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Jelly Roll - Trending Song - Best (Full Album)

  • Published on Mar 20, 2023 verรถffentlicht
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Comments • 726

  • Phil Franklin
    Phil Franklin 10 months ago +93

    This album is medicine. This is what real magic is made of

    • Debra Richards Jones
      Debra Richards Jones 5 days ago

      I've learned how to live with my demons! Ask God for help thru Jesus Christ ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ I'm recovering today because I give my demons to God everyday. It's the first thing I do in the morning and last thing I do before I sleep ๐Ÿ’ค I know I couldn't do it by myself! ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผโ˜ฎ๏ธ

    • Phil Franklin
      Phil Franklin 5 days ago

      @Jennie Stafford it's pretty sad with Clip-Share's shitty censorship algorithm this might be my best replied to comment in 5-7 years on here. Since I replied

    • Jennie Stafford
      Jennie Stafford 5 days ago +1


    • Karen B
      Karen B Month ago

      I couldn't agree with you more.

    • jerral prestenbach
      jerral prestenbach Month ago

      @Mark Smith mi

  • Seth Sanders
    Seth Sanders 11 months ago +57

    Just discovered Jelly Roll a couple years back and had never heard such honest music until that he has lead me to not only his music but so many others he collaborates with the dude is amazing always working I can feel you man . I struggled with opiate addiction for 10 years or more then suboxone to get off pain pills and finally gave it all up when I lost a good friend to relapse that had been carpooling with me to a suboxone clinic for almost 4 years every month . Sorry to ramble but his music always hits me deep . Keep it up Jelly your the man !

    • Joseph Lyon
      Joseph Lyon 22 days ago

      I so couldn't say a shout to how a master and producer of such I can relate to the scariest areas and words that has hit it on the head and ty
      God Bless and I hope we can all be happy without all this ole world can do to hinder nor make sense to us not one damn bit cudos..

    • crystal williams
      crystal williams 22 days ago +1

      Wow! Yes sir I've been in your shoes as well, opiates, then substitute keep me from fucking with draw. I'm soooo over it. Good luck my friemd

    • William L. Morgan III
      William L. Morgan III 7 months ago +4

      I agree, Jelly Roll sings about real life shit! I like to think of myself as a Christian man, and I listen to a lot of Lauren Dagle and many other spiritual artist's. But there is that side of me that went down through there, and Kelly roll and struggle are the ones that I can relate to. To me, Kelly roll is just as influential as Lauren Dagle. Good bless that man and his music

    • Marshall Feltz
      Marshall Feltz 7 months ago +5

      Love jelly roll he smokes it out and put it back it's like he take shit apart and puts it back together even better than it was before.Lock that shit up

    • Ricky Andersin
      Ricky Andersin 8 months ago +2


  • Andy Barnum
    Andy Barnum 8 months ago +25

    I'm new here. never sat down and listened to jelly, but I'm absolutely obsessed and on my 3rd go around of this amazing playlist. thank you for your words jelly. I needed them.

    RUBY GIRL 11 months ago +54

    I just discovered your music ๐ŸŽถ ... I can't stop listening it to it...I love it soooo much โ™ฅ๏ธ๐Ÿ’•

  • Ravin
    Ravin 10 months ago +35

    Damn this song gave me chills from my face all the way to my toes!!! I have always loved your work....You are a amazing artist!!!

    • Tammy Wessel
      Tammy Wessel Month ago

      Sadly for some of me

    • Ray Cast
      Ray Cast 4 months ago +2

      Straight-up! SOBER does it for me!!

    • illuminati official
      illuminati official 7 months ago +4


    • Steve Brock
      Steve Brock 9 months ago +4

      I love your songs so much jelly Roll I have been sad and in a Dark place for long time I need to lessen to every day to make me feel better thank you

  • Daniel Huft
    Daniel Huft Year ago +68

    My son just turned me on to this group and I can't stop crying ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ every word hits my ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ so hard
    LOVE THIS GROUP โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ๐Ÿ˜‚โค๏ธ

    • christine trottier
      christine trottier 26 days ago +1

      hey Jelly Roll my name is LOA such a profond and beautifull song remind me at my yong ages i was laft at with my ideas thinking i was not important in my family eyes but was a very good philosopher and profond and forgiver and i see today my brokin family no one speak to each other and society going in wrong direction hours childrens are indoctrinated by governement and society belived more in governement and faith does exist only if U want to belived in it ( pill alcool and drug) numbs the best of us and imprisoned hours vision of a better life

    • Carrie C
      Carrie C 4 months ago +1

      @Peggy Williams lol

    • Todd Williams
      Todd Williams 9 months ago +2

      you Jelly, too? I'm Jelly....LOLOLOLOLOL

    • Peggy Williams
      Peggy Williams 10 months ago +4

      Hope heaven has a spoken section not smoking LoL ๐Ÿคฃ please give me strength love to you all ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ™๐ŸŒˆ

    • Deb Yates
      Deb Yates 10 months ago +3

      I feel you and all of his music.. God bless you.๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

  • AngelWingsWA
    AngelWingsWA 20 days ago +2

    This music is soul Magic โœจ

  • Sarah Bell
    Sarah Bell 10 months ago +25

    Mad respect! You and Struggle and Yelawolf are the realist. You guys hit spots that nobody else could feel let alone rap about. I wish you and yours the best and may all your wishes and dreams come true. I wish you all the success in the music industry, you definitely deserve it. Can't forget Lil Wyte.

