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THE NIGHT SHIFT: red hot vegas vacation

  • Published on Jun 29, 2020 veröffentlicht
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    on today's episode we explore the new normal on a trip to sweltering las vegas, have some fun in the tub, hit the links with logan, josie, and her dad jose canseco, and go absolutely nuts as we order the whole menu at the cracker barrel.
    so you work the night shift? so do we. we can get thru this together. a random collection of news, stories, weather, and other random unplanned happenings. and tons of buttery toast.
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Comments • 4 932

  • Ariel A Villanueva
    Ariel A Villanueva Year ago +5291

    Let’s just take a moment and admire that mike started off as a fan

  • ommy wantah
    ommy wantah Year ago +1717

    I dont understand the people that hate on lana. She has changed and is showing her true form. A comedian.

  • Internet Overdose
    Internet Overdose Year ago +2960

    Still can't believe Logan basically just gifted him lana for his birthday lmao

    • Ćøßřa
      Ćøßřa 5 months ago +1

      @Team Sneak lana is 10 times richer than mike lol

    • hecker
      hecker Year ago

      @Team Sneak she is rich as logan lol

    • Kellen
      Kellen Year ago

      Yea but she choose to date him because she spent time with him off camera

    • arisfides areaga
      arisfides areaga Year ago

      And Mike is 9 years older

  • Kaya Stockwell
    Kaya Stockwell Year ago +4

    I like how genuine they are and we get to see the real versions of them during the vlogs and not the hype fake versions.

  • Anjuli Mack
    Anjuli Mack Year ago +88

    I love how she jokes about her past - on the massage chair "I'm a masseuse and a real estate agent and .." haha she seems so cute & funny!

  • Patrick Schalick
    Patrick Schalick Year ago +1080

    This is the perfect example on why we don't lose hope. Remember, Mike was a fan.

  • akersworld
    akersworld Year ago +4

    Mikes vlogs are so good like this is pure content!

  • Jake
    Jake Year ago +6

    Mike makes very entertaining content he deserves the views

  • Benjamin
    Benjamin Year ago

    I just got into your guys work and i got to say that You, Lana, Logan, all are super kind, hilarious, creative people. I think the bonds you guys have are amazing and Mike im especially proud of you man, i myself overcame a 4 year long heroin addiction and im celebrating my 7th year clean this year. So much respect for you and the message your spreading and the best part is you just spread it through action. You don't sit there and talk sobriety down peoples throats. You live by it! And i LOve that dude. That is pure growth. You deserve everything positive life throws your way.

  • Alaska Baby
    Alaska Baby Year ago +2

    Love to see them both together. Loving that chemistry

  • Beast B
    Beast B Year ago +575

    This show is honestly the only long form vlog I enjoy because it still feels fast paced and entertaining

    • Shraga Simons
      Shraga Simons Year ago

      Couldn’t disagree more

    • Danny Johnson
      Danny Johnson Year ago

      And Lana Rhodes lol

    • abc D
      abc D Year ago

      It s not that fast paced though. Not so hyperactive like logans old vlogs, just moderate and enjoyable with interessting people

    • Anas Mrait
      Anas Mrait Year ago +1

      You watched just for lana

    • Noah Kindler
      Noah Kindler Year ago +1

      And cause lana

  • adam jones
    adam jones Year ago

    Dude your the best at putting the sponsors in your videos, very creative and makes me not want to just skip it! Well played

  • gellyarias
    gellyarias Year ago +1

    Hey mike love your Clip-Share channel it awesome I just purchased your book can’t wait to read it. I just want to say your inspiration for the last few years I been dealing with depression I’m doing much better theses days thanks to my wife and friends and family. I even started a podcast to talk what I’m feeling out. It’s also nice how much you love your girlfriend I love the videos with her and now I don’t even watch her other videos anymore it is just weird she is a person she seem really nice. I hope you get this keep up the good work and fuck everyone that hates on You. I’ll keep watching your channel and try to give likes as I can.


    You guys are awesome together!

  • MizzReed19
    MizzReed19 Year ago +1

    Omg lana I absolutely love you, sense of humor to the fullest ❤

  • twitter doxbind
    twitter doxbind Year ago +33

    Lana is such a inspiration to leave the past behind and be happy

  • Brian Kent
    Brian Kent Year ago +2

    Great show Mike. I’m 57 and respect your story. I respect individuals who can rebound and never quit. God Bless and keep rolling.

