people who argue what the civil war was about

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  • well i tell you hwhat
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    ok this video is about whatever just figure it out
    Gus Johnson plays all sorts of characters, from Mitchell Robbins to JK Rowling to some guy in God's Country to shooting videos with his mom to I don't know why I am writing this. I am Gus. I wrote this.
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  • Gus Johnson
    Gus Johnson  Month ago +4600

    for more cyberbullying follow me on twitter @Gusbuckets

    • Jet Fire
      Jet Fire 23 days ago

      To everyone saying that the war was about many other issues, I think you may be right superficially. But once you look at all of the acts and taxes that seem to be other issues leading up to the war, you realize they all had to do with slavery and it’s role in the American economy. Lincoln may have stated in his inaugural address that he did not wish to abolish slavery, but that does not mean the Southern states believed him. The ones that immediately secede clearly laid out in their new constitutions that they were leaving to preserve slavery in their state. It’s important to realize that people even in history do not always act rationally or based on what another person said. We are still the same human beings as those that lived then. So to argue that the war was started and fought over slavery may seem strange as Lincoln seemed not to want to end slavery, but once you realize that the Southern states did not actually trust Lincoln or the Northerners in Congress, it is clear.

    • Britbong
      Britbong 25 days ago

      Sorry Gus but even Apu (from the Simpsons) disagrees with you. It was about slavery, but it was also about many other things and to dilute it down to but muh racism is to do the sacrifice injustice and wash away the lessons one can learn from the conflict.

    • Lord Tachanka
      Lord Tachanka 29 days ago

      Gus Johnson I guess I’m a racist because of my political views now? That’s cool I guess that makes you a communist.

    • The FreakShow
      The FreakShow Month ago

      We Good i think it was great actually

    • We Good
      We Good Month ago +1

      This video was ultra cringe

  • Mr. Josh
    Mr. Josh 4 days ago

    The Republican party formed to end slavery. Democrats wanted to keep slavery. Lincoln and Ulysses Molly whopped them into submission. Then the democrats tried to pretend they loved minorities promising them all the free schnitzel in the world so they would keep voting Democrat.

  • gilibab
    gilibab 5 days ago +2

    It was actually about ethics in games journalism

    • A OConnor
      A OConnor 2 hours ago

      God damn that was funny. Thanks.

  • Marco M.
    Marco M. 7 days ago

    What's crazy is Lincoln didn't even technically free any slaves. Although he did manage to change how people saw the war and built up lots of support for the union. History is really interesting

  • Marc’sGaming
    Marc’sGaming 8 days ago

    Inaccurate but ok

  • Joseph Dorsey
    Joseph Dorsey 13 days ago

    Dumb. Civil war was a lot more nuanced then that.

    • wiet111
      wiet111 11 days ago +1

      In some ways, yes. There were a lot of tensions, a lot of reasons. However, the single most important cause was slavery. The south wanted to keep it, and were willing to fight for it.

  • K00L KIDZ
    K00L KIDZ 13 days ago +2

    daring today aren't we

  • Ghastly726
    Ghastly726 13 days ago +1

    Very insightful and nuanced view of the civil war Gus!

  • Josh Rick
    Josh Rick 13 days ago

    States Rights.

  • ClassicPlastic
    ClassicPlastic 14 days ago +3

    I thought it was about Universal Music’s right to copyright strike Clip-Share videos?

  • Ai_dan
    Ai_dan 14 days ago +1

    My peen is green...

  • Winter Wolf
    Winter Wolf 15 days ago +7

    Civil War Simplified: It was basically a Skyrim Quest where “Get State Rights” was an objective but the quest goal was to continue legalizing slavery

  • Ughhunter
    Ughhunter 15 days ago +1

    If I could save the Union without freeing any slave I would do it, and if I could save it by freeing all the slaves I would do it; and if I could save it by freeing some and leaving others alone I would also do that. -Abraham Lincoln

    • Kristofer Noelke
      Kristofer Noelke 2 days ago

      @Ughhunter yes, but why did the south secede?

