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The Best Day of His Life ❤

  • Published on Mar 10, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • #shorts

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  • Black
    Black 2 months ago +43348

    Imagine they just arrested him right there

  • Andrew Iskander Yakoub
    Andrew Iskander Yakoub 22 days ago +494

    I like how the managers face just says” oh, for fucks sake’s”

    • Pelly Konti
      Pelly Konti Day ago +1

      Like let them have the moment man 😅

    • JT
      JT 11 hours ago

      “Damnit not again”

  • Khalil's Art
    Khalil's Art Month ago +473

    Bro took "never let them know your next move" into a whole different level

    • 陈家熙
      陈家熙 27 days ago

      104 likes with no comment? Lemme fix that

    • Phantom Ghost
      Phantom Ghost 23 days ago +1


    • Peter Pascual
      Peter Pascual 2 days ago

      Overrated Comment I Don't like it anymore, BTW it's my opinion Don't be mad guys...

  • Under De Water
    Under De Water Month ago +5841

    "Will You Marr-"
    "But Wh-"
    "You're under arrest"
    Sure will remember

  • Douche Bag Kangaroo
    Douche Bag Kangaroo Month ago +1695

    Ah that's so adorable they clearly love each other so much that she walked slowly towards him instead of running to him in worry

    • Siddarth
      Siddarth Month ago +74

      i don't understand if this is sacrasm or not.

    • FX
      FX Month ago +68

      @Siddarth it's sarcasm lmao

    • Faolan Grey
      Faolan Grey Month ago +103

      She probably just thought he was an idiot and was running the day since now he's gonna get arrested. She was probably just thinking "why?" After he jumped over.

    • Douche Bag Kangaroo
      Douche Bag Kangaroo Month ago +2

      @Siddarth it is sarcasm

    • V Λ C U U M
      V Λ C U U M Month ago +12

      ​@Douche Bag Kangaroo people differently express their emotions, and after all his fall looked a little bit like planned you know..

  • Alex Le Vallee
    Alex Le Vallee Month ago +603

    bro that was so clean. I hope your relationship is healthy and everlasting

  • FURY
    FURY Month ago +7127

    “Awww so cute! By the way, your under arrest.”

    • Shakeel
      Shakeel Month ago +13


    • Pamela Betts
      Pamela Betts Month ago +5


    • Parmin Mehanfar
      Parmin Mehanfar Month ago +19

      You're* but go on

    • Aningning
      Aningning Month ago +6

      Under arrest and worst rejected 😄

    • FURY
      FURY Month ago +11

      @Parmin Mehanfar my bad, didn’t know my language arts teacher was gonna be here

  • Dardani
    Dardani Month ago +268

    This happened in Tirana stadium.
    They were workers for the stadium/team and she said yes

    • Klxoxo
      Klxoxo Month ago +12

      When I read this comment I looked at the people and was like ahhh yes they are Albanian 😭😭

    • Paul B
      Paul B Month ago +5

      Well she couldn't exactly say no in front of a million people now could she.

    • Russell Brooks
      Russell Brooks Month ago

      Poor guy...😢

    • 99Em07
      99Em07 20 days ago

      @Paul Buhm yea she could. People who are proposed to are NOT forced to say yes by any means. You can be madly in love and say no. Id say no 🤷‍♀️ i wouldnt want that to happen in front of everybody idc. If he knew I didnt like attention on me like that and still did it, its his fault. Id say no.

    • 99Em07
      99Em07 20 days ago

      @Russell Brooks? Why poor guy?

  • Isaiah Banks
    Isaiah Banks 23 days ago +4

    God bless their marriage ❤

  • FlyingPizza
    FlyingPizza Month ago +2052

    she was strutting over there like he didnt just "hurt himself". True love ❤️

    • Mongoose
      Mongoose Month ago +23

      She's not trying to fall down like he did

    • Shafiq Lalji
      Shafiq Lalji Month ago +15

      Tell us you're of absolutely no help in emergencies without telling is you're of absolutely no help in emergencies 😂

    • bigchungus
      bigchungus Month ago +6

      even after he took out the ring, her reaction was just....