    • Tracy Koontz
      Tracy Koontz Month ago +1

      Ya'll should add Haystak to your list. He's recorded with Jelly and is a Nashville boy also. Try "Clear Your Mind" with Jelly and Stak. He'll speak to you also. Been following and listening to these guys for about 15 yes now. So happy to see him finally getting the credit he's deserved for so long. โค๏ธ

    • Gloria Kane
      Gloria Kane 2 months ago

      Don't stop....you will climb to the top

    • Gloria Kane
      Gloria Kane 2 months ago

      I guess Antioch can mess you up like that.....me too was pregnant there in 1991...teenanage daughter of a sinner

  • Ron Slezak
    Ron Slezak 10 months ago +11

    Thanks for putting words together that I don't have the ability to do. Truly an amazing talent.

  • Mike S
    Mike S 11 months ago +19

    love you jelly roll this song means so much to me ... you have become one of my favorite artist out there cause all your songs have such meaning that people can relate too.. your fuckn awesome dude

    • Eric Keller
      Eric Keller Month ago +2

      He can sing but writes like prince w just hit after hit. They r all good songs. Thatโ€™s very impressive. Iโ€™m sorry it took me this long to discover his music for me.

    • Carrie C
      Carrie C 4 months ago

      He is... he speaks his life!

  • W3BZ
    W3BZ 4 months ago +17

    #1 Save me 0:00
    #2 Sober. 3:58
    #3 Fall in the Fall 6:34
    #4 Smoking section 10:38
    #5 Demons Ft.lil Wayne 14:44
    #6 Wheels Fall Off 18:29
    #7 Creature 21:54
    #8 Bottle n Mary jane 25:50
    #9 Nothing Left at All 28:40
    #10 I Need You 32:03
    #11 Same A**HolE 34:52
    #12 Riding all Alone 38:15
    #13 Hate Goes On 42:24
    #14 Only & Love the Heartless 45:06
    #15 Train Tracks 50:34
    #16 Money, Sex, Drugs 54:03
    #17 O.N.E. Welcome To the Trap House 58:25
    #18 Never Knew 1:02:37
    #19 Life Ft. Brix 1:08:50
    #20 Can't Go Home 1:13:03
    #21 California 1:16:54
    #22 Killin' Me 1:21:20
    #23 Love the Heartless 1:25:17
    #24 Only (Addiction Kills) 1:28:27
    #25 Heaven 1:31:55
    #26 Tears Could Talk 1:34:44
    #27 Glitter 1:38:20
    #28 Loser 1:42:44
    #29 All we Do 1:45:42
    #30 We're Back 1:48:33

    • Angela Gosselin
      Angela Gosselin 2 months ago


    • Agent X
      Agent X 2 months ago

      Much appreciated my friend

    • becky friesenhahn
      becky friesenhahn 3 months ago +1


  • Jeremy Adams
    Jeremy Adams 11 months ago +38

    Thank you Mr jelly roll for all your music man all these years I've been listening about 10-12 years dude it hits hard it hits to the heart I wish you the best of everything for you and your family

  • Donnamaria Chowles
    Donnamaria Chowles 10 months ago +11

    Iโ€™ve just started listening to your music and Iโ€™ve got to say I love it so many words ring true to heart for me. Bless you โค๏ธโค๏ธ

  • Sheila Bickford
    Sheila Bickford Year ago +19

    I love you're showing us and yourself how far you can go and how deep you reach down into your soul with this right here. Congrats.

  • Vicki W White
    Vicki W White 11 months ago +78

    Jelly, I will be 64 next month, I lost my husband of 36yrs in Nov 3rd of 2021. Your Ballads of the Broken has help me immensely. Had it not been for those songs, no telling what I would have done! So thank you very much, so much love to you and your wife!

    • Debra Richards Jones
      Debra Richards Jones 5 days ago

      I'm sorry for your loss ... I'm so grateful that you found Jelly Roll's music! He's helping me also and many others ! Prayers for you ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ๐Ÿซถ๐Ÿ’Ÿ

    • Vicki W White
      Vicki W White 11 days ago

      @Kat Wolf so sorry for your loss

    • Vicki W White
      Vicki W White 11 days ago

      @Bella thank you so much

    • Vicki W White
      Vicki W White 11 days ago

      @Terry King I thought about taken that rd too. But I couldn't do that knowing the way he felt about drugs. He was my everything and I will love him till the day I die

    • Terry King
      Terry King 11 days ago

      Girl friend, I feel ya. Lost my husband 11years ago. Kept numb with pills and meth.

