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Game Of Thrones - Histories & Lore: The Houses of Westeros


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  • Jervis
    Jervis 3 years ago +3738

    i find it amazing that these were voiced by the actual actors of the show- so much talent :0

    • Chloe Condlin
      Chloe Condlin Month ago

      i didn’t even pick up on it i harry loyd said “My father areys” i shot up and said OH! WAIT!

    • Verdations
      Verdations 2 months ago


    • xPadge112x
      xPadge112x 2 months ago +2

      This is HBO getting its moneys worth. Probably sold these for 100 quid a pop as a special feature on a dvd boxset.
      I do wonder what percentage of this goes back to them as royalties? I mean if your an actor for a show you expect to do promotion material does this count?
      So maybe they don't get diddly squat for the effort. These are great but I doubt there is any incentive now for anyone to make more.
      Maybe House of the Dragon guys get a go now they are tied up in contracts for it. But do they even make DVDs anymore?
      Remember when a DVD was like a fucking game? The menus were one big Easter egg for the film and fun to navigate. Remember physical media.
      Head cleaners? Remember needing them? My 5 year old found an old VHS tape of mine the other day and lost his fucking mind at the concept.

    • BrokeBasturd
      BrokeBasturd 3 months ago

      i literally just commented that i thought that was him thank you for the facts lmao

    • cRaven4Bmore
      cRaven4Bmore 4 months ago

      @UNKLEDODA 🤣 🤣 🤣
      Ummm...ummmm **clears throat **
      "NO, man, it is amazing . . .unbelievable . . .a triumph of audible ingenuity."
      . . .
      . . . Bwahahahaha tysvm

  • Ivbo
    Ivbo 6 years ago +2007

    Aegon's Conquest would make a absolutely amazing spin off show.... I hope they do it

    • Basshen
      Basshen 2 days ago

      Roberts rebellion would be even better.

    • M. Williams
      M. Williams 25 days ago

      @ubed nizamani I disagree. They were high profile and kind of exciting, but if Starks had somehow begun sitting the Iron Throne, there wouldn’t have been the nonsense that went of with Baratheons. Sense and stability would reign.

    • Patio
      Patio 29 days ago


    • BlackDahlia
      BlackDahlia 3 months ago

      hi i come from the future😂

    • Job Sarmiento
      Job Sarmiento 3 months ago


  • Mark
    Mark 3 years ago +3127

    Straight disrespect to not Include Greyjoy but include Baelish. What is dead may never die.

      JAKE GUERRA 4 days ago

      What is dead may never die

    • OreadNYC
      OreadNYC Month ago

      I love the subtle homage to H.P. Lovecraft in the baptismal ritual of the Ironborn, especially since the sigil of their ruling clan is a kraken.

    • N to the M
      N to the M 2 months ago +1

      Man, fuck the iron islands. Nothing but glorified pirates.

    • zurzak ne-etra
      zurzak ne-etra 3 months ago

      but rises again harder and stronger

    • Hunter Morgan
      Hunter Morgan 3 months ago

      Besides the on/reeks prick that was shipped back to the iron islands to his sister and dad.

  • XO by Faye
    XO by Faye 3 years ago +2855

    You can say whatever you want, but I think that the actor of Viserys has a very nice voice.

    • xa25ja
      xa25ja Month ago +1

      Indeed. Fun fact: he’s a great grandson of master storyteller Charles Dickens. Runs in the genes, perhaps.

    • xPadge112x
      xPadge112x 2 months ago

      Well if we can say what we want then.
      "I for one couldn't give a Tinkers fig"

    • Eternal Awareness
      Eternal Awareness 2 months ago

      I've got a great voice too

    • izzi
      izzi 2 months ago

      It's a character to any actor, that makes such a hated character

    • KK and sims 4
      KK and sims 4 3 months ago

      The actress who plays catelyn I love love her but she whit sounds like she got throat cancer

  • Bruno Artur
    Bruno Artur 3 years ago +2063

    Literally every house in westeros: we try to develop, become history and build a legacy for our future succesors.
    Targaryens: I’m about to end this man’s whole career.