    • North American hunting and fishing
      North American hunting and fishing Month ago +8

      She was definitely talking shit under her breathe walking over there wondering how someone falls running that slow😂

    • V Λ C U U M
      V Λ C U U M Month ago

      ​@bigchungus was she supposed to blow up right away? People express their emotions differently

  • Juanita Cruz
    Juanita Cruz Month ago


  • Scott Ryan
    Scott Ryan 2 minutes ago

    Very sweet

  • Sango
    Sango 2 months ago +2127

    The cameraman knows what he's doing.

  • Kishen Richards
    Kishen Richards Month ago

    Hatrick🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉best day ever God bless brother 🙏

  • The lord of cats
    The lord of cats Month ago

    Awww she must have bin so confused ❤

  • Adz Abstract
    Adz Abstract 2 months ago +1767

    I never knew the Albanian mandem could get this romantic 😂😂😂

    • Albion Xxgod_shotzzxX
      Albion Xxgod_shotzzxX 2 months ago +5

      Init ❤❤😊😂

    • Darán
      Darán 2 months ago +8



      He's not mandem, he has a father.

    • Adz Abstract
      Adz Abstract Month ago +12

      @HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS SHEIKH MANSOUR I don’t think you understand what I mean by that word. It’s a British thing. It simply means men but because I’m Albanian he one of my people making him mandem

  • King erik
    King erik 20 hours ago

    My dude is with it!!!!!

  • Merci Politely
    Merci Politely Month ago

    That fall was clean.

  • Juan Davalos
    Juan Davalos Month ago +1793

    I don’t know man, maybe asking her over dinner might of been enough 😅😅

    • EzFM
      EzFM Month ago +19

      Nah he a real football fan

    • imasavage ya
      imasavage ya Month ago +16

      @EzFM Nah he a real convict

    • Kruimeltje
      Kruimeltje Month ago +8

      It would’ve. But maybe she’s one of those high maintenance broads that say “go big or go home” gotta go like to the moon and back for her to be impressed….

    • Juan Davalos
      Juan Davalos Month ago +1

      @Kruimeltje imagine if she said no 👀😂

    • Kruimeltje
      Kruimeltje Month ago +2

      @Juan Davalos Embarrassed…Walk of shame through a huge arena…goodness….yikes!

  • Kelvin Blunt
    Kelvin Blunt Day ago

    This was very original and I loved it

  • Skeletor
    Skeletor 15 days ago

    That was clean AF. Respec

  • Mehtab Singh
    Mehtab Singh 2 months ago +8290

    The way she walked 👋

    • inserter400
      inserter400 2 months ago +85


    • You
      You 2 months ago +443

      No wonder ma boy proposed

    • lee lid
      lee lid 2 months ago +213

      'Walked' not rushed.

    • Mdawg
      Mdawg 2 months ago +179

      Probably embarrassed her mans is making a scene whilst she’s working I don’t blame her

    • Manny Gale
      Manny Gale 2 months ago +74

      ​@inserter400 the camera man had smt to zoom in on

  • Keldkd Dndujdje
    Keldkd Dndujdje Month ago

    Congrats 🎉

  • andrew obrien
    andrew obrien Month ago

    Yay has got to be one of the greatest surprises

  • bracelord
    bracelord Month ago +371

    God I need that confidence

  • Ruzina Haque
    Ruzina Haque Month ago


  • Marco Perez
    Marco Perez Month ago


  • Ronald Miron
    Ronald Miron 2 months ago +818

    She didn’t look excited….. I think she was using the guy for his season tickets 😂

  • Dean Osman
    Dean Osman Month ago


  • jj
    jj Month ago


  • Michael Scott
    Michael Scott 2 months ago +2970

    In England if this happened the whole stadium would chant "You don't know what you're doing!"

    • You
      You 2 months ago +187

      "No, no. Its a mistake. Run man, run" 💀

    • James
      James 2 months ago +242

      You’re getting divorced in the morning, Divorced in the morning!