  • Herman de Snoo
    Herman de Snoo Month ago +3

    if you ever decide to do an europe tour, i will certainly be at first row. i'm not a rap fan bun man your music and lyrics sure hit me hard in a good way. i follow you and the mrs on socials and you're a great family love you guys. lots of love and greets from the Netherlands europe

    • Sir Drinks
      Sir Drinks 28 days ago

      I hope i agree with a smokin sessions

  • James Cooper
    James Cooper 10 months ago +11

    A good friend dealing with a similar relationship with apwBPD recently turned me on to your rap. I have to say your music has helped get through the tramabond and move forward with Radical Acceptance. It's like I lived your songs. Thanks y'all

    • Ronnie Boyd
      Ronnie Boyd 9 days ago

      Hey Jelly My Name is Ronnie Boyd and I just wanted you to know that Your Music is so inspiring to me because I've been there like you have lived a life just like I have in this wonderful that you can put the music together is a life you lived in love you're right on time with the words you say to my soul is very uplifting and understanding love you Joe keep it up

    • Carrie C
      Carrie C 5 months ago

      @Jeff Noble you say it well sir! What makes bunnies so special tho??

    • Jeff Noble
      Jeff Noble 7 months ago

      He's the real deal....he speaks and writes from the heart. His songs move me to actual tears. You feel it in your heart โค, God gave this man talent to help those that don't have a voice. Love me some Jelly Roll. His and Bunnie's relationship no matter where or how is beautiful. Jelly, brother you do you! Keep it coming for those of us that can't pit our hurt into words....God bless!

    • Ramona Chappell
      Ramona Chappell 10 months ago +1

      Sending prayers friend!!!!

  • John Sonderfan
    John Sonderfan Year ago +33

    I can relate to all these great songs and the fact he keeps it real

    • Gwendolyn Keyes
      Gwendolyn Keyes 10 months ago +1


    • Patty Flack
      Patty Flack 10 months ago +2

      I Love All โค๏ธ the songs you sing Jelly Roll, like one comment said.. it is ALL real!! Keep it up

    • Charmany Easterly
      Charmany Easterly Year ago +1

      I a?

  • Frances. Garcia Easley
    Frances. Garcia Easley 21 day ago +4

    Listening to jelly makes me push harder to stay clean and sober

    • Debra Richards Jones
      Debra Richards Jones 5 days ago +1

      It's worth it! Staying clean isn't ez but we do recover! I'm living proof! Thank you God and Jelly roll and his music ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ๐Ÿซถ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ•Š๏ธ

  • kristal bertino
    kristal bertino 7 months ago +7

    Love your music. Just one of the few I listened to about a year ago, when I lost everything .... being addicted... ENTIRE WORLD UPSIDE DOWN. such a shame. I can't get out of my own head.

    • Carrie C
      Carrie C 4 months ago

      It gets the best of some people can't help it...

  • Willie Yarbrough
    Willie Yarbrough Month ago +3

    Just so happened to stumble on this while in my trial of despair This hits home for me I feel this song so so deeply every with every single sung word fulfilled with so much emotion I feel u jelly roll now I look forward to your other music

  • Deanna Bowling
    Deanna Bowling 11 months ago +11

    Love your music Jellyroll, I love this song and Save me is awesome too! It's Deanna your biggest fan. Thank God for you, your a big reason I'm thinking about getting into rehab!! Thank you and God bless you brother. I love all your music, and keep up the good work!!

    BILL MAIN Year ago +21

    They've been there through some rough times in my life some of the hardest times ever and their music helps with a every time

  • Kelly Drum
    Kelly Drum Year ago +31

    Wow! I'm soon to be 58 ad still fighting my demons, running that race...I can only hope some day I'll have people in my corner who love me and cheer me on.....your words hit so close to
    Home.....especially its 6am and I'm jamming and crying uncontrollably again. Love of.my life just took another sentence.......I'm tired so fucking tired.....keep making music

    • Carrie C
      Carrie C 5 months ago

      @Theresa Kaimer I needed this tonight... we let some win some don't... hmm ๐Ÿค” makes you think.... I got this and so do you-..

    • Laura Mcghee
      Laura Mcghee 8 months ago


    • Viyanna Langager
      Viyanna Langager 11 months ago +1

      Almost 57 here and FINALLY found my way. If you need a friend, I'm here. Always speak kindness and never hate. That's my motto, no matter who is by my side. I got this and you do too

    • Theresa Kaimer
      Theresa Kaimer Year ago +2

      And never give up the last second before the Miracle can Happen Within u. Just put ur hands out and say God I can't do this anymore. Take Control because mine isn't working

    • Theresa Kaimer
      Theresa Kaimer Year ago +2

      Hang in there if no one tells u today I will. U are loved by God and by me that's enough to get clean and sober

  • Summer Melchiori
    Summer Melchiori Year ago +10

    I just love your music, I totally feel the music and message I am clean today .

