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When Tech Companies Lie to Us...

  • Published on Jan 12, 2022 veröffentlicht

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  • @alextasarov1341

    The problem with Tesla vaporware is that they took deposits and then never delivered…

  • @clawsoon
    @clawsoon  +222

    When people believe that "full self driving" actually means "full self driving", it has had some pretty harmful real-world effects.

  • @bearlemley

    A lot of American car companies have done the as they are tested at a prepared drag strip.

  • @Miv51miv51

    One of the definitions of lying is: "to create a false or misleading impression" - so yes, they are lying.

  • @markphilpott1965

    Dr Gregory House articulated it best when he said, " EVERYBODY LIES"

  • @divinusfilius3771

    "When compromised Clip-Share channels lie to us"

  • @Afrotechmods
    @Afrotechmods Year ago +4

    Mad respect that you can hang out with Elon and review his cars but still remain independent enough to call Tesla out on their marketing

  • @nicholasslee8903

    Excellent, informative, sharp.

  • @PbPomper

    They're doing the same now with 8K gaming. Which is just 2 times 4K instead of proper 4 times 4K resolution. So it's half of actual 8K.

  • @NeoViny

    Thx for the 1inch sensor information…. Never heard about it…

  • @kathlos

    About the 1inch sensor. That's what you get for using Imperial 🤣. Jokes aside its a spec of something very specific and everything relative to it is correct. There is no foul play. Did anyone compare the HP form a car to an actual horse? On the 1.99 case though... that could be false advertisement, no matter how many asterisks are there.

  • @broderp

    As long as they all lie consistently, then it comparable. Lol

  • @LCHedley
    @LCHedley Year ago +340

    Tech companies must have a 'Hate how much I Love you' kinda relationship with MKBHD . . .

  • @johnsiviour4929

    Thank you. Refreshing transparency.

  • @radekw708

    Whats the power to weight ratio and whats the 1/4 mile time? nurburgring lap time?

  • @3089280288

    Most companies lie and give a fake apology

  • @vanderneut

    Your videos are so good, man. Really admire the quality of your work. And this one is also very interesting. Thanks!

  • @chibicitiberiu
    @chibicitiberiu Year ago +446

    My biggest issue with these "lies" (even when technically they are not lying) is that they are meant to deceive, and make people think their products are better than they actually are.

  • @rickagfoster

    The Model S Plaid doesn't reach full power until 60mph os the 0-60mph stat has nothing to do with the max power rating.

  • @colinmartin9797

    Also we call a 2x4 a 2x4 despite them only being about 1.5x3.5. because the board STARTED at 2x4 inches before being dimensioned and rounded over.