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Hermitcraft S7 Ep 28: Welcome To The UPSIDE-DOWN!

  • Published on Aug 27, 2020 veröffentlicht
  • Hermitcraft season 7 episode 28, we are back on Hermitcraft with a mega expansion of the ScarX Big Dig project. We make it to the Minecraft 1.16 Nether and find the Upside Down where we are welcomed Grian and Bdubs with a crazy Nether Pig prank. We set up our Nether base inside Big Bud the driller and plan what we are going to do in the Hermitcraft 7 upside-down.
    Previous Hermitcraft episode: clip-share.net/video/PZy7i249oUU/video.html
    Hermitcraft season 7 official playlist:
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  • GoodTimesWithScar
    GoodTimesWithScar  2 years ago +7260

    Sorry about this video being delayed. I have a lot going on right and don't want to rush the videos with limited time and lose quality. So I appreciate your understanding about taking a bit more time to get them done right.
    Links to get more Scar in your life :D
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    • NotEvv
      NotEvv 2 years ago

      I live u scar soooooooooooooooo much ur my favourite yutuber in the word

    • Mike
      Mike 2 years ago


    • Ais Lefaoseu
      Ais Lefaoseu 2 years ago

      you should just call bdubs the vice-mayor

    • Bean King
      Bean King 2 years ago

      Scar is the best! 😋

    • THE kidflashjapv
      THE kidflashjapv 2 years ago


  • Jacob Shellhammer
    Jacob Shellhammer 2 years ago +1236

    I love that he just sees the drill and is like “oh hi” even though he must have worked extremely hard on it

    • Jacob Shellhammer
      Jacob Shellhammer 2 years ago

      @Charlie Brunelle thx

    • Charlie Brunelle
      Charlie Brunelle 2 years ago +1

      Congrats on 1k likes! P.S. I got u the last one

    • Lady.Whatever
      Lady.Whatever 2 years ago +1

      The hole too... Lol to get to bedrock

    • Dagan Foreman
      Dagan Foreman 2 years ago +2

      He had to rebuild it so many times plus he had to mine the huge big dig

    • Karkaranos Builds
      Karkaranos Builds 2 years ago +2

      Shawn Clark I could have sworn it was Jellie who accidentally sat on the controls and finished the hole.

  • DanevD
    DanevD 2 years ago +671

    I'd rather have a healthy and determined Scar uploading once a month than a sick desperate Scar giving us quantity over quality. Kepp going Scar! You have a lot going in your life, don't worry about us!

    • Eli&Friends
      Eli&Friends 4 months ago


    • Apollo Arts
      Apollo Arts Year ago


    • EllisIslander
      EllisIslander 2 years ago

      could not have said it better!

    • • irene
      • irene 2 years ago +5

      @Executioner3018 i love his positivity. you can tell he's so passionate. but sometimes i worry because he seems really sad about not uploading regularly. health > videos scar :(

    • dinolover
      dinolover 2 years ago +2

      I agree

  • Sup#2.0
    Sup#2.0 2 years ago +1133

    This guy spent hours working on the drill and upside-down Big Bud in the Nether, then casually dismissed it as if it were nothing. Seriously. The amount of hard work Hermits put into videos...

      SPIDER VENOM64 Year ago

      I miss the upside down they have all just forgotten about it

    • empty
      empty 2 years ago


    • ItsCJ24
      ItsCJ24 2 years ago

      Darkred 616 It’s alright, you can like it now.

    • darkredisdead :D
      darkredisdead :D 2 years ago

      Sup#2.0 I would like ur comment but it has 420 likes sooooo

    • ItsCJ24
      ItsCJ24 2 years ago +40

      Extra credit goes to him because he was weeks into 1.16 and refused to go to the Nether on camera until he finished the Big Dig.

  • Saman Bhandari
    Saman Bhandari 2 years ago +353

    Scar explaining how he died sounds like a 4 yr old kid explaining to his parents how how he fell in the playground.