    • Ughhunter
      Ughhunter 15 days ago

      I think people fail to realize it's not about slavery or "states rights". It was literally about bringing America back together.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 16 days ago +1

    the civil war had many contributing factors, one of which was abolition, and ignoring the other factors paints the north as righteous and selfless and the south as an evil oppressor where in reality both were racist and selfish.

  • Porscha McElrath
    Porscha McElrath 19 days ago

    I need to know how many takes this took

    • Kristofer Noelke
      Kristofer Noelke 2 days ago

      Very few, considering that the letters that stuck were the only non-magnets

  • mookosh
    mookosh 20 days ago +1

    I'm kinda surprised this hasn't gotten more dislikes from the political side of youtube

  • George Teal
    George Teal 21 day ago +6

    Oh, it was about state's rights alright.

    State's rights to institutionalize racism and permit slavery.

  • Ace Diamonds
    Ace Diamonds 21 day ago

    the civil war was about states own slaves.

  • Honest Abe
    Honest Abe 22 days ago

    One score and I am outta here

  • MrToxic
    MrToxic 22 days ago

    It’s about Slaveory

  • MrToxic
    MrToxic 22 days ago

    Yes my grandpas One of those fucking retards and we always argue about it

  • Cultural Capitalist
    Cultural Capitalist 24 days ago

    you could actually make it work with a colon : "i am i, a racist"

  • CeresTV
    CeresTV 24 days ago

    Just saying, the south was all for abolishing slavery until the invention of the cotton-gin and the north demanding high amounts of cotton for their textile industries. Also pretty ignorant to assume slavery was the ONLY reason the civil war started and not because of a multitude of problems and growing civil unrest where slavery was the catalyst that jumped started the war because without slavery the southern economy would have crashed because it was all rural farms while the North was primarily factories so they wouldn't be affected nearly as much by the abolishment of slavery. It's also not like the north was equally racist and Abraham Lincoln's original plan was to quite literally send them all back to Africa until it backfired. It's very ignorant and stupid of you to just shut out all decenting opinions as racist, even if it has nothing to do with race. Was the civil war about slavery? Yes. Was that the only reason? No, not at all, and thinking that just proves you have an elementary school understanding of the war and shutting down descenting opinions with buzzwords like "racist" and "nazi" instead of actually challenging their ideas further insinuates you have the mindset of a child and no real arguments.

    • Roger Wilco
      Roger Wilco 11 days ago

      @Trurl where was any of that mentioned in the official document explaining why they were committing treason? You're literally making shit up.
      Each one mentions slavery and nothing else.

    • Trurl
      Trurl 12 days ago

      @Roger Wilco I ignore your ad hominem attack. As he said, because there are more complex other reasons, like in the wallet example.

    • Roger Wilco
      Roger Wilco 12 days ago

      @Trurl you're probably just as much of an idiot as he is if your think that.
      I'll ask you then.. Why only mention slavery in the very document that explains why you're committing treason if you had other more pressing reasons?

    • Trurl
      Trurl 12 days ago

      @Roger Wilco He answered your question more than once.

    • Roger Wilco
      Roger Wilco 24 days ago +3

      @CeresTV I don't think you paid attention to my question and just started babbling out random words.

  • Josh Kirkpatrick
    Josh Kirkpatrick 25 days ago

    Me vs my friend

  • William Shaulis
    William Shaulis 26 days ago

    Every AP American history teacher disagrees with this-so who are you going to trust? But this is kinda funny

    • Jake Alvarez_2
      Jake Alvarez_2 16 days ago +1

      @William Shaulis you're the one disagreeing with the point Gus made in the video

    • William Shaulis
      William Shaulis 23 days ago

      If you think I’m going to have a debate in a month old Gus Johnson video clearly meant to be funny you’re on some extra goofy Shit

    • Roger Wilco
      Roger Wilco 24 days ago +4

      That's funny, because the Declaration of secession, the very document explaining why they were committing treason only mentioned slavery.

    • Treestump
      Treestump 25 days ago

      Trust American history teachers?

  • Ashley C
    Ashley C 26 days ago

    the RAC changed colours?

