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RAID: Call of the Arbiter | Limited Series | Episode 3: Kael

  • Published on May 31, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Unification or destruction. The future of the Elven people hangs in the balance. Can Kael secure a brighter future?
    #CallofTheArbiter #DiscoverTheLore #RaidShadowLegends
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    Executive Producers: Nicholas D. Day, Gary Rosenfeld, and Jay Oliva
    Produced by: Eric S. Rollman
    Directed by: Jay Oliva
    Written by: Kendall Deacon Davis & Alex Haughey
    Music by: Jesper Kyd
    Based on a game created by the Plarium Ukraine Studio
    Animation production services provided by TeamTo.
    Click here for full cast and crew credits for RAID: Call of the Arbiter.
    Listen to music from the RAID: Call of the Arbiter Official Soundtrack from Lakeshore Records here: bit.ly/CalloftheArbiterMusic
    This series is dedicated to the people of Ukraine.
    “We will get through all this together because our unity is our strength. Take care of your loved ones and yourselves; we will rebuild our beautiful country once all this ends.”
    -Plarium Ukraine Studio
    © Plarium Global LTD, 2023. All rights reserved.
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  • Raid: Shadow Legends
    Raid: Shadow Legends  4 months ago +302

    Earn in-game rewards in RAID: Shadow Legends through the RAID: Call of the Arbiter Code Chase!
    There are different ways to play for Plarium Play, Android and IOS.
    Head to callofthearbiter.com/codechase to find out how to play for your device.

    • НЕФЧИК Бог
      НЕФЧИК Бог 4 months ago +17

      The code is the game does not work

    • That One Roblox Guy
      That One Roblox Guy 4 months ago +16

      Omg is athel rlly the child galek saved 😮 SO MUCH LOREEEEE

    • Erin Leona
      Erin Leona 4 months ago +5

      @НЕФЧИК Бог having same issue on 1 of my accounts (my good one (imho at least lol) so forced to just play my VERY unlucky and undergeared/under heroed account

    • Dummy
      Dummy 4 months ago +7


    • Ayoub Souktani
      Ayoub Souktani 4 months ago +2

      Why Not Do It Everyday ?
      So Bad If Be Was Everyweek

  • Eric Strutton
    Eric Strutton 3 months ago +783

    Elhain and Kael hooking up was not what I was expecting 😂

    • StrobeFireStudios
      StrobeFireStudios 3 months ago +123

      But it was what we needed. Kael got to see those puppies unbound. What a lucky guy

    • Raid: Shadow Legends
      Raid: Shadow Legends  3 months ago +258

      But you like it... right?

    • pasdeapfe
      pasdeapfe 3 months ago +31

      @Raid: Shadow Legends no

    • DoesItMatterWhoIam
      DoesItMatterWhoIam 3 months ago +67

      ​@Raid: Shadow Legends I like it. A lot people right now are anti age gap so expect a flurry of offended snowflakes. LoL

    • DoesItMatterWhoIam
      DoesItMatterWhoIam 3 months ago +30

      ​@Raid: Shadow Legends also, you should probably go for more a comedic edge in these, because your commercials are hilarious. They are like a satire of all the video games and epic stories in this genre.

  • B Correa
    B Correa 3 months ago +177

    This animated series has taken RAID to a whole new level by giving depth to the characters we already love. I’m so impressed by the quality of the series and can’t wait for the next one!

  • Ксюша Гетьманська

    Я в захваті. ❤❤❤ Хочу ще!!!!
    Любов Елейн і Каеля це щось Неймовірне.
    Не забудьте зробити пару для Рошкара. Я не хочу щоб він був самотнім. ❤❤❤❤❤

  • Antonio Cabral
    Antonio Cabral 3 months ago +16

    If you look through the guide inside the game, Supreme Kael uses the same amulet as Supreme Elhain. It's a sign that they've grown closer throughout the saga. It looks we are going to have an EXTRA TURN among Elhain & Kael!

  • Troy Raiven
    Troy Raiven 3 months ago +88

    What A Cliffhanger!!! The storytelling is beautiful and compelling as always. Great Job Plarium!!! I can't wait to see Elhain's story. Awesome!!!

    • Raid: Shadow Legends
      Raid: Shadow Legends  3 months ago +6

      We think you'll love it!!