  • Square men animations
    Square men animations 2 years ago +539

    NASA: "mars needs to be terraformed in order for humans to live on it"
    Scar: hold my *superfastbuildmodemusic*

    • Lady.Whatever
      Lady.Whatever 2 years ago

      Synth music on 3, 2, 1

    • Joni Pinson
      Joni Pinson 2 years ago +1

      He needs to go mining

    • Yana Cloin
      Yana Cloin 2 years ago +16

      This comment Made me verry happy for Some reason

  • MCtheYoutuber
    MCtheYoutuber 2 years ago +1872

    Scar: those who fail to keep their pets alive face dire consequences
    Grian: anyone who breaks a rule is put on... Tunnel Duty

    • LaTasca0
      LaTasca0 Year ago


    • A.T. 80
      A.T. 80 2 years ago

      @Stykze yeah he drilled through the tunnel

    • Josiah Petz
      Josiah Petz 2 years ago

      They should make a long soul sand path and anyone who breaks a rule has to walk down it without soul speed boots

    • Lin
      Lin 2 years ago

      Lol- grian wasn’t messing around when he said RuLeS-

    • Jęsteçtivę Gąming0
      Jęsteçtivę Gąming0 2 years ago +1

      @DrVplays all new"

    K HARDYMAN 2 years ago +157

    Scar, you need to get JoeHills to be the third judge. He is after all a public servant as you and Bdubs are also. You bring a smile to my son and me, keep up the great work.

  • hellkid227
    hellkid227 2 years ago +44

    I kept wondering what the grey "fog" was at the top of Big Bud in the nether... then I realized he created it himself with glass. Insane man

  • Tortoise boy
    Tortoise boy 2 years ago +96

    “People have Christmas lights not Christmas money”
    But imagine if they did, and people would just staple notes to their house in spirit of the Christmas season

    • AplePotatoCat 👑🎗️
      AplePotatoCat 👑🎗️ 2 years ago +1

      Christmas are expensive enough hanging up Christmas lights is basically hanging up money

  • Rubtub12
    Rubtub12 2 years ago +77

    The thing is, Scar never wears enough armor. That’s why he dies 24/7.

  • Chopsticks Studios
    Chopsticks Studios 2 years ago +1154

    This should be Scars rule. No texting while flying.

  • SecretlyTurt YT
    SecretlyTurt YT 2 years ago +594

    I’m so used to anime eyes bdubs that his normal face seems... weird

    • Như
      Như Year ago +1

      Wait, he has a normal face?

    • sharky
      sharky 2 years ago +1

      Yeah... but when he switched from his old head back to his anime head I literally jumped

    • exis !!
      exis !! 2 years ago


    • Mr Lad
      Mr Lad 2 years ago +2


    • ꧁Earl_of_WaffleZ꧂
      ꧁Earl_of_WaffleZ꧂ 2 years ago +3


  • MakePasta NotWar
    MakePasta NotWar 2 years ago +223

    On the Mayoral Enforcer:
    For a more positive democratic image to the public:
    False as "Sheriff"
    (resume includes previous experience as a Sheriff and fearsome reputation for pvp)
    For a more fearsome tyrant image:
    Etho as a "Mayoral Assassin and Enforcer"
    (resume includes previous experience as an assassin for hire and as the owner of both Shade-E-E's unethical subscription service and Sneak-E-E's illegal underground black market trading shop)

    • Jack Maillard
      Jack Maillard 2 years ago

      Madison Mcintyre why you replying to me I didn’t ask

    • dinolover
      dinolover 2 years ago +1

      @Jack Maillard no actually she only lost against keralis and x cuz it was 2 v 1

    • Areece Lemonfang
      Areece Lemonfang 2 years ago

      @Michael Ziv Oh! They would be good too! I personally want to see Grian and Mumbo though; however, I would like to see Ren and Docm as the Enforcers. Good idea!