  • By Myself all day
    By Myself all day 27 days ago


  • Over-Rogue Gaming
    Over-Rogue Gaming 27 days ago

    0:17 the second punch was not planned was it? Haha 🤣
    Either way the sketch is cleanly performed👌

  • The Off Worlder
    The Off Worlder 28 days ago +1

    I mean originally it wasn’t about slavery but then it was. That’s literally what my teacher taught please don’t shoot the messenger

    • Shirokröte
      Shirokröte 26 days ago

      @The Off Worlder Nah, I'm German so I learned it from more independent sources

    • The Off Worlder
      The Off Worlder 26 days ago

      Shirokröte was this wut a teacher taught u? I’m not questioning ur fact I’m just curious

    • Shirokröte
      Shirokröte 26 days ago +1

      @The Off Worlder I'm educating the messenger.

    • The Off Worlder
      The Off Worlder 26 days ago +1

      Shirokröte I said don’t shoot the messenger pls

    • Shirokröte
      Shirokröte 27 days ago

      The confederate states started the war out of the fear, that they wouldn't be able to to keep slavery.
      So it was about slavery from the beginning.

  • Mal K
    Mal K 28 days ago +2

    I just want to know how much time it took you to plan and execute that visual gag.

  • Satan Claus
    Satan Claus 28 days ago

    For most in the south, it was about defending their land from Union generals that decided they wanted to torch towns and kill women and children.
    There’s no use in pretending that the North treated blacks any better than the south. Just because they weren’t slaves doesn’t mean they were free.

    • The Elders
      The Elders 25 days ago

      Satan Claus The South would tear escaped slaves apart with dogs. Men, woman, and children.

    • The Elders
      The Elders 25 days ago

      Satan Claus Black people had jobs all around the North. Life was far better for Black person up North.

    • Satan Claus
      Satan Claus 27 days ago

      DerpySnake when I say women and children, I am talking about how they slaughtered those who didn’t even fight back. The innocent, the helpless, and the young.

    • Satan Claus
      Satan Claus 28 days ago

      Roger Wilco I said that they may not have been slaves, but they couldn’t get jobs, they were still considered less than human, and treated like shit

    • Roger Wilco
      Roger Wilco 28 days ago

      Then why was the only slavery mentioned in any of the Confederate States Declaration of secession?

  • Happy Arnold
    Happy Arnold 29 days ago +1

    Are you trying to say it wasn't about state rights? You'd be wrong.

    • SummerWave
      SummerWave 23 days ago

      @Happy Arnold religion shouldnt infringe on basic human rights you fucking halfwit

    • Happy Arnold
      Happy Arnold 23 days ago

      @SummerWave Because I totally champion the complete return of slavery and segregation, as proven by my literally stating I don't agree with those and that's not the topic at hand here mere comments before. Okay, you mental midget.
      Homosexuality is a sin and a mental illness that our society champions. I think those people need help, but like I said it shouldn't be forced on them and if they want to live that way, there are countless states that would allow their marrige in a legal sense. You're merely Christainphobic for attempting to force Christains to accept a way of life that is against their core beliefs. Separation of Church and State dictates the two should not cross anyway, so there should be no official ruling on it by the government. It should be up to the individual churches to marry people and award liscences. If you can get a church to recognize your marriage, boom you get all the federal benefits of married people like tax breaks etc. I'm sure there's tons of gay Christain churches in more progressive states that God doesn't visit that would do so for you.
      This is the issue with expanded Federal power, you don't know where it begins, where it ends, or where it should go and to whom, or if it should even be used at all, which is why the right for states to locally govern themselves should have never been infringed upon in the first place. People hinging this debate on something as dated and non-relevant as Slavery are only proving their own ignorance. Slavery would have ended naturally on it's own as it was in the rest of the Western World, The UK had done away with it decades prior, and it will never come back in Western Society if we all keep our heads on. Stop using old examples to prove new arguments. No one is arguing slavery should have been preserved, though some may have back then. Everyone is arguing a state's right to govern itself shouldn't be stepped on in ANY matter, even that one, because if we allow this to continue, where will it stop?

