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Can Glow-in-the-Dark Self Charge?

  • Published on Sep 3, 2022 veröffentlicht
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    I show you how it can appear that things roll up instead of down
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  • Kono Veldora Da!


  • Caloocan boy

    I think the devs have patched the 'infinite light glitch' a few patches ago.

  • Weston Ding

    This is related to laws of thermodynamics and ultimately to perpetual motion and how you cannot get endless energy to last forever from one source! Clever way to explore this impossible concept!

  • Alabastine

    "can I make a perpetuum mobile?"

  • XxRainbodkidxX

    I want to see a whole rainbow of colours slightly charging each other

  • Jack Walsh

    If this worked you could have

  • Grawlix
    Grawlix  +8

    What if you coated clothing and shoes in a hydrophobic substance and went down a water slide?

  • hamsterdoom360

    Could you write on those surfaces using a laser? That'd be cool. Like a light pen.

  • Fossil Draws

    This stuff is surprisingly bright in person. I used the blue to paint the fret markers on my guitar. It illuminates the area around it bright enough to read by.

  • Google Sucks

    Always wondered why glow in the dark couldn't charge itself. Mystery from childhood solved. Thanks.

  • Jen Rich

    you ask the interesting questions

  • Maxine Finn Foxen

    I feel like this is a portal 2 experience

  • Al Gore Rhythm

    You need to get some radium luminescence... that's the good shit

  • Jerry
    Jerry  +9

    This reminds me of troll face trying to make car move with 2 magnets

  • Ben H

    This is because the green panel absorbs all colour frequencies other than green colour (which is reflects). Therefore, it's impossible to charge another green panel with only green light (requires other frequency light to "charge").

  • Thomas Russell

    I wondered about this. There's one weird thing I noticed, within the first second after external stimulating light stops being applied, I swear to god that there is a slight but noticeable increase in the brightness of the zinc sulfide pigment.

  • A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A

    Wish the laws of physics didn’t exist would make things a bit easier😂

  • absolutuniversmind

    the dude just got a predator's blood

  • Isaac

    I've wondered this, thank you.

  • kingsman jay bambo

    "Eyy, is doing it."