    • Areece Lemonfang
      Areece Lemonfang 2 years ago +1

      No, it should be Grian and Mumbo as the Enforcers! All the things they would do and the fact that they would do a terrible job at good cop bad cop would be hilarious to watch!

    • Miles Korb
      Miles Korb 2 years ago +5

      @Jack Maillard she lets them win... she doesn't want to blow her cover as a trained military PvP player!

  • Edgar
    Edgar 2 years ago +375

    If Jellie got struck by lighting and then reappeared in the nether, does that mean Jellie was sent to hell? not deserved

    • Runes
      Runes Year ago +2

      Nah, Jellie is a Cat, Natural rulers. She probably went and Scratched Satan into Submission XD

    • Feather Sparrots
      Feather Sparrots 2 years ago


    • Eliana Mears
      Eliana Mears 2 years ago +7

      i disagree. Jelly is a killer. She has murdered a great many hermits that crossed scar, so she was sent to the nether.

    • Edgar
      Edgar 2 years ago +3

      some bored dude in the internet No i didnt copy anything, i wrote and thought of that myself. Who do you think i copied it from?

    • Feather Sparrots
      Feather Sparrots 2 years ago

      Sadly there isn't such a thing called aether lol

  • five385
    five385 2 years ago +87

    You got to tell grian to pay his Road access for the barge he doesn't even know what that is and he's never read the sign he just flies under it

  • jadeUwU
    jadeUwU 2 years ago +42

    Scar is officially traumatized by pigs
    or should I say
    "Scarred for life"

  • DavetheLong
    DavetheLong 2 years ago +9

    I can't begin to imagine the hysterics of other hermits just seeing "GoodtimeswithScar was slain by Silenced" over and over and over in the chat.

  • Shrishailya Rao
    Shrishailya Rao 2 years ago +18

    Scar, when her is being brutally murdered by ravaging hoglins : "why do they have mokawks ?!?"

  • fergus hebbert
    fergus hebbert 2 years ago +50

    Scar when talking about his descent to the nether: I didn't fall. I just sauntered vaguely downwards

  • Rinkie Geintie
    Rinkie Geintie 2 years ago +6589

    Me, who has already watched Grians amd Bdouble0’s video: Ohhh this is gonna be fun

  • Ruben van der Ark
    Ruben van der Ark 2 years ago +25

    5:06 'left u a respawn anchor'
    5:26 respawn anchor
    5:36 death from beginning
    5:58 death
    6:09 prank
    Your welcome

    • Sio Pao
      Sio Pao 2 years ago +1

      Rsvdark Gaming Thanks Mate, Cheers

  • Kaiser Wilhelm II, Emperor of Germany

    Grian: I’m so sorry, but this is your initiation into the Upside Down.
    Bdubs: *AND DOWN HE GOES*

  • plompd
    plompd 2 years ago +42

    SCAR- I will block grian's barge from the road
    GRIAN- good think I made a fly thru top

  • Jathushy 123
    Jathushy 123 2 years ago +5

    Hey Scar there is a setting that turns the fog off and it makes it much easier to see.

  • ORL Mitch
    ORL Mitch 2 years ago +944

    Definitely would recommend Etho as an enforcer. He would come up with some seriously unique and hilarious solutions to making sure shops do what they’re supposed to.

    • Sarin Shrestha
      Sarin Shrestha 2 years ago

      Ethos is breaking the law though

    • Klffsj
      Klffsj 2 years ago +11

      Rather than hiring Etho, hire Shade-E-E's. Anyone who doesn't pay their tax gets "gifted" free glass or other services, and Shade-E-E's gets the profits from the service.

    • Azid Thenawi
      Azid Thenawi 2 years ago +1

      @Ludix147 he makes his own land!

    • Ludix147
      Ludix147 2 years ago +4

      @No0neAtAll I don't think he was breaking rules there. He doesn't need road access and he doesn't use land!