    • Priest Guardian
      Priest Guardian 3 months ago +1

      so beautiful :)

    • Hayley Berry
      Hayley Berry 3 months ago

      @Raid: Shadow Legends Make free leggos available for players that didin't had the opportunity to get them!

  • alm1ghty [GD]
    alm1ghty [GD] 3 months ago +439

    THE CODE IS: BETRAYAL (the code must be entered in the Call of the Arbiter tab)

  • The WolfBard
    The WolfBard 3 months ago +70

    YOU DID NOT END THIS EPISODE LIKE THAT 😂😂😂😂 this was amazing, I am surprised as well to see Queen Eva not a Dark Elf in this one...
    Stoked too to see Elhains story, she was my starter champion

    • Raid: Shadow Legends
      Raid: Shadow Legends  3 months ago +14

      We had to do it.. so you come back next week for the rest of the story! We got lots more surprises for you.

    • The WolfBard
      The WolfBard 3 months ago +1

      @Raid: Shadow Legends I can't wait!!

    • Isaquiño’s Vlogs
      Isaquiño’s Vlogs 2 months ago

      @The WolfBardmy starter champion I believe was athel but your right this series and what it’s doing is interesting and it’s pretty cool too.

  • Alex Andrews
    Alex Andrews 3 months ago +89

    RAID needs a full show! These episodes have become Thursday tradition for me. Thanks Plarium

    • Raid: Shadow Legends
      Raid: Shadow Legends  3 months ago +22

      Love to hear it!! It's something we're discussing.. hopefully it'll happen in our lifetime 😉

    • JHowOfficial
      JHowOfficial 3 months ago +1

      @Raid: Shadow Legends Not gonna lie, I would love to work for you guys. Been wanting to be a voice actor for a while now, but I haven't even tried because I don't think people would like my voice lol

    • Hayley Berry
      Hayley Berry 3 months ago +1

      @Raid: Shadow Legends Make free leggos available for players that didin't had the opportunity to get them!

    • HolySwordofLight
      HolySwordofLight 3 months ago +5

      Full on TV series would be awesome. Its a fantasy world, and run by your studio, so deadlines would not hamper the production/quality that ruined many good TV series over money.

  • Игорь Я
    Игорь Я 3 months ago +124

    Every episode is goosebumps.Thank you, Plary

    • Raid: Shadow Legends
      Raid: Shadow Legends  3 months ago +12


    • In His Mind
      In His Mind 3 months ago +1

      @Raid: Shadow Legends I believe many consider it a success.
      Also it’s a nice change from the humorous and silly trailer put out previously too.

    • Hayley Berry
      Hayley Berry 3 months ago

      @Raid: Shadow Legends Make free leggos available for players that didin't had the opportunity to get them!

    • idunnowhatimdoin
      idunnowhatimdoin 3 months ago

      goosebumps because Kael looks mega creepy?
      Idk why they couldn't use the game model. This Kael looks like that tindr catfish who used fake pics to lure you over and now won't let you leave.

  • shervin edward
    shervin edward 3 months ago +129

    Finally some Kael screen time, love the Kael and Elhain romance my favorite starters 🥺

    • DreamsAreMorbid
      DreamsAreMorbid 3 months ago +8

      absolutely did not see that coming, love it

    • Raid: Shadow Legends
      Raid: Shadow Legends  3 months ago +24

      He'll get lots more screen time too!.. What do you think of their ship name, Kaelhain?!

    • A Blox
      A Blox 3 months ago +8

      @DreamsAreMorbid didn’t see it coming either considering the opening scene in the game has her get brutally killed by a dragon and Karl didn’t seem to care lol

    • shervin edward
      shervin edward 3 months ago +2

      @Raid: Shadow Legends nice !!
      aww, it's perfect 😂

    • mritizwatitiz
      mritizwatitiz 3 months ago +1

      they should kael supreme kael and supreme elhain a couples passive.

  • Jacqueline Andrea Pozo Benavides

    Thanks for a beggining in Teleria history.. Its amazing to play this game with a historic soul. Congrats guys!

    • alm1ghty [GD]
      alm1ghty [GD] 3 months ago +7

      THE CODE IS: BETRAYAL (the code must be entered in the Call of the Arbiter tab)

    • 爪arina Ẅisch
      爪arina Ẅisch 3 months ago

      @alm1ghty [GD] Thanks!