  • Will Keating
    Will Keating Year ago

    10/10 best content on the go right now , kinda feel that old banks style, loving it 👌🏻

  • ThePearl
    ThePearl Year ago +1

    Thank you.. my last 2 weeks have been terrible I went through a terrible addiction to ice when I was young and just seeing how you're making a name inspires me to stay 6 yrs clean. Thank you keep being the best

  • Cynthia
    Cynthia Year ago +1981

    loool I'm living for lana's weirdness/randomness 😂 I love how shes not so shy in your vlogs anymore

    • L L
      L L Year ago +3

      Feel bad for stating this as I like Mike, but this channel would be nothing without using Lana and Logan for content 😥

    • TG 26
      TG 26 Year ago +1


    • Tom De Ruiter
      Tom De Ruiter Year ago +1

      zak you mean after lana had been given as a gift to mike? And since logan used her first for views gaining? :D

  • Alpha Werewolf
    Alpha Werewolf Year ago

    My favourite night shift episode yet!

  • Kyler DeWitt
    Kyler DeWitt Year ago +308

    Lmao her mouthing those words trying to look like she’s yelling at you had to be the most awkward thing to film😂

    • Ben LeBlanc
      Ben LeBlanc Year ago

      Can’t you just edit out her noise? Is that even possible?

    • deadvxbez
      deadvxbez Year ago

      Jxcuh R6 😂😂😂 fr

    • Jxcuh R6
      Jxcuh R6 Year ago +27

      She has weirder scenes bro she chilling

  • Ayú
    Ayú Year ago +1

    The idea you had for the sponsored ad its so well done 👌, its even better than a regular ad 😂😂😂

  • Nici gibson
    Nici gibson Year ago +1

    I'm starting to think mike is my favorite youtuber, and I absolutely love him and Lana together.

  • The TrevRun
    The TrevRun Year ago +154

    She is hilarious...had me laughing multiple times. This side of her is everything. Good stuff Mike. This was great.

  • Michael Keegan
    Michael Keegan Year ago

    Whats up bro. I love all the content... I did some research on you and saw you are in sobriety. I myself am sober. I'm trying to get my life back in order, keep doing your thing man its motivation to keep making my life better everyday. Wish you would reach out and and invite me out to the mayhem you all get yourself into . shit looks fun AF..

  • Mike Dsouza
    Mike Dsouza Year ago

    Hey Mike, totally fun videos! How do we make contributions to the night shift?

  • Hazel Pane
    Hazel Pane Year ago

    Mikes laugh is everythingggg😂

  • Capt.Reefer
    Capt.Reefer Year ago

    Mike you are my hero I am an addict who relates to the podcast all the time just keep doing what you’re doing. -ex southwest Baltimore gang bangin crack head Dope fiend

  • Fiona Anderson
    Fiona Anderson Year ago

    You and Lana are so cute together ,watched you for ages Mike been waiting for everyone else to realise how entertaining you are . Been in same place you have been addict story so glad to see you living your life x wait til you have kids , life only gets better x i hate Jake btw he’s just jealous coz u have Logan’s respect he can’t ever get that except small doses sad xxxxx even his gf or ex gf was trying to be Lana well Walmart version

  • Auguri
    Auguri Year ago +422

    " We got kids on the way "
    Kid comes out with 85 different nationalities

  • Bill Zima
    Bill Zima Year ago +1

    Always entertaining guy's..keep up the good work! Stay save and god bless

  • Josh
    Josh Year ago +3

    Mike is a genius with the ads. I actually watch through them.

  • El Gringo
    El Gringo Year ago +1660

    Imagine mike bringing Lana to his dad and his dad being like
    “I feel like I recognize her but I don’t know why”

  • neil alvarado
    neil alvarado Year ago +7

    I still cracks me up how the still put the subtitles whenever david talks😂

  • Nicholas Ceretti
    Nicholas Ceretti Year ago

    Keep winning bro. I respect you

  • QLyee
    QLyee Year ago +4

    This is the family channel no one deserves... To high quality...

  • Seth Barnes
    Seth Barnes Year ago

    I Gotta say that was a pro move by mike with the combo of the chicken and French toast and bacon. Def trying that on my next trip there

  • Άρτεμις Καραγιάννη

    Be it impulsive or his channel, this guy knows how to advertise a product

  • Big Soup
    Big Soup Year ago

    Your the best mike, just subbed👊🏻

  • Glumy
    Glumy Year ago +1

    I normally skip through sponsorships but this was genius

  • Carter James McMahon

    her personality is amazing

  • Bridget Cervy
    Bridget Cervy Year ago +4

    I don’t know how this girl doesn’t put weight on with all the junk you all eat lol! Even with all that she’s gorgeous!!!! Love Amara!! 🖤

  • R M
    R M Year ago +558

    It’s so funny how Lana uses her acting skills for family friendly content😂

    • Savage
      Savage Year ago

      shoefeet 😂😂😂😂

    • sup
      sup Year ago +3

      nothing quite like family content like 3:09

    • UntoldRelapse
      UntoldRelapse Year ago +6

      @I aint Slick *insert bugs bunny meme
      our step sis

    • I aint Slick
      I aint Slick Year ago +5

      Step sis

  • Connor Abrams
    Connor Abrams Year ago

    I don’t think I’ve never related to Mike more than him going to Cracker Barrel

  • Lyndsy Rozensky
    Lyndsy Rozensky Year ago +15

    Just wondering when Amara is going to be added to the intro.... I think she's earned her place in the intro!