    • Phil Franklin
      Phil Franklin 10 months ago +1

      Good job summer!!! Itโ€™s not easy to get clean . Donโ€™t let all the damage you did scare you back into using to escape please. If youโ€™re newer to being sober I mean. That was the hardest thing for me. Facing the utter wreck that Iโ€™d made of my life and the staggering amount of damage control needed to just be even . First getting high doesnโ€™t fix it only smothers it second it doesnโ€™t take forever to get a real life back. 2018 I was living in a tent on a freeway off ramp selling crack n heroin to feed my habit then in the hospital for an abscess under my bicep that turned septic/sepsis and took a 5 inch incision along with part of my bicep and 11 days in the icu to start fixing. Followed by medical housing for a month because of the giant hole in my arm that you could see bone and had to be stuffed with packing and changed daily for weeks because you canโ€™t stitch an abscess and because the packing would be soaked jn blood and pus after a few hours..
      anyway now here in 2022 I have my own lil house a nice ish car Iโ€™m a teacher and people respect me
      God bless

  • Karen Havlicek
    Karen Havlicek 10 months ago +3

    I'm without words. Thank You. I have been blessed by you and your music.

  • William Dinger
    William Dinger 5 months ago +4

    You know I'm not young but I'm just now Awakening up because of you and your music your lyrics thank you

  • Jesica Edwards
    Jesica Edwards 11 months ago +10

    I completely love your music! It hits home in so many ways. I hope it will finally sink in but it's so dark here I just don't know. I just keep listening and hoping for the best for all of us. Keep doing what your doing your so great at it.

    • Ramona Chappell
      Ramona Chappell 10 months ago +1

      Leave message I'll call right back. Ly and YOU got this!!!!!!

  • Lamonya Gilmer
    Lamonya Gilmer Year ago +25

    Jelly Roll itโ€™s the words for me!! I love your music.

  • Betty Bop
    Betty Bop 23 days ago +1

    โคโค๐Ÿ˜Œ๐Ÿ™๐ŸพPeace and Blessings to you and family! Love your music๐Ÿ˜Œ๐Ÿ’ต

  • Charlotte Johnson
    Charlotte Johnson Year ago +37

    Hits you right in the soul. I've felt this exactly through me and loved ones

    • Larissa Gammon
      Larissa Gammon Year ago +1

      Brother Roll your music has gave me so much thanks u r a great artist๐Ÿ™

    • James Brouillard
      James Brouillard Year ago +2


    • Perry Ellison
      Perry Ellison Year ago +3

      Bet that you are on point

    • Charity Williams
      Charity Williams Year ago +4

      I feel his music more and more every time I listen to it. I love me some Jelly!!!!

  • Danny Zoppo
    Danny Zoppo Year ago +28

    Hey bro ..it's nuts how I can recall so much from ur music ..keep rolling

  • Daniel hank Smith
    Daniel hank Smith 19 days ago

    Any time Iโ€™m feelin down or just ainโ€™t really feelin like doin much all I gotta do is pop in some jellyroll it doesnโ€™t even matter what song just anything you sing brother it takes me to a better place and will bring me like five steps above where I was at and just gets me goin gets my day rolling and with a great attitude I love your music man never stop or give up what you do best my friend hope I get a chance to meet ya some day you really make my day with any of your music just pop on jellyroll and look tf out baby!!!! Lol lov ya brutha keep it up

  • Robin Edison
    Robin Edison Year ago +9

    I lost my son to overdose 2 years ago and he listened to you on going before he passed away to save me especially but when I heard trap house I had a good and wonderful laugh in his name it was surely expressing his life .lol thank you so very much jelly roll .Bubba's MoMA and everyone elses MoMA Dukes ,Robin Edison in memory of Jeff Bubba Keese,Gastonia NC

    • Carrie C
      Carrie C 4 months ago

      @Phil Franklin congratulations it's not easy I bet ur mom is relaxed tho

    • Phil Franklin
      Phil Franklin 10 months ago +3

      Mother Iโ€™m sorry for all those sleepless night and all the worry I caused. Please know that those heartless things i did werenโ€™t me not the real me. I hate myself for the pain I caused the most important person in the world. Itโ€™s like being a passenger inside your own mind and body..addiction that is. Itโ€™s a host of demons in those injections.
      Your son is with Jesus now mother.
      From a former IV user heroin meth addict homeless thieving running and rippin just trying to stop the pain Son of another mother. One that Iโ€™m sure worried years off her life and cried until the tears wouldnโ€™t come anymore on account of me and my addiction.

    • King
      King 11 months ago +1

      He was a good young man mama

  • Tammy LaPointe
    Tammy LaPointe 4 months ago +1

    Dude you are truly jammin from your soul, I believe!!?
    Please keep singing from your from your soul( ur life)Your Made It -I know you r on top of the world-Keep Doin You,n keep ur bros memories close to u.Thank you for sharing alil piece of your life with us ๐Ÿฆ„๐Ÿฅฐ I am proud to play u LOUD!!!

  • Irene Mitchell
    Irene Mitchell 10 months ago +7

    Love this song jelly roll rocks!!