    • Pedro Don
      Pedro Don 3 months ago

      @alm1ghty [GD]idk how to use the code? I go to the arbiter tab and there’s no place to choose to put in the code

  • Grimseid
    Grimseid 3 months ago +130

    This makes the whole dragon scene with Elhain hurt more knowing how Kael felt about her.

    • Raid: Shadow Legends
      Raid: Shadow Legends  3 months ago +27

      Heartbreak will do something to ya

    • Prof Hubert J. Farnsworth
      Prof Hubert J. Farnsworth 3 months ago +4

      I can't remember it at all, it's been so long since I've seen that cutscene.

    • Rednegade
      Rednegade 3 months ago +2

      ​@Prof Hubert J. Farnsworth if I remember right, she was eaten

    • Callum
      Callum 3 months ago +5

      Yes, poor dragon. Consumed traitors often lead to indigestion.

    • yaXXsir C
      yaXXsir C 3 months ago +1

      Tmbn estaba pensando en esa escena. Quiero saber la historia de Elhain

  • GameGeeksTricks [2GT]
    GameGeeksTricks [2GT] 3 months ago +210

    Great episode! The animation was on point. I can't wait for the next series, really hope you guys continue making content like this even after the limited series wraps up

  • Kyle Stroud
    Kyle Stroud 2 months ago +1

    I hadn't played in quite a few months. The awesomeness of this series has gotten me back into playing!!!

  • Repo Man 360
    Repo Man 360 3 months ago +8

    What a twist! These episodes keep getting better and better.

  • Kryszaina Maurice Donayre
    Kryszaina Maurice Donayre 3 months ago +8

    I'm very new to this story, but as a viewer, I can feel what Kael might've felt that moment that Elhain never came to the usual place. It's like you're waiting for something just to for it to be nothing. I really like his story and I think I'm liking him more.

    • Raid: Shadow Legends
      Raid: Shadow Legends  3 months ago +1

      Welcome to Raid: Shadow Legends!! We recommend you watch the previous 2 episodes, and tune in each week for the rest of the series! Hope you enjoy (:

    • Neb Uluos
      Neb Uluos 3 months ago

      I hunt and kill Kael wherever I find him in Classic Arena!

  • Jeannette Holland
    Jeannette Holland 3 months ago +234

    Omg i LOVE these! Only one bad thing about it- ITS TO SHORT! GIVE US ATLEAST A HALF HOUR OR A HOUR SHORT! PLEASE 😢

    • gg
      gg 3 months ago +6

      yeah when they were in cave!

    • GH0STD3LTA
      GH0STD3LTA 3 months ago +8

      @gg I sure someone will make a video about that for you lol

    • Jamir Ivan Veloria
      Jamir Ivan Veloria 3 months ago +3

      @gg fr

    • Seb Alvez
      Seb Alvez 3 months ago +6

      I'd take 15 o 20 minutes.. an hour is not a "short", my friend 🤪

    • Hibou Owll
      Hibou Owll 3 months ago +2

      It is probably because the video is only 5m long that it is that ggreat. Sometimes, more does not equal better. But I do agree that the videos past way to fast.

  • Skorpion
    Skorpion 3 months ago +74

    I feel spoiled! It isn't even Elhain's chapter and already so much of her is shown! [Edit] I actually feel for Kael. I would have expected Elhain to be the more gullible one. Pretty cool to see 'the dark one' was actually the one whom befell the pain. I love these two starters even more now!
    And then also to see Sniper alongside the march of the Dark Elves! Both my first and second ever champions I started my journey with!
    Awesomeee! ! !
    I guess this is also the first of a twoparter. That cliffhangar cant not be continued/resolved in the next chapter.

    • Raid: Shadow Legends
      Raid: Shadow Legends  3 months ago +13

      Woo-hoo! Glad you're loving it. You'll see more of Kael next episode too

    • Bl4ckDr4co
      Bl4ckDr4co 3 months ago +5

      uh, btw, everyone gets sniper as their second champ

      KING’S REVENGE 3 months ago +1


    • J
      J 3 months ago

      I feel like it might be a liiiiittle more complicated than "she lied," lol.

    • enlightened
      enlightened  3 months ago +3

      She did end up going to the spot to meet kael. She just got there late. U know because she was the necklace that kael threw to the ground in the cave before he left

  • Obi Jay
    Obi Jay 3 months ago +58

    Damn, now I want to know more about how queen Eva became a dark elve with those fantastic wings

    • Raid: Shadow Legends
      Raid: Shadow Legends  3 months ago +25

      Potential spinoff series?!