  • Philip James
    Philip James Year ago

    Mike your sponsor skits are next level 👏

  • PhilipSolzz
    PhilipSolzz Year ago

    His life used to be so shit. Now, he’s living his best life and you gotta respect it.

  • 99
    99 Year ago +1474

    This channel without Lana is just like a candle not burnt/lightened yet

    • Antonio Diaz
      Antonio Diaz Year ago

      like a Yankee with no brim!

    • Maddie Markee
      Maddie Markee Year ago


    • lil sanchez 00
      lil sanchez 00 Year ago

      99 once she quit the hub this is the only place to watch her

    • WhiteApe
      WhiteApe Year ago

      being real I just love seen that mike is living his best life tho, also this vlogs are actually good shit

  • stavros x0014
    stavros x0014 Year ago +87

    Mike: gettin back to normal life
    Mikes normal life: dating lana rhoades,logan pauls best friend,best selling author,vacations all the time,driving range rovers and lambos, eatin the best foods

  • Aserve Yout
    Aserve Yout Year ago

    Living the life Mike, Amara works hard for her money and shes willing to share it with you, you should be grateful.

  • Bam Bam Brookey
    Bam Bam Brookey Year ago

    Always here for LaNa !!! Xoxo 😘

  • Gooso 6544
    Gooso 6544 Year ago

    bro you guys are the funniest couple on youtube i reckon always ejoy the videos

  • Adam Letmon
    Adam Letmon Year ago +88

    Mike is one of the only influencers who make ads entertaining 😂👌

    • Adam Letmon
      Adam Letmon Year ago

      @MoneyGo123 edited especially for you 😂

    • MoneyGo123
      MoneyGo123 Year ago +1

      Crypt, Rackaracka & The Warowl: “Am I a joke to you?” 😂😂

    • ayeconnerr
      ayeconnerr Year ago

      For real

  • Erect elephant
    Erect elephant Year ago +1

    I swear I watch the vlogs for Lana lowkey😂she funny af

  • upahar rae
    upahar rae Year ago

    You both actually look good together
    Mike my man
    You living the life
    Imma jealous lol 😂

  • Big Bert
    Big Bert Year ago

    Can't wait for the day till Mike actually turns his channel into a food channel instead of telling us

  • SincereKarl
    SincereKarl Year ago

    You guys are so cringy together but not in the bad way ❤

  • __Last
    __Last Year ago +48

    Im just so happy for Mike, hes had a hell of a life before and seeing him just living his life the way he wants couldnt make me any happier.

  • Logan Rooker
    Logan Rooker Year ago

    Yes mike the night shift turning into a foodish vlog!

  • Khemi
    Khemi Year ago +2

    imagine just driving and seeing lana and mike in the middle of a desert

  • Stephanie Bouzayene

    they are truly the cutest and most real couple that's on yt!!! peace stephie

  • Julia M
    Julia M Year ago


  • Jusé
    Jusé Year ago +1371

    its strange how genuinely attractive amara is like even if she was totally flat shed still be cute

    • Rion Feeney
      Rion Feeney Year ago

      MVP SIMP

    • Justaviper
      Justaviper Year ago

      Say Sike Right Now yea ikr

    • Snail Cage
      Snail Cage Year ago

      Tik Tok Dealer You can eat as much junk as you want as long as you burn off more calories than you take in, she works out consistently

    • Turnover Hades22
      Turnover Hades22 Year ago

      @Syed Moin Lana rhodes

  • DiceDTv
    DiceDTv Year ago +4

    Imagine taking your sweet grandma to breakfast at Cracker Barrel and Lana Rhoades walks through the door

  • allam toffaha
    allam toffaha Year ago

    Amazing as usual ❤️
    Loved the ad😂😂❤️❤️

  • TGA
    TGA Year ago +2

    I replayed amara making David apologize like 5x idk why that was so funny like a mom making their kid apologize.