    • M0bZ0Mb!3
      M0bZ0Mb!3 2 years ago +1

      @No0neAtAll That would be amazing xD

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Obi-Wan Kenobi 2 years ago +5

    There is something about bdubs's lisp that I find so wholesome and adorable

  • Hello Hi
    Hello Hi 2 years ago +20

    I would love to see a montage of every death of Scar throughout the seasons.

  • Dougal Allan
    Dougal Allan 2 years ago +15

    Well my guess for "How many times will Scar die in his first Nether episode?" was way off.
    WAY off.
    And now I have a hernia from laughing so much.
    It was everything I thought it would be, and more.
    Loving the work, keep it up! :D

  • Alex Brockwell
    Alex Brockwell 2 years ago +7

    18:34 "That's logic... for some people"
    Bdubs, you are a treasure

  • Prajakta Doley
    Prajakta Doley 2 years ago +1143

    Plot twist : Jellie was actually not killed by the lighting but was teleported to the nether but a minor difficulty occurred and was turned upside-down

    • Sir Gerald
      Sir Gerald 2 years ago

      Isn't that the joke?

    • wrongy
      wrongy 2 years ago

      @Dodged it was a prank from the rules lol

    • Charlie Miller
      Charlie Miller 2 years ago

      Turtie take a joke man

    • A stickman
      A stickman 2 years ago

      That's the biggest plot twist i've heard

    • iago 02
      iago 02 2 years ago +2

      Plot-twist: Jellie got struck by lightning, died and went to hell, where he now lives as a upside down cat.

  • Carter Hall
    Carter Hall 2 years ago +40

    scar: all citizens must have pets
    grian: poultry man intensifies

  • Squirrel Watcher
    Squirrel Watcher 2 years ago +6

    16:50 I love when it zooms in on Bdubb's huge-eyed face when he says "wow"

  • Pip
    Pip 2 years ago +7

    Scar: "Ohhh, we are going to need one of those fancy Respawn Anchors."
    Me, who watches Grian: "oh GOODIE >:)"

  • sharky
    sharky 2 years ago +4

    I find it funny that the Mother Spore of the Mycelium Resistance co-owns a settlement in the Nether with the Mayor (and the leader of HEP) along with the Mayor's Campaign Captain.

  • Captain Jack Sparrow
    Captain Jack Sparrow 2 years ago +10

    Scar:I’m gonna poke those eyes!
    Bdubs:so u chose death

  • BP2
    BP2 2 years ago +3

    If seeing Bdub's current face reminds Scar of the pigs, does that mean seeing cod in the ocean do too?

  • daedalus
    daedalus 2 years ago +15

    Scar: "Come on Jelly, let's get away from friends that want to have us fall into a pit of hoglins."
    Jelly: "Meow"

  • Ralf
    Ralf 2 years ago +6

    that piglin grabbing Scar's gear, really had me laughing out loud

  • Smelloodle
    Smelloodle 2 years ago +1672

    Jellie: Struck by lightning
    Also Jellie: Reapears in the Minecraft equivalent of hell.
    Jellie didn’t deserve this.

    • Runes
      Runes Year ago

      Jellie is a Cat, Natural Ruler, probably beat Satan into Submission

    • Thisaja Ariyasinghe
      Thisaja Ariyasinghe 2 years ago

      I never thought of it like that

    • exis !!
      exis !! 2 years ago

      It is Jellie. Not Jelly :)

    • anna selinger
      anna selinger 2 years ago +1

      @ruby end city

    • 9u1ck 5c0p3r
      9u1ck 5c0p3r 2 years ago +1

      @Boris Volko oh. You havent met my demon cat. She wont go to hell. She is FROM hell...........

  • Hayden Kiedrowski
    Hayden Kiedrowski 2 years ago +23

    I never thought I'd say this but, Bdubs normals eyes look small compared to the anime Bdubs

    • Devilboy1029
      Devilboy1029 2 years ago

      It's funny how etho's skin is literally kakashi from Naruto. An anime.