    • Dom Oetker
      Dom Oetker 3 months ago +2

      BLM is watching^^ Lets say Black Dark Elve^^

    • Alexander Galan
      Alexander Galan 3 months ago +2

      ​@Raid: Shadow Legendsyes please

    • Neb Uluos
      Neb Uluos 3 months ago +1

      In Tolkien lore the Dark Elves came about from "kinslaying" but I guess that would turn any elf defending Aravia from Dark Elves into Dark Elves themsElves.

  • Drizzle the rainy yokai
    Drizzle the rainy yokai 3 months ago +20

    Forbidden love of two different elves from dark and light. It touched my heart. Now, that is something that I find amazing.

  • Arailym Suleimenova
    Arailym Suleimenova 3 months ago +28

    This episode is my favourite! From the very beginning I chose Kael and I love him ❤I want more series about Kael in the future...💔want to know what was next, can't wait to see Elhains episode to find out😢

    • Raid: Shadow Legends
      Raid: Shadow Legends  3 months ago +4

      Hope you love the rest of the series just as much! The fan favorites will be back next week

  • Vee
    Vee 3 months ago +12

    Definitely my favorite episode so far! Can't wait for my girl Elhain next week

  • The Erodi
    The Erodi 3 months ago +44

    These really do just get better and better! I'm curious to discover how Queen Eva ended up becoming a dark elf. Maybe she got corrupted... we shall have to see!

    • Raid: Shadow Legends
      Raid: Shadow Legends  3 months ago +18

      Possible spinoff series about her story?! Let's make it happen

    • koushhko
      koushhko 3 months ago +1

      @Raid: Shadow Legends Great idea, yes!!

  • Chad Hammond
    Chad Hammond 3 months ago +103

    So we not gonna talk about how we should definitely get that Elhain costume alternate in game?!

    • duck luck
      duck luck 3 months ago +7


    • Raid: Shadow Legends
      Raid: Shadow Legends  3 months ago +25

      Let's talk about it...

    • Syto Adema
      Syto Adema 3 months ago +8

      @Raid: Shadow Legends I speak for my people, and say that we are willing to pay. That must peek your interest

    • Michael Bulleck
      Michael Bulleck 3 months ago +8

      Let's keep the female characters covered up, shall we? Too many hero collector games make them wear revealing clothes. It's not necessary, nor is it practical for combat.
      Although, I will admit that some (by this I mean very few) have revealing outfits that have a historical significance to the way they are presented with the implied backstory and lore. For example, the Barbarian tribe hold a close resemblance to Viking-esque concepts of dying in battle to reach Valhalla. In addition, it is also similar when (and forgive me if I get this wrong) the Romans fought against the Celts. One notable example is when the Celts went into battle completely naked, a psychological tactic to convey that they have no need for armor, indicating that they are immortal, essentially gods in human form.

  • i, ikarus
    i, ikarus 3 months ago +136

    It's time for my boy Kael. 💪🏽

    • Raid: Shadow Legends
      Raid: Shadow Legends  3 months ago +24

      He's the moment.

    • alm1ghty [GD]
      alm1ghty [GD] 3 months ago +6

      THE CODE IS: BETRAYAL (the code must be entered in the Call of the Arbiter tab)

    • Jor-El D
      Jor-El D 3 months ago +1

      @alm1ghty [GD] no it is not that was last weeks

    • alm1ghty [GD]
      alm1ghty [GD] 3 months ago +1

      @Jor-El D sorry, my mistake, code BETRAYAL

      KING’S REVENGE 3 months ago +1


  • Uchiha Tobi
    Uchiha Tobi 2 months ago

    Plarium should make an entire series of Kael's backstory

  • Mighty Wombat
    Mighty Wombat 3 months ago +4

    This episode needed to be like a half hour long it was so good.

  • Slaughtered
    Slaughtered 3 months ago +3

    I loved this episode, sadly Elhain and Kael didn't successfully get the elves together 😢

    • Raid: Shadow Legends
      Raid: Shadow Legends  3 months ago

      But they had good intentions!

    • Slaughtered
      Slaughtered 3 months ago

      True, but they both would've changed everything if just Elhain would've went there as she promised.