    • John Doe
      John Doe 3 months ago

      House Martell: *Kills dragon and Targaryen army, refuses to elaborate further*

    • Amelia Of America
      Amelia Of America 5 months ago

      Robert Baratheon: Are you sure about that? *holding his warhammer menacingly*

    • LittleOnion
      LittleOnion 7 months ago

      Cancel Culture, by fire 🐲

    • Caleb Cox
      Caleb Cox 9 months ago +2

      Some 16 year old white cloak 300 years later: I’m about end this families entire dynasty with one little stabbin

    • Sule Soricon
      Sule Soricon 2 years ago

      Unbowed unbent unbroken

  • aimee peak
    aimee peak 5 years ago +831

    This is so cool I love that they actually got the actors to do this

    • Conway Twitter
      Conway Twitter 5 months ago

      Why wouldn't they do it? I mean as an actor, why wouldn't you want to be part of a world famous show like Game of Thrones? Most actors will go their entire careers without ever even auditioning for a part as tremendous as a part in this show. It can open the door for all sorts of other things too. You'd be a fool not to play your part as well as they required.

    • Clean & Serene JFT
      Clean & Serene JFT 11 months ago

      I love synopsis videos of uber popular shows, as I despise watching things that others seem to be losing their shit over. Thank you for this video as I can now "watch" the show in passing while doing other work such as my PhD research.
      Waiting For Condemnation

    • john byers
      john byers 3 years ago +1

      NaquadahEOD god way to shit on his imagination idiot he knew that GOD I wish I could have you flayed 🙄

    • AllieAndPeach
      AllieAndPeach 3 years ago +1

      @Hafiz Ad-Din is this a HBO video???!!!

    • NaquadahEOD
      NaquadahEOD 3 years ago +16

      @Ben Rosen yeah the very same people that, for this video, voice ACTED the character that they ACTED on the show.

  • timlamiam
    timlamiam 6 years ago +340

    i love these. you can tell the actors put their heart and soul into voice acting these out in character just as if they were on camera.

    • Clean & Serene JFT
      Clean & Serene JFT 11 months ago +2

      I love synopsis videos of uber popular shows, as I despise watching things that others seem to be losing their shit over. Thank you for this video as I can now "watch" the show in passing while doing other work such as my PhD research.
      Waiting For Condemnation

  • Alejandro Sanchez
    Alejandro Sanchez 5 years ago +694

    This is worthy of a tv show . The history before game of thrones

      SAMYUKTHA SRIKANTH 2 months ago

      @Gavin HOTD is off to a great start. It's very ambitious and I think it will do the books justice, unlike the last season of GoT. I have high hopes for this series. I like it so far

    • Gavin
      Gavin 2 months ago

      @SAMYUKTHA SRIKANTH so what do you think of HOTD?

    • Loot Leo
      Loot Leo Year ago

      Mess with the Martells and get stung.

    • AdProfundis
      AdProfundis Year ago +1

      house of dragons is currently being produced:)

    • Jonesy
      Jonesy 2 years ago

      @Maynard's Spaceship no, but in springish 2022, house of the dragon is coming out, basically the story of the targaryens

  • PeaceFinder12
    PeaceFinder12 5 years ago +314

    only if house frey was narrated by walder frey, that would have been spectacular.

    • Tamilia Godfrey
      Tamilia Godfrey Month ago

      I liked his character,, do realistic

    • Γιάννης
      Γιάννης 2 months ago

      He was too busy killing strigoys

    • Stephen Scott
      Stephen Scott 2 months ago

      Kinda liked that Kat narrated it and said she didn’t think the Freys couldn’t be that disloyal lol

    • Sarah-Anne Carney
      Sarah-Anne Carney 3 months ago +1

      @Frederik Seerup Nielsen Filch...his name is filch.

    • Sára Němcová
      Sára Němcová Year ago +1

      Which one? They have a lot of them XD

  • Hard31337
    Hard31337 3 years ago +282

    I wish someone would make a whole animated story based exactly on the Books.

