle 3 years ago

    I was in 8th playing King of the court with my friends and it always got really competitive, I was getting torched the whole day but started making a comeback. It was game-point and I hit a combo and I dropped him, stared him down and said "take notes" and wet the shot to win the game. remember that whole day like it just happened

  • Mike Hammer
    Mike Hammer Year ago

    People forget how tough pre-injury Gilbert Arenas was...25ppg, 29ppg and 28ppg in '05, '06 and '07.

  • Alex Garcia
    Alex Garcia 3 years ago +9

    Gilbert arena would’ve been really nasty but the situation with him and teammates really ended it

  • Vishal Suthram
    Vishal Suthram 3 years ago +56

    The transition into the sponsor 😂😂

  • DieHardAstrosFan 1722
    DieHardAstrosFan 1722 3 years ago +1

    Kobe was an unbelievable player during his career

  • Trap404
    Trap404 3 years ago +1

    Well you asked for a story, so here. I'm about 5' 11", and was going up against this dude who is like 6' 1" or 6' 2". I'm not really used to playing center but our big man was sick on game day, so I got to guard the center. He is considerably heavier than me, rebounds really well, and has a reliable turnaround jumper from the low or mid post. So anyway, we start the game and we're boxing each other out for boards, and he throws an elbow into my ribs hard. I give him one right back and he starts complaining right away to the ref. It went on for a bit and I'm making little comments to get in his head. So finally I decided I'm just going all out. I blocked his next 5 or 6 shots, and was flexing on him every time. Then I came downcourt, faked my perimeter defender into the air, and drove downhill. The center was waiting for me, I jumped into him, and after we collided I hit a twisting reverse layup. Everyone on the bench started going nuts, and it we ended up winning the game

  • Cooper Cranfill
    Cooper Cranfill Year ago

    Not in basketball but there was this kid that I would always wrestle and we had been going back and forth for a couple of years. He came up to me at a tournament and started talking sh!t. I told him “First period pin with a cross face” and thank god I managed it

  • AlexisMedor
    AlexisMedor 2 years ago

    Me and my friends had a 1v1 tournament to decide who the best baller was. My friend was talking SOOO much trash, was giving ME the ball when I said I fouled HIM cause he was like, "You need the advantage." It started off badly for me as well, we played to 7, and he had 5 on 3, but when he scored his 5th point and asked me, "Do you want 2 free points?" Something just went off inside my head. I proceeded to drop 4 layups on him after absolutely impeccable drives, killing him 7-5.

  • questmotion
    questmotion Year ago +3

    14:07 comedy gold 😆 "Dude got 40 pieced in his own farewell tour..." LMAO

  • KohnJack
    KohnJack 3 years ago +300

    I will always yell “KOBE” after throwing up a shot. The legend WILL live on.

    • MicMcBallin
      MicMcBallin 3 years ago +6

      kj bishop “For Kobe”

    • Kwame’ Owens
      Kwame’ Owens 3 years ago +9

      Julian Young damn yaw regulating how he wanna honor Kobe yaw taking it too far I'm saying Kobe 💯

    • Juinor Gaming
      Juinor Gaming 3 years ago +8

      Julian Young no it’s “Kobe” because legends never die

    • Heena Patel
      Heena Patel 3 years ago

      kj bishop yelling for Kobe actually works in nba 2k NOT KIDDING

    • Iltffny
      Iltffny 3 years ago

      @Heena Patel will give it a shot. borrowed 2k18 from a colleague and when i was gon give it back he said it was all good since he had gotten the new one.
      but yeah, will yell for kobe the next time i use a team with kobe on it

  • Dodger Monster
    Dodger Monster 3 years ago

    I asked who the first cap had chosen before I had made the shot for second cap. I kept talking to first cap for a few seconds about if he wanted first pick or ball. I looked up and drained the shot after the convo was over. We won that game too

  • Ben Rinehart
    Ben Rinehart 10 months ago +31

    I'm obese and not very fast, so in pickup when I got the ball at the 3 point line, the guy sagged off. I said "you just gonna let me shoot? okay" and drained a 3. Then drained 3 more from the exact same spot on the next 3 possessions. I also had a couple great blocks that game, and one of the younger guys started calling me "kareem." IDK about all that, but it still felt great.