  • PlatinumMage
    PlatinumMage 2 years ago +61

    Plot Twist: Jelly didn’t die, she was saved by Poultry Man in the last second. Poultry Man named Jelly “Dinnerbone” so she is upside down now! 🐔

    • Devilboy1029
      Devilboy1029 2 years ago +1

      All hail the man in the chicken costume

    • exis !!
      exis !! 2 years ago


    • Void Vacancy
      Void Vacancy 2 years ago +2

      Official StarGaming
      Poultry man and his side kick pesky bird

    • IndigoGollum
      IndigoGollum 2 years ago +1

      @Not Etom Gaming *Grumm. It only works capitalized

    • carddu
      carddu 2 years ago +2

      he returns

  • Yannis Miersch
    Yannis Miersch 2 years ago +3

    Scar: So the diamonds go on the town hall!
    Bdubs: NO WE
    Scar: did I stutter

  • Cloud King
    Cloud King 2 years ago +2

    Scar's slow push for power is an amazing touch to his Hermitcraft episodes. The story he portrays is a greedy mayor who let the diamond throne get to him. I need fanart

  • Lulu F4
    Lulu F4 2 years ago +589

    Grian: Hey Scar, left you a respawn anchor at your nether base
    Everyone: Oh yeah, it's all coming together...

    The ROYALPUFFERFISH 2 years ago +3

    Scar. If its all supposed to be upside-down... then... shouldnt the drill come from the floor?

  • Hashbrownui
    Hashbrownui 2 years ago +2

    Dude no need to apologize for late uploads! We'll always be waiting when you're ready 🤣 the moment you post a new video we'd be ready

  • IcarusPhil
    IcarusPhil  2 years ago +2

    scar: i need one of those respawn anchors
    me, having already seen grians video: laughs in anticipation

  • TheHubert
    TheHubert  2 years ago +8

    "50/50? I mean that's better than most politicians"
    *No, no. He's got a point.*

    CASCART Art 2 years ago +654

    The third person to vote on the road should be joehills because he was the only other community voted official.

    • SuperFire64
      SuperFire64 2 years ago +3

      Doesn’t Joe still own the roads as well?

    • bLexi57
      bLexi57 2 years ago +3

      Joehills def deserves that, he’s a very underrated hermit too!

    • GSM Studios
      GSM Studios 2 years ago +1

      I was thinking Grain bec he came up with the mayor idea, but I'll go for joehills

    • Getting to 100 subs pls help Lol
    • FasterAnemone
      FasterAnemone 2 years ago

      @kryspy0320 stress was running for mayor and daffy the duck wasn't even a person a ai

  • Kiki Dodson 4C4L
    Kiki Dodson 4C4L 2 years ago +1

    Hang in there Scar! Always appreciate when you put a video up. Hope you continue to get stronger!

  • begrs
    begrs Year ago +1

    "We gonna have bacon, and ham" the tone of voice was so hillarious :D always fun to watch your charming videos scar, you deserve all the love

  • Mack Chubs
    Mack Chubs 2 years ago +2

    This man deserves the world, Period.

  • BoswcheydoesArt
    BoswcheydoesArt 2 years ago +1

    I love the fact that he fell into a Basalt Deltas biome. The Gauss meter that Mojang added to the ambient music here was an ingenious inclusion, and it especially helped sell the feeling that Scar is exploring an alien world. I love it!!!

  • Alec Smith
    Alec Smith 2 years ago +767

    Johills could be the third judge, he's the only other person in the public office

    • Arceus
      Arceus Year ago

      You forgot joehills?

    • Rowan
      Rowan 2 years ago

      Brandon Lee still it might help judge technical shops and it might help if somebody sees it from a technical aspect

    • Brandon Lee
      Brandon Lee 2 years ago

      And if one of the roads were technical and redstone based, it would probably mumbo or iskall building it sooo...