    • Malika Bernard
      Malika Bernard 2 months ago

      Yes, with the same actors providing the voices

    • Sarah-Anne Carney
      Sarah-Anne Carney 3 months ago +1

      If they kept it gruesome like castlevania, it could be brilliant!!

    • rzf_1.8
      rzf_1.8 Year ago +5

      If only wishes could come true

  • tiffy_gale
    tiffy_gale 6 years ago +3473

    Only Margaery could make a rose sound badass.

    • Tiff Any
      Tiff Any Year ago +2

      @Taylor Rhodes you should see her in Tudors as Anne Boleyn ☺️

    • ripplecutter
      ripplecutter 3 years ago +1

      "We grow strong"

    • Taylor Rhodes
      Taylor Rhodes 3 years ago +1

      aeris44 : Margaery is gorgeous. Honestly I think she's the most beautiful one in the entire show.

    • Ajon
      Ajon 3 years ago +2

      Olenna would do better.

    • Rachel
      Rachel 3 years ago

      aeris44 * war of roses

  • Jaymes Nelson
    Jaymes Nelson 6 years ago +612

    Lord Bolton and Margaery have epic story telling voices.

    • Melissa Jackson
      Melissa Jackson 3 years ago +20

      Roose Bolton & Tywin Lannister have amazing voices. Very eloquent and commanding at the same time.

    • Daniel H G
      Daniel H G 3 years ago +8

      I liked the hound and tyion alot too

    • Jaymes Nelson
      Jaymes Nelson 5 years ago +14

      He was pretty good too

    • sai
      sai 5 years ago +40

      nope oberyn epic af

  • mal ma
    mal ma 3 years ago +155

    Seems like the show completely removed Robert’s Targaryen blood. In the books, Robert’s grandmother was Rhaelle Targaryen, youngest daughter of King Aegon V the Unlikely. Rhaelle was Daenerys’ aunt, making her and Robert second-cousins. The Baratheons intermarried with the Targaryens on two other occasions as well.
    1. Lord Rogar Baratheon, grandson of Orys One-hand (Aegon the conqueror’s bastard brother), married his cousin Aenys’ widow Alyssa Velaryon. Alyssa had Targaryen blood.
    2. Rogar and Alyssa’s daughter Jocelyn Baratheon married prince Aemon, eldest son and heir to king Jaehaerys I the wise and good queen Alysanne. They had one daughter, Rhaenys.

    • Clean & Serene JFT
      Clean & Serene JFT 11 months ago

      I love synopsis videos of uber popular shows, as I despise watching things that others seem to be losing their shit over. Thank you for this video as I can now "watch" the show in passing while doing other work such as my PhD research.
      Waiting For Condemnation

    • Jack Gibbons
      Jack Gibbons 2 years ago +10

      That’s the exact kind of shit the leads to rebellions.

    • Pancake's Studios
      Pancake's Studios 2 years ago +6

      In the books Dany's grandpa was King Jaehaerys II.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 5 years ago +534

    1. The North : Stark
    2. The Riverlands : Tully
    3. The Iron Islands : Greyjoy
    4. The Westerlands : Lannister
    5. The Stormlands : Baratheon
    6. The Reach : Tyrell
    7. The Vale : Arryn
    8. Dorne : Martell
    Let this stay here for whoever forgets the Seven (should be Eight) Kingdoms and their ruling houses frequently like I do.

    • Cooper Hurst
      Cooper Hurst 16 days ago

      The Iron Islands were a part of the Kingdom of Rivers and Isles, the same kingdom as the Riverlands. There were only 7 kingdoms when Aegon became king.