  • Mark Deasy
    Mark Deasy Month ago


  • Eugenie Hogan
    Eugenie Hogan 20 days ago


  • funiguy
    funiguy 2 months ago +800

    That walk, right!?

    • Pablo Gavi 😘
      Pablo Gavi 😘 2 months ago +9


    • Unlisted•Lad
      Unlisted•Lad 2 months ago +96

      she obviously didn't care about his situation at all 😑 I feel bad for him

    • Doctor Aims
      Doctor Aims 2 months ago +8

      Maybe she said to not do it? And then he still ran? , Could be annoyed

    • HyperGinger
      HyperGinger 2 months ago +21

      @Unlisted•Lad you gathered that from what exactly?

  • Jessen Sloan
    Jessen Sloan 24 days ago

    Dude REALLY SOLD that fall

  • inLeague Press
    inLeague Press Month ago

  • Sam Adams
    Sam Adams Month ago +720

    I’m so happy the security didn’t do their job and interrupt that moment ❤

    • Paper-chimp
      Paper-chimp Month ago +28

      It was planned

    • Champion
      Champion Month ago +6

      ​@Paper-chimp Yeah he planned it not the guards

    • Ethan H.
      Ethan H. Month ago +15

      @Champion the guards knew. that’s the whole idea behind the plan lol

    • MB4
      MB4 Month ago

      ​The guards were in on it too

  • Theresa Brendible
    Theresa Brendible Month ago

    Crazy romantic 🎉❤

  • George Ramirez
    George Ramirez Month ago


  • ArabPeace
    ArabPeace Month ago +1952

    she even has that wedding cake ready for him

  • kyra davis
    kyra davis Day ago

    this is the best plan ever

  • Raymond Felix
    Raymond Felix Month ago

    No more original than that. Blessings on your marriage.

  • O A
    O A Month ago +68

    Good save, dude. Good save.

  • Hambone
    Hambone Month ago


  • Erika Reyes
    Erika Reyes Month ago

    What a goat

  • HokiePitcher22
    HokiePitcher22 Month ago +3541

    He wasnt proposing he was saying "Babe I need you to pawn this ring and bail me out"😂
    Edit: woah I feel popular. I'm adding this to my resume lol

  • JustSomeDude
    JustSomeDude 28 days ago +1

    Damn he really committed to that fall 😂

  • Trudi Obenhaus
    Trudi Obenhaus Month ago


  • mental asylum escapee
    mental asylum escapee Month ago +172

    he was so happy with himself before she even said anything...

  • Angela Parr
    Angela Parr Month ago

    Awww❤❤❤❤❤ he still got address right

  • Garfield0
    Garfield0 Month ago +2

    That fall looked so real

  • lost soul
    lost soul 18 days ago +27

    She said "No" & he lived happily ever after. ❤

  • Kent
    Kent  Day ago

    That's awesome.

  • Aboli Aboli yanthan

    Wow that is one of the most romantic proposal for life

  • Aesthetically Derpy
    Aesthetically Derpy Month ago +15

    Girlfriend has a fashion sense

  • Seaside Witcher
    Seaside Witcher 15 days ago


  • dRK[b]
    dRK[b] Month ago +17

    Imagine his heart rate when he jumped over that fence ❤️🔥

  • Michaelclk_
    Michaelclk_ Month ago

    That's My G

  • Emma Atkins
    Emma Atkins 21 day ago +1


  • iiSiimplyCuteIrisii
    iiSiimplyCuteIrisii Month ago +7

    You can't lie though, the fall was smooth.

  • Ira Monet
    Ira Monet 29 days ago +1

    U can’t be mad at him😂❤ in the name of Love ✊🏽😍

  • Daithi Hallett
    Daithi Hallett Month ago

    That is the best pitch invader I think I've ever seen

  • isnaioz Yt
    isnaioz Yt Month ago +5

    I was there my g.Big up Tirona❤️❤️

  • Everyoneslaysinthereownway

    Such a smooth fall lol❤❤

  • noobder noobder
    noobder noobder Month ago

    There is no time for caution!