  • Trauma Survivor Cynthia

    ๐ŸŽถ Pain is the international language that everyone understands!!๐Ÿ’™ #jellyroll ๐ŸŽง
    #davesandersstepdaughter ๐Ÿค—

    • Ryan Rutledge
      Ryan Rutledge Month ago

      Pain is weakness leaving the body and mind

    • Jason Clark
      Jason Clark 2 months ago

      This song tells me life story it's if you're singing the thoughts in my mind amazing job keep them coming

    • Tyler Hamilton
      Tyler Hamilton 10 months ago +2

      Pain is love tattooed across my fingers and thumbs. I understand

    • happy hippy
      happy hippy 10 months ago +3

      My favorite song is I hope heaven has a smoking section.my illness is called copd.stage4 that means iam in the last stage.your music better than all doctor meds

  • donella neece
    donella neece 6 months ago +1

    I feel every word every note from the first to last word I totally freaking feel all that . Thank you .

    @STEELBARZ 2 months ago +1

    This dude is off the scales/ must listen ๐Ÿ‘‚๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ’ฅ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿป

  • Melanie Pica
    Melanie Pica 3 months ago +2

    I lost my son August 21 2022 . My heart is so broken . We played your song at his wake because I feel thatโ€™s how he was thinking ๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ˜ญ It kills me everyday . I miss him so much ๐Ÿ’” My daughter and I will be at your concert in Tampa 12/7 , All your songs are so true . Thanks for being you

  • Penny
    Penny Year ago +18

    I really enjoy your vocals great voice u have. Lyrics r great too. Ive turn my friends of all ages on 2 your albums that r all hits. Thank you

  • Bryan Pedigo
    Bryan Pedigo Year ago +11

    Love you bro!!! So proud of you!!! You words hit me right in the heart!!! Come to rapid city SD for my charity concert!!! Next Friday!!! Please!!!

  • Nathan
    Nathan Year ago +4

    Like these balling tracks were written for my life as well. Especially "save me" and "falls in the fall". Those "heathens" (smg & jellyroll) don't ever let up. Ty for your music. I HIGLY RESEPCT IT ๐Ÿ™ YOU ALL KNOW THE NEEDLESS STRUGGLE. I know I'm not the the only one.... So ty for SHOWING ME THAT OTHERS STRUGGLE JUST LIKE I DO.

  • Wuffy Lang
    Wuffy Lang Month ago

    He has definitely been down some pot hole filled roads. glad to see he is finally getting the recognition he truly deserves.๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿค˜

  • Jennifer Autin
    Jennifer Autin Year ago +10

    I normally wouldn't comment to any other than GATES but, I love that you can relate to people and their troubles too.. I can hear your pain, struggles, and more. SOBER is my favorite. You can overcome any obstacle God puts in your path.. Your music reminds me of me years back. Im still a working progress! Many more to go!! Jelly keep your head up. You have soo much to be grateful for.. You are my sister's favorite! Goes out to my sister. We love you!!

    • Carrie C
      Carrie C 4 months ago

      Your so cute I could not imagine My life any other way! I would do you.. we love you

  • Jeff ames
    Jeff ames Month ago

    This hits home in so many ways

  • Harold Gresham
    Harold Gresham 7 months ago +1

    Just started listening, this is a AWESOME ๐Ÿ‘Œ

  • Rick
    Rick 5 months ago +1

    Love it, listen over and over. Can't believe how much this song is me

  • Dee Styers
    Dee Styers 10 months ago +31

    I lost my son that was only 42 February 26th 2022. My niece used this song on his video to try to bring awareness to fentanyl laced in Methamphetamine that stole his life way too soon. If it saves one life I had to share his story and I love your music ๐Ÿ™โค๏ธ

    • Debra Richards Jones
      Debra Richards Jones 5 days ago

      I'm so sorry! Your son is at peace with our God, I can't imagine how much you must hurt! I'm a recovering grandmother and you're in my prayers ,I also have a 42 yr old son, I am so sorry for your pain. Praying for your family and all sick and suffering everywhere ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ๐Ÿซถ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ•Š๏ธ

    • Mari Rittner
      Mari Rittner 6 days ago +1

      So sorry! Our loved ones leave so soon!

    • expensiveBill
      expensiveBill 2 months ago +1


    • expensiveBill
      expensiveBill 2 months ago

      And good for you speaking up like that real jelly roll fans love to hear people speak promise

    • expensiveBill
      expensiveBill 2 months ago

      Bless your heart๐Ÿ’“

  • Big Kountry
    Big Kountry Year ago +40

    Its a song that really moves you and help the problems we face become a little bit more realistic

    • KymberLynne Thompson
      KymberLynne Thompson Year ago +2

      Listening to This Set of Jelly's Hits Helps Me to NOT Feel So Alone ...
      Christmas is Always the Hardest for All 0f Us with Depression or ANY 0f The 0ther Issues We All Struggle With From Time to Time!
      ๐ŸŽ…Merry Christmas Everybody!๐ŸŽ„

    • Jamea Smith
      Jamea Smith Year ago +2

      Preach it brother

    • Jennifer Ki
      Jennifer Ki Year ago +3


  • Danny Gray
    Danny Gray Year ago +20

    one of my top 3... this song got me threw the hardest times of my life

  • Ian Hancock
    Ian Hancock 2 months ago +1

    Love him just found him listen to him every day

  • Robert Higgins
    Robert Higgins 6 months ago +1

    I can relate every one of the songs . God Bless us all. Semper Fidelis

  • oklahoma _918
    oklahoma _918 3 months ago +3

    This is everything an outlaw fam needed to hear everyone in the south I know who has something going on in life... Well Jelly roll has a song for you! ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ‘