    • Yes Yes
      Yes Yes 4 months ago

      The Tully are ghetto af. Don’t like them

    • Crypto X
      Crypto X 2 years ago +2

      There was:
      1: King of the Isles and Rivers (The Iron of Islands): led by King Harren The Black
      2: Kingdom Of The Storm (The Storm Lands): Led by Storm King Argilac Durrandon (The Arrogant)
      3: Kingdom of The Reach (The Reach): Led by Mern IX Gardener
      4: Kingdom of The Rock (The Westerlands): Led by Loren Lannister (The Last)
      5: Kingdom of The Mountains And Vale (The Vale): Led by Ronnel Arryn (The King Who Flew)
      6: Dorne (Dorne): Led by Meria Martell (The Yellow Toad Of Dorne)
      7: Kingdom Of The North (The North): Led by Torrhen Stark (The King Who Knelt)
      So there were seven by the time Aegon came

    • Nicholas
      Nicholas 3 years ago

      @Develyn Seether it doesn't matter, that was why it was called the 7 kingdoms, for the same reason no one counts the Crownlands as one of the kingdoms and why dorne is counted amongst the kingdoms despite only bending the knee a century after the conquest

    • Develyn Seether
      Develyn Seether 3 years ago +1

      @NicholasYes exactly, both seperated and are not 1 kingdom as both are run completely independently of the other.

  • Jack Bopst
    Jack Bopst 3 years ago +324

    0:00 Targaryen
    3:03 Stark
    5:14 Lannister
    8:58 Baratheon
    11:31 Tyrell
    15:38 Arryn
    17:37 Martel
    21:31 Tully
    26:14 Bolton
    28:49 Frey
    32:54 Clegane
    36:12 Reed
    39:30 Baelish

  • Paige Gabriela
    Paige Gabriela 3 years ago +334

    Gosh house Martell is by far my favorite story, such passion and sadness

    • KING Mane
      KING Mane 3 years ago

      @Last 😂😂🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    • Last
      Last 3 years ago +9

      18:21 where armies fail, the tongue may succeed baby 😛

    • Koolets
      Koolets 3 years ago +9

      too bad the sand snakes ruined it all (in the series at least)

  • pantheon of champions
    pantheon of champions 3 years ago +164

    Sad how house Tyrell and Martell are completely gone and unless Tyrion or Jamie have a heir, the main Lannister bloodline will fade too

    • Kurapikachu
      Kurapikachu 12 days ago +1

      All those houses are fine in the books, it’s the Arryn’s who should be worried since their only heir is a sickly child.

    • aishah
      aishah 14 days ago

      in the books they’ll be fine

    • CelibateCetologist
      CelibateCetologist 4 months ago +4

      You’re forgetting that the Lannisters have tons of cousins. Even the Tyrells, even though they contradict this in their own show.

    • WolfGang
      WolfGang 2 years ago +5

      Lannisters deserves to be faded away.

    • merkikima
      merkikima 3 years ago +17

      @Emmett Kahnert sansa is queen meaning that her children will take her name even if they are bastards plus rickon is still alife in the books

  • Joseph Martinage
    Joseph Martinage 3 years ago +29

    There is so much history and depth to each of these stories. Someone should make a TV show about this world.

    • Zak Luck
      Zak Luck 5 months ago +3

      And who has a better story than Bran the broken.

  • Jo Wolf
    Jo Wolf 3 years ago +37

    It's interesting that the Targaryen kings claimed kingship over the andals, the rhoynar, and the first men - despite not belonging to any of these factions/races being valyrian themselves.

  • KS38
    KS38 3 years ago +16

    House Martell of Dorne is the most liberated and civilized house and was probably the only house that had respectful values and dignity. No wonder they didn’t fall under Targaryens when every other house did.

  • Neilsterooy Johnny
    Neilsterooy Johnny 4 years ago +147

    House Martell is the most badass yet underrated house....

  • Maddi The Misfit
    Maddi The Misfit 6 years ago +3436

    I miss Oberyn 😞 oh why did he have to get "cocky" during trial by combat and get his brains squashed?!!! 😫😫😫

    • Madeleine van Wijk
      Madeleine van Wijk 2 years ago

      ***!! SPOILER ALERT!!***

    • Eric Stevens
      Eric Stevens 2 years ago

      @Hi Daßer he let his emotions cloud his thinking .. ...but seriously, fuck all that dancing around shyt, he should have just
      Killed him, said the hell with Kings landing, got back to dorne and started plotting and planning a siege on Kings Landing

    • Hi Daßer
      Hi Daßer 2 years ago +1

      He didn’t get “cocky” he got distracted by his emotions and his love

    • Eric Stevens
      Eric Stevens 2 years ago

      @Alessandro La Biunda it's me, it's me, it's the red viper that you see!