  • Daniel Roberts
    Daniel Roberts 2 months ago +104

    That manager looked pissed lmao

  • Manase Dumitru
    Manase Dumitru Month ago


  • damion baker
    damion baker Month ago

    I like that one so beautiful

  • Iqbal Khan
    Iqbal Khan Month ago +341

    U can tel how much she luv him, she ran wid a speed.

  • AuntEmmyD
    AuntEmmyD Month ago

    Beautiful ❤❤❤❤❤

  • Pluto-90
    Pluto-90 Month ago

    I personally blame MTV!

  • Eric Colicchio
    Eric Colicchio Month ago +31

    That fall was 👌

    • tik
      tik Month ago +2

      I was convinced a sniper gottim

  • Klodian Hallulli
    Klodian Hallulli Month ago

    Un jam nga tirana dhe e kam pare kete live❤

    METATRON Month ago

    Assertive Action!!

  • Owl1
    Owl1 Month ago +98

    Unfortunately she said no for anyone wondering, but she was kind enough to not do it during this moment

    • GTA Clipzz
      GTA Clipzz Month ago +3


      BROCKATRON Month ago +8

      Thought I saw one that she said yes?

    • Radley Martin
      Radley Martin Month ago +1

      @BROCKATRON I think this comment was a joke

    • monica yahola
      monica yahola Month ago


    • Simon Benn
      Simon Benn Month ago +7

      Ya... she said no because she was only a friend to him.... he thought she wouldn't refuse if he did this... but after getting back to the stadium she left him never to be seen again.... she still got the ring. We think that she pawned it. he paid over 6,000k for it too..... where ever you are we want everyone to know what you did!!!

  • Justin Fattz
    Justin Fattz Month ago


  • halal brother
    halal brother Month ago +1

    "Never let them know your next move" 😂

  • Helen 13
    Helen 13 Month ago +10

    How sweet ❤

  • NellieLovesME
    NellieLovesME Month ago +2

    That’s a good man!!!

  • Ceolices Merrill
    Ceolices Merrill Month ago

    Cute as hell

  • Alexander Bemar
    Alexander Bemar Month ago +4

    Wow! What brave thing to do. I hope that she take that into consideration for the rest of their life.🎉

  • Garret Henderson
    Garret Henderson 18 days ago

    That was a pretty good fall actually.

  • Alessandro Marv
    Alessandro Marv 23 days ago


  • Jean-François Daignault

    Asking someone to marry you in such a public way is manipulative af. Don’t do that.

  • Marvin Torres
    Marvin Torres Month ago


  • Nathaniel Okpokwasili

    The person in the blue suit got me cracking up 🤣

  • Oaky
    Oaky Month ago +71

    plot twist she said no and then he instantly gets arrested

  • コバヤシルーディー


  • Ayuon
    Ayuon Month ago


  • Rachel Sparks
    Rachel Sparks Month ago +4


  • Niko Bellic
    Niko Bellic 15 days ago

    "sorry, but it's just not possible between us. It's a no"

  • Hello
    Hello Month ago

    Ayy thats here in Albania. Soo happy to see something like that happen here

  • Depth Enthusiast Animates

    Rookie Security Guard: “Sir, you can’t do that there.”

  • Donald Iro
    Donald Iro Month ago

    I hope they don't get divorced tho.
    Would be weird coming back here to see a game and everyone is asking where he is or she is.😅

  • Royal Løvetan Rajan
    Royal Løvetan Rajan Month ago +73

    Imagine if the ending was her saying no, they wealked seperate ways and never saw each other again. Now that would be plot twist straight out of reality

  • Jarrod Fodemski
    Jarrod Fodemski 17 days ago

    Talk about elevating your game!

  • Bernardo Libertucio

    PlotTwist: She said no.

  • Footych10
    Footych10 2 months ago +95

    the man after that: so aint getting punished?
    security: hell ye u are

  • Kevin Scott
    Kevin Scott 19 days ago

    "my husband.... from boston" lmao

  • Demitrice Bailey
    Demitrice Bailey 21 day ago