  • Charles Davenport
    Charles Davenport 14 days ago +1

    We do things in our lives that we feel like we can't change and I feel like I'm at a dead end. I love your songs. I've been in the same places you've been, it's crazy. GOD IS THE ONLY WAY!!! I BELIEVE!! HE THE ONLY ONE THAT

  • Shannon lee Blackburn
    Shannon lee Blackburn 9 months ago +3

    Now im listenin to train tracks by jellyroll. I love jellyrolls music. I hope i make it thru this. I want one day to go to a concert. I want to smile again. Be free

  • Victoria M.J. Read
    Victoria M.J. Read 7 months ago

    Just found Jelly Roll...
    I love your music ๐ŸŽต๐ŸŽถ
    Somebody save me! ๐Ÿ’–

  • Christine Dayson
    Christine Dayson 15 days ago

    Thanks for saving the lost souls that hear your voice in the darkness!

  • Suzanne Bouchard
    Suzanne Bouchard 10 months ago +2

    Beautiful music โ€ฆ Merci โ€ฆ take care of yourself โ€ฆwe need people like you in these crazy times ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿปโ™ฅ๏ธ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘

  • cirsten peel
    cirsten peel Year ago +16

    Thank you jelly roll for making music for me literally feels like its just for me

  • Juanita Brammer
    Juanita Brammer Year ago +21

    I love your songs!! Would love to be able to see you in concert !!!

    • Blazeofdeath IRE
      Blazeofdeath IRE Year ago

      I went to the Blue Ridge Rock Fest back in September and he was there. I will say out of everyone he was probably by far the best show I saw there. Then Shinedown brought him out and they did Simple man togetherโ€ฆ

    • Shannon Keene
      Shannon Keene Year ago


    • Jody Lanala
      Jody Lanala Year ago +1

      I know that's right

  • Kyle Sneed
    Kyle Sneed 3 months ago +1

    Jelly roll you are the man bro you tell our life's stories in your songs it's so deep the pain we feel inside you manage to put it in your music. Epic

  • Wesley Greene
    Wesley Greene Year ago +42

    Your music has helped me so much I'm an addict and have struggled with addiction for 18 years I have a month clean and listen to your music Everytime I feel like giving up keep doing what your doing you have helped me through a lot of dark times thank you man

    • Carrie C
      Carrie C 5 months ago

      @Diego Pedro give me some numbers

    • Brian Shafer
      Brian Shafer Year ago

      Brother, thank you. My prayers are with you too. Stay positive. There is always hope...it's hard when it hurts so bad nothing helps but hope & people like you

    • Jj Davis
      Jj Davis Year ago +2

      I feel your pain Iโ€™m in same boat Iโ€™m 40 years old and been a addict from 15 years old Iโ€™m 7 months clean now and owe allot to jelly roll and his music almost as if he talking to me helping get threw it Iโ€™ve been in and out jail lost my kids house job you name it but slowly getting thing back

  • Becky Roberts
    Becky Roberts Year ago +5

    Awesome song you can just feel it

  • Rochelle Stafford
    Rochelle Stafford Month ago

    This song sings to my soul about myself I just love love your music Jelly gets me thru everyday thanks ๐Ÿ‘โค๏ธ

  • Jes Grant
    Jes Grant 10 months ago +6

    Been listening to save me since it was released, it literally is so therapeutic. ๐Ÿ–ค

  • Theresa Kaimer
    Theresa Kaimer Year ago +2

    Your music all of it cuts me right to my heart and soul. I can so much relate to them all that it breaks me to tears. I'm so unloved by every man I've married and some have passed away from their addictions that they took their lives at their own hands and left me and their daughters behind. And my son too. I've played the bottle pills and so many other drugs down its a shame to name them all. I've been clean and sober over 15 years yet still live with sadness in my heart. I only one thing that's True is that God loves me just the way I am

    • Rachel Ripperda
      Rachel Ripperda Year ago

      Congratulations on your sobriety. Sorry for you loss. I'm sure they loved you the only way they know how addict's have a black shadow over them the darker the shadow the more lost they are. They try to love just get stuck in their own pain.

  • Jeff Buttera
    Jeff Buttera Month ago

    Straight Therapy Music!โค๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿผ

  • Reynolds
    Reynolds 10 months ago +1

    The first 8 songs on this list just hits home ! Then Same Asshole ! Jelly Roll you are so gifted itโ€™s unreal ! Thank you for sharing with the world !!

  • John Davila. Sr.
    John Davila. Sr. 8 months ago

    brother I'm 65 & I feel ur music reminds me of my life thanks it helps on the bad daysโœŒ๐Ÿฝ

  • Breathless807
    Breathless807 Year ago +7

    Love how real you are with yourself and the world. I'm not the only one, that's what your songs make me feel.