    • Drew Warner
      Drew Warner 3 years ago

      That's why he wears a helmet made out of Beskar now.
      Not happening a second time.

  • Brandon Skates
    Brandon Skates 3 years ago +219

    Dorne never bowed. They joined amicably through marriage.

  • Phileas Liebmann
    Phileas Liebmann 3 years ago +178

    I find it absolutely hilarious how many "impregnable fortresses" and conquered houses exist simultaneously in the same lands.

    • Bob bobson
      Bob bobson 5 months ago

      @Phileas Liebmann ummm, look at Constantinople if you want the ur-example of an impregnable fortress that got thoroughly impregnated

    • Clean & Serene JFT
      Clean & Serene JFT 11 months ago

      I love synopsis videos of uber popular shows, as I despise watching things that others seem to be losing their shit over. Thank you for this video as I can now "watch" the show in passing while doing other work such as my PhD research. It is my belief that I've listened to S1-3, give or take.
      Waiting For Condemnation

    • Skynyrd Jesus
      Skynyrd Jesus 3 years ago +8

      To be fair, the only impregnable fortress that was conquered by force was Harrenhall, and quite honestly the only thing ever built by men that might have survived Balerion's fire is the Wall. Every one of the conquered houses in Westeros that claimed to have an impregnable fortress either lost in the field where their walls meant nothing, or capitulated to spare the lives of their people. Only the most arrogant lords would gamble their lives and their family's future to put their walls to the test.

    • Skynyrd Jesus
      Skynyrd Jesus 3 years ago +7

      @Jennifer Brewer To be fair, that's a line that only exists in the show. As it's described in the books you could throw a thousand Bronns against the Eyrie and less than a hundred defenders could hold it indefinitely. Short of dragon fire or an army of the dead, the Eyrie would hold.

    • Jennifer Brewer
      Jennifer Brewer 3 years ago +6

      "Give me ten good men and some climbing spikes, I'll impregnate the bitch." -Ser Bronn of the Blackwater

  • sprite
    sprite 6 years ago +2083

    tywin's voice is amazing

    • Vertigo Vertigo
      Vertigo Vertigo Month ago

      he is the narrator of a lion documntary called savage kingdom

    • hotr400
      hotr400 2 years ago

      3 years late comment, but he's also Emhyr in Witcher 3

    • Cornelia Li
      Cornelia Li 3 years ago

      wait, did the actor himself narrate it?

    • Marelyn Haines
      Marelyn Haines 3 years ago

      spurti subramanyam Nevermind I didnt realize all of the houses were on here 😂

    • Marelyn Haines
      Marelyn Haines 3 years ago

      spurti subramanyam it’s Viserys not Tywin lol

  • rimbluebooks
    rimbluebooks 3 years ago +1987

    Catelyn Stark narrating house Frey with disgust in her voice tells u a lot about the house 😂

    • Jeroen Garuda
      Jeroen Garuda Year ago

      @@Rifty you are funny😂

    • rimbluebooks
      rimbluebooks Year ago

      @Leemone 🤣🤣🤣🤣 the shaaaade

    • kassy kreutzer
      kassy kreutzer Year ago +1

      I was thinking the same thing lol

    • @Rifty
      @Rifty 3 years ago +1

      @MrStoptheEU for no reason but I got reason . Without the Sand snakes all them got kind heart. But that woman Sansa and Catlyn dumbs.

    • Mohamad Syukri
      Mohamad Syukri 3 years ago

      I can hear that. LOL

  • Joakim Davidsen
    Joakim Davidsen 3 years ago +103

    I love how House Baelish is just Peters backstory

  • Emily B.
    Emily B. 3 years ago +668

    "As they will for a thousand (years) more."
    Oh Margaery, my sweet summer child :(

    • leo
      leo 2 years ago +3

      @leliana rochefort correct

    • leliana rochefort
      leliana rochefort 2 years ago +11

      @leo the most ridiculous writing, to think that the tyrell cousins or the other houses in reach will accept a cut throat as their successor.