  • Agustina Sanchez
    Agustina Sanchez 3 months ago +10

    Can this get any better?? I’m so involved with this series rn. Thank u Plarium ❤.
    I feel like when we were kids and had to wait a entire week for a new episode from our favorite tv show and every member of the family was on it too.

  • jobe13
    jobe13 3 months ago +13

    This has been the best episode so far. Elhain was my first champion, so naturally I have a soft spot for her. I’ve heard much about Kael, but have never gotten him. Now I kinda wish I had.

    • Raid: Shadow Legends
      Raid: Shadow Legends  3 months ago +4

      They're both the fan favorites! And I'm sure after this series, their fanbase will be even larger.

    • Skelator097
      Skelator097 3 months ago

      Same but most people don’t have Kael built right so I usually beat them with Elhain😂

    • Ryo
      Ryo 3 months ago

      I started with Elhain but looted Kael! I'm so glad I kept both and didn't feed them to my epics 😅

  • MICH 369
    MICH 369 3 months ago

    🤔... por eso no me gusta "Kael" demasiado apasionado y confiado de si mismo. Muy peligroso y poco recomendable en combate 🤔
    Saluditos y Adelante Con El Próximo Capítulo!!!

  • drew
    drew 3 months ago +8

    Woah.. i got goosebumps when kael said "elhain" at the end... nice job raid.

  • Allsuper
    Allsuper 2 months ago

    I love how this is just one perspective of a two part story!

  • Sonny T.
    Sonny T. 3 months ago +11

    Kael pronounced “Kale” definitely a bad ass mage, silent bad-boy style yet has a yearning and caring for his opposite, archer Elhain. It leaves you in a cliffhanger however, I think that’s the point why the Arbiter choose these heroes in the start of Raid: Shadow Legends. Their paths are interconnected, all have a lush backstory which brought them together for the greater cause, Sorath’s destruction! Looking eagerly forward to the next vid. Sorry I spoiled myself a wee bit, see you at the next vid!

  • Brokenfrog0
    Brokenfrog0 4 months ago +34

    That’s so awesome. When her eyes go blue and she does her Divine Blades. She definitely critted there. Love it guys! Can’t wait for more!

    • Raid: Shadow Legends
      Raid: Shadow Legends  4 months ago +6

      Let us know what you think of Kael's episode!

    • alm1ghty [GD]
      alm1ghty [GD] 3 months ago

      THE CODE IS: BETRAYAL (the code must be entered in the Call of the Arbiter tab)

    • David French
      David French 3 months ago

      @alm1ghty [GD] That was last weeks code

    • alm1ghty [GD]
      alm1ghty [GD] 3 months ago

      @David French my bad, new code is BETRAYAL

  • Philip Newman
    Philip Newman 3 months ago +1

    By far one of my favourite episode in this series. such a passionate ending leaving me breathless wanting to knw whats gonna happen next

  • DonettaSting4488
    DonettaSting4488 3 months ago +25

    I appreciate all the effort put into these videos. They are awesome to watch.

  • Midnight Coder
    Midnight Coder 3 months ago +8

    This series is getting better every episode. Keep up the great work, Plarium!

  • Jeremiah Brothers
    Jeremiah Brothers 3 months ago

    These are fantastic 👏 I loved the story between these two characters!

  • Elżbieta Betlej
    Elżbieta Betlej 3 months ago +3

    Wonderful and so exciting that Kael and Elhain has a history together! I think there is story behind Elhain not coming... wild guess is Queen Eva caught her and detained her, so Kael would misunderstand and the fault would lie on Dark Elves for the agression

  • VirgilSteve
    VirgilSteve 3 months ago +5

    I knew it a forbidden love story!!
    This is beautiful and I can't wait to see their relationship goes moving forward.

  • Dalnoboy Stepanych
    Dalnoboy Stepanych 3 months ago +2

    Wow, it's good one. Love this episode!
    Hope in the next one we will see the continuation of their story

  • Tyler Babitz
    Tyler Babitz 3 months ago

    This is so cool , im so excited for the next episode!

  • Raphael Reine
    Raphael Reine 3 months ago

    Damn RAID; each of these episodes keeps getting better and better!

  • Squatch Nasty
    Squatch Nasty 3 months ago +5

    The first real cliffhanger!!!! Gaaahahhhh now we need elhain's story. We need resolution! Love it!