    • Sara Lyons
      Sara Lyons Year ago +2

      It will be all right , it will work out.

  • tyrone weldon
    tyrone weldon 7 months ago +1

    You're gonna be great everyone will love you keep pushing

  • RoxyShalosky #1horrorfan

    Love you Jellyroll. My husband and I were gonna go see your concert but then COVID hit and ruined everything. Hope to get to be able to see you in the future.

    • lisa leete
      lisa leete 11 months ago

      I'm 57 have 3 grown son's that need to hear your words very inspirational ty
      On this note everyone has at least 1 demon they fighting

  • Todd Williams
    Todd Williams 11 months ago +3

    Holy shit! I am just like Jelly Roll, except for the fantastic musical expression. Let it out , brother!!!!!! You speak for so many in common

  • Krista Browning
    Krista Browning 10 months ago +1

    Suicide/ beautiful disaster should be on this as well. Sleeping on it Iโ€™m telling ya! It should be Trending too! Frfr ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ฏ

  • Chelsey Traylor
    Chelsey Traylor Year ago +8

    Thank you jelly roll because of your music my husband has been able to become the man we all knew he could be for his family. He's a better husband and father because he had your music to help him deal .... I'm proud to carry his name... Thank Jelly Roll

    • Ray Seamster
      Ray Seamster Year ago +1

      I feel the same way about my fiance. She's five years sober from iv heroine use. She other on subs when we found out she was pregnant. It's been hard every single day. But in four years she has cut her dose in half. And after 2 years of a battle she has stopped taking the adderal and back to working on dropping her sub dosage. She smiles again when she listens to your music.

  • Katzala Simpson
    Katzala Simpson 3 months ago

    I am so inspired by your message with the music. I'm a little bit embarrassed about this,here it goes....I came across this awesome Voice..So my embarrassed moment came when I confused you with "Green Jelly*. No comparison. I am hooked on your story with music. Always your newest number 1 FAN. Hope to hear back from you.A long time addict (57years young). I am setting my quit day for the first of January. I would appreciate any advice or help from you and any one who knows what it is like to have an addictive personality. Always Mama Kat

  • Joziah Thayer
    Joziah Thayer 11 months ago +1

    let me find out jelly roll, this is fire

  • Julie Garnica
    Julie Garnica Month ago

    My good friend introduced me to his music. And it's so great. Love it. But not knowing that she was crying out for help. I miss her . Yes she commeted suicide. And whats so awful is that I didn't realize it.

  • Tess
    Tess 2 months ago

    Love the music each song touches my heart and most always makes me cry I'm not one for country music but if this is country I'm all in.

  • Thuren Davis
    Thuren Davis 10 months ago +1

    Hay man Thank You my Friend for all of your songs, I can relate to them. It's like you are knowing me from the heart of mine.
    God has amazing ways of working, Thank you Brother

  • Robert Stone
    Robert Stone 9 months ago +2

    Jelly you always made me feel like I'm with a homie from my past like I've known you since my worst or my best and always there when I need advice!! Keep it up brotha!! My h love jelly roll!!!

    • Doc Holiday
      Doc Holiday 9 months ago

      Brother you tell M. s of people store. I'm proud of you for putting your foot in the door. And not only telling your story but all. Of us out here that wasn't able to do it. For what ever resin. We the people need a leader.. some before have tried.. but field.. I no it wasn't easy at all you had a very long road. To get where you are now.. I no you can't see me but I'm here right behind you . It's like God we can't see him but things happen in your life. That make you stale p back and ask your stuff what just happened. But you can't it's PLN it.. so we just go on but. We pay a lot more attention of are life and be for we no it. God is riding with US.. because he now's we all make mistakes and. We need to not be judged somuch. For it. We all. Just trying to get though this life the best that we can.. Love you Brother. CEP your head up.. and when the Devil regine your ph . And it feels like your bye your self. Just remember I said I'm here God is beside you.. he said just ask and we make it so.. he will never lie to you and I might be just nobody. But I will not lie to you either.. we need you brother. Someone to stand up for US. Old Doc. Holiday. Hr. Thank you for capping it Rell.

  • Eddith Gray
    Eddith Gray 10 months ago +3

    Every time I have heard your music that all I want to listen to your the best your music inspires me

  • Lisa Balbaky
    Lisa Balbaky Year ago +30

    I'm a 57yrs old female.My son turned me on to ur music.Never liked any rap but I LOVE YOU..ur words mean so much to a lot of people..Keep it up !! ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

    • jimmy scot
      jimmy scot Year ago +2

      I'm 57 also,and was at a low point in life,two years and can't stop playing his song's...

    • Dawn Fowler
      Dawn Fowler Year ago +2

      Yes you can understand the words and Lyrics I definitely agree with you ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค—

  • Chrissy Lodge
    Chrissy Lodge Year ago +3

    Me and my girl coming to see you we love your songs bro keep it up sh** hits my heart โค๏ธ love you man

  • Robert Higgins
    Robert Higgins 6 months ago +5

    Daaaamn this whole list is fire after fire. Thank you for your realism and great music sir! I'm a fan of Upchurch, Adam Calhoun, Tom Macdonald, Struggle Jennings, and Now a huge fan of yours and your music. I don't pretend to know you but your music speaks loud and clear to your life thus far. GOD Bless and continue bringing great music forth to us all!