    • leo
      leo 2 years ago +1

      @no mo moeall Tyrells aren't dead even in the show. Don't know why they gave bronn high garden

    • no mo moe
      no mo moe 2 years ago +6

      @Ivanna Larissa that's because at season 6 the books stop

    • Ivanna Larissa
      Ivanna Larissa 3 years ago +31

      in the books they are still growing strong

  • kia Lara
    kia Lara 3 years ago +201

    Robert Baratheon has the best story telling voice.

    • Kame Hameha
      Kame Hameha 2 years ago +1


    • stalker 5151
      stalker 5151 2 years ago +11

      He really does. Imo, he’s a very underrated character as Mark Addy does not get enough praise

  • Laurel Silberman
    Laurel Silberman 3 days ago +1

    I gotta say, I love that the Reeds call alligators “lizard lions”

  • Shiratorizawaswhore
    Shiratorizawaswhore 2 years ago +27

    I'm so mad that they completely ignored the Reed's in the show. They didn't explain their story at all, killed Jojen when he's clearly an important character, made Meera vanish after season 7 and never really showed Howland (except for the ''flashback'' Bran had). That's so disappointing.

  • sobersportsman
    sobersportsman 5 months ago +8

    This was outstanding. The animation, voices, lore, all absolutely brilliant. I never watched the series but I feel as if I have just watched one.

  • DragonHeart613
    DragonHeart613 5 years ago +230

    2:30 = It's a shame that Viserys didn't survive the very first season as I would've loved to have witness his reaction to finding out that there is in fact a 3rd person in Westeros who not only has Targaryen blood in him but is also in fact the actual rightful ruler of The 7 Kingdoms instead of him (Viserys)

    • Nicholas
      Nicholas 3 years ago +5

      @Chaimae ⵣ Rhealla crowned viserys because she assumed that all rheagars children were dead, no one gives a shit about what the mad king did, it's why Robert fears his children because their claim is stronger than his, the only thing Robert achieved with his rebellion is that anyone with a large enough army can claim the iron throne...no right to rule just conquest

    • Nicholas
      Nicholas 3 years ago +3

      @Chaimae ⵣ we don't know if Jon is a bastard or not, there is no evidence to prove he is or isn't, when rheagar died his legitimate sons come before his siblings, it's part of the reason why Dany is fucked if people will actually believe Young Griff is Aegon.

    • Chaimae ⵣ
      Chaimae ⵣ 3 years ago

      @Nicholas so as viserys lol Rhaegar died before Aerys so literally the throne went to viserys .
      Plus there's no way that jon is a legitimate child they made it in the show bcz they cut off young griff the real Aegon

    • Chaimae ⵣ
      Chaimae ⵣ 3 years ago +9

      First of all
      This is just the show version they make jon the rightful heir because they had cut off an important character called young griff the real Aegon Targaryen .
      Secondly viserys had the better than any of Rhaegar's children simply because when Rhaegar died the mad king desinherited Rhaegar's children and named viserys his heir . He even had been crowned by his mother Rhaella in dragonstone .
      Finaly Robert Baratheon dethroned the targaryens so in that point the rightful heir by all means is stannis Baratheon

    • Nicholas
      Nicholas 3 years ago +22

      @Evan W You don't know how claims work...Rheagar was the crown prince and heir, his sons would have a better claim than Viserys

  • Adithya Venugopal
    Adithya Venugopal 6 years ago +45

    this is awesome. the actors who portrayed their characters have narrated their respective houses. Harry Lloyd for Targaryen, Richard Madden for stark, Charles Dance for Lannister, Mark Addy for Baratheon, Michael for Bolton etc

    • Adithya Venugopal
      Adithya Venugopal 6 years ago +6

      +Sarah Souayah cat's sister lysa is lady arryn by her marriage to jon arryn. Since Michelle is a major character till season 3, they would've told her to do house arryn