    • Happy Arnold
      Happy Arnold 23 days ago

      @Roger Wilco You making a 1:1 comparison between the two only proves your own ignorance. One doesn't want them to be married in the eyes of God because in God's own words, the act itself is a sin. The other throws them from roofs and decapitates them in public squares, but yeah, keep thinking they're the same.
      It's a weird double-standard where the left hates Christains for merely not agreeing with homosexuality but champion open borders and Muslim immigration where actual Sharia Law will be instilled where they will be murdered simply for being who they are. Wild.

    • Roger Wilco
      Roger Wilco 24 days ago

      @Happy Arnold I don't think anyone should be forced to live under Christian Sharia law.

  • Adrian Loera
    Adrian Loera Month ago +1

    Lincoln fought for you dumbass, and he was not a racist you dipshit.

  • Pie Crumbs
    Pie Crumbs Month ago

    I don’t think I’ve ever met a single person say that Race wasn’t a factor. It just wasn’t the only factor

    • DerpySnake
      DerpySnake 28 days ago

      Just sort these comments by new and see the ones above yours, you got a few there.

  • Word
    Word Month ago +3

    The civil war wouldn’t of happened if it wasn’t for them damn video games

  • Bomb Comics
    Bomb Comics Month ago +1

    In the 1860s

    The South: This war is about slavery!
    US Government: No, it's about states' rights!


    The South: Yeah, you guys were right. The civil war was about states' rights.
    US Government: No, it was about slavery!

    • Roger Wilco
      Roger Wilco 29 days ago

      Slavery was the only thing mentioned in any of the Confederate States Declaration of secession.

  • jp g
    jp g Month ago

    help i don't get it

  • IlluminatiGaming
    IlluminatiGaming Month ago

    The rest of the world: *confusion sounds*

  • ezakustam
    ezakustam Month ago

    It was about both. Less venomous racists just use state's rights as a distraction sometimes. The hardcore ones often don't even hide it these days.

    • Pie Crumbs
      Pie Crumbs Month ago

      Other way around bub. Racist people try to hide it today so they don’t get shunned, back in the day everybody was racist and pro abolitionists tried to hide them not being racist.

  • TheGoodUsername
    TheGoodUsername Month ago +1

    Can someone send this to All Of My Relatives

    • Pie Crumbs
      Pie Crumbs Month ago

      Oh yeah, I gotchu. I’m sending it right now to your mom, your dad, your aunt, Karen...

  • Da Pixel Penguin
    Da Pixel Penguin Month ago

    that was incredible

  • Smashy Rashy
    Smashy Rashy Month ago +1

    this channel is the definition of quality > quantity

    • Smashy Rashy
      Smashy Rashy Month ago

      @Pie Crumbs you obviously are a racist, stop being triggered and accept it kid :)

    • Pie Crumbs
      Pie Crumbs Month ago

      A 25 second video of a person holding up a sign saying the Civil War was about State Rights that really says I’m racist? Pure quality content right there

  • Michael Tripodi
    Michael Tripodi Month ago +1

    Did anybody else notice the a and c in race change colour after the hit?

  • toyota yaris
    toyota yaris Month ago

    And a reminder to all that abrahab lincoln was a republican.

    • Roger Wilco
      Roger Wilco 29 days ago +1

      He sure was, back when it was Democrats who were waving the rebel flag.. Who's waving that same treason/slavery/Confederate flag now.

    • Pie Crumbs
      Pie Crumbs Month ago

      bitterafterlaughter Yeah, right after slavery ended Democrats from the south realized that republican view points more openly supported freedom to own slaves (for the most part)

    • bitterafterlaughter
      bitterafterlaughter Month ago +1

      republican and democrats ideals changed over time.

  • Randomness Productions

    Pretty uneducated there bud, but okay

    • DerpySnake
      DerpySnake 28 days ago

      Refer to the video.

    • The FreakShow
      The FreakShow Month ago +1

      Randomness Productions not really bud but okay 👌

  • Jeff Pierce
    Jeff Pierce Month ago

    Ultra liberals are the ones arguing that the Civil War wasn’t about slavery. They’ll say whatever they can to not acknowledge that thousands of white men died to end slavery.