    • Weinz Art
      Weinz Art 10 months ago +1

      Man that's a Chad tale so based. Giga Chad

    • higuvgttcxydxe6ts
      higuvgttcxydxe6ts 8 months ago +9

      I hope you continue like that man, never give up on basketball. I used to be very fat too, but I lost weight, and if I did, you can do it too!

    • The Kick-Off
      The Kick-Off 8 months ago +1

      Kareem is a 7' 2" nba legend, thank you

  • Howard Brammer
    Howard Brammer 3 years ago

    I once scored 5 touchdowns in a game. The game was not over. I had to leave though. The opposing team asked me where I was going. I said I just scored 5 touchdowns my work is done ! 😂

  • Khiry
    Khiry 3 years ago

    One of the funniest videos you've posted bro! Lol keep doing your thing! Super good plug too! Bout to check out those earbuds just bc the ad was so smooth haha
    Best clip
    MJ: "Stop it, get some help" hahaha

  • J Rose
    J Rose 2 years ago

    happens all the time. I'm usually the one doing the talking so I can relate to the story...it's crazy though because i can enver remember the outcome whether I was able to back it up or if I lost because by the time it comes down to actually playing my alarm goes off and then I have to get up to start my day..

  • The Rock'n'Roll Millennial
    The Rock'n'Roll Millennial 3 years ago +439

    So, picture this. I'm wheelchair-bound, but I can still use my arms; it's just my legs that don't work. In eighth grade PE, we were playing basketball. Our class got split up into like 6 or 8 teams of 5 people each and we played a tournament each day for the next two weeks. One of the games, we were playing against this kid who bugged the crap out of me. He would tease me and just say stupid shit to just about anyone.
    He was a pretty short kid and I have long arms so I figured I could guard him. I was on him the whole game. I also kept track of the stats because A) I'm a nerd, and B) it was the first time I had ever stood up (metaphorically) to an aggressor.
    His final stat line: 0 PTS, 1 AST, 6 TO
    My final stat line: 2 PTS, 5 AST, 6 STL
    It was just a dumb game that wasn't for any highschool team or anything, but it was great.

    • chocomint
      chocomint 3 years ago +51

      Lmaoo did u get 6stl on his 6to

    • joe
      joe 3 years ago +2


    • BobbyFCGMast
      BobbyFCGMast 3 years ago +84

      guessing he couldnt break your ankles

    • A K
      A K 3 years ago


    • chris2715
      chris2715 2 years ago +6

      Damn. I would pay to see that footage

  • N05B0Y
    N05B0Y 3 years ago

    I was on the YMCA team actually around the time of this video being released and was in practice. I was fed up. I wasn't the slowest, had the best shooting and passing ability, knew when to pass the ball but played PF. All I did was literally stood on the left side of the rim in the low post like boxing out for a rebound even on defense. Our SG wanted to play a game because he was feeling like he deserved to be that Gassed up. Talking trash. He was privileged on the team. I told him to get ready. He asked me what we're playing to. I told him until u take the L. I had 16 he had 2. Kept playing till I had 27 he had 6. Asked him u wanna take the L. He agreed. Told him to go think about what he had done

  • M B
    M B 3 years ago

    I’m only 5”3 and 18 but when I was in school like 14-16 a lot of the girls on the basketball court were all around 5”7-6”0 and I was just 5”0. I remember when the game started I was in the middle and my opponent laughed and said “too easy mate”. I jumped higher than a Maasai person and grabbed that ball and chucked it across the court and my teammate scored. 😂😂🤷🏿‍♀️
    Hashtag, revenge. I made sure I marked her too. I blocked her shots too. I went full on psycho and my team told me to calm down. It was hilarious but great cos we won 32-26 😏👍🏿🤓

  • silhuette222
    silhuette222 Year ago +1

    "When he said I couldn't replace him cause I'm a rookie, I took it personally" - MJ

  • Robert Freeman
    Robert Freeman Year ago

    I remember being a kid and seeing this man have guns in the locker room 😂

  • DaniGodoG 777
    DaniGodoG 777 2 years ago

    I remember that I told a trash-talking kid that I will drop 30+ points in the next quarter, and I did😂

  • Zachary Wiens
    Zachary Wiens Year ago

    First game of my freshman year of high school basketball and this kid i went to middle school with was on the other team. Now i wasnt a scorer, i just passed the ball on offense. but i was a great defender. so i told my friend ( best kid on his team ) that he wouldnt get more than 5 points that game during warmups. he made 2 freethrows and thats it. didnt talk to me for a month

  • Aaron Peters
    Aaron Peters 3 years ago +22

    Arenas in that rematch: 9/29 (FG), 3/15 (3PT), 16/17 (FT), *36.2 (eFG%)*, 50.7% (TS%).
    Also 4 AST to 3 TO.
    And they loss by 16.
    Nah. I disagree, Kobe shut him down by my standards. He tried way too hard to win that bet.