    • Sarah Souayah
      Sarah Souayah 6 years ago +2

      except for Michelle who did both house Arryn and house Frey I don't get that

  • Jim Sty
    Jim Sty 10 months ago +9

    I love how nearly all the noble houses are related to eachother by some close or distant relative or ancestor. Obviously the reasons are because of political alliances (through produced heirs), but every major house in Westoros has literally f**ked eachother at some point throughout the last 300 years following Aegon's conquest, with the Targaryen's and Martell's being the most politically promiscuous.
    Take Jon Snow for example. Although he's half Targaryen and half Stark, his great grandfather (Jaehaerys II) was half Blackwood, his great, great grandfather (Aegon V) was half Dayne and his great, great, great grandfather was half Martell (Maekar I), and his ancestor Rhaenyra's Targaryen was half Arryn. And that's merely the lineage of a single main character from a noble house lol

  • carmen tran
    carmen tran 3 years ago +129

    How have I only just found this glorious video 2 years after? Robb’s voice got me feelin some type of way 😭

    • Clean & Serene JFT
      Clean & Serene JFT 11 months ago

      I love synopsis videos of uber popular shows, as I despise watching things that others seem to be losing their shit over. Thank you for this video as I can now "watch" the show in passing while doing other work such as my PhD research.
      Waiting For Condemnation

  • Space Girl
    Space Girl 6 years ago +544

    Oberyn's words were so sad at the end :(

    • Gianna Gordon
      Gianna Gordon 3 years ago +3

      Yeah that was really had to hear

    • Salene Brom
      Salene Brom 3 years ago +3

      Space Girl a challenge to our lovers

  • Alexander Watson
    Alexander Watson 5 years ago +51

    Robert, Stannis and Renly's Grandmother was a Targaryen so the dragon blood was just from his ancestor.

  • Local African
    Local African 3 years ago +207

    Holy shit house Bolton is terrifying

    • Clean & Serene JFT
      Clean & Serene JFT 11 months ago

      I love synopsis videos of uber popular shows, as I despise watching things that others seem to be losing their shit over. Thank you for this video as I can now "watch" the show in passing while doing other work such as my PhD research.
      Waiting For Condemnation

    • kassy kreutzer
      kassy kreutzer Year ago +4


  • Emily Freeman
    Emily Freeman 6 years ago +501

    I so want the Martells to come back with a vengeance

    • Bella Martrice
      Bella Martrice 4 years ago

      @I’m not creative enough to think of a new name llpp.pl. n

    • Lyanna Targaryen
      Lyanna Targaryen 5 years ago

      but Myrcella didn't!

    • StrikeMasterIce
      StrikeMasterIce 5 years ago +6

      Emily Ingram Despite how much I love Oberyn and the history of Dorne, I don't want them to seek out their petty vengeance. They kill the innocent Lannister girl as well as their prince and king, who had seen the devastation that war can cause and tried to keep his country safe.
      However, (based on the show, I haven't read the books), apparently he didn't really heed the will of the Dornish, who desired vengeance against the Lannisters.
      Interesting this reminds me of how the anime Fate/Zero explored a king who saved/serves the people vs a king who leads/gets served by his people.

    • A QS
      A QS 5 years ago +14

      Technically House Tyrell isn't extinct in the show either. Olenna and Margery commented on all of the cousins they have. Even if they're not from the mainline, there are probably other Tyrells wandering the Reach. Also, considering how everything in Dorne works, I wouldn't be surprised if the Sand Snakes were A. naturalized to become Martells B. allowed to give their male heirs the last name Martell, thus continuing the line. (Hoping they don't all die soon)

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      I love synopsis videos of uber popular shows, as I despise watching things that others seem to be losing their shit over. Thank you for this video as I can now "watch" the show in passing while doing other work such as my PhD research. Now, for S4.
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    • Clean & Serene JFT
      Clean & Serene JFT 11 months ago

      I love synopsis videos of uber popular shows, as I despise watching things that others seem to be losing their shit over. Thank you for this video as I can now "watch" the show in passing while doing other work such as my PhD research.
      Waiting For Condemnation

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    Then Aegon attacked and everything changed."