    • Roger Wilco
      Roger Wilco 29 days ago

      I'm pretty sure there's no "Ultra liberals" waving a rebel flag.

    • Pie Crumbs
      Pie Crumbs Month ago

      Jonathan Cook Maybe you should ask them dumbass... oh wait he explained it in the comment

    • Jonathan Cook
      Jonathan Cook Month ago

      Why would they be arguing that?

  • NWC Pc benchmarks
    NWC Pc benchmarks Month ago

    Gus looks like doctor Phil

  • Eric York
    Eric York Month ago

    I get it’s all in good fun but I really enjoy history and for anyone uniformed both sides had slaves the north had slaves the south had slaves and slavery was already on its way out the door so it really wasn’t about Slavery and the idea of just calling someone a racist over try to share what they believe is fact that is not what adults do next time I encourage anyone reading to either just walk away or talk to them about your varying opinions thank you

  • Rin Spinoza
    Rin Spinoza Month ago

    If only history was this simple Gus.

  • Matty W
    Matty W Month ago

    Yeah but the was really over the north wanting to raise taxes on southern imports. I'm sure Gus knows this but Eddy seems a little slow in the head most of the time

  • D. W.
    D. W. Month ago +1

    Kiss my ass you yankee son of a bitch

    • Pie Crumbs
      Pie Crumbs Month ago +1

      The FreakShow Gonna cry? Piss your pants maybe? Maybe shit and cum?

    • The FreakShow
      The FreakShow Month ago +1

      D. W. Go cry about it

  • I eat Napkins
    I eat Napkins Month ago +3

    I didn't get notified about this or see it in my recommended, I don't think Clip-Share likes you talking about this.

    • Pie Crumbs
      Pie Crumbs Month ago

      The company known for expressing highly liberal viewpoints hates him talking about liberal viewpoints? No, it’s just the Clip-Share algorithm not suggesting 40 second videos and you also probably don’t have notifications turned all the way on.

  • Morte Parla
    Morte Parla Month ago

    The civil war genuinely wasn't about slavery. Abraham Lincoln himself said he couldn't care less about freeing the slaves, but if that's what he had too do to reunite the country, he would.. and he did. Slavery was a tool to start the civil war, but that isn't what it was about.

    • Jonathan Cook
      Jonathan Cook Month ago +1

      Ah yes "slavery was the cause of the civil war and what was in every succession paper but it wasn't what the war was about"

    • The FreakShow
      The FreakShow Month ago

      Morte Parla thats not even remotely true

  • Shane Hernandez-Garcia

    It was about states rights.. the states right to have slaves. I wish we could do that to everything to sugar coat.. I lost 8 pounds today!.... (from getting foot amputated)

  • Chocolate Finger
    Chocolate Finger Month ago

    How did the A and C change colour?

  • Spacerot
    Spacerot Month ago +2

    *Thank you for calling out the racists*

  • Backwardsman95
    Backwardsman95 Month ago

    Sorry gus boi, but not your best take. There were racists in the North and there were countless soldiers fighting for the South who owned no slaves. It was of course about slavery, but it was also about two competing economic systems, the right to secede itself, centralized government vs decentralized government, a divided country emphasized in Lincoln's recent election among many others. Lincoln did not start the war to abolish slavery, but to preserve the Union. The war he backed cost more than freeing the slaves would have before it even started. The precedent of the civil war led to national unification sympathy movements across Europe. WW2 would have been avoided if the German people weren't unified into one national identity. The same goes for Italy, the USSR, and Japan. So you see equating 'states rights' to a punchline and equating the idea that individuals should be sovereign instead of the growing federal government to everyone who prefers limited government a 'racist' is about as pithy a take as the length of your skit.

  • Keith Busch
    Keith Busch Month ago

    Next year the end or the civil war will be 155 years ago so who the HELL CARES! Yes it was about states rights but slavery was part of it as well. But it was mainly the dirtbag elites WI their DIVIDE AND CONQUER BS!

  • B
    B Month ago +2

    I like this

  • toriclaire
    toriclaire Month ago +1

    True slavery wasn’t the only factor.... but it was a pretty big one