  • Deleone Ladines
    Deleone Ladines 3 months ago +1

    Really enjoyed this episode. Keep up the good work 😊😊 really well done!!!

  • Dark Knight
    Dark Knight 3 months ago +8

    WOW... que emoción se siente estar justo en el medio de las acciones que suceden y estar en la piel de los increíbles personajes...Plarium, ustedes son lo máximo... gracias por otra maravillosa entrega de este fascinante mundo...

  • Naldo Oliveira
    Naldo Oliveira 3 months ago +2

    O Cliffanger de milhões.
    Passaria horas assistindo essa história.
    Sabia que a parte dos Elfos iam vir amarradas. Já amei.
    Kael e Elhain fofos juntos!!!

  • Trygve Plaustrum
    Trygve Plaustrum 3 months ago +4

    Excellent. Beautiful and graceful.
    So many franchises nowadays don't know how to portray elves properly, but you absolutely nailed it.
    You release these in the early morning for me, so it's difficult for me to attend the premieres.
    Rest assured, I'll set my alarm so that I can watch Elhain!

  • Robert fábri
    Robert fábri 3 months ago +2

    Excellent! Really enjoying these episodes. Looking forward to the next one now and the wait seems like forever 😉
    Raid: Shadow Legends

  • Enormicon
    Enormicon 3 months ago +26

    I think we can all appreciate Kael pronounced "Kale" , as it should be... retcon for the win!

    • Man_of_Tears
      Man_of_Tears 3 months ago +1

      Yes, that had my ears piqued as well..!

    • Jackson Woodson
      Jackson Woodson 3 months ago +3

      I know, I was fuckin* terrified they would said “Kyle”

    • Frank B Crafts
      Frank B Crafts 3 months ago +1

      I fully expected to hear Kay-el.

    • Amber Leigh
      Amber Leigh 3 months ago

      It was better than ah- Thel for sure

  • Hoppel Trottel
    Hoppel Trottel 3 months ago +1

    Loving the series so far. ❤ Amazing job, guys (and gals)!

  • Sammy Droubi
    Sammy Droubi 3 months ago +5

    Why didn’t the Arbiter teleport to Kael and Elhain like she did with Galek and Athel? I’m sure she could’ve helped assure them they’re on the right path of uniting both elf kingdoms, and avoid the raid in the high elf castle. Is it because the Arbiter also being a high elf would make the other dark elves think Kael is on one side of this war? Or will she talk to both of them in the next episode?

    • Nicholas Day
      Nicholas Day 3 months ago +3

      Dev note: The Arbiter isn’t REALLY a high elf - she’s more of a Demi-goddess (or Maiar, if you want to get Tolkien with it). We had to stick her in that faction at game launch because we didn’t have anywhere else to put her, or a way to have her as a playable character without assigning her one, and historically they’re the faction that she’s been closest to. To answer your immediate question… you’ll have to wait for the next episode. 😉

    • Raid: Shadow Legends
      Raid: Shadow Legends  3 months ago +1

      You'll see next week!

  • JoNoodleBoy_yt
    JoNoodleBoy_yt 3 months ago +2

    Dang these animations are fantastic and the stories are epic. I can't wait to see the next episode.

  • Airforce One
    Airforce One 3 months ago

    My favorite episode so far, it was fun seeing lots of cameos. Wish these series were longer. 6 min is such a tease!
    I like the romance between those two and the relationship history of both elves race.
    The Royal Guards however...would like to have a word about how easily they were dispatched.

    • Raid: Shadow Legends
      Raid: Shadow Legends  3 months ago +1

      Glad you're loving it!! The Royal Guards were a paper doll system.. we didn’t want to use up all our epics. You’ll see this a lot in our crowds or extras.

  • Dr-Frosty
    Dr-Frosty 3 months ago +2

    These episodes are really good

  • Prodigal Son
    Prodigal Son 3 months ago +2

    I've always been a HUGE fan of the story & lore in the games I play, so this has been wonderful to watch. Games are never as much fun once the story ends. I need MORE of THIS content: in game AND on Clip-Share

  • Pawtile
    Pawtile 3 months ago +5

    What a cliffhanger... xD Seriously you guys should do a full on adventure/RPG game out of this story. It would be awesome. Also I had a feeling bout those two ;)

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