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      Clean & Serene JFT 11 months ago

      I love synopsis videos of uber popular shows, as I despise watching things that others seem to be losing their shit over. Thank you for this video as I can now "watch" the show in passing while doing other work such as my PhD research.
      Waiting For Condemnation

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      Pretty much; poor writing skills, for a foreign invader to take quick hold of a country; the state of that country already has to be a mess. I can't believe the writers portrayed Westris a a peaceful euphoria taken over by barbaric invaders. Westros would have been far from that and the foreign invaders would have been far from barbaric.

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      I like how she freed much of Essos and was headstrong and lead it into a better prosperity, yet you still somehow hate her to the point you'd be excited to see her die?
      All the way up to Season 6, she's been amazing, Season 7 was a bit of a mixed bag with her surrounding people. Season 8... well, she's not the only one who was made stupid in Season 8

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      Clean & Serene JFT 11 months ago

      I love synopsis videos of uber popular shows, as I despise watching things that others seem to be losing their shit over. Thank you for this video as I can now "watch" the show in passing while doing other work such as my PhD research.
      Waiting For Condemnation

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    So Little Finger was in RiverRun & left after he healed. Brandon had left to join his family. Lyanna and Rhaegar left the river lands and I believe ran into LittleFinger who then knew Brandon would react. He waited until he got to the fingers to write a letter to Cat who then tore it up without reading it. This is why he said it was built on a lie and why gave that look to Sansa in the crypts when she said Rhaegar raped her aunt. Lyanna prob thought he was joining the wedding party. I think Lysas son is his- a weak, meak boy

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    Am I the only one that has house Mormont as their favourite? Sir Jorah and lyana were absolute legends

    • Clean & Serene JFT
      Clean & Serene JFT 11 months ago

      I love synopsis videos of uber popular shows, as I despise watching things that others seem to be losing their shit over. Thank you for this video as I can now "watch" the show in passing while doing other work such as my PhD research.
      Waiting For Condemnation

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    • Clean & Serene JFT
      Clean & Serene JFT 11 months ago

      I love synopsis videos of uber popular shows, as I despise watching things that others seem to be losing their shit over. Thank you for this video as I can now "watch" the show in passing while doing other work such as my PhD research.
      Waiting For Condemnation

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      ROBERT RODRIGUEZ 3 years ago +1

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    • Clean & Serene JFT
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    39:00 the vale was the most fertile kingdoms being river-valleys

  • G H
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  • Cabdiraxman Axmed
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    Dorne never bowed.
    They annexed into the seven kingdoms rather peacefully and could never be conquered because of the guerilla tactics they used.
    Even with dragons.

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    Richard Madden and Isaac Hempstead Wright read for House Stark
    Charles Dance reads for House Lannister
    Mark Addy reads for House Baratheon
    Natalie Dormer reads for House Tyrell
    Michelle Fairley reads for House Arryn
    Pedro Pascal reads for House Martell
    Clive Russell reads for House Tully
    Michael McElhatton reads for House Bolton
    Michelle Fairley reads for House Frey
    Rory McCann reads for House Clegane
    Ellie Kendrick reads for House Reed
    Aidan Gillan reads for House Baelish

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    House Velaryon? The most underated house in history? They legit were the MOST influential house after Targaryen untill their fall (Targaryens at some major wars were reliant on Velaryon military power, wealthiest house in Westeros). Also had the rare valyrian looks. And to top all of that, Lord Corlys Velaryon was the greater version of Tywin Lannister (aged death, unkillable, saved Targaryen dynasty in Blacks and Greens war, rode a dragon, his father started the King's guard). This house topped every house except for Targaryen and you're telling me they're not worthy any credit or special mentions in any of the official video content?? Starks - honorable dudes, Lannisters - sneaky rich pricks, Arryns - fancy knights, Tully - budget knights and Martells were pretty badass so I won't mock them

    • Arthas Menethil
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      You do realize the entire book series is called A Song of Ice and Fire? Return of Dragons and of The Others.. They kept mentioning how this Winter will be a long one, how no one truly remembers because it's been such a long summer. They have a phrase for those who haven't seen a winter. Don't play dumb and just ignore all the foreshadowing. That actually comes true. The payoff was just shit.

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