    • Carrie C
      Carrie C 5 months ago


    • Carrie C
      Carrie C 5 months ago

      You know more about me than anyone else. Who knows what tears are like that I expiereice unless you live it with me... all love sir.. ready to tell me yet??? I've waited.... not patiently either

    • Carrie C
      Carrie C 5 months ago

      Come give me you

  • Kevin Edwards
    Kevin Edwards Year ago +3

    You know this song has made me see the part of me that I never have send and it help me with dealing with my past and the problems that I have got to deal with now

  • JT ReApZz
    JT ReApZz 7 days ago

    Iโ€™m married with 6 kids Iโ€™ve been drowning my pain for 15 years and I look for motivational music and you got it brother. My uncle also died from a fentinal overdose he was the my best friend back in the day he lived with his parent but always could help me out with just talking with him, but now heโ€™s gone and I got new problems to worry about but every song you have hits me so hard . Sorry for the bullshit Iโ€™m the same ole asshole!

  • Mike Hayrabedian
    Mike Hayrabedian Month ago

    Very heart touching lyrics that makes u get teary eyes

  • Janet M
    Janet M 2 months ago +3

    Jelly Roll you're going to be on top soon. You're going to be winning awards after awards. You deserve it. Good Luck

  • Tara Stanley
    Tara Stanley Month ago

    These first 2 songsโ€ฆ listened to them over a over 2 night..: greatful for your musicโ€ฆ very much neededโ€ฆ

  • Terry Cooper
    Terry Cooper Year ago +30

    Jelly Roll and his best friend Struggle Jennings have made country rap and the one before and outlaw country is true to the depths of soul truth to them and wants us to listen and realize we all have pain depression and anything that make us suffer threw life it self. Since we all have addiction. I pray for all to overcome them! โค๏ธ๐Ÿ’ฏ

    • Terry Cooper
      Terry Cooper Year ago +2

      @Mindy Rogers Thank you Mindy. For words we say and act on and the feeling we feel inside some people keep it inside and other act on it.For Jello Roll and others they act on to put things into perspective so we can hear and see. Also to feel those lyrics and voice!! To all the music that hits your heart and soul. Music always been there for all us enjoy it!! I know I do lol.๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

    • Mindy Rogers
      Mindy Rogers Year ago +3

      Well worded and thank you for the encouragements๐Ÿซ‚

    • Danny Williams
      Danny Williams Year ago +2


    • Kristil Mitchell
      Kristil Mitchell Year ago +2


    • Lyrics Scop
      Lyrics Scop  Year ago +4


  • Gary Venable
    Gary Venable 10 months ago +6

    I've been up and I've been down, been sober and been strung out.. I can rock out to Jelly.. I lost my dad and my lil brother and I can hear smoking sectioned fure and rain and I can laugh or get wet eyes at drop of a dime, IF that ain't music that touches your soul I dont know what it.. Get with wolf and do something else, hell bring struggle in on it too๐Ÿค™

    • Bill Beringson
      Bill Beringson 10 months ago

      Nothing left at all is my favorite

    • Bill Beringson
      Bill Beringson 10 months ago

      @Gary Venable thank you brother

    • Gary Venable
      Gary Venable 10 months ago

      @Bill Beringson my heart and prayers go to you and your better half my guyโค

    • Scottie Thomason
      Scottie Thomason 10 months ago +1

      Well said. I couldn't agree more

    • Bill Beringson
      Bill Beringson 10 months ago +1

      Jelly touches us a bit. Our daughter got us tix for yella, struggle and jelly about 5 years ago. Now our daughter is gone..anger issues

  • Terry Lord
    Terry Lord Year ago +3

    You an struggle are two dam good mans yall do make some dam good music that every one can relate too thanks dawg from L much luv

  • Trisha Stimpson
    Trisha Stimpson 5 months ago +1

    His Man has my life he gives me so much more hope if it wasn't for him I would have already been dead he give me so much inspiration with him I know I can do this

    • Trisha Stimpson
      Trisha Stimpson 5 months ago

      And this is not trisha it's her boyfriend Trisha is still out there somewhere ๐Ÿ˜

  • tyrone weldon
    tyrone weldon 7 months ago

    Great music I can't believe you're not all over

    • Carrie C
      Carrie C 4 months ago

      This is your song sir;) your my heart sir!!!!!

  • ryan derengowski
    ryan derengowski Year ago +2

    Head bopping because his music is relatable and just peace to my ears

  • lost soul
    lost soul Year ago +9

    Some of his best tracks๐Ÿ’ฏ

  • Eric Swagger
    Eric Swagger Month ago

    I love your music jelly roll keep up the good ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ™

  • Melissa Hawkins
    Melissa Hawkins 3 days ago

    I swear savin me was wrote about so hit home my whole life been a ptsd episode after another, really hit hope MAJOR RESPECT For KEEPIN IT REAL!!!