    • SnOoZy
      SnOoZy Year ago +1

      That’s why they got blown out Bc he was trying to hard to get his bet and take the max amount of shots possible until he got his bet

  • Marlow Knows Basketball and Boxing

    You failed to mention Gilbert Arenas shot the ball 29 times and only made 9, thats like 33 percent shooting from the field, and they lost by double digits. Arenas shot his team out of the game 😆

  • Rob
    Rob 3 years ago +2

    “Stop it, get some help.” KILLED ME. Great video bro!

  • Holy Mjstic oz
    Holy Mjstic oz 3 years ago +1

    one time in one of my high school football games, a guy on the other teams offensive line was trying to trash talk me before our homecoming matchup (i played defensive line and decided that i was going to follow this kid all game whether my blitzes required me to or not) anyways, long story short, i made a tackle on their teams best halfback who was a league all star and then trash talked (like i should) then his buddy, the guy who trash talked me says this “im gonna get your ass next play” to which i responded with “we’ll see little guy” the man is 6’5 280 and waaaaaay bigger than me who is 5’10 and 185, long story short he tried to dive at my knees, i jumped CLEAN OVER HIM and sacked their all star quarter back for a loss of 7 yards. Their coach subbed off the guy i jumped over and he didnt step foot on the field again until the game was over. Nobody, and i repeat nobody, will ever beat me at trash talking and backing it up in a football game. Nobody, EVER.

  • Tyler Williams
    Tyler Williams 3 years ago +233

    Lmao nah MJ was different. He really got a man to retire 😂😭

    • Timmaz Dangerus
      Timmaz Dangerus 3 years ago +1

      Tyler Williams agreed for real and multiple guys didn’t win titles.

    • Tienzo
      Tienzo 3 years ago


    • Half Power 😈
      Half Power 😈 3 years ago +3

      THEgreatestL I’m dead 🤣😂😂

    • Tienzo
      Tienzo 3 years ago +1

      @ThegreatestL 69 joe mama

  • KobeBryant ThanosStopper
    KobeBryant ThanosStopper 3 years ago +1

    Gilbert Arenas might just be one of the more overlooked players in NBA history.
    GA doing this doesn’t surprise me at all. Even tho Kobe was an absolute monster.
    GA was also a beast. Stupid decisions tarnished his reputation as a good basketball player. It shouldn’t.
    Kobe, BD and GA were my 3 favorite players to watch back in the day.

  • Pagawa Killer
    Pagawa Killer Year ago +1

    And now, Joel and Andre are teammates. Damn, time flies.

  • IceNight10
    IceNight10 3 months ago

    “His name was Michael Jordan, had some cool shoes, was teammates with Bugs Bunny, pretty solid player” 😂😂

    TIMBER LANDE 3 years ago

    Might not have happened on the court but still a story about trash talk:
    When I was in school, I was the districts top sprinter, and for the first two years of my time in school I won the 200M chip. In my third year, I was told by two competitors from opposing schools I was coming 5th because I was white and that it was a black person's race. I came first and one of those guys came 5th while the other pulled up and didn't finish the race. I then went on to win the next two years as well and finished my time in school with a record of 100% 200M wins and 11 golds and 2 bronze medals for relay.
    Sometimes it's the quiet people you should be afraid of, cause they know their strengths

  • BenTheSlayer 156
    BenTheSlayer 156 Year ago +1

    Im a freshman basketball player starting on high school varsity. Some guys were talking smack to me in the locker room. I told them the next time we five v five in practice I was dropping 50, they laughed at me for a while. Then the next day I dropped 57 and won by at least thirty. Good times.

  • LockBeShootin
    LockBeShootin 3 years ago +98

    5:15 was killing me. i couldnt breathe.