    • Brandon Lee
      Brandon Lee 2 years ago

      He Rowan but.. the roads are all building...

    • Vee
      Vee 2 years ago +4

      I was thinking grumbot but he might melt knowing scar is mayor

  • Tidmouth Milk
    Tidmouth Milk 2 years ago +2

    BdoubleO "I'm assistant regional mayor"
    Scar: "Assistant *to* the regional mayor!"

  • Cori Bahnmiller
    Cori Bahnmiller 2 years ago

    I watch most of the hermits and scar is hands down my favorite. So wholesome :)

  • Wanderingtrader1
    Wanderingtrader1 2 years ago

    Always a joy watching these videos, no worries when they do come out. I really like the lore of how you got down to the nether

  • Starlet Devil
    Starlet Devil Year ago

    When Scar falls down the pit the first time, the absolute dread in his voice when he says "Mean Pigs?" is just too much.

  • Patchwork Fellow
    Patchwork Fellow 2 years ago +822

    *Scar* : _Im gonna kill you!_
    *Grian* : No offence, but I feel like I’m being threatened by a cupcake-
    *Scar* : *Pushes BDubs into the pit of death*
    *Grian* : 0-o

    • Star Sucks At Life
      Star Sucks At Life 2 years ago

      @Just Nick I wasn't really looking for it, but I'm pretty sure something like that was in the chat from the vid

    • Patchwork Fellow
      Patchwork Fellow 2 years ago

      AJ 8273 I think that was the whole “Pushing BDubs in the pit” scene~~~

    • Patchwork Fellow
      Patchwork Fellow 2 years ago

      AJ 8273 oof 😂

    • AJ 8273
      AJ 8273 2 years ago +2

      Xman34 *or you might be SCARRED for life*

    • AJ 8273
      AJ 8273 2 years ago

      RebelinGod he dident say it there

  • Liam Green
    Liam Green 2 years ago +1

    You should build a building for everyone to keep their diamonds in a Secure vault

  • Enigma
    Enigma 2 years ago +2

    Hey Scar, since Joe is dogcatcher he could be the third judge for the road competition!

  • Zoe Miyashiro
    Zoe Miyashiro 2 years ago

    bdubs being scar's personal hype man is the most wholesome thing i've ever seen

  • no name
    no name 2 years ago +1

    when Scar discovers nether portals he's gonna feel so silly

  • Dee
    Dee 2 years ago +738

    Get JoeHills as the third judge, he's also a part of the town hall

      HYDRACDXV 2 years ago +1

      DJ Deeps pls do

    • kkmate 012
      kkmate 012 2 years ago

      and he also doesn't need the diamonds

    • Agent E
      Agent E 2 years ago


    • Ipsum quaerere
      Ipsum quaerere 2 years ago +5

      And he holds the office of dogcatcher, so you know he's qualified

    • Aaron Lucas
      Aaron Lucas 2 years ago +3

      @LORDOFPICKLES69 :p Viva la revolucion!

  • Jacob Egnor
    Jacob Egnor 2 years ago

    I love scars imagination it’s really helped me with build ideas on my own world. All the hermit crafters have a wild imagination and watching there points of view is has been wonderful

  • Congele
    Congele 2 years ago

    I love the diamonds trees, it's such a great idea, it looks awesome!

  • KaleCrafta
    KaleCrafta 2 years ago +10

    Scar: “deck the halls with diamonds and money la-la-la la la la laaaaaaa”

  • GT
    GT 2 years ago +1

    Hey scar I love your vids and you can turn off fog in settings so that you can see all the builds properly if your unsure ask grian as he has done it

  • LAK3
    LAK3 2 years ago +769

    Scar: Well this has started well.
    Scar, later: One of those respawn anchors could be useful.
    Everyone: ...yeah

    • Crimson Frost
      Crimson Frost 2 years ago

      TIME TO PRANK!!!!!!!!