  • Brant Huddleston
    Brant Huddleston Year ago

    I wanna know how many takes that ad took😂 I couldn’t keep a straight face and I know it was a challenge for both of them

  • R3TR0
    R3TR0 Year ago +273

    LMFAOOO “I’m running low” 🤣🤣🤣 I don’t blame him I would be running on empty too 😭😭

    • Cora Tine
      Cora Tine Year ago +2

      I smack my 🍑 now it hurts 😔

  • Dylan Clarke
    Dylan Clarke Year ago

    Hey Mike you should frame the Night Shift sign so it doesn’t get anymore damaged and just hang it up behind you so you can continue to use it

  • Can You Dig It!
    Can You Dig It! Year ago

    Couples are great at first like meeting a club for first time just knowledge how it work's out👍 milk Mike 🌹 milk baby soon 🍻

  • Alexandra Ellerbe
    Alexandra Ellerbe Year ago +1

    When is Lana coming out with her own channel with new vids she’s funny af 🙏🏼

  • Adrienne M
    Adrienne M Year ago

    I fucking love Mike. He is def to a T the perfect guy I would marry him in a heartbeat...but I highly doubt that I'm gonna ever , ever find anybody at all.... NEVERMIND, a guy like mike(everything-wise)

  • Dmt
    Dmt Year ago +16

    Amara's really been showing more of her personality it's great, keep it up I'm clocking out 🙏

  • Will Eknoyan
    Will Eknoyan Year ago

    My guy your channel is lit no cap keep it up fam

  • Jada
    Jada Year ago

    Amara is so charmingly funny hard not to love her

  • tife Akintan
    tife Akintan Year ago

    I love their relationship

  • brad linley
    brad linley Year ago

    Love the night shift vlogs, might even like it more then Logan's vlogs, llana might have something to do with that tho 😋 no but seriously Mike you and Logan are awesome I'm surprised you don't have as much subscribers as him 💯

  • Jimmy Ku
    Jimmy Ku Year ago +396

    Lana is legit the coolest person ever. Also, David is so dope haha

  • brady dixon
    brady dixon Year ago

    Finally got the book! Gunna read it now, havnt wanted to read a book since ever lol

  • Ban
    Ban Year ago +15

    5:20 Mike is all about that plugging holes life

  • rjeption
    rjeption Year ago +3

    their relationship is adorable

    CéOFFICIAL Year ago

    Mike: "we had a maintenance team come in and fix the sign"
    Lana: "That's wasn't a maintenance team..."
    Mike: "fuck"

  • Petrified !
    Petrified ! Year ago +804

    She got different personalities, she will forever be a little different.

    • blinkzh
      blinkzh Year ago

      @ProGhostDoesPvP of course hahah so true, isnt it?

    • Murder Line
      Murder Line Year ago


    • The24thSanta
      The24thSanta Year ago

      I mean........ she is an actress

    • Daymon BigM
      Daymon BigM Year ago

      Our favorite will always be the Step sister

  • iTz Chewy
    iTz Chewy Year ago

    Mikes real one food is prison mix🤧😂 I respect it

  • Elizabeth
    Elizabeth Year ago +1

    The random growls with facial expressions 😂😂😂

  • yukichancinnamonroll

    0:59 THAT part 🤣

  • vl Josh lv
    vl Josh lv Year ago +110

    5:35 you know what she’s doing

  • Joshua Padilla
    Joshua Padilla Year ago +8

    mikes energy is amazing always smile while watching

  • bustedup91
    bustedup91 Year ago


    GAMESPHERE Year ago

    Ponle subtitulos en español 🙏🏼

  • marmarmessi7
    marmarmessi7 Year ago

    Mike is the luckiest man alive 😂

  • BLEEP Gaming
    BLEEP Gaming Year ago +25

    Looks at Lana yelling at him
    “In challenging environments”

  • Monkey D.Programmer
    Monkey D.Programmer Year ago +73

    I like how when Logan doesn't post
    I can come here and enjoy mike's content

  • RZomanFR Jjoshuaa

    Damn mike really know what transitions are lol


    This lana chick seems like a very wholesome girl who has probably never appeared on a adult website

  • Gustaf Svelander
    Gustaf Svelander Year ago

    You should legit make some neon sign that lights up with the same design as the original night shift sign, that'd be dope.

  • Finley Cotterell
    Finley Cotterell Year ago

    Thanks for making me hungry mike 👍🤦‍♂️

  • Kate McGill
    Kate McGill Year ago +2688

    mike's sponsored ads are the only ones i actually want to watch and not skip. that's saying a lot team. still not buying them though...

    • Liam xx
      Liam xx Year ago

      i can clearly see u dont know unsympathisch tv bester man

    • Anjolie Augustine
      Anjolie Augustine Year ago

      @KingSlushiee ! N. Hi

    • HOT AF
      HOT AF Year ago

      I agree tho

    • ExabyteAU
      ExabyteAU Year ago

      I KNOW it was pretty good

  • Father Champagne
    Father Champagne Year ago +69

    Did he just say "we have kids on the way" their kids will be scared for life