    • Moby Huge
      Moby Huge 3 years ago +2

      LockBeShootin *has Vietnam flashbacks*

  • Bailen Ganeshappa
    Bailen Ganeshappa 3 years ago +1

    Just when I thought Jxmy couldn't possibly make even more quality content....... the quality of content got even better

  • Top Sport Shorts
    Top Sport Shorts 8 months ago +1

    MJ almost has a 4 point 5x5 at 23..... Thats insane

  • John Houston
    John Houston 2 years ago

    12:28 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆 "Stop it, get some help" 😁😁😁
    Made my day man!

  • Egg Man
    Egg Man 2 years ago +1

    I was playing some pickup at my college gym one time and I was playing with those guys that all know each other so they really only moved to ball to one another. The guy I was guarding wasn't really getting the ball either so I was getting pretty frustrated because I didn't show up to do cardio. I was moving off ball and hauling ass in the fastbreak and never touched the rock. A guy gets a rebound over me and one of these punks tells me I gotta jump higher. I told him if I touch the rock it's over. I stand at the top of the 3 point line and just stare at the guy who told me to jump. He decides to finally pass it. Next two possessions I chuck up the ugliest, most contested 3 pointers you've ever seen and bank them both in, game over. I didn't say a word and just walked off the find a better court to play on.

  • kevintao
    kevintao 2 years ago

    Mine is just started the last game at the park to 21 ones and twos, I said " I gotta take a shit so my bad if I end it quick" went 9/10 from outside and had a layup from my rebound 😂 homie made a layup also

  • Im a mf problem
    Im a mf problem 3 years ago +4

    At least Kobe always had the balls and wanted to take that challenge 💯

  • Sahib Moga
    Sahib Moga 3 years ago

    I was playing ball with my cousins one day and said, I'll give you some hope.
    They were winning 20-14(first to 21) and I said again, "I just gave you some hope" and scored 7 straight points.

  • Nick Gale
    Nick Gale 3 years ago +1

    Love these vids so much, so complete and relenting

  • Nxssim
    Nxssim 2 years ago +20

    8:15 Blake's 50pts randomly just chilling there

  • MoneyHoneyBunny
    MoneyHoneyBunny 3 years ago

    This is why I think true NBA fans feel for Gilbert Arenas. What he did to get kicked out of the league was really stupid... and ruined what was a hall of fame career. He was like Allen Iverson levels offensively, Kobe Bryant levels, like he was unstoppable. If it wasn't against Kobe he prolly woulda got 74 instead of 37 lol.

  • Emil Odby
    Emil Odby 2 years ago

    Im not a high score like 6-7 points a game but I play great defense, but this man had the nerve to say I could gaurd him, next time our teams played I droped 15 points, 25 rebounds, 8 blocks and 10 assists on the man, while holding him to 8 points, 3 assists and 2 rebounds

  • DTD_Rez
    DTD_Rez 3 years ago +104

    “Stop it, get some help”😂😂😂

  • JustMeBill
    JustMeBill 3 years ago

    I'm not playing for a team however I play a lot of basketball at school and I am considered the best defender of the entire school. I haven't really braged about it till this very moment. When the new school year started there was this kid 1,91cm PG that litterally destroyed us (I wasn't playing at that time) and talked so much trash for my best friend I couldn't stand it anymore. After a match I told him he won't score a single point next match. I'm 1,70cm and actually blocked his shots 11 times had like 20 steals and scored an amazing 23pts. He scored 1 point from a foul that I did while blocking. That's my story I love to hear feedback and please don't trash talk kids!

  • NeoViny
    NeoViny 2 years ago

    @ 1:30 ... some call it a monster block... some call it a brutal foul.... man, Kobe chopped this dudes hands off

  • Johny Buckets
    Johny Buckets 3 years ago

    I told someone they wouldn't get a bucket all game. Then he sprained his ankle on tip off and felt like it was because of my juju . Next time we played them he dropped 45 on me and I was genuinely happy for him even after we lost by 3.

  • ThrottleVinnieModo
    ThrottleVinnieModo 3 years ago +16

    You didn't show Kenny's whole story b/c MJ was actually upset that he was two points shy of 45, so he told them that he was gonna keep his word in Chicago.

  • Xan DaMan
    Xan DaMan Year ago

    I once told a guy what move i was gonna do, did the move and scored, it was a pretty crazy move that ended in a DEEP step back 3, after i mad the shot i said”told you so”. He proceeded to drop kick the basketball, and leave the court.😂

  • Ibraheem
    Ibraheem 3 years ago +6

    Rest In Peace Kobe 😔🙏🏼