    • Okuyasu Nijimura
      Okuyasu Nijimura 2 years ago +2

      @BestFunVideo can you advertise somewhere else

    • MrMidget5999
      MrMidget5999 2 years ago

      Where are # 02 and # 01?

    • alvin Ip
      alvin Ip 2 years ago +9

      @BestFunVideo at the very least don't be so shameless that you advertise on a family friendly channel

  • Miss Moonlight
    Miss Moonlight 2 years ago +2

    Please wear one piece of gold armor, than the piglins will leave you alone scar.

  • sense
    sense 2 years ago +1

    Yo scar, you should make the Christmas lights a group project, and have everyone pitch in.

  • Otyugs & Displacer Beasts

    I love the overarching story that’s being told between all the hermits (specifically B-Dubbs, Grian, Mumbo, and Scar). Like this is legit the most fun I’ve had watching a video series in a long time.

  • Lexipexi
    Lexipexi 2 years ago

    This is just top quality Clip-Share content! Couldn’t ask for anything more

  • Jack Dunne
    Jack Dunne 2 years ago +419

    Joe Hills is another elected official. He'd make an excellent road judge.

    • SinfulMicrowave
      SinfulMicrowave 2 years ago +3

      @deadreign92 ... Boi. This is Minecraft were talking about, not the mayoral campaigns for Ulladulla in 1987. It's all a game made for fun. Calling the builds of a Clip-Sharer that isn't known for their builds mediocre is just a stupid argument to begin with. They're all friends, whether they met before or after season 7. It's all in good fun.

    • Jussi Raitoniemi
      Jussi Raitoniemi 2 years ago

      Yes, he has the most experience in catering

    • irisvi0let
      irisvi0let 2 years ago +3

      @deadreign92 dude... it's people playing minecraft... relax

    • Hayden Ainslie
      Hayden Ainslie 2 years ago +1

      deadreign92 I agree. But he is a hermit so I just leave a nice comment I subscribe and personally don’t watch his content

    • Barkbark227
      Barkbark227 2 years ago +5

      @deadreign92- To be clear, all the hermits are good friends and I highly doubt that anyone on the server holds any kind of grudge against Joe for his harmless joke. Joe’s just a funny person, and everything they do is for fun. If any of the hermits were seriously offended that he put in the effort to create a dog problem so that he could run for dogcatcher, or found it a bother that he was playing without diamonds, I’m sure they would communicate and Joe would stop. But again, it’s really not an issue as far as I’m aware. They’re all just having fun playing the same game together in their own ways.

  • nightcrawl 47
    nightcrawl 47 2 years ago +1

    For some reason I have a feeling that Scar is going to be so corrupt with power that there's going to be another war this season.

  • Artist Chibi
    Artist Chibi 2 years ago

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  • Shlok k
    Shlok k 2 years ago

    Just a tip to help you not die to mobs so much:
    Whenever you hit them you let yourself get hit too, so try jump hitting them and keep pushing them back so you don't get hit!

  • Vingari
    Vingari 2 years ago

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    Me: *something’s wrong I can feel it*

  • Seth T
    Seth T 2 years ago +724

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    Bair INDUSTRIES 2 years ago +1

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  • A non mouse
    A non mouse 2 years ago +189

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    • gamer
      gamer 2 years ago

      sorry if i spam it i got tech problems

    • OTheTurtle
      OTheTurtle 2 years ago +2

      *please give me a minecrafty name* it’s probably a bug

    • LeadHarsh06
      LeadHarsh06 2 years ago +1

      @gamer no need to spam dat

    • gamer
      gamer 2 years ago

      but be aware that piglin brute that stills attack you even if with gold armor but dont worry it can only be found on bastions with good loot

    • gamer
      gamer 2 years ago

      but be aware if piglin brute that stills attack you even if with gold armor but dont worry it can only be found on bastions with good loot

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    GoodTimesWithScar 2020

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    • Josh Byrd
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      the great lumberjack King 2 years ago


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    • Adnaan